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packing density 959

packer grouting, packing grouting ●
Manschettenverpressung f, Verpressung mit (Ab-)
packer test, packing test ● Schluckversuch m nach
Schuler (1973) [Er wird in der Regel in bis unter die
Grundwasseroberfläche verrohrten Bohrlöchern
1 P > 1st pique durchgeführt]
2 P > 2nd pique pack (ice), drift ice [Terms used in a broad sense to
3 P > 3rd pique include any area of sea ice (other than fast ice) regardless
Pacific basin ● pazifische Tiefsee f of its form or disposition, composed of a heterogeneous
Pacific suite [A large group of igneous rocks mix(ture) of ice of varying sizes and ages, and formed by
characterized by calcic and chalk-alkali rocks, especially the jamming or crusting together of pieces of floating ice;
in the region of the circum-Pacific orogenic belt] ● the mass may be either loosely or tightly packed but it
pazifische Sippe f, pazifische Gesteinsverge- covers the sea surface with little or no open water] ●
sellschaftung f, Gesteine f der Kalkalkalireihe, orogene Packeis n
Sippe pack ice belt, belt [In ice terminology, a long area of
Pacific (type of) coast(line), coast(line) of (the) pack ice from a few kilometres to about 100 kilometres in
Pacific type, coast(line) of (the) longitudinal type, lon- width] ● Packeisgürtel m
gitudinal (type) coast(line), concordant coast(line), packing > stowing
plate-edge (type of) coast(line) [It borders or lies within packing, packer ● Gummimanschette f,
mountain chains, including island festoons, like those of Injektionspacker m [Zur Abdichtung des Spaltes
Asia, and follows the general ‘‘grain’’ of the land] ● zwischen Rohr- und Bohrlochwandung beim Einpressen
Pazifikküstentypus m, pazifischer Küstentypus, eines Injektionsmittels um zu verhindern dass dieses nicht
Längsküstentypus, Plattenrandküstentypus nach oben entweicht]
pack > pack (ice) packing, packer ● (aufblasbare) Druckluftmanschette f
pack > pack(ing) case [Kiesschüttungsbrunnen]
package unit ● montagefertig gelieferte Anlage f packing, packer [A short expansible-retractable device
packed (fractionating) column, packed set in a cased or uncased well bore to prevent upward or
(fractionating) tower ● Füllkörperkolonne f, downward fluid movement; generally for temporary use]
Füllkörpersäule f ● Packer m, Verschluss m, Presskopf m
packed fracture ● mehrschichtige dichte Packung f, packing, sand cushion [Between the helmet and the
vielschichtige dichte Packung [Fracbehandlung. Im Riss head of a driven pile] ● Sandpackung f
einstellbare Durchlässigkeitskapazität] packing [Three-dimensional arrangement of particles]
packed hole ● Schwerstangengarnitur f [Sie füllt das ● Lagerung f, Sperrigkeit f
Bohrloch starr aus und ermöglicht damit eine maximale packing box, stuffing box ● Stopfbuchse f
Meißelbelastung] pack(ing) case, pack(ing) wall(ing), dry (stone) wall
packer, packing ● Gummimanschette f, (ing), pack [It is built in a colliery or metal mine to
Injektionspacker m [Zur Abdichtung des Spaltes support the roof] ● Bergemauer f, Trockensteinmauer,
zwischen Rohr- und Bohrlochwandung beim Einpressen Damm m
eines Injektionsmittels um zu verhindern dass dieses nicht packing closeness, closeness of packing [low
nach oben entweicht] explosive] ● Packungsdichte f
packer, packing ● (aufblasbare) Druckluftmanschette f packing cloth ● Schüttgewebe n
[Kiesschüttungsbrunnen] [Kiesschüttungsbrunnen]
packer, packing [A short expansible-retractable device packing cloth filter, packing cloth strainer ●
set in a cased or uncased well bore to prevent upward or Schüttgewebefilter(korb) m, Schüttgewebekorb
downward fluid movement; generally for temporary use] packing coefficient ● Schleppspannungskoeffizient m
● Packer m, Verschluss m, Presskopf m packing density ● Lagerungsdichte f, Packungsdichte
packer flowmeter, packing flowmeter ● Packer- [künstliche Mineralmasse]
Durchflussmesser m, Verschluss-Durchflussmesser, packing density, grain density, density of solid
Presskopf-Durchflussmesser particles, particle density [A measure of the extent to

H. Herrmann, H. Bucksch, Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering/Wörterbuch GeoTechnik,

DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-41714-6, # Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014
960 packing flowmeter

which the grains of a sedimentary rock occupy the gross Park. Rising water throws out blue, pink, yellow, white
volume of the rock in contrast to spaces between the and red mud, generally when there is too little water to
grains, equal to the cumulated grain-intercept length form a spring and the surrounding rock has been weath-
along a traverse in a thin section] ● Korndichte f ered to clay with compounds of iron] ● farbiger
packing flowmeter, packer flowmeter ● Schlammsprudel m
Packer-Durchflussmesser m, Verschluss- pair headman, headman of a pair (⚒) ●
Durchflussmesser, Presskopf-Durchflussmesser Gedingträger m, Gedingeträger
packing grouting, packer grouting ● pair of compasses, compasses [An instrument for
Manschettenverpressung f, Verpressung mit (Ab-) drawing circles] ● Zirkel m
Dichtung pair of diaphragm walls ● Schlitzwandpaar n
packing-kieve, kieve (⚒) ● Schlämmtrog m, pair of images, pair of pictures, pair of photo(graph)s
Schlämmfass n [photogrammetry] ● Bildpaar n [Es besteht aus zwei
packing lath ● Pfandlatte f Bildern desselben Objektes von verschiedenen Orten
packing machine (⚒) ● Versatzmaschine f aufgenommen und ermöglicht eine gemeinsame
packing material (⚒) ● Versatzmaterial n Auswertung]
packing of spheres, sphere packing ● Kugelpackung f pair of layers ● Lagenpaar n
packing test, packer test ● Schluckversuch m nach pair of stereo(scopic) images, pair of stereo(scopic)
Schuler (1973) [Er wird in der Regel in bis unter die pictures, pair of stereo(scopic) photo(graph)s ●
Grundwasseroberfläche verrohrten Bohrlöchern Stereobildpaar n
durchgeführt] pair of variates ● Wertepaar n
pack(ing) wall(ing), pack(ing) case, dry (stone) wall pal(a)eobiogeography ● Paläobiogeografie f
(ing), pack [It is built in a colliery or metal mine to paleobotany, fossil botany, pal(a)eophytology,
support the roof] ● Bergemauer f, Trockensteinmauer, phytopal(a)eontology [The study of the plant life of the
Damm m geologic(al) past] ● Paläobotanik f
pack line (⚒) ● Versatzkante f [Handversatz] Pal(a)eocene [An epoch of the early Tertiary period
packsand [A very fine(-grain(ed)) sandstone so loosely after the Gulfian of the Cretaceous period and before
cemented by a slight calcareous cement as to be readily the Eocene; also, the corresponding worldwide series of
cut by a spade. A light-to medium-colo(u)red, soft, rocks] ● Paläozän n
medium-weight sedimentary rock] ● Spatensandstein m pal(a)eoclimate, geologic(al) climate ● geologisches
packwall(ing), waste pack, pillar of waste, waste pillar Klima n, Paläoklima
P (⚒) ● Bergerippe f pal(a)eoclimatology, geologic(al) climatology ●
paco(s) ● Paco(s) n [Peruanisches Silbererz, Gemisch Paläoklimatologie f
aus gediegen(em) Silber und Eisenoxyd] pal(a)eocurrent ● Paläoströmung f
paddle > clough pal(a)eocurrent fabric, directional fabric, aligned cur-
paddle hole > clough arch rent fabric, vector fabric; alined current fabric (US) ●
paddy soil ● Nassreiskulturboden m vektoriertes Gefüge n, Richtungsgefüge, Drehlage f der
pad footing > isolated footing Gefügekörner
pagoda stone > agalmatolite pal(a)eoecology [The study of the relationship
pagodite > agalmatolite between ancient organisms and their environments,
PAH, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon ● the death of organisms, and their burial and
polyzyklischer aromatischer Kohlenwasserstoff m, PAK postburial history in the geologic(al) past, based on fossil
paha [It is found especially in NE Iowa] ● lössbedeckte faunas and floras and their stratigraphic positions] ●
Moräne f mit unregelmäßiger Oberfläche [Höhe Paläoökologie f
zwischen 10 m und 30 m] pal(a)eo-ethnobotany ● Paläoethnobotanik f
pahoehoe (lava), pahuhu lava [Hawaiian words]; pal(a)eogeographic event, palevent [A relatively
helluhraun [Iceland]; dermolith [obsolete]; live lava ● sudden and short-lived pal(a)eographic happening] ●
Pahoehoe(-Lava) f, Fladenlava paläogeografisches Ereignis n
paint-pot [A colo(u)red mud-well usually associated pal(a)eogeography, pal(a)eophysiography ●
with geysers and hot springs, as in Yellowstone National Paläogeografie f
palingenesis 961

pal(a)eogeologic(al) map, peel map ● palagonite [An altered tachylyte, brown to yellow or
paläogeologische Karte f orange and found in pillow lavas as interstitial material
pal(a)eogeology ● Paläogeologie f or in amygdules] ● Palagonit m
pal(a)eogeomorphology, pal(a)eophysiography ● palagonite breccia ● Palagonitbrekzie f
Paläogeomorphologie f palagonite tuff [A pyroclastic rock composed of glassy
pal(a)eogeophysics ● Paläogeophysik f fragments of altered basalt] ● Palagonittuff m
pal(a)eohunter ● Altjäger m palagonitization [Formation of palagonite by hydra-
pal(a)eohydrology ● Paläohydrologie f tion of trachylyte] ● Palagonitisierung f
pal(a)eolatitude ● Paläobreite f palaite > hureaulite
pal(a)eologic(al) karst, fossil karst, buried karst palasome, host, palosome [A rock or mineral that is
[A rock or area that has been karstified and subsequently older than the rocks or minerals introduced into it or
buried under sediments] ● fossiler Karst m, Paläokarst, formed within or adjacent to it, such as a host rock, or
vergrabener Karst a large crystal with inclusions of smaller crystals of
pal(a)eomagnetic ● paläomagnetisch a different mineral species] ● Wirt m
pal(a)eomagnetic pole, virtual geomagnetic pole pale green t(o)urmaline; emeral(d)ite [misnomers] ●
[A conventional form of expressing a measured blassgrüner Turmalin m
remanent magnetization; the pole location of the paleo. . . [(a)A combining form denoting the attribute of
dipole magnetic field for which the field direction great age or remoteness in regard to time (Paleozoic), or
at the rock’s location is parallel to its involving ancient conditions (paleoclimate), or of
measured remanent magnetization] ● paläomag- ancestral origin, or dealing with fossil forms
netischer Pol m (paleoanthropic). Sometimes given as pale- before vowels
pal(a)eomagnetics ● Paläomagnetik f (pale vent). Also spelled: palaeo. . .; palaio.... (b)
pal(a)eomagnetism ● Paläomagnetismus m A prefix indicating pre-Tertiary origin, and
pal(a)eontology [The study of fossil remains; an generally altered character, of a rock to the name
important guide to geologic(al) age and rock of which it is added, e.g. paleo picrite; by some
identification] ● Paläontologie f, Versteinerungskunde f the prefix has been applied to pre-carboniferous
pal(a)eophysiography, pal(a)eogeography ● rocks or features, e.g. the Pal(a)eoatlantic Ocean] ●
Paläogeografie f paläo. . .
pal(a)eophysiography, pal(a)eogeomorphology ● paleoenvironment ● Paläoumwelt f
Paläogeomorphologie f paleosol, buried soil, fossil soil [A buried soil horizon of
pal(a)eophytology > fossil botany the geologic past. When uncovered, it is said to be
pal(a)eoplain [The ancient degradational plain that is exhumed] ● Paläosol m
now buried beneath later deposits] ● überdeckte paleosome [A geometric element of a composite rock or
Denudationsfläche f mineral deposit, appearing to be older than an associated
pal(a)eoseismism ● Paläoseismik f Paläo(erd)- younger rock element (or neosome); e.g. wall rock in
bebenwesen n [Wissenschaft und Chronologie früherer a vein or replacement deposit, or the unaltered and
(Erd)Beben] relatively immobile pre-existing part of a migmatite.
pal(a)eostress field ● Paläospannungsfeld n Sometimes used in place of the terms ‘‘stereosome’’,
pal(a)eotemperature [The mean temperature at a ‘‘metaster’’, and ‘‘restite’’] ● Paläosom n, Altbestand m,
given time or place in geologic history; especially the pal Ausgangsmaterial n
(a)eoclimatic temperature of the sea] ● palette, shield [A broad sheet of calcite representing
Palaeotemperatur f a solutional remnant in a cave] ● Kalzitschild m
pal(a)eovolcanic [Said of extrusive rocks that are of pale turquoise ● helltürkis
pre-Tertiary age] ● paläovulkanisch palevent, pal(a)eogeographic event [A relatively
pal(a)eovolcanology ● paläovulkanische Forschung f sudden and short-lived pal(a)eographic happening] ●
pal(a)eowind ● Pleistozänwind m paläogeografisches Ereignis n
Pal(a)eozoic [The fourth of the six major groups of paling ● Pfahlzaun m
rocks. Also the corresponding geologic(al) era, from 570 palingenesis ● Umschmelzung großer Gebiete,
to 230 million years ago] ● Paläozoikum n Palingenese f, Aufschmelzung f, vollständige
962 palingenetic

(Gesteins)Aufschmelzung [Bildung großer Mengen pan amalgamation [Amalgamation of silver or gold

intrusionsfähigen Magmas, also eine noch weitgehendere with mercury by grinding in a pan] ●
Aufschmelzung oder Wiederaufschmelzung als die Pfannenamalgamation f
Anatexis] pan amalgamator, (amalgamating) pan ●
palingenetic, resurrected ● wiedergeboren Amalgamationspfanne f
palladium amalgam, potarite, PdHg [A silver-white pancake (ice), pan, pan ice ● Pancakeeis n,
tetragonal mineral. It is a natural alloy of palladium and Pfannkucheneis
mercury] ● Palladiumamalgam n panchromatic channel ● panchromatischer Kanal m
palladium gold, porpezite [It contains palladium up to pan coefficient > (evaporation) pan coefficient
10 per cent] ● Palladiumgold n, Porpezit m pandermite, priceite [A snow-white earthy mineral,
pallid layer, pallid zone ● gebleichte Zone f, Bleich- Ca4B10O19.7H2O] ● Pandermit m, Priceit m
zone [Lateritprofil] panel, production panel, working panel, panel of coal
palm coal ● Nadel(braun)kohle f [The area of coal extracted by a pair of development
Palmer method > general(ized) reciprocal method roads in longwall or pillar methods of mining. It is
palneotypal ● palneotyp, altvulkanisch usually limited at the extreme and farthest from the
palong [Malayan term], long tin sluice (box) ● (Zinn-) shaft by the boundary of the property] (⚒) ● Abbaufeld n,
Rinnenwäsche f Baufeld, Feld, Grubenfeld
palosome > palasome panel, shutter, weir shutter, weir panel; dam shutter,
pals(a) [Swedish] > peat knoll dam panel (US) ● (Wehr)Klappe f, (Wehr)Tafel f,
paludal, marshy, paludous, palustral [Pertaining to Verschlussklappe, Verschlusstafel
marshes] ● marschig panel [A division or main district of workings in a seam]
palustrine limestone ● palustrischer Kalkstein m ● Flözteil m, n
palygorskite, attapulgite [A clay mineral with panel [A heap of dressed ore] ● Haufen m aufbereiteten
a needle-like shape from Georgia and Florida; active Erzes
ingredient in most fuller’s earths, and used as panel > slurry (trench) wall bearing element
a suspending agent, as an oil well drilling fluid, as panel entry (⚒) ● Abbaustrecke f
a thickener in latex paint] ● Attapulgit m, Palygorskit panel entry, gangway (US), drive, drift [Drives
palynology [The study and classification of divide the deposit into longitudinal regions which can
spores, pollen grains and other minute organisms be mined out systematically one after the other] ●
which are insoluble in acid. Used in oil exploration Abbaustrecke f
P and in coal seam correlation] ● Palynologie f, panel of coal, panel, production panel, working panel
Sporenkunde f [The area of coal extracted by a pair of development
pan, dish; vanning shovel [Cornwall] [A copper or roads in longwall or pillar methods of mining. It is
galvanized iron utensil used for washing gold ore and usually limited at the extreme and farthest from the
gravel so as to separate the heavy gold by a shaking shaft by the boundary of the property] ● Abbaufeld n,
motion] ● Schwingschaufel f Baufeld, Feld, Grubenfeld (⚒)
pan, pancake (ice), pan ice ● Pancakeeis n, panel section ● Tafelprofil n [als Verkleidungselement]
Pfannkucheneis panel stability [diaphragm wall] ● Standsicherheit
pan [A trough or section of a chain conveyor, gravity eines Schlitzes [Schlitzwand]
conveyor, or shaker conveyor] ● Glied n, Mulde f panel wall formwork, framed formwork ●
pan [Shallow hollow, usually of rounded form, occurring Rahmenschalung f
in arid or semi-arid regions, and now and then holding panel work(ing) (⚒) ● Strecken- und Pfeilerbau m in
water during the rainy season. In some cases pans keep geschlossenen Abteilungen, Pfeilerbau in
water all through the year. The difference between a pan Bauabteilungen, Felderbau
and a lake is less permanence and less depth] ● Senke f, pan evaporation ● (Mess)Kesselverdunstung f, EPk
Pfanne f panhole > etched pothole
pan > (evaporation) pan pan ice > pancake (ice)
pan > (wash(ing)) pan panidimorphic(-granular), idiomorphic [Johanssen
panabase > fahlore (1939) states that Rosenbusch, who first used the term
paraffin shale 963

panidiomorphic-granular in 1887, incorrectly applied it unwatering wick ● Papp(stech)drän m, Karton(stech)-

to the microgranular xenomorphic texture of aplite, drän
although he had defined it as involving euhedral paper(y) (clay) shale [A shale in which the laminae are
components; this usage was corrected in the last edition very thin and uniform] ● Papierschieferton m,
of Rosenbusch’s book, by its editor, Osann] ● Papierschieferletten m
panidiomorph(-körnig), ganz eigengestaltig papyraceous brown coal ● Papierbraunkohle f
pan liner > waffle (tubbing) segment paraautochthonous klippe ● paraautochthone
pan lining segment > waffle (tubbing) segment Klippe f
pannier, gabion (cage) [A rectangular wire box (or paraautochthonous nappe ● paraautochthone
basket) filled with relatively small-size stones or earth] Decke f
● Drahtbehälter m, Drahtkorb m, Drahtkasten m, parabola ● Parabel f
Drahtkoffer m parabolic dune [A dune having, in ground plan,
panning, washing; dulang [Malayan term] approximately the form of a parabola, with the concave
[A technique of prospecting for heavy metals, e.g. gold, side toward(s) the wind. The term was introduced in
by washing placer or crushed vein material in a pan. The 1894 by K.J.V. Steenstrup. It is also loosely applied to
lighter fractions are washed away, leaving the heavy any U-shaped and V-shaped dune concave toward(s) the
metals behind in the pan] ● Trogwaschen n, (Aus-) wind. The term should, however, be restricted to those
waschen, Schüsselwaschen (von Hand) dunes which actually approach the true form of
panning tracing, tracing by panning; tracing [in the a parabolic curve as defined mathematically] ●
western USA]; loaming [Australia] ● Prospektieren n Parabeldüne f
durch Trogwaschen, Aufsuchung f durch Trogwaschen, parabolic-shaped ● parabelförmig [z. B. der Bogen
Suche f durch Trogwaschen einer Bogenbrücke]
panorama camera ● Panoramakammer, para-brown earth in flood plains ●
Panoramakamera, Rundbildkammer f, Parabraunerde-Auenboden m, Auenparabraunerde f
Rundbildkamera f [Fotogrammetrie] parachute radiosonde, dropsonde ●
pan sediment ● Pfannensediment n Fallschirmsonde f
pantograph, pentograph ● Pantograf m, Pantograph m, paraclase [Term introduced by Daubree 1879]; fault ●
Storch(en)schnabel m Verwerfung f, Verwurf m, Verwerfer m, Schichten-
pan (tubbing) segment > waffle (tubbing) segment zerreißung f, Sprung m, Zerrung, Paraklase f, Verschie-
paper ● Referat n bungsfläche f, Bruch m, Störung(s)fläche, Störung f,
paper chromatography ● Papierchromatografie f, Bruchlinie f [Senkrechte oder schiefe Absenkung einer
Papierchromatographie f Scholle längs einer Spalte. Das Hangende sinkt ab, das
paper clay [It is suitable for use as a filler or coating Liegende bleibt stehen]
agent for paper] ● Papier(füller)ton m paraclinal ● paraklinal [Sich gegen das Schichtfallen
paper marl ● Mergeltuff m, halbharter Mergel m, abböschen]
Papiermergel paraclinal escarpment ● Paraklinalstufe f, Frontstufe,
paper peat, leaf peat ● Laubtorf m, Blättertorf, Schichtkopfstufe
Papiertorf paraclinal hillside, paraclinal hill(slope) ●
paper section [Interpretation of seismic data] ● Schichtkopf(ab)hang m, Paraklinal(ab)hang
Papiersektion f paraclinal valley ● Paraklinaltal n
paper spar [A crystallized variety of calcite paraconformity, nondepositional unconformity ●
found in thin lamellae or paperlike plates] ● Parakonkordanz f, Pseudokonkordanz, verschleierte
Papierspat m Diskordanz, maskierte Diskordanz
paperstrip method ● Papierstreifenverfahren n, paraconglomerate > conglomeratic mudstone
Papierstreifenmethode f [Fotogrammetrie] paracyanicacid > fulminic acid
paper wick drain, cardboard wick drain, cardboard paradigm shift ● Paradigmenwechsel m
(soil) drainage wick, cardboard (soil) dewatering wick, paraffin-base(d) oil, paraffin-base(d) petroleum ●
cardboard (soil) unwatering wick, paper (soil) drainage paraffinbasisches (Erd)Öl n
wick, paper (soil) dewatering wick, paper (soil) paraffin shale > oil shale
964 parafoliate

parafoliate [obsolete]; foliate(d) ● blätt(e)rig parallax of co-ordinates, parallactic displacement of

paragenesis ● Paragenese f, Mineral(ien)- co-ordinates ● Koordinatenparallaxe f
vergesellschaftung f, Paragenesis, Zusammen- [Fotogrammetrie]
vorkommen n, Vergesellschaftung parallax photogrammetry ●
parageosyncline, intrageosyncline [A geosyncline Parallaxenfotogrammetrie f
within a craton or stable area, an ep(e)irogenic basin parallax wedge ● Parallaxenmesskeil m
rather than an orogenic belt] ● Parageosynkline f [Fotogrammetrie]
parageosyncline [A contemporary oceanic depression parallel-acicular ● parallel-nadelig
marginal to a craton] ● Parageosynkline f parallel arrangement, springs in parallel [of springs of
paraglacial > subnival a vibration system] ● Parallelschaltung f,
paragneiss [It has resulted from the metamorphism of Nebeneinanderschaltung f [von Federn eines
detrital sediments] ● Paragneis, Sedimentgneis, Schwingungssystems]
Renchgneis m parallel arrangement [An arrangement of electric
paragonite, soda mica ● Natronglimmer m, Parago- blasting caps in which the firing current passes through
nit m, NaAl2(AlSi3)O10(OH)2 all of them at the same time] ● Parallelschaltung f
paralic [By the sea, but nonmarine; esp. pertaining to parallel band, Reid ridge [A long tabular ridge of ice on
intertongued marine and continental deposits laid down the surface of a glacier, running parallel to the glacier
on the landward side of coast or in shallow water subject axis] ● Reid’scher Kamm m
to marine invasion, and to the environments (such as parallel-banded, onyx [adjective] [e.g. onyx marble,
lagoonal or littoral) of the marine borders. Also said of onyx obsidian] ● parallel gebändert
basins, platforms, marshes, swamps, and other features parallel bedding > accordant bedding
marked by thick terrigenous deposits intimately parallel cleavage [obsolete]; bed(ding)(plane)
associated with estuarine and continental deposits, such cleavage ● Parallelschieferung f
as deltas formed on the heavily alluviated continental parallel cut > burn(ed) cut
shelves. Etymol: Greek paralia, ‘‘seacoast’’] ● paralisch parallel drainage pattern, parallel drainage system
parallactic displacement ● parallaktische [See remark under ‘‘drainage system’’] ● paralleles
Verschiebung f Gewässernetz n
parallactic displacement of co-ordinates, parallax of parallel drift ● Parallelstrecke f
co-ordinates ● Koordinatenparallaxe f parallel-edged beam, beam with parallel edges, beam
[Fotogrammetrie] with constant depth ● parallelgurtiger Balken m
P parallax > horizontal parallax [Balkenbrücke]
parallax age, age of parallax inequality [The time parallelepipedal jointing, parallelepipedal structure
interval between the perigee of the moon and the ● quaderförmige Klüftung f [Drei Kluftsysteme
maximum effect of the parallax (distance of the moon) schneiden sich unter rechtem Winkel]
upon the range of tide or speed of tidal current] ● Alter n parallel-fibrous ● parallelfas(e)rig
der Parallaxenungleichheit parallel fold, concentric(al) fold [A fold in which each
parallax bar, stereometer ● (Zeichen)Stereometer n bed maintains the same thickness (assuming it was
parallax equation ● Parallaxengleichung f initially of uniform thickness) throughout all parts of
parallax error ● Parallaxenfehler m the fold. Contrasts with similar folding, in which
parallax formula [It assumes ideal situations each bed thins on the limbs and thickens towards the
where a pair of exactly vertical photographs have anticlinal and synclinal axes] ● Parallelfalte f,
been taken with a horizontal air base] ● konzentrische Falte
Parallaxenformel f parallel gliding ● Translation f, Parallelverschiebung f
parallax inequality [The variation in the tide range or [Atomarer Aufbau der Kristalle]
in the tidal current speed due to the continual change in parallel heading ● Begleitstrecke f, Parallelstrecke
the distance of the moon from the earth] ● parallel intake airway [An intake airway parallel of the
Parallaxenungleichheit f haul(age) way] (⚒) ● einziehende Wetterstrecke f
parallax ladder ● Parallaxenmessleiter f parallel zur Förderstrecke
[Fotogrammetrie] parallel kanter [German. An elongated ventifact having
parallax measurement ● Parallaxenmessung f parallel faces or edges] ● Parallelkanter m
parrhotite 965

parallel migration, lateral migration [Movement of oil parameter [A constant or a variable in a mathematical
or gas through permeable zones parallel to the expression that distinguishes various specific cases] ●
stratification] ● schichtparallele Wanderung f Parameter m
parallel motion of water ● Wasserströmung f in parameter k, arching factor ●
Schichten, schicht(en)weise Wasserströmung Gewölbewirkungsfaktor m, Gewölbewir-
parallel of altitude, altitude circle, almucantar, kungsbeiwert m, Bogenwirkungsfaktor, Bogenwir-
almacantar ● Almukantarat m, Höhenkreis m [Mit kungsbeiwert [Felsmechanik]
dem Horizontalkreis parallel laufender Kreis der parameter studies ● Parameterstudien f (pl)
Himmelssphäre] parameter variation ● Parametervariation f
parallel of latitude ● Breitenkreis m paramorph [A pseudomorph with the same composition
parallelogram kinematics ● Parallelogramm- as the original crystal, as calcite after aragonite] ●
Kinematik f Paramorphose f
parallel retreat [The maximum angle remains parapet, bridge parapet [made of reinforced concrete,
constant, the absolute lengths of all parts of the (hill) timber, aluminum, structural steel or any other material]
slope except the concavity remain constant, and the ● Brüstung f, Brückengeländer n [Brückenbau]
concavity increases in length; the angle at any (vertically parapet wall ● Brückengeländerwand f
constant) point on the concavity decreases. This type of pararendzina, mixed rendzina ● Pararendzina,
(hill)slope evolution may be subdivided into parallel gemischte Rendzina f [Ein zwischen dem Ranker und
retreat with a free face and without a free face] ● der Rendzina stehender flachgründiger A-C-Bodentyp]
Parallelrückverlagerung f parasandstone ● Parasandstein m
parallel series [Two or more series of electric blasting paraschist [It is derived from sedimentary rocks] ●
caps arranged in parallel] ● Serienparallelschaltung f, Paraschiefer m
Gruppenparallelschaltung parasitic cone [less-preferred synonym] > adventive
parallel shot, bridle [In seismic prospecting, a test shot cone
made with all the amplifiers connected in parallel and parasitic crater [less-preferred synonym] > adventive
activated by a single geophone, in order to check for lead, crater
lag, polarity, and phasing in the amplifier-to-oscillograph parasitic glacier, adventive glacier ● Parasitärgletscher m
circuits] ● Parallelschuss m parastratigraphy ● Parastratigrafie f, Parastrati-
parallel-sided pile ● nicht konischer Pfahl m, graphie f
Parallelwand(ungs)pfahl paratectonic ● paratektonisch
parallel subsurface drainage > underground paratectonics, germanotype tectonics ● germanotype
longitudinal drainage Tektonik f, Paratektonik [1. Blockgebirge; 2.
parallel to strike > along the strike Bruchfaltengebirge]
parallel to the bed ● bankparallel, bankeben paraunconformity > disconformity
parallel to the dip line (⚒) ● schwebend [Ausbau] to pare [quarry-stone] ● abschälen
parallel tube ● Parallelröhre f parent(al) ● ursächlich
parallel unconformity, disconformity, erosional parent(al) magma, primary magma ● Stamm-Magma n,
unconformity, nonangular unconformity, Muttermagma, Magmaherd m, Mutterschmelze f,
paraunconformity ● Erosionsdiskordanz f Stammschmelze, primäre Schmelze
parallel underdrainage > underground longitudinal parent(al) material [The unconsolidated material,
drainage mineral or organic, from which the solum develops] ●
paramagnetic material, positive material ● Ausgangsmaterial n
paramagnetischer Stoff m parget-stone, hydrated sulphate of lime; hydrated
paramagnetic resonance > electron spin resonance sulfate of lime (US) ● wasserhaltiger schwefelsaurer
paramagnetism [The magnetism of a paramagnetic Kalk m, schwefelsaurer wasserhaltiger Kalk
substance] ● Paramagnetisms m parking lot, parking space (US); car park ● Parkplatz m
paramarginal [The portion of subeconomic resources parostibite > kermesite
that (a) border on being economically producible or (b) paroxysmal eruption > Vulcanian(type) eruption
is not commercially available solely because of legal or parrhotite, pyrrhotine, dipyrite, magnetic pyrites ●
political circumstances] (⚒) ● bedingt (ab)bauwürdig Pyrrhotin m, Magnetkies m
966 parrot coal

parrot coal [Scotland. A variety of cannel coal] ● partial monolayer ● aufgelockerte einschichtige
Papagei(en)kohle f Packung f [Fracbehandlung. Im Riss einstellbare
Parshall (measuring) flume [Formerly called Durchlässigkeitskapazität]
‘‘improved Venturi flume’’] ● Parshallkanal(messer) m, partial nappe ● Teildecke f
Parshallmesskanal, Parshall(mess)(ge)rinne (n), f partial picture > component image
part-cross-section, partial cross-section ● partial pressure tensor ● Partialdrucktensor m
Teilquerschnitt m partial safety concept, concept of partial safety fac-
part exposed to waves, part open to waves ● tors ● Teilsicherheitskonzept n
Sektor m der dominierenden Wellen partial safety factor ● Teilsicherheitsfaktor m,
part exposed to winds, part open to winds ● Teilsicherheitsbeiwert m, Teilsicherheitswert m
Sektor m der dominierenden Winde partial stress tensor ● Partialspannungstensor m
partial broken water, partial clapotis, partial standing partial standing wave > partial broken water
wave ● Dünung f die sich mit einer anderen gleicher partial thermoremanent magnetization, PTRM ●
Periode und unterschiedlicher Wellenhöhe aus teilweise thermoremanente Magnetisierung f
entgegengesetzter Richtung kommenden zusammen- partial tide, tidal component, tidal constituent ●
setzt Teilflut f, Teiltide f [Die in einer harmonischen
partial cross-section > part-cross-section Tideanalyse auftretenden Komponenten verschiedener
partial development (⚒) ● Teilausrichtung f astronomisch bedingter Winkelgeschwindigkeiten]
partial discretisation ● Teildiskretisierung f partial undercutting ● Teilunterfahrung f
partial displacement bored pile, partial displace- particle [A general term, used without restriction as to
ment pile ● Teilverdrängungsbohrpfahl m shape, composition, or structure, for a separable or
partial driven base expansion [pile foundation; to distinct unit in a rock, e.g. a ‘‘sedimentary particle’’,
increase the end bearing capacity of a Simplex pile] ● such as a fragment or a grain, usually consisting of
Teilfußausrammung f [zur Erhöhung der Tragfähigkeit a mineral] ● Teilchen n, Komponente f, Partikel f
eines Simplex-Pfahls] particle arrangement ● Teilchenanordnung f
partial duration series ● Ganglinientabelle f für einen particle density > grain density
Hochwasserzeitraum particle distance ● Teilchenabstand m
partial excavation ● Zwischenaushub m, Teilaushub m particle interlocking ● Verzahnung f [der
partial face excavation ● Teilflächenabbau m Bodenteilchen]
[Tunnelbautechnik] particle shape ● Teilchenform f, Teilchengestalt f
P partial face machine, machine with partial face (particle-)size ● Teilchengröße f
excavation ● Teilschnittmaschine f (particle-)size analysis, size-frequency analysis
partial facies nappe ● Teilfaziesdecke f [Determination of the statistical proportions or distribu-
partial facies nappe ● Teilfaziesdecke f tion of particles of defined size fractions of a soil, sedi-
partial filling (⚒) ● Teilversatz m ment, or rock; specifically mechanical analysis] ●
partial image > component image Teilchen(größen)analyse f
partial lagging ● Sparverzug m (particle-)size distribution, size-frequency distribu-
partially consolidated soil ● teilkonsolidierter tion [The percentage, usually by weight and sometimes
Boden m by number or count of particles in each size fraction into
partially encapsulated ● teilgekapselt [Deponie] which a powdered sample of a soil, sediment, or rock
partially penetrating well [A well which is has been classified, such as the percentage of sand
less than fully penetrating] ● unvollkommener retained on each sieve in a given size range. It is the
Brunnen m result of a particle-size analysis] ● Teilchen(größen)-
partially saturated flow [soil] ● teilweise Sättigung f Verteilung f
im durchströmten Zustand particle-size distribution curve, grain distribution
partially saturated soil ● erdfeuchter Boden m curve ● Kornverteilungslinie f, Kornverteilungskurve f
partial melt ● Teilschmelze f [die Kornverteilungskurve y(d) gibt den Gewichtsanteil
partial melting ● Teil(auf)schmelzung f, partielle der Körner einer Bodenprobe mit d  d an],
Anataxis f [z.B. quarz-dioritisches Gestein] particle sorting [Separation of solid particles, in a fluid,
partial melt texture ● Teilschmelzestruktur f because of different densities] ● Teilchen(ab)scheidung f
passive home 967

particle sphericity ● Teilchenkugeligkeit f to partly fuse, to frit, to preliminary fuse ● fritten

particle structure ● Teilchentextur f to partly fuse > to frit
particle texture ● Teilchenstruktur f partly fusing > fritting
particle velocity ● Teilchengeschwindigkeit f partly glassy ● teilglasig [Lava]
particular lode direction ● Spat m [Streichen zwischen part magma ● Teilmagma n
Stunde 6 bis 9; ein in dieser Richtung streichender partmoveability ● Teilbeweglichkeit f
zusammengesetzter Gang] part of a (mineral) deposit ● Lager(stätten)teil m, n
particulate materials ● partikelförmiges Material n part of ore lode > ore floor
[Feststoffe, die aus Partikeln zusammengesetzt sind] part open to waves, part exposed to waves ● Sektor m
partimensurate ore body ● teilweise messbarer der dominierenden Wellen
Erzkörper m part open to winds, part exposed to winds ● Sektor m
parting [A small joint in coal or rock] ● kleine Kluft f der dominierenden Winde
parting, dividing slate [A slate stratum separating two pass (⚒) ● Durchgang m
benches of a coalbed] ● Flözleere n pass [A natural passageway through high, difficult
parting, side track, turnout, siding [In a haulage road] terrain; e.g. a break, depression, or other relatively low
(⚒) ● Ausweiche f, Nebengleis n place in a mountain range, affording a passage across, or
parting > dead rock an opening in a ridge between two peaks, usually
parting [A layer of rock in a coal seam] ● Zwischenlage f, approached by a steep valley] ● Pass m, Übergang m
Zwischenschicht f, Zwischenmittel n pass [In remote sensing the frequency transmitted by
parting gold ● Scheidegold n a filter] ● Durchlassfrequenz f
parting lineation [according to Crowell, 1955]; pass > bing hole [Derbyshire]
primary current lineation [according to Stokes, 1947]; passage, pass(ageway) ● Durchgang m
parting plane lineation [according to McBride and pass(age) [A navigable channel connecting a body of
Yeakes, 1963]; streaming lineation [according to water with the sea; e.g. a narrow opening between two
Conybeare and Crook, 1968] [Faint irregularities or closely adjacent islands or through a coastal obstruction
streaks on lamination planes, parallel to the direction in such as a barrier reef a barrier island, a bar, or a shoal] ●
which the current flowed. It consists of parallel ridges and Durchfahrt f
grooves a few millimeters wide and many centimeters pass(age) > ford(ing)
long, especially in thin-bedded sandstone] ● Schichtflä- passage > heading
chenstreifung f, Strömungsstreifung passage-type ● Zwischenform f
Parting Mud ● mittleres Tonlager n [Searles-See in pass(ageway), passage ● Durchgang m
Kalifornien] passing beneath transport routes ● Unterquerung f
parting plane lineation > parting lineation von Verkehrswegen
[according to Cromwell, 1955] passing boss (⚒) > motor boss
parting silver ● Scheidesilber n passing shower ● Regenschauer m
parting wall (⚒) > (shaft) parting wall passing showers ● Schauerwetter n
partition (⚒) ● Versatzmauer f passive capillary height (or: rise) ● passive kapillare
partition ● Aufteilung f, Verteilung [Zwischen zwei Steighöhe f, kapillare Rückhaltehöhe f
Objekten] passive (earth) pressure, passive (earth) resistance,
partition, web [Between closely spaced drill holes] ● passive soil pressure, passive soil resistance [The resis-
Rippe f tance of an earth surface to deformation by other forces.
partition boards, wooden partition ● The word pressure in this sense is not correct, since it is
Bretterverschlag m used to mean ‘force’, but it is universally accepted] ●
partition (brattice) > brattice Erdwiderstand m, passiver Erddruck m
partition rock (⚒) ● Nebengestein n passive equilibrium ● passiver Rankinescher
partition timber (⚒) ● Einstrich m, Scheidewand f Zustand m
partly decomposed rock strata ● teilentfestigte passive home, passive house; less frequent: energy
Gesteinsschicht f home [The passive home concept represents today’s
partly dissolved fossil, corroded fossil ● angegriffenes highest energy standard, for these homes require little
Fossil n, angelöstes Fossil energy for space heating or cooling. As of today
968 passive isolation

