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List of Boruto: Naruto Next

Generations episodes
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Cover of the first home media release of the series featuring Sarada

Uchiha, Boruto Uzumakiand Mitsuki

Country of origin Japan

No. of episodes 75


Original network TV Tokyo

Original release April 5, 2017

Season chronology
← Previous

Naruto: Shippuden

Season 21

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a Japanese anime series based on the manga series of the
same name and is a spin-off of and sequel to Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto. It is directed by Noriyuki
Abe, Hiroyuki Yamashita (episodes #1–66), Toshirō Fujii (episodes #67–) and written by Makoto
Uezu (episodes #1–66), Masaya Honda (episodes #67–). Manga writer Ukyō Kodachi is supervising
the series. Boruto follows the exploits of Naruto Uzumaki's son Boruto and his comrades from
Konohagakure's ninja academy while finding a path to follow once they grow up. It premiered on TV
Tokyo on April 5, 2017 and airs every Wednesday at 5:55 PM JST[1] Starting May 3, (episode 56) it
now airs every Thursday at 7:25 PM JST.[2] Starting October 7, (episode 76) it will airs every Sunday
at 5:30 PM JST.[3] The series is also being released in DVDs.[4] Viz Media licensed the series on
March 23, 2017 to simulcast it on Hulu, and on Crunchyroll.[5]
The series uses eleven pieces of theme music, four opening and seven ending songs.[6] From
episodes 1-26, the first opening theme is "Baton Road" (バトンロード Baton Rōdo) by KANA-
BOON. From episodes 27-51, the second opening theme is "OVER" by Little Glee Monster. From
episodes 52-75, the third opening theme is "It’s all in the game" by Qyoto. From episodes 76-
onwards, the fourth opening theme is "Lonely Go!" by Brian the Sun.
From episodes 1–13, the first ending theme is "Dreamy Journey" (ドリーミージャーニー Dorīmī
Jānī) by the peggies. From episodes 14-26, the second ending theme is "Goodbye Moon Town" (サ
ヨナラムーンタウン Sayonara Mūn Taun) by Scenario Art (シナリオアート Shinario Āto). From
episodes 27-39, the third ending theme is "I Keep Running" (僕は走り続ける Boku wa Hashiri
Tsuzukeru) by MELOFLOAT (メロフロート Merofurōto). From episodes 40-51, the fourth ending
theme is "Telegraph Soul" (デンシンタマシイDenshin Tamashī) by Game Jikkyōsha Wakuwaku
Band (ゲーム実況者わくわくバンド Gēmu Jikkyō-sha Wakuwaku Bando). From episodes 52-63, the
fifth ending theme is "Beauties of Nature" (花鳥風月 Kachō Fūgetsu) by Coala Mode (コアラモー
ド. Koara Mōdo.). From episodes 64-75, the sixth ending theme is "Laika" (ライカ Raika) by Bird
Bear Hare and Fish. From episodes 76-onwards, the seventh ending theme is "Polaris" (ポラリ
ス Porarisu) by Hitorie (ヒトリエ).


