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The Whalenator's Blog - Keith Whalen


Sweep Examples
Legato modes with sweeping
Pentatonic Groupings: Give It The Middle Finger!
Whalenarpeggiation: A naive salutation
Counterfeiting Blumenfeld
Exotic Modes
"Some Blog Licks" tabs
Melodic Minor and Harmonic Minor Modes
Tritone Examples
Keith Whalen - Etude Op. 1 No. 1
Descending Minor Pentatonics
Slonimsky's 'Thesaurus' - Part 1: Pentatonics
Slonimsky's 'Thesaurus' - Part 2: Bitonal Arpeggios
Climbing with Alkan!

Climbing with Modes

Aren't Arpeggios Awesome?
Sweep/Raking and Alternate Picking
Bizarre arpeggios!

C E G# B

C E G# A

C Db Gb B

C D G# B

C Db G B

C Db F B

C D# G# A

C E F# A
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