(2012) most of these homes are built in Germany, patent-fuel > coal-cake
Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia] ● Passivhaus n patemia ● Paternia f, Auenregosol m,
[Es handelt sich hier um einen neuartigen Baustandard, Niederungsregosol
ohne eine geschützte Marke zu sein, der gegenüber dem path, orbit [It is described by a body in its revolution
! Niedrigenergiehaus nochmals 75 % Energie sowie around another body] ● Umlaufbahn f, Bahn
erhebliche CO2-Emissionen einspart, da es so path, ray path, trajectory [In seismics, the imaginary
energieffizient ist, dass es ohne ein herkömmliches line along which wave energy travels. A raypath is always
Heizungssystem auskommt] perpendicular to the wave front in isotropic media] ●
passive isolation ● Passivisolierung f Trajektorie f
passive method [A construction method employed in path difference ● Gangunterschied m [In einem
permafrost areas. The frozen ground is left intact and the Schliff]
undersides of buildings are provided with additional path number ● Flugbahnnummer f, Umlaufnummer
insulation to prevent heat from the building thawing path of percolation, percolation path [The path taken
the underlying ground] ● passives Verfahren n, passive by water along the contact surface between the base of
Methode f a dam or other structure and the foundation soil] ●
passive microwaver imager [A microwave imager Perkolationsweg m, Durchsickerungsweg
that does not use a cooperative illuminating source, that patina > desert varnish
is, the scene is not illuminated specifically for the purpose pat of soil, soil pat ● Bodenbreistückchen n,
of producing the image] ● passives Mikrowellensystem n Bodenprobe f [Fließgrenzenermitt(e)lung]
passive permafrost, fossil permafrost [Permafrost that pattern ● Gefüge n [Ökosystem]
will not refreeze under present climatic conditions after pattern ● Muster n, Schema n
being disturbed or destroyed] ● passiver patterned cone ● gemusterter Kegel m, gemusterter
Dauerfrostboden m, passiver Permafrost, fossiler Konus m
Dauerfrostboden, fossiler Permafrost patterned ground [Previous terms more or less synon-
passive remote reconnaissance, passive system ● ymous: structural ground, frost pattern soil, soil pattern,
passive Fernerkundung f [Fotografisches Verfahren; soil structure, structure soil. The last two terms are now
Fernsehverfahren; Abtastverfahren. Diese Verfahren discarded because humus and a soil profile may be absent
erfassen die natürliche, von den Geländeobjekten in patterned ground] ● Strukturboden m,
reflektierte oder emittierte elektromagnetische Strahlung] Eismusterboden, Frostmusterboden
passive state [soil] ● oberer Grenzzustand m [Boden] pattern injection, inner injection, internal injection,
P passive system > passive remote reconnaissance interior injection, dispersed (gas) injection; gas
passive water retention curve ● passive Wasserre- repressurizing [misnomer] [Gas injection pressure
tentionskurve f, Wassergehalt(s)-Saugspannungskurve maintenance of an oil reservoir in which the injection
[Kennzeichnung der bodenspezifischen Wasserbindung wells are arranged geometrically, to distribute the gas
und des potential im Boden pflanzenverfügbaren uniformly throughout the oil-productive portions of the
Wasservolumens] reservoir] ● Einpressen n in die Ölzone, Injizieren in die
to pass under (or: below) [e.g. a river] ● unterqueren Ölzone
[z. B. einen Fluss] pattern of reinforcement, reinforcement pattern ●
past dating, dating the past ● Bewehrungsführung f
Vergangenheitsdatierung f paulopost, deuteric, epimagmatic ● deuterisch
paste rich in sand [for grouting] ● sandreiche Paste f paved road ● befestigte Straße f
[für Injektionen] paved slope ● Pflasterböschung f
pastorial farming ● Weidewirtschaft f pavement, mine floor, floor (⚒) ● Grubensohle f,
pasture (land) ● Weide(land) f (n) Minensohle, Sohle, Streckensohle [Siehe Anmerkung
pasture path > sheep path unter „Mine’’]
pasture track > sheep path pavement, footway, foot pavement (Brit.); sidewalk,
pasture walk > sheep path footpath (US) ● Fußgängerweg m, Fußweg m,
patcher (⚒) ● Zugbegleiter m, Bremser Gehweg m, Gehsteig m, Bürgersteig m
patchline base ● Flickstandlinie f [Fotogrammetrie] pavement ledge, pavement berm(e), work(ing) ledge,
patch reef, pinnacle ● Kuppelriff n work(ing) berm(e) ● Abbauberme f [Steinbruch]
peaking 969

pavement slab, stone slab ● (Stein)Pflasterplatte f production well(bore) ● Fördersonde f, produzierende

to pave over ● überpflastern Sonde, Produktionssonde [Erdgas; Erdöl]
paving sett, sett ● Pflasterstein m pay(ing) zone, producing zone, productive zone [The
pay > paying reservoir rock in which oil and/or gas are found in
pay(able) > paying exploitable quantities. Misnomer: horizon] ●
pay(able) ore > pay(ing) ore Produktionszone f, produktive Zone, Produktions-
pay (cross) section ● Nutzquerschnitt m horizont m, Förderzone, Förderhorizont,
[Untertagebau] Ausbeutungszone
pay formation, paying formation, payable formation, pay lines ● vergütetes Profil n
mineable formation, profitable formation, workable pay ore > pay(ing) ore
formation [A body of rock, earth, or ore the value of pay quantity ● Kostenvergütungsmenge f
which is enough to justify exploitation] ● (ab-) pay ticket, docket (⚒) ● Lohnzettel m
bauwürdige Formation f, (ab)baufähige Formation, P-blade [of a dozer] ● P-Schild m [einer Planierraupe]
ausbeutbare Formation PBM > permanent bench mark
paying, workable, profitable, pay(able), quick, worthy PBP, prebored pressuremeter ● Prebored
of being worked, mineable, alive, exploitable, Pressuremeter n, PBP m
recoverable, productive ● (ab)baufähig, (ab-) PCD, pore constriction distribution ● Porenengstellen-
bauwürdig, ausbeutbar, förderbar [Eine Lagerstätte verteilung f, PEV
oder ein Lagerstättenteil sind (ab)bauwürdig, wenn sich PDRM > postdepositional remanent magnetization
der Abbau wirtschaftlich lohnt oder zur Bedarfsdeckung pea anthracite [USA about 22 to about 14 mm] ●
notwendig ist] Erbs(en)anthrazit m
pay(ing) dirt, pay(ing) soil [Context: you need to peabody sandy gravel ● erbsenförmiger, sandiger
remove a lot of rock to get the pay dirt out] ● Kies m
mineralisierte Erde f, mineralisierter Boden m peachblossom ore > erythrite
paying formation > pay formation peach-coloured t(o)urmaline (Brit.); apyrite; peach-
pay(ing) gravel [It has sufficient heavy mineral or other colored t(o)urmaline (US) ● Apyrit m, pfirsichfarbener
valuable material to make working profitable] ● Tourmalin m
mineralisierter Kies m peachy ● chloritreich [Gang]
pay(ing) horizon [misnomer] > pay(ing) zone peacock copper ore > bornite
pay(ing) load [Useful material taken from a mine] ● pea gravel [Clean gravel the particles of which equal
mineralisches Material n peas in size, about 3/16 in. (5 mm) in diameter] ●
pay(ing) mine > active mine Erbskies m
pay(ing) ore, workable ore, profitable ore, payable ore, pea grit > pisolite
mineable ore, pay(ing) rock ● (ab)bauwürdiges Erz, peak ● Berg m [elektronischer
(ab)baufähiges Erz, ausbeutbares Erz n Kompensationsbandschreiber]
pay(ing) (ore) shoot > (ore) shoot peak > promontory
pay(ing) pit > active mine peak, crest, vertex ● Scheitel m, Spitze f [Hochwasser]
pay(ing) sand [The rock producing oil or gas peak [An individual mountain or hill taken as a whole]
in payable quantities] ● Speichergestein n, ● Einzelberg m, Inselberg
Trägergestein peak [well logging] ● Ausschlag m, Spitze f
pay(ing) soil, pay(ing) dirt ● mineralisierte Erde f, peak > summit
mineralisierter Boden m peak. . . > maximum . . .
pay(ing) streak ● (ab)bauwürdige Erzader f peak current ● Spitzenstrom m
pay(ing) streak [The rich part of a placer] ● peakedness ● Ausprägung f des Gipfels der
mineralisierte Ader f, mineralisierte Schnur f, reiche Verteilungskurve
Ader, reiche Schnur peak ground acceleration, PGA ● Spitzenbodenbe-
pay(ing) string (of casing) > production casing schleunigung f
string peak inflow, top inflow ● Spitzenzufluss m
pay(ing) well(bore), producer (well(bore)), peaking, peak load ● Spitzenbelastung f [z.B.
producing well(bore), productive well(bore), Kraftwerk]
970 peaking power

peaking power, peak load power ● Spitzen- peastone, pisolite, pea grit [A sedimentary rock,
(belastungs)strom m usually a limestone, made up chiefly of pisolites cemented
peak karre, peak lapiaz, peak (wheel) track, peak together; a coarse-grained oolite] ● Pisolith m,
solution groove ● Spitzkarre f, Spitzschratte f Erbsenstein m, Sprudelstein
peak plane > accordance of summit levels peat; moss [English vernacular name] ● Torf m
peak power, demand power [The maximum amount peat ash ● Torfasche f
of energy consumed in any consecutive number of peat bitumen [Material extracted from peat by
minutes during a specific time. Demand is measured in solvents] ● Torfbitumen n
kilowatts and is the average rate of consumed energy peat bog > bog
during the peak period. This method of establishing the peat briquette ● Torfbrikett n
maximum demand rate does not penalize the company peat charcoal, peat coke ● Torfkoks m
for very short peaks. From Coal Age, volume 71, No. 8, peat charring ● Torfverkohlung f
August 1966, page 270] ● (elektrische) Spitzenleistung f peat coal [A coal transitional between peat and brown
peak shear strength ● größte Scherfestigkeit f coal or lignite] ● Torfkohle f
peak solution groove > peak karre peatcovered ● torfbedeckt
peak (wheel) track > peak karre peat cutter > peat digging machine
pea ore bean ore peat cutter, peat digger ● Torfgräber m, Torfstecher
pearl ash > potash peat cutting machine, peat digging machine, peat
pe(a)rlite, pearlstone [A volcanic glass having the digger, peat cutter ● Torfgrabmaschine f
composition of rhyolite, a perlitic texture, and Torfstechmaschine
a generally higher water content than obsidian] ● peat decomposition, decomposition of peat,
Perlit m, Perlstein m decay of peat, peat decay ● Torfzersetzung f,
pearl mica > margarite Torfzerfall m
pearl opal > cachalong peat deposit ● Torflager(stätte) n, (f)
pearl ore ● Perlerz n [Ein schwedisches See-Eisenerz] peat digger > peat digging machine
pearl sinter > siliceous sinter peat digger, peat cutter ● Torfgräber m, Torfstecher
pearl spar ● Perlspat m peat digging ● Torfgraben n, Torfstechen
pearlstone > pe(a)rlite peat digging, peat pit ● Torfgrube f
pearly, nacreous [The iridescent luster of pearl and most peat digging machine, peat cutting machine, peat
cleavage surfaces of minerals] ● schimmernd digger, peat cutter ● Torfgrabmaschine f,
P pearly alabaster, nacreous alabaster ● Perlmutter- Torfstechmaschine
alabaster m peat-fired power plant, peat-fired power station ●
pearly luster (US), pearly lustre (Brit.) ● Torfkraftwerk n
Perlmutterglanz m (M/G) peat flow [A flow of peat produced in a peat bog by a bog
pearly lustre, nacreous lustre; pearly luster, nacreous burst] ● Torffließen n
luster (US) ● Schimmer m peat gel, dopplerite, brown coal gel [A naturally
pear-shaped exposed (over)burden/mineral occurring gel of humic acids found in peat bogs or
volume, pear-shaped stripped (over)burden/mineral where an aqueous extract from a low-rank coal can
volume ● Aufschlussbirne f im Tagebau, collect] ● Dopplerit m, Humusgel n
birnenförmiger Aufschlussraum m peat gyttja ● Torfgyttja f
Pearson distribution, Pearson-Verteilung f peatification, peat formation ● Vertorfung f,
[Hochwasser-Frequenzanalyse] Torfbildung
Pearson’s first measure of skewness ● Pearson’s peat knoll, peat hillock, peat mound, peat hammock,
erster Schiefekoeffizient m peat hummock; pals(a) [Swedish] ● Torfhügel(-)
Pearson’s second measure of skewness ● Pearson’s (chen) m, (n) Torfbuckel m
zweiter Schiefekoeffizient m peat layer ● Torfschicht f
pearweight ● Anschlageisen n [Autokran] peat marl, delving marl ● Torfmergel m
peas [Great Britain about 13–6 mm] ● Nuss(koh- peat marsh ● Torfmarsch f
le) 4 m, (f) [Deutschland 18–10 mm]; Nusskoh- peat mound > peat knoll
le 5 [Deutschland 10–6 mm] peat pit, peat digging ● Torfgrube f
pedimentation 971

peat podsol with humus-iron pan, peat podzol with as the hole that it made is filled with concrete. If the shell
humus-iron pan ● Torfpodsol(boden) m mit were left in, the method would be far more satisfactory; as
eisenhaltigem Humusortstein, Torfaschenboden mit the shaft of the pile is liable to be seriously imperfect] ●
eisenhaltigem Humusortstein Klumpfußpfahl m, Rammpfahl mit vergrößertem Fuß,
peat removal ● Austorfung f Zwiebelfußpfahl, Betonpfahl mit Fußverbreiterung
peat rick, peat stack ● Torfstoß m pedestal rock, pedestal boulder, pedestal bowlder,
peat ring [A nonsorted circle in peat] ● Torfring m perched rock, perched boulder, perched bowlder
peat rotting, rotting of peat ● Vermullen n des Torfes [An isolated and residual or erosional mass of rock
peat sapropel, sapropel(lic)peat ● Sapropeltorf m, supported by or balanced on a pedestal. The terms are
Vollfaulschlammtorf, Faulschlammtorf also applied to the entire feature] ● Tischfelsen m,
peatship, peat status ● Torfzustand m Windtisch m
peat shrinkage ● Torfschrumpfung f pedestal rock, perched block, balanced rock, perched
peat silt ● Torfschluff m boulder, perched bowlder, perched rock [A large,
peat stack, peat rick ● Torfstoß m detached rock fragment, generally of boulder size,
peat status, peatship ● Torfzustand m believed to have been transported and deposited by
peat storage ● Torfspeicherung f a glacier, and lying in a conspicuous and relatively
peat tar ● Torfteer m unstable or precariously poised position on a hillside] ●
peat water ● Torfwasser n Wackelstein m
peaty ● torfig pedestrian and bicycle way, pedestrian and bike way,
pebble [Sediment particles having diameters between pedestrian and bike lane [in a city/town] ● Gehbahn f
1/16 in (2 mm) and 21/2 in (64 mm)] ● Geröll(e) n, (f) [amtliche Bezeichnung; Gehbahnen sind für den
pebble crystal > quartz crystal Fuß- und Radfahrerverkehr bestimmte, befestigte und
pebbles, ball coal, pebble coal [Great Britain between abgegrenzte Teile der öffentlichen Straßen]
about 75 –50 mm. Not to be confused with coal ball] ● pedestrian bridge, foot bridge, footbridge,
Nuss(kohle) 1 m, (f) [Deutschland 80 – 50 mm] overcrossing ● Fußgängerbrücke f
pebble(s), scree [Sediment particles having diameters pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing [An area of
between 1/16 in. (2 mm) and 2 1/2 in. (64 mm)] ● roadway delineated by white stripes which run parallel
Geröll(e) n to the centre of the roadway and which give the
pebble (stone) ● Kiesel(stein) m pedestrian the right of way] ● Zebrastreifen m,
pebbly mudstone, mass flow ● Geröll(e)ton m, Fußgängerüberweg m [gekennzeichnet durch
chaotische Gleitmasse f Zebrastreifen]
pectinate structure ● Kammtextur f pedestrian crossing (Brit.); crosswalk (US)
ped, natural soil aggregate ● natürliches Bodenmine- [A crosswalk is defined as ‘‘the portion of a roadway
ralaggregat n designated for pedestrians to use in crossing the street’’
pedalfer ● Pedalferboden m and may be either marked or unmarked (Institute of
pedestal > (glacier) ice pedestal Transportation Engineers)] ● Fußgängerüberweg m
pedestal, bulb, pile bulb, pile pedestal ● (Pfahl-) [allgemein]
Fußverbreiterung f, (Pfahl)Fußverdickung, (Pfahl-) pedestrian tunnel > underground walkway
Klumpfuß m pediment, piedmont interstream flat, conoplain, rock
pedestal, rock pedestal ● felsige Auflagerungsfläche f pediment [The term ‘‘rock plane’’ is used by Johnson in
[Wackelstein] 1932 as a synonym, but this usage is not recommended as
pedestal boulder > pedestal rock there are many approximately planate rock surfaces that
pedestal pile, club-footed pile [obsolete]; bulb pile, lack the areal extent and climatic restriction of
MacArthur pile, compacted concrete pile, bulb(ed)- a pediment] ● Pediment n, Fußfläche f, Glacis f
end pile [A patented pile formed by driving a steel shell [„Pediment’’ wird seit Ende des 19. Jh. von
into the ground to the required depth, putting in small amerikanischen Autoren in verschiedenem Sinne
quantities of concrete, and hammering them down so as gebraucht. Es ist eine durch verschiedene
to force the concrete into the earth beyond the point of the Abtragungskräfte erzeugte terrassenartige Felsfußfläche
shell; thus enlarging the end and greatly increasing the in Gebirgen des ariden bis halbariden Klimabereiches]
bearing area. The shell is afterward withdrawn gradually, pedimentation ● Pedimentbildung f
972 pediment landscape

pediment landscape ● Pedimentlandschaft f pegmatolite > ortho(cla)se

pedogenesis > soil genesis PE-index, precipitation evaporation index,
pedogenic [Pertaining to soil formation] ● precipitation effectiveness index ●
bodenbildend Niederschlags-Verdunstungsindex m
pedogeochemical ● pedogeochemisch pel picture element
pedogeography, soil geography ● Bodengeografie f, pelagic facies, deep-sea facies ● Bathyalfacies f,
Bodengeographie pelagische Facies
pedography [The systematic description of soils; an pelagic sediment > deep-sea deposit
aspect of soil science] ● Bodenbeschreibung f Peleean Cloud, glowing cloud, fiery cloud; nuee
pedologic(al) age, soil age [The relative maturity of ardente [French] ● Glutwolke f
a soil profile] ● Bodenalter n Peleean(-type) eruption [It is characterized by
pedologic(al) field base map ● bodenkundliche glowing clouds and/or the development of volcanic
Konzeptkarte f domes] ● Peletätigkeit f, peleanische Tätigkeit
pedology, soil science [Pedology is one of the disciplines pelecypod, lamellibranch; bivalve [partial synonym] ●
of soil science, the study of soil morphology, genesis, and Muscheklappe f
classification. It is sometimes used as a synonym of soil Pele directed lateral type ● gerichtete dombürtige
science] ● Bodenkunde f, Pedologie f Glutlawine f [Ein Typus der Glutwolkeneruption]
pedosphere [The part of the earth in which Pele discharged lateral type ● Absprengung f einer
soil-forming processes occur] ● Pedosphäre f, dombürtigen Glutlawine [Ein Typus der
Bodenbildungszone f Glutwolkeneruption]
pee (⚒) ● Kreuzung f zweier Adern Pele’s hair, lauoho o pele, filiform lapilli, capillary
pee ● Bleierzstück n ejecta ● Pele(’s) Haar n
peel ● Abzugfolie f Pele’s tear [A congealed lava droplet, notably resulting
peeling ● Folienabzug m, Folienabziehen n when a shower of lava falls into the sea. Pele was the fire
peel map, pal(a)eogeologic(al) map ● Goddess of the early Hawaiians; her home the volcano of
paläogeologische Karte f Kilauea] ● Pele(’s) Träne f
peel (off) coat(ing) > strip mask Pele vertical type ● vertikal gerichtete dombürtige
peel print ● Abzugfoliendruck m Glutwolke f [Ein Typus der Glutwolkeneruption]
peel technique ● Abziehtechnik f, Folientechnik pelite > lutite
[Herstellung von Folien von Gesteinsanschliffen. Der pellet ● Kunkel f, Pellet n [komprimiertes Sprengpulver]
P Anschliff wird geätzt, in Aceton getaucht und mit einer pellet ● Pellet n
Folie bedeckt. Diese wird nach dem Trocknen abgezogen pelletal limestone ● Pillenkalkstein m
und entweder auf Papier oder zur mikroskopischen pelleted, pelletoid(al), pelletal ● pelletreich
Untersuchung zwischen Objektgläser geklebt] peptization, balling ● Pelletierung f, Kugelbildung
peg > (setting-out) peg [nicht „Pelletisierung’’]
pegged (out), staked (out), set out (with pegs) ● topelletize ● pelletieren [nicht „pelletisieren’’]
abgesteckt, abgepfählt, abgepflockt, verpflockt, pellet plant ● Pelletieranlage f
verpfählt; abgegeben (⚒) pellets > (iron) pellets
pegging (out), setting out (with pegs), site-marking, pellet snow > graupel
staking (out) ● Absteckung f, Abpfählung, Abpfählen, pellicular water, adhesive water, film water,
Abstecken n, Abpflockung, Verpflockung, Abpflocken, hygroscopic water [Water molecules held on surfaces of
Verpflocken, Verpfählung, Verpfählen; Abgeben (⚒) particles by forces of adhesion] ● Haftwasser n,
peg-leg multiple ● Teilwegvielfache n [Seismik] Adhäsionswasser, Häutchenwasser, Anhaftwasser,
pegmatite, giant granite ● Pegmatit m Anhangwasser
pegmatite vein, giant granite vein [As called by geol- pellic vertisol ● grauschwarzer Vertisol m
ogists], pegmatite lode, giant granite lode [As called by pel response picture element response
miners] ● Pegmatitgang m Pelsonian ● Pelsonium n
pegmatitic [Occurring in, pertaining to, or composed of pelsparite [A limestone containing less than 25% each
pegmatite] ● pegmatitisch of intraclasts and ooliths, having a volume ratio of pellets
pegmatitic texture ● pegmatitische Struktur f to fossils greater than 3:1, and with the sparry-calcite
penetration logging 973

cement more abundant than the micrite matrix] ● penetrameter sensitivity (US); wire sensitivity
Pelsparit m (Brit.); radiographic sensitivity ● Drahterkennbar-
pelting rain > driving rain keit f DE
pelyte > lutite to penetrate ● durchteufen
to pen > to bank (up) to penetrate ● eindringen
pencil cleavage ● Griffelung f, Stengelbruch m penetrated soil strata (or: soil layer) ● angetroffene
pencil ganister [A mining term for a ganister Bodenschichten f (pl)
with carbonaceous traces, resembling pencil penetrating frostline ● Frosteindring(ungs)linie f
marks, produced by plant rootlets in the rock] ● penetrating radiation ● durchdringende Strahlung f
Stengelganister m penetration ● Durchrammung f [z. B. von
pencil gneiss; Stengel gneis [German] ● verschiedenen Schichten]
Stengelgneis m penetration ● Penetration f [Tunnelbau]
pencil graphite ● Bleistiftgrafit m, Bleistiftgraphit m penetration aids ● Eindringhilfen f (pl) [Luft und
pencil slate ● Griffelschiefer m Wasser; Rütteldruckverdichtung]
pencil stone, pyrophylite, Al2Si4O10(OH)2 ● penetration capability ● Eindringfähigkeit f [eines
Pyrophyllit m Rüttelgeräts]
pencil structure ● Stengelung f penetration capacity [of a vibrator; of the metal shield
pendant > (roof) pendant attached to a bulldozer] ● Eindringvermögen n [eines
pendletonite > karpatite Rüttelgeräts; eines Planierraupen-Schildes]
pendulum > (inverted) pendulum penetration cone ● Eindring(ungs)kegel m
pendulum acceleration sensor, pendulum penetration coring > penetration logging
accelerometer ● Pendelbeschleunigungsmesser m penetration depth, depth of penetration, skin depth,
pendulum anemometer ● Pendelwindmesser m attenuation distance [In remote sensing, the depth below
pendulum apparatus ● Pendelgerät n the surface of a material by which the incident radiation
pendulum assembly ● Pendelgarnitur f [Richtbohren] has been attenuated to lie, or to 37 per cent] ●
pendulum compensator ● Pendel(nivellier)- Dämpfungstiefe f
kompensator m penetration depth, depth of penetration [The depth
pendulum device ● Pendelapparat m from which radiation may still reach the receiver. Such
pendulum (in)clinometer, swing(ing) (inclinometer radiation ist integrated over the distance downwards
● Pendelneigungsmesser m from the surface] ● Eindring(ungs)tiefe f
pendulum level ● Pendelwaage f [Nivellierinstrument] penetration depth, depth of penetration [The depth
pendulum measurement, pendulum survey ● Pendel- in a dissipative medium at which the electric field inten-
(ver)messung f, Pendelaufnahme f sity associated with a plane electromagnetic wave is
pendulum observation ● Pendelbeobachtung f smaller than its value at the surface of the medium by
pendulum seismograph > (inverted) pendulum 1/e (e is the base of the Napierian logarithm)] ● Eindring-
seismograph (ungs)tiefe f
pendulum seismometer ● Pendelseismometer n, penetration depth, depth of penetration [The depth
Pendel(erd)bebenmesser, Pendelerschütterungsmesser m at which the integrated temperature differentials of
pendulum sextant ● Pendelsextant m adjacent spatial resolution cells are equivalent to the
pendulum survey, pendulum measurement ● Pendel- temperature resolution of the sensor] ● Eindring(ungs)-
(ver)messung f, Pendelaufnahme f tiefe f
pendulum vibration ● Pendelschwingung f penetration grouting, saturation grouting [Grouting
peneplain, base-level peneplain [A generally to fill soil pores] ● Tränk(ungs)einpressen n,
undulating low-relief plain which is the result of a Eindringinjektion f
long-continued erosion of land] ● Peneplain f, Fastebene penetration injection ● Penetrationsinjektion f
f, Rumpffläche f, Kappungsebene, Verfla- penetration length [of a supporting fluid] ●
chung f, Niveau n, Flachtalrelief [Eine meist leicht Eindringstrecke f, Eindringlänge [einer Stützflüssigkeit]
wellige Verebnungsfläche, die durch lang andauernde penetration logging, penetration coring [Rate of
Abtragungsprozesse entstanden ist] penetration by rotary-drilled, cable-tooled and
peneplanation > base levelling (Brit.) coredrilled wells has been of primary concern to
974 penetration needle

geologists, engineers, contractors, and operators for years, penetration twin, interpenetration twin ● Durch-
particularly from the standpoint of drilling procedures, dringungszwilling m, Penetrationszwilling,
economics, and correlation. During the past two decades, Durchwachsungszwilling
various instruments have been designed, redesigned, and penetrative ● durchgreifend, durchschneidend [Ein
applied for accurately recording rates of penetration of jüngeres Gestein, meistens ein Eruptivgestein,
stratigraphic sections. Among these instruments is the durchschneidet ältere Gesteine]
geolograph (see T. W. Brown, ‘‘Rig Instrumentation for penetrometer ● Eindring(ungs)messer m
Modern Drilling Programs’’). Data recorded by this penetrometer, sounding rod, sounding stick ●
device are accepted widely by the petroleum industry for Sondierungsstab m, Sondierstab, Sonde f, Sondie-
determining certain subsurface rock parameters and r(ungs)stange f
recording of drilling activities.] ● Eindringforma- penetrometer test ● Penetrometerprüfung f,
tionsmessung f, Eindring(ungs)kernen n, Penetrometertest
Eindringungsformationsmessung penetrometer tip ● Drucksondenspitze f,
penetration needle, Proctor (plasticity) needle Sondenspitze f
[In soil mechanics, a type of penetrometer having varying peninsula, almost-island ● Halbinsel f
diamter tips which can be put on the plunger. It is used for penitent [French] > (earth) pillar
measuring the relative density of soil by the resistance to penitent ice [A nieve penitente consisting mainly of ice]
penetration of the tip] ● Proctornadel f ● Zackeneis n, Büßereis
penetration [of water into the ground] ● Eindringen n penitent snow; nieve penitente [Spanish] ●
[von Wasser in den Untergrund] Büßerschnee, Zackenfirn(schnee) m
penetration downstroke [see EN 14679] ● Penman equation [It is based on the most
Abbohrvorgang m [bei der tiefgreifenden complete theoretical approach, showing that evapotrans-
Bodenstabilisierung] piration is inseparably connected to the amount of
penetration or retrieval rate [see EN 14679] ● radiative energy gained by the surface] ● Penman-
Abbohr- bzw. Ziehrate f [bei der tiefgreifenden Gleichung f
Bodenstabilisierung] pennate ● fiederförmig
penetration grouting [see EN 12715 for additional penning > pitching
terms and definition] ● Eindringinjektion f penning, pitching, soling, pitched (stone)work [‘‘Che-
penetration range ● Eindring(ungs)bereich m mise’’ may synonymously be used for ‘‘revetment’’] ●
penetration rate > driving rate (Setz)Pack(lag)efutter n, (Setz)Pack(lag)eauskleidung f,
P penetration rate > drill(ing) progress (Setz)Pack(lag)ebekleidung, (Setz)Pack(lag)everklei-
penetration resistance ● Eindring(ungs)widerstand m dung
penetration resistance, balk [Refusal of a drill bit to Pennsylvanian [USA] > Coal Measures
cut and/or the refusal of a drive pipe, sampling barrel, or Pennsylvanian drilling, American drilling,
cone penetrometer to be driven deeper] ● Eindring(ungs)- churndrilling ● pennsylvanisches Seil(schlag)bohren n,
widerstand m pennsylvanisches Schwengelantriebbohren
penetration resistance, sounding resistance ● Pennsylvanian (drilling) system, American (drilling)
Sondierwiderstand m, Eindringwiderstand m system, churn-drilling system [A rope system of percus-
penetration resistance diagram ● Sondierdiagramm n sive boring with a derrick which enables the complete set
penetration resistance of the cone, cone resistance of boring tools to be raised and lowered] ●
penetration ● Spitzenwiderstand m [der Sondenspitze] pennsylvanische Seil(schlag)bohranlage f,
penetration or retrieval rate [see EN 14679] ● pennsylvanische Schwengelantriebbohranlage
Abbohr-bzw. Ziehrate f [bei der tiefgreifenden Pensky-Martens open tester, Pensky-Martens
Bodenstabilisierung] flash point tester ● Pensky-Martens-
penetration solution ● Durchdringungslösung f, Flammpunktprüfer m
Lösung zweiter Ordnung penstock ● Druck(rohr)leitung f, Triebwasser(rohr)-
penetration test, penetration testing, sounding leitung, Betriebswasser(rohr)leitung, Kraftwasser-
[Measuring the thickness of soil or depth to bedrock by (rohr)leitung, Zuleitungswasser(rohr)leitung [Wasser-
driving a pointed steel rod into the ground or by using kraftwerk]
a penetrometer] ● Sondierung f, Sondieren n penstock (Brit.) > (sluice) gate
perched (ground)water 975

penstock dam, power plant intake structure ● pentograph, pantograph ● Pantograf, Pantograph m
Einlassbauwerk n zum Kraftwerk, Einlaufbauwerk Storch(en)schnabel m
zum Kraftwerk [als Sperre ausgebildet] penultimate stage ● vorletztes Stadium n
penstock drainage gallery; penstock drainage tunnel peociloblastic texture > poikiloblastic texture
(US) ● direkte Auslaufstollen m [Von Schieberkammer peperino, Albani stone ● Albanerstein m, albanischer
zum Ableitungstunnel unter Umgehung des Krafthauses] Stein, Pfefferstein, Peperin(o) m
penstock gallery, pressure gallery, pressurized gallery, pepito hill [Puerto Rico]; karst tower; haystack hill;
(water) power gallery, hydro(electric) gallery, mogote [Cuba]; hum [Southern Slav.]; butte temoin
conversion gallery, gallery penstock, hydraulic power [In the Causse region of France] [In an advanced stage
gallery, hydro(power) gallery, aqueous (pressure) of solutional destruction of a limestone upland, residual
gallery, aqueous pressure penstock [’Gallery’ is also hills analogous monadnocks in the fluidal cycle often
called ’tunnel’ in the USA and South Africa. ‘‘Drift’’ remain] ● Karstrestberg m, Karstinselberg, residualer
may be used synonymously for ‘‘gallery’’] ● Karstberg, Restkarstberg
Triebwasserstollen m, Druck(wasser)stollen, peralkaline ● Al-untersättigt
Betriebswasserstollen, (Wasser)Kraftstollen, peraluminous ● Al-übersättigt
Kraftwasserstollen, Stollen mit innerem Überdruck, perasidite > silexite
Scheiteldruckstollen, Zuleitungsstollen PE-ratio, precipitation-evaporation ratio, precipitation
penstock manifold, manifold gallery; manifold tunnel effectiveness ratio ● Niederschlag(s)-Verdunstungs-
(US) ● Verteilerstollen m Verhältnis n
penstock pillar (Brit.) > (sluice) gate pillar percent(age) degree > degree of consolidation
penstock pipe ● Druck(wasser)rohr n, percentage graduation, graduation in percentages ●
Triebwasserrohr, Betriebswasserrohr, Kraftwasserrohr, Prozent(ein)teilung f
Wasserkraftrohr, Zuleitungsrohr percent(age) of consolidation > degree of
penstock shaft, pressure shaft, pressurized shaft, consolidation
(water) power shaft, conversion shaft, hydro(electric) percent(age) of gas in the air (⚒) > amount of gas
shaft, shaft penstock, hydraulic power shaft, in the air
hydropower shaft ● Wasserkraftschacht m, Kraftwas- percent(age) of grains, grain percent(age) ●
serschacht, Druck(wasser)schacht, Triebwasserschacht, Kornanteil m, Kornprozente f
Betriebswasserschacht, Zuleitungsschacht, Drucklei- percent(age) of inclination > grade
tungsschacht, Fallschacht percentage of silt ● Schluffanteil m
penstock shaft (Brit.) > (sluice) gate shaft percent(age) of voids, void percent(age), percent(age)
penstock track (Brit.) > (sluice) gate track of interstices, pore content, interstice percent(age), pore
penstock vibration (Brit.) > (sluice) gate vibration percent(age) [The ratio of the unfilled space to the total
penstock water, feed water ● Druckwasser n, space in an aggregate] ● Hohlraumanteil m,
Triebwasser, Betriebswasser, Kraftwasser, Zuleitungswasser Porenanteil, Porenprozentsatz m, Hohlraumpro-
penstock weir (Brit.) > (sluice) gate weir zentsatz, Porenprozente f, Hohlraumprozente
pentaerythritol tetranitrate, P.E.T.N. ● Nitropenta n, percentil ● Prozentdurchgang m [Korngrößenanalyse]
PETN, Pentaerythrittetranitrat n perception ● Wahrnehmung f
pentahedron ● Pentaeder n (M/G) perched aquafer, perched aquifer ● falscher
pentasulphid(e) of antimony, antimony Grundwasserleiter m, schwebender Grundwasserleiter
pentasulphid(e), golden sulphid(e) of antimony ● perched block, pedestal rock, balanced rock, perched
Antimonpentasulfid n, Goldschwefel m, boulder, perched bowlder, perched rock, balanced
Fünffachschwefelantimon n block, pedestal block, balanced boulder, balanced
pentavalent, quinquevalent ● fünfwertig bowlder [A large, detached rock fragment, generally of
penthouse, pentice [Overhead covering for workers at boulder size, believed to have been transported and
bottom of shaft] ● Schutzbühne f, Schussbühne, deposited by a glacier, and lying in a conspicuous and
Sicherheitsbühne relatively unstable or precariously poised position on
pentlandite, folgerite, nicopyrite, (Fe, Ni)9S8 ● a hillside] ● Wackelstein m
Pentlandit m, Kupfernickel n [‘‘Horbachit’’ ist ein perched (ground)water, floating groundwater [Water
teilweise zersetzter Pentlandit] in a saturated zone located within the zone of aeration or
976 perched (ground)water table

unsaturated zone] ● schwebendes Grundwasser, percussion drilling, rotating rock drilling ●

falsches Grundwasser n Schlagbohren n, Schlagbohrung f, Schlagbohrmetho-
perched (ground)water table, apparent (ground) de f, Hammerbohrverfahren [Das Gestein wird durch
water table [If there is a sequence such as, for instance, Kerbschläge zerkleinert, indem ein Schlagwerk
sand-clay-sand then there may be a water table revealed dem Bohrkopf entweder unmittelbar oder durch
in the upper layer of sand but not in the clay] ● ein Gestänge einen Schlagimpuls erteilt. Der
schwebender Grundwasserspiegel m, falscher Bohrkopf wird durch eine Umsetzvorrichtung nach
Grundwasserspiegel, schwebende Grundwasser- jedem Schlag umgesetzt oder durch ein Drehwerk stetig
oberfläche, falsche Grundwasseroberfläche, gespannter gedreht]
Grundwasserspiegel f percussion drilling equipment ●
perched polder part ● Fremdgebiet n Schlagbohreinrichtung f, Schlagbohrgerät n
perched rock > pedestal rock percussion drilling system > Pennsylvanian drilling
perched water > backed-up water system
perches (⚒) ● Stangenwerk n percussion drill rods ● Schlaggestänge n
perch hook (⚒) ● Stangenhaken m percussion powder > fulminating powder
Perchlorate explosive ● Perchloratsprengstoff m percussion ramming [A trenchless technique] ●
perchloric ● Überchlorsauer Schlagrohrvortrieb m, Rohrschlagvortrieb
perclinetwin law [A parallel twin law in triclinic fel(d)- percussion sidewall coring, percussive sidewall
spar, in which the twin axis is the crystallographic b axis coring ● Seitenkernschießen n
and the composition surface is a rhombic section. It (percussive) rope drilling ● Seilschlagbohren n
occurs alone or with the albite twin law] ● perklines percussive rotary drilling, rotary percussive drilling ●
Zwillingsgesetz n Drehschlagbohren n
percolating water, percolation water, infiltration percussion shell auger ● Schlagschappe f
water, gravitation water, seepage water ● Sickerwasser n, percussive core drilling ● Rammbohrung f
Perkolationswasser n, Durchsickerungswasser n percussive core drilling with tube (or: hose) ●
percolation [Slow laminar movement of water through Schlauchkernbohrung f
small openings within a porous material. Also used as percussive rotary core drilling ● Rammrotations-
a synonym of ‘‘infiltration’’. Flow in large openings, such Kernbohrung f, Rammrotationskernbohrung f
as caves is not included] ● Perkolation f, percussive sidewall coring, percussion sidewall
Durchsickerung f, Versickerung f coring ● Seitenkernschießen n
P percolation path, path of percolation [The path pereletok, intergelisol [A frozen layer of ground,
taken by water along the contact surface between between the active layer above and the permafrost
the base of a dam or other structure and the below, that remains unthawed for one or several years]
foundation soil] ● Durchsicker(ungs)weg, ● Intergelisol m
Perkolationsweg m perennial ● ganzjährig
percolation pond ● Perkolationsteich, Durch- perennial ● perennierend [Aktivität, Quelle, Fluss
sicker(ungs)teich m usw.]
percolation water, percolating water, infiltration perennial area ● dauernd bewässerungsfähiges
water, gravitation water, seepage water ● Sickerwasser n, Gebiet n
Perkolationswasser n, Durchsickerungswasser n perennial frost, permanent frost ● Dauerfrost m
percolation well ● Sickerbrunnen m perennial irrigation ● ganzjährige Bewässerung f
percussion ● Schlag m perennial lake, permanent lake ● perennierender
percussion bucket > chopping bucket See m, ausdauernder See, Dauersee
percussion cap, percussion cup [A small copper cap, or perennially frozen ground > permafrost
cup, containing fulminating powder which explodes perennial spring > permanent spring
when struck a sharp blow] ● Anzündhütchen n perennial stream, permanent stream, live stream
[Sprengtechnik] [A stream which contains water at all times except during
percussion coring ● Rammkernverfahren n extreme drought] ● perennierender Fluss m,
percussion drill crane ● Schlagbohrkran m ausdauernder Fluss, ständig laufender Fluss,
percussion drilling > Pennsylvanian drilling Dauerfluss, permanenter Fluss
pericline twin law 977

perfect flow, ideal flow, inviscid flow, frictionless flow, to perform a second reamer drilling ● eine zweite
nonviscous flow ● ideales Fließen n, perfektes Fließen, Aufweitungsbohrung auffahren [unterirdischer
vollkommenes Fließen, reib(ungs)freies Fließen Rohrvortrieb]
perfect fluid, ideal fluid, inviscid fluid, nonviscous performance control ● Leistungssteuerung f
fluid, frictionless fluid ● ideales performance monitoring, Leistungsüberwachung f
Strömungsmedium n, perfektes Strömungsmedium, perfpackball ● Perforationsabsperrkugel f
vollkommenes Strömungsmedium, reib(ungs)freies pergelation, permafrost formation ● Dauerfrost-
Strömungsmedium (boden)bildung f, Permafrost(boden)bildung
perfect liquid, ideal liquid, nonviscous liquid, pergelisol, permafrost, permafrost soil, ever frozen
frictionless liquid, inviscid liquid ● ideale Flüssigkeit f, ground, permanently frozen ground, perennially
vollkommene Flüssigkeit, perfekte Flüssigkeit, reib- frozen ground, constantly frozen ground, eternally
(ungs)freie Flüssigkeit [Die Elemente dieser Flüssigkeit frozen ground, perpetually frozen ground, stable frozen
lassen sich ohne innere Kräfte gegeneinander verschieben] ground [‘‘Frozen soil’’ may be used as a synonym for
perfect (mineral) cleavage > eminent (mineral) ‘‘frozen ground’’] ● Permafrost(boden) m,
cleavage Dauerfrost(boden), Pergelisol m, Gefrornisschicht f,
perfect well, fully penetrating well ● vollkommener Gefrornisboden, ewige Gefrornis f, ewiges Bodeneis n;
Brunnen m [Es reicht bis in eine wasserundurchlässige Merslota f [russisch]
Schicht] pergelisol island, permafrost island, permanent frost
perforated casing ● gelochte Verrohrung f, island [A small, shallow, isolated path of permafrost
perforierte Verrohrung, Lochverrohrung surrounded by unfrozen ground, occurs on protected
perforated-casing (water) well [A well into which the north-facing slopes in regions of sporadic permafrost] ●
water enters through holes in the casing] ● (Wasser-) Dauerfrostbodeninsel f, Permafrostbodeninsel
Brunnen m mit gelochter Verrohrung, pergelisol line, permafrost line, permanent frost line
(Wasser)Brunnen mit perforierter Verrohrung, [A line on a map representing the geographic limit of
(Wasser)Brunnen mit Lochverrohrung permafrost] ● Dauerfrostbodengrenze f,
perforated completion ● Komplettierung f mit Permafrostbodengrenze
Lochverrohrung pergelisol table > permafrost table
perforated (drainage) pipe ● perhaps existing ● vielleicht vorhanden
Lochentwässerungsrohr n [Vorratsklasse]
perforated pipe ● perforiertes Rohr n, Lochrohr perhydrous ● wasserstoffreich [Kohle]
perforated rock, pierced rock ● Felstor n, Gesteinstor periclas(it)e, native magnesia ● Periklas m [Mineral in
perforating gun, casing gun, piercing gun, gun farblosen oder dunkelgrünen Oktaedern oder Würfeln,
perforator, casing perforator ● (Bohr)Rohrschießgerät n, chemisch Magnesiumoxid]
Futterrohrschießgerät, Verrohrungsschießgerät, (Bohr) periclinal [Said of strata and structures that dip radially
Rohrlocher m, Verrohrungslocher, Futterrohrlocher, outward from, or inward toward(s), a center, to form
Perforator m, Futterrohrkanone f a dome or a basin] ● periklinal
perforation deposit [Term suggested by Cook in 1946], pericline [A variety of albite elongated in the direction of
kame [A low mound, knob, hummock, or short irregular the b-axis and often twinned with this as the twinning
ridge, composed of stratified sand and gravel deposited by axis. It occurs in veins as large milky-white opaque
a subglacial stream as a fan or delta at the margin of crystals. It is probably an albitized oligoclase] ●
a melting glacier; by a superglacial stream in a low place Periklin m
or hole on the surface of the glacier; or as a ponded pericline ripple (mark(ing)) [A term used by Ten
deposit on the surface or at the margin of stagnant ice. Hanf (1950, p.22) for a ripple mark arranged in an
The term ‘‘kame’’ has undergone several changes orthogonal pattern either parallel or transverse to the
in meaning, but can still be usefully applied to a deposit current direction and having a wavelength up to 80 cm
of glaciofluvial and glaciolacustrine sand and gravel and amplitude up to 30 cm] ● periklinale Rippel
whose precise mode of formation is uncertain. Etymol: (marke) f
a Scottish variant of ‘‘comb’’, a long, steep-sided ridge] ● pericline twin law [A parallel twin law in triclinic fel
Kame m (d)spar, in which the twin axis is the crystallographic
to perform an analysis ● Nachweis führen b axis and the composition surface is a rhombic section.
978 peridot(e)