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 2Notes
 3DVD releases
o 3.1Region 2 (Japan)
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Episode list[edit]
Directed Written
No. Title[a] Original air date[7]
by by
"Boruto Hiroyuki Makoto
1 April 5, 2017
Uzumaki!" Yamashita Uezu
Boruto!!" (うず
Boruto Uzumaki fights a man named Kawaki on the Hokage Monument as Kawaki declares the age of shinobi is over, and says
Several years prior to the event, Boruto is the son of Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, and Hinata. Boruto and Shikadai Na
tomorrow is their Academy entrance ceremony, which Boruto does not care because he only wants to embarrass Naruto. Boruto
fathers with the boy, Denki Kaminarimon, revealing his father is a billionaire businessman in charge of Konoha's train system. B
and is unsurprised to hear Naruto is not home. Meanwhile Denki tries to stand up for himself but his father rejects him, saying D
Boruto is running late for the ceremony and sees Denki being controlled by an evil aura. Denki lures the bullies on a broken trai
them. Boruto intervenes and snaps Denki back to his senses, and manages to avoid the collision. However the train ends up cras
the Academy the next day.
"The Hokage's
Son!" Kiyomune
"Hokage no Ayumu Miwa
2 April 12, 2017
Ono Makoto
musuko…!!" (火
After having been suspended for two weeks for nearly destroying the Hokage face monument, Boruto begins his education at th
an older student named Iwabe Yuino who has been picking on Denki. This causes the two of them to have a one-on-one battle d
"Metal Lee Goes
Wild!" Hideto
"Bōsō, Metaru Nobuyoshi Tanaka
3 April 19, 2017
Nagayama Makoto
Rī!!" (暴走、メ
Shikadai realizes he has been too harsh with his classmate Metal Lee, who is always nervous when in front of other students. A
apologize to him. However, the next day, Lee is possessed by the same dark aura that affected Denki. He attacks his classmates
succeeding at making Lee recover, Shikadai and Lee become friends.
"A Ninjutsu
Battle of the
"Danjo taikō Hikari Masahiro
4 ninjutsu April 26, 2017
Satō Ōkubo
gassen!!" (男女
When Boruto and Sarada Uchiha start antagonizing each other, causing their teacher Shino Aburame to suggest his students in e
"The Mysterious
Transfer Kōjiro
Student!" Nakamura
5 Yōji Satō May 3, 2017
"Nazo no Kō
tenkōsei…!!" (謎 Shigenobu
A new student named Mitsuki joins the academy. While friendly, he is often considered too dangerous due to his refusal to hold
starts seeing himself as a failure to his class.
"The Final
Hodaka Kō
6 Lesson!" May 10, 2017
Kuramoto Shigenobu
"Saigo no
jugyō…!!" (最後
Shino is possessed by the dark aura, hits his breaking point, and fights Boruto with Shikadai and Mitsuki being trapped in the fo
the other two. After Shino comes back to his senses, he saves Mitsuki and Boruto from drowning and reports back to the Hokag
Shino to investigate.
"Love and Potato
"Koi to Kodaira Hideto
7 May 17, 2017
Maki Tanaka
potechi…!!" (恋
While walking down streets, Sarada, Chocho and Sumire realize that someone is tailing them, but they cannot find anyone, so th
person tries to stalks again Chocho caught him, at that moment Boruto, Shikadai and Mitsuki were near so they go there after he
student from another class, who is actually stalking after Sumire because he likes her. So Chocho advises him to propose her bu
Boruto and the others go to save her. Boruto saw the same mysterious shadow around him, he plans to defeat him but could not
the only girl who ever talked to him but after Chocho makes him realizes that people do not talk to him because of his own wea
defeating him, but Magire faints afterwards. At the Hokage's office, Naruto gets reports of people losing chakra for some unkno
"The Dream's
"Yume no Matsuki Kiyomune
8 May 24, 2017
Keiichi Miwa
otsuge" (夢のお
Boruto goes to watch a ninja film with Shikadai, Iwabe, and Denki. Boruto talks to Shikadai about the mysterious shadow that o
Boruto plans to handle this matter all by himself. Later, Boruto make three Shadow Clones of himself to discuss about the myst
or is he just hallucinating. His clones also advise him that he should tell the elders but Boruto still wants to solve this himself. In
world with his eye. After waking up Boruto sees his eye in a mirror and believes that he has awakened the Byakugan. Naruto ge
to find Boruto acting like the ninja movie's hero. Boruto tells everyone that he has awakened the Byakugan but Naruto says that
tells him to meet her father, Hiashi. Naruto takes Himawari and Boruto to the Hyuga's place where they meet Hiashi, who also a
