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The language

market has

The future demand for

multilingual content services from
various sectors
represents a huge
multi-trillion dollar market!
of the language
sector Industry User Linguist Intellectual
Highly fragmented and 100% Scenario-based services Difficult to establish personal property
Idle stand-alone language
Current status of dominated by agencies severely lacking credibility and branding assets Unable
Commission rate exceeds Inconvenient, difficult to Creative work not rewarded to generate value from
the industry 50-60% identify, high cost collective assets

Is centralisation
Partial No No No
a solution

Distributed scenarios and information of global Establish trusted personal Incentivise sharing of
Opportunity in unified consensus translators will be on chain credibility and branding intellectual property on chain
Highly transparent Ecosystem addresses scenario Validation of creative work to Safe asset trading ensures
the blockchain supply-demand information demand protect linguist’s interest permanent benefit

Under the traditional centralised model, the language service market lacks an effective solution to meet the large fragmented demand.
Without substantial effective data learning and support, AI will not be able to fulfil the demand for
customised services which require high precision
LIC helps all block chain projects to
execute multilingual enablement

globalization of

The future is here

We are the LIC Chain
Language Information Communication Chain

Orientation Vision Mission

Global language public Chain the world in your Break down language
language barriers
Language service ecosystem Technology/model
consumer innovator
Earn more from more usage + earn Earn more from more work+ earn
more from more circulation more from more creation
Acquire data + transmit information Acquire data + create text

Ecosystem application Technology/model

developer innovator
Develop Dapp + Optimise Dapp Encourage Technological innovation + model
Cross-chain collaboration + multiple participation
scenario access Monetise ideas + monetise action
Create value
Macroeconomic model of

LIC Ecosystem

Tokenisation model of
incumbent translation
Token circulation
between Dapps
Token circulation
in competency
evaluation system
Distributed AI
LIC Supports intelligent DApp
Provides customised service to users
Technical features in the ecosystem


Secure trading method

Blockchain Multi-dimensional tracking and
recording system
Big data basic support Supports intelligent DApp Traceable and immutable
Provides customised service to users
Language in the ecosystem Virtual DNA
Set by developer Defined by user
1.0 2.0

Writes a smart

smart negotiation

Writes a smart

Smart contract = automated contract Decentralised smart contract matching

Distributed artificial intelligence · DAI incubation environment
Core team

Peggy Peng Singapore Li Qinghui Taiwan Nimmala Singapore Vic Xu Singapore Koh Zhi Hao Singapore

CEO & Founder CTO Communications Director Regional Director Community Operations Manager
PhD graduated from Huazhong Expert on AI technology and machine Content and marketing professional Master degree of law in National Investor and Business partner of
University of translation. Master in Artificial in the digital industry. She has run Singapore-based Ethereum mining
University of Singapore.
Intelligence at National Taiwan her own content agency and worked company since 2016
Science and Technology. Previously University, PhD in Artificial Intelligence Chief Legal Counsel in a Singapore
with top brands from TM Net, Established business relations with
worked as Academic Director at at listed financial company for two
Malaysia's leading Internet service multi-billion dollar manufacturer
Singapore Chinese years,in charge of the legal affairs
Tsinghua University. A student of provider, to Double Vision, South while still schooling
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, East Asia leading production house." including M&A,legal compliance and
Professor Sun Maosong who has more
Deputy Director of Confucius Institute risk management Investor and enthusiast of digital
than 300 inventions and more than 10
at Nanyang Technological University, patents under his name. Previously assets since 2016
and was responsible for the base worked as the Head of Technology in Now Vic serves as regional director
operation of Transn IOL, the largest a large Taiwanese communication in LIC,focusing on regional
translation company in China. Council company. Founded development,legal compliance and
member of Singapore strategy management.
量子公司 in 2002. Developed the first
Blockchain Technology Foundation. online gaming platform and
messenger software that can support
more than 10,000 users in China and ,
Taiwan in 2000. Developed the
world’s first
palmtop share trading system in 1999.
Advisory board and institution:
Advisory institution Advisory board

