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Amata, Adrian Christian

Doronila, Zhan Marie

Hilado, Mariae Amelle Victoria



Impacts of green practices on the profitability of businesses

Statement of the Problem

How do businesses operating in Bacolod City perceive the impacts of the implementation

of green practices on their profitability?

Objectives of the Study

General Objective

The main objective of the study is to assess how businesses operating in Bacolod City

perceive the impacts of the implementation of green practices on their profitability.

Specific Objectives

In line with the main objective the study also aims to answer the following questions:

1. How many businesses operating in Bacolod City that are implementing green practices

on their day – to – day operations?

2. What are the green practices implemented by local businesses?

3. How long have these practices been followed?

4. What are the positive and/or negative effects of these practices on their volume of sales?

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these on their operating expenses?

Significance of the Study

This research study will benefit not only the businesses that within the scope of this study

but also the environment and ultimately, the people living in Bacolod City.

Business Entities

This study can be used to create or enhance the awareness of different business entities to

environmental problems that were caused by their business operations and in effect, what

impacts do these environmental quandaries have on the companies. Knowing these effects will

encourage companies to continue and also encourage other business organizations to also

implement green practices in their operations and among their employees. Information gathered

in this study can also be used by these entities to know the possible green practices that they can

utilize in their companies.


The use of green practices will help in solving or lessening the effects of environmental

problems such as carbon emissions, improper management of solid wastes, pollution and others.

People in Bacolod City

Improving the environmental conditions in Bacolod City will also improve the living

conditions of its people. Examples of positive effects of green practices would be lesser solid
wastes and having more trees which will not only help in preventing floods but also help in

reducing the city’s average temperature.

Future Researchers

This study can serve as a reference for the future researchers in their future undertakings

involving the conduct of research and other studies.

Scope and Limitation

This study will conducted within Bacolod City area and this is expected to be

accomplished after the lapse of one - month period. Only businesses involving food and

beverage and bottle - manufaturing companies operating in the aforementioned area will be

covered in this study and this will only tackle the impacts of the green practices on these

businesses' profitability. In depth financial analysis will not be presented in this study but rather

perceptions of these businesses will be given emphasis.

The number of respondents of this study will be limited to five (5) businesses operating

in Bacolod City only.

Operational Framework


Type of Industry
Volume of sales
Size of the business
Age of the business

Operating Expenses
Years’ involvement with green
Research Design

Type of Research

This research study will use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The

qualitative research aims to gather views, opinions and evaluations of the interviewees that the

group has chosen regarding the impact of green practices in their respective companies. With the

use of quantitative research, the group will be able to formulate conclusions based on statistical

analyses and also provide recommendations.

Statistical Tools

Convenient sampling method will be used in choosing the interviewees. Surveys in the

form of interviews will be conducted to gather qualitative information from them. A personal

interview will be done for each of the interviewees. The quantitative information will be derived

from the information gathered through the interviews conducted and this will then be used for

statistical analyses. Conclusions will be drawn through descriptive statistics and from those

conclusions, recommendations will be provided.


The interviewees will come from both food and beverage companies and bottle –

manufacturing companies.

Research Period

The whole research will be conducted within a one – month period.

Data Gathering Methods

The researchers of the study will be conducting interviews as a data gathering method.

This is an appropriate method to gather views, opinions and insights of the businesses regarding

the impacts of green practices on their profitability.

After gathering data, the researchers will collate, sort and analyze the data collected to

formulate appropriate conclusions and provide logical recommendations.