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Which project management certification is better PMP,
PRINCE2 or any other?
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Krishna Srinivasan, PMP Certification Trainer
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Answered Jan 7, 2017

PMP and PRINCE2 both are top project management certifications in the world Find your friends on
and there is no 3rd competitor, hence we will limit our discussion to these two Quora

only. Although there is no definite answer to this question. Upvote 5 more

good answers
There is already a detailed answer for this question : What is the
Ask your first
difference between Prince2 and PMP?

PMP(Project Management Professional) and PRINCE 2 (Projects IN Controlled Add 3 credentials

Environments) are the most reputed project management certifications in the
world. First we will put some basic information about both certifications, then Answer a question

we will compare them and finally we will draw a conclusion.

What is PMP ?

PMP is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) USA. It is one of

the most prestigious certificate for the project managers around the

Many industries and companies have made it compulsory for their

project managers to attain PMP certification. The best thing about
PMP is that it is not industry specific.

It covers “generally-accepted” knowledge and principles of project

management. Hence you can use this knowledge in managing any kind
of projects, be it construction, IT, Telecom or many more.

PMP gives you knowledge and skills which are necessary for successful
project management and delivery.

What is PRINCE 2?

PRINCE2 is a project management methodology which was devised for

UK’s government projects and was owned by the UK's Cabinet Office.

Now, PRINCE2 is owned by AXELOS, a new joint venture company in

the UK.

RINCE 2 is basically process-based project management approach

which provides a clear, step-by-step and detailed method for
delivering a successful project.
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It also provides clear templates, processes, and steps. PRINCE2 is both,
process and project focused.

Important differences between PMP and PRINCE 2

There are many differences between both certifications. Here are some
important ones:



A four-year degree (bachelor’s or equivalent) and at least three years’

project management experience. With 4,500 hours leading and
directing projects, and 35 hours of project management
education. 0r

A secondary diploma (high school or equivalent) with at least five

years’ project management experience. With 7,500 hours leading
and directing projects, and 35 hours of project management


There is no condition of any prior project management experience or

education for PRINCE 2 certification, however, it is recommended
that you have experience working within Project Management and
attend a training course before sitting the exam.

This makes PRINCE2 the certification of choice for those looking

to enter the sector with no previous experience.

Methodology & Focus

Both PRINCE2 and PMP are proven methodologies practiced the world over, in
fact the they overlap in many areas. Where they really differ is their focus:

PMP’s main focus is on the skills and knowledge that are required
of a Project Manager as outlined in PMI’s PMBOK guide.

PRINCE2 is specifically focused on a framework within which to manage

projects in order to achieve a successful outcome. It is not just specific
for project manager.

Location is important

Despite being globally recognized the certifications were developed on separate

continents and as such are more popular in certain locations compared to others.

PMP: is developed by PMI USA, hence PMP is most prevalent in North

America as well as Middle East.

PRINCE2: originated from the UK and was developed by the Office of

the Government as a set of products by which to manage projects. Due
to its success, PRINCE2 was adopted outside of government and is now
the most popular in the UK, Australia and other European countries.

Global interaction between members

PMP: After becoming PMI member and passing PMP, you will join a
global community of professionals and gain access learning
opportunities offered by PMP through conferences and other
events. Similarly, you have great networking opportunities with other
members which can help a lot in career advancement.

PRINCE2: PRINCE2 doesn’t have a global body like PMI


PMP and PRINCE 2 are both globally recognized project management

certifications and the choice of better one varies from person to person.

Also Read : Would you hire a project manager who is not PMP certifed?
PMP is valued more in North America and Middle East whereas PRINCE2 is
recognized more in UK, Europe and Australia. PMP more related to the
knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage a project and its delivery
where as PRINCE2 is focused mainly on the processes and the framework to
successfully execute the project.

Hence for experienced project managers PMP is better suited and for other
professionals like Project engineers and Project coordinators, PRINCE 2
seem to be a better choice.

Quick summary of difference between PMP and PRINCE2 exam.

Additional resources

Here are some additional resources that would help you.

What are the good blogs and sites for PMP, PMI-ACP and CAPM
certification exams?

PRINCE2 Foundation Certification Exam: Get Prince2 Certified

How long does it take to prepare for prince 2 examination?

I hope this helps!!

If you are looking for any help in preparing for the PMP certification exams,
please send me a message.
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