It occurs alone or with the albite twin law] ● perikline as the time between two consecutive like phases of the tide
Zwillingsgesetz n or a current] ● Periode f, Umlauf m
peridot(e); bastard emerald [misnomer] [A transparent period coming into leaf [Context: two trees growing
to translucent green gem variety of olivine] ● Peridot m; close together may be seen to vary a couple of weeks in
Bastardsmaragd m [Fehlbenennung] their period of coming into leaf] ● Belaubungszeit f
peridot(e) of Ceylon, Ceylon chrysolite, Ceylon peridot periodic current, tidal current, tide current; tidal
(e) [misnomers], yellow-green t(o)urmaline ● Ceylon- stream, tide stream (Brit.); periodic stream; tide
Peridot m, gelbgrüner Turmalin m, Chrysolith m [incorrect synonym] ● Gezeitenstrom m,
peridotite [A general term for a coarse-grained plutonic Gezeitenströmung f, Tide(n)strom, Tide(n)strömung
rock composed chiefly of olivine with or without other periodicity ● Periodizität f
mafic minerals such as pyroxenes, amphiboles, or micas, periodic lake ● periodischer See m
and containing little or no fel(d)spar. Peridotites periodic spring, ebbing and flowing spring [A spring
encompass the more specific term saxonite, harzburgite, that ebbs and flows, owing to natural siphon action. Such
Iherzolite, wehrlite and dunite. Accessory minerals of the springs issue mainly from carbonate rocks, in which
spinel group are commonly present. Peridotite is solution channels form the natural siphons. It is
commonly altered to serpentinite] ● Peridotit m, distinguished from a geyser by its temperature - that of
Olivinfels m ordinary groundwater - and general lack of gas emission]
peridotite shell > external mantle ● aussetzende Quelle f, Springquelle
perigean tide [A tide of increased range (i.e. a spring periodic stream > periodic current
tide) occurring monthly when the moon is at or near the periodic vibrations ● periodische Schwingun-
perigee of its orbit] ● Perigäumgezeit f, Perigäumtide f gen f (pl)
perigee (altitude), lowest altitude ● Perigäum n, period of flood rise, flood rise period ●
Erdnähe f [Der Mondbahnpunkt, bei dem der Mond Hochwasseranstieg(s)zeit f
der Erde am nächsten steht] period of heavy rainfall, period of high precipitation
periglacial, subnival, cryergic, cryonival, paraglacial ● niederschlagsreiche Zeit f
[1. Said of the processes, condition, areas, climates, and period of oscillation, oscillation period ●
topographic features at the immediate margins of former Schwingungsdauer f, Periodendauer [Hydromechanik]
and existing glaciers and ice sheets, and influenced by the period of thawing (out) > frost-melt period
cold temperature of the ice. 2. By extension, said of an period rain(fall) section, rain(fall) section period ●
environment in which frost action is an important Regenabschnitt m
P feature, or of phenomena induced by a periglacial climate period with frost, spell of frost, frost season, freezing
beyond the periphery of the ice] ● subnival, periglazial, season ● Frostperiode f
kalthumid period with snow, spell of snow ● Schneeperiode f
periglacial debris flow ● Murgang m aus dem peripheral angle ● Peripheriewinkel m
Periglazialbereich peripheral basin ● peripheres Becken, Vorlandbecken n
periglacial mountainous area ● periglaziales [Nach der Kontinentkollision im Vorland gebildet]
Gebirgsgebiet n peripheral fault > circumferential fault
perihelion ● Sonnennähe f peripheral moraine > recession(al) moraine
perimagmatic ● perimagmatisch [In unmittelbarer Peri-Tethys Basin ● Peri-Tethys-Becken n
Nähe eines Magmaherdes liegend] perlitic [1. Said of the texture of a glassy igneous rock,
perimeter blasting > smooth (wall) blasting that has cracked due to contraction during cooling, the
perimeter fault, circumferential fault, peripheral fault cracks forming small spheruloids. It is generally confined
● periphere Verwerfung f to natural glass, but occasionally found in noncleavable
perimetral joint ● Perimetralfuge f, perimetrische minerals, e.g. quartz, and as a relict structure in
Fuge, Umfangsfuge devitrified rocks. 2. Characteristic of or pertaining to
perimorph ● Perimorphose f, Umhüllungspseudo- pe(a)rlite] ● perlitisch
morphose permafrost, permafrost soil, pergelisol, ever frozen
period ● Periode f [geochronologisch] ground, permanently frozen ground, perennially
period [In geophysics, the interval of time required for frozen ground, constantly frozen ground, eternally
the completion of a cyclic motion or returning event, such frozen ground, perpetually frozen ground, stable frozen
(permanent) gallery (support(ing)) system 979

ground [‘‘Frozen soil’’ may be used as a synonym for permanent bench mark, permanent B.M., PBM,
‘‘frozen ground’’] ● Permafrost(boden) m, permanent bench point, permanent bench station ●
Dauerfrostboden, Pergelisol m, Gefrornisschicht f, permanente Setzungsmarke f, permanenter
Gefrornisboden, ewige Gefrornis f, ewiges Bodeneis n; Setzungspunkt m, permanente Setzungsstation f
Merslota f [russisch] permanent bolt, permanent anchor ●
permafrost aggradation, permafrost growth, Permanentanker, Daueranker m [DIN 4125T.2. Zur
permafrost accretion [Spreading or appearing of rückwärtigen Verankerung von Spundwandbauwerken
permafrost for the first time] ● Permafrostausbreitung f und Bohrpfahlwänden]
permafrost area, area of permafrost ● permanent bulking, permanent bulkage, permanent
Permafrostgebiet n loosening, permanent breaking-up ● Bleibende
permafrost change ● Permafrostveränderung f Auflockerung f, dauernde Auflockerung [Lösen von
permafrost degradation, depergelation, degradation gewachsenem Boden oder Fels]
of permafrost [The act or process of thawing permanent casing ● bleibende Verrohrung f,
permanently frozen ground] ● Dauerfrostaufgang m Dauerverrohrung
permafrost formation, pergelation ● Dauerfrost- permanent coal pillar, abandoned coal pillar ●
(boden)bildung f, Permafrost(boden)bildung Kohlenfeste f [Siehe Anmerkung unter „Bergfeste’’]
permafrost island, pergelisol island, permanent (permanent) concrete (ground) (support(ing)) system
frost island [A small, shallow, isolated path of ● Betonausbau m, endgültige Betonsicherung f,
permafrost surrounded by unfrozen ground; occurs konstruktive Betonsicherung, bleibende Betonsicherung,
on protected north-facing slopes in regions of dauernde Betonsicherung [Untertagebau]
sporadic permafrost] ● Dauerfrostbodeninsel f, permanent control [A stream-ga(u)ging or river-ga(u)
Permafrostbodeninsel ging control which is substantially unchanging, and is not
permafrost line, pergelisol line, permanent frost line appreciably effected by scour fill or backwater] ●
[A line on a map representing the geographic limit of Dauermessstelle f
permafrost] ● Dauerfrostbodengrenze f, permanent current ● Dauerströmung f [Meer]
Permafrostbodengrenze permanent deformation > set
permafrost soil, pergelisol, ever frozen ground, permanent deformation ● bleibende
permanently frozen ground, perennially frozen Formänderung f
ground, constantly frozen ground, eternally frozen permanent earth structure ● dauerhaftes
ground, perpetually frozen ground, stable frozen Erdbauwerk n
ground, permafrost [‘‘Frozen soil’’ may be used as (permanent) excavation retention system,
a synonym for ‘‘frozen ground’’] ● Dauerfrostboden m (permanent) excavation (support(ing)) system ●
[Das ganze Jahr hindurch bis zu einer Tiefe von 500 Aushubdauerausbau m, endgültiger Aushubausbau
m gefrorener Boden, meist in Polar- und subpolaren permanent extinction [The disappearance of a lake by
Gebieten, zB. Sibirien, Kanada, Alaska, Grönland] destruction of the lake basin] ● endgültiges
Permafrostboden, Pergelisol m, Gefrornisschicht f, Verschwinden n
Gefrornisboden, ewige Gefrornis f, ewiges Bodeneis n; permanent frost, perennial frost ● Dauerfrost m
Merslota f [russisch] permanent frost island > permafrost island
permafrost table, permanent frost table, upper permanent frost line > permafrost line
permafrost table, pergelisol table, permanently permanent frost table, permafrost table, upper
frozen ground table [The upper limit of permafrost, permafrost table, pergelisol table, permanently frozen
represented by an irregular surface dependent on ground table [The upper limit of permafrost, represented
local factors] ● Dauerfrostbodenoberfläche f, by an irregular surface dependent on local factors] ●
Permafrostbodenoberfläche Dauerfrostbodenoberfläche f, Permafrostbodenober-
permafrost zone; ● Permafrostzone f, Dauerfrostzone fläche
permanent action [see EN Code 1900 for more details] (permanent) gallery (support(ing)) system, (perma-
● ständige Einwirkung [auf ein Tragwerk] nent) drift (support(ing)) system; (permanent) tunnel
permanent anchor > permanent bolt (support(ing)) system (US) ● Stollenausbau m,
permanent anchorage ● Dauerverankerung f bleibende Stollensicherung f, endgültige
permanent aurora > airglow Stollensicherung, dauernde Stollensicherung
980 permanent GPS station

permanent GPS station ● GPS-Permanentstation f permanent shaft ● Dauerschacht m

permanent grassland ● Dauergrasland n, permanent shaft structure, permanent shaft
Dauergrünland (supporting) system, permanent shaft lining ●
(permanent) (ground) (support(ing)) system, Schachtausbau m, dauernde Schachtsicherung,
structural (ground) (support(ing)) system, endgültige Schachtsicherung, bleibende
underground support ● Ausbau m [Ausbau ist jede Schachtsicherung, konstruktive Schachtsicherung
Art von Tragwerk, das im Hohlräume unter Tage permanent slope ● bleibende Böschung f,
eingebracht wird, um diese zu stützen oder ihre Standböschung [Sie entsteht beim Herstellen von
Eigentragfähigkeit zu erhöhen (*1)] endgültige Einschnitten, Rampen und Dämmen]
Sicherung f, konstruktive Sicherung, bleibende (permanent) slope (support(ing)) system ●
Sicherung, dauernde Sicherung [Untertagebau] konstruktive Böschungssicherung f, Böschungsausbau m
permanent hardness [This term is becoming obsolete]; permanent snow line ● Dauerschneegrenze f
noncarbonate hardness [Hardness of water, permanent spring, perennial spring [A spring that
expressed as CaCO3 that is in excess of the CaCO3 discharges continuously] ● ständig laufende Quelle f,
equivalent of the carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinity. perennierende Quelle, Dauerquelle, ausdauernde
It cannot be removed by boiling] ● Nichtkarbonathärte Quelle
f, Dauerhärte, permanente Härte, NKH, bleibende permanent staff ● Stammpersonal n,
Härte Stammbelegschaft f
permanent joint ● bleibende Fuge f (permanent) steel (ground) (support(ing)) system
permanent lagging ● Dauerverzug m ● Stahlausbau m, endgültige Stahlsicherung f
permanent lake, perennial lake ● perennierender [Untertagebau]
See m, ausdauernder See, Dauersee permanent stream, perennial stream, live stream
permanent lake extinction [See remark under ‘‘lake [A stream which contains water at all times except during
extinction’’] ● endgültiges Seenverschwinden n extreme drought] ● perennierender Fluss m,
permanent loosening > permanent bulking ausdauernder Fluss, ständig laufender Fluss,
permanently anchored ● dauerverankert Dauerfluss, permanenter Fluss
permanently cased pile, dauerverrohrter Pfahl m permanent structure ● Dauerbauwerk n
permanently frozen ground > permafrost soil permanent support [tunnelling] ● dauerhafte
permanently frozen ground table > permafrost Sicherung f [Tunnelbau]
table (permanent) support(ing) element, (permanent)
P permanently supported ● ausgebaut [Tunnel- und support(ing) member, (permanent) support(ing)
Stollenbau] product ● Ausbauelement n, Ausbauglied n
permanent opening ● Dauerhohlraum m, großer [Untertagebau]
unterirdischer Hohlraum (permanent) support(ing) pattern ●
permanent ore pillar, abandoned ore pillar ● Erz- Ausbauschema n
feste f [Siehe Anmerkung unter„Bergfeste’’] (permanent) support(ing) resistance ●
permanent personnel, permanent staff ● Ausbauwiderstand m
Stammpersonal n permanent (support(ing)) system ● endgültiger
permanent pillar > abandoned pillar Ausbau m, verbleibender Ausbau [Untertagehohlraum]
permanent prestressed anchor ● permanent permanent suspended load [Very fine particles may
vorgespannter Anker m not settle in the river at all and so be carried to the sea] ●
permanent road(way) (support(ing)) system, road Dauerschwebestoffe f
(way) permanent (support(ing)) system (⚒) ● (permanent) tunnel (support(ing)) system ●
Streckenausbau m, endgültige Streckensicherung f Tunnelausbau m, bleibende Tunnelsicherung f,
permanent salt pillar, abandoned salt pillar ● dauernde Tunnelsicherung, endgültige
Salzfeste f [Siehe Anmerkung unter „Bergfeste’’] Tunnelsicherung, konstruktive Tunnelsicherung
permanent scatterers interferometry ● Permanent (permanent) tunnel (support(ing)) system (US)
Scatterers Interferometrie f, PSI [Internationale > (permanent) gallery (support(ing)) system

Bezeichnung] permanent way ballast > ballast

perpendicular displacement 981

permanent wilting [A degree of wilting from which permeameter ● Durchlässigkeitsmesser m

a plant can recover only if water is added to the soil] ● permeation grouting [see EN 12715 for additional
permanentes Welken n terms and definition] ● Poreninjektion f
permanent wilting percentage ● permanenter permian ● permisch
Welkeprozentsatz m, permanente Welkeprozente f Permian; Dyas(sic) [obsolete] ● Dyas f, Perm n
permanent wilting point ● permanenter Welkepunkt Permian rock ● Permfels m, Permgestein n
m, PWP Permian sea ● salinares Permbecken n
(permanent) wood(en) (ground) (support(ing)) Permian volcanic series ● unterpermische
system, (permanent) timber (ground) (support(ing)) Eruptivfolge f
system ● Holzausbau m, endgültige Holzsicherung f Permian volcanism ● permischer Vulkanismus m,
[Untertagebau] Permvulkanismus
permanganic acid ● Permangansäure f permissible cartridge, coal-winning cartridge (⚒) ●
permeabiltity, perviousness ● Permeabilität f, Wettersprengstoffpatrone f, Schlagwettersprengstoff-
Durchlässigkeit f im engeren Sinne, Durchdringbarkeit, patrone
hydraulische Leitfähigkeit, hydraulisches permissible dynamite, coal-winning dynamite (⚒) ●
Leitvermögen n Wetterdynamit n, m, Schlagwetterdynamit
permeability coefficient, coefficient of permeability, permissible explosive, coal-winning explosive, per-
hydraulic conductivity [The imaginary average velocity mitted explosive (⚒) ● Wettersprengstoff m,
of water through the total (voids and solids) area of soil Schlagwettersprengstoff
under a hydraulic gradient of 1. Zeichen: K] ● permissible velocity safe velocity
Darcyscher (Boden)Durchlässigkeitswert m permission to explore, exploring permission (⚒) ●
permeability contrast ● Durchlässigkeitskontrast m Freischurf [Die Befugnis in einem Bezirk allein zu
[Felsgestein] schürfen]
permeability curve > first curve permitted (blasting) explosive > coal getting
permeability edge, edge of permeability ● (blasting) explosive
Begrenzung f der Durchlässigkeit [Gasspeicher] permo-carboniferous ● permokarbonisch
permeability law ● Durchlässigkeitsgesetz n Permo-Carboniferous [1. The entire Permian and
permeability reducing admix(ture), pore filler ● Carboniferous, considered as a unit 2. The Permian
Porenfüller m, Porenfüllstoff m, Porenfüllmittel n and Pennsylvanian period combined. 3. An age, or
permeability tensor ● Durchlässigkeits-Tensor m corresponding rock unit transitional between the
permeability test ● Dichtheitsprüfung, Durchlässig- uppermost Pennsylvanian and lowermost Permian] ●
keitsversuch m Permokarbon n, Karbonperm n
permeability to gas(es) ● Gasdurchlässigkeit f permo-Carboniferous basin ● permokarbonisches
permeability to water, water permeability ● Becken n
Wasserdurchlässigkeit f permo-Carboniferous sandstone ●
permeable to water, water-permeable, pervious permokarboner Sandstein m, permokarbonischer
to water; less frequent: water-pervious ● Sandstein m
wasserdurchlässig Permo-Silesian distributive province ● Permosiles
permeable (board) fencing, dyke (board) fencing, Verbreitungsgebiet n
permeable (board) fence, dyke (board) fence, pernitrate of mercury, mercury pernitrate ●
dike (board) fencing, dike (board) fence, board salpetersaures Quecksilberoxyd n
fence dyke, board fence dike, pervious (board) fence, perpendicular boundary line, vertical boundary
(pervious) board fencing ● Lattenbau m line ● Lotrechte f [Abflussmengenmessung mit
[Wasserlaufregelung] Messflügel]
permeable limestone, pervious limestone, porous perpendicular depth, vertical depth (⚒) ●
limestone ● poröser Kalkstein, durchlässiger Saigerteufe f, Seigerteufe
Kalkstein m perpendicular displacement ● Verschiebung f
permeable material ● durchlässiges Material n [In Richtung senkrecht zu einer Schichtfläche welche
permeable unit > aquifer von einer Verwerfung durchschnitten ist]
982 perpendicular slip

perpendicular slip [The component of the (net) slip perspective non-volume (map) symbol ●
measured perpendicularly to the trace on the fault of Flächenkartenzeichen n [Kartenzeichen in flächiger
the disrupted index plane (bed, dike, vein, etc.) in the Form im Gegensatz zum körperhaften Kartenzeichen]
fault plane] ● reine Senkrechtkomponente f der perspective view, central perspective view ● (zentral)
Strömungsbewegung perspektivische Ansicht f
perpetual frost [The term ‘‘permafrost’’ in some dictio- perspective viewing ● perspektivische Betrachtung f
naries is incorrect, since this term only refers to perspective volume (map) symbol ● körperhaftes
a perennially frozen subsoil (permafrost soil)] ● (Karten)Zeichen n
Dauerfrost m pertaining to blende, blendous ● blend(emäß)ig,
perpetually frozen ground > permafrost soil blendeartig
perpetuating testimony [The taking of testimony Peru current, Humboldt current ● Humboldtstrom m
in order to preserve it for future use, as where it is Peru(vian) saltpeter, Peru(vian) niter (US); Peru(-)
in danger of being lost before the matter to which (vian) saltpetre, Peru(vian) nitre (Brit.) [See remark
it relates can be made the subject of judicial under ‘‘Chile saltpeter’’] ● Perusalpeter m
investigation] ● Beweissicherung f, (vorsorgliche) (pervious) board fencing > permeable (board)
Beweisaufnahme f fencing
persilicic > acid(ic) pervious concrete, porous concrete [a material that
persistent, extensive [As applied to a vein or orebody] ● offers the durability and low life-cycle costs of a typical
ausgedehnt concrete pavement while retaining storm-water runoff.
persistent, closed discontinuity ● durchgehende, However, it does not have the load-bearing strength of
geschlossene Trennfläche f traditional concrete and is used for low-volume applica-
persistent design situation [see EN Code 1990 for tions only in residential areas and parks] ● Dränbeton m
more details] ● ständige Bemessungssituation f pervious grid plate > indented pervious plate
persistent discontinuity [a continuous plane in a rock pervious limestone, permeable limestone,
mass] ● durchgehende Trennfläche f porous limestone ● poröser Kalkstein, durchlässiger
persistent disontinuity with no filling ● Kalkstein m
durchgehende, nicht gefüllte Trennfläche f perviousness, permeability ● Permeabilität f
persistent fossil ● durchlaufendes Fossil n Durchlässigkeit f im engeren Sinne, Durchdringbarkeit,
persistent parting [In a coal bed] ● Einlagerung f hydraulische Leitfähigkeit, hydraulisches Leitvermögen n
persistent peneplain ● Beharrungsrumpf m pervious shell ● Dränschicht f, Filterschicht
P persistent situation ● ständige Situation f [DIN 1054] [Staudamm]
persistent uneven discontinuity ● durchgehende petalite, lithia-fel(d)spar [A white, gray, or colourless
unebene Trennfläche f monoclinic mineral] ● Petalit m, Bergalit, Kastor m,
personal error, observation error, error in observation Lithionfeldspat m, LiAlSi4O10
● Beobachtungsfehler m [Fotogrammetrie] petering (out), pinching (out), thinning (out),
personnel rope haulage, men rope haulage, staff rope wedging (out), dying (out), ending (off), tapering
haulage (⚒) ● Seilfahrt f, Mannschaftsseilfahrt (out), thinning away, dying away, lensing (out) [Of
personnel working under overpressure [caisson a stratum in one or more directions] ● Auskeilen n,
lowering] ● unter Überdruck arbeitendes Personal n Verdrücken, Ausdünnen, Verdünnen, Schmälerwerden,
[Senkkastenabsenkung] Ausschwänzen
perspective adjustment ● perspektivische to peter (out), to pinch (out), to taper (out), to thin
Umbildung f (out), to wedge (out), to thin away, to die away, to die
perspective axis > axis of homology (out), to end (off), to lens (out) ● verdrücken,
perspective displacement, topographic(al) ausdünnen, auskeilen, verdünnen, schmäler werden,
displacement [air photography] ● topografische ausschwänzen
Verschiebung f, perspektivische Verschiebung P.E.T.N. > pentaerythritol tetranitrate
perspective grid method, Projektivnetzmethode f, petrifaction, petrification [A process of fossilization
Projektivnetzverfahren n, Methode der projektiven whereby organic matter is converted into a stony
Netze, Verfahren der projektiven Netze [grafische substance by the infiltration of water containing dissolved
Entzerrung] inorganic matter, e.g. calcium carbonate, silica, which
petroleum accumulation 983

replaces the original organic material(s), sometimes petrographic(al) classification ● petrografische

retaining the structure. Not to be confused with Einteilung f
‘‘lithification’’] ● Versteinerung f petrographic(al) correlation of coal seams ●
petrification by silica, sili(ci)fication, silica kohlenpetrografische Flözkorrelation f
petrification, silica petrifaction, petrifaction by silica petrographic(al) (drilling) profile ● petrografisches
[The introduction of, or replacement by, silica, generally (Bohr)Profil n
resulting in the formation of fine-grained quartz, c(h) petrographic(al) evidence ● petrografischer
alcedony, or opal, which may fill pores and replace Beweis m
existing minerals] ● Silifizierung f [Sie umfasst petrographic(al) facies, petrofacies [Facies
Einkieselung und Verkieselung] distinguished by petrographic characters] ● Petrofazies f
petrified ● versteinert petrographic(al) identification ● petrografische
petrified moss > tufa Kennzeichnung f
petrified plant, rock plant ● versteinerte Pflanze f petrographic(al) microscope, polarizing microscope
petrified rose(tte), barite rose(tte) ● Baritrose(tte) f ● Polarisationsmikroskop n
petrified wood, sili(ci)fied wood, agatized wood, opal petrographic(al) province, magma province,
(ized) wood, woodstone, wood opal, lapidified wood; comagmatic region, igneous province [A broad area
shinarump, china-rump [Colloquial terms used in the in which similar rocks are considered to have
southwestern U.S.] [A material formed by been formed during the same period of igneous
permineralization of wood by silica in such a manner activity] ● petrografische Provinz f,
that the original form and structure of the wood is Gesteinsprovinz, magmatische Region f [Gesamtheit
preserved. The silica is generally in the form of opal der Eruptivgesteine, die demselben Magmaherd
or chalcedony] ● versteinertes Holz n, verkieseltes entstammen]
Holz, Starstein m, Holzopal m, Kieselholz, fossiles petrographic investigation ● gesteinstechnische
Holz, verkieselte Baumstämme f, versteinerte Untersuchung f
Baumstämme petrography, descriptive petrology [A branch of
petrochemical, petroleum chemical ● geology that deals with the description and systematic
Petrochemikalie f classification of rocks, especially igneous and
petrochemistry [An aspect of geochemistry that deals metamorphic rocks, and especially by means of
with the study of the chemical composition of rocks] ● microscopic examination of thin sections. Petrography is
Gesteins-Chemie f more restricted in scope than petrology] ● Petrografie f,
petrochemistry [The chemistry and reaction of mate- Petrographie f, Gesteinskunde f
rials derived from petroleum, natural gas, and asphalt petroleum, (rock) oil, native naphtha, mineral
deposits] ● Petrochemie f naphtha; earth-oil [obsolete]; pitch [An old vernacular
petrofabric > fabric term] ● Erdöl n, Roh(erd)öl, (Roh)Petroleum n, Öl,
petrofabric. . . > fabric. . . Bergbalsam m [Man nennt die hellen Öle „Naphtha’’, die
petrofabrics > structural petrology gelblichen „Petroleum’’ und die bräunlichen, zähen
petrofabric science > science of structure „Bergteer’’]
petrofacies, petrographic(al) facies [Facies petroleum absorbing agent, oil absorbing agent ●
distinguished by petrographic characters] ● Petrofazies f Ölbinder m
pedogenesis, lithogenesis [A branch of petrology that petroleum accident, oil accident ● (Erd)Ölunfall m
deals with the origin and formation of rocks] ● petroleum accumulation, oil accumulation, oil
Petrogenese f, Petrogenesis f, Gesteinsbildung f, pool, oil reservoir, petroleum pool, petroleum reser-
Gesteinsgenesis, Gesteinsentstehung f, Gesteinsgenese, voir, petroleum field, oil field [A subsurface
Gesteinswerdung, Lithogenese f accumulation of petroleum that will yield crude oil
petrogenetic ● petrogenetisch, gesteinsbildend in economic quantities. A ‘‘field’’ may be one
petroglyph [Literally, a rock carving; it usually excludes reservoir, or it may include two or more separate
writing and therefore is of prehistoric or protohistoric reservoirs, all of which, however, are related to the
age] ● Petroglyph m, Felszeichnung f same geologic(al) structure or to the same
petrographer ● Petrograf m, Petrograph m, Gesteins- stratigraphic environment] ● (Erd)Ölspeicher m,
kundiger m, Gesteinskundler (Erd-)Öllager(stätte) n, (f)
984 petroleum accumulation geology

petroleum accumulation geology > petroleum field petroleum dead line, oil dead line ● Stechsche
geology Inkohlungssprung m, Untergrenze f
petroleum accumulation water > petroleum pool petroleum-degrading microbe, oil-degrading
water microbe ● (erd)ölabbauende Mikrobe f
petroleum asphalt, oil asphalt (US); oil (asphaltic) petroleum delta, oil delta ● (Erd)Öldelta n
bitumen, petroleum (asphaltic) bitumen (Brit.) ● petroleum displacement, oil displacement ● (Erd-)
(Erd)Ölbitumen n Ölverdrängung f
petroleum barge, oil barge ● (Erd)Ölkahn m petroleum drainage, oil drainage ● Entölung f
petroleum-base(d) (drilling) mud, oil-base(d) petroleum drainage cone, oil drainage cone ●
(drilling) mud [A drilling mud with clay particles Entölungskegel m, Entölungskonus m [Um ein
suspended in oil rather than in water] ● (Erd)Öl(Bohr)- Bohrloch herum]
Spül(ungs)schlamm m petroleum drill hole > petroleum (bore)hole
petroleum-base(d) (formation) fracturing fluid, petroleum engineer, oil engineer ● (Erd-)
oil-base(d) (formation) fracturing fluid, refined-oil Ölingenieur m
(formation) fracturing fluid [It consists of specific petroleum engineering, oil engineering ● (Erd-)
cuts from fractionating towers or specific blends of various Öltechnik f
cuts] ● (Erd)Öl-Aufbrechmedium n, (Erd-) petroleum exploration, oil exploration, petroleum
Öl-Aufreißmedium, (Erd)Öl-Rissbildungsmedium search(ing), oil search(ing), petroleum prospection,
petroleum basin, oil basin ● (Erd)Ölbecken n oil prospection, petroleum prospecting, oil prospecting
petroleum-bearing, oil-bearing, petroliferous ● (erd-) ● (Erd)Ölprospektion f, (Erd)Ölaufsuchung f, (Erd-)
ölführend, (erd)ölenthaltend, (erd)ölhaltig Ölsuche f
petroleum-bearing rock, oil-bearing rock, petroleum explorationist, oil explorationist ● (Erd-)
petroliferous rock ● (Erd)Ölspeichergestein n, (Erd-) Ölaufschließer m
Ölträgergestein petroleum field > petroleum accumulation
petroleum-bearing shale, oil-bearing shale, petroleum field gathering system, oil field gathering
petroliferous shale ● (Erd)Ölschiefer m system ● (Erd)Ölfeldleitungssystem n
petroleum-bearing zone, oil-bearing zone, petroleum field geology, oil field geology, petroleum
petroliferous zone ● (Erd)Ölträger m pool geology, oil pool geology, petroleum accumulation
petroleum birth line, oil birth line ● Obergrenze f, geology, oil accumulation geology, petroleum reservoir
Inkohlungssprung m im Bereich Glanzbraunkohle/ geology, oil reservoir geology ● (Erd)Ölfeldgeologie f
P Flammkohle [Sie umfasst (Erd)Ölprüfungsgeologie, (Erd)Ölförder-
petroleum (bore)hole, petroleum, well(bore), petro- geologie und Anwendung der Atomenergie]
leum drill hole, oil well(bore), oil drill hole, oil (bore) petroleum field going to water, oil field going to
hole ● (Erd)Ölbohrloch n, (Erd)Öl(förder)bohrung, water ● verwässertes (Erd)Ölfeld n
(Erd)Ölfundbohrung f, (Erd)Ölsonde f petroleum field operation(s), oil field operation(s) ●
petroleum-burning (flame) safety lamp, oil(burn- (Erd)Ölfeldbetrieb m
ing) (flame) safety lamp (⚒) ● (Erd)Ölsicherheits- petroleum field water, oil field water ● (Erd-)
(gruben)lampe f Ölfeldwasser n
petroleum (casing) string > petroleum (production) petroleum field winch, oil field winch [An extremely
casing string powerful low speed winch on a crawler tractor] ● (Erd-)
petroleum chemical, petrochemical ● Petrochemikalie f Ölfeldwinde f
petroleum chemicals industry ● (Erd)Ölchemika- petroleum fire, oil fire ● (Erd)Ölbohrlochbrand m
lienindustrie f petroleum gas, oil gas ● (Erd)Ölgas n [Erdgas aus
petroleum coke, oil coke ● (Erd)Ölkoks m Erdöllagerstätten welches höhere Kohlenwasserstoffe
petroleum control, oil control ● (Erd)Ölwehr f enthält]
petroleum-cut (drilling) mud, oil cut (drilling) mud petroleum genesis ● (Erd)Ölentstehung f
[Drilling mud unintentionally admixed with crude oil, petroleum geochemistry, oil geochemistry ● (Erd-)
may result from oil entering the mud while drilling or Ölgeochemie f
from a drill-stem test of an oil reservoir] ● (erd-) petroleum geologist, oil geologist ● (Erd-)
ölverschmutzte (Bohr)Spülung f Ölgeologe m
petroleum refining 985

petroleum geology, oil geology ● (Erd)Ölgeologie f petroleum pollution of the ground, oil pollution of
[Sie umfasst (Erd)Ölerkundungsgeologie, (Erd-) the ground ● Bodenverölung f
Ölfeldgeologie und (Erd)Ölbergbaugeologie] petroleum pool > petroleum accumulation
petroleum geophysicist, oil geophysicist ● (Erd-) petroleum pool geology > petroleum field geology
Ölgeophysiker petroleum pool water, oil pool water, oil reservoir
petroleum glut, oil glut ● Ölschwemme f water, oil accumulation water, petroleum reservoir
petroleum header tube, oil header tube ● (Erd-) water, petroleum accumulation water ● (Erd-)
Ölkopfleitung f Ölspeicherwasser n, (Erd)Öllager(stätten)wasser
petroleum horizon, oil horizon ● [Mit (Erd)Öl vorkommendes Wasser]
(erd)ölführender geologischer Horizont m, (Erd-) petroleum possibility, oil possibility ● (Erd-)
Ölhorizont Ölhöffigkeit f
petroleum hydrocarbon, oil hydrocarbon ● (Erd-) petroleum processing, petroleum refining, oil
Ölkohlenwasserstoff m refining, oil processing ● (Erd)Ölaufbereitung f
petroleum in place, in(-)place petroleum, oil petroleum producing horizon, oil
in place, O.I.P., in(-)situ petroleum, in(-)situ oil, producing horizon, oil producing zone, oil-
in(-)place oil ● anstehendes (Erd)Öl n, productive horizon, oilproductive zone,
ursprünglicher (Erd)Ölvor-rat m, (Erd)Ölreserve f petroleum-producing zone, petroleum-productive
petroleum mapping, oil mapping ● (Erd-) horizon, petroleum-productive zone [‘‘Formation’’
Ölkartierung f may synonymously be used for ‘‘horizon’’ and ‘‘zone’’]
petroleum migration, oil migration ● (Erd-) ● (Erd)Öl(förder)horizont m, (Erd-)
Ölwanderung f, (Erd)Ölmigration f Ölproduktionshorizont
petroleum migration path, oil migration path, petroleum producing operation(s), oil producing
petroleum migration avenue, oil migration avenue, operation(s) ● (Erd)Ölförderbetrieb m
petroleum migration channel, oil migration channel petroleum production, oil production ● (Erd-)
● (Erd)Ölwanderungsweg m Ölförderung f, (Erd)Ölproduktion f
petroleum mine, oil mine ● (Erd)Ölgrube f, (Erd-) petroleum production by underground
Ölbergwerk n combustion, oil production by underground
petroleum mining, oil mining ● (Erd)Ölbergbau m combustion ● (Erd)Ölförderung f mittels
petroleum mining geology, oil mining geology ● unterirdischer Verbrennung, (Erd)Ölproduktion f
(Erd)Ölbergbaugeologie f [(Erd)Öltiefbaugeologie und mittels unterirdischer Verbrennung
(Erd)Öltagebaugeologie] petroleum (production) casing string, oil
petroleum mud, oil mud ● (Erd)Ölspülung f (production) casing string, oil production string
petroleum occurrence, oil occurrence ● (Erd-) (of casing), oil (casing) string, oil pay string (of casing),
Ölvorkommen n, (Erd)Ölvorkommnis n petroleum production (string of casing), petroleum
petroleum odor, oil odor (US); petroleum odour, oil (casing) string, petroleum pay string (of casing) ●
odour (Brit.) ● (Erd)Ölgeruch m (Erd)Ölproduktions(rohr)fahrt f, (Erd)Ölförder(rohr)-
petroleum oil ● (Erd)Öl n von (Erd)Ölprovenienz, fahrt, (Erd)Ölproduktions(rohr)tour f, (Erd)Ölförder-
(Erd)Ölfraktion f (rohr)tour
petroleum open cut geology, oil open cut geology ● petroleum production engineer, oil production
(Erd)Öltagebaugeologie f engineer ● (Erd)Ölförderingenieur m
petroleum operation(s), oil operation(s) ● (Erd-) petroleum production engineering, oil production
Ölförder(ungs)betrieb m engineering ● (Erd)Ölfördertechnik f
petroleum origin, oil origin ● (Erd)Ölentstehung f petroleum products (pipe)line, oil products (pipe)
petroleum (out)crop, oil (out)crop ● (Erd-) line (Erd)Ölproduktion(rohr)leitung f
Ölausbiss m petroleum reconnaissance, oil reconnaissance ●
petroleum pay string (of casing) > petroleum (Erd)Ölerkundung f
(production) casing string petroleum reconnaissance geology, oil reconnais-
petroleum pipeline, oil pipeline ● (Erd-) sance geology ● (Erd)Ölerkundungsgeologie f
Ölfernleitung f petroleum refining, petroleum processing, oil
petroleum pollution, oil pollution ● Verölung f refining, oil processing ● (Erd)Ölaufbereitung f
986 petroleum removal

petroleum removal, oil removal ● Entölung f subterraneous mining geology, oil underground
petroleum reservoir > petroleum accumulation mining geology, oil subsurface mining geology, oil
petroleum reservoir engineering, oil reservoir subterraneous mining geology, oil subterranean
engineering ● (Erd)Öllagerstättentechnik f mining geology ● (Erd)Öltiefbaugeologie f
petroleum reservoir geology > petroleum field petroleum-water contact, oil-water contact,
geology petroleum-water interface, oil-water interface [The
petroleum reservoir pressure, oil reservoir pressure boundary surface between an oil accumulation and the
● (Erd)Öllagerstättendruck m underlying bottom water] ●(Erd)Öl-Wasser-Grenz-
petroleum reservoir rock, oil reservoir rock ● (Erd-) (fläch)e f
Ölspeichergestein n, Speichergestein, (erd)öl(ent)- petroleum well(bore) > petroleum (bore)hole
haltendes Gestein petroleum well csg. > casing
petroleum reservoir water > petroleum pool water petroleum well drilling, oil well drilling ● (Erd-)
petroleum rig, oil rig ● (Erd)Ölbohranlage f Ölsondenbohren n
petroleum rock, oil rock ● (erd)ölführendes Gestein n, petroleum well out of control > (bore)hole out of
(erd)ölführender Fels m control
petroleum sand, oil sand ● (Erd)Ölsand m petroleum well shooting, oil well shooting, oil well
petroleum seepage, ‘‘petroleum spring’’, oil seepage, blasting, oil well perforating, torpedoing, petroleum
‘‘oil spring’’ ● (Erd)Ölaustritt m, (Erd)Ölquelle f, (Erd-) well blasting, petroleum well perforating [Exploding
Ölausfluss m a high explosive in the oil bearing formation to increase
petroleum show, oil show ● (Erd)Ölanzeichen n, the flow of oil] ● Torpedieren n, Torpedierung f
(Erd)Ölindikation f petroleum well swab, oil well swab ● (Erd-)
petroleum smoke, oil smoke ● (Erd)Ölrauch m Ölförderkolben m
[Rauch von brennendem (Erd)Öl] petroleum-wet(ted), oil-wet(ted) ● (erd)ölbenetzt
petroleum source rock, oil source rock ● (Erd-) petroliferous > petroleum-bearing
Ölmuttergestein n petroliferous rock > petroleum-bearing rock
petroleum spill, oil spill ● (Erd)Öllache f petroliferous stratum, petroleum-bearing stratum,
‘‘petroleum spring’’, petroleum seep(age), oil seep oil-bearing stratum ● (Erd)Ölträger m, (erd-)
(age), ‘‘oil spring’’ ● (Erd)Ölaustritt m, (Erd)Ölquelle f, ölführende Schicht f, (erd)ölenthaltende Schicht
(Erd)Ölausfluss m petroliferous zone > petroleum-bearing zone
petroleum (storage) cavern, oil (storage) cavern ● petrologic(al) microscope ● Dünnschliffmikroskop n
P (Erd)Öl(lager)kaverne f, (Erd)Ölspeicherkaverne petrologist [One who is engaged in the study of
petroleum stratum, petroliferous stratum, oilbearing petrology] ● Petrologe m, Gesteinswissenschaftler m
stratum ● (Erd)Ölträger m, (erd)ölführende Schicht f, petrology, science of rocks, rock science [The branch
(erd)ölenthaltende Schicht of geology concerned with the origin, occurrence,
petroleum string, oil string ● letzte Rohrfahrt f [außer structure, and history of rocks, principally igneous and
den Filterrohren] metamorphic rocks] ● Petrologie f, Gesteins-
petroleum subsurface mining geology, petroleum wissenschaft f
underground mining geology, petroleum subterranean petrophysical ● gesteinsphysikalisch
mining geology, petroleum subterraneous mining petro-physical parameters ● gesteinsphysikalische
geology, oil underground mining geology, oil Kenndaten f
subsurface mining geology, oil subterraneous mining petrosilex [obsolete] > flint
geology, oil subterranean mining geology ● (Erd-) petrostratigraphic > rock-stratigraphic
Öltiefbaugeologie f petrostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, rock
petroleum test geology, oil test geology ● (Erd-) stratigraphy ● Lithostratigrafie, Petrostratigrafie,
Ölprüf(ungs)geologie f beschreibende Stratigrafie, deskriptive Stratigrafie,
petroleum test kit, oil test kit ● Ölprüfsatz m Gesteinsstratigrafie f [alte Schreibweise in allen Fällen
petroleum trap, oil trap ● (Erd)Ölfalle f, Strukturfalle für ‚. . .’stratigrafie auch ‚. . .stratigraphie’]
petroleum underground mining geology, petrothermal geothermal energy, HDR geothermal
petroleum subsurface mining geology, petroleum energy, Hot Dry Rock energy ● Hot-Dry-Rock Energie f,
subterranean mining geology, petroleum (geothermische) HDR-Energie, petrothermale
phengite geobarometer 987

geothermische Energie f, petrothermale Geothermie phantom bottom > deep scattering layer
[Gegenüber der hydrothermalen Geothermie, die auf phantom horizon [In seismic reflection prospecting,
das Vorkommen von thermalwasserführenden a line constructed so that it is parallel to the nearest
Gesteinsschichten (Aquifere) basiert, nutzen actual dip segment at all points along a profile] ●
petrothermale Verfahren heißes Grundgestein] gedachter Horizont m, bedingter Horizont,
petrothermal method, petrothermal system, Phantomhorizont
Hot-Dry-Rock method, HDR method ● pharmacolite, arsenical bloom, arsenicite
Hot-Dry-Rock Verfahren n, HDR Verfahren, [A monoclinic mineral occurring in white or grayish
petrothermale Geothermie Verfahren n silky fibers] ● Pharmakolit m, CaH(As04).2H2O
petzite, Ag3AuTe2 [A steel-gray to iron-black telluride pharmacosiderite > cubic(al) ore
consisting of silver and gold, hardness is 2.5–3 on Mohs’ phase age > age of phase inequality
scale, and specific gravity is 8.7–9.0] ● Petzit m phase angle [The angle, measured at the point under
pey(-wall) [Lancashire] (⚒) ● Versatzmauer f observation, between the illumination source and the
pfahl > devil’s wall observer] ● Phasenwinkel m
PFI > (Franki) displacement caisson phase boundary > boundary (line)
PGA, peak ground acceleration ● Spitzenbodenbe- phase correlation ● Phasenkorrelation f
schleunigung f phase delay ● Phasenverzögerung f
PGC, programmable gain control ● programmierbare phase diagram, equilibrium diagram [A graph
Verstärkungsregelung f [seismische Analogapparatur] designed to show the boundaries of the fields of stability
pH [The pH of a solution refers to the negative logarithm of the various phases of a system. The co-ordinates are
to the base 10 of the concentration of hydrogen ions in usually two or more of the intensive variables
moles per liter] ● pH(-Wert) m, pH-Zahl f temperature, pressure, and composition, but not
phacellite, facellite, kaliophilite ● Kaliophyllit m, restricted to these] ● Gleichgewicht(s)diagramm n
KAISiO4 phase difference ● Phasenunterschied m
phacolite, phacolith [An igneous body, lensshaped in phase encoded ● phasenkodiert
cross-section, intruded between folded beds either on the phase equalization ● Phasenausgleich m
crest of an anticline or in the trough of a syncline] ● phase equilibrium ● Phasengleichgewicht n
Phakolith m phase equilibrium diagram ● Phasengleich-
phaneric [Said of a texture of a carbonate sedimentary gewichtsdiagramm n
rock (esp. limestone) characterized by individual crystals phase error correction ● Phasenfehlerkorrektion f
or clastic grains whose diameters are greater than 0.01 phase geopressure, phase overpressure ●
mm. ‘Phaneric’ should not be confused with ‘phaneritic’. überhydrostatischer Druck m während der spätdiage-
‘Phaneric’ was proposed by DeFord (1986), who used netischen Entwässerung von Montmorillonit
0.004 mm as the limiting diameter] ● phanerisch phase inequality ● halbmonatliche Ungleichheit f
phanerite [An igneous rock having the grains of its (bei halbtägiger Gezeitenform)
essential minerals large enough to be seen phase jitter ● Quasirauschen n [Satellitenträgersignal]
macroscopically. Obsolete synonym: phaneromere] ● phase lag, tidal epoch, epoch ● Gezeitenverzöge-
Phanerit m rung f, Tide(n)verzögerung
phaneritic, phanerocrystalline, macromeritic, phase overpressure, phase geopressure ●
phenocrystalline, visibly crystalline [Textural terms überhydrostatischer Druck m während der spätdiage-
applied to igneous rocks in which all the crystals of the netischen Entwässerung von Montmorillionit
essential minerals can be distinguished with the unaided phase petrology [The study of igneous complexes by
eye. Not to be confused with ‘‘phaneric’’] ● means of ‘critical phases’ instead of the study of rock types
phanerokristallin, phaneritisch or ‘species petrology’] ● Phasenpetrologie f
phanerocryst > phenocryst phase relationship ● Phasenbeziehung f
phaneromere [obsolete] > phanerite phase spectrum, phase response, phase shift
Phanerozoic Eon ● Phanerozoikum n [Die durch [In seismology, the shift of phase with frequency produced
Fossilien belegten Abschnitte der Erdgeschichte vom by passage through a filter] ● Phasenspektrum n
Kambrium bis heute] phase transition ● Phasenübergang m
Phanerozoic time-scale ● Phanerozoikum-Zeitskala f phengite geobarometer ● Phengit-Barometer m
988 phenocryst

phenocryst, inset, phanerocryst [A relatively large, photo aeroplane ● Bildflugzeug n

conspicuous crystal in a porphyric rock] ● photobase ● Bildbasis f, Fotobasis, Lichtbildbasis
Phänokrist m, Porphyrkristall m, Einsprengung m [Linearer Abstand von Bildmittelpunkt (M) und
phenocrystalline > phaneritic übertragenem Bildmittelpunkt (M); Abbild des
phenomenological approach ● phänomenologische Flugweges zwischen zwei aufeinanderfolgenden
Betrachtungsweise f Aufnahmepositionen. Symbole: b1b2]
phenomenology [such as of natural slopes] ● photochemistry ● Fotochemie f, Lichtbildchemie
Phänomenologie f [z. B. natürlicher Böschungen] photoclinometer [An integral part of a dipmeter for
phenology [The study of the effects of seasonal changes registering directions of the contact points of the
upon animal and vegetable life] ● Phänologie f electrodes] ● Fotoneigungsmesser m,
phenomenon ● Erscheinung f Lichtbildneigungsmesser
phillipsite, lime-harmotome (K2Na2Ca)Al2 photoconductivity ● Lichtleitfähigkeit f,
Si4012.4-5H20 [A white or reddish zeolite mineral Lichtleitvermögen n
crystallizing in the orthorhombic system, occurs in photo diode array ● Zeilendetektor m [Er wandelt das
complex fibrous crystals, which make up a large part of empfangene Codebild in ein analoges Videosignal um,
the red-clay sediments in the Pacific Ocean] ● Phillipsit m, welches verstärkt und digitalisiert wird (read-out
Kalkharmotom n electronics), sodass ein Messsignal von 256 Fotodioden
philosopher’s wool [An old name given to the mit 8 Bit Dynamik der CPV zur Verfügung steht]
flocculant zinc oxid(e) produced when zinc is burned in photoelastic determination of shrinkage stresses ●
air] ● Philosophenwolle f spannungsoptische Ermitt(e)lung f von
phlogopite, amber mica, magnesia mica, brown mica Schwindspannungen
● Phlogopit m photoelastic fringe pattern ● spannungsoptisches
phonolite; echodolite, clinkstone, klingstein [obsolete] Streifenbild n
[This rock emits a characteristic sound when struck with photoelastic instrument ● spannungsoptisches
a hammer] ● Klingstein m, Phonolit m, Fonolit Instrument n
[Fehlbenennungen: Tonstein, Porphyrschiefer, photoelasticity ● Spannungsoptik f
Hornschiefer] photoelasticity, photoelastic effect ●
phosgenite, cromfordite, horn lead, corneous lead, spannungsoptische Wirkung f
hornblei, chlorocarbonate of lead, corniferous lead, photoelastic load cell, photoelastic load indicator ●
Pb2Cl2(CO3) ● Bleihornerz, Hornblei(erz) n, spannungsoptischer Lastmesser m
P Phosgenit m photoelastic rock bolt load cell ● spannungsoptische
phosphate [A mineral or other compound of phospho- Felsnagel-Druck(mess)dose f
rous and oxygen containing the radical PO4-3] ● photoelastic strain gauge, photoelastic stressmeter;
Phosphat n photoelastic strain gage (US) ● spannungsoptischer
phosphate breccia ● Phosphatbrekzie f Dehnungsmesser m
phosphate of iron, iron phosphate ● Eisenblau n photoelectrical dust assessor (⚒) ● fotoelektrischer
phosphate of lead > pyromorphite Staubauswerter m
phosphate rock, rock phosphate ● Rohphosphat n, photoelectrical observation ● fotoelektrische
Phosphatgestein n Beobachtung f
phosphatic deposit ● Phosphatlagerstätte f photoelectrical scanner ● fotoelektrischer Abtaster m
phosphorite [Originally a name for apatite, the term is photoelectron [An electron emitted by the photoelectric
now used to describe sedimentary rocks with more than effect] ● abgelöstes Elektron n
19.5 per cent of P2O5] ● Phosphorit m photogeologic(al) ● fotogeologisch, luftbildgeolo-
phosphorus [A chemical element having a strong gisch
affinity for oxygen, encountered as an impurity in iron photogeologic(al) exploration ● fotogeologischer
ores. Its presence causes cold shortness in steel] ● Aufschluss m, fotogeologische Aufschließung f
Phosphor m photogeologic(al) map ● fotogeologische Karte f
photizite, corneous manganese ● Photizit m, dichter photogeologist, image geologist, picture geologist ●
Manganit m, Mangankiesel m Luftbildgeologe m, Fluggeologe, Aerogeologe,
photo > photo(graph) Luftfotogeologe, Luftlichtbildgeologe
photomagnetic (bore)hole surveying 989

photogeology, image geology, picture geology photo(graph) > photographic(al) image

