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Anti- Drugs Advocacy

Balino, Phoebe Gayle F.
Velos, James Andrew R.
Sammuri, Ghil
Carmona, Shera

Make it known to be for youngsters, middle aged, and the elderly to be concerned
for medical purposes. Never make it to be the use of impure intentions as in for benefits,
with the exchange of coincidence. Every individual needs directions to refrain from
misusing it or abuse it. Commonly known as “Illegal Drugs” to be specific in terms. The
flow of illegal drugs affects our dignity, health, psychological measures, and happiness
making the table turn from normal life that we used to reside in. Individual citizens are
blinded out of curiosity in which way? They ignored the negative effects that our mental
bodies may completely gain pestilence. Besides, this brings total attention of political
positions with full concern and promises of taking action to prevent it, especially the law
policies intersects along its force brought to reality nowadays.
In tremendous reasons, we were informed about its whereabouts, people who
claim or got caught on using illegal drugs claim to seek medical procedures and
conductions not minding the existing consequences distributed by the law or manual
motives, others say that they were curious about its process done with stealth. This is
why men should be careful and should not leave their minds dim when it comes to drugs.
It cast infectious, severe, lethal symptoms as we normally know that. To these illegal
drugs even a slight pinch of its material. No, it is prohibited, not a single organ would love
its bitter taste of death within the cells of our flowing blood. Perhaps there are upcoming
conductions of cure for those who are still not yet recovered from physical and
psychological illness, with no reference resulting like illegal drugs. People who use illegal
drugs are warned that their lives lie on the palms of death, considering to give financial
benefits to the sellers by wasting their lives, their precious lives! As vigilant citizens, we
have the rights to strike while the iron is hot to trample over such blasphemy, illegal drugs,
just like marijuana, cocaine, morphine, methane, ecstasy, etc. Because it is expected to
be the blight of the world if we don’t use force a

gainst it in the right way. Let us now translate our thoughts to actions as we prove that
this is war against illegal drugs, our remaining enemy to be damned on nothingness.
Oh and one more, do you know the reason why we have to go to school at such
an early hour, do you know why would the Dep-Ed implement heavy regulations for young
people like us? Do you?! Well my friend, if you think that the reason is totally focused of
education, you my friend, is wrong, as an act of vigilance and safety for young people,
more hours in school will mean that teens would spend less time outdoor and such act
would reduce the risk in getting involved with drug incidents and activities. That is why we
think our freedom is being violated, not because of ourselves, not because of the
government, not because of the school system but because of this abomination in our
community, so let us unite to annihilate such a threat for ourselves and for the future. And
to do everything in our power to not let the next generation experience the same
bloodshed we experienced and are currently experiencing right now in our generation.