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Name : Idaman j.

Class : B (English Department)
Subject : Language Testing
Lecturer by : Miss Yanna Tel. S,Pd, M.Pd

Some factors why does national examination often make the students fail every year

National examination is a program of the government that applies on some level of schools,
like elementary school, junior high-school and senior high-school. It have purpose, namely as the
way for the government to know the quality of education of every area, and it’s the last determiner
for every school levels. Based on minister of education data at 2010, there are 267 (1, 62 %)
SMA/MA who get graduation level 0%, its about 51 statement schools and 216 private schools, and
schools who get 0% graduation levels are Provinces DKI Jakarta 10 schools, Middle Kalimantan 20
schools, North Kalimantan 39 schools, and South East Sulawesi 26 schools,. There are some
factors why does national examination often make the students fail every year.
1. Because the test is multiple choices, its mean that just one alternative answer (between true and
false), but if the test form is essay, may be have consideration answer, because however the
answer inexact, the person who check the paper at least respect the student’s answer.
2. Because the less of facilities of education (for simple example teacher use power point for
presentation of the material), its mean that by using facilities of education it can make the
teacher more easy to teach the students, and convey the materiel vastly, so that the school can
achieve the target or basic competency, standard competency and indicator of the subject. If we
compare between schools in city and in region, its really different, in city schools the education
quality is good but in region may be is very anxious. That’s why in national examination a lot of
students in region failed than in city schools.
3. Because pattern of study of the student’s, its mean that if we pay attention in some schools,
there are a lot of students who cut class when the learning teaching process going on. They
didn’t care about study, and finally when national examination held to test them, a lot of them
fail, and usually students blame the teacher in their school, they appraise the quality of the
teacher bad, but they do not that the factor come from their self.
So I think by national examination it can be ways for the government to build the facilities of
education that still less development in some schools, and it can help the government to know
where is the school that quality of education still low, so that graduation levels for the next time is
better than now. And is better if the government use essay test. And then is better if the government
in national examination standard should pay attention of potency and ability for every area.
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