[Geological interpretation of the morphologic(al) photo(graph) aircraft, photo(graph) airplane ●
characteristics of a landscape as appearing on air photo] Fotoflugzeug, Lichtbildflugzeug n, Bildflugzeug
● Luftbildgeologie f, Fluggeologie, Aerogeologie, photo(graph) center(point), center point, plate
Bildgeologie, Luftlichtbildgeologie, Fotogeologie center (US); centre point, plate centre, photo(graph)
photogeophysics ● Fotogeophysik f, centre (point) (Brit.); principal point of plate axes,
Lichtbildgeophysik main point of plate axes [It is located at the intersection
photogonimeter for pairs of photographs ● of the two lines connecting fiducial marks on opposite
Doppelbildtheodolit m, Doppelaufnahmetheodolit, edges of the photograph. For photographs that record no
Doppelphototheodolit, Doppelfototheodolit fiducial marks the center point may be approximately
photogram [The term ‘‘photograph’’ is often used as located at the intersection of diagonal lines drawn from
a synonym for ‘‘photogram’’. A photogram is opposite corners of the photograph] ● (Foto)Mittel-
a photograph taken with a fotogrammetric camera, punkt m, (Foto)Achsenschnittpunkt
a precision camera with fiducial or collimating marks photographic(al) image, photographic(al) picture,
and with a fixed distance between the negative plane photo(graph) ● Foto n, Bild n, Aufnahme f,
and the lens] ● Fotogramm n, fotografisches Messbild n fotografisches Bild, Messbild, Lichtbild
photogrammetric system of co-ordinates ● photographic(al) lineation ● Fotolinearsignatur f,
fotogrammetrisches Koordinationssystem n Fotoliniensignatur, Fotolineation f
photogrammetric camera, survey(ing) camera ● photo(graphic) extension > image extension
Vermessungskammer f, Vermessungskamera f photo(graph(ic)) interpretation > aerial photo-
[Fotogrammetrie] (graph(ic)) interpretation
photogrammetric instrument ● Fotogrammeter n photo(graph(ic)) mapping ● Fotokartierung f
photogrammetric mapping measurement, photo- photo(graph(ic)) reconnaissance ● fotografische
grammetric mapping survey ● fotogrammetrische Erkundung f, Fotoerkundung, Lichtbilderkundung
Kartierungs(ver)messung f, fotogrammetrische photo(graph(ic)) record ● fotografische
Kartierungsaufnahme f Aufzeichnung f, fotografische Registrierung,
photogrammetric plotter ● Kardantisch m Fotoaufzeichnung, Fotoregistrierung, Lichtbildauf-
photogrammetric system of co-ordinates ● zeichnung, Lichbildregistrierung
fotogrammetrisches Koordinationssystem n photo(graph(ic)) texture ● Textur f [Satellitenbild.
photogrammetric triangulation > aerial Phänomene mit regelmäßigem Strahlungsmuster im
triangulation Mikrobereich abgebildet]
photogrammetrical method ● fotogrammetrische photo(graph) index, index mosaic [A rough assembly
Methode f of aerial photo(graph)s, showing the relative location and
photogrammetrical photo ● fotogrammetrische orientation of specific photo(graph)s within an area.
Aufnahme f Used as a reference in locating individual photo(graph)s
photogrammetrical stand line ● fotogrammetrische of an area. Not to be confused with an index map] ●
Standlinie f Luftbildindex m, Luftaufnahmeindex
photogrammetrist [One skilled in the compilation of photo(graph) nadir [The photograph(ic) image posi-
maps from aerial photographs] ● fotogrammetrischer tion of the ground nadir; in a truly vertical photograph it
Kartierer m coincides with the centre point] ● Fotonadir m,
photogrammetry ● Fotogrammetrie f, Lichtbildnadir
Messbildverfahren n, (fototopografische) Bild(ver)- photography [A collective term for photographs] ●
messung f [Das System der Fotogrammetrie besteht aus Fotografie f
der Rekonstruierung eines Objekts aus seinen Fotografien. photography [The process of producing photographs] ●
Befinden sich die Aufnahmekammern in der Luft - Fotografieren n
Satellit, Flugzeug -spricht man von ‚Luftbildfoto- photography from ground stations > terrestrial
grammetrie’, befinden sie sich am Boden spricht man photogrammetry
von ‚terrestrischer Fotogrammetrie’] photoluminescence ● Fotolumineszenz f
photogrammetry by intersection, intersection photomagnetic (bore)hole surveying ● photomag-
photogrammetry ● Einschneidefotogrammetrie f netische Bohrloch(ver)messung f
990 photomagnetic (bore)hole (surveying) instrument

photomagnetic (bore)hole (surveying) instrument of ground water to steam. Such steam explosions have
● fotomagnetisches Bohrloch(ver)messungsgerät n a low temperature and do not expel essential ejecta
photometric ore sorting ● fotometrische (menta)] ● phreatischer Ausbruch m
Erzsortierung f phreatic water > ground water
photomicrograph [A photograph of an object as seen phreatic wave, (ground)water wave, wave of the
under, and magnified by, the microscope; less-preferred (ground)water table [A wave-like movement of the
synonym: microphotograph] ● Mikroskopfoto(gra- groundwater table in the direction of its slope] ●
fie) n, (f), Mikroskop(licht)bild n Grundwasserwelle f
photomultiplier tube, multiplier phototube ● phreatic zone > saturated zone
Sekundärelektronen-Vervielfacher m phreatomagmatic process [A resultant process of
photorosette ● Fotorosette f, kombinierte magmatic and phreatic origin such as an explosion of
spannungsoptische Rosette magma on entering a zone of groundwater] ●
photostratigraphy ● Fotostratigrafie f, phreatomagmatischer Vorgang m
Fotoschichtenkunde f, Fotoschichtenlehre f phreatophyte ● grundwasseraufnehmende Pflanze f
photo strip, (flight) strip, (photo) run [A series of phreatophytes ● Phreatophyten f (pl) [Pflanzen, die
successive aerial photographs along a single flight course. ihre Feuchtigkeit hauptsächlich vom Grundwasser oder
Sometimes loosely called a ‘flight line’] ● Flugstreifen m, von der Haarröhrchenzone erhalten, wie z. B. Schilfgras,
Streifen, Bildstreifen, Luftbildstreifen Weiden, Palmen]
phototheodolite ● Fototheodolit, Bildtheodolit m, Phrygian stone [mineral] ● phrygischer Stein m [zum
Aufnahmetheodolit, Lichtbildtheodolit Rotfärben]
phototheodolite image, fototheodolite picture [It is phyllite [Petrology. A metamorphosed rock, immediate
taken from a tripod on the ground] ● Fototheodolit- in grade between slate and mica schist. Minute crystals of
(licht)bild n sericite and chlorite impart a silky sheen to the cleavage
phototopography ● Fototopografie f, topografisches surfaces (or schistosity). Phyllites commonly exhibit cor-
Aufnahmeverfahren n, topografische Aufnahmeme- rugated cleavage surfaces] ● Phyllit m
thode f phyllite-mylonite, phyllonite [A rock with the general
phototrianguIation ● Fototriangulation f, Fototrian- appearance of a phyllite, but whose fine-grained
gulierung f character is due to cataclasis] ● Phyllonit m
photovoltaic plant, solar electric(al) generating plant phyllolite [A group name for schists and gneisses] ●
● Sonnenkraftwerk n Phyllolit m
P phragmites peat [It is derived mainly from the reed phyllosilicate > sheet silicate
genus ‘‘phragmites’’] ● Phragmites-Torf m physical agents ● Naturkräfte f
phreatic cycle, cycle of fluctuation, fluctuation cycle physical (bore)hole logging, physical (well(bore))
[The total time during which the groundwater table logging ● physikalische Bohrlochmessung f,
moves upwards and the succeeding fall or decline; the physikalische Formationsmessung, physikalische
cycle may be daily, annual or other period] ● Zyklus m Gebirgsmessung
der Grundwasserspiegelschwankung physical damage ● Sachschaden m
phreatic (ground)water, unconfined (ground) water, (physical) development plan, area development plan
nonartesian (ground) water, free (ground)water [It has ● Bauleitplan m
a free water table, i.e. water not confined under pressure (physical) development planning, planning for
beneath relatively impermeable rocks] ● freies (physical) development, town and country planning,
Grundwasser n area development planning ● Bauleitplanung f
phreatic line, seepage line, line of seepage [The upper physical geochemistry ● physikalische Geochemie f
surface of free groundwater in the zone of seepage] ● physical geodesy ● physikalische Geodäsie f,
Sicker(ungs)linie f astronomische Geodäsie, Erdmessung f
phreatic low, (ground)water low ● tiefste physical geography [That branch of geography which
Grundwasserspiegelhöhe f is the descriptive study of the Earth’s surface as man’s
phreatic surface > (ground)water table physical environment, dealing with the classification,
phreatic (volcanic) explosion [A volcanic explosion, form, and extent of the natural phenomena directly
ordinarily of extreme violence, caused by the conversion related to the exterior physical features and changes of
pick 991

the Earth, including land, water and air. It differs chiefly physics of clouds, cloud physics ● Wolkenphysik f
from geology in that it considers the present rather than physics of flow(ing), flow(ing) physics ● Fließphysik f
the past conditions of the Earth, and it is more inclusive physics of rain, rain physics ● Regenphysik f
than geomorphology; dealing not only with landforms physics of soil water, soil water physics ● Bodenwas-
but also climate, oceans, atmosphere, soils, geologic serphysik f
processes, natural resources, and sometimes the physics of the Earth, Earth physics ● Erdphysik f
biogeographical distribution of animal and plant life. In physics of the interior of the Earth ● Physik f des
the 18th century, the term was applied in a broader sense, Erdinnern
commonly including the races of men and their physical physiographic(al) balance ● physiografischer
works on the Earth] ● physische Geografie f, Ausgleich m
Physiogeografie, Naturgeografie physiographic(al) cycle > erosion cycle
physical geography of the sea, physical physiographic(al) division ● physiografische
oceanography ● physische Meereskunde f, Gliederung f, Gliederung auf physiografischer
Ozeanografie f im engeren Sinne [Sie umfasst die Grundlage
Erforschung der physikalischen und chemischen physiographic(al) geology [obsolete] > physiography
Erscheinungen und Vorgänge in den Weltmeeren sowie physiographic(al) geology > geomorphic geology
die Erkenntnisse der maritimen Meteorologie und der physiographic(al) landscape > physical landscape
Mophologie des Meeresbodens] physiographic(al) province > physical landscape
physical geology ● allgemeine Geologie f, physiography; physiographic(al) geology [obsolete]
physikalische Geologie [Sie hat den stofflich- [Originally, a description of the physical nature (form,
strukturellen Zustand sowie die diesen herbeiführenden substance, arrangement, changes) of objects, esp. of
Vorgänge in der Lithosphäre - vom Beginn ihrer natural features; the term was introduced into geography
Entstehung bis zur Gegenwart - zum Gegenstand. Sie in 1869 by Huxley for the study or description of ‘‘natural
stützt sich dabei auf Naturgesetze, insbesondere von phenomena in general’’. The term later came to mean,
Physik und Chemie. Nicht verwechseln mit esp. in the U.S., ‘‘a description of the surface features of
„Geodynamik’’] the Earth, as bodies of air, water and land’’ (Powell,
physical landscape, natural landscape, physiographic 1895), with an emphasis on mode of origin; i.e. it became
(al) landscape, natural province, physical province, synonymous with physical geography, and embraced
physiographic(al) province [A landscape that is unaf- geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Still later, esp.
fected by the activities of man] ● Naturlandschaft f in the U.S., the term was restricted to a part of physical
physical-mechanical process ● physikalisch- geography, namely the description and origin of
mechanischer Prozess m landforms; in this sense, it is obsolescent and is replaced
physical mineralogy ● Kristallphysik f by geomorphology, although there is a general tendency to
physical process ● physikalischer Vorgang m, regard ‘‘physiography’’ as the descriptive, and ‘‘geomor-
physikalischer Prozess m phology’’ as the interpretative, study of land-forms.] ●
physical province > natural landscape Physiografie f
physical (soil) stabilization, physical (soil) solidifica- physio-mechanics ● physikalische Mechanik f
tion ● physikalische (Boden)Stabilisierung f, phytogeography, plant geography [The branch of
physikalische (Boden)Verfestigung f biogeography dealing with the geographic
physical weathering > mechanical weathering distribution of plants and vegetation] ● Pflanzen-
physical (well(bore)) logging, physical (bore)hole geografie f
logging ● physikalische Bohrlochmessung f, phytolite ● Phytolith m, Pflanzenversteinerung f
physikalische Formationsmessung, physikalische phytometer ● Transpirationsmesser m,
Gebirgsmessung Ausdünstungsmesser, Phytometer n
physico-biologic(al) weathering, biologic(al)- phytopal(a)eontology > fossil botany
physical weathering ● biologisch-physikalische PI > plasticity index
Verwitterung f, physikalisch-biologische Verwitterung Piche evaporimeter [A porous paper with atmometer]
physico-chemical ● physikalisch-chemisch, ● Picherohr n
physikochemisch pick (⚒) ● Schneidhammer m, Kerbhaue f [Gezähe
physico-seismic ● seismisch-physikalisch zum Schlitzen des Flözes]
992 pick

pick, pneumatic pick, pick hammer; less frequent: pick-up rate ● Lagerstättenausbringen n
picking hammer; rock pick (US); less frequent: pointed picrite [An ultrabasic medium to coarse-grained igneous
tip rock pick, pick point rock hammer (⚒) ● rock, dark and heavy; consisting of olivine plus augite,
Pickhammer m, Abbauhammer m [mit einem spitz with small variable amounts of plagioclase] ● Pikrit m
zulaufenden Hammerkopf auf der einen Seite und und picrolite, antigorite, baltimorite [A platy or lamellar
einer quadratischen Schlagfläche auf der anderen, im variety of serpentine; caused by intense shearing stress as
Gegensatz zu einem Schürfhammer, der mit einer breiten in dislocation-metamorphism] ● Antigorit m,
Klinge (Schneide) anstatt dem spitz zulaufenden Blätterserpentin m, Pikrolit, Baltimorit,
Hammerkopf ausgestattet ist] Mg3Si2O5(OH)4
pick-ax(e) ● Kreuzhaue f, Kreuzhacke f, Kreuzpi- picromerite, schoenite ● Schönit m, Pikromerit, K2Mg
cke(l) f, (m) [Die Schneide steht quer gegen den Stiel] (S04)2.6H20
picked ore, cob(bed) ore, separated ore, sorted ore, pictogram ● Bilddiagramm n [Abwandlung des
bestwork, cobbing ore, picked out ore, bucked ore ● Säulendiagramms, in welchem die Rechtecke durch kleine
Klaub(e)erz, Scheid(e)erz n, Sortiererz, bestes Erz schematische Abbildungen ersetzt sind, die das
picker ● Handauslesegerät n [Sedimentationsunter- Wesentliche in entsprechender Größe zeigen, was sonst
suchung] durch die Säule dargestellt wird]
picker, gad; gedn [Cornwall] ● Bergeisen n pictorial atlas ● Bildatlas m
picker, wailer (⚒) ● Bergeklauber m pictorial (map) symbol ● bildliches Kartenzeichen n
picker (up) > pickup pictorial representation ● bildliche Darstellung f
pickhammer ● Spitzhammer m [Steinbruchwerkzeug] picture, image ● Bild n, Einzelbild [Rechner.
pick-hammer (mining) ● Abbauhammer m Gerastertes und quantisiertes, d.h. digitalisiertes,
picking hammer > mallet zweidimensionales Abbild einer Szene. Dieses Bild ist
picking table ● Klaubetisch m nicht umkehrbar eindeutig. Mathematisch lässt sich das
pick lacing, pick line (⚒) ● Schrämpickenbesetzung f, (Einzel)Bild als eine zweidimensionale diskrete
Schrämmeißelbesetzung, Schrämmeißelreihe f, Bildfunktion darstellen, die die Lichtintensität in
Schrämpickenreihe Abhängigkeit von Zeile und Spalte angibt]
pickle ● Seilspanngewicht n [Tiefbohrtechnik] picture, image ● Bild n [Das Ergebnis einer Aufnahme,
to pick (out), to cob, to separate, to buck, to sort ● sowohl fotografischer als auch nichtfotografischer
scheiden, sortieren, aushalten, kutten, klauben [Die Systeme]
mechanische Reinigung bergmännisch gewonnener picture. . . > image . . .
P Mineralien durch Zerschlagen derselben und Auslesen picture coordinate, plate coordinate, image co-
von Hand] ordinate ● Fotokoordinate f, Bildkoordinate,
pick penetration (⚒), Schrämpickenschnittiefe f ● Lichtbildkoordinate [Fotogrammetrie]
Schrämmeißelschnittiefe picture jasper > scenic jasper
to pick up, to sense [Arrival of seismic waves by picture orientation ● Bildorientierung f [bei der
a geophone] ● aufnehmen digitalen Fotogrammetrie]
pickup ● Aufnehmer m [Das erste Glied einer pictures > imagery
Messeinrichtung. Es nimmt den Messwert der Messgröße piece hewer (⚒) > chargeman
auf und gibt ein diesem entsprechendes Messsignal ab] piece of ore, ore piece ● Stufe f [Probe einer
pickup, measuring electrode ● Messelektrode f Erzgattung]
pickup, receiver, picker (up) ● Aufnahmegerät n, piecewise linear stretch(ing) ● Streckung f von
Empfänger m, Aufnehmer Histogrammbereichen [Grauwertmanipulation]
pick-up (element) > geophone piece work (⚒) > contract work
pick-up elevator ● Hilfselevator m [Tiefbohrtechnik] piece work man (⚒) > contract work man
pick-up (pondage) weir, control(ling) (pondage) piece work system (⚒) > contract work system
weir, regulating (pondage) weir [‘‘Weir’’ is called piedmont, mountain-foot lowland [Its deposit may
‘‘dam’’ in the USA] ● Verbundwehr n, Regulier(ungs)- eventually coalesce to form a piedmont alluvial plain] ●
wehr, Zusatzwehr Piedmont m, Vorland n, Bergfußland, Gebirgsfußland
piercing gun 993

piedmont [An adjective meaning ‘‘lying or formed at Abtragungskräfte erzeugte terrassenartige Felsfußfläche
the base of a mountain range’’] ● bergfußseitig, in Gebirgen des ariden bis halbariden Klimabereiches]
gebirgsfußseitig pie(d)montite, manganese epidote ● Piedmontit m,
piedmont (alluvial) plain > waste plain manganhaltiger Epidot m, Manganepidot
piedmont bench, piedmont step, piedmont flat [An piedmont lake ● alpiner Randsee m,
extensive or regional terrace- or benchlike feature sloping Zungenbeckensee, Vorlandsee, Piedmontsee,
outward or down-valley (as in the Black Forest or Bergfußsee, Gebirgsfußsee
Schwarzwald region of SW Germany), assumed by W. piedmont plain > waste plain
Penck (1924) to develop in response to a continually piedmont slope > waste plain
accelerated uplift of a rising or expanding dome] ● piedmont stairway, piedmont benchland [One of
Piedmontstufe f, Vorlandstufe, Bergfußstufe, several successions or systems of piedmont steps] ●
Gebirgsfußstufe Piedmonttreppe f, Vorlandtreppe, Bergfußtreppe,
piedmont bench [An upfaulted alluvial fan or Gebirgsfußtreppe
pediment surface at the base of a mountain, bounded piedmont step, piedmont bench, piedmont flat
on its outer side by a scarplet (¼ piedmont scarp). Such [An extensive or regional terrace- or benchlike feature
features are displayed along the south sides of the San sloping outward or down-valley (as in the Black Forest or
Gabriel and San Bernardino ranges in southern Califor- Schwarzwald region of SW Germany), assumed by
nia] ● Piedmontfläche f, Vorlandfläche, Bergfußfläche, W. Penck (1924) to develop in response to a continually
Gebirgsfußfläche accelerated uplift of a rising or expanding dome] ●
piedmont benchland, piedmont stairway [One of sev- Piedmontstufe f, Vorlandstufe, Bergfußstufe,
eral successions or systems of piedmont steps] ● Gebirgsfußstufe
Piedmonttreppe f, Vorlandtreppe, Bergfußtreppe, piedmont terrace ● Piedmontterrasse f,
Gebirgsfußtreppe Vorlandterrasse, Bergfußterrasse, Gebirgsfußterrasse
piedmont bulb, expanded foot; ice fan, glacier bulb piemontite > pie(d)montite
[nonpreferred synonyms] [A broad, bulb-shaped lobelike pier > buttress
or fanlike ice mass formed where the lower part of a valley pier, column pier [A column designed to support con-
glacier leaves its confining walls and extends onto an centrated load] ● Pfeiler m
adjacent lowland at the foot of a mountain slope] ● pier, levee [See remark under ‘‘jetty’’] ● Pier m
Gletscherkopf m pier arch, buttress arch ● Gewölbe(stütz)bogen m,
piedmont dome ● Piedmontkuppel f, Vorlandkuppel, Pfeilerbogen, Gurtbogen, Stützbogen, Schildbogen
Bergfußkuppel, Gebirgsfußkuppel [Pfeiler(tal)sperre]
piedmont flat > piedmont step pier base thickness > base thickness of buttress
piedmont glacier, Lalaspina glacier, Alaskan glacier to pierce > to hole-through
[It results from several valley glaciers coalescing into pierced rock, perforated rock ● Felstor n, Gesteinstor
a single broad mass] ● Vorlandgletscher, piercement dome, diapir(ic) fold, piercement fold,
Piedmontgletscher, Alaskagletscher, Malaspina- piercing dome, piercing fold, diapir [Anticline in
gletscher, Bergfußgletscher m which a mobile core, such as salt, has injected the more
piedmont gravel ● Vorlandkies m, Piedmontkies, brittle overlying rock] ● Diapirfaltung f, Durchspießung
Gebirgsfußkies, Bergfußkies piercing > heading
piedmont interstream flat, pediment, conoplain, piercing, probing [Investigating near-surface deposits of
rock pediment [The term ‘‘rockplane’’ is used by Johnson coal or ore by thrusting a pointed steel rod, up to 20 ft
in 1932 as a synonym, but this usage is not recommended long, down through sand or soft clay to contact the
as there are many approximately planate rock surfaces deposit. The point of the rod is examined for traces of
that lack the areal extent and climatic restriction of coal or ore involved] ● Sondieren n, Sondierung f,
a pediment] ● Pediment n, Fußfläche f Glacis f Stabsondieren, Stabsondierung
[„Pediment’’ wird seit Ende des 19. Jh. von piercing arrow > (soil) displacement hammer
amerikanischen Autoren in verschiedenem Sinne piercing by jet > thermal lancing
gebraucht. Es ist eine durch verschiedene piercing gun > casing gun
994 pier cofferdam

pier cofferdam, buttress cofferdam ● produces a mechanical distortion of the material] ●

Pfeilerfangedamm m (reziproker) piezoelektrischer Effekt m, reziproker
pier dam, buttress dam [A dam consisting of Piezoeffekt
a watertight upstream face supported at intervals on the piezoelectric(al) pressure cell ● piezoelektrische
downstream side by a series of intermittent supports Druckmessdose f
termed buttresses. Buttress dams take many forms: piezoelectricity ● Piezoelektrizität f [Elektrische
multiple arch, multiple dome, plank, flat slab, deck, Ladungen, die auf den Grenzflächen mancher Kristalle
hollow gravity, cellular gravity, and solid head dams are auftreten, wenn diese in bestimmten Richtungen auf
all essentially buttress dams] ● Pfeiler(tal)sperre f, Pfeiler- Druck, Zug oder Torsion beansprucht werden]
(stau)mauer f, Pfeilersperrmauer, aufgelöste (Stau-) piezometer [Since the shear(ing) strength of a soil
Mauer, aufgelöste (Tal)Sperre, aufgelöste Sperrmauer, largely depends on the pressure of water in its pores, the
Strebepfeiler(tal)sperre, Strebepfeiler(stau)mauer piezometer measures these pressures in situ and can be
pier dam (US) > buttress weir used to monitor changes in pore pressures beneath
pier enlargement, buttress enlargement ● embankments induced by filling operations. The
Pfeilerverbreiterung f [Pfeilerkopf(stau)mauer] piezometer can also be used to measure in situ
pier foundation, bridge pier foundation ● (Brücken-) permeability] ● Piezometer n, Standrohr n
Pfeilergründung f piezometer installation, piezometer system ●
pier head > (solid) buttress head Piezometeranlage f, Piezometersystem n
pierhead line ● Streichlinie f [Linie für wasserseitige piezometer measurement ● Piezometermessung f
Begrenzung von Einbauten im Wasserlauf] piezometer tube > pressure tube
pier shaft ● Pfeilerschaft m piezometric head, piezometric pressure ●
pier weir, buttress weir; buttress dam, pierdam (US) piezometrischer Druck m
[A fixed weir consisting of a water-supporting upstream piezometric head [The sum of the pressure head and
face supported by buttresses, which are equally spaced the elevation head, h ¼ (p/y) + z. Above a datum, the
walls or struts proportioned to transmit to the total head at any cross section minus the velocity head at
foundations the water load and weight of the structure] that cross section. It is equivalent to the elevation of the
● Pfeilerwehr n water surface in open channel flow; it is the elevation of
piestic (ground)water, artesian (ground)water; the hydraulic grade line at any point] ● (piezometrische)
confined (ground)water (US) ● artesisches (Grund-) Druckhöhe f, Standrohrspiegelhöhe, Piezometer-
Wasser n [Das artesische (Grund)Wasser ist ein (druck)höhe
P Sonderfall des gespannten Grundwassers weil es über piezometric (head) line ● Piezometerlinie f
Tage zufließt, beide Benennungen sind also nicht Drucklinie [Die Verbindungslinie aller Piezometerhöhen
synonym. Im Amerikanischen ist allerdings ‘‘confined in Strömungsrichtung. Bei g(e)raden Strömungen mit
groundwater’’ synonym mit ‘‘artesian (ground)water’’. freiem Wasserspiegel sind Wasserspiegellinie und
„Druckwasser’’ ist eine Fehlbenennung weil alles Piezometerlinie identisch]
Grundwasser unter einem mit der Tiefe unter dem piezometric level, piezometric height [1. Any ground-
Grundwasserspiegel steigendem Druck steht] water level measured by a piezometer. 2. The groundwa-
piezocrystallization [In petrology, the crystallization of ter level above the top of a confined aquifer] ●
magmas during orogenic deformation and thus under piezometrisches Niveau n, piezometrische Höhe f,
a condition of stress] ● Druckkristallisation f Grundwasserdruckfläche f
piezoelectric(al) acceleration sensor, piezoelectric(-) piezometric monitoring, monitoring of groundwater
(al) accelerometer ● piezoelektrischer pressure ● Piezometerüberwachung f
Beschleunigungsmesser m piezometric pressure > piezometric head
piezoelectric(al) crystal ● Piezokristall n piezometric surface, potentiometric surface, pressure
piezoelectric(al) effect [The generation of electric surface [less-preferred synonym] ● Piezometer-
polarization in certain dielectric crystals as a result of oberfläche f
the application of mechanical stress] ● (direkter) piezometric tube, pressure tube, piezometer tube
piezoelektrischer Effekt m, direkter Piezoeffekt [A tube with openings on its side to measure static head
piezoelectric(al) effect [The reverse effect, in which or pressure without any velocity head component] ●
application of a voltage between certain faces of the crytal Druckröhre f, Piezometerröhre
pile concrete shoe 995

piezo-resistivity sensor ● piezoresistiver Sensor m synonymously be used for ‘‘capacity’’] ● Pfahltrag-

pig, go-devil, bullet ● Rohr(leitungs)molch m, Molch, fähigkeit f, Pfahltragvermögen n, Pfahltragkraft f
Leitungsmolch pile bearing formula, pile load(carrying)
to piggyback [offshore engineering] ● anordnen von formula, pile weight-carrying formula, pile capacity
Ankern in Tandem formula ● Pfahltragfähigkeit(s)formel f,
pig iron, raw iron ● Roheisen n Pfahltragvermögenformel
pigtail ● Anschlusskabel n pile bending moment ● Pfahlbiegemoment n,
to pile ● auspfählen, verpfählen, pfählen Pfahlbiegungsmoment
pile, dump, bank, large heap ● Halde f pile bent, piled yoke [A bent having piles for supporting
pile, bearing pile [A pile which carries weight as opposed posts] ● Pfahljoch n
to a sheetpile (Spundbohle), which takes earth pressure, pile boot > (pile) point
or a raker, which takes thrust. It may be either an pile (bore)hole ● Bohrpfahlloch n
end-bearing pile or a friction pile] ● Pfahl m; Pilot m pile (bore)hole jetting ● Pfahllocheinspülen n
[Österreich] pile boring [Boring holes in ground for bored piles] ●
pile, heap; bing [North of England] ● Haufen m Pfahllochbohren n
pile action ● Pfahlwirkung f pile breakage, pile fracture, pile rupture ●
pile adhesion, pile skin friction ● Pfahlbruch m
Pfahlmantelreibung f pile buck [Colloquial term for a member of a pile crew]
pile advance ● Pfahleintrieb m ● Pfahlarbeiter m
(pile) air jetting ● (Pfahl)Einspülen n mit Luft, pile bulb > bulb
Lufteinspülen pile butt, pile head, pile top, pile upper end ●
pile anchorage, pile anchoring ● Pfahlverankerung f Pfahlkopf m
pile arrangement, piling arrangement ● pile cap ● Rammhaube f
Pfahlanordnung f, Pfahlausteilung (pile) cap [A slab, usually of reinforced concrete,
pile assembling ● Zusammenspannen n von Pfählen covering the tops of a group of piles for the purpose of
pile band, pile ring, driving ring, driving band, tying them together and transmitting to them as a group
(pile) ferrule, (pile) verrel [An iron band put the load of the structure which they are to carry] ●
around the head of a wood(en) pile to keep it (Pfahl)Kopfplatte f, Pfahlrostplatte, Pfahlbündelplatte
from splitting and brooming during driving] ● pile capable of resisting bending ● Biegepfahl m
Rammring m, Pfahl(kopf)ring, Pfahl(kopf)band n, pile capacity; pile resistance ● Pfahlwiderstand m
Rammband pile capacity formula > pile bearing formula
pile band puller, pile ring puller, driving ring puller, pile casing > (metal) tube
driving band puller, (pile) ferrule puller, (pile) verrel pile charring ● Meilerverkohlung f
puller [A device for pulling a pile ring from the head of pile clamp ● Pfahlklammer f
a wood(en) pile after it has been driven. Usually a cant pile clump bent, pile cluster bent, pile group bent,
hook is employed for this purpose] ● Pfahl(kopf)- cluster (pile) bent [A bent having a cluster of piles driven
ringzieher m, Rammringzieher, Pfahl(kopf)bandzieher, at the places of heavy local concentration] ●
Rammbandzieher Pfahlbündeljoch n, Pfahlgruppenjoch [„Pfahl’’ heißt
pile base > pile tip in Österreich „Pilot’’]
pile base area ● Pfahlfußfläche f, Pfahlaufstandsfläche f pile cluster, pile group, cluster of piles, group of piles,
pile base diameter ● Pfahlfußdurchmesser m pile clump, clump of piles ● Pfahlbündel n,
pile base enlargement > pile tip enlargement Pfahlgruppe f
pile base grouting [see EN 1536 for definition and pile coking ● Meilerverkokung f
additional terms] ● Pfahlfußverpressung f pile completely in the ground ● Grundpfahl m
(pile) base resistance, pile end bearing resistance, [Pfahl, der in ganzer Länge im Baugrund steht]
pile end bearing stress, point bearing resistance pile concrete ● Pfahlbeton m
[at the pile base] ● Pfahlspitzenwiderstand m, pile concrete shaft, concrete pile shaft ●
Pfahlfußwiderstand m Betonpfahlschaft m, Pfahlbetonschaft
pile bearing capacity, pile load(-carrying) capacity, pile concrete shoe, concrete pile shoe ●
pile (weight-carrying) capacitiy [‘‘Load’’ may Beton-Pfahlschuh m, Pfahlbetonschuh
996 pile conditioning

pile conditioning, pile treatment ● pile-driver, pile hammer, hammer ● (Pfahl)Ramme f,

Pfahlkonservierung f, Pfahlbehandlung Rammeinrichtung f, Bär m, Rammbär m
pile connection ● Pfahlanschluss m piledriver chassis ● Rammunterwagen m
pile construction, pile work(s) ● Pfahlbau- pile driving > driving works
(arbeiten) m, (f) (pile) driving, piling ● (Pfahl)Rammen n,
pile core [A withdrawable steel rod or pipe inserted into Pfahlschlagen
a hollow steel cylinder pile when the pile is sunk by (pile) driving blow, piling blow ● (Pfahl-)
driving rather than by jetting or grabbing] ● Pfahlkern m Rammschlag m
pile core [The soil material enclosed within a tubular (pile) driving blow count, piling blow count [The
pile after driving; it may be replaced with concrete] ● number of blows of a pile driving hammer required to
Pfahlkern m penetrate the pile into the ground for a specified distance]
pile crew supervisor, pile foreman ● Ramm- ● (Pfahl)Rammschlagzahl f
Meister m pile driving by vibration, vibration driving, vibratory
pile cross-section(al area) ● Pfahlquerschnitt- driving ● Vibrationsrammung f
(fläche) m, (f) (pile) driving contractor, piling contractor ● (Pfahl-)
pile cushion, pile pad ● Pfahlkissen n Rammunternehmer m
(pile) cutoff elevation, (pile) cutoff level [The (pile) driving crew, (pile) driving gang, (pile) driving
prescribed elevation at which the top of a driven pile is party, (pile) driving team, piling gang, piling crew,
cut] ● (Pfahl)Abschneid(e)höhe f, (Pfahl)Kapphöhe piling party, piling team ● (Pfahl)Rammkolonne f,
piled, pile-founded ● auf Pfählen, pfahlgegründet; auf (Pfahl)Rammmannschaft f, (Pfahl)Rammtrupp m
Piloten, pilotengegründet [Österreich] (pile) driving criterion, piling criterion
piled > (sheet)piled [1. Requirement for resistance of a pile to penetration,
pile(d) building ● Pfahlgründungsgebäude n stated in blows per increment of depth. 2. Required tip
pile(d) cofferdam (sheet)pile(d) cofferdam elevation of pile] ● (Pfahl)Rammkriterium n
pile deformation ● Pfahlverformung f, (pile) driving curve, piling curve ● (Pfahl-)
Pfahlformänderung, Pfahldeformation f Rammkurve f
pile deformation curve ● Pfahlbiegelinie f (pile) driving engineering, piling engineering ●
pile design, design of piles ● Pfahlkonstruktion f, (Pfahl)Rammtechnik f
Pfahlbemessung f (pile) driving formula, pile formula, piling formula ●
pile(d) foundation, piling foundation ● (Pfahl)Rammformel f
P Pfahlgründung f, Pfahlfundament n (pile) driving gang > (pile) driving crew
pile(d) foundation grillage, piling foundation (pile) driving log, (pile) log, (pile) driving record,
grillage ● Pfahlrost m piling log, piling record ● (Pfahl)Rammbericht m,
pile(d) foundation slab, piling foundation slab ● (Pfahl)Rammprotokoll n, (Pfahl)Rammniederschrift f
Pfahlgründungsplatte f, Pfahlfundamentplatte (pile) driving noise, piling noise ● (Pfahl)Rammlärm m
pile diameter, cross-section of pile ● Pfahlquerschnitt m, (pile) driving party > (pile) driving crew
Pfahldurchmesser m (pile) driving pattern, (pile) driving scheme, piling
pile disc, pile disk [The large, flat, circular casting which pattern, piling scheme ● (Pfahl)Rammplan m, (Pfahl-)
forms the footing of a disk pile] ● Pfahlscheibe f Rammschema n
pile dislocation; pile displacement [This term should (pile) driving plug, piling plug ● (Pfahl-)
preferably not be used as to avoid the misunderstanding Rammpfropfen m, (Pfahl)Rammstopfen
that the pile displaces the soil] ● Pfahlverschiebung f (pile) driving process, piling process ● (Pfahl-)
pile distance, pile spacing, spacing of piles, distance of Rammablauf m, (Pfahl)Rammvorgang m
piles, pile interval, interval of piles ● Pfahlabstand m (pile) driving progress, piling progress ● (Pfahl-)
pil(ed) raft (foundation) (system) ● Rammfortschritt m
Pfahl-Plattengründung f, Pfahl-Flächengründung, (pile) driving record > (pile) driving log
Pfahl-Gründungsplatte f (pile) driving scheme, (pile) driving pattern, piling
pile drawing > pile extracting pattern, piling scheme ● (Pfahl)Rammplan m, (Pfahl-)
(pile) drivability ● (Pfahl)Rammbarkeit f Rammschema n
pile head 997