Byakugan but offers spar with Boruto to find its validity.
"Proof of
"Jibun no Ayumu Kiyomune
9 May 31, 2017
Ono Miwa
shōmei" (自分の
Hiashi plans to have a match with Boruto to find out if he really awakened the Byakugan or not, but Hanabi offers to fight on hi
match starts between Hanabi and Boruto, but he easily gets defeated even after using his shadow clones, so Boruto asks for ano
Hanabi did not see any signs of Byakugan during their matches so she assumes that he did not awaken a Byakugan yet. Hiashi a
Boruto gets exhausted. Later, after dinner Naruto and Hiashi have a private talk about Boruto, and Naruto tells that he believes
Boruto would not be trying hard if he was lying about Byakugan. Hanabi goes to talk with Boruto while he was reminiscing his
thinking that he is lying. Hanabi says that she does not know about what the others are thinking but will help him whenever he n
properly, where he meets Sarada, and while talking to her he spots a person with the mysterious shadow. So he goes after him a
watched in the previous episode, who became chubby and the production company cancelled making film's sequel, Boruto figh
to save him and they defeat him together. Next day at academy, Boruto tells Shikadai and Mitsuki that he will not be able to pro
way to make everyone believe him.
"The Ghost
Incident: The
Masatoyo Masaya
10 Investigation June 7, 2017
Takada Honda
"Gōsuto jiken,
kaishi!!" (ゴー
Boruto has been skipping classes at the academy along with Shikadai and Mitsuki to find someone possessed by the mysterious
about him skipping classes. Next day, Hinata meets Shino at the academy where he lectures Boruto that he will end up in the af
class that they will be doing work experience, and students have freedom to select any workplace they want. Boruto, Shikadai, a
them to roam around the village to find the mysterious shadow. Then, after delivering some mail, Boruto meets Naruto and Nar
Mitsuki tells the team that he has found someone possessed by the mysterious shadow on the other side of the village, the effort
office, Sai reports Naruto that he finds evidence of the uses of Wood Style at the locations where people are getting possessed, a
this. Naruto advised Sai to be careful about this if members of Foundation are involved. Later while Naruto is packing spare clo
because he spent his childhood without a father, he does not know how to act like one; Hinata assures him that Boruto understan
return to the Post Office, the Bureau Chief Komame tells them that he is getting complaints from all the places where Boruto de
instead of delivering mail. Later, Boruto watches the news showing a person possessed by the shadow barricaded himself in the
class went for their work experience; Boruto rushes to save them.
"The Shadow of
Mastermind" Hikari Masaya
11 June 14, 2017
"Kuromaku no Satō Honda
kage" (黒幕の
The episode starts out in the hospital where the Class Representative is recovering from her injuries with many people from the
and his friends to another part of the hospital where the man who was possessed by the shadow is in intensive care. Naruto says
that this investigation has become a serious matter, not for kids playing detective. The three of them return to the post office to c
informs Boruto and Shikadai that there has been another shadow attack. They go to investigate, but they are always just behind
their class shows up at the post office to help, and they run off; however, the minute they leave the shadow appears and possess
instantly because they knew the shadow would strike there only to find the person controlling the shadow. In his state, the post
respect for it, but Tayori reminds him that every piece of mail has a recipient waiting for it which calms him down enough to ca
shadow escapes. Boruto and his classmates cheerily cleaning up the post office after the big fight. A couple of shadowy figures
an entity called "Nue".
"Boruto and
"Boruto to Mizumoto Masahiro
12 June 21, 2017
Hazuki Ōkubo
Mitsuki" (ボルト
The class do a training exercise and Boruto's team is the only in the class that could not complete the exercise because Denki lef
whole class failed in the training because all of them abandoned their teammates in order to win. Denki tells Boruto that there a
stop searching for the culprit because the elders are already after him but Boruto still wants to find the culprit. Mitsuki realize th
probably because Boruto does not want everyone to see him only as the son of Hokage, and tries to do things his own way. Mits
