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Scotland, a country which cares for people

Scotland is located in the north of the United Kingdom. In fact the first
minister, Nicola Surgeon wants them to be independent, and with the
current Brexit, and the separation from the European Union which she
wants to be part of, Ms Sturgeon asks for a second referendum. The
population of this country is really badly spread and sparsely populated,
so they want to attract people around the world to weigh more in the
political balance.

It’s the reason why the Scottish first minister commissioned a campaign
that put the light on different companies which were founded to help
people. Some for example are here to give the homeless people a job or
a place to live, studies for students etc etc…

Even if each video shows different companies and explain how they
work, all the videos have the same goal : to attract people in Scotland.
And even if the companies are all to help different people or situations,
they have the same goal: to help people in everyday life.