(pile) driving sequence, piling sequence, (pile) pile foot enlargement > pile tip enlargement
driving succession, piling succession ● (Pfahl-) pile footing [A footing supported on piles]
Rammfolge f Pfahlfundament n
(pile) driving team > (pile) driving crew pile foreman, pile crew supervisor ● Ramm-Meister m
(pile) driving templet, piling templet ● (Pfahl-) pile for land work, land pile ● Landpfahl m
Rammschablone f pile form > pile mould
(pile) driving using a reinforced concrete bell ● pile forming, pile manufacture, pile making ●
(Pfahl)rammung f in Stahlbetonglocke Pfahlherstellung f
(pile) driving vibrations ● Rammerschütterungen f pile forming yard > pile manufacturing yard
[Pfahlfundament] pile formula, (pile) driving formula, piling formula ●
(pile) driving winch, piling winch ● (Pfahl-) (Pfahl)Rammformel f
Rammwinde f pile for (open) sea-water work, sea pile ● Meer(es)-
(pile) driving work, piling work, production pile pfahl, Seepfahl m
driving, piling operation(s) [As opposed to test pile pile foundation ● Pfahlgründung f
driving] ● (Pfahl)Rammarbeiten f, Pfahlarbeiten pile foundation grillage, pile structure, (pile) grillage,
pile dynamics (method), Case method [A method that (pile) grate ● (Pfahl)Rost m [Der Begriff wurde in einer
electronically determines static soil resistance by Zeit geprägt, als eng gestellte Holzpfähle zum Einsatz
utilization of a field analyzer, which processes measure- kamen. Die Pfahlköpfe waren auf Zimmermannsart zu
ments of force and acceleration from pile top] ● geschlossenen Rosten verbunden] [frühere Benennung:
Pfahldynamikverfahren n, Pfahldynamikmethode f Bürstenwerk]
piled yoke, pile bent ● Pfahljoch n [A bent having piles pile-founded, piled ● auf Pfählen, pfahlgegründet; auf
for supporting posts] Piloten, pilotengegründet [Osterreich]
pile efficiency ● Pfahlwirkungsgrad m pile-founded structure ● Pfahlrostgründung f
pile embedment, pile imbedment [The length of the pile fracture, pile breakage, pile rupture ● Pfahlbruch m,
pile from the surface of the ground or from the cutoff Pfahlversagen n
below the ground to the tip of the pile] ● pile framing, (pile) grillage, pile framework [A
Pfahleinbindelänge f in den Baugrund framework of structural horizontal members crossed in layers
pile embedment, pile penetration, pile imbedment and placed on the top of a pile cap to support structural load]
[Extent of penetration of the top of the pile into the pile ● (Pfahl)Rost m [frühere Benennung: Bürstenwerk n]
cap] ● Pfahleinbindelänge f in die Kopfplatte (pile) grate > pile foundation grillage
pile encasement [Protective cover for steel or timber (pile) grillage > pile foundation grillage
piles. This usually is concrete, added at the water or pile group, pile cluster, cluster of piles, group of piles,
ground line, where all types of piles are most vulnerable pile clump, clump of piles ● Pfahlbündel n,
to corrosion and insect attack] ● Pfahlummantelung f Pfahlgruppe f
pile end bearing resistance, pile end bearing stress, pile group bent > pile clump bent
point bearing resistance, (pile) base resistance [at the pile group foundation ● Pfahlgruppengründung f
pile base] ● Pfahlspitzenwiderstand m pile grouping ● Pfahlgruppierung f
pile end bearing stress > pile end bearing resistance pile group resistance ● Pfahlgruppenwiderstand m
pile engineering ● Pfahltechnik f pile guid(anc)e frame ● Pfahlrichtrahmen m
pile extracting, pile pulling, pile drawing ● pile hammer, hammer, pile driver ● Bär m, Rammbär,
Pfahlziehen n (Pfahl)Ramme f, Rammeinrichtung f
(pile) ferrule > pile ring pile hammering, blow (pile) driving ● (Pfahl-)
(pile) ferrule puller > pile ring puller Schlagrammen n, Schlagpfahlrammen
pile-filling concrete, concrete for pile filling ● (pile) hammer mass ● Rammbärmasse f
Pfahlfüllbeton m pile head, cutoff end [The short piece removed of the
pile fixed at the top, top-fixed pile ● eingespannter top of a pile to bring it to an elevation with the other
Pfahl m, Pfahl im (Pfahl)Rost eingespannt piles] ● Pfahlkopfstück n
pile foot, pile tip, pile base, pile toe [The bottom end of pile head, pile butt, pile top, pile upper end ●
a pile] ● Pfahlfuß m Pfahlkopf m
998 pile head displacement

pile head displacement, pile head movement ● pile load(-carrying) formula, pile bearing
Pfahlkopfbewegung f formula, pile weight-carrying formula, pile
pile head rotation ● Pfahlkopfverdrehung f capacity formula ● Pfahltragfähigkeit(s)formel f,
pile head settlement, settlement of the pile head ● Pfahltragvermögenformel
Pfahlkopfsetzung f pile loading ● Pfahlbelastung f
pile head slab ● Pfahlkopfplatte f pile loading test, pile load test ● Pfahllastprüfung f,
pile heave, pile uplift [The uplift of a previously driven Pfahllastversuch m, Pfahlbelastungsprüfung,
pile caused by the driving of an adjacent pile] ● Pfahlbelastungsversuch, Probebelastung f von Pfählen
Pfahlauftrieb m pile load test procedure ● Pfahlprobebelastungs-
(pile) helmet, driving helmet, driving cap (Brit.); verfahren n
cushion head (US) ● Rammhaube f (pile) log, (pile) driving log, (pile) driving record,
pile hinged at the top, top-hinged pile ● Gelenk- piling log, piling record ● (Pfahl) Rammbericht m,
pfahl m, Pfahl mit (Pfahl)Rost gelenkig verbunden (Pfahl)Rammprotokoll n, (Pfahl)Rammniederschrift f
pile hole > pile (bore)hole pile manufacture, pile forming, pile making ●
pile home [A point at which a pile has reached Pfahlherstellung f
specified soil penetration and/or blow count] ● Pfahlend- pile manufacturing yard, pile (making) yard, pile
stellung f forming yard ● Pfahl(fertigungs)platz m,
pile hoop, driving band, pile ring [A steel band fitted Pfahlherstellungsplatz
round the head of a timber pile to prevent brooming] ● pile material ● Pfahlwerkstoff m, Pfahlmaterial n
Pfahlkopfband n (pile) monkey, (pile) rabbit, (pile) topman [The work-
pile imbedment > pile penetration man who climbs the lead to position pile beneath the
pile imbedment, pile embedment [The length of the hammer] ● Pfahlausrichter m, Ausrichter
pile from the surface of the ground or from the cutoff pile mould; pile mold (US); pile form ● Pfahlform f
below the ground to the tip of the pile] ● Pfahlein- (pile) mushroom base, mushroom pile base ● Pilz-
bindelänge f in den Baugrund (pfahl)fuß m, Pfahlpilzfuß
pile inspector, pile (integrity) tester [The individual pile-of-brick texture ● Ziegelsteinstapelstruktur f
who observes pile installations for conformance with pile of broken ore, broken ore pile ● Erzhaufwerk n
contract requirements] ● Pfahlprüfer m pile of logwood, logwood pile (⚒) ● Schrank m
pile installation, pile placing, pile placement ● [Aufgeschichteter Holzstoß beim Feuersetzen]
Pfahleinbau m pile of nappes, nappe pile ● Deckenpaket n
P pile installation method > pile placing method pile pad, pile cushion ● Pfahlkissen n
pile (integrity) tester, pile inspector [The individual pile partly in the ground ● freistehender Pfahl m,
who observes pile installations for conformance with con- Langpfahl [Pfahl, der über den Baugrund emporragt und
tract requirements] ● Pfahlprüfer m nur mit seinem unteren Ende im Baugrund steht. Er wird
pile interval > pile spacing vorwiegend bei Pfahlgründungen im Wasser verwendet]
(pile) jack test ● (Pfahl)Hydraulikpressenversuch m, pile pattern, piling pattern ● Pfahlschema n
(Pfahl)Hydraulikpressenprüfung f, (Pfahl)Hydraulik- pile pedestal > pedestal
pressenprobe f pile penetration, pile embedment, pile imbedment
pile jetting, pile water-jet driving, pile water jetting, [Extent of penetration of the top of the pile into the pile
water-jet pile driving ● Pfahl(ein)spülen cap] ● Pfahleinbindelänge f in die Kopfplatte
pile joint [Means for joining lengths of piles] ● pile penetration, (pile) set [The net penetration of
Pfahlverbindung f a pile into the ground per blow or specific series of blows
pile length ● Pfahllänge f of a pile hammer] ● Pfahleindringung f
pile length, pile section ● Pfahlschuss m pile penetration [The depth or subsurface elevation
pile load pile bearing load reached by the tip of the pile] ● Pfahleinbindungstiefe f
pile load ● Pfahllast f pile perimeter ● Pfahlumfang m
pile load(-carrying) capacity, pile bearing capacity, pile piezometer ● Pfahlpiezometer n
pile (weight-carrying) capacitiy [‘‘Load’’ may synony- pile pipe, pile tube ● Pfahlrohr n
mously be used for ‘‘capacity’’] ● Pfahltragfähigkeit f, pile placing, pile installation, pile placement ●
Pfahltragvermögen n, Pfahltragkraft f Pfahleinbau m
pile test 999

pile placing method, pile placement method, pile hook is employed for this purpose] ● Pfahl(kopf)-
installation method [Methods are driving, jetting, ringzieher m, Rammringzieher, Pfahl(kopf)bandzieher
jacking (pretesting), boring, pulling down, vibrating, pile row > row of piles
washing out, blowing out, coring, drilling, grabbing out pile rupture > pile breakage
with a grabbing crane and blasting] ● Pfahleinbau- pile section, pile length ● Pfahlschuss m
verfahren n, Pfahleinbaumethode f (pile) set, pile penetration [The net penetration of a pile
pile plank [A plank driven like a pile] ● Rammbohle f into the ground per blow or specific series of blows of
pile platform, pile staging ● Pfahlbühne f, a pile hammer] ● Pfahleindringung f
Pfahlplattform f pile set, set of piles ● Pfahlsatz m, Satz Pfähle
(pile) point, (pile) shoe, pile boot, driving point, driv- pile settlement ● Pfahlsetzung f
ing shoe, driving boot, drive point, drive shoe, drive pile shaft ● Pfahlschaft m
boot, conic(al) point, conic(al) shoe, conic(al) boot, (pile) shaft boring ● (Pfahl)Schaftbohren n
metal point, metal shoe, metal boot, cone point, cone (pile) shaft concrete ● (Pfahl)Schaftbeton m
shoe, conic shoe, cone boot ● Pfahlschuh m, pile shaft diameter ● Pfahlschaftdurchmesser m
Rammschuh pile shaft grouting [see EN 1536 for definition and
(pile) point [The point of the pile, not to be confused additional terms] ● Pfahlmantelverpressung f
with ‘‘(pile) point as (pile) shoe’’] ● Pfahlspitze f (pile) shaft load ● (Pfahl)Schaftlast f
pile protection ● Pfahlschutz m (pile) shaft resistance ● (Pfahl)Schaftwiderstand m
pile pulling, pile extracting, pile drawing ● pile shaft resistance, skin resistance ●
Pfahlziehen n Pfahlmantelwiderstand m
pile pulling test, pulling test ● (Pfahl-) (pile) shoe > (pile) point
Ausziehversuch m (pile) skin ● (Pfahl)Mantel m
pile pullout resistance ● Pfahlausziehwiderstand m pile skin friction, pile adhesion, skin friction, ●
pile quality ● Pfahlbeschaffenheit f Pfahlmantelreibung f
(pile) rabbit, (pile) monkey, (pile) topman pile skin surface > skin surface
[The workman who climbs the lead to position pile pile slenderness ● Pfahlschlankheit f
beneath the hammer] ● Pfahlausrichter m, Ausrichter pile slip(page) ● Pfahlschlupf m
pile-raft coefficient ● Pfahlplatten-Koeffizient m pile slope ● Haldenböschung f
pile-raft foundation, piled raft foundation ● Pfahl- (pile) socket ● (Pfahl)Hülse f
Plattengründung f pile-soil model ● Pfahl-Boden-Modell n
pile raft structure ● Pfahlrostbauwerk n pile spacing, pile distance, spacing of piles, distance of
pile rank > row of piles piles, pile interval ● Pfahlabstand m
pile reaction ● Pfahlreaktion f pile staging, pile platform ● Pfahlbühne f,
pile refusal, refusal of pile [That condition in pile Pfahlplattform f
driving when further driving fails to increase the pene- pile storage yard ● Pfahllager(platz) n, (m)
tration] ● Pfahlstandfestigkeit f pile structure ● Pfahlbauwerk n
pile reinforcement ● Pfahlarmierung f, pile structure > pile system
Pfahlbewehrung, Pfahl(stahl)einlagen f pile support, column support; base area [of a pile or
pile retaining wall ● Pfahlstützwand f column] ● Aufstandsfläche f [eines Pfahls, einer Säule]
pile revetment ● Pfahluferdeckwerk n pile-supported offshore structure, offshore
pile ring ● Pfahlring m pile-supported structure ● meer(es)technische
pile ring, pile band, driving ring, driving band, (pile) Pfahlkonstruktion f
ferrule, (pile) verrel [An iron band put around the head pile system, piling (system), pile structure, structure
of a wood(en) pile to keep it from splitting and brooming of piles [A system of piles in position] ●
during driving] ● Rammring m, Pfahl(kopf)ring, Pfahl- Pfahlkonstruktion f, Pfahlsystem n, Pfahlwerk n,
(kopf)band n Pfählung f
pile ring puller, pile band puller, driving ring puller, pile take-up ● zunehmender Pfahlrammwiderstand m
driving band puller, (pile) ferrule puller, (pile) verrel pile taper ● Pfahlkonizität f, Pfahlverjüngung
puller [A device for pulling a pile ring from the head of pile tensile force, pile tension force ● Pfahlzugkraft f
a wood(en) pile after it has been driven. Usually a cant pile test ● Pfahlversuch m
1000 pile tester

pile tester > pile inspector pile wall ● Pfahlwand f [Die Pfähle berühren oder
pile test(ing) load ● Pfahlprobelast f, Pfahlprüflast, überschneiden sich]
Pfahlversuchslast pile waste dump, pile waste tip ● Haldendeponie f
pile test loading ● Pfahlprobebelastung f, Hochdeponie, Haldenkippe f, Hochkippe [Der
Pfahlprüfbelastung, Pfahlversuchsbelastung Deponiekörper ragt über die Geländekante hinaus]
pile thickness ● Pfahldicke f; Pfahlstärke f [veraltete pile water-jet driving, pile jetting, (pile) water jetting,
Benennung] water-jet pile driving ● Pfahl(ein)spülen, Einspülen n
pile tilt(ing) installation > pile tilt(ing) plant pile (weight-carrying) capacity > pile bearing
pile tilt(ing) plant, pile tip(ping) plant, pile tilt(ing) capacity
installation, pile tip(ping) installation ● pile weight-carrying formula > pile bearing formula
Pfahlkippanlage f (pile) withdrawing lever ● (Pfahl) Ausziehhebel m,
pile timber, pile wood ● Pfahlholz n (Pfahl)Wuchtbaum m
pile tip, pile foot, pile base, pile toe [The bottom end of (pile) withdrawing screw ● (Pahl)Ausziehschraube f
a pile] ● Pfahlfuß m, Pfahlfußpunkt m pile wood, pile timber ● Pfahlholz n
pile tip enlargement, pile toe enlargement, pile foot pile work(s), pile construction ● Pfahlbau(-)
enlargement, pile base enlargement, belling ● (Pfahl-) (arbeiten) m, (f)
Fußverbreiterung f, (Pfahl)Fußanschnitt m, pile work, piling ● Pfahlwerk n
Verbreitern n von Pfahlfüßen, Anschneiden n von pile yard > pile manufacturing yard
Pfahlfüßen pilgrim step ● Pilgerschritt
pile tip(ping) plant, pile tilt(ing) plant, pile till(ing) piling ● Pfählen n, Auspfählen, Verpfählen
installation, pile tip (ping) installation ● piling ● Pfahlbau m
Pfahlkippanlage f piling, (pile) driving ● (Pfahl)Rammen n,
pile toe > pile tip Pfahlschlagen
pile toe enlargement, pile tip enlargement, pile foot piling, pile work ● Pfahlwerk n
enlargement, pile base enlargement, belling ● (Pfahl-) piling > pile system
Fußverbreiterung f, (Pfahl)Fußanschnitt m, piling > sheetpile wall
Verbreitern n von Pfahlfüßen, Anschneiden n von piling. . . > (pile) driving . . .
Pfahlfüßen piling accessories ● Pfahlzubehör n
pile top > pile butt piling arrangement, pile arrangement ●
(pile) topman > (pile) monkey Pfahlanordnung f, Pfahlausteilung
P pile treatment, pile conditioning ● Pfahlkon- piling cofferdam > sheetpile wall cofferdam
servierung f, Pfahlbehandlung piling foundation, pile(d) foundation ●
pile trestle ● Pfahlbock m Pfahlgründung f, Pfahlfundament n
pile tube, pile pipe ● Pfahlrohr n piling foundation grillage, pile(d) foundation
pile type ● Pfahltyp m grillage ● Pfahlrost m
pile underpinning, underpinning with piles ● piling foundation slab, pile(d) foundation slab ●
Pfahlunterfangung f Pfahlgründungsplatte f, Pfahlfundamentplatte
pile unit ● Pfahleinheit f [Aus Schüssen zusammen- piling hammer, driving hammer ● Rammhammer m
gesetzter Pfahl] piling impediment, piling obstacle ● Rammhindernis n
pile unloading ● Pfahlentlastung f piling pattern, pile pattern ● Pfahlschema n
pile uplift, pile heave [The uplift of a previously driven piling rail > wale (piece)
pile caused by the driving of an adjacent pile] ● piling rig > driving equipment
Pfahlauftrieb m piling (system), pile system, pile structure, structure of
pile up of ice, ice pile up ● Eispressen n, Eispressung f piles, piling structure [A system of piles in position] ●
[Druckwirkung einer geschlossenen Eisdecke, z.B. Pfahlkonstruktion f, Pfahlsystem n, Pfahlwerk n,
Eisstand bei Flüssen, auf Wasserbauwerke] Pfählung f, Pfahlrostsystem n
pile upper end > pile butt piling up of ice, blocking ice (formation), ice pile-up
(pile) verrel > pile ring ● Eisaufschiebung f
(pile) verrel puller > pile ring puller piling-up wood ● Holzaufschichten n, Holzaufsetzen
pilot gallery 1001

piling wall > sheetpile wall pillar method with caving of the roof (⚒) ●
piling (wall). . . > sheetpile wall. . . Pfeilerbruchbau m
pilite, tinder ore [An impure variety of jamesonite] ● pillar micropile, small(-diameter) bored pile,
Pilit m micropile ● Kleinbohrpfahl m
pillar ● Säulenrundschalung f pillar(-mining) system [Pillar mining systems are the
pillar, stoop [A large pillar (as of coal), left to support the room-and-pillar system, the block system and the
roof of a mine] ● Pfeiler m bord-and-pillar system in England; called stoop-and-
pillar [In geomorphology, a natural formation shaped room system in Scotland] (⚒) ● pfeilerartige Bauweise f
like a pillar] ● Pfeiler m pillar of coal, coal pillar ● Kohlenpfeiler m
pillar (⚒) > strip pillar of ore > ore pillar
pillar > (earth) pillar pillar of waste > packwall(ing)
pillar > (rock) pillar pillar ore ● Pfeilererz n
pillar and breast method > room and pillar method pillar piercing > crosscut
pillar and stall method > room and pillar method pillar-protected surface (⚒) ● Tagesschutzbezirk m
pillar and stope > square-set(t) stoping pillar removal > pillar extraction
pillar blasting (⚒) ● Pfeilersprengen n, pillar robbing > pillar extraction
Pfeilersprengung f pillar robbing during the advance (⚒) ●
pillar caving ● Pfeilerbruchbau m Pfeilerabbau m im Vorbau
pillar coal ● Pfeilerkohle f pillar robbing during the retreat (⚒) ● Pfeilerab-
pillar crush(ing) > thrust bau m im Rückbau
pillar extraction, depillaring, pillar removal, pillar pillar sample [A sample of a coal seam or stratified ore
robbing, pillar drawing, robbing pillars, stooping; deposit which is representative of the seam or stratum
working the broken [North of England]; second work- (or strata)] ● Säulenprobe f
ing [Removing the coal or ore left for roof support after pillar support ● Pfeilerstützung f [Felssicherung]
first-mining has been completed. The character of floor pillar to be extracted (⚒) ● hereinzugewinnender
and roof texture of coal, thickness and dip of seam, Pfeiler m
presence of gas and other local conditions, all influence pillar work(ing) on the strike > pillar method on the
the method of work and the time at which it should be strike
done] ● Pfeilerabbau m, Pfeilerrauben n, Depilage f pillion [In Cornwall, tin that remains in the slag after
pillar formwork ● Säulenschalung f, the first melting] ● Schlackenmetall n
(s.a. Rundsäulenschalung) pillow breccia [A deposit of pillows and fragments of
pillar instrumentation (bore)hole (⚒) ● Pfeilerin- lava in a matrix of tuff] ● Kissenbrekzie f, Kissenbreccie
strumentationsbohrloch n pillow jointing, loaf-like jointing ● brotlaibige
pillar jointing ● pfeilerförmige Absonderung f Absonderung f, Wollsackabsonderung
[Gestein] pillow lava, ellipsoidal lava ● Kissenlava f, Flachlava
pillar left standing, abandoned pillar (⚒) ● Feste, pilolite > rock cork
Bergfeste f pilotaxitic, felty ● pilotaxitisch, (kristallin)filzig
pillar method (⚒) ● Pfeilerbau m [Strebbau mit sehr pilot bit ● Pilot(bohr)meißel m
kurzen Streblängen] pilot bore > pilot gallery
pillar method along the strike with roof caving ● pilot (bore)hole ● Vorbohrloch n, Pilotbohrloch
streichender Pfeilerbruchbau m pilot cord ● Pilotschnur f [Sprengen mit Anzündlitze]
pillar method in the direction of the strike with pilot cut > precut
filling (⚒) ● streichender Pfeilerversatzbau m pilot drilling, pilot boring ● Pilotbohren n
pillar method on the strike, pillar work(ing) on the pilot drilling head, pilot boring head ●
strike (⚒) ● streichender Pfeilerbau m Pilotbohrkopf m
pillar method on the strike with caving of the roof pilot drilling (or: boring) ● Pilotbohrung f
(⚒) ● streichender Pfeilerbau m pilot gallery, pioneer gallery, pilot drift, pioneer drift,
pillar method with broad working pillars (⚒) pilot heading, pioneer heading, pilot bore, pioneer
> retreating longwall method bore; pilot tunnel, pioneer tunnel (US) [A gallery
1002 pilot heading

excavated to explore ground conditions and assist in final (out), to end (off), to lens (out) ● verdrücken,
excavation. ‘‘Advance(d)’’ may synonymously be used for ausdünnen, auskeilen, verdünnen, schmäler werden
‘‘pilot’’ and ‘‘pioneer’’] ● Führ(ungs)stollen, pinch point ● verengte Stelle f
Pilotstollen, Vorstollen m, Richtstollen pin-drive kelly bushing ● zapfengetriebener
pilot heading (⚒) ● Richtstrecke f [Eine in der Mitnehmereinsatz m
Streichrichtung der Lagerstätte verlaufende, geradlinige pinger [A battery-powered, low-energy source for an
Hauptförderstrecke beim Abbau zahlreicher nicht sehr echo-sounder] ● akustischer Übertrager m,
mächtiger Flöze] Schallübertrager
pilot heading > pilot gallery pinhole ● Lochblende f [Röntgenmikroskopie]
pilot pile > test(ing) pile pink beryl > vorobyevite
pilot pipe, pilot tube ● Pilotrohr n pink-dyed c(h)alcedony > Carneol [trade name]
pilot pipe method [microtunnel(l)ing] ● Pilotrohr- pink erythrine > erythrite
verfahren n, Pilotrohrmethode f [Die Rohrverlegung pinksodalite ● Rosasodalith m
erfolgt in zwei Phasen] pink spinel; balas ruby [misnomer]; bal(l)as [A variety
pilot plant ● Versuchsanlage f of spinel, found in Badakhshan (or Balascia) province in
pilot project ● Pilotprojekt n northern Afghanistan] ● Balasrubin m
pilot-pull miner (⚒) ● (Strecken)Vortrieb(s)maschine f [Handelsbenennung]; rosenroter Spinell m,
für Ankervorlochbohren orangefarbener Spinell
pilot rod ● Pilotrohrvortrieb m pink topaz ● Rosatopas m
pilot rod ● Pilotstange f pinnacle > patch reef
pilot rods ● Pilotgestänge n [für den Rohrvortrieb] pinnacle(d) iceberg, irregular iceberg, pyramid(al)
pilot sampling, reconnaissance sampling, pilot sample iceberg, anomalous iceberg ● Pyramideneisberg m
taking, reconnaissance sample taking ● pinnacle(d) karst, tower karst; turmkarst [German]
Erkundungsprobe(n)nahme f [A karst landscape dominated by vertical walled mogotes
pilot shaft, pioneer shaft ● Richtschacht m, Füh- standing above alluviated plains e.g. in parts of Southern
r(ungs)schacht, Pilotschacht, Vorschacht China and Vietnam] ● Turmkarst m
pilot tube, pilot pipe ● Pilotrohr n pin packer ● Scherstiftpacker m [Tiefbohrtechnik]
pilot tunnel (US) > pilot gallery pin pile > micropile
pimelite, desaulesite [An apple-green clay mineral of pin tap, tap, taper(ed) tap ● Spitzfänger m, (Fang-)
the montmorillonite group. (Ni, Mg)3Si4Ow(OH)2.4H20] Dorn m [Tiefbohrtechnik]
P ● Pimelitra, Desaulesit pinwheel garnet > rolled garnet
pimple copper, blister copper ● Blisterkupfer m, pioneer gallery, pilot gallery, pilot drift, pioneer drift,
Konverterkupfer, Blasenkupfer pilot heading, pioneer heading, pilot bore, pioneer
pin, arrow ● Markierungsstäbchen n, Zählstäbchen bore; pilot tunnel, pioneer tunnel (US) [A gallery
[Feldmesskunst] excavated to explore ground conditions and assist in
pinch ● verengte Fahrbahn f [z. B. im Gebirge an einer final excavation. ‘‘Advance(d)’’ may synonymously be
kritischen Stelle] used for ‘‘pilot’’ and ‘‘pioneer’’] ● Führ(ungs)stollen,
pinch [The narrow portion of a lode, vein or orebody] ● Pilotstollen, Vorstollen m, Richtstollen
Einschnürung f Verdrückung pioneering [The first working over of rough or over-
to pinch in, to throttle ● drosseln [verstellbare Düse] grown areas prior to excavation] ● Abräumen n
pinching (out), petering (out), thinning (out), pioneering tunnel(l)ing technology ●
wedging (out), dying (out), ending (off), tapering bahnbrechende Vortriebstechnik f
(out), thinning away, dying away, lensing (out) [Of pioneer road [A semipermanent road built along the
a stratum in one or more directions] ● Auskeilen n, job to provide means for moving workers, equipment and
Verdrücken, Ausdünnen, Verdünnen, Schmälerwerden, machinery] ● Baustellenlängsstraße f
Ausschwänzen pioneer shaft, pilot shaft ● Richtschacht m, Füh-
to pinch out ● aufdrehen [verstellbare Düse] r(ungs)schacht, Pilotschacht, Vorschacht
to pinch (out), to peter (out), to taper (out), to thin pioneer shrubs ● Pioniergehölz n
(out), to wedge (out), to thin away, to die away, to die Piora Basin ● Piora-Mulde f
(pipe) jacking ring for main jacking station 1003

to pipe [Of soil into a subterranean cavity system in the pipefitter, pipeman [A man engaged in repairing
case of a hydraulic groundbreak] ● eindringen pipelines] ● Rohrmonteur m, Rohrschlosser m,
pipe, diamond pipe ● Diamantröhre f, Schlot m Rohrleger m, Klempner
pipe > (volcanic) neck pipe flowage, pipe flow(ing) ● Rohrfließen n,
pipe bedding ● Rohrbett(ung) n, (f) Rohrströmen
pipe bracing unit [microtunnel(l)ing] ● (pipe) forcing > (pipe) jacking
Rohranpressgerät n pipe gallery; pipe tunnel (US) ● Rohrstollen m
pipe bursting; (pipe) splitting; less frequent: burst pipe hose sprinkling (irrigation) ● Rohr-Schlauch-
lining [Pipe bursting may be performed in two manners: Beregnung f [Rohr als Regnerleitung und
dynamic or static. This method requires no new trench. Seitenschlauch]
Through the use of a bursting head, the old pipe is pipe infrastructure ● Rohrgrundausstattung f,
destroyed and pushed into the surrounding ground Grundausstattung mit Rohren
making room for a new similar-sized pipe] ● (Rohr-) (pipe) jacking, (pipe) driving, (pipe) thrusting, (pipe)
Splittung f, Rohrerneuerung im Berstverfahren, pushing, (pipe) forcing, (pipe) ramming, (pipe)
Rohrzertrümmerung, Berstlining n [Bei diesem moling [microtunnel(l)ing] ● (Rohr)Vortrieb m,
Verfahren handelt es sich um eine grabenlose (Rohr)Vortreiben n, (Rohr)Vorschub m, (Rohr-)
Rohrerneuerung gegenüber einer offenen Bauweise. Durchpressen, (Rohr)Vorpressen, (Rohr-)
Gas-, Wasser- sowie Abwasserleitungen werden auf Durchdrücken, (Rohr)Durchstoßen, (Rohr)Eintreiben
diese Weise erneuert, indem das Altrohr mittels einer [Leitungstunnelbau]
Schlagramme zerstört wird] (pipe) jacking and boring ● (Rohr)Pressbohren n,
(pipe) bursting machine, (pipe) splitting machine, (Rohr)Vorpressbohren, (Rohr)Vortrieb(s)bohren,
(pipe) burster, (pipe) splitter, (pipe) bursting mole, (Rohr)Vordrückbohren
(pipe) splitting mole [It is used to burst the old pipe (pipe) jacking and boring method ● (Rohr-)
and laterally displace the fragments, creating a void into Pressbohrverfahren n, (Rohr)Pressbohrmethode f,
which the new pipe is pushed] ● (Rohr)Splittungs- (Rohr)Vorpressbohrverfahren, (Rohr)Vorpress-
maschine f, Rohrzertrümmerungsmaschine bohrmethode, (Rohr)Vordrückbohrmethode, (Rohr-)
pipe carrier [offshore drilling] ● Rohrtransporter m, Vordrückbohrverfahren, (Rohr)Vortrieb(s)-
Rohrtransportschiff n bohrverfahren, (Rohr)Vortrieb(s)bohrmethode
pipe channel, channel pipe [A drain pipe having a half [Rohrvortrieb mit Bohrkopf-Bodenabbau und
or three-quarter circular cross section, open along the top] Schnecken(ab)förderung]
● Schalenrohr n, Rohrschale f (pipe) jacking and boring unit ● (Rohr-)
pipe clay ● Pfeifenton m Pressbohrgerät n, (Rohr)Vorpressbohrgerät, (Rohr-)
pipe cleaning ● Rohrreinigung f, Rohrsäuberung Vordrückbohrgerät, (Rohr)Vortrieb(s)bohrgerät
pipe connection ● Rohrstutzen m (pipe) jacking beam ● (Rohr)Pressbalken m, (Rohr-)
pipe coral ● lange walzenförmige Koralle f Vorpressbalken, (Rohr)Vordrückbalken, (Rohr-)
pipe cover(ing) ● Rohrüberdeckung f Vortrieb(s)balken
pipe drain > (underground) drain (pipe) jacking frame ● (Rohr)Pressrahmen m, (Rohr-)
pipe drainage ● Rohrdränage f, Rohrdränung f Vorpressrahmen, (Rohr)Vordrückrahmen, (Rohr-)
(pipe) driving, (pipe) jacking, (pipe) thrusting, (pipe) Vortrieb(s)rahmen
pushing, (pipe) forcing, (pipe) ramming, (pipe) pipe jacking method > micro-tunnel(l)ing system
moling [microtunnel(l)ing] ● (Rohr)Vortrieb m, pipe jacking of steel pipes ● Vorpressen n von
(Rohr)Vortreiben n, (Rohr)Durchpressen, (Rohr-) Stahlrohren [z. B. zur Herstellung einer
Vorpressen, (Rohr)Durchdrücken, (Rohr-) Rohrschirmdecke]
Durchstoßen, (Rohr)Eintreiben [Leitungstunnelbau] (pipe) jacking ring for intermediate jacking station,
pipe driving method, pipe jacking method, micro- intermediate (pipe) jacking ring ● Druckring m für
tunnel(l)ing system ● Rohrvortriebsverfahren n, Zwischenpressstation, Pressring für
Rohrvortriebssystem n Zwischenpressstation
pipe eating ● Überfahren n schadhafter (pipe) jacking ring for main jacking station, main
Abwasserrohre (pipe) jacking ring, principal (pipe) jacking ring ●
1004 (pipe) jacking shaft

Druckring m für Hauptpressstation, Pressring für pipeline trenching ● Rohrleitungsgrabenbau m

Hauptpressstation pipeline tunnel (US) > pipeline gallery
(pipe) jacking shaft ● (Rohr)Vorpressschacht m, pipeline works ● Rohrleitungsarbeiten f (pl)
(Rohr)Pressschacht, (Rohr)Vordruckschacht, (Rohr-) pipe longitudinal drainage > underground longitu-
Vortrieb(s)schacht dinal drainage
(pipe) jacking station ● (Rohr)Pressstation f, (Rohr-) pipeman, pipefitter [A man engaged in repairing
Vorpressstation, (Rohr)Vordruckstation, (Rohr-) pipelines] ● Rohrmonteur m
Vortrieb(s)station pipe measuring engineering ● Rohrmesstechnik f
pipe jetting ● Rohreinspülung f, Einspülung von (pipe) moling > (pipe) jacking
Rohren [Kunststoffrohre in offenem Wasser] pipe monitoring system ●
pipe layer ● Rohrleger m [Maschine] Rohrüberwachungsanlage f
pipe laying, laying pipes ● Rohrverlegung f pipe pile, tubular pile, tube pile, cased pile [A steel
(pipe) laying tolerances ● Verlegetoleranzen f (pl) cylinder of from 25 to 60 cm (10–24 in.) dia., generally
[für Rohre] driven open-ended to a firm bearing, then excavated and
pipelaying vessel (or: ship), pipelay vessel ● filled with concrete. It may have several sections from 1.5
Verlegeschiff n [für die Kabelverlegung unter Wasser] to 8 m long, joined by cast-steel sleeves. One type has its
pipe length above rotary table, length of pipe above lower end closed before driving by a conical steel shoe] ●
rotary table ● Überstand m [Rotarybohren] Rohrpfahl m, Standrohrpfahl
pipeless drain, mole drain [A pipe-like channel in the pipe post (⚒) > tubular prop
subsoil] ● Fräsrille(ndrän) f, (m), rohrlose Drän, pipe prop (⚒) > tubular prop
Maulwurfdrän, Schlitzdrän, Dränfräsrille f, Drän- pipe puller ● Rohrzieher m, Rohrzug(gerät) m, (n)
schlitz m, Erddrän (pipe) pushing > (pipe) jacking
pipeless drainage, mole drainage ● Fräsrillendränung f, (pipe) push-in method, (Rohr)Einschubverfahren n,
Schlitzdränung, Maulwurfdränung, Erddränung [DIN (Rohr)Einschubmethode f [Die Rohre werden in der
1185] Startgrube verbunden und der sich so verlängernde
pipeless (drain) plough, mole (drain) plough; mole Rohrstrang um jeweils eine Rohrlänge vorgeschoben]
(drain) plow, pipeless (drain) plow (US) ● piperacker ● Bühnenmann m [Tiefbohrtechnik]
Maulwurfdränpflug m, Fräsrillendränpflug, piperacker ● Rohrablage f [Tiefbohrtechnik]
Schlitzdränpflug, Erddränpflug, rohrloser Dränpflug pipe ram ● Rohrbacke f [Tiefbohrtechnik]
pipeline bridge ● Rohrleitungsbrücke f (pipe) ramming > (pipe) jacking
P pipeline cadastre ● Rohrleitungskataster n, m pipe ramp ● Rohrrampe f, Rohrrutsche f
pipeline construction, pipeline building ● [Tiefbohrtechnik]
Rohrleitungstiefbau m pipe rehabilitation ● Rohrsanierung f [allgemein]
pipeline corridor, pipeline location line, pipeline pipe relining, refining ● Rohrsanierung f [Einziehen
route ● Rohrleitungs-Trasse f oder Einschieben von neuen Rohren in defekte Rohre]
pipeline dredging, dredging with pipeline ● pipe renewal ● Rohrerneuerung f [Herstellung neuer
Nassbaggern n mit Rohrleitung Rohrleitungen welche die Aufgabe der außer Betrieb
pipeline flow ● Rohrleitungsdurchgang m genommenen übernehmen, wobei eventuell die
pipeline gallery; pipeline tunnel (US) ● Abmessungen geändert sein können]
Rohrleitungsstollen m pipe replacing ● Überfahren n [Die defekte
pipeline head curve ● Rohrleitungskennlinie f Rohrleitung wird mit Hilfe eines unbemannten,
pipeline location line, pipeline corridor, pipeline ferngesteuerten Rohrvortriebgerätes überfahren, zerstört
route ● Rohrleitungs-Trasse f und weggeschafft und gleichzeitig die neue Rohrleitung
pipeline locator ● Rohrleitungsortungsgerät n mit gleicher oder veränderter Nennweite in derselben
pipeline route > pipeline corridor Trasse mit demselben Gefälle erstellt]
(pipe)line surge ● (Rohr)Leitungsschwall m pipe-rock burrow scolithus
pipeline trench ● Rohrleitungsgraben m pipe run ● Rohrverlauf m
pipeline trench blasting (with)in built-up areas, pipe sampling > (drive) pipe sampling
cautious pipeline trench blasting ● Rohrgraben- pipe screen, tube screen, pipe umbrella ●
sprengen n in bebauten Gebieten Rohrschirm m
pisiform 1005

pipe screen slab, tube screen raft ● a strainer or sand point without gravel packing. The slots
Rohrschirmdecke f in the strainer are selected to suit the formation
pipe section ● Rohrschuss m penetrated, so that the well will not pump
(pipe) splitter > (pipe) splitting machine excessive amounts of sand after development] ●
(pipe) splitting, (pipe) bursting [This method is based Rohrbrunnen m, verrohrter Brunnen
on the use of a pneumatic tool which hammers its way pipework ● Rohrleitungssystem n
through the old pipe breaking it en-route along the line of pipe wrapping ● Rohrbandage f, Rohrumwick(e)-
the old pipe. Alternatively, a hydraulic device, which lung f
expands to break out the pipe, may be towed through piping ● Röhrenerosion f
the old pipe] ● (Rohr)Splittung f, Rohrerneuerung im piping, hydraulic groundbreak, tunnel erosion,
Berstverfahren, Rohrzertrümmerung subsurface erosion [Erosion by percolating water in
(pipe) splitting machine, (pipe) bursting machine, a layer of subsoil, resulting in caving and in the formation
(pipe) burster, (pipe)splitter, (pipe) bursting mole, of narrow conduits, tunnels, or ‘‘pipes’’ through which
(pipe) splitting mole [It is used to burst the old pipe soluble or granular soil is renewed; especially the move-
and laterally displace the fragments, creating a void into ment of soil, from the permeable foundation of a dam or
which the new pipe is pushed] ● (Rohr)Splittungs- levee, by the flow or seepage of water along underground
maschine f, Rohrzertrümmerungsmaschine passages] ● (hydraulischer) Grundbruch m
pipe sprinkling (irrigation) ● Rohrberegnung f piping [In hydraulic mining, discharging water from the
pipestone, catlinite, Indian pipestone [An indurated nozzles on the auriferous gravel] ● Wasserstrahllösen n
clay used by the Dakota Indians for pipe-making] ● piping in the ground ● Piping im Boden
(indianischer) Pfeifenstein m pipkrake [Swedish term] > needle ice
(pipe) stop [(lock-in) ram ring] ● (Rohr)Anschlag m 1. Pique, 1st pique, 1 P ● deutliche Einschlüsse f
pipe storage area ● Rohrlagerplatz m [Rohrvortrieb] [Diamant]
pipe string ● Rohrstrang m 2. Pique, 2nd Pique, 2 P ● größere Einschlüsse f
pipe string relieving ● Langrohrsanierung f, [Diamant]
Rohrstrangsanierung [Es wird ein entsprechend langer 3. Pique, 3rd pique, 3 P ● große Einschlüsse f
Kunststoffrohrstrang mit Kreisquerschnitt (inlier) in [Diamant]
einem Arbeitsgang in die zu sanierende Haltung piracy, capture, robbery [The natural diversion of the
(¼ Abschnitt) eingezogen. Der Ringraum zwischen headwaters of one stream or river into the channel of
Kunststoffrohrstrang und Rohr wird verfüllt] another stream or river having greater erosional activity
pipe strut, tube strut, tubular strut [‘‘Stay’’ and ‘‘brace and flowing at a lower level; especially diversion effected
(r)’’ (US) may synonymously be used for ‘‘strut’’] ● by a stream or river eroding headward at a rapid rate so
Rohrspreize f, Rohrsteife f as to tap and lead off the waters of another stream or
pipe tally ● Rohrliste f [Tiefbohrtechnik] river] ● Anzapfung f Abfangung
(pipe) thrusting > (pipe) jacking pirated stream, captured stream, robbed stream
pipe trench ● Rohrgraben m [U-Graben] [A stream whose former upper course has been diverted
pipette analysis, pipette method (of settlement into the channel of another stream by capture] ●
analysis) ● Pipettenverfahren n, Pipettenmethode f angezapfter Fluss m, abgefangener Fluss
pipe truck; less frequent: pipe transporter ● pirate (river), capturing river, captor river [A river into
Rohrtransporter m which the headwaters of another river or stream have
pipe tube ● U-Bahntunnel m aus Röhren, Röhren-U- been diverted by capture] ● Räuberstrom m
Bahntunnel pirate sand ● Saugsand m, saugender Sand
pipe tunnel (US); pipe gallery ● Rohrstollen m pirate (stream), capturing stream, captor stream
pipe tunnelling (Brit.); pipe tunneling (US) ● [A stream into which the headwaters of another stream
Rohruntertunnellung f have been diverted by capture] ● Räuberfluss m
pipe umbrella, pipe screen, tube screen ● pisanite, cuprian melanterite ● Pisanit m,
Rohrschirm m kupferhaltiger Melanterit, Kupfer-Melanterit, (Fe,CU)
pipe well, tubular well, tube well [A drilled or driven [S04].7H20
water well of a diameter usually less than 0.6 m (2 ft.) pisiform [Resembling the size and shape of a pea] ●
and too small for a man to descend. It is installed with erbsenähnlich
1006 pisiform concretion

pisiform concretion > pisolith pit, mine shaft, shaft of a mine ● Grubenschacht m
pisolite, peastone, pea grit [A sedimentary rock, usually pit > quarry
a limestone, made up chiefly of pisolites cemented pit, shaft mine ● Schachtgrube f
together; a coarse-grained oolite] ● Pisolith m, pit [A cavity or hole in the ground, natural or artificial;
Erbsenstein m, Sprudelstein deep with respect to area] ● Grube f, Kuhle
pisolite, pisolith, pisiform concretion, mud pellet, pit > coal mine
accretionary lapillus [One of the small, round or pit [The underground portion of a mine, including all
ellipsoidal accretionary bodies in a sedimentary rock, workings] ● Untertageanlagen f (pl)
resembling a pea in size and shape, and constituting pit > (lime) pit
one of the grains that make up a pisolite] ● Erbse f pit > (building) pit
pisolite [A mineral. A variety of calcite or aragonite] ● pit > opencast mine
Pisolith m pit > (charcoal) pit
pisolite [A tuff composed of accretionary lapilli] ● pit > (pump) sump
Pisolith m pit [A hole in the ground in which to burn something; as
pisolitic [Pertaining to pisolite (a sedimentary rock), or a lime pit; a charcoal pit] ● Brenngrube f
to the texture of a rock made up of pisoliths or pealike pit [A large hole from which some mineral deposit is dug
grains, e.g. ‘‘pisolitic b(e)auxite’’ or ‘‘pisolitic limestone’’] or quarried, or the mine itself, as a gravel pit, or stone pit]
● pisolithisch ● Grube f
pisolitic iron ore ● Bohnerz n pit amber, mined amber [In contrast to sea amber] ●
pisolitic ironstone ● eisenarmer oolitischer Grubenbernstein m
Hämatitquarzit m [Eisenerzlager bei Pretoria, pit and quarry industry, quarry and pit industry ●
Südafrika] Steine- und Erden-Industrie, Industrie f der Steine und
pisolitic tuff [An indurated pyroplastic deposit made Erden
chiefly of accretionary lapilli or pisolites] ● pisolitischer (pit-)bank (level), banking level, hangbank, surface
Tuff m level, landing place, bank of drawing shaft, draw(ing)
pistacite, pistazite, epidote ● Pistazit m, Epidot m shaft bank, top landing bench, banking surface, landing
piston bailer ● Kolbenlöffel m stage, landing (of shaft), shaft landing, head stage,
piston corer, piston core sampler, piston core sample station, tipple, colliery surface, coal mine surface;
taker ● Kolbenkernprobe(n)nehmer m pitmouth [Derbyshire]; hangbench, settle-bords
piston core sampler, piston corer, piston core sample [Newcastle-upon-Tyne] (⚒) ● (Rasen)Hängebank f
P taker ● Kolbenkernprobe(n)nehmer m Arbeitsort n, Bank [An der Mündung eines
piston cover ● Kolbendeckel m Förderschachtes]
piston drill [This drill has now been superseded by the pit bar [One of the wooden props bracing the sides of
hammer drill] ● Kolbenbohrer m a pit] ● Grubensteife f, Grubenspreize
piston (driven) sampler, piston-type sampler ● pit barring [In Scotland, timbers supporting the sides of
Kolbenprobe(n)nehmer m a shaft], shaft timbering ● Schachtzimmerung f
piston fit ● Kolbenpassung f pit boards, well curbing (US) [Sheeting to keep earth
piston guide ● Kolbenführung f out of a pit] ● Grubenverschalung f
piston jig(ger) ● Kolbensetzmaschine f pit bolt ● Gruben(ausbau)anker m
piston machine, piston-type machine ● pit bottom, pit eye [The entrance to a mine and the
Kolbenmaschine f underground roads, in the immediate vicinity,
piston packing ● Kolben(ab)dichtung f, whether at the bottom of the shaft or at any point in it
Kolbenpackung beneath the surface at which the cages are loaded] ●
piston ring ● Kolbenring m Füllort n
piston ring gap ● Kolbenringlücke f pit bottomer [A miner employed in the pit eye] ●
piston rod ● Kolbenstange f Füllortarbeiter m
piston rod crosshead ● Kolbenstangenkreuzkopf m pit-burning, pit-charring ● Gruben-Verkohlung f
piston sampler ● Kolbenentnahmegerät n [Verkohlung in Mauerwerkgruben]
piston sleeve ● Kolbenmanschette f pit (burnt) charcoal, pit burned charcoal ● Gruben-
piston-type machine > piston machine (holz)kohle f [In Gruben verkohlte Holzkohle]
pit lamp 1007

