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Holy Michael

Holy Uriel Holy Raphael

Holy Gabriel

Light a colored candle or white candle at each corner of the circle while
standing in the middle. Read Psalm 51 3 times, Psalm 3, Psalm 35 seven times
each to silence arch enemies. With white fast for the operation to be conducted
at 12 a.m. each day for seven days.

For Protection against Secret Enemies, Evil doers and trouble


Psalm 7 should be written on pure parchment and put in a special

consecrated bag and kept under one’s pillow.
It should be written with the special prayer:
O merciful Father, Almighty and everlasting King, I beseech
Thee in the Holy Name of Eel Elijon to deliver me from all
secret enemies and evil spirits that plan my destruction
always. Protect me from their onslaught and let their evil
forces be turned back upon them. Let their expectation come
to naught and let them fall in their bid to injure me. Let their
ways be dark and slippery and let thy holy angels disperse
them so that they may not come nigh unto my dwelling place.
Hear my prayer now for the sake of holy Eel Elijon.
Holy Michael

1. Regular fasting

Whenever you want to fast, let’s say you want to fast on Monday, any
food/drink you take at the night of Sunday you will not eat/drink
anything till the evening of Monday at 6 p.m. After this time you can
drink and eat whatever you like. Do like this for three or seven days if
involved in long days fasting.

2. White Fasting

White fast has more power than regular fasting. For example, if you
want to fast on Monday, any food/drink you have taken at night on
Sunday, you must not taste anything till the evening of Monday by 6
p. m. When you want to break after 6 p.m., you should not eat or
drink any food/drink that has salt, sugar, pepper, oil or butter. You
can only drink gari with coconut, eat ripe plaintain,banana or boiled
yam with materials mentioned earlier till the following Tuesday
morning and Thursday morning for three days white fast.