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Since 2018, the slogan for Scottish tourism, “ Scotland is… “, is the
symbol of the new campaign from the government to promote Scotland’s
culture, hospitality, competence, beauty of the landscape, and most of all
as the place to be in the future of the United Kingdom.

Since lot of new investors are developing their companies in

Glasgow and Edinburgh (and particularly in the scientific industry) .
Why and how did this campaign start and what is the final goal of it,
this is what we are going to explain to you today, in this fantastic
adventure that taught us all a lot of things on Scotland.

As a symbol of the new era and modernity of Scotland, this

campaign was a not released in the format of a newspaper or TV
show, but in short videos published on YouTube accessible to
anyone in the world. Each video exposes a quality that is proper and
common to scotish people. For exemple, in one of the videos, a judo
champion who'd won a silver medal at the commenwealth judo
competition had a motorbike accident in Vietnam. She was in a
coma and had a 1% chance of survival but her community raised
money to pay for a helicopter to fly her home and get cured back in
Scotland. This shows the solidarity and sense of community that
lays in scotish mentality.

“The leaders in matter of life science, food, drink,

and renewable energie”
The first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, also promotes the
campaign with a speech, showing it's importants. To put it in the
nutshell, she mentioned the qualities of the country such as the
studies, the hospitality and the rich natural reserve. She also
qualifies the scots as “the leaders” with “the life science, the food
and drink and the renewable energie” of the world, to try and
convince young scientific students to come and live in Scotland.

As you know, Scotland is a big teritory but has a small

population. Attracting young people could develop the economic
potential of the country, and make it much more dynamic. This is
also a very serious matter if Scotland wishes to stay within the
Europeen Union and to leave the United Kingdom since we are
getting closer and closer to Brexit, as they would need to have a
solid economy to by able to be continue to develop without the help
of the UK. If scots stayed in the UK last referendum, the conditions
with London were that they wanted a wider policy ; not only
centralised on London and Manchester ( beeing the main dynamic
economical poles of the UK ), but most importantly that Britain
would stay in the EU. Getting closer and closer to Brexit could mean
a new referendum to know if scotish people want to stay in the UK,
even though the negotiations between UK and EU are starting to get
complicated (since even the British people aren't reassured and
completely know what would be it's economical impact). If it was to
happen, it would completely change the Brexit negotiations, as it
would meen that a new border would have to be made between
Englend and Scotland, to mark the seperation between Europe and
Britain. It could also have a much more drastic impact on Britain, as
it could change the shipping routes of trade : if Scotland decided to
stay in the EU, all the imports and maritime activity of Britain who
used to be in Dover could move to one of its ports, since Britain
would'nt be part of the fair trade agreement between Europeen
countries and would now be able to taxe the imports and
marchandise coming through Europe. Firms could decide to import
to Scotland instead of paying taxes to Britain, wich would
immediately create a major crisis for Britain, and to the City of
London. As matter of fact, it could leed to Britains biggest crisis in
years, as the impact of these theorical facts could conclude with the
transition of power between England and Scotland, where scotland
would be in a position of economical leader of the UK. It would also
mean a major migration crisis, as British people could move to
Scotland, as it would be THE place to be.

This campain is in appearance quite basic but could leed to a much

bigger picture, where Scotland would be the central economical
pole of Britain. Of course, these are all but suppositions, but if the
negotiations were to turn ugly between EU and UK, and that
meantime Scotland decides to stay in the EU, who nows what could