pit cage [The structure used in mine shafts for transport pitching seam, inclined seam, sloping seam (⚒) ●
(ation)] ● Förderkorb m, Schachtkorb geneigtes Flöz n, schräges Flöz
pit car dump (⚒) > (mine) car dump pitching trough ● steiler Trog m, steil gelagerter Trog
to pitch [A pile into a prebored hole for driving] ● pitch of fold, fold pitch [The angle between the hori-
einfädeln zontal and an axial line passing through all the highest or
pitch ● Erzpfeiler m lowest points of a given stratum of a syncline or anticline]
pitch, inclination [A deviation from the true vertical or ● Faltenwinkel m
horizontal] ● Neigung f pitch of tar, tar pitch ● Teerpech n
pitch, inclination [The deflection of the shield axis from pitch ore > pitchblende
the theoretical grade of the tunnel centerline] ● pitch peat > black peat
(Schildachsen)Abweichung f pitch peat ● Pechtorf m
pitch, rake [In structural geology, the angle between the pitchstone [A volcanic glass with a waxy dull resinous
horizontal and any linear feature, e.g. an ore shoot or lustre. Its colo(u)r and composition vary widely; it con-
lineation, measured in the plane containing the linear tains a higher percentage of water than obsidian. Crys-
feature] ● Neigung f tallites are detectable in thin section] ● Pechstein m
pitch [An old vernacular term] > petroleum pitchy iron ore, triplite ● Triplit m, Manganpecherz n,
pitch [This term is sometimes employed indiscriminately phosphorsaures Mangan n, Manganeisenphosphat n,
to mean bitumen or asphalt] ● Pech n Eisenpecherz
pitch-and-flat deposit ● Lagerstätte f mit Adern und pitchy luster (US); pitchy lustre [Resembling the lustre
Lagen parallel oder geneigt zur Schichtung of a fresh pitch surface] ● Pechglanz m
pitch and roll buoy ● Beschleunigungs- und pit clothing ● Grubenzeug n
Neigungsmesserboje f pit coal ● Grubenkohle f, Zechenkohle
pit-charring, pit-burning ● Gruben-Verkohlung f pit crater [A circular or ellipsoidal, steep-walled collapse
[Verkohlung in Mauerwerkgruben] depression sunk below the gentle sloping surface of
pitch binder, binding pitch ● Binderpech n a volcano and not surrounded by accumulated lava or
pitchblende, nasturan, black blende, pitchy-blende pyroclastic material] ● Vulkankessel(bruch) m,
ore ● Uranpecherz n [nach von Leonhard], Uranium n Vulkanpinge, Vulkanbinge f, Schachtkrater m
[nach Klaproth 1790], Pechblende f, Pechuran n [nach pit crew, pit gang, pit party, pit team ● Untertagebe-
Hausmann], Pecherz n [nach Werner], Nasturan [nach legschaft f
Kobell 1853], Uranerz n [nach Klaproth und Karten pit drill ● Kick-Alarmübung f [Tiefbohrtechnik]
1791], Uranin m [nach Haidinger], Uraninit m [nach pit excavation, pit digging ● Grubenaushub m
Dana 1868] pit eye, pit bottom [The entrance to a mine and the
pitch coal [A kind of ’jet(t)] ● Pechkohle f underground roads, in the immediate vicinity, whether at
pitch coke ● Pechkoks m the bottom of the shaft or at any point in it beneath the
pitched island > (stone)pitched island surface at which the cages are loaded] ● Füllort n
pitched slope, hand-placed (stone) riprap ● Stein- pit eye, pit (shaft) bottom [The bottom of the shaft of
satz m, Steinpackung f a coal mine] ● Schachtsohle f
pitching, penning, soling, pitched (stone)work [‘‘Che- pit eye [The junction of a shaft and a level] ● Schacht-
mise’’ may synonymously be used for ‘‘revetment’’] ● Sohle-Anschluss m
(Setz)Pack(lag)efutter n, (Setz)Pack(lag)eausklei- pit face ● Gruben(abbau)wand f
dung f, (Setz)Pack(lag)ebekleidung, (Setz)Pack- pit head (⚒) ● Grubeneingang m
(lag)everkleidung pit head building ● Huthaus n, Zechenhaus
pitching, soling, penning, pitched (stone) pit heap > mining pile
work [A layer of coarse stone on a road] ● Packlage f, pit inspector > viewer
Packe f pit iron ore mining > opencast iron ore mining
pitching [Lifting a runner or a pile and placing it in pit ironstone quarry > opencast ironstone quarry
position for driving] ● Instellungbringen n pit lamp, miner’s light, pit light, mine(r’s) lamp; bug
pitching axis, plunging axis ● B-Achse f [Falten(zone)] torch (US) ● Grubenlampe f, Bergwerklampe,
pitching borer (⚒) ● Meißelbohrer m Grubenlicht n, Bergwerklicht, Bergbaulampe,
pitching seam, highly inclined seam ● Steilflöz n Bergbaulicht
1008 pit-leaching

pit-leaching, in(-)place leaching, in(-)situ leaching, pit temporary (support(ing)) system ●

leaching in place, leaching in situ ● Untertage(aus)- Grubensicherung f, vorläufiger Grubenausbau m,
laugung f provisorischer Grubenausbau, Grubenverbau
pitman crank ● Schubstangenkurbel f, pit tin mining > opencast tin mining
Zugstangenkurbel [pennsylvanisches Seil(schlag)- pittizite, pitticite, glockerite [A mineral,
bohren] 2Fe2O3SO3.6H20. Massive, sparry, earthy, or
pit masonry (⚒) ● Grubenmauerwerk n, stalactitic. Brown to ocker-yellow to pitch black, dull
Grubenmauerung f green] ● Glockerit m
pit masonry > (sinking) pit masonry pittizite, pitticite; pitchy iron ore [obsolete] [A hydrous
pit mine > opencast mine sulfarsenate of iron, found in yellowish, brownish, and
pitmouth [Derbyshire] > (pit-)bank (level) reddish venoform masses] ● Pittizit n, Eisensinter m
Pitot tube, impact tube [Device for observing the veloc- pit (type) quarry, quarry of the pit type ● Gruben-
ity head of flowing water. It has an orifice held to point (stein)bruch m
upstream inflowing water and connected with a tube by pit wall ● Grubenwand(ung) f
which the rise of water in the tube above the water’s pit wall slope ● Grubenwand(ungs)böschung f
surface may be observed. It may be constructed with an pit waste (⚒) > attal
upstream and downstream orifice and two water col- pit water; aqua metallorum [Latin] ● Grubenwasser n
umns, the difference of water levels being an index of pitwright, pumping engineer, plugman [In mining and
the velocity head] ● Pitotrohr n, Staurohr, in the quarry industry, one who operates a pump or
Staudruckmesser m several pumps to force excess water from a lower level to
pit permanent (support(ing)) system ● endgültiger the surface or to a drainage gallery] ● Pumpenwärter m
Grubenausbau m, verbleibender Grubenausbau pivotability, rollability, shape stability [The facility
pit pile > mining pile which clastic grains show for rolling] ● Rollfähigkeit f
pit ponor ● Schlotponor m Rollvermögen n, Rollbereitschaft f
pit prop (⚒) > prop pivotal fault > hinge fault
pit-run (gravel), bank gravel [Gravel found in natural pivoting > (wave) pivoting
deposits, usually more or less intermixed with fine pixel > image element
material, such as sand or clay, or combinations thereof, pixel response image element response
gravelly clay, gravelly sand, clayey gravel and sandy PL > plastic limit
gravel, indicate the varying proportions of the materials place (⚒) working room
P in the mixture] ● Rohkies m place [As used by geographers means a particular posi-
pit-run (material), run of pit ● rohes tion on the earth’s surface: But, in contrast to locations, it
Grubenmaterial n is not used in an abstract sense but confined to an
pit-run pumice ● Rohbims m, Rohtrachytasche f identifiable location on which to load certain values. So
pit-run sand ● Rohsand m a location becomes a place once it is identified with
pits, drifts (⚒) ● Grubengebäude f a certain content of information. Sometimes the content
pit shaft > shaft is a physical fact] ● Ort m
pit (shaft) bottom, pit eye [The bottom of the shaft of to place deep [such as diaphragm walls and bored pile
a coal mine] ● Schachtsohle f walls] ● tief führen [z. B. Schlitz und Bohrpfahlwände]
pit superintendent > viewer placed stone facing (US); (stone)pitched facing ●
pit (support(ing)) system ● Grubenausbau m Steinvorlage f [Stein(tal)sperre]
pit (support(ing)) system steel section ● place location map, Ort(s)lagekarte f
Grubenausbaustahlprofil n placement, installation [microtunnel(l)ing] ●
pit (surface) mine > opencast mine Einbau m
pit(ted) country, pit(ted) relief ● Wannenlandschaft f placement technique, installation technique, placing
[Karstlandform] technique ● Einbautechnik f [Als betriebliche
pit(ted) sandur, pit(ted) outwash plain ● Sandebene f Anwendung]
mit Toteislöchern placer, concentrated minerals ● Seife f, sekundäre
pit(ted) weathering ● Narbenverwitterung f Lagerstätte f
plain detonator crimper 1009

place name ● Ort(s)bezeichnung f, Ort(s)name m placing of timber (⚒) > timbering

placer, ore of sedimentation, sedimentation ore, lead, placing technique > installation technique
diluvial ore [economic geology] ● Seife f, Mineralseife, plaggen soil ● Plaggosol m, Plaggenesch m; Esch,
Seifenerz n, Wascherz Plaggenboden m [frühere Benennungen]
placer beach ● Seifenstrand m plagioclase, sodium-calcium fel(d)spar; sodalime
placer claim, placer set [A claim on a placer deposit in fel(d)spar, lime soda fel(d)spar [misnomers] ●
which a discovery has been made] ● Seifenfeld n Plagioklas m, Kalk-Natrium-Feldspat m,
placer concentrate ● Seifenkonzentrat n Rhombenfeldspat
placer deposit > Streamworks plagioclase optics ● optische Plagioklasbestimmung f
placer digging [An area where placer mining has plagioclase pumice [A pumice which is composed
overturned or removed the earth and left a rough, eroded, mainly of plagioclase] ● Plagioklasbims m
and scarred surface] ● Seifenabbaufläche f plagioclase rock, anorthosite, plagioclasite ●
placer-diggings, placer-workings, placer unit ● Anorthosit m
Seifenwerk n plagioclase zoning ● Plagioklaszonierung f,
placer earth ● Seifenerde f [Nicht verwechseln mit der Plagioklaszonenbau m
Seifenerde als Walkererde] plagioclasite > anorthosite
placer formation ● Seifenbildung f plagiogranite [A term commonly used by Russian
placer gold, alluvial gold, alluvious gold, drifted gold, petrologists for igneous rock having a low potassium
aureous placer, auriferous placer, auriferous alluvium, content] ● Plagiogranit m
gold(bearing) placer [Gold found in association with plagionite, Pb5Sb8S17 [A lead-gray mineral with metal-
water-worn material] ● Alluvialgold n, Seifengold, lic sulfide and antimony] ● Plagionit m
Schwemmgold, Goldseife f, Sekundärgold plain, flat, level land ● Ebene f, Flachland n
placer gold mining ● Goldseifenbergbau m plain [Australia]; treeless ● baumlos
placer gravel, lead ● Seifenkies m plain [detonator] ● zündschnurlos
placer ground, placer terrain, placer land ● plain [oil shale] ● dickplattig
Seifengelände n, Seifenterrain n, Seifenland n plain casing ● Bohrrohre f ohne Endverstärkung,
placer land > placer ground Futterrohre ohne Endverstärkung, Verrohrung f ohne
placer mine [A deposit of sand, gravel, or talus from Endverstärkung, glatte Bohrrohre, glatte Futterrohre,
which valuable mineral is extracted] ● Seifengrube f glatte Verrohrung
placer miner, placer operator ● Seif(e)ner m, Seifer plain concrete continuous footing > plain concrete
placer mining; diggings (US) ● Seifenbergbau m wall footing
placer occurrence ● Seifenvorkommen n plain concrete foundation [‘‘Non-reinforced’’ and
placer ore, stream ore ● Seifenerz n, Erzseife f ‘‘unreinforced’’ may synonymously be used for ‘‘plain’’]
placer platinum, platinum placer ● Platin(um)seife f, ● unbewehrtes (Beton)Fundament n, unbewehrte
Seifenplatin(um) n (Beton)Gründung f
placer sampling ● Seifenprobe(n)nahme f plain concrete strip footing, plain concrete wall foot-
placer set > placer claim ing, plain concrete continuous footing [‘‘Non-
placer sand ● Seifensand m reinforced’’ and ‘‘unreinforced’’ may synonymously be used
placers on hills, hill diggings ● Hügelseifen f for ‘‘plain’’] ● unbewehrtes (Beton)Streifenfundament
placer terrain, placer ground, placer land ● n, unbewehrte (Beton)Streifengründung f, Bankett n
Seifengelände n, Seifenterrain n, Seifenland n plain concrete wall footing, plain concrete strip foot-
placer tin > alluvial tin ing, plain concrete continuous footing [‘‘Non-
placer-workings, placer-diggings, placer unit ● reinforced’’ and ‘‘unreinforced’’ may synonymously be
Seifenwerk n used for ‘‘plain’’] ● unbewehrtes (Beton)Streifen-
to place shotcrete > to gunite fundament n, unbewehrte (Beton)Streifengründung f,
placing and compacting [earthwork] ● Einbauen n Bankett n
und Verdichten plain detonator > (blasting) cap(sule)
placing laths, lathing, installation of laths ● plain detonator crimper > (blasting) cap(sule)
Verlatten n, Belatten crimper
1010 plain field

plain field, champai(g)n, champian, champion, level planchette, planetable board ● Messtischplatte f,
field, level open country, flat open country, open Menselplatte, Feldtischplatte
unenclosed land [As opposed to that partitioned into Planck’s constant, quantum of action [A fundamental
fields] ● flache Gegend f, flaches Land n, ebene Gegend, physical constant, the elementary quantum of action; the
ebenes Land, Blachfeld n [Feldmesskunst] ratio of the energy of a photom to its frequency, it is equal
plain landscape ● Ebenenlandschaft f to 6.62620  0.00005-x 10-34 joule-second. Symbolized:
placing of aggradation > aggradational plain h] ● Plancksche Wirkungsquantum n, Plancksche
plain of erosion, erosion plain ● Erosionsebene f, Konstante f, Planck Konstante f
Abtrag(ungs)ebene, Ausnagungsebene plan dimension > (ground-)plan dimension
plain of marine erosion, marine erosion plain ● plane (⚒) > (braking) incline
Tiefsee-Erosionsebene f, Erosionstiefsee-Ebene plane [A two-dimension form that is without curvature;
plain tubing ● glatte Pumprohre, Pumprohre ohne ideally, a perfectly flat or smooth surface. In geology, the
Endverstärkung, Steigrohre f ohne Endverstärkung term is applied to such features as a bedding plane or
[Tiefbohrtechnik] a planation surface] ● Ebene f
plain with lava overflow(s), lava overflow plain ● plane aerial wave, aerial plane wave ● ebene
Ergussland n Luftwelle f
plain with slightly folded strata, slightly folded strata plane bed [A sedimentary bed without elevations or
plain ● Verbiegungsland n depressions larger than the maximum size of the bed
plan > (ground)plan material. It is characteristic of the lower part of the
planar [Lying or arranged as a plane or in planes] ● upper flow regime] ● ebene Sohle f [Strom; Fluss]
eben (plane) butt minor (cleat) > minor cleat
planar convection, plane convection ● Instabilität f plane convection, planar convection ● Instabilität f
einer heißen Grenzschicht [Mantelkonvektion] einer heißen Grenzschicht [Mantelkonvektion]
planar cross-stratification > composite stratification plane distortion state ● ebener
planar discontinuity surface ● ebene Trennflä- Verzerrungszustand m
chenwandung f [Oberflächenstruktur des Gesteins] plane limit earth pressure ● ebener
plan area > ground-plan area Grenzerddruck m
planar flow structure, platy (flow) structure [May be plane normal to the slope ● hangsenkrechte Ebene f
expressed by the parallel arrangement of platy mineral plane of bedding, bed(ding) plane, plane of
(giving a foliation), by slablike inclusions, by schlieren, or deposition, stratification plane, plane of
P by bands of different mineralogy or texture] ● stratification, deposition(al) plane [The surface that
Fließebene f separates each successive layer of a stratified rock
planar jet plane jet from its preceding layer] ● Schichtungsfläche f,
planar load transfer ● flächige Lastabtragung f Schichtfläche
planar quake ● Flachbeben n plane of break, break plane ● Bruchfläche f (Geol.)
planar set of cross strata, composite stratification, plane of collimation, collimation plane ●
planar cross-stratification, compound stratification Kollimationsebene f
[Any set of cross-strata whose lower bounding surface is plane of division, surface of division, divison(al)
a planar surface of erosion resulting from level(l)ing and plane, division(al) surface ● Trennfläche f
subsequent deposition. ‘‘Compound’’ can apply equally [Gesteinskörper]
well to the other two basic types (simple and trough) and plane of fracture, fracture plane; failure plane, plane
is therefore a source of confusion. If used at all, ‘‘com- of failure (US) [The surface along which rocks and earths
pound’’ cross-stratification should apply to fail] ● Bruchfläche f, Bruchebene f
a combination of the basic types] ● ebenflächig plane of (mirror) symmetry > symmetry (mirror)
begrenzte Kreuzschichtung f, ebenflächig begrenzte plane
Schrägschichtung plane of polarization > vibration plane
planation [The bringing of a surface of the Earth to plane of projection, projection plane ●
a level or plane condition by natural or artificial means, Projektionsebene f
as the complex process by which a stream or river plane of reflection > symmetry (mirror) plane
develops its flood-plain] ● Erniedrigung f, Erniedrigen n plane of saturation > (ground)water table
planimetric survey 1011

plane of sight(ing) > sight(ing) plane planetable sheet, planetable map ● Messtischblatt n,
plane of stretching, stretching plane, flat-lying grav- topografische Karte f 25, TK 25, Feldtischblatt
ity fault [A low angle gravity fault resulting from [In Deutschland 1:25 000]
stretching of the solidified top of an igneous intrusion] planetable survey, planetable measurement,
● Streck(ungs)fläche f planetabling ● Messtisch(ver)messung f,
plane of symmetry > symmetry (mirror) plane Messtischaufnahme f, Feldtisch(ver)messung,
plane of vibration, vibration plane, polarization Feldtischaufnahme
plane, plane of polarization ● Schwingungsebene f planetable tacheometer, planetable tachymeter ●
[Mikroskop] Messtischtachymeter n, graphisches Tachymeter,
plane of view > sight(ing) plane Feldtischtachymeter
plane of vision > sight (ing) plane planetable tachymeter > planetable tacheometer
plane-parallel ● planparallel planetabling > planetable survey
plane schistosity ● Parallelschieferung f planetary camera ● Schrittkamera f
plane section ● ebener Schnitt m planetary geology, geoscience geology [A science
plane sliding surface, plane slide surface ● ebene that applies geologic(al) principles and techniques
Gleitfläche f to the study of planets and their natural satellites. The
plane strain ● ebene Verformung f term ‘‘planetary geology’’ is frequently used as a synonym
plane strain conditions ● ebene Verformungs- of astrology] ● Planetengeologie f
zustände m (pl) planetary physics ● Planetenphysik f
plane stress condition, two-dimensional stress planetary powershift gearbox (Brit.), planetary
condition (or: situation) ● ebener powershift transmission (US) ● Planeten-
Spannungszustand m Lastschaltgetriebe n
plane surface circumscribed by the water line, planetesimal theory, Chamberlain-Moulton
Wasserriss m, Wasserlinienfläche f hypothesis [A theory of origin of the planets by the
planetable [It is used for constructing a map in the aggregation of small solid particles (planetesimals),
field] ● Messtisch m, Feldtisch formed from the sun by impact or close approach of
planetable board, planchette ● Messtischplatte f another star] ● Planetesimalhypothese f
Menselplatte, Feldtischplatte plan flood > design flood
planetable equipment ● Messtischausrüstung f, plan geometry ● Grundrissgeometrie f
Feldtischausrüstung planimeter [A drafting instrument for determining area
planetable head ● Messtischkopf m, Feldtischkopf of an irregular plane figure] ● Planimeter n
planetable map, planetable sheet ● Messtischblatt n, planimeter roller, planimeter wheel ● Messrolle f
topografische Karte f 25, TK 25, Feldtischblatt [In Planimeterrolle
Deutschland 1:25 000] planimetric adjustment ● Lageausgleich(ung) m, (f),
planetable mapping, Feldtischkartierung f, planimetrische Ausgleichung [Fotogrammetrie]
Messtischkartierung planimetric arm ● Grundrisslineal n [Stereoautograf]
planetable measurement, planetable survey, planimetric map, uncontoured map, line map ●
planetabling ● Messtisch(ver)messung f, Grundrisskarte f, Situationskarte; Gerippekarte
Messtischaufnahme f, Feldtisch(ver)messung, Feldtisch- [Österreich]
aufnahme planimetric position ● Grundrisslage f, Grund-
planetable method ● Messtischverfahren n, risstellung f, Situationslage, Situationsstel-
Messtischmethode f, Feldtischverfahren, Feldtisch- lung; Gerippelage, Gerippestellung [Österreich]
methode planimetric representation ● Grundrissdarstellung f,
planetable orientation ● Messtischorientierung f, Situationsstellung; Gerippedarstellung
Feldtischorientierung [Österreich] [Kartografische Darstellung der
planetable photogrammetry ● Messtischfoto- voneinander abgrenzbaren Erscheinungen in der
grammetrie f, Feldtischfotogrammetrie, Einschneide- Kartenebene]
bildmessung f planimetric survey, uncontoured survey [A survey
planetable reconnaissance ● Messtischerkundung f, without contours, as distinct from a
Feldtischerkundung photogrammetric survey which includes contouring]
1012 planimetric triangulation

● Grund-rissaufnahme f, Situationsaufnahme; planning rules ● Planungsrecht n

Gerippeaufnahme [Österreich] planning territory > planning area
planimetric triangulation, radial triangulation plan of land use, land use plan, outline development
[It provides only horizontal control (X and plan ● Aufbauplan [veraltete Benennung];
Y coordinates)] ● Radialtriangulation f, ebene Flächenwidmungsplan m [Österreich]; vorbereitender
Bildtriangulation Bauleitplan m, Flächennutzungsplan,
planimetry, survey of area, area(l) survey, measure- Landnutzungsplan, Bodennutzungsplan, FNP
ment of area, area(l) measurement ● plan of operations [as required by German mining
Flächenvermessung f legislation] ● Betriebsplanverfahren n
planishing mallet (⚒) ● Peitsche f [Bundesberggesetz]
plank (⚒) > head board plan of seams, seam plan ● Flözriss m
plank [For the tubes to run upon] (⚒) ● Straßbaum m plan pegging (out) > (ground-)plan pegging (out)
[Eine der hölzernen Langschwellen, welche in Strecken plan setting (out) > (ground-)plan setting (out)
und in flachen Förderschächten als Bahn für die plan slide surface, plane sliding surface ● ebene
Fördergefäße, für jede Bahn zwei nebeneinander, gelegt Gleitfläche f
werden] plan symbol ● Grundriss(karten)zeichen n
plank chute-gate (⚒) ● Bohlenrollenverschluss m, plant ash, inherent ash, constitutional ash, fixed ash,
Bohlenrollochverschluss intrinsic ash [The ash or inorganic material present in
planking (⚒) > brattice the original vegetation that ultimately formed the coal
planking of shaft, shaft planking ● Tonnenfach n, seam. This ash is not visible and cannot be removed by
(Ver)Tonnung f washing. It commonly amounts to about 1%] ● eigene
plank-pile, groove(d) pile ● Aufpfahl, Spundpfahl m Asche f
[20–30 cm dick, vieleckig zugespitzt, auf der einen Seite plant-bearing ● pflanzenführend, pflanzenenthaltend
mit Spund, auf der entgegengesetzten Seite mit Nut] plant canopy ● Pflanzendach n
[Spundwand; Grundbau] plant carpet > plant cover(ing)
plank regulator > flashboard regulator plant consumption [The water used by a plant in the
plankton ● Plankton n [Gesamtheit der im Wasser process of growth. It includes that stored in the body of the
treibenden Organismen] plant and that dissipated from its leaf and body surfaces
planktonic ● planktonisch by transpiration] Wasserverbrauch m einer Pflanze
plank weir > flashboard weir plant-covered > vegetal
P planner ● Planer m, s.a. Ingenieurbüro plant cover(ing), vegetation (cover(ing)), ground
planning > design stage cover(ing), vegetal cover(ing), plant carpet, vegetal
planning aid ● Planungshilfe f carpet, vegetation carpet, plant mantle, vegetal mantle,
planning and development surveyor ● Planungs- vegetation mantle, (mantle of) vegetation, crops, cover
und Entwicklungsvermesser m [Er betreut (ing) of vegetation, carpet of vegetation, ground vege-
Bauplanungen, Umbauten, Entwick(e)lungsplanungen tation, vegetation overgrowth, vegetal overgrowth ●
für private und öffentliche Vorhaben] Pflanzendecke f, (Boden)Bewuchs m, Vegetation
planning area, planning territory ● Planungsgebiet n (sdecke) f, Pflanzenkleid n, Vegetationskleid,
planning documents ● Planunterlagen f [für den Pflanzenbestand m, (Boden)Bewachsung f
Bauingenieur, der mit der Planung und Ausführung planted area ● bewachsene Fläche f
von Gründungen betraut wird] plant fossil ● Pflanzenfossil n
planning error, planning mistake ● Planfehler m plant geography, phytogeography [The branch of bio-
planning for (physical) development, (physical) geography dealing with the geographic distribution of
development planning, town and country planning, plants and vegetation] ● Pflanzengeografie f
area development planning ● Bauleitplanung f plant growth ● Pflanzenwachstum n
planning gain ● Planungsgewinn m plant indicator, indicator plant, index plant ●
planning geology ● Planungsgeologie f Weiserpflanze f
planning permission hearings, legal procedure for plant kingdom ● Florenreich n, Pflanzenreich
development planning (in Germany) ● plant mantle > plant cover(ing)
Planfeststellungsverfahren n plant map plant (cover) map
plastic (soil) drainage wick 1013

plant mapping ● Pflanzenkartierung f plastic deformation ● plastische Verformung f [des

plant morphology ● Pflanzenmorphologie f Bodens]
(plant) nutrient, nutrient matter ● Nährstoff m, plastic drain ● Kunststoffdrän m
Pflanzennährstoff plastic duct > duct
plant region ● Florengebiet n, Pflanzengebiet, plastic fabric drain (vertical) plastic fabric drain
Florenregion f, Pflanzenregion plastic fence ● Plastikzaun m
plant remains ● Pflanzenreste f plastic filling [It consists of pressed marl or clay balls
plant root, root [The part of a plant below ground] ● which are carried with water through a pipeline above
Wurzel f, Pflanzenwurzel the mined-out room. The water is separated from the
to plant struts (⚒) ● absteifen filling before it enters the mined-out room] ●
plant topsoil ● maschinell gemischter Mutterboden, Kugelversatz m
maschinengemischter Mutterboden m [Zerfaserte plastic flow of rock salt ● plastisch fließendes
Grassoden und Boden] Steinsalz n
plant transpiration, transpiration [The vaporization of plastic frozen [Permafrost in which some water remains
water given off by plants] ● Pflanzenverdunstung f unfrozen] ● plastisch gefroren
Transpiration f plasticity ● Plastizität f [Bei Schluff und Ton ist
plant transpiration, transpiration [The quantity of zusätzlich zum Korndurchmesser die Plastizität ein
water given off by plants through vaporization] ● wichtiges Merkmal, um sie klassifizieren zu können.
Pflanzenverdunstungsmenge f, Transpirationsmenge Dabei handelt es sich um die Fähigkeit eines Bodens,
plant transpiration ratio > transpiration ratio größere unumkehrbare Verformungen zu verkraften,
plant water balance, plant water budget ● ohne bröckelnd zu zerfallen]
Pflanzenwasserhaushalt m, Pflanzenwasserbilanz f plasticity chart ● Plastizitätskarte f
plant wilting ● Pflanzenverwelkung f plasticity chart, plasticity diagram [After Casagrande,
plan view, (ground)plan, site plan [Two-dimensional 1948] ● Plastizitätsdiagramm n
graphic representation of the design, location and dimen- plasticity index, index of plasticity [Symbols: PI, Ip] ●
sions of the project, or parts thereof, seen in a horizontal Plastizitätsindex m, Bildsamkeitsindex [Der numerische
plane viewed from above] ● Grundriss m Unterschied zwischen Fließgrenze und Ausrollgrenze
plasma [Deep green; opaque because of densely packed eines Bodens]
actinolite crystals] ● Plasma n [Eine Chalcedonvarietät] plasticizer, superplasticizer ● Betonverflüssiger m
plasterboard, sheetrock ® (US) ● Rigipsplatte ® f, plastic lattice [for topsoil layer retainment] ●
Gipsplatte, Gipskartonplatte [Einsatz im Trockenbau] Plastikgitter n [zum Rückhalt oberer Erdschichten]
plaster cast ● Gipsabdruck m, Gipsabguss m plastic limit, lower plastic limit [Symbols: PL, Wp] ●
plastering > mudcap(ping) Ausrollgrenze f, untere Plastizitätsgrenze [Früher
plastering charge > mudcap(ping) charge „Festigkeitsgrenze’’genannt]
plastering drillhole > mudcap(ping) drillhole plastic multiplier ● plastischer Multiplikator m
plaster(ing) shot > bulldozing shot plastic pipe ● Kunststoffrohr n
plaster of Paris > gypsum plastic pipe drain > plastic (underground) drain
plaster shooting > mudcap(ping) plastic potential ● plastisches Potential m
plaster shooting charge > mudcap(ping) charge plastic range [The range of water content within which
plaster shooting drillhole > mudcap(ping) drillhole a soil possesses plasticity] ● Plastizitätsbereich m,
plaster stone (Brit.) > gypsum Bildsamkeitsbereich
plastic air duct (⚒)● Kunststofflutte f plastic ribbon [for topsoil layer retainment] ●
plastic air duct for blowing ventilation (⚒) ● Plastikband n [zum Rückhalt oberer Erdschichten]
Kunststofflutte f für blasende Bewetterung plastic rock ● plastisch reagierendes Gestein n
plastic air duct for suction ventilation (⚒) ● (plastic) shading > hill shading
Kunststofflutte f für saugende Bewetterung plastic soil, plastosol ● Plastosol m, bolusartiger
plastic concrete wall ● Tonbetonschlitzwand f Silikatboden m [Hochplastische kieselsäurereiche, rote
plastic cover ● Kunststoffüberzug m Bodenbildung]
plastic creep ● plastisches Kriechen n plastic (soil) drainage wick, plastic wick drain, plastic
plastic deformation > set (soil) dewatering wick, plastic (soil) unwatering wick ●
1014 plastic squeezing

Kunststoff(stech)drän m [Siehe Anmerkung unter Plateau Jura ● Plateaujura m

„Stechdrän’’] plateau-like sandbar > transverse bar
plastic squeezing ● Kunstharz-Sandverfestigung f plateau mountain [A pseudomountain produced by the
[Tiefbohrtechnik] dissection of a plateau] ● Plateaugebirge n
plastic strain > set plateau region ● Plateauregion f
plastic strain history [of the soil] ● plastische plateau (type of) eruption [An eruption characterized
Dehnungsgeschichte f [des Bodens] by a widespread lava distribution] ● Plateauausbruch m
plastic strain rate ● plastische Dehnungsrate f plate baffle, baffle plate, deflecting plate, deflector
plastic (underground) drain, plastic underdrain, plate ● Blechschikane f, Schikane(n)blech,
plastic pipe drain, plastic subsurface drain, plastic Umlenkblech, Umlenkplatte, Störkörperblech n,
subterrane(an) drain, plastic subterraneous drain ● Leitblech, Blechstörkörper m, Ablenkblech,
Kunststoff(rohr)drän m [Siehe Anmerkung unter Prallplatte f [Wasserbau]
„Drän’’] plate bearing test > plate (loading) test
plastic wick drain, plastic (soil) drainage wick, plastic plate boundary, plate juncture, plate margin [Zone of
(soil) dewatering wick, plastic (soil) unwatering wick ● seismic and tectonic activity along the edges of lithosphere
Kunststoff(stech)drän m [Siehe Anmerkung unter plates, presumed to indicate relative motion between
‘‘Stechdrän’’] plates] ● Plattengrenze f
plastification ● Plastifizierung f plate carrier, film carrier ● Bildträger m,
plastified zone ● plastifizierte Zone f Einlegerahmen m, Lichtbildträger, Fototräger
plastodynamic problem ● plastodynamisches [Fotogrammetrie]
Problem n plate center (US) > center point
plastosol, plastic soil ● Plastosol m, bolusartiger plate changing magazine ● Plattenwechselkassette f
Silikatboden m [Hochplastische kieselsäurereiche, rote plate compactor, vibrating plate, vibrating plate
Bodenbildung] compactor, vibratory plate compactor ●
plat (⚒) > inset Plattenstampfgerät n, Rüttelplatte f [kommt z. B. zum
plate (⚒) ● Schieferton m in Kohlenschiefer Einsatz bei Bodenaustausch, bei dem die einzelnen
übergehend Schichten durch Schwingungen verdichtet werden]
plate [A little-used term which describes a thin rock plate co-ordinate, image co-ordinate, picture
fragment] ● Platte f coordinate ● Bildkoordinate f, Fotokoordinate,
plate [A snow crystal in the form of a flat hexagonal Lichtbildkoordinate [Fotogrammetrie]
P plate] ● plattenförmige Schneeflocke f plate-edge (type of) coast(line) > Pacific (type of)
plate [A torsionally rigid thin segment of the Earth’s coast(line)
lithosphere, which may be assumed to move horizontally plate foundation ● Plattenfundament n,
and adjoins other plates along zones of seismic activity] ● Plattengründung [ein Maschinenfundament]
(tektonische) Platte f plate holder, dark slide, magazine ● Kassette f
plate ● Blech n [Fotogrammetrie]
plate > (shelf) plate plate ice ● Tellereis n
plate air shaft ● Blechluftschacht m plate juncture, plate boundary, plate margin [Zone of
plateau, submarine plateau [A broad, more or less flat- seismic and tectonic activity along the edges of lithosphere
topped and ill-defined elevation of the sea floor, generally plates, presumed to indicate relative motion between
over 200 m in elevation] ● untermeerisches Plateau n plates] ● Plattengrenze f
plateau > elevated plateau plate lagging ● Blechverzug m
plateau basalt, flood basalt ● Plateaubasalt, platelayer, road(s)man, block layer, road layer, road
Flutbasalt, Trapp(basalt) m fettler, wag(g)onwayman, trackman [A miner who pre-
plateau-forming movement ● Plateaubewegung f pares the track, lays sleepers, and fixes rails underground]
plateau glacier [A highland glacier overlying (⚒) ● (Untertage)Gleisarbeiter m
a relatively flat mountain tract, and usually overflowing plate loading test, plate ((load)bearing) test, plate
its edges in hanging glaciers] ● Plateaugletscher m, load test [in GB: This test is carried out according to
Hochlandeis n, Norwegengletscher(typ) m BS 1377, Part 9] ● Plattendruckversuch m, Lastplat-
plateau gravel ● Plateaukies m tenversuch, Platten(last)versuch, Plattenbelastungs-
play of colours (Brit.) 1015

versuch, Plattendruckprüfung f [Damit wird die platinoid grain, platinum metal grain ● Platin-
Verdichtung oberflächennaher Schichten geprüft. Zweck metallkorn n
des Versuchs ist es, Drucksetzungslinien zu ermitteln. platinum-like > platinoid
Siehe DIN 18134] platinum metal, platinoid ● Platinmetall n
plateman, platform man [In coal mining, a labourer platinum ore mine ● Platinerzbergwerk n,
who works on the platform of a breaker, picking out rock Platinerzgrube f
and oversize lumps from coal before it enters conveyors platinum placer, placer platinum ● Platinseife f
that transport it to points for further treatment or for Seifenplatinum n
loading] ● Brechgutklauber m platinum resistance thermometer ● Platinwider-
plate margin > plate boundary standsthermometer n
plate plumb bearing ● Richtungswinkel m [Eines platinum wire bridge ● Platindrahtbrücke f
Punktes in der Bildebene zwischen der Bildhauptsenkrechten plat(t) > baring
und dem Strahl vom Bildnadir nach dem Punkt] plattenkohle [German term. A laminated sapropelic
plate plumb point ● Bildlotpunkt m, Lichtbild- coal containing numerous animal remains. It is of Perm-
lotpunkt, Fotolotpunkt [Fotogrammetrie] ian age and it is found in the Pilsen coal basin] ●
plate rigidity > footing rigidity Plattenkohle f
plate screw > foot screw platy (flow) structure, planar flow structure [May be
plate tectonics, raft tectonics ● Plattentektonik f expressed by the parallel arrangement of platy mineral
Flächentektonik, neue globale Tektonik, NGT (giving a foliation), by slablike inclusions, by schlieren, or
platform ● Plattform f [Benennung für die großen by bands of different mineralogy or texture] ●
präkambrischen Kernzonen der Erdteile. Allerdings wird Fließebene f
diese Benennung nicht einheitlich verwendet. Einige platykurtic ● breitgipf(e)lig [Kurvenform]
Autoren verwenden „Plattform’’ als Synonym für platynite [A sulfoselenite of lead and bismuth,
„Kraton’’ oder „Tafel’’ (z.B. Russische Tafel). In der PbS.Bi2Se3. Thin plates. Like graphite. Rhombohedral.
deutschen Literatur ist „Plattform’’ die präkambrische From Falun, Sweden] ● Platynit n
Kernzone der Erdteile, die entweder schildartig plauenite [A plagioclase-rich quartz syenite, grading to
aufgewölbt zutrage tritt (z. B. Baltischer Schild) oder quartz monzonite. The name was given by Brogger in
unter mächtigen Schichtfolgen jüngerer Tafeln (z. B. 1895, from Plauenscher Grund, Germany] ● Plauenit m
Russische Tafel) begraben liegt] play ● Lagerstättenausdehnung f
platform attendant [offshore drilling] ● Plattform- playa [southwestern USA] > vloer [South Africa]
arbeiter m playa [Spanish. A shore, strand, beach or river bank.
platform drilling ● Plattformbohren n Generally sandy, and sometimes auriferous] ● Ufer n
platform gravity foundation, platform gravity base ● playa [Spanish. The shallow central basin of a desert
Bohrinsel-Schwergewicht(s)fundament n plain, in which water gathers after a rain and is evapo-
platform man, plateman [In coal mining, a labourer rated] ● Verdunstungsbecken n
who works on the platform of a breaker, picking out rock playa basin, bolson [An extensive, alluvium-floored
and oversize lumps from coal before it enters conveyors desert basin almost surrounded by mountains and having
that transport it to points for further treatment or for drainage with low gradients toward a playa or central
loading] ● Brechgutklauber m depression. The term comes from the Spanish word for
platina black, platina mohr ● Platinmohr m, purse] ● Bolson m, Wüstental n
Platinschwarz n playa lake [A shallow, intermittent lake in an arid or
platinic, platiniferous ● platinhaltig, platinenthaltend, semiarid region, covering or occupying a playa in the wet
platinführend season but drying up in summer, an ephemeral lake that
platinite [An alloy containing 54 to 58 per cent iron and upon evaporation leaves or forms a playa] ● Playasee m
42 to 46 per cent nickel. It has the same coefficient of play of colours (Brit.); schiller; play of colors (US)
expansion as platinum, and is used to replace it in electric [The play of colo(u)rs seen by reflected light in some
light bulbs] ● Platinit n minerals, in which minute platy inclusions are arranged
platinoid, platinum metal ● Platinmetall n in parallel planes; the schiller effect is produced by
platinoid, resembling platinum, platinum-like ● the interference of light from these induced plates] ●
platinähnlich Schiller m, Farbenspiel n
1016 Pleiocene

