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Photography Contest “WonderlustArt&Tur”

ART&TUR is a global competition that aims to recognize and encourage the excellence
of audiovisual content used in tourism promotion and brand communication strategies,
based on best practices worldwide. A forum for reflection and networking for
professionals in the tourism, audiovisual, marketing and communication sectors.
ART&TUR takes advantage of all the synergies in the relationship between partners
and participants, in order to create a creative ecosystem and sharing experiences,
stimulating innovation in the fields of tourism marketing and audiovisual.
ART&TUR takes place as a film festival and as a tourism event, but also deserves to be
considered as an international forum for the promotion of destination/tourist brands.
This year’s Festival is going to take place at Mercado Sant’Ana in Leiria from 23rd to
27th structured in three complementary areas, namely:

- ART&TUR Contest: consists of the film festival itself and includes two competitive
sections (“Tourfilm” and “Doc”) and two parallel competitions (national and
- International Conference “Promoting Center of Portugal as film location for the World
Cinema”: dedicated to the sharing of experiences. Cycle of lectures and workshops with
national and foreign guests.
- ART&TUR Factory: consists on the production of new films to be premiered during
the Festival based on an autonomous competitive regulation, aimed at promoting the
Historical and Shale Villages.

Our mission and bound

Our mission is to support the competitiveness of destinations, tourism products and
services by stimulating creativity. In this sense, ART&TUR bets on the valuation of the
communication actions of companies from the tourism sectors, communication
agencies, official tourism entities, media and independent producers.
During the event we are going to do a photography exibition with the purpose to expose
from 2 to 4 of the most iconic photographies of the 100 counties.
The current contest merges the vision of Wonderlust Portugal and ART&TUR in order
to promote 16 counties with the lower populational density in the Central Region of
We believe that with this initiative we can make an impact on those territories by
creating a network that shows the inland villages of Portugal with the purpose of
revitalization by practicing sustainable tourism.
Legal conditions

1- To enter, participants must follow @wonderlust.portugal

(https://www.instagram.com/wonderlust.portugal/) and @art_e_tur

2- The photos must belong to the participant that posts them, each participant can
submit 2 photos per countie and apply to 2 counties at the maximum. (Total of 4
photos per participant).

3- The contest ends at 11:59 PM on 07/10.

4- The selected winners must own digital images with a mínimum resolution of
300 dpi, JPEG(JPG) format with a mínimum resolution of 3000 pixels on the
bigger side of the image.

5- Post an image on Instagram using #WonderlustArt&Tur.

6- Identify the proper location of the photo and to which countie it belongs.

7- By entering in the contest, the participant must agree with the legal terms and
regulations to cede and image rights to ART&TUR Festival which can use
those images in to promote the festival and in the activities stipulated on the

8- ART&TUR Festival compromises to mention and identify clearly the name of

the author every time we use the images, on the internet, on catalogues,
publications and exihibitions.

Judge and Awards

1- The selection and evaluation of the images are going to be made by a judge plot
constituted by the organization members of Wonderlust Portugal, ART&TUR
Festival and a profissional entity of the sector after we guarantee those images
follow all the rules on the present regulation.
Evaluation Criteria:
- Creativity and Originality;
- Quality of the image;
- Content of the image;
- Being an iconic and symbolic refference of the countie;
- Number of likes.
2- Each countie will have 3 photos as winners which will be awarded by being
displayed at the photography exhibition in ART&TUR from 23-26 October at
Mercado Sant’Ana in Leiria.

3- The public disclosure will be made on the following week after the contest ends.

4- In case any participant have interest in coming to ART&TUR Festival and

attend to the film sessions or conferences, they must fill up the registration form
by clicking on the following link:

Contest Valid Counties

Aguiar da Beira (24 people/km2) , Vila Nova de Paiva (27 people/km2)

Pedrógão Grande (27 people/km2) , Figueiró dos Vinhos (33 people/km2)

Pampilhosa da Serra (10 people/km2) , Góis (15 people/km2)

Cadaval (79 people/km2) , Óbidos (82,5 people/km2)

Mação (16 people/km2) , Vila de Rei (18 people/km2)

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (11 people/km2) , Almeida (12 people/km2)

Idanha-a-Nova (6 people/km2) , Penamacor (9 people/km2)

Sever do Vouga (89 people/km2) , Anadia (129 people/km2)

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