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BUCO Cea CHAPTER HE TRUONG LAC CUNG cua THAI HOANGTHAI HAU OUEEN GRANDMOTHER'S TRUONG LAC PALACE eas tec eee wee ee) Abrick with Chinese characters meaning mount ‘Thang Long Imperial citadel site Liner oesan nese hss Re eS cs kkhu di tich Hoang thanh Thang Long tai 18 COLOR rary Cora ec De ce ee So cn ene nk CT ed ee wa ees eRe oS uaa Pe eee ae ee ORC cO Nets DUR RL Rees Pr ae ene cre Rome sa ns Sa ken ea a PRU emia ah Dorcas ‘Nguyn Thi Hang vio cung khOng phal vi tuyet thé siai nhan ma chinh vi la gidng d6i cong than. Nguyén CSU aL er nr ae ee ee ca an ea Ge een ery Ue RR Pe ke CRMC nN there was a very large palace called Truong Lae. eet actor ies Thanh Tong, the most excellent civil and military King Pe ee ee ees An te ess ee ey Pre en cL tent eee eee em ed EN tes In the 1 Quang Thuan Year of King Le Thanh Tong's reign (1450), the first year of his throne, the Pe theca ented Cong Nguyen Duc Trung, from Gia Mieu village, Tong Son district, Thanh Hoa province, namely Nguyen Thi OR en ee ee Re) Pg Nguyen Thi Hang was selected not because of her Caan tcc a grand duke linage. Her father, Nguyen Duc Trung, ee oan ees) Poe Nom ic ace com rcTy ere ee eed Deum Wall tiles with raised dragon figure, early Le period er aOR ete a RCT