Pleiocene, Pliocene [The fifth and last series of rocks in plottable limit ● Zeichnungsgrenze f
the tertiary system. Also the corresponding geologic(al) plotter, plotting instrument ● Zeichner m,
epoch, from 13 to 7 million years ago] ● Pliozän n Zeichengerät n
Pleistocene, Pleistocene epoch, Pleistocene series ● plotting drum > drum plotter
Pleistozän n plotting scale ● Zeichenmaßstab m, Arbeitsmaßstab,
Pleistocene epoch > Pleistocene Auftragsmaßstab [Kartografie]
Pleistocene-recent holocene boundary ● plotting sheet ● nautische Leerkarte f
Pleistozän/Holozän-Grenze f plotting table ● Projektionstisch m [Fotogrammetrie]
Pleistocene series > Pleistocene plotting to scale, scale plotting ● Auftragen n im
plenargyrite > schapbachite Maßstab, maßstabsgerechtes Auftragen
plenemensurate ore body ● voll messbarer plough (⚒) > stripper
Erzkörper m ploughability (Brit.) > (coal) ploughability
plenum method > (compressed-)air method plough dump, plough tip (Brit.); plow tip, plow dump
plenum method of driving tunnels > (compressed-) (US) ● Pflugkippe f
air tunnelling ploughing (off) (Brit); plowing (off) (US) ● (Ab)
pleochroic halo [A minute zone of colo(u)r or Hobeln n [Kohle]
darkening surrounding and produced by a radioactive plow (US); deflector [A device across the path of
mineral crystal or inclusion] ● pleochroitischer Hof m a conveyor placed at the correct angle to deflect objects
pleochroism, polychroism ● Mehrfarbigkeit f, or discharge bulk materials] ● Abweiser m
Vielfarbigkeit plow (US) (⚒) > stripper
pleocrystalline [obsolete]; holocrystalline ● plowing (off) (US); ploughing (off) (Brit.) ● (Ab-)
ganzkristallin, holokristallin, vollkristallin Hobeln n [Kohle]
pleonaste, ceylonite, candite, ceylanite, zeylanite plow tip (US) > plough dump
[A cdark green, brown or black variety of spinel plucking > (glacial) plucking
containing iron] ● Kandit m, Pleonast m, Ceylonit, plug ● (Hahn)Küken n
Zeilanit plug ● Plombe f Stopfen m, Pfropfen
plerotic water, ground water [That part of the plug > bysmalith
subsurface water which is in the zone of saturation. The plug-and-feathers method, multi(ple)-wedge
terms ‘‘underground water’’, ‘‘subterrane(an) water’’, method, plug-and-feathering [A conical rod of metal
‘‘phreatic water’’ and ‘‘subsurface water’’ have been was driven between one or two thin metal wedges put
P used as synonyms for ‘‘groundwater’’, but their use is to in a rock crack, or later in holes drilled with a rectangular
be discouraged] ● Grundwasser n; Bodenwasser bit, so forcing the rock to split] ● Sprengkeilverfahren n,
[Schweiz] Federkeilverfahren, Sprengkeilmethode f,
plessite ● Plessit m, Fülleisen n Federkeilmethode
pliable offshore platform, offshore pliable platform ● plug back ● Rückzementation f [Tiefbohrtechnik]
Öl(bohr)plattform f mit Kugelgelenklagerung, plug cementation ● Brückenzementation f
Kugelgelenk-Öl(bohr)plattform [Tiefbohrtechnik]
plicated, crumpled ● gefältelt plug container ● Zementierkopf m, Stopfenschleuse f
Plinian eruption > Vulcanian(type) eruption [Tiefbohrtechnik]
Pliocene > Pleiocene plug dome [A volcanic dome characterized by an
Pliocene sand ● pliozäner Sand m upheaved, consolidated conduit filling] ● Staukuppe f
pliomagmatic zone, eugeosyncline [An orthogeo- plugflow ● Stopfenfließen n [Keine Durchmischung im
syncline in which volcanic rocks are abundant] ● Wasser, zufließende Wasserteilchen fließen in gleicher
Eugeosynklin(al)e f Reihenfolge aus]
plot, plot of land, land, property, lot, piece of earth ● plugging, blinding, blocking, clogging (up) [When
Grundstück n a well is abandoned for any reason, either temporarily or
to plot [survey] ● auftragen permanently, it must be sealed off to ensure that no escape
plot, mine-eye ● Füllort n; Füllbank f [Österreich] ● of any kind can occur. This sealing-off is generally accom-
Fassstatt f [Steinsalzbergbau] plished by insertion of a plug of cement] ● (Ab-)Dichten n
pluposition 1017

plugging [In Scotland, blasting by means of plug shots] plumb shaft (⚒) ● Seigerschacht m, Lotschacht,
● Sprengen n mit kleinen Schüssen Senkelschacht, Saigerschacht
plugman > pumping engineer plummet > plumb bob
plug shot [In Scotland, a small charge exploded in plummet level > levelling plummet (Brit.)
a small hole to break up a stone of moderate size] ● plummet telescope, telescope of plummet ● (Ziel-)
kleiner Schuss m Fernrohr-Firstlot n
to plumb ● (ab)loten, absenkeln, abseigern, absaigern plumose antimonial ore ● Plumosit m [Eine eisenfreie
plumb bob, plummet ● Senkblei, Lot(blei) n, haarig-filzige Abart von Jamesonit]
Senkel m, n, Bleilot, Seiger m, Brahme f, Brahne f, plumose diabase [A variety of dolerite-pegmatite
Prahm(e) f, Prahne f characterized by a coarse texture and long curling plumes
plumbed down ● herabgelotet, herabgesenkelt, or blades of pyroxene, resembling green blades of grass] ●
herabgeseigert, herabgesaigert Plumosediabas m, Federdiabas
plumber block (⚒) > bearing (of a winch) plumpudding stone, puddingstone [In Great Britian,
plumbian ikurolite ● bleihaltiger Ikurolith m, a conglomerate consisting of rounded pebbles whose
(Bi, Pb)3.82(Se,S,Te)3 colours are in marked contrast with the matrix, giving
plumbian microlite ● Bleimikrolith m a section of the rock the appearance of a raising pudding]
plumbic [Pertaining to lead in its state of highest ● Puddingstein m, Wurststein
combining power] ● vierwertig plunchet file ● Schrotfeile f
plumbic ocher, lead ocher, lead ochre, plumbic ochre, plunge [Not to be confused with dip, pitch, or rake] ●
lead ocker, plumbic ocker ● Bleiocker m lineares (Ein)Fallen n
plumbiferous ● bleihaltig, bleienthaltend, bleiführend plunge cut ● Einsteckschliff m
plumbing ● Lotung f, Loten n, Abloten, Ablotung, plunge line > breaker line
Absenkeln, Seigern, Saigern [Das Einweisen von plunge of pebbles ● Schrägstellung f der Geschiebe
Punkten in die Lotlinie ober- oder unterhalb eines [Im Moränengefüge]
gegebenen Punktes bzw. die Bestimmung von Größe und plunge-pool [The deep pool at the base of
Richtung der Abweichungen vorhandener Punkte von der a waterfall into which the water plunges] ●
Lotlinie] Wasserfallbecken n
plumbism, lead poisoning, saturnism ● plunger jig(ger), hydraulic jig(ger) (⚒) ● hydraulische
Bleivergiftung f Setzmaschine f
plumb level > levelling plummet (Brit.) plunger-operated tide gage (US); plunger-operated
plumb line, plumb stread ● Abseigerschnur f, tide gauge ● Tauchtide(n)pegel m, Tauchgezeitenpegel,
Senkelschnur, Senkelfaden m, Abseigerfaden, Tide(n)tauchpegel, Gezeitentauchpegel
Lotschnur, Lotfaden plunging ● Brandung f in Volutenform, Brandung
plumb line direction > direction of the plumb line durch Herabstürzen, Überschlagen n (der Welle),
plumb line measurement ● Lotungsmessung f, Wellenüberschlag m
Lotmessung f plunging axis, pitching axis ● B-Achse f [Falten
plumboferrite, PbFe4O2 [A dark hexagonal mineral (zone)]
composed of lead iron oxid(e)] ● Plumboferrit m [Die plunging breaker, plunging breaking wave ●
Benennung wird fälschlicherweise für einen Pb-haltigen Sturzbrecher, stürzender Brecher m [Brecher, bei dem
Magnetit verwendet] der Wellenberg bei nahezu senkrechtem Vorderhang in
plumboresinite ● tonsaures Bleioxid n das Wellental stürzt]
plumbous [Pertaining to lead in its state of lowest plunging fold [The hinge line is inclined to the hori-
combining power] ● zweiwertig zontal] ● Tauchfalte f
plumb pile, vertical pile ● Senkrechtpfahl m, plunging nappe ● Tauchdecke f
Vertikalpfahl [„Pilot’’ wird in Österreich für „Pfahl’’ plunging underflow(ing) turbidity current ●
verwendet] schnellsinkende untertauchende Trübeströmung f,
plumb point > ground nadir (point) untertauchende schnellsinkende Trübeströmung
plumb rod ● Lotstab m, Senkelstab, Seigerstab, pluposition [Deposition due to the action of rain] ●
Saigerstab Regenablagerung f
1018 plush copper (ore)

plush copper (ore), chalcotrichite, hair copper (ore), and now either extinct or existing as a remnant.
copper bloom ● haar(förm)iges Rotkupfererz n, Example: Lake Bonneville, a prehistoric lake in present
Chalkotrichit m, Haarkupfererz, Kupferblüte f Utah, eastern Nevada, and southern Idaho] ●
plus sight, backsight, backward reading, BS [In Regenwassersee m
levelling: A reading on a rod held on a point whose eleva- pluviometer > rain gauge
tion is known and which is not the closing sight of a circuit] pluviometric region > hyetal region
● Rück(wärts)blick m, Rück(wärts)einschnitt m, ply [Any distinctive band or layer in a coal seam, e.g.
Rück(wärts)zielung, Rück(wärts)messung f, hinteres durain, fusain, clarain, or vitrain] ● Kohlenflözeinlage f
Absehen n PMF > maximum possible flood
plus sight column, backsight column, backward read- PMP > maximum possible precipitation
ing column [hooking readings] ● Rück(wärts)- pneumatic. . . > (compressed-)air . . .
blickspalte f, Rück(wärts)einschnittspalte pneumatically-operated dredger ● pneumatisch
pluton [1. An igneous intrusion (Intrusionsmasse). wirkender Nassbagger m
2. A body of rock formed by metasomatic replacement pneumatic core drilling ● Druckkernbohrung f
‘‘Pluton’’ originally signified only deep-seated or plutonic pneumatic equipment ● Druckluftgeräte n (pl)
bodies of granitoid texture (Tiefengesteinsmasse)] ● pneumatic feeding device ● pneumatische
Pluton m Beschickungsvorrichtung f
plutonic, deep(seated), abyssal; abysmal [obsolete] pneumatic linkage ● Druckgestänge n
[Said of geologic(al) features and processes that originate pneumatic potential, gas pressure potential ●
or are situated at depths of one kilometer and more below pneumatisches Potential n, Gaspotential [Bodenwasser]
the Earth’s surface] ● plutonisch, tiefliegend pneumatic shield driving > shield driving with
plutonic breccia ● plutonische Brekzie f, compressed air
Tiefenbrekzie pneumatic spring ● Luftfeder f
plutonic (igneous) rock, intrusive (igneous) rock pneumatic stowing > ((back)filling with) pneumatic
[A rock formed at considerable depth by crystallization stowing
of magma and/or by chemical alteration. It is character- pneumatic valve transducer ● pneumatischer
istically medium-to coarse-grained, of granitoid Ventilgeber m
texture] ● Tiefengestein n, Plutonit m, plutonisches pneumatolysis [The alteration of rocks and the
Gestein formation of minerals during or as a result of the
plutonic injection; abyssal injection [This term should emanation of gases and vapo(u)rs from solidifying
P no longer be used. See remark under ‘‘abyssal’’. The igneous rocks] ● Pneumatolyse f
process of driving magmas, originating at considerable pneumatolytic differentiation, gaseous transfer dif-
depths, up through deep-seated contraction fissures in the ferentiation [Magmatic differentiation by the process of
earth’s crust] ● Tiefenmagmaaufstieg m gaseous transfer] ● pneumatolytische Aufspaltung f,
plutonic nodule ● plutonische Knolle f pneumatolytische Differentiation f
plutonic water [Juvenile water in or derived from, pneumatolytic ore deposit ● pneumatolitische
magma at a considerable depth, probably several kilome- Erzlagerstätte f
ters] ● plutonisches Wasser n pneumatolytic stage [That stage in the cooling of
plutonism ● Plutonismus m, vulkanische Theorie f, a magma during which the solid and gaseous phases are
plutonische Theorie [Im Gegensatz zum Neptunismus, in equilibrium] ● pneumatolytisches Stadium n
die Lehre von Hutton, wonach auch das Magma pocket > bulge
wesentlich bei der Entstehung der Gesteine und dem pocket > gravel ‘sack’
erdgeschichtlichen Entstehen mitgewirkt hat] pocket [A colloquial term for a small body of ground-
plutonist [obsolete]; volcanologist, volcanist [A believer water] ● Sack m, Tasche f
in the Theory of plutonism as promulgated by Hutton] ● pocket [for the lateral pressure test] ● Hohlraum m
Plutonist m [beim Bohrlochseitendruckversuch]
pluvial lake [A lake formed in a period of exceptionally pocket-and-mining working (⚒) ● flügelartiger
heavy rainfall; specifically a lake formed in the Verhieb m, flügelartiger Abbau m, flügelartiger
Pleistocene epoch during a time of glacial advance, Aushieb, flügelartiger Verhau
point anchor 1019

pocket book, manual of practice ● Taschenbuch n podzolic soil, podsolic soil ● Semipodsol(boden) m;
pocket deformation [lateral pressure test in borehole] podsoliger Boden [Glinka 1908 für Böden mit hellen
● Hohlraumverformung f [Bohrlochseitendruckversuch] Bleichflecken ohne zusammenhängendem
pocket deposit ● Tonnest n, Nest im Ton [Lagerstätte. Bleichhorizont]; schwach podsoliger Boden [Glinka
Es ist sowohl eluvial als auch fluviatil und stellt eine 1908 für Böden mit fehlender horizontfömig
Verdrängungsmasse oder ein eckiges Fragment und ausgebildeter Fleckenzone]; Kryptopodsol(boden)
Trümmer dar] [Nikiforoff 1937 für podsolige Böden, bei denen die
pocket lens, pocket glass, head lens ● Taschenlupe f Schlämmstoffverlagerung (beginnende Podsolierung)
pocket magnetic separator ● Taschenmagnet(ab)- äußerlich nicht sichtbar, sondern nur durch chemische
scheider m Analyse nachweisbar ist]; verdeckter podsoliger Boden
pocket mirror stereoscope, mirror pocket [Gorodkoff und Neustrujeff 1923 für podsolähnliche
stereoscope ● Taschenspiegelstereoskop n Böden ohne Bleichhorizonte an der Grenze zwischen
pocket penetrometer ● Tascheneindring(ungs)- Tundrawald und baumloser Tundra (nordischer)
messer m Semipodsol(boden)]
pocket penetrometer ● Taschenpenetrometer m podzolization ● Podsolierung f [Alle im Podsol(boden)
pocket sextant, box sextant ● Dosensextant m, stattfindenden Vorgänge, vor allem die Tonzerstörung
Taschensextant und der Verlagerungsvorgang]
pocket-shaped wire skeleton ● taschenartiger poeciloblastic texture, poikiloblastic texture, sieve
Drahtskelettkörper m [für Hangsicherung] texture [A texture of metamorphic rocks in which small
pocket spring ● Schuttquelle f well-formed crystals of one constituent are enclosed in
pocket stereoscope ● Taschensteroskop n, larger poorly formed crystals of another] ●
Taschenraumglas n poikiloblastische Struktur f
pocket transit > (Brunton) pocket transit Poetsch freezing method, Poetsch freezing process ●
pocket wall [lateral pressure test in borehole] ● Gefrierverfahren n von Poetsch, Poetschverfahren,
Hohlraumwand f [Bohrlochseitendruckversuch] Gefriermethode f von Poetsch, Poetschmethode
pocket walls [lateral pressure test in borehole] ● pogonip > ice fog
Hohlraumwandung f [Bohrlochseitendruckversuch] poikilitic; semipegmatitic [nonrecommended
pockmarked landscape ● Narbenlandschaft f synonym] ● poikilitisch [Benennung für ein
pock-wood ● Pock(en)holz n Strukturbild bei dem präexistente kleinere Kristalle
pocosin, pocoson, pocosen, dismal [The first three von später gebildeten größeren Kristallen
terms are local terms used along the Atlantic umschlossen werden. Erscheinungen solcher Art sind
coastal plain south of Virginia for a swamp or marsh z.B. bei der Metablastese häufig zu erkennen
on a flat upland, bordering on or near the sea, in (¼ poikiloblastisch)]
many places enclosing knobs or hummocks] ● poikiloblastic texture, poeciloblastic texture, sieve
Küstensumpf m texture [A texture of metamorphic rocks in which small
pod ● aufholbare Verbindung f [Für Unterwasser- well-formed crystals of one constituent are enclosed in
Steuerventile einer schwimmenden Tiefbohranlage] larger poorly formed crystals of another] ●
pod, elongated lens [A rudely cylindrical orebody that poikiloblastische Struktur f
decreases at the ends like a cigar] ● (lang)gestreckte to point, to aim ● einstellen, einvisieren
(Erz)Linse f, Schmitze f, Erzlineal n, längliche (Erz-) point, station, mark, survey point ● Standpunkt,
Linse Messpunkt, Punkt m, Station f, Marke f, Messstatt f,
Podzol, Podsol [Russian terms]; ash soil [A great soil Messstätte f [Vermessung]
group in the 1938 classification system. A group of zonal point [In geomorphology, a sharp projecting rocky
soils having an organic mat and a very thin organic-mineral prominence, especially a peak of a mountain range] ●
layer overlying a gray, leached A2 horizon and a dark Spitze f
brown, illuvial B horizon enriched in iron oxide, alumina, point > (pile) point
and organic matter. It develops under coniferous or mixed point ● Spitzende n, Ort n [Eines Bergeisens, einer
forests or under heath, in a cool to temperate moist climate Keilhaue und dergleichen]
(USDA, 1938).] ● Podsol m, Aschenboden m point anchor [rock improvement] ● Punktanker m
1020 point anchorage

point anchorage, point anchoring ● Punktver- point(ed) pile foot, point(ed) pile tip, point(ed) pile
ankerung f base, point(ed) pile toe [The pointed bottom end of
point and click [geoprocessing software] ● graphische a pile] ● Pfahlspitze f
Benutzeroberfläche f point electrode method > Schlumberger(’s) direct
point at which the contour line of an anticline current method
changes direction ● Sattelwendung f pointer, cursor ● Zeiger m
point bar, meander bar [One of a series of low, arcuate point-fixed ● punktuell befestigt
ridges of sand and gravel developed at the inside of point flow, point discharge, point runoff [Instanta-
a growing meander by the slow addition of individual neous rate of discharge, in contrast to the mean rate for
accretions accompanying migration of the channel an interval of time] ● Punktabfluss m, Punktablauf m
toward the outer bank] ● Mäanderbank f pointing ● Ausfugung f, Verbandelung
point bearing > end pressure point-integrating method ● Punktintegrations-
point bearing. . . > end-bearing . . . verfahren n, Punktintregrationsmethode f
point bearing resistance > (pile) base resistance [Gerinnehydraulik]
point bearing resistance at failure ● point-integrating sampler ● Punktintegrationspro-
Pfahlspitzenwiderstand m im Bruch be(n)nehmer m, höhenverstellbarer Wasserschöp-
point-control net(work) > control net(work) fer [Gerinnehydraulik]
point counter ● Punktzählgerät n, Punktzähler m point-integrating sampling ● Punktintegra-
point-counter analysis [A statistical method involving tionsprobe(n)nahme f [Gerinnehydraulik]
the estimation of the frequency of occurence of an object, point load, concentrated load, single concentrated
such as a fossil or mineral species, in a sample, deter- (load)ing ● Punktlast f, Einzellast
mined by counting the number of times it occurs at point load test > Brazilian tensile test
specified intervals throughout the sample. The analysis point of axis emergence ● Achs(en)austritt(s)-
is commonly made with an automatic point counter punkt m
attached to a microscope] ● Punktzählanalyse f point of clamping, clamping point (⚒) ●
point counting ● Punktzählen n, Punktzählung f Einspannlager n
point (current) measurement ● Punkt(strömungs)- point of concentration, concentration point [That
messung f [Summationswert pro Messlotrechte. Mehrere subject point at which the water flowing off a given
Messpunkte pro Messlotrechte] drainage area concentrates] ● Sammelpunkt m,
point determination ● Punktbestimmung f Sammelstelle f, Abflusspunkt, Abflussstelle
P point determination method, method of point point of disturbance, disturbance point, wave source,
determination ● Punktbestimmungsmethode f source of (the) wave ● Erregerzentrum n [Geophysik]
point diagram, scatter diagram [In structural petrol- point of explosion ● Sprengpunkt m
ogy, a fabric diagram in which poles representing linea- point of intersection of the L.W. loci ● Schnittpunkt m
tions, normals to fabric planes, or crystallographic des geometrischen Ortes von Springniedrigwasser mit
directions have been plotted] ● Punktdiagramm n dem geometrischen Ort von Nippniedrigwasser
point discharge, point flow, point runoff [Instanta- point of rise, rise point [simple hydrograph] ●
neous rate of discharge, in contrast to the mean Anstieg(s)punkt m, Gangabzweig(ungs)punkt
rate for an interval of time] ● Punktabfluss m, point of the horse, horse point ● Gangabzweigpunkt m
Punktablauf m point of zero distortion, zero distortion point ●
point displacement ● Punktverschiebung f, Kartenhauptpunkt m
[terrestrische Fotogrammetrie] point operation ● Bildverbesserung f am einzelnen
pointed > acute Bildelement
pointed angle, acute angle ● spitzer Winkel m point plotting ● punktweises Auftragen n [Der
pointed-angle block, acute-angle block [A fault block Reflexionspunkte für jede Spur]
in which the strike of strata on the down-dip side meets point precipitation [Precipitation at a particular site,
a diagonal fault at an acute angle] ● Spitzwinkelscholle f in contrast to the mean precipitation over an area] ●
pointed arch ● Spitzbogen m Punktniederschlag m
pointed-fault angle ● spitzer Verwerfungswinkel m; to point precisely ● fein einstellen [Objekt im
spitzer Sprungwinkel (⚒) Fernrohr]
polar survey 1021

point pressure > end pressure polar front ● Polarfront f [Die Grenze zwischen polaren
point pressure sounding rod > end pressure sound- und tropischen Luftmassen, an der es zur
ing rod Zyklonenbildung und den damit verbundenen
point rainfall [A rainfall quantity at a point or station] Wettererscheinungen der Fronten kommt]
Stationsregenmenge f polar glacier, cold glacier [A glacier whose temperature
point-related ● punktbezogen is below freezing to considerable depth, or throughout,
to point roughly ● grob einstellen [Objekt im and on which there is no melting even in summer] ●
Fernrohr] Polargletscher m
point runoff > point discharge polar high > arctic high
point shooting, single shooting ● Punktschießen n, polar ice, arctic pack [Any sea ice more than 1 year old
Einzelschießen [Seisrazk] and more than 3 m thick. It is heavily hummocked and
point shot, single shot ● Punktschuss m, Einzelschuss usually the thickest form of sea ice] ● Arktikeis n,
point structure ● Punktbauwerk n Polareis
point symmetry ● Punktsymmetrie f der Punktlage polarimetric SAR interferometry ● polarimetrische
[Tabellen der Röntgenstrahlenkristallografie] SAR-Interferometrie f
point velocity ● Punktgeschwindigkeit f polarity epoch, geomagnetic (polarity) epoch ●
[Geschwindigkeit an einem Punkt einer Messlotrechten] Polaritätsepoche f [Sie gründet auf paläomagnetischen
point where the optical axis cuts the plate > optical und auf k/Ar-Altersanalysen vulkanischer Gesteine]
image centre polarity reversal > geomagnetic (polarity) reversal
pointwise measurement ● punktuelle Messung f polarization colour; interference colour (Brit.);
pointwise reconnaissance ● punktweise Erkundung f interference color, polarization color (US) ● Interfe-
Poisson’s ratio [symbol: a] ● (Poisson’sche) renzfarbe f
Querkontraktionskonstante f, Poissonzahl f, polarization photometer ● Polari(sationsfoto)meter n
Poisson’sche Zahl f polarization plane > vibration plane
poker (⚒) ● Schramspieß m polarized light ● polarisiertes Licht n
polar [Relating or pertaining to the region of either or polarized reflected light, reflected polarized light ●
both of the two poles of the Earth] ● polar polarisiertes Auflicht n
polar air mass [An air mass originating over oceans or polarizer [An apparatus for polarizing light. In
continents between 50 and 6o north and 50 and 6o a polarizing microscope, it may be the lower Nicol
south of the Equator] ● Polarluftmasse f (prism) or the polaroid] ● Polarisator m
polar anticyclone > arctic high polarizing angle, Brewster angle [The angle at which
polar cap [misnomer]; sea ice of the Arctic Ocean ● unpolarized light is incident upon a surface so that it
Nordpolarmeereis n acquires the maximum plane polarization] ●
polar cap [An ice sheet centered at the South Pole, i.e. Brewsterwinkel m
Antarctica] ● Antarktikeis n, Südpoleis polarizing microscope, petrographic(al) microscope
polar circle [The Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle, ● Polarisationsmikroskop n
two parallels of latitude, lying approximately 23 27’ from polarizing prism, Nicol prism; nicol [partial synonym]
the poles of the Earth] ● Polarkreis m ● Nicolprisma n
polar climate [A type of climate of polar latitudes polar measurement, polar survey ● Polar(ver)-
(above 66 33’) characterized by temperatures of 10 C messung f, Polaraufnahme f
and below. The two types of polar climate in Koppen ’s polar migration, polar wandering, Chandler motion
classification are tundra climate and perpetual frost cli- [Migration during geologic time, of the Earth’s poles of
mate] ● Polarklima n rotation and magnetic poles] ● Polwandern n,
polar cusp ● Neutralhorn n [Magnetosphäre] Polwanderung f
polar desert, arctic desert [A high-latitude desert where polar migration curve, polar wandering curve, Chan-
the moisture present is frozen in ice sheets, and thus is dler motion curve ● Polarwanderkurve f
unavailable for plant growth] ● arktische Wüste f, polar points [stereographic crystal projection] ●
Polarwüste Polfigur f
polar equal-area net ● Normalnetz n [zur Darstellung polar survey, polar measurement ● Polar(ver)-
des Trennflächengefüges] messung f, Polaraufnahme f
1022 polar temperature lamination

polar temperature lamination, indirect temperature from pyrolusite by its hardness and anhydrous character]
lamination ● indirekte Wärmeschichtung f, ● Polianit m
Polarschichtung, mittelbare Wärmeschichtung poling (⚒) ● Sitzpfahl m, Sitzstock m
polar wandering, polar migration, Chandler motion poling > cap (piece)
[Migration during geologic time of the Earth’s poles of poling > spiling
rotation and magnetic poles] ● Polwandern n, poling. . . > (fore)poling. . .
Polwanderung f poling back [Excavating behind timbering] ●
polar wandering curve, polar migration curve, Ausschachten n hinter der Zimmerung
Chandler motion curve ● Polarwander(ungs)kurve f polished ore section, polished section of ore ●
to polder > to empolder Erzanschliff m
polder, empolder, impolder, polderland, dyked land, polished section; microsection [partial synonym]
dyked marsh, diked land, diked marsh [Dry land [A section of rock or mineral that has been highly
reclaimed by constructing dykes around a water area polished. It is used for study of opaque minerals
and artificially draining the site] ● Polder m; Koog m by plane or polarized reflected light] ● (polierter)
[Nordfriesland]; Groden, Binnengroden m, Anschliff m
Binnendeichland n [Diese Benennungen sollten nicht polished stone > metamarble
mehr verwendet werden] polished surface ● Stückschliff m
polder dividing dike, polder dividing dyke ● polished (sur)face, polished slickenside, shiny
Binnendeich m [Er unterteilt einen Polder, um Schäden slickenside, shiny surface ● Spiegel(harnisch) m,
bei einem Deichbruch zu begrenzen] Spiegelfläche f, glänzender (Rutsch)Harnisch, Harnisch
polder gage (US); polder gauge ● Polderpegel m, polished thin section, thin polished section;
Koogpegel microsection [partial synonym] [A thin section similar
polder pumping station ● Polderpumpwerk n, to that used in petrography but finished with a polished
Koogpumpwerk surface and not covered with a cover glass. It is useful for
polder reclamation, (land) reclamation by polder study by both transmitted and reflected light and by the
method, polderization, (em)poldering, impoldering ● electron microprobe] ● (polierter) Dünnschliff m
(Neu)Landgewinnung f nach dem Polderverfahren, Polish gallows (⚒) ● polnischer Türstock m [Siehe
(Ein)Poldern n, (Ein)Polderung Anmerkung unter „Türstock’’. Stempel und Kappe sind
to pole > to (fore)pole verzapft]
pole > (fore)poling board polishing > tertiary treatment
P pole (Brit.) > (level) staff polishing pond, tertiary treatment pond, advance(d)
pole-figure ● stereografisches Projektionsbild n treatment pond ● Schönungsteich m [Biologisch
pole flattening ● Polabplattung f gereinigtes Abwasser]
pole fleeing ● Polflucht f polishing rouge ● Polierrot n
pole-fleeing force ● Polfluchtkraft f polishing sensitiveness, polishing susceptibility,
pole float, staff float, rod float [It is weighed at its lower polishing sensitivity ● Polierfähigkeit f,
end, designed to float in a vertical position with most of Poliervermögen n
its length submerged so as to average the velocity in polishing table ● Poliertisch m
a watercourse throughout its submerged depth] ● political boundary (line) ● politische Grenz(linie) f
Stangenschwimmer m, Stockschwimmer polje > polya
pole of (the) face, face pole [stereographic crystal pro- pollen peat [Peat rich in pollen grains] ● Pollentorf m
jection] ● Flächenpol m poll-pick [A pick with a head for breaking away hard
poles, round timber [As opposed to square-cut timber] partings in coal seams or knocking down rock already
● Rundholz n, Rundhölzer f seamed by blasting] ● Hammerhaue f
pole sounding, sounding by pole ● Stangenpeilen n pollutant, contaminant ● Verunreiniger m,
[Wasser] Schmutzstoff, Verunreinigungsstoff m
pole-tool (drilling) system > Galician (drilling) to pollute, to contaminate [To make physically impure
system or unclean] ● verunreinigen, verschmutzen
polianite [A steel-gray dioxid(e) of manganese, MnO2, to pollute [Often considered synonymous with ‘‘to con-
crystallizing in the tetragonal system. It is distinguished taminate’’ (¼ verunreinigen), but in some
to pond 1023

environmental regulations ‘‘to pollute’’ represents a more times; e.g. said of a mountain range resulting from
advanced state of degradation: To pollute is to introduce several orogenic episodes, (b) Consisting of more than
any substance that alters some aspect of the environment one type of material, or having a heterogeneous
in a manner to make it unfit for a particular use] ● composition, e.g. said of a conglomerate composed of
verseuchen materials from different sources] ● polygen(etisch)
polluted ● verseucht polygon ● Vieleck n, Mehreck, Polygon n
polluted, contaminated ● verunreinigt, verschmutzt polygonal [Having more than four straight sides]
polluted ground, contaminated ground ● Altlast f ●vieleckig, mehreckig, polygonal
pollution, contamination [The presence of any foreign polygon(al) ground, polygon(al) soil, cellular ground,
material in a drilling fluid which may tend to change the cellular soil ● Polygonboden m
properties of the drilling fluid, such as anhydrite, cement, polygon(al) karst > cockpit karst
shale cuttings, salt, etc.] ● Verunreinigung f polygon(al) pebbles ● vieleckiges (Wind-)
Verschmutzung, Umweltverschmutzung Kantengeschiebe n, vieleckiges (Wind)Kantenge-
pollution control > environmental (pollution) röll(e) n, vieleckiger (Wind)Kanter m, mehreckiges
control (Wind)Kantengeschiebe, mehreckiges (Wind)Kanten-
polstean [Cornwall] > stannery geröll(e), mehreckiger (Wind)Kanter
polya, polje, interior valley ● Polje f [Wannen- oder polygon(al) sandstone ● Sandsteinpolygon n
karstartiges Becken mit ebenem Boden in Karstgebieten] polygon(al) soil, polygon(al) ground, polygon(al)
poly-acid ● Polysäure f markings, cellular ground, cellular soil ●
polyamide ● Polyamid n Polygonboden m
polybasite [An iron-black to steel-gray metallic-looking polygon(al) structure ● Polygonaltextur f
mineral, (Ag,Cu)l6Sb2Sn] ● Polybasit m polygonal traversing ● Polygonierung f
polychroism, pleochroism ● Mehrfarbigkeit f polygon direction ● Polygonzugrichtung f
Vielfarbigkeit polygoniometry, polygon measurement, traversing,
polychromatic [Showing a variety or a change of colo traverse work, traverse (survey), progression ●
(u)rs] ● vielfarbig, mehrfarbig Polygon(ver)messung f, Vieleck(ver)messung,
polycomponent system ● Mehrstoffsystem n, Mehreck(ver)messung, Polygonaufnahme f,
Vielstoffsystem Vieleckaufnahme, Mehreckaufnahme, Polygonierung f
polycrase; polykras [original spelling] [A black mineral, polyhalite, K2MgCa2(S04)4.2H20 ● Polyhalit m
(Y,Ca,Ce,U,Th) (Ti,Nb,Ta)206. It is isomorphous with polyhedric projection ● Polyederabbildung f,
leuxenite and occurs in granite pegmatites] ● Polykras m Polyederprojektion f
polycrystal ● Kristallaggregat n, Polykristall m polykras; polycrase [original spelling] [A black mineral,
polycrystalline quartz, composite quartz ● (Y,Ca,Ce,U,Th) (Ti,Nb,Ta)206. It is isomorphous
Quarzaggregat n with leuxenite and occurs in granite pegmatites] ●
polycyclic > multi(ple)-cyclic Polykras m
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, PAH ● polymer-coated ● Polymer ummantelt
polyzyklischer aromatischer Kohlenwasserstoff m, PAK polymer concrete ● Polymerbeton m
polycyclic relief ● Stockwerk(s)bau m polymer fluid ● Polymerflüssigkeit f
[Geomorphologie] polymer(ic) drilling mud, polymer(ic) mud flush ●
polydispersed soils ● polydispere Böden m (pl) Polymer(bohr)spül(ungs)schlamm m
polydynamism ● polydynamische Erklärung f polymetallic deposit [A deposit that contains econom-
polyester ● Polyester n ically important quantities of three or more metals] ●
polyester fabric ● Polyestergewebe n Polymetall-Lagerstätte f
polyester monofilaments ● Polyester-Monofile f (pl) polymetamorphism > super(im)posed metamor-
polyester resin concrete sewer lining ● Polyester- phism
harzbeton-Abwasserleitungsauskleidung f polynomial ● Polynom n
polyethylene ● Polyethylen n polyolefin ● Polyolefin n
polygen(et)ic, polygene [(a) Resulting from more than polyphase, multiphase ● mehrphasig, vielphasig
one process of formation, derived from more than one Polyurethane grout ● Polyurethanschlämme f
source, or originating or developing at various places and to pond > to bank (up)
1024 pond

pond, depositing site ● Spülfläche f, Spülfeld n [Bei temporary watertight bulkheads. The section is then filled
Nassbaggerarbeiten eine Fläche, auf der die Flüssigkeit with water and the rate of decrease in volume is noted.
lange genug festgehalten wird, damit sich die Feinteile The seepage loss is computed with allowances for
setzen können] evaporation and rainfall] ● Sickerverlust-
pond, (level) reach, section, stretch, length, pool, level Speicherverfahren n, Sickerverlust-Speichermethode f
[The artificial impoundment of water in a watercourse to ponding step, step due to ponding ●
form a pond] ● Haltung f, Staustrecke f, Strecke, Abdämmungsstufe f
Abschnitt, Stauhaltung, Stauabschnitt m pond management ● Teichbewirtschaftung f
pond, pool, scour ● Kolk m, Kölke f Gölle f ponor > sinking stream
[Ungewöhnlich tiefe Stelle in einem Teich oder Fluss. ponor [Partial synonym] > swallow hole
Wasserlache auf sumpfigem Gelände, besonders hinter pontoon, floating rig ● Ponton m [schwimmender
Deichen] Hohlkörper; kommt beim Bau von Brücken zum Einsatz]
pond [A natural body of standing fresh water occupying pontoon bridge, floating bridge ● Pontonbrücke f
a small surface depression, usually smaller than a lake pontoon dredger with stilts, elevated pontoon
and larger than a pool. ‘‘Pond’’ is, however, frequently dredger ● Stelzenpontonbagger m
used interchangeably with lake and pool] ● Teich m pontoon for sinking tunnel elements ●
pond [A small, artificial body of standing water, used as Absenkponton m
a source of water] ● künstliches stehendes Gewässer n, pontoon group ● Pontongruppe f
stehendes künstliches Gewässer pooking (⚒) ● Quellen n des Liegenden
pondage, storage, filling, impounding, ponding ● to pool [To cut a hole and inserting a wedge for splitting
(Auf)Speicherung f, Stau m, Aufstau, (Wasser)Einstau, (as in mining or quarrying)] ● hereintreiben im engeren
Stauanhebung, Aufstauung [Talsperre] Sinne, hereinschlagen im engeren Sinne, hereintreiben
pondage action, reservoir action [It refers to mit Keilen, hereinschlagen mit Keilen
transformation of a flood wave with consequent pool (⚒) ● Hereintreiben n im engeren Sinne,
attenuation of the maximum discharge and flattening Hereinschlagen im engeren Sinne, Hereintreiben mit
of the wave] ● Hochwasserabschwächung f Keilen, Hereinschlagen mit Keilen
pondage land, flood fringe [Land on which water is pool ● Becken n
stored as dead water during flooding. It does not pool ● Wanne f [Am Rand eines unterirdischen Flusses]
contribute to the downstream passage of flow] ● pool > pond
Hochwassersaum m pool > (level) reach
P pondage limit, storage limit, filling limit ● pool > storage reservoir
Staugrenze f [Talsperre] pool, pond ● Kolk m, Kölke f, Gölle f [Ungewöhnlich
pondage water > impounded water tiefe Stelle in einem Teich oder Fluss; Wasserlache auf
pond construction, pond building ● Teichbau m sumpfigem Gelände, besonders hinter Deichen]
ponded lake > barrier lake pool, reservoir [Underground accumulation of
ponded water > impounded water petroleum or natural gas] ● Speicher m, Träger
pond embankment, pond bank ● Teichdamm m pool fluid, reservoir fluid [See remark under ‘‘fluid’’] ●
ponding ● Versumpfung f [Sammlung von Speicherfluid n, Trägerfluid
Oberflächenwasser in flachen Vertiefungen] pool opener ● positive Suchbohrung f [Erdöl; Erdgas]
ponding > pondage pool rock, reservoir rock [Friable, porous rock
ponding ● Wasserhaltung f [Wasserfüllung einer containing deposits of oil or gas] ● Speichergestein n,
Kanalstrecke durch Abgrenzung für verschiedene Zwecke, Trägergestein
z.B. zum Messen der Sickerverluste] pool soil ● gesackter Moorboden m
ponding, farming ● Laugelösung f durch Gräben oder pool spring [A spring fed from a deep source, sometimes
Teiche auf der Haldenoberfläche [Bei Erz- und related to a fault, and forming a pool. It may develop the
Haldenmassen mit schlechter Durchlässigkeit] shape of a jug, because a peripheral platform is developed
ponding [embankment compaction] ● Einteichen n over the water by vegetation and sediments blown in by
ponding method, pondage method, lagoon method the wind] ● Muldenquelle f, Tümpelquelle
[A method to determine seepage loss in an earthen poop shot, weathering shot, short shot [In seismic
channel by isolating a test section of channel with exploration, the detonation of a small explosive charge
pore fluid 1025

in the low-velocity layer to determine its velocity Gangstück n, Pochgänge f, Scheidegänge [Ein so
characteristics and thickness] ● Kurzschuss m geringhaltiges Erz, dass es zu Mehl oder Schlamm gepocht
poor-boy degasser ● Spülungsentgaser m ohne und durch Verwaschen auf Herden gereinigt werden
Vakuumpumpe [Tiefbohrtechnik] muss]
poor-boy junk basket ● Rohrspinne f [Fangarbeiten poor ore ground; tucker ground [Australia] ●
in der Tiefbohrtechnik] Grubenfeld n mit wenig Erz, erzarmes Grubenfeld
poor earth, poor soil, unstable soil, unstable earth, poor packing, bad packing (⚒) ● schlechte
non-load-bearing soil ● nichttragfähiger Boden m, Verdammung f
nichttragfähige Erde f poor soil, poor earth, unstable soil, unstable earth,
poor iron epidote, low iron epidote ● eisenarmer non-load-bearing soil ● nichttragfähiger Boden m,
Epidot m nichttragfähige Erde f
poorly drained perched water gley soil ● poppet > (mine) headframe
Stauwasserboden m popple [Devonshire] > cobble(stone)
poorly fossiliferous ● fossilienarm poppy stone > orbicular jasper
poorly graded [An engineering term pertaining to to popshoot (Brit.); to blockhole (US) ● knäppern,
a nongraded soil or unconsolidated sediment in nachsprengen
which all the particles are of about the same size or in popshooted (Brit.); blockholed (US) ● geknäppert,
which a continuous distribution of particle sizes from nachgesprengt
coarse to fine is lacking] ● schlecht abgestuft, schlecht pop shooting (Brit.); blockholing (US) [Breaking
gekörnt boulders (¼ long stones) by drilling a small hole
poorly graded gravel [group symbol: GP after the in them and firing an explosive charge] ●
Unified soil classification system, USA] ● schlecht Knäpper(sprenge)n n, Nachsprengen
gekörnte Kiese m (pl) population turnover ● Umkippen n eines Gewässers
poorly graded gravel-sand mixtures ● porcelain filter, porcelain strainer ● Porzellan-
intermittierend gestufte Kies-Sand Gemische n (pl) filterkorb m, Porzellanfilter m, n [Filterbrunnen]
[Kurzzeichen GI nach DIN 18196] porcel(l)aneous common opal > cachalong
poorly graded sand-gravel mixtures ● porcel(l)anite, porcelainite, thermuticle [A dense
intermittierend gestufte Sand-Kies Gemische f (pl) siliceous rock having the texture, dull lustre, hardness,
[Kurzzeichen SI nach DIN 18196] conchoidal fracture, and general appearance of unglazed
poorly graded sands [group symbol: SP after the porcelain] ● Porzellanit m
Unified soil classification system, USA] ● schlecht pore, interstice, void [Small cavities between the
gekörnte Sande m (pl) particles in a rock or soil mass or concrete and the like]
poorly preserved [fossil] ● schlecht erhalten ● Pore f
poorly sorted, unsorted, assorted, nongraded, poorly pore-air pressure, interstice-air pressure, void-air
graded [Said of a clastic sediment or of a cemented pressure ● Porenluftdruck m
detrital rock that is not sorted or that consists of particles pore angle water, void angle water, interstice angle
of many sizes mixed together in an unsystematic manner water ● Porenwinkelwasser n, Winkelporenwasser
so that no one size class predominates and that has pore aquifer, void aquifer, interstice aquifer ●
a sorting coefficient in the range of 3.5 to 4.5 and higher. Porengrundwasserleiter m
Based on the phi values associated with the 84 and 16 pore canal ● Porenkanal m [Boden]
percent lines. Folk (i954) suggests sigma phi limits of pore constriction ● Porenengstelle f
1.00–2.00 for poorly sorted material] ● unsortiert, pore constriction distribution, PCD ●
schlecht sortiert Porenengstellenverteilung f, PEV
poor man’s 3D [colloquial]; multi(ple)line seismics ● pore-constriction distribution curve ●
Mehrlinienseismik f, Viellinienseismik Porenengstellenverteilungskurve f
poor ore, low-grade ore, lean ore, dradge, raff(ainore), pore content > percentage of voids
inferior ore ● geringhaltiges Erz n, grobes Erz, Pocherz, pore filler, permeability reducing admix(ture) ●
Armerz, niedrigprozentiges Erz, unartiges Erz, armes Porenfüller m, Porenfüllstoff m, Porenfüllmittel n
Erz, ungereinigtes Erz, gemagertes Erz, schlechtes Erz, pore-fill grouting ● porenfüllende Injektion f
mageres Erz, minderwertiges Erz, wertloses Erz, pore fluid, interstice fluid, void fluid ● Porenfluid n
1026 pore (fluid) pressure

