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MENDOZA, Hanna Joy C.

September 8, 2018

IV- B/F CF 4a-1 Reflection Paper

“I am Human”

Be Proud You are Human

By: Roger William Riis

Man is born as an individual, or person. Person is human nature actualized and

manifested in the history of place and time. Humans are indeed to be good to others.
Human is having good or bad qualities that people usually have. Human is a bipedal
primate mammal (Homo Sapiens). Human, I am one of them. I respect how human acts
and what human can do. As a human, I always found myself alone, no friends, no
families but the real fact is I am not alone because God is always by my side. I am proud
indeed that I am one of so called human. Human that created by God. Humans got a
sense of direction, a goal to work toward, which no other species can be.

When I was a kid, my lola always remind me to be a good one. I should love my
family, my friends, neighbors, and love others. I should do good deeds so that others will
do good deeds to me. I should proud that I was born, that I am a human. My mother
taught me how to live my life the way I want. I should live my life to the fullest. No one
can dictate what I should do, or what will I do, just only myself can say what I should

From this article, I see five achivements of the author that says we should be proud
as a human beings. As human, we should be proud that we are one of them. First,
humans found a Light when we know who is God into our life cause with him, we goT
sense of direction, and a goal to work toward him. God is the light, where he give us
light. In our darkest part of our lives, God is always with us, giving us light and hope to
solve and face our problems. We should live our life to the God’s will. Second, humans
wake up gay little songs and whistle them, and our feet keep jig time to them, with
silence and mystery behind humans and ahead of humans. Humans look life and fate
through our eyes. As human, we should look to our environment and critize and improve
what we shoulld need to improve for. Next, humans finds necessary to live together by
the millions, we are created to live with others, not just for yourself alone. Don’t be
selfish, cause God created us to be with others, think about others not just for your own
sake. We also need to know the ideal of justice and plan it for all men. We need to be
fair all the times because we known that we should do it. Humans are born to be fair to
others. After that, humans should find for their work to stay alive. We should work with
our ability to lessen our concerns. We should work so that we’ll gain money for our
needs. We should work so that our bodies became more stronger. We shoud work for our
family and for our personal needs. We should work byond our imagination. With our
world, we take food and drink water, we need to work for it. Work for its improvement
and with that we can have another product to use for. And lastly, human find ways to
move easily under water and through the air. With our eyes and ears we should look for
it. We should learn how to move under water and breathe through air.

How shall we do not admire such a great creature of God? How will you not be
proud that you are one of it? How can you say something about them if you are one of
them? How did you think about others, not checking yourself first? But you know what,
I am wondering how greatful I am that I was born as a human. I am proud to be a
human”. So I’ll act as a human not an animal who didn’t think before my action. I AM

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