she thinks about Boruto. Sumire tells him that Boruto causes a lot of trouble at the academy but is fun when he is around. She re
and Hinata informs everyone that Naruto is also coming to dinner at home that night. Boruto takes Mitsuki to his room where h
Boruto if he likes Naruto or not but Hinata calls them for dinner before he can answer. Naruto arrives at home to dinner and me
resembles Naruto. As they are about start eating, Naruto stops suddenly because his shadow clone got a report from Shikamaru
Boruto gets mad at him and runs from home with Mitsuki going after him. Mitsuki tells Boruto that he thinks Boruto likes Naru
because of his work. Mitsuki tells him that he knows the identity of the person who is behind all the incidents that happened unt
"The Demon
Nobuyoshi Kō
13 Beast Appears!" June 28, 2017
Nagayama Shigenobu
arawaru…!!" (魔
Sai comes to know the reality behind Danzo's fail safe and the culprit's name. Mitsuki and Boruto are having a conversation reg
Meanwhile, Sumire is found by Sai and his squad and is being captured with a sealing technique, but she lets Nue out and escap
stop summoned Nue using Mud Wall and sealing barrier techniques, but it does not help. Mitsuki gets the updated order to kill
stops him with his clone and moves ahead. Sumire and Mitsuki have a brief fight, until they were interrupted by Boruto. A stran
Sumire to an unknown dimension.
"The Path That
Boruto Can See"
"Boruto ni mieru Noriyuki Makoto
14 July 5, 2017
Abe Uezu
michi" (ボルト
After Boruto defeats Sumire's beast, Mitsuki starts battling Sumire. However, Boruto forces the two of them to stop fighting the
friend at the academy, Sumire decides to give up. Afterwards, the three return to Konoha where Sai takes Sumire promising the
"A New Path" Masatoyo
"Atarashii Takada Masahiro
15 July 12, 2017
michi" (新しい Matsumoto Ōkubo
道) Masayuki
Boruto notices that the mysterious power in his eye is not activating for some weeks. Sai tells Naruto and Shikamaru that Sumir
her friends. At the academy, Shino tells the students that they should form a three man team but with different classmates from
whereabouts, and he informs her that they do not know if she will be returning to the academy or not. Boruto and Mitsuki asks t
formed a team except Metal. Shikadai reveals that the Leaf Police have taken over the case so they cannot do anything to bring
come and she is under surveillance right now, but Shino decides to visit her. Boruto goes back home and is surprised to see Nar
even if he is the Hokage, he cannot just let her go after all that happened. But Naruto ensures him that he will not let her down.
responsibility for what she have done, but Shino says that the Gozu Tennou is no longer inside her body so she can rethink abou
from there after hearing some information about Sumire. After completing the training, Boruto asks about Shino and Sarada tell
also says that Sumire might be transferring to another school, but Shino returns with her. Everyone welcomes her back warm-he
forgiven her and fully supports her. A clone of Naruto goes to give Sasuke Uchiha a scroll of Gozu Tennou and asks him to retu
to Sakura in his place. Toneri is shown on the moon mumbling about the Gozu Tennou. Momoshiki is shown ordering Kinshiki
"Crisis: The
Threat of
Kawana Hideto
16 "Daburi no July 19, 2017
Kana Tanaka
kiki" ( 留 年 の
Denki fails to walk on a wall at the academy, and all his friends tell him the concept of chakra in their own way but he does not
Iwabe. Iwabe hears that but does not argue with him. Denki tries to walk on wall and Metal comes to help him in his training, a
to save him. Lee is very happy to see him training very hard because he cannot use Ninjutsu and present him a outfit similar to h
sees Denki trying to walk on wall and goes to meet him and tells him to focus his mind to use chakra and Denki is able to walk
his help in Iwabe's studies but he rejects saying that he does not want any of his friends to repeat a year because of him but Den
and Iwabe accepts his help in studies. Denki suggests Iwabe to stand on roof using chakra while studying because he realizes th
brings burgers for all of his friends and their mouth burns after eating the burgers because they are so spicy. Later, when Denki
building burning and Iwabe hears a woman saying that her kids are still in the building so he goes to save them leaving Denki a
because of his spicy burgers. Iwabe finds the children in the building but cannot find an exit, so he starts fixing the sprinklers. D
building. But when he reaches Iwabe he has already fixed the sprinklers. Iwabe asks him to carry a child out of the building. Iw
