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Lawrence Percival Samson


Quiz #2

1. Aside from the listed sources of hope listed on page 43 of your books, give three

more sources of hope and explain.

a. The mental health awareness is making progress.

i. The country’s mental health bill was approved by the house on final

reading. Having had to deal with it for a long time, having lost friends,

heroes, and even myself to its depths, signs aren’t instant but more

like quicksand. I know it cuts across the board, it knows no age,

gender, religion, civil or economic status. Depression is real.

 Progress of equal rights for the LGBTQ.

i. LGBTQ Filipinos, while widely accepted in the Philippine society, still

face discrimination. Local laws are now being passed and are also a

challenge to the Philippine government to take the initiative to pass

national anti-LGBT discrimination legislation to ensure that all

Filipinos enjoy the rights guaranteed them under the country’s

constitution and international human rights law.

 Decline of Illegal Drugs monopoly.

i. Thousand of drug pushers, drug lords are surrendering in great

numbers and overwhelming the police headquarters. It is obvious

that these persons involved in illegal drugs fear for their lives and
would rather surrender to authorities rather than meet our Creator

sooner than later.

2. List down three positive traits and three negative elements of the Filipino culture.


 Hospitality

i. Foreigners who have gone to the Philippines find themselves falling

in love with the warm hospitality they are shown. Meals are always

offered whenever a guest is present.

 Strong family ties and Religions

i. Families go to church and pray together because their religion is

important and creates a strong bond, marking God as the center of

their lives. Families make sure to have quality time together

especially after a day’s work.

 Generosity and Helpfulness

i. During special occasions such as birthdays or “fiestas” there are lots

of foods specially prepared for everyone.

 Crab mentality

i. There are some Filipinos who got a bitter view at competitions.

 Mañana Habit

i. Instead of working on a task while there is much time, we wait for the

deadline because we feel lazy to start on them.

 Filipino Time

i. The Filipino Time is usually associated with tardiness.