pore (fluid) pressure, void (fluid) pressure, interstice interstitial volume, porosity [The open spaces in
(fluid) pressure [The pressure of fluid (air or water) a rock, soil, or aggregate considered collectively. ‘‘Space’’
within a mass of soil, rock, or concrete and the like] ● may synonymously be used for ‘‘volume’’] ●
Porendruck m Porenvolumen n, Hohlvolumen, Hohlraum m,
pore form, pore shape, void form, void shape, Porenraum
interstice form, interstice shape ● Porengestalt f pore water, interstice water, interstitial water, void
Porenform f water ● Porenwasser n
pore-free ● porenfrei pore water dissipation > pore pressure dissipation
pore groundwater, interstice groundwater, void pore water effect ● Porenwasserwirkung f
groundwater ● spezifisches Grundwasser n, echtes pore water flow > flow of pore water
Grundwasser, spezielles Grundwasser, pore water flow, void water flow, interstice water flow,
Porengrundwasser [Es füllt die Gesteinsporen interstitial water flow ● Porenwasserfließen n,
zusammenhängend aus und bildet einen Porenwasserfluss m
Grundwasserspiegel] pore water pressure ● Porenwasserspannung f
poreless > imporous pore (water) pressure, void water pressure, interstice
pore liquid, interstice liquid, void liquid ● water pressure, interstitial water pressure, neutral
Porenflüssigkeit f stress, neutral pressure [The pressure of water in
pore percent(age) > percent(age) of voids a saturated soil, may be determined by a Bourdon
pore permeability, interstice permeability, void pressure gauge] ● Porenwasserdruck m,
permeability ● Porendurchlässigkeit f Bodenporenwasserdruck
pore pressure coefficient ● Porenwasser- pore water pressure accumulation ●
druckbeiwert m Porenwasserdruckakkumulation
pore pressure dissipation ● Dissipation f des pore (water) pressure cell, void water pressure cell,
Porenwasserdrucks, Porenwasserdruck-Dissipation interstice water pressure cell ● Porenwasserdruck-
pore pressure measurement, pore water pressure messdose f, Bodenporenwasserdruckmessdose
measurement ● Porenwasserdruckmessung f pore water pressure change > change in the pore
pore pressure rate ● Porendruckrate f pressure
pore ratio, porosity ratio, porousness ratio, void ratio, pore (water) pressure dissipation, void water pres-
interstice ratio [The ratio of the volume of voids to the sure dissipation, interstice water pressure dissipation ●
total volume of a material including voids] ● Neutralisierung f des Porenwasserüberdruckes
P Porigkeitsverhältnis n, Porositätsverhältnis, Porenzahl f pore water pressure impact ● Porenwasserdruck-
relative Porosität f stoß m [Sprengverdichtung]
pore shape, pore form, void form, void shape, pore water pressure measurement, pore pressure
interslice form, interstice shape ● Porengestalt f, measurement ● Porenwasserdruckmessung
Porenform f pore water pressure reduction ● Porenwasser-
pore solution, interstice solution, void solution ● druckabbau m
Porenlösung f pore water pressure transducer ● Porenwasser-
pore space, void space, interstice space ● Porenraum m druckgeber m
pore-space filling [The filling of rock pores by pore water pressure value ● Porenwasser-
valuable minerals such as petroleum, copper, vanadium, druckanzeige f [mittels Piezometer]
radium and other compounds] ● (Gesteins) pore water underpressure ● Porenwasserunterdruck m
Porenfüllung f pororoca > bore
pore-space grouting, pore-space injection, void- porosimeter, porosity measuring instrument, porosity
space grouting, void-space injection, interstice meter ● Porositätsmesser m
grouting, interstice injection ● Porenrauminjektion f, porosimetry, porosity measurement ● Poren(größen)-
Porenrauminjizieren n, Porenraumeinpressen, messung f, Porositätsmessung
Porenraumauspressen, Porenraumverpressen porosity > pore volume
Poresta ® [rigid foam type] ● Poresta® [Hartschaum] porosity ● Porosität f, Porigkeit
pore volume, volume of voids, volume of pores, vol- porosity curve > first curve
ume of interstices, interstice volume, void volume, porosity ratio > pore ratio
position head 1027

porosity trap, strat(igraph)ic trap [petroleum; natural portal [The opening or mouth of a gallery or tunnel] ●
gas] ● stratigrafische Falle f, Porositätsfalle Portal n
porous asphalt ● Dränasphalt m portal crane, gantry crane ● Portalkran m
porous limestone > permeable limestone portal cut(ting) ● Portaleinschnitt m
porous matrix > aquifer portal frame ● Portalrahmen m [Tragkonstruktion]
porous matter, porous medium ● Porenstoff m portal section > end section
porousness ratio > pore ratio portal (ventilation) building [tunnel] ● Portal(lüfter)-
porous-plug expansion [Physical source of heat in gebäude n, Portalventilatorgebäude
springs] ● Siebausdehnung f portal zone > end section
porous rock, open rock [Any stratum capable of port construction ● Hafenbau m
holding much water, or conveying it along its bed by port establishment, establishment of a port [The
virtue of its porous or open character] ● poröses high-water lunitidal interval at full and change of the
Gestein n, poröser Fels m moon] ● Hafenzeit f [des Ortes]
porous structure ● poröse Textur f port extension ● Hafenerweiterung f
porous texture ● poröse Struktur f port handbook ● Hafenhandbuch n
porpezite, palladium gold [It contains palladium up to portion of cohesion ● Kohäsionsanteil m
10 per cent] ● Palladiumgold n, Porpezit m Portland cement ● Portlandzement m
porphyritic [A textural term for those igneous rocks in Portland beds, Portland limestone [A yellowish-white,
which larger crystals (phenocrysts) are set in a finer oolitic limestone from the Isle of Portland (a peninsula in
groundmass which may be crystalline or glassy, or both] southern England), widely used for construction pur-
● porphyrisch poses] ● Portland(kalk)stein m
porphyritic texture [A texture of igneous rock in which portlandite [A mineral; calcium hydroxid(e), Ca(OH)2,
some particles are conspicuously larger than the rest of the occurs naturally in Ireland; a common product of the
particles] ● porphyrische Struktur f hydration of portland cement] ● Portlandit m
porphyritic volcanic glass > vitrophyre Portland stone [A purplish-brown sandstone (brown-
porphyroblast, metacryst [A relatively large crystal stone) from Portland, Connecticut, USA] ●
formed in a metamorphic rock] ● Porphyroblast m Braunsandstein m
porphyroblastic [Pertaining to the texture of porto marble, black and gold marble [A black siliceous
a recrystallized metamorphic rock having large idioblasts limestone that is traversed by gold-coloured veins, from
of minerals possessing high form energy (e.g. garnet, Porto Venere and the Isle of Palmeira in the Gulf of La
andalusite) in a finer-grained crystalloblastic matrix] ● Spezia, Italy] ● Schwarz-Gold-Marmor m [Kein echter
porphyroblastisch Marmor, sondern polierbarer Kalkstein]
porphyroblastic texture ● porphyroblastische port sediment ● Hafensediment n
Struktur f to position ● ausrichten, orientieren [z. B. Bilder bei
porphyroclast ● Porphyroklast m der stereoskopischen Betrachtung]
porphyroid granite, granite-porphyry ● positional accuracy, position accuracy ●
Granitporphyr m, Granophyr Lagegenauigkeit f
porphyry copper (ore) deposit ● Porphyrkupferla- position energy, potential energy, elevation energy
gerstätte f [Energy due to position. It is the product of the density
portable dial gauge ● portable Messuhr f of a fluid and its height above the point of reference. For
portable inclinometer ● portabler Inklinometer n water it is usually stated in metres or feet of height
portable pipe ● Tragrohr n, tragbares Rohr, fliegendes without mention of density] ● potentielle Energie f,
Rohr Potentialenergie, Lageenergie
portable (pipe)line ● fliegende (Rohr)Leitung f, position error, error of position [photogrammetry] ●
tragbare (Rohr)Leitung, Trag(rohr)leitung Lagefehler m
portadrill method ● Saugbohrverfahren n, position head, static head (of water) [The head pro-
Saugbohrmethode f duced by static water pressure; equal to the pressure
portal [The inlet to, or outlet from, a water gallery, divided by unit weight of water. The difference in water
referred to as the upstream or downstream portal, respec- levels between two locations, such as the impounding
tively] ● Portal n reservoir and the service reservoir; in a pump, the sum
1028 positioning

of the static suction head and static delivery head] ● positive position, observing position [photo(graph)]
statische Druckhöhe f ● Betrachtungsstellung f, Positivstellung
positioning ● Positionsbestimmung f, positive rake > fore batter
Lagebestimmung positive skin friction ● positive Mantelreibung f
positioning gallery > sight(ing) drift [Pfahlfundament]
positioning tower, sight(ing) tower ● Peilturm m, positive surge ● Schwall m [Instationäre Wasserspie-
Visierturm, Absenkgerüstturm, Richtturm [Unterwas- gelhebung bei Gerinneströmungen, verursacht durch
sertunnelbau im Verlegegraben] plötzliche Durchflussänderung (Füllschwall,
position net [for monitoring measurements] ● Stauschwall)]
Lagenetz n [für Überwachungsmessungen] positive wave ● Wellenberg m, positive Welle f
position preservation [Preservation within the limits positive zone > anodic zone
of generalization, of the position of places or areas on possible ore, future ore, geologic(al) ore, extension
a map] ● Lagetreue f, Positionstreue ore [An ore deposit whose estimate and extent is postu-
positive > proved lated on the basis of past geologic(al) and mining expe-
positive artesian head [Applied to an aquifer or well rience] ● mögliches Erz n
in which the static pressure is positive and the free water possible reserves ● mögliche Vorräte f
level is above the existing groundwater level] ● positive post [North of England]; limestone bed ●
artesische Druckhöhe f, artesische positive Druckhöhe Kalksteinbank f
positive batter, fore batter, forward batter, fore rake, post [North of England]; sandstone bed ●
positive rake, forward rake [Batter where the pile bottom Sandsteinbank f
is inclined away from the pile driver] ● Vorwärtsanzug m, post > prop
Vorwärtsanlauf m, Vorwärtsneigung f, post ● Wurzelstock m
Vorwärtsdossierung postcomminution ● Nachzerkleinerung f
positive coast, submerged coast, depressed coast, post-compaction, secondary compression ●
coast of submergence ● Senkungsküste f, Nachverdichtung f, Nachverdichten n, sekundäre
Untertauchküste, untergetauchte Küste, Tauchküste Verdichtung
positive confining bed [It prevents or retards the postcrystalline ● postkristallin, nachkristallin
upward movement of groundwater with a positive post density, prop density, stay density, stanchion
artesian head] ● undurchlässige Schicht f density (⚒) ● Stempeldichte f, Ständerdichte,
positive estuary ● normaler Ästuar m, positiver Stützendichte, Pfostendichte
P Ästuar [Der Süßwasserzufluss überwiegt die postdepositional porosity ● sekundäre Porosität f
Verdunstung] [Die diagenetisch durch Lösungsvorgänge, chemische
positive landform [A topographic form resulting from Reaktionen oder mechanische Zerbrechung entstandene
erosion and projecting notably upward, as a hill or moun- Porosität]
tain] ● Vollform f postdepositional remanent magnetization, PDRM
positive magnetism ● normaler Magnetismus m, ● Nach-Sedimentationsremanenz f [Geomagnetik]
positiver Magnetismus post door (⚒) ● Pfostentür f
positive material, paramagnetic material ● (post) drawer, prop drawer, stay drawer, stanchion
paramagnetischer Stoff m drawer, sylvester, donkey (⚒) [A winch the drums of
positive opening surge, opening positive surge, pos- which are controlled separately by clutches and brakes] ●
itive opening wave, opening positive wave ● (Stempel)Raubvorrichtung f, Ständerraubvorrichtung,
Öffnungsschwall m Stützenraubvorrichtung, Pfostenraubvorrichtung,
positive ore [Orebody exposed and developed on four Zughub m
sides, and for which tonnage and quality estimates have post drawing (⚒) > prop drawing
been made] ● vierseitig vorgerichtetes Erz n, vierseitig post-exploration ● Nachaufschließung f,
ausgeblocktes Erz, sichere Reserve f, sicheres Erz, voll(-) Nachaufschluss m
(ständig) ausgeblocktes Erz post extracting (⚒) ● prop drawing
positive pole, north-seeking pole [It is attracted post-failure ● Bruchfließen n [Fels]
towards the Earth’s north magnetic pole] ● Pluspol m post foundation, re-foundation ● Nachgründung f
potarite 1029

post-free, prop-free, stay-free, stanchion-free (⚒) ● posttectonic, postkinematic [Said of a geologic(al)

stempelfrei, ständerfrei, stützenfrei, pfostenfrei process or event occurring after any kind of tectonic
postglacial ● postglazial, nacheiszeitlich, nachglazial, activity, or said of a rock or feature so formed] ●
posteiszeitlich nachtektonisch, posttektonisch, nachkinematisch,
postgranitic ● nachgranitisch, postgranitisch postkinematisch
postgrouting ● Nachverpressen n, Nachauspressen, post-tensioning ● nachträglicher Verbund m,
Nachinjizieren, Nachinjektion f Nachspannverfahren n [Bei diesem Verfahren werden
postgrouting hose ● Nachverpressschlauch m die Spannbetonstähle erst nach Aushärtung des Betons
postgrout(ing) material ● Nachpressgut n gespannt]
postgrouting tube ● Nachpressrohr n post-treatment ● Nachbehandlung f
post hole, prop hole, stay hole, stanchion hole (⚒) ● Post-Tertiary [former name] > Quaternary
Bühnloch n post test(ing) press, prop test(ing) press, stay test
post housing, prop housing, stay housing, stanchion (ing) press, stanchion test(ing) press (⚒) ●
housing (⚒) ● Stempelschuh m, Stempeltopf m, Stempelprüfpresse f, Ständerprüfpresse, Stützenprüf-
Pfostenschuh, Pfostentopf, Ständerschuh, Ständertopf, presse, Pfostenprüfpresse
Stützenschuh, Stützentopf post wedge, prop wedge, stay wedge, stanchion wedge
postkinematic, posttectonic [Said of a geologic(al) (⚒) ● Stempelkeil m, Ständerkeil, Stützenkeil,
process or event occurring after any kind of tectonic Pfostenkeil
activity, or said of a rock or feature so formed] ● post yoke, (prop) yoke, stay yoke, stanchion yoke (⚒)
nachtektonisch, posttektonisch, nachkinematisch, ● (Stempel)Schloss n, Pfostenschloss, Ständerschloss,
postkinematisch Stützenschloss
postmagnetic ● nachmagnetisch pot ● Gefäß n [Eigenpotentialmethode]
post-mining landscape ● Bergbaufolgelandschaft f pot > geophone
post-Mesozoic rock > young volcanic rock pot, potentiometer, (variable) voltage divider ● Poten-
Post-Ordovician diastrophism > Taconian orogeny tiometer n
post orogenic, apotectonic [Said of an event that takes pot, pothole [In geomorphology, general terms for any
place after an orogeny. Does not necessarily imply any hole, pit, or depression produced naturally in the
direct relationship with an orogeny] ● nachorogen, ground (and often containing water) that suggests the
postorogen shape or form of a pot or kettle] ● Loch n, Kessel m,
post pack (⚒) ● Pfostendamm m Topf m
post puller [An electric vehicle having a powered drum potability ● Trinkbarkeit f
handling wire rope used to pull mine posts after coal has potable water, drinking water ● Trinkwasser n
been removed, for the recovery of the timber] (⚒) ● potable water processing, drinking water processing,
Pfostenzieher m, Pfostenraubwagen m fresh water processing ● Trinkwasseraufbereitung f
post pulling (⚒) > prop drawing potable water reservoir, drinking water reservoir ●
post-reconnaissance ● Nacherkundung f, betriebs- Trinkwasserspeicher m, Trinkwasserbecken n
geologische Erkundung potamoclastic rock, fluvioclastic rock [A hydroclastic
postseismic deformation ● Nach(erd)- rock containing current- or river-worn fragments] ●
bebenverfomung f fluvioklastischer Fels m, fluvioklastisches Gestein n
post setters, prop setters, stay setters, stanchion setters potamography, river and stream description, stream
(⚒) ● Stempelsetzkolonne f, Pfostensetzkolonne, and river description ● Potamografie f, Potamographie f,
Stützensetzkolonne, Ständersetzkolonne Fluss- und Strombeschreibung f, Strom-
post-splitting method ● Abkerb- und und Flussbeschreibung
Abscherverfahren n [Ausbruch unter Tage] potamology, river and stream science, stream and
post stone, fine-grained limestone ● feinkörniger river science ● Potamologie f, Fluss- und Stromkunde f,
Kalkstein m Strom- und Flusskunde
post stone, fine-grained sandstone ● feinkörniger potarite, palladium amalgam, PdHg [A silver-white
Sandstein m tetragonal mineral. It is a natural alloy of palladium
post stripper (⚒) > prop drawer and mercury] ● Palladiumamalgam n
1030 potash

potash, potassium carbonate, pearl ash, salt of tartar, potassium chlorid(e) > sylvite
K2CO3 ● Kaliumkarbonat n, Pottasche f, Kesselasche potassium cobalto-cyanid(e) ● Kobaltozyankalium n
potash [A term that is loosely used for potassium oxid potassium compound mineral, mineral of potassium
(e), potassium hydroxid(e), or even for potassium, in compounds ● Kalimineral n
such informal expressions as potash spar] ● Kali n potassium cyanid(e) ● Kaliumcyanid n, KCN
potash [nonrecommended synonym]; potassium potassium fel(d)spar [Any alkali fel(d)spar (ortho-
oxid(e) ● Kalium(mon)oxid n, K2O clase, microcline, sanidine, adularia) containing the mol-
potash [nonrecommended synonym]; potassium ● ecule KalSi3O8. Incorrectly known as K-(fel(d))spar and
Kalium n, K potash fel(d)spar] ● Kalifeldspat m
potash [nonrecommended synonym]; potassium potassium hydroxid(e), dry potash, caustic potash;
hydroxid(e), caustic potash ● Kaliumhydroxid n, potash [nonrecommended synonym] ● Kaliumhydro-
Ätzkali n, KOH xid n, Ätzkali n, KOH, kaustisches Kali
potash alum, alum, potassium alum ● Kalialaun m, potassium nitrate, KNO3● Kaliumnitrat n,
Kaliumaluminiumalaun, Kaliumaluminiumsulfat-12- Kalisalpeter n, Nitrokalzit m
Wasser n potassium oxid(e); potash [nonrecommended syno-
potash alum, kalinite [A mineral of the alum group] ● nym] ● Kalium(mon)oxid n, K2O
Kalialaun m, Kalinit m, KAI (SO4)2.11H2O potato stone > geode
potash analcime ● Kaliumanalcim n potelot ● Molybdänglanz m
potash bentonite > potassium bentonite potential ● höffig, (derzeit) nicht (ab)bauwürdig,
potash bimargarate, bimargarate of potash ● (derzeit) un(ab)bauwürdig
zweifach margarinsaures Kali n, doppelt potential [Potential is the energy necessary to transfer
margarinsaures Kali the unit mass of soil moisture through a porous medium
potash fel(d)spar [misnomer] > potassium fel(d)spar from a given position in reference to another particular
potash hole > kettle hole point within the system. ‘‘Potential’’ is used in several
potash mica [misnomer] > muscovite other senses in engineering. For example, in physics and
potash-rich rock ● orthoklastisches Gestein n engineering this term, commonly used as an adjective,
potash mine ● Kali-Grube f means ‘‘available.’’ One speaks of potential energy or
potash mining ● Kali-Bergbau m, Kalibergbau energy of state or position. In contradistinction, in soil
potash salt, abraum salt, rubbish salt [Mixed salts science dealing with moisture migration in soil, and in
overlaying rock-salt deposit at Staßfurt, Germany] ● thermal soil mechanics dealing with frost action in soils,
P Kali(roh)salz n, KMg-Salz; Abraumsalz [frühere ‘‘potential’’ is traditionally used as a noun, for example,
Benennung] thermal potential, capillary potential, electric potential,
potassic, containing potassium ● kaliumhaltig, concentration potentials (solvent, density, moisture
kaliumenthaltend, kaliumführend potentials), and gravity potentials. In this sense, the
potassium; potash [nonrecommended synonym] ● potential at a point or the potential difference between
Kalium n, K two points of a freezing soil system would have the mean-
potassium alum > potash alum ing given in the definition - the energy necessary to
potassium-argon age determination, K-Ar age transfer soil moisture through the soil, as from the
determination, potassium-argon dating, K-Ar dating groundwater table to the downward penetrating cold
[Determination of the age of a mineral or rock in years front, or to any other coordinate point within the system.
based on measurement of the ratio of radiogenic argon-40 The potential is the energy or driving pressure for the
to potassium-40 and the known radioactive decay rate of moisture movement in soil; it must therefore be capable of
potassium-40 to argon-40] ● K/Ar-Altersbestimmung f, being expressed by a function from which the intensity of
K/Ar-Datierung, Kalium/Argon-Altersbestimmung, the driving pressure and/or the velocity and amount of
Kalium/Argon-Datierung the upward-migrating soil moisture passing a horizontal
potassium bentonite, K-bentonite, potash bentonite, cross section of a system at any point can be mathemat-
metabentonite ● Kaliumbentonit m, Metabentonit ically described and calculated. Energy potential is
potassium carbonate, potash, pearl ash, salt of tartar, a simple concept and easily applied in studying freezing
K2CO3 ● Kaliumkarbonat n, Pottasche f, Kesselasche soil systems] ● Potential n
potty ore 1031

potential curve, first curve, natural curve, permeabil- potentiality ● Höffigkeit f

ity curve, porosity curve [electric(al) log] ● Durchläs- potential loss [The loss of head of seeping water is
sigkeitskurve f caused by friction between the moving water and the
potential defined on a unit weight basis ● ge- soil particles and therefore occurs along the lines of
wicht(s)bezogenes Potential, Potential n auf das flow] ● Potentialverlust m
Gewicht bezogen [Bodenwasser] potential method ● Potentialverfahren n,
potential difference ● Potentialunterschied m Potentialmethode f [Erzlagerstättensuche mit
potential electrode ● Potentialelektrode f natürlichen Erdströmen]
Messelektrode, Spannungsmesssonde f [geophysi- potential volume change, shrink-swell characteris-
kalisches (Aufschluss)Verfahren] tics [soil] ● potentielle Raumänderung f
potential electrode spacing ● Potentialelektroden- potential wave energy ● potentielle Wellenenergie f
abstand m [Der für die Auslenkung des Wasserspiegels zum
potential energy, position energy, elevation energy Ruhewasserspiegel erforderliche Teil der Wellenenergie,
[Energy due to position. It is the product of the density die mit der Wellengeschwindigkeit fortbewegt wird]
of a fluid and its height above the point of reference. For potentiometer, pot, (variable) voltage divider ●
water it is usually stated in metres or feet of height Potentiometer n
without mention of density] ● potentielle Energie f, potentio-metric displacement gauge ● potentiome-
Potentialenergie, Lageenergie trischer Wegaufnehmer m
potential evaporation ● potentielle Verdunstung(s)- Potentiometrie surface, piezometric surface; pressure
höhe f [Maximale Verdunstung(s)höhe, die sich unter surface [less-preferred synonym] ● Piezometer-
gegebenen meteorologischen Bedingungen über einer oberfläche f
Landfläche ergibt, wenn hier kein Wassermangel auftritt. pothole > glacier mill
Zeichen: hvp. Einheit: mm] pothole, churn hole, eddy mill, rock mill, evorsion
potential evapotranspiration [The evapotranspira- hollow, bath-tub [Not to be confused with ‘‘kolk’’] ●
tion that would occur were there is an adequate soil- Strudeltopf m, Strudelloch n
moisture supply at all times] ● potentielle Evapotrans- pothole, pot [In geomorphology, general terms for any
piration f hole, pit, or depression produced naturally in the ground
potential field [of ground water] ● Potentialfeld n [des (and often containing water) that suggests the shape or
Grundwassers] form of a pot or kettle] ● Loch n, Kessel m, Topf m
potential flowage, potential flow(ing) ● pothole [a large hole in a pavement or more commonly
Potentialströmen n, Potentialfließen, drehungsfreies in a road surface caused by extreme weather conditions in
Strömen, drehungsfreies Fließen, rotofreies Strömen, winter or by heavy traffic] ● Schlagloch n [auf Straßen]
rotofreies Fließen pothole erosion of rivers or streams, evorsion ●
potential for innovations ● Innovationspotential n Evorsion f, Ausstrudelung f
potential function ● Potentialfunktion f [Zeichen: j potholer > caver
Einheit: m2/s. Die Potentialfunktion ’ erfüllt die potholing > caving
Potentialgleichung. Für Potentialflächen oder pot-holing, potholing ● Höhlenerkundung f
Potentiallinien gilt ’ ¼constant: vx ¼ ∂’/ ∂x, vy ¼ potman [A skilled man who prepares and heats solid
∂’/∂y, vz ¼ ∂’∂z] asphalt in a cauldron with suitable amount of grit] ●
potential gradient ● Potentialgradient m Asphaltkocher m
potential (groundwater)yield [The maximum rate at POT series > maximum over threshold series
which groundwater may be extracted from an aquifer potstone ● Lavezstein m, Gildstein, Topfstein [Eine
throughout the foreseeable future and ignorising the cost Talkschieferart, dichter und dickschieferiger als der reine
of recovery] ● größtmögliche Grundwasserentnahme f Talkschiefer]
potential hazard area ● Gefahrenhinweisfläche f potter’s clay > argil
potential head, elevation head [The elevation of the potter’s ore, alquifou [A sort of lead ore found in
point at which the hydrostatic pressure is measured, Cornwall] ● Glasurerz n, Hafnererz
above or below an arbitrary horizontal datum] ● potty ore [From the Brendon Hills in Somerset,
Potentialhöhe f England]; brown iron ore ● Brauneisenerz n
1032 poudrin

poudrin > diamond dust (material) [It has reaction velocities as low as 30 m/sec]
poulticing > mudcapping ● deflagrierender Sprengstoff m, Pulversprengstoff
poulticing charge > bulldozing charge [Sich langsam umsetzender Sprengstoff]
poulticing shot > bulldozing shot powder flag ● Sprenstofftransport-Warnflagge f
pounded ore, stamped ore, ore meal ● gepochtes powder fuse, (blasting) fuse, (blasting) fuze, powder
Erz n, Gräupelerz, Pocherz, Satz m, Mehl n, fuze ● (Pulver)Zündschnur f, Zündschnur mit
Pochmehl, Erzmehl Schwarzpulverseele [Langsam abbrennende Pulverseele
pounding vibration ● Stampfschwingung f in einem ein- oder mehrfach umsponnenen Gespinst.
poundstone ● Tongestein n [als Liegendes eines Nach der Art des Überzugs der Umspinnung
Kohlenflözes] unterscheidet man die weiße (Kreide und Leim), die
poured concrete lining, in(-)place concrete lining, in geteerte (Teer oder gleichwertige Stoffe), die blanke
(-)situ concrete lining ● Ortbetonauskleidung f, wasserdichte und die geschützte wasserdichte
Ortbetonbekleidung, Ortbetonverkleidung Pulverzündschnur. Sie dient zum Zünden und Verzögern
pouring out, effusing, effusion [The act or process of der Zündung einer Sprengkapsel oder von
effusing or pouring out] ● Ausfließen n, Ausgießen, Pulversprengstoffen]
Ergießen powder fuse. . . > (blasting) fuse . . .
powder > powder (snow) powder-ground ● pulvergemahlen
powder blasting explosive ● Pulversprengstoff m powder hole > coyote hole
powder camera ● Pulverkamera f powder hose ● Pulverschlauch m
powder carrier > powder monkey powder house ● Sprengmittelgebäude n [Auf einer
powder cartridge ● Pulverpatrone f Baustelle]
powder classifier ● Wirbelstromklassierer m powder house, explosive store [A surface building at
powder compact ● Pulverpresskörper m a mine where explosives and related accessories are kept]
powder core [fuse] ● Pulverseele f, Pulverkern m ● Sprengmittelmagazin n
[Zündschur] powder lance ● Pulverlanze f
powder diffraction > powder (x-ray) diffraction powderman, powder monkey, powder nipper, powder
powder earth, smink ● Pulvererde f, Smink m supply man ● Sprengstoffausgeber m,
powder(ed) ammonium nitrate explosive, ammo- Sprengmittelausgeber
nium nitrate explosive powder ● pulverförmiger powderman helper > powder monkey
(Gesteins)Sprengstoff m auf Nitratgrundlage, Nitrat- powder method, Debye-Scherrer method, x-ray pow-
P (gesteins)sprengstoff der method ● Debye-Scherrer-Methode f, Debye-
powder(ed) chalk, chalk powder ● Kreidepulver n, Scherrer-Verfahren n [Röntgenografisches Verfahren
Pulverkreide f der Mineralidentifizierung, wobei feines Kristallpulver
powder(ed) diamond > diamond dust mit monochromatischem Röntgenlicht bestrahlt wird]
powder(ed) explosive ● Pulversprengstoff m powder monkey, blaster helper, powder carrier,
powder(ed) gold > float gold powderman helper [In the quarry industry, one who
powder(ed) (industrial) explosive, powder(ed) com- carries explosives to the blaster and assists him by placing
mercial explosive, powder(ed) blasting explosive ● prepared explosives in hole, connecting lead wires to
(gewerblicher) Pulversprengstoff m, deflagrierender a blasting machine, and performing other duties as
Sprengstoff [DIN 20163] directed] ● Sprengmeisterhelfer m
powder(ed) rock commercial explosive, powder(ed) powder monkey, powderman, powder nipper, pow-
rock (industrial) explosive, powder(ed) rock blasting der supply man ● Sprengstoffausgeber m,
explosive ● pulverförmiger Gesteinssprengstoff m Sprengmittelausgeber
[Pulverförmige Gesteinssprengstoffe sind durch eine powder ore, disseminated ore ● eingesprengtes Erz n
Flamme zündbare deflagrierende Sprengstoffe, wie powder part ● Staubanteil m [einer Lawine; der
Schwarzpulver, Sprengpulver und Sprengsalpeter] Staubanteil einer Lawine versteht sich als Gesamtheit
powder(ed) talc, talcum powder, French chalk ● jener Schneemassen, die sich als Suspension der
Talkum n Schneekristalle in der Luft hangabwärts bewegen (IAN
powder explosive (material), low explosive (mate- Report 101)]
rial), deflagrating explosive (material), mild explosive powder room (⚒) > chamber
power utility 1033

powder (snow) ● Pulverschnee m power outage (US) > blackout (US)

powder stick > (charge) column power packing (⚒) ● mechanisches Verpacken n
powder train, train of powder [safety fuse] ● [Berge im Streb]
Pulverseele f power plant, power station ● Kraftwerk n
powder (x-ray) diffraction, powder photo(graph) power plant boiler ● Kraftwerkskessel m
[X-ray diffraction by a powdered, crystalline sample, power plant coal ● Kraftwerk(s)kohle f
commonly observed by the Debye-Scherer camera method power plant intake structure, penstock dam, power
or by a recording diffractometer] ● Pulver(röntgen)- station intake structure ● Einlassbauwerk n zum
aufnahme f Kraftwerk, Einlaufbauwerk zum Kraftwerk [als Sperre
powder (x-ray) diffractometer ● Pulver(röntgen)- ausgebildet]
diffraktometer n power plant residue, power station residue ●
powder(y) avalanche ● Pulverlawine f Kraftwerkreststoff m
powder(y) gold > float gold power plant site ● Kraftwerksstandort m
power ● Potenz f power rammer ● Bodenstampfer m, Rüttelstampfer
power, electricity ● Energie f Strom m, Elektrizität f [kommt z. B. zum Einsatz bei Bodenaustausch, bei dem
power cable ● Energiekabel n, Stromkabel die einzelnen Schichten durch Schlagen verdichtet werden]
power coal > power station coal power river ● wasserkraftnutzbarer Strom m
power compactor ● Motorstampfer m power saw operator > gang sawyer
power conversion ● Umformung f power shaft > penstock shaft
power drop, force drop ● Kraftabfall m powershift gearbox (Brit.), powershift transmission
powered orienting tool ● elektrisches Orientie- (US) ● Lastschaltgetriebe n
rungsgerät n [Komplettieren einer Bohrung] power shovel mine [An opencut mine in which power
power failure (Brit.); blackout, power outage (US) shovels are used for loading cars] ●
[Context: a short circuit led to a massive power outage] Löffelbaggertagebau m
● Stromausfall m power slip ● automatischer Abfangkeil m
power fill(ing) (⚒) ● maschineller Versatz m [Tiefbohrtechnik]
power gallery > penstock gallery power spectral density [continuous frequency
power generation > current generation spectrum] ● spektrale Leistungsdichte f
power grid ● Energiefernversorgungsnetz n [kontinuierliches Frequenz-Spektrum]
power house ● Maschinenhaus n, Kraft(werk)haus, power station, power plant ● Kraftwerk n,
Kraft(werk)gebäude n [Gebäude, in dem die Turbinen Krafthaus n
und die Stromerzeuger oder Arbeitsmaschinen power station access tunnel ● Zugangsstollen m
untergebracht sind] zum Krafthaus
power industry ● Elektrizitätswirtschaft f power station chamber, power plant chamber ●
power law ● Potenzgesetz n Kraftwerkkaverne f, Maschinenkaverne
power line firing > firing from power mains power station coal, thermal coal, power (plant) coal ●
power main(s) firing > firing from power mains Kraftwerk(s)kohle f
power main(s) firing unit, power main(s) ignition power storage ● Speicherung f zur Energieerzeugung
unit, power main(s) shot firing unit, power main(s) [Talsperre]
shot ignition unit ● Zündeinheit f für power stream ● wasserkraftnutzbarer Fluss m
Starkstromsprengen power sub ● Kellyverschraubvorrichtung f ●
power of crystallization > form energy [Tiefbohrtechnik]
power of ten ● Zehnerpotenz f power supply company ● Stromversorgungsun-
power-operated supports, self-advancing supports, ternehmen f [Elektrotechnik]
walking props, walking pit (supporting) system [An power supply (network) > mains (US)
assembly of hydraulically operated steel supports, on power swivel ● Kraftdrehkopf m [Einsatz z. B. beim
a longwall face, which are moved forward as an integral Rammkernverfahren]
unit by means of a hydraulic ram coupled to the heavy power utility, electrical supply company ● Energiever-
steel face conveyor] (⚒) ● Schreit(gruben)ausbau m, sorgungsunternehmen n, EVU, Elektrizitätswerk n,
Grubenschreitausbau Elt-Werk
1034 pozzolana

pozzolana ● Pozzolanerde f, Pozzuolanerde f [Der auf preboring, predrilling, pimary boring, primary
der Insel Pozzuoli gefundene Vulkanstaub] drilling [Boring through obstructions or materials too
pozzolanic reaction [Organics, sulfates, and some iron dense to penetrate with the planned pile type. This is
compounds retard the pozzolanic reaction of lime] ● commonly done for displacement piles in shift clays
puzzolanische Reaktion f [Langzeitreaktion einer where heave may occur. See remark under ‘drilling’] ●
Baugrundverbesserung durch eine Bodenverfestigung, Vorbohren n
bei der die Steifigkeit, Festigkeit und Volumen- pre-burial stage ● Stadium n ohne Sediment-
beständigkeit eines Bodens erhöht wird] bedeckung, Diagenese f ohne Sedimentbedeckung
Practical Geodesy ● Praktische Geodäsie f Precambrian Belt supergroup ● präkambische
practical (geo)tectonics ● praktische Tektonik f Missoula-Gruppe f von NW-Montana
(practical) guide (book), directory ● Führer m Precambian Eon ● Präkambrium n, Vorkambrium
practicality ● Zweckmäßigkeit f precast anchorage body, precast anchoring body,
practically oriented, in step with actual practice ● precast anchorage mass, precast anchoring mass ●
praxisnah Fertigteil-Ankerkörper m, Fertigteil-Verankerungs-
practice ● Vorgehensweise f körper
practice area, area of practice [of a firm] ● precast bored pile, premoulded bored pile;
Tätigkeitsfeld n premolded bored pile (US) ● Pressbohrpfahl m mit
to practice geology > to geologize Fertig-Betonkernstück
pradolina > urstromtal precast concrete ● Fertigbeton m
prairie grass ● Präriegras n precast (concrete) bin (type) retaining wall, precast
Prairie soil, Brunizem [A great soil group in the 1938 (concrete) crib [It consists of interlocking precast
classification system, a group of zonal soils having (concrete) members used to stabilize slopes and protect
a surface horizon that is dark or grayish brown, grading road cuts] ● Fertigteil-Kastenstützwand f
through brown soil into lighter-colored parent material. precast (concrete) displacement pile, precast
These soils are two to five feet thick, and develop under (concrete) driven pile, preformed concrete driven
tall grass in a temperate and humid climate (USDA, pile, preformed concrete displacement pile ●
1938). Most are now classified as Udolls and Xerolls.] ● Fertigbetonrammpfahl m, Fertigbetonverdrän-
Prärieboden m, Brunizem m gungspfahl, Betonfertigrammpfahl, Betonfertigver-
pram, barge, lighter ● Barge f, Leichter m, Pram m drängungspfahl
Prandtl fan ● Prandtl-Fächer m precast (concrete) lining ● Fertigteilauskleidung f,
P Prandtl kinematism ● Prandtl-Kinematismus m Fertigteilbekleidung, Fertigteilverkleidung
Prandtl model ● Prandtl-Körper m precast concrete lining segment > precast
prase, edinite [A translucent and dull leekgreen variety (tubbing) segment
of chalcedonic quartz] ● Edinit m precast (concrete) pile, premoulded (concrete) pile;
prasopal, prase opal [Green common opal coloured by premolded (concrete) pile (US) [1. Precast reinforced
chrome. From Australia, Hungary, and Brazil] ● (concrete) pile. 2. Precast prestressed (concrete) pile] ●
Prasopal m (Beton)Fertig(teil)pfahl m, vorgefertigter
Pratt isostasy [A suggested type of hydrostatic support Gründungspfahl m
for the earth’s solid outer crust in which the crustal precast (concrete) pile with internal sleeve cou-
density is supposed to be greater under mountains than plings, Hercules pile ● Herkulespfahl m, Fertigbe-
under oceans] ● Pratt’sche (isostatische) Hypothese f tonpfahl mit Stoßverbindung
preassembled ● vormontiert precast (concrete) pile with mechanical joints,
preaugering [Boring through obstructions or materials (mechanically) jointed pile ● Fertigteilpfahl m mit
too dense to penetrate with the planned pile type. This is Stoßverbindung
commonly done for displacement piles in shift clays where precast concrete structure, prefabricated concrete
heave may occur] ● Schneckenvorbohren n, structure (or building) ● (Beton)Fertigteil-Bauwerk n
Vor-Schneckenbohren precast displacement pile > precast (concrete) dis-
to pre-ballast ● vorballastieren placement pile
prebored pressuremeter, PBP ● Prebored precast driven pile > precast (concrete) driven pile
Pressuremeter n, PBP m [Internat. Bezeichnung] precast hollow pile > hollow precast pile
precipitation integrator 1035

precasting yard ● Fertigteilplatz m precious garnet > al(a)mandine

precast liner > precast (tubbing) section precious ruby ● Karfunkel m
precast lining section > precast (tubbing) section precious stone, noble stone [A gemstone that, owing to
precast prestressed concrete girder, prestressed its beauty, rarity, durability, and hardness, has the highest
concrete girder ● Spannbetonträger m commercial value and traditionally has enjoyed the
precast prestressed (concrete) pile, prestressed highest esteem since antiquity, strictly, any genuine gem
precast (concrete) pile, premoulded prestressed material. Loosely called ‘‘stone’’] ● Edelstein m [Vom
(concrete) pile, prestressed premoulded (concrete) Juwelier „Stein’’genannt]
pile ● Spannbetonfertigteilpfahl m, Fertigteil- precipice coast > cliff coast
spannbetonpfahl precipitable water ● Gesamtwasserdampfmasse f in
precast reinforced (concrete) pile, preformed der Troposphäre über der Flächeneinheit Erdoberfläche
reinforced (concrete) pile, reinforced precast (con- precipitate ● Präzipitat n
crete) pile, reinforced preformed (concrete) pile ● precipitated rock ● Präzipitatgestein n [Ausgeflockt,
Fertigstahlbetonpfahl m, Stahlbetonfertigpfahl ungelöst, z. B. Kalk]
precast reinforced (concrete) pile shaft, precipitated sedimentary rock, rock formed by
premoulded reinforced (concrete) pile shaft; precipitation from solution ● Präzipitationssedi-
premolded reinforced (concrete) pile shaft (US) ● mentgestein n [Ausfüllungen aus dem in Lösung
vorgefertigter Stahlbeton-Pfahlschaft m, Stahlbeton- befindlichen Verwitterungsmaterial]
fertigteil Pfahlschaft [z. B. beim Frankiverbundpfahl] precipitating cloud ● niederschlagspendende Wolke f,
precast reinforced (concrete) shell section, tubular Niederschlagswolke
concrete shell section [West’s shell pile] ● Mantelrohr n precipitation ● Ausfällung f, Präzipitation f
aus vorgefertigtem Stahlbeton precipitation [Water that falls to the surface from the
precast reinforced (concrete) slurry (trench) wall ● atmosphere as rain, snow, hail or sleet. It is measured as
Stahlbeton-Fertigteil-Schlitzwand f, Fertigteil- a liquid-water equivalent regardless of the form in which
Stahlbeton-Schlitzwand it fell] ● Niederschlag m
precast segmental bolted lining, bolted precast seg- precipitation deposit ● Präzipitationslagerstätte f,
mental lining ● verankerte Fertigteil-Tübbingschale f Ausfällungslagerstätte
[Tunnel- und Stollenbau] precipitation depth ● Niederschlagshöhe f
precast segmental (concrete) pile, segmental precast precipitation duration ● Niederschlagsdauer f
(conrete) pile ● (Beton)Fertigteil-Segmentpfahl m, precipitation effectiveness index > PE-index
Segment-(Beton)Fertigteilpfahl precipitation effectiveness ratio > PE-ratio
precast segmental liner > precast (tubbing) section precipitation electricity ● Niederschlagselektrizität f
precast sewer lining, prefab(ricated) sewer lining ● precipitation-evaporation index, PE-index, precipi-
Abwasserleitungsauskleidung f aus Betonfertigteilen, tation effectiveness index ● Niederschlagsverduns-
(Beton)Fertigteil-Abwasserleitungsauskleidung tungsindex m
precast slurry (trench) wall ● Fertigteil-Schlitzwand f precipitation-evaporation ratio, PE-ratio, precipita-
precast (tubbing) section, precast (tubbing) segment, tion effectiveness ratio ● Niederschlagsverdunstungs-
precast liner, precast concrete lining segment, precast Verhältnis n
lining section, precast segmental liner ● precipitation excess [The volume of water from pre-
Fertigteiltübbing m, Fertigteilsegment n cipitation that is available for direct runoff] ●
precast tunnel section > tunnel section Niederschlagsüberschuss m
precast tunnel tube ● Fertigteiltunnelröhre f precipitation frequency ● Niederschlagshäufigkeit f
precast vertical breakwater ● Fertigteil- precipitation gage (US); precipitation gauge [Any
Senkrechtwellenbrecher m device that measures the amount of precipitation, prin-
precautionary measure ● Vorsichtsmaßnahme f cipally, a rain gauge or snow gauge] ●
precementation ● Zementleimeinpressen n [Vor Niederschlagsmesser m
Abteufