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BRUTUS Caesar than you shall do to Brutus.

Be patient till the last. The question of

Romans, countrymen, and lovers! hear his death is enrolled in the Capitol; his
me for my glory not
cause, and be silent, that you may extenuated, wherein he was worthy,
hear: believe me nor his offences
for mine honour, and have respect to enforced, for which he suffered death.
mine honour, that
you may believe: censure me in your Enter ANTONY and others, with
wisdom, and CAESAR's body
awake your senses, that you may the
better judge. Here comes his body, mourned by
If there be any in this assembly, any Mark Antony: who,
dear friend of though he had no hand in his death,
Caesar's, to him I say, that Brutus' love shall receive
to Caesar the benefit of his dying, a place in the
was no less than his. If then that friend commonwealth; as which of you shall
demand not? With this
why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is I depart,--that, as I slew my best lover
my answer: for the
--Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I good of Rome, I have the same dagger
loved for myself,
Rome more. Had you rather Caesar when it shall please my country to
were living and need my death.
die all slaves, than that Caesar were
dead, to live All
all free men? As Caesar loved me, I Live, Brutus! live, live!
weep for him;
as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it; as First Citizen
he was Bring him with triumph home unto his
valiant, I honour him: but, as he was house.
ambitious, I
slew him. There is tears for his love; Second Citizen
joy for his Give him a statue with his ancestors.
fortune; honour for his valour; and
death for his Third Citizen
ambition. Who is here so base that Let him be Caesar.
would be a
bondman? If any, speak; for him have I Fourth Citizen
offended. Caesar's better parts
Who is here so rude that would not be Shall be crown'd in Brutus.
a Roman? If
any, speak; for him have I offended. First Citizen
Who is here so We'll bring him to his house
vile that will not love his country? If With shouts and clamours.
any, speak;
for him have I offended. I pause for a BRUTUS
reply. My countrymen,--

All Second Citizen

None, Brutus, none. Peace, silence! Brutus speaks.

BRUTUS First Citizen

Then none have I offended. I have Peace, ho!
done no more to
Good countrymen, let me depart
And, for my sake, stay here with
Do grace to Caesar's corpse, and grace
his speech
Tending to Caesar's glories; which
Mark Antony,
By our permission, is allow'd to make.
I do entreat you, not a man depart,
Save I alone, till Antony have