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as PFR, IP

- bet vs high fold vs cbet

- check vs low fold to cbet + high bet vs missed cbet

- check vs low fold to cbet + high bet vs missed cbet

vs PFR, IP
- Float vs high c-bet%
- Raise c-bet vs high c-bet% + high turn barel%

- x/r. vs high c-bet%
- Float OOP, vs high c-bet% and low turn and river%


* Valuebet: bet as big as possible, but small enough to get called by intended

* Bluff: Bet as small as possible, but big enough to fold out intended range

* Donkbet: when you have range advantage.

E.g x/c flop on J93, turn 9. Donk with 9x and some draws.

* Table and Seat Selection

- Sit to left of aggresive players and fish. More successful cbets vs aggresive
players, as they are less likely to make plays OOP. And it is easier to defend IP.
vs fish you an more easily valuebet.
- sit to right of nits (to steal blinds).
- Sit as far away as possible from the best player

* Catogories of hands;
1) Monster (3 streets, instacall vs all-in).
1a) with blockers. e.g AA on A92.
1b) without blockers. e.g 22 on A92.
2) Strong hands, but potentially vulnerable. (3 streets).
e.g KQ on KQ8. Turn 9. River T.
3) Mediocre. (Max one or two streets of value). TPWK, second pair.
3a) But not needing protection. E.g A6 on A82 or KQ on AK7.
3b) Needs protection. e.g T9 or on T85. or 76 on 963.
4) Weak showdown value (Zero streets of value, but can win in showdown).
4a) With outs. E.g 76 on KQ6. 5 outs vs Kx and Qx.
4b) Without outs. E.g 55 on KQ6.
4c) Ace high.
5) Draws. No showdown value, but outs.
6) Air.
Bet: Strong hands, mediocre in need of protection, weak SD with outs (third pair),
Check: Monsters with blockers; Mediocre hands, not needing protection;
weak SD without outs; draws
Semi-bluff: Best equity, not good enough to call OR good enough to raise and
call all-in.

* Blockers:
- Valuebet: Block better hands; Block missed draws.
- Bluffcatch: Block better hands; unblock missed draws.
- Bluff: Block bluffcatchers; unblock missed draws.

* Blocker-bet.

* Semi-bluffa.
Semi-bluffa de h�nder med b�st equity av de som inte �r tillr�ckligt bra
f�r att syna.

* C-bet:
1) Value. Can I get three streets of value without improving?
2) Protection. Does my hand need protection?
Men te.x om man har 76s p� 722, d� har motst�ndaren n�stan alltid 6 outs �ven med
slumpm�ssiga h�nder som T9o.
3) Balans.
Kan jag syna bet om jag checkar flop?
E.g third pairs can get called by worse (floats/draws), can fold out draws.
Can't call turn.
Betta TP med mediumkicker och b�ttre. Betta tredjepar. Tredjepar �r sv�r
att syna med p� turn och beh�ver mer protection. Tredjepar kan �ven bli barrel.
Checka Ess h�g, TPWK, andrapar, missade pockets (inga outs), luft.

* What hands draws to check back turn?

- Draws that can't handle a x/r?

* Raise draws that are good enough to go call/shove vs re-raise

not good enough to call to begin with.