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1. Do not use while other Adobe products are running.

Personal fonts are supported during runtime.
Add here: Data\Fonts
Supported types: .fon, .fnt, .ttf, .ttc, .fot, .otf, .mmm, .pfb, .pfm.
Before exiting: close any application(s) that may have fonts open.

Dictionaries are used for spell checking.

An English Dictionary, and if available in the language you selected, is also


To add more, download here: http://portablewares.blogspot.com/2015/01/adobe-

then put in:

I've associated .pdf while AcrobatPortable is running.
To add more is very easy.

1. Navigate to: App\AppInfo\Launcher

2. Open AcrobatPortable.ini with Notepad or any text editor
3. Scroll down to: [RegistryKeys], add: -=HKCU\SOFTWARE\Classes\.***
Windows 8, also add:
4. Scroll down to: [RegistryValueWrite], add:
5. Replace *** with desired file type
6. Save .ini file

In addition, i've added the SendTo shortcut.

This is useful for un-associated, but Acrobat-supported file types.
Simply right click file > SendTo > Acrobat

Because Adobe has many products, all of which use the same directories, registry
keys, and file names.. the potential for collision is great.

Thus.. i've implemented sub-directories vs. directories.

ie. instead of backing up $APPDATA\Adobe

- i back up $APPDATA\Adobe\Acrobat, etc.
This is ideal..
But has it's pitfalls.

ie. i need to know all possible sub-directories that will be created.

- this is very hard unless Adobe Developers share their code (highly unlikely)
- the next best thing is to manually go through and use as many features as
possible to see what is created.
- this is exactly what i've done.. but im sure i've missed something.

Now.. what can you do?

Simply keep an eye on $APPDATA and $LOCALAPPDATA after usage.
If there are any sub-directories left behind.. simply add to Launcher under

ie. if a sub-directory is left behind in $APPDATA, simply add under


that's it.. from now on.. AcrobatPortable will backup & restore that sub-directory.

March 29, 2015
* Added Drag & Drop support for users with UAC enabled.
* Improved support for running from Networks and UNC paths.
- previously.. when running from Networks or UNC Paths.. Acrobat was unable
to see Network drives.
* Improved .pdf association under Windows 8.
* Improved $TEMP cleanup: previously Acrobat left trash outside of designated
$TEMP directory.
* Moved CommonFiles into Data due to reports of Kaspersky deleting junction.exe.
- Junction.exe is now compiled to prevent problems.
- Junction.exe is developed by SysInternals, a Microsoft partner.
- Protects against problems, and allows users to start over by deleting Data.
* Updated branding to "Adobe Acrobat XI Pro".
* Added SendTo shortcut.
* $APPDATA\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA is no longer cleaned up.
- this process belongs to Windows.
* Added ExecAsAdmin= entry.
* Removed CommonFiles= entry.
* Improved $APPDATA\Adobe\Flash cleanup procedure.