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Evaluation and
Week Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5
A.1.1: Names ways A.1.2: Identifies ways A.2.1: Expresses A3.1: Composes an A3.1: Composes an Activity on why God
1 people use their bodies people with disabilities wonder at God who artwork celebrating artwork celebrating created our bodies:
to communicate with communicate with created bodies for a God who wants to God who wants to Assess song created
others. others. purpose. communicate with communicate with and performed in class.
Students can create an Students create them. them.
emotions brainstorm. Learn the song Clap de
Students can use an Hands.
emotions role play to Individually Students
express how they can come up with their
reflect emotions. own lyrics for Clap de
‘Trust Walk’- close WONDER songs (in Students can create Students rehearse and
eyes for minute and groups) about how their own song. perform their song to
led by another student. people use their bodies the class.
Students identify how to communicate with
people with sight others. (e.g.: I use my
impairments might hands to hug, I wonder
communicate with why God gave me
others. arms? So, I can hug
and hold?)
B.1.1: States ways in B.1.1: States ways in B.1.2: Demonstrates B.2.1: Records ways B.2.1: Records ways Activity on how Jesus
2 which Jesus used his which Jesus used his ways in which Jesus in which people would in which people would used his body to
body to communicate body to communicate used his body to act if they used their act if they used their communicate with us.
with God. with God. communicate with bodies to bodies to
Each group will be others. communicate as Jesus communicate as Jesus Assess Collage created
given a scripture Scripture did. did. in class.
where Jesus uses his Godly Play: Jesus and Stages of Human Life: This collage will depict
body to communicate the Children (Mark how people use their
with God. 10:13-16) bodies to communicate
1. Luke 22:41 Or John 13:4-9) Jesus just as Jesus did.
2. John 7:1-14 and the washing of the
3. Mark 14:12-16 feet
4. Luke 22:19-20
Create Collage T-chart: Role Play:
The teacher will Students can find and Create word web Depicting how people In groups students will
choose one scripture to cut out magazine describing how Jesus can use their bodies to be given a body part.
read to the class. pictures to depict how used his body to communicate with (mouth, tongue, hands,
Students will use a people use their bodies communicate with God as Jesus did and ears, feet)
grid to depict how to communicate with others. E.g. bless with ways people do wrong Students will role play
Jesus used his body to others as Jesus did. hands, kind words, with their bodies to how they could use
communicate with washing feet. communicate with this body part in the
God. Create a cartoon strip God and others. same ways Jesus did.
depicting how Jesus This will be recorded
used his body to in a chart and
communicate with discussed further.

C.1.1: Retells learned C.1.1: Retells learned C.1.2: States ways in C.1.3: States ways in C.1.4: Illustrates and Activity on how Jesus
3 stories about people stories about people which Jesus is human which Jesus showed explains why friends is special and how he is
discovering that Jesus discovering that Jesus like us. himself to be divine. of Jesus celebrate the different to us.
is someone special. is someone special. Holy Thursday ritual, The teacher can assess
‘Washing of Feet’. Letter to a friend
Link to Lent and Character Profile on
Easter. Jesus.

Brainstorm in groups. Letter to a friend: Character Profile on Kahoot Quiz: Create Triptych:
Each group is given Recalling (from one of Jesus. On events following Illustrating the Last
one story. How was the scriptures) ways in “In what ways did Jesus death based on Supper, the washing of
Jesus special in each which people found Jesus show us he is scripture. the feet and an action a
story? out Jesus was special. like us?” friend of Jesus might
e.g. perform.
Luke 2:41-47
questioned as a child
Matthew 4:1-2 knew
C.1.5: Describes C.2.1: States ways in C.2.1: States ways in C.2.2: States ways in C.3.1: States ways in The teacher can assess
4 ways friends of Jesus which Jesus helped which Jesus helped which Jesus calls which Jesus calls Post Card
can carry out actions people to change. people to change. people to use their people to use their Role Play
of prayer, self-denial Read Mark 2:1-11 and bodies to show love bodies to show love Journal Questions and
and Mark 2:15-17. for for Reflections.
helping others during others. others.

Popplet for each of the Write Post Card from Role Play: In groups Children’s literature Brainstorm ways Jesus
special actions carried point of view of students will choose a Wilfred Gordon calls people to use
out by Jesus’ friends in character explaining post card from the McDonald Partridge their bodies to show
Lent. (e.g. Prayer, how Jesus helped them ones created before Stella Luna love for others.
helping others) change. and Role Play the Cinquain Poem:
Journal Reflections on story from the point of Link- how do the Students will choose
what you can do view of the character characters in these one part of their body
during Lent. chosen. books show love? and write a poem
Journal Questions e.g. about how people use
1. What is one this part of their body
way I might to express love. (e.g.
make a special hand: gentle,
effort to pray supportive, blessing,
during Lent? healing)
2. Is there
something I
would like to
give up during

C.3.2: Describes how C.3.2: Describes how C.3.3: Develops an C.4.1: Reviews and C.4.1: Reviews and Summative Assessment
5 people use their bodies people use their bodies awareness that people expresses the main expresses the main Love like Jesus Self-
to show love for God. to show love for God. do wrong when they ideas of the unit. ideas of the unit. Assessment
use their bodies to
harm or hurt others.

Brainstorm different Create Pamphlets that Scenario Response: Love tickets: Love like Jesus Self-
ways people can use have different parts of Assessment
their bodies to show the body and describe Reflect on how people This will allow
love as Jesus did. how they can be used use their bodies to hurt students to write down
Students can choose to show love for God. others and do wrong. how they will use their
one of these ways of Give each student a bodies to love others.
showing love and scenario where
write a poem about it. someone is using their
body to do wrong and
get them to write about
how they could
respond differently.