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Lesson Plan

Subject : Biology
Grade : High School /X/1
School : SMA PU Al-Bayan
Time Alocation : 1 x 90 Minutes
Meeting :4
Teacher : Resti Nuraeni Spd, MSi

II. CORE DISCUSSION : Scope of Biology (Scientific Work)

III. OBJECTIVITIES : Students can demonstrate scientific attitudes and behavior

in experimenting and discussing in the classroom or outside the classroom

a. Opening:
1. Greeting and praying
2. Conditioning classes and habituation
3. Shows example images / photos / video Scientific Attitude
4. Teachers convey the purpose of learning
5. Pretest
b. Content:
1. Observing
a. Master displays various scientific attitudes in life in the form of pictures /
photos / movies.
b. Students individually look at the various attitudes found in the drawings /
photographs / films Scientific Works
c. Students document / record their observations
d. Teachers assess students' ability to observe.
2. Ask
a. Students discuss the findings obtained from the process of viewing the
image / photo / film
b. Students identify attitudes in being scientific
3. Try it out
a. Students conduct experiments by means of scientific method
b. Each group is given a problem by the teacher and is directed to do it
c. Teacher assesses students 'attitudes in group work and guides / assesses
the skills of trying, using tools, and processing data, and assessing
students' ability to apply concepts and principles to problem solving.
4. Associate
a. Students dig up information, perform analysis to explain and draw
conclusions, and explain how to be scientific in solving a problem
b. Teachers guide / assess students' ability to process data and formulate
5. Communicate
a. Representatives from both groups presented the results of the completion
and conclusions of the discussions
b. The group discusses, summarizes and communicates the results of the
problem solving and how to solve the problem
c. Teachers assess students' ability to communicate verbally
c. Closure
1. Together the students summarize scientific attitudes and scientific methods
2. Give the assignment to Make one scientific paper
3. Implement post test

V. MATERIAL : Scientific attitude, Process Skill Approach, Scientific Method

VI. REFERENCE : Imaningtyas. (2013). Biologi untuk SMA/MA Kelas X. Jakarta:


Sukabumi, 29 Mei 2017

Resti Nuraeni
NIM. 1631011026