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00:13:48 From David : Zion = Babalonian Talmiudic narrative

00:14:17 From Moksha James : are the Wachowskis Zionists?

00:14:19 From John Anderson : Y'All have a great evening.... Ciao.
00:14:35 From Jayne Judkins : thanks John
00:14:40 From Jayne Judkins : gnite
00:14:48 From Moksha James : bye John ty
00:16:13 From Star Walker : dani ,my cam has been stopped by the host
00:17:01 From Jo Lucas : The sequels are also awesome movies to watch and
think about
00:17:52 From CatMomPeg : Hi Star, Hi Tracy!
00:17:52 From Andrea G : yes, Jo! Part 2 should be next sunday
00:17:57 From Jayne Judkins : there's always a void
00:17:59 From Linda Bee : it's fucked up
00:18:05 From Star Walker : thank you D :)
00:18:28 From Jayne Judkins : heu star!
00:19:36 From David : Hand raised Dani
00:19:58 From Maury : Jump in David when she takes a breath and a half. lol
00:20:12 From Star Walker : hiya Jayne !
00:20:17 From Andrea G : yep yep
00:20:28 From David : Dont have a mic at this point Maury
00:20:52 From Maury : Type a way then.
00:23:49 From Moksha James : the veil
00:23:56 From David : I do??
00:23:59 From Jayne Judkins : lol go David
00:24:04 From David : The watchers
00:25:44 From Renae Little : The Fringe observers
00:26:20 From David : there are two different watchers....The aboriginal guy
who is connected with the Oracal,,, and no signals got to the Agents...Yet there
are the other watchers like the drunk guy in the subway tunnel where the signals
got to the agents..
00:27:17 From David : Could The second watcher be the copy..
00:27:45 From Dawn : Maurice remember Sedona?
00:28:01 From David : Also the wather in the entrance to the MIB headquarters
in the MIB movie
00:28:27 From doppy : even the muppetshow
00:28:39 From Maury : Be more precise Dawn please.
00:28:52 From Dawn : that is the only one that old man made it across without
00:28:53 From Andrea G : interesting that article you shared...things change
when they're observed
00:28:54 From David : Could The second watcher be the copy..
00:28:58 From Dawn : otherwise it makes no sense
00:29:02 From Dawn : even the old woman made it
00:29:17 From Maury : Dayum
00:30:05 From doppy : love u mauri
00:32:31 From Maury : Dawn, that old guy was walking over those really big
boulders that no one else used remember?
00:32:56 From Dawn : he was on the log with his walking stilts
00:33:00 From Dawn : that i how I remember it
00:33:03 From Jayne Judkins : limited
00:33:04 From Dawn : walking across
00:33:08 From Jayne Judkins : limited self
00:33:24 From Dawn : insane to put it lightly
00:33:29 From Maury : We used the logs he was on those big rocks. about maybe
twenty feet to our right.
00:33:29 From Dawn : no one would do that
00:33:34 From doppy : guilttrips confusion
00:33:47 From Andrea G : we literally shrink
00:33:48 From David : Not being able to evolve past belief..
00:33:52 From Jayne Judkins : the belief and or perception of self
00:33:59 From Dawn : i remember being on the rocks not on l og
00:34:11 From Dawn : 2 log to the left side by side
00:34:16 From Dawn : that is where they were at
00:34:26 From Dawn : I mean right side
00:34:26 From Maury : I see it clearly Dawn always have seen it that way from
the moment it happened.
00:34:35 From Dawn : wow
00:34:43 From doppy : unconcious consentual deception
00:34:45 From Dawn : he would not have been able to do the stilts on the rocks
00:34:48 From Jayne Judkins : Pavlov
00:34:51 From Dawn : the log makes more sense
00:35:11 From Maury : That is why it was so preposterous whast we saw that day
for both of us.
00:35:19 From Dawn : I know that was not real
00:35:36 From Jayne Judkins : he got the dogs to salivate by ringing the bell
they knew it was time to eat lol
00:36:16 From Maury : You notice I actually agreed with you in your observtion
he was not likely even there as we walked back. That kind of stuff for me back
then was not in my real wheel house. It is now but not back then.
00:36:24 From doppy : where
00:36:33 From Ann Callaghan : The game is long over, time to go for everyone
00:36:43 From David : Seroious Kudos to Hugo Weaving for pulling off the Agent
Smith part.
00:36:46 From Jayne Judkins : agree Ann
00:37:23 From Renae Little : What would make hin think there was even a way
out to begin with?
00:37:43 From doppy : indeed renae
00:37:47 From David : Remember in the other matrix movies Agent Smith gets out
into the physical and Agent Smith still wanted out..
00:38:09 From Helena Fleming : non consciousness?
00:38:11 From Jayne Judkins : and at "death" will we even recognize that there
might be a choice of escaper
00:39:12 From Andrea G : yessss
00:39:14 From Jayne Judkins : sure D!
00:39:15 From Renae Little : Yes
00:39:15 From David : Yes..!!!
00:39:21 From Jayne Judkins : I have em all
00:39:22 From Linda Bee : yes
00:39:39 From doppy : commercial=$$$$$$£££
00:39:49 From Moksha James : could have been, either or
00:40:02 From Moksha James : left alone
00:40:10 From David : Indeed
00:40:31 From Moksha James : Keanu Reeves girlfriend and baby died between
00:41:16 From doppy : frenchman
00:41:25 From David : Rama Kinandra
00:41:57 From Andrea G : there was a "matrix" previous to this one
00:46:58 From doppy : even our jargon
00:47:25 From Andrea G : are we in all these different matrices
00:47:28 From David : My hand raised
00:47:45 From David : I have played with that for quite some time//
00:48:10 From David : I was the one who poiinted that out
00:48:30 From Linda Bee : He pointed out that subject
00:48:36 From David : Its that translation piece
00:49:01 From David : Ill send you a brak down through PM
00:49:14 From Moksha James : Jordan Maxwell says the matrix movie was based on
his work
00:49:58 From Moksha James : lmao
00:49:59 From Linda Bee : me too - hahah
00:52:28 From Renae Little : Stuff we were unable to put a voice to at the
00:52:44 From Andrea G : there is no spoon
00:54:01 From Linda Bee : hahaha
00:55:36 From Fiery Fred : Platy really rulz ! :))))))
00:57:47 From Jayne Judkins : hi guys! Tracie and star ;)
00:58:35 From Fiery Fred : And yes... there is a special fascination for that
movie... even in sleepys
00:58:44 From Moksha James : they have no splinters
00:58:44 From Dawn : every piece of "lore" presented in this reality will
withstand the test of time
00:58:45 From Fiery Fred : *yet
00:59:22 From David : Dani,,, YOU MUST SEE American Gods..!!!!
00:59:38 From David : I have all the episodes
01:02:31 From Maury : In actuality there are as many levels at least as their
are those who engage in the percieving of whastever this ll is. Yes, many very
similar to others hence we tend to find kindred Spirits but ultimately each sees it
uniquely. Talk about a Russian Doll syndrome in action.
01:02:36 From David : That was the Tolken Cosmology
01:03:04 From Ann Callaghan : Fractals
01:03:32 From Andrea G : *poof*
01:03:36 From Andrea G : minds blown
01:04:13 From David : Yeah..!!!!
01:04:15 From Ann Callaghan : Yay
01:05:52 From Linda Bee : NN everyone, this was fun.
01:06:04 From Andrea G : nighty night, sweet WAKE UP!