that everyone is safe. When they get to the Academy, Shino after getting the information about that incident tells them that they
life, and all of their friends including Chocho congratulates them on passing the test.
"Run, Sarada!"
"Sarada, Masaaki Masaya
17 July 26, 2017
hashiru!!" (サラ Kumagai Honda
The episode focuses on Sarada who attempts to retrieve a teddy bear, as she promised her mother she would bring it to a little g
Boruto and his friends. She is however unsuccessful. She is able to spot a similar doll but it is sent into the river as part of their
spot where Boruto and his friends are fishing. She is however able to deliver the doll and keep her promise.
"A Day in the
Life of the
Family" Nagayama Kō
18 August 2, 2017
"Uzumaki-ke no Nobuyoshi Shigenobu
ichinichi" (うず
When Himawari falls sick Boruto remembers the day Naruto was officially made the Hokage, and the incidents which occurred
ramen as they had made Hinata angry over Himawari's food since she was feeling well now. There, they meet Cho-Cho and Ch
then remembers all the incidents linked with Ichiraku over the period of his life. Boruto later comes to know of the Legendary Q
"Sarada Uchiha"
"Uchiha Takashi Masaya
19 August 9, 2017
Sarada" (うちは Andō Honda
Boruto defaces the Hokage Mount in order to get Naruto's attention. In his attempt to get chased, he runs into Sarada, who cove
Boruto and Naruto are very similar, being father and son, which Boruto resents (Shikamaru makes a similar comment about Shi
since she was very young when he left the village and has not seen him much since. She asks Sakura if Sasuke needed glasses w
Sarada. Sarada decides to look into the Uchiha clan, learning about the Sharingan and how she and her father are the clan's last
father, she discovers that the information is restricted from public access. Sarada approaches her mother again and asks her if sh
a punch, but then she apologizes to Sarada for raising her voice and reassures her that Sasuke's feelings are connected with hers
demolished from the blow. In an effort to find their family portrait amid the ruins of the house, Sarada discovers that Sasuke's p
Sarada notices that Karin wears glasses very similar to hers, which further fuels her doubt about her relationship to her mother.
Shizune if she is in fact the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. Shizune confirms this but becomes just as vague as Sakura when pr
each other at a restaurant, with Chocho revealing that she does not believe she is related to her parents and expressing her desire
and resolves to track Sasuke down and make him tell her everything. In an unknown location, Sasuke emerges from a portal. He
his Sharingan.
"The Boy With
The Sharingan"
"Sharingan no Hikari Kōjiro
20 August 16, 2017
Satō Nakamura
shōnen" (写輪眼
The mysterious person attacks Sasuke and gets defeated by him. Despite this, Sasuke is surprised to see that he has the Sharinga
office, Naruto receives a message from Sasuke and calls Kakashi to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, the person who attacked S
about their intentions of killing Sasuke. After talking with Kakashi, Naruto decides to meet up with Sasuke himself, and Sarada
whereabouts. She decides to chase after Naruto to meet her father. Sarada gets prepared for the journey and waits for Naruto at
on a journey to find her real father. Naruto departs and Sarada tries to chase after him but is left behind because Chocho falls ha
and Sarada asks him to let her deliver the lunch box in his place. He initially refuses but later agrees because she keeps asking h
Naruto, the person who attacked Sasuke earlier gets in their way, introduces himself as Shin Uchiha and asks Sarada to come w
comes to save them and fights him using his Tailed Beast form, much to everyone's surprise. Shin then retreats from there after
after the incident, and Naruto assures her that he will protect her. Sarada delivers the lunch box, and Naruto decides to take them
Naruto tells them about how he sees Sasuke as his rival and how Sarada's appearance resembles Sasuke's, while her presence re
continue their journey, and just when they are about to reach the tower where Naruto arranged to meet up with Sasuke, Chocho
makes an excuse and goes to meet Sasuke without Naruto and Chocho. Her eyes transform into the Sharingan because of her str
Sasuke points out his sword at her because, after seeing her Sharingan, he thinks that Sarada is with the person who

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