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Be vVES ioe] JAS Gammes En hommage au Maitre Ulysse Delécluse, Prowcheeacrere Professeur au Conservatoire National Signatures CL- 98 DID / Gaur Supérieur de Musique de Paris, N° Registro son éléve reconnaissant. In hommage to Maitre Ulysse Delécluse, Professor at the Conservatoire National " itiwatnacnros yes DIDIER] JOG his grateful pupil. larinettiste GAMMES PREPARATOIRES A LA MUSIQUE DU XIX* SIECLE Scales For Clarinet | SCALES FOR 19* CENTURY MUSIC Editions fe bs, 24, RUE PIGALLE - 75009 PARIS Tou ds etn eodin seer our tus pa. IMPRIME EN FRANCE PRINTED IN FRANCE ce Vtunt & te yan ag62 hey than Dida. Yoke "Yale Pyteany” "ef ticln fom Ulett 5 bea Ay gam at fomerjane. accat cle" Con ttty tu’ Lin Ce ton Lona ite 0h Ay ytute ted a) al tad, Chane, Cent he al ae fone ge ike Aen pl geo Ott ey Aw Quahiche, gus) al tlazisuee tem fas fee an Inputs & Yous o augquet 4 wnt, Catz Male 0h Lh or tating bun ha great ty eatrole , b, 10d cy 2b, ban aeie alte, eben bateS yak bam Cty Crtun DE anle 4 ebjent cb bade 00m eau te yeh Gas cl tm tduchurs tb te bebmgue + Yet taus/ ne feuitut alinolee 6 Wy ener eee. fy tenes af frsuttut Pau, -eretne_o tam. weeks wtrinint =, 2 dei, ante dy 6605 Laclioun AH btlusamte, 0b mt, Reon, ued “dorchiue 4 inate olaartuts . Mth. Deb eleter. Le Vésinet, 10th March, 1967. My Dear Didier, Your « Vade Mecum » « of studies of the scales and principal chords for Clarinet » concer- ring all the major and minor keys is a clear, concise achievement which can only bring benefit to others This is a daily work which I have always insisted upon at the Conservatory in Paris and which young Clarinettisis, and even the not-so-young, generally dislike because of its rather for bidding character. But how profitable it can be. It is che basic element without which the technique of mouthing and technique « pure and simple » could not reach a very high level. 1 thoroughly approve of your initiative and send you my congratulations together wi assurance of my warmest and kindest regards anne eee Yours sincerely, signed : Ulysse Delécluse.

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