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Basic Legal Ethics (Term paper)


Presented by:
Frezel E. Ocampo
University of San Agustin

Presented to:
Atty. Sharon Elijo Herrera-Bellones
Professor Basic Legal Ethics

April 18, 2015

Basic Legal Ethics (Term paper)

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away there was

once a queen who is stiff but obviously kind. She didn’t tolerate

lateness and unpreparedness. She hated wasting time. The duty of

this queen is to be the ruler and the adjudicator of that kingdom. I

was referring to a kingdom as the one branch of the Regional Trial

and the queen as the judge of such court.

One day, a stranger heard about the queen, so she was

curious, she wanted to visit and observe how the queen dominates

the kingdom. Fortunately, the stranger was tasked by her professor

to conduct a court observation so the stranger now has the chance

to do what she always wanted.

Early in the morning the stranger is already prepared and

excited to visit the court. She packed up her things. She prepared

herself. She combed her hair, put some blush on. She brought with

her a ball pen and a notebook. Then she rode on a jeepney and in a

little moment, viola, she was there.

She intended to observe the conduct in court unnoticed and

alone. She didn’t want to be bothered by something.

The stranger patiently waited inside the court. She realized

that the court was not that big compare to the other.

There were a lot of people already in the court. The judge came

out from her chamber at exactly 8:30 in the morning. The stranger

Basic Legal Ethics (Term paper)

thought this must be a long day for the judge considering the three

pages of list of cases posted outside her court.

The judge was beautiful, sophisticated and brilliant. She was

around sixty years old or so. She was wearing her black robe.

The daily agenda of the queen started. It began with reciting

the ecumenical prayer.

In the hearing, the stranger got to see different citizens such

as lawyers, accused, police, secretary, stenographer, victims,

witnesses, a wife, children, mother, father and even some


Little by little the room became crowded. It eventually turned

hot. Some are even standing because there were no chairs available.

The judge called the first case. It was a frustrated murder

case. It seemed that the accused was being arraigned. He was

assisted by a lawyer who looks like Jolina Magdangal. She’s small,

petite and pretty. Maybe she’s pregnant. More or less she is working

in the Public Attorneys’ Office. The accused pleaded not guilty

through the assistance of the counsel.

The prosecutor was also a lady wearing purple dress, 2 inches

heels. She has a “chinky” eyes.

The judge called the second case and it was about illegal

gambling. The accused was a 60 year old man. It was caught in his
Basic Legal Ethics (Term paper)

possession illegal gambling paraphernalia. He was also being


It was the same lawyer for the defense and same for the


In a while, another lawyer, maybe a private one, entered into

the court room. He’s late and he’s sweating all over. This lawyer

looked like Nino Mulach only that he is bald. He asked one person,

perhaps his client, if their case was already called. Lucky for him

his case was not yet called by the judge.

In the next case in the calendar, the accused was asked how

old he is. He answered that he was just 20 years old. The stranger

suddenly felt sad about him. At the early age he was already

charged with murder, a non-bailable offense. Imagine how the world

could be cruel sometimes. He was so young to be involved in a

murder trial. He could have been studying, or finding a job and

searching something valuable for himself. Unfortunately, there he

was, facing the judge for the crime he was charged. The queen

asked him, if he has a lawyer. He said none. Then he was asked if

he wanted the court to provide him a lawyer, he didn’t answer. It

seemed that he didn’t fully understand the gravity of the situation.

The judge asked him again if he has someone to assist him, he said

he has a mother who seldom visits her in jail. Then the judge

passionately advised him to contact his mother and that they

Basic Legal Ethics (Term paper)

should talk about the representation of the counsel. A couple of

months had passed since he was allegedly accused of the crime and

until that time he was not yet arraigned. The prosecutor and the

complainant assigned in his case that time was also not in the

court. Now, the stranger understands that this situation is a really

happening in the court room. Her desire to become a lawyer was

being revived. The stranger wanted to helped persons like that and

she couldn’t wait for the time to come.

When the next case was called, the crime involved was

robbery, the prosecutor wearing the purple dress stood and

reported to the court that the parties to the case already agreed to


In the next case there was a private prosecutor, a fat guy

wearing glasses and dark blue barong. The lawyer for the defense

was that guy who looked like Nino Mulach, he just approached the

bench and then bid goodbye to his client. The stranger didn’t

actually know what happened.

The next case was funny. It was a civil case and a petition to

change the OCT Number. The lawyer approached the judge after his

case was being called. He seemed to be prepared. This lawyer was

wearing a lime green barong. Maybe he was at his late 60’s. Then he

spoke, “Your Honor, this is attorney   , counsel for the

plaintiff.” Then he was tasked by the judge to present his evidence,

Basic Legal Ethics (Term paper)

he showed a big old crumpled paper which is the original OCT.

However, when the judge asked him, what is the relationship of the

plaintiff to the owner of the title, the lawyer couldn’t answer. He

then gave a manifestation that the trial for his case must be set

again from the very beginning because he has to research first. The

judge disappointedly uttered “sayang oras”. Then the old man sat

in somewhere and scanned all his documents and the judge

proceeded to the next case.

In the next case, the lawyer for the defense was an Agustinian

Lawyer and professor of the college of law. He was commendable;

his trial was in last part of the calendar of cases nonetheless he was

already in the court even before the time the judge came out. He

looked calm and prepared for his case. However, the prosecution

was absent. This Agustinian Lawyer, moved for the dismissal of the

case for violation of the accused to speedy trial and that the

prosecution exhausted a trial list and there was already a warning.

The judge granted only a provisional dismissal where the accused

through the helped of his counsel agreed.

People are coming in and out of the court. There was one a

female lawyer wearing all white blazers and pencil cut skirt. She

came in very late. When she entered, she talked to someone and

clamored how painful her dysmenorrhea is.

Basic Legal Ethics (Term paper)

The next case was similar to the preceding one. The accused was

also provisionally dismissed but he was assisted by a different


The stranger got bored so she tried to visit another court. The

judge in the other court was man. He looked serious and in some

way matured. It was noticeable that king was not wearing her robe.

He wore only a light blue polo.

There are only thirteen people inside the courtroom. That

includes the judge, lawyers, accused, complainant and some moral

supporters. This court appeared to be more relaxed than the earlier

one. All the lawyers are men. The stranger was lucky that she was

able to witness a real cross examination conducted by the court.

She thinks it was awesome.

What happened that day still lingers in her thoughts. The

stranger is even more persuaded to become a lawyer now.