Christophe Djaouani Zhiyong Sun Henry Hei Hongbing Zhu ChenDan Feng

Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) Senior Vice President Executive Director of Founder of Transn Chairman of President of
is a resource centre for the global language and Executive Blockchain and IOL and Vice Singapore Blockchain Singapore
and translation industries. They advocate a Director of Donnelley Digital Currency President of Technology Translation
simple idea – machine translation is a useful Language Solutions, Laboratory and Translators Foundation Association.
world’s third largest Adjunct Professor of Association of China.
tool for the translation industry. Their mission
translation Center for Law and Met with
is to increase the size and significance of the service provider. Economics at China Premier Li Keqiang.
translation industry to help the world University of Political Transn IOL is the
communicate better. TAUS views translation Science and Law. exclusive language
as a standard function and a utility, which is no Vice Chairman of service provider for
different from the internet, power and water. China State-owned 2008 and 2022
TAUS provides a whole range of online Industry Innovation Olympics.
services, software and knowledge to buyers Alliance. Managing
and providers of language services and
Partner of US
Prospect Investment
technologies, to help them develop and
innovate their business. DQF is now an
industry benchmark.
issuance programme

Total supply:10 billion tokens, no follow-on issuance ever!

20% 30% 15% 25% 10%

Foundation Ecosystem building Founding team Proceeds raised DPOS

Community operation, Community operation, 3-year lock-up period 1-year lock-up period As an incentive for LIC
continuous maintenance and continuous maintenance and Proceeds to be released Released progressively at consensus mechanism
iteration of LC, foundation, iteration of LC, foundation, progressively each year 8% per month Full amount to be released
expert advisors and external expert advisors and external based on 3:3:4 ratio progressively within 10 years
cooperation on technical cooperation on technical
research and operation are all research and operation are all
subject to the collective subject to the collective
management of the management of the
foundation’s decision foundation’s decision
committee. These are committee. These are
regularly disclosed and are regularly disclosed and are
supervised across the supervised across the
network. network.
Some of the institutions collaborating with LIC
Global node / multilingual Over 10 million translators
communication globally
Reaches billions of users
Token and chain circles/
comprehensive coverage
机构合作 worldwide
More than 10 billion language
In-depth contents / wide audience information data



Over 1 million translators globally

More than 10 billion language
Global public chain / multilingual services
媒体合作 information data
Over 100 million industry information data Several million customers
Technical cooperation, cloud storage worldwide
DApp Ecosystem Product prototype

Translation crowdsourcing: A platform Translator community: My life journey as a Production capacity integration and Small and medium customer voice service:
focused on part-time translation jobs translator matching Professional human translation

VisualTran Language hardware product

Visual computer aided translation Simultaneous interpretation equipment
Gengo: Paid, high quality human
translation website, targeted at Translation App: Real-time
enterprise users translation for multiple Culture App: Reading in
scenarios different languages
H1 2018 July 2018 August 2018 September H12019 2020
Q42018 H2 2019
2018 Launch LIC token
Convene a roundtable Continue to operate
meeting with the first Promote the
Launched project Open up service
Complete project Develop industry
collaboration matching incentive plan for batch of LIC tokenised tokenisation strategy global community
planning planning resource translation company translation companies of small and medium Continue to incubate
Global blockchain translation companies ecosystem application
Establish LIC Blockchain community
Communicate with Commence multilingual live Global blockchain publicises matching of and set tokenisation and cross-chain
foundation core advisory board development of global telecast platform goes community consultancy multilingual benchmark language service
team community online multilingual live services, launch token access
telecast platform cross-holding programme
Start to scale up
Test global Global blockchain goes online ecosystem application
multilingual live Convene the first development and
consultancy platform developers’ meeting to
telecast goes online Global blockchain access
set up the LIC application
multilingual developer community,
information select the first batch of key
platform goes incubation applications

Plan technology Complete the Issue ERC20 Complete Security testing Main net goes Complete Build the
modification of integration of ecosystem for
architecture design of white token for public chain online distributed AI
public chain language AI
paper v1.0 Formulate the consensus layer v0.1 Complete token Complete the research and
main net basic development
overall plan for development,and
framework and
ecosystem Launch the mapping development establish special
incentive development of LIC manual innovation fund
public chain