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Abstract - This study aimed to determine the teaching styles of the classroom managers in Pinamucan

Elementary School. Specifically, it identified the demographic profile or the teachers respondents in terms
of age, gender, educational qualification, number of seminars attended, assigned level and years of
services; and find out which of the teaching styles of the teacher respondents in terms of whole class,
individual, and small group activities are practiced. The study used descriptive methods were a
standardized questionnaire was utilized as the main instrument in gathering data. Based on the result,
Most of the classroom managers belonged to the middle aged bracket; had been working from 20 to 29
years in this institution, and were assigned in different grades / levels, and had attended 7-9 seminars for
the length of time they had served there; majority of the respondents often use the question and answer
method when doing whole class activities. For individual activities, homework is often used by the
classroom managers to get their students’ attention while for small group activities, games were often
practiced as means of initiating cooperation among students. The school may be practice the used of
LCD. School administrator mat conduct seminars regarding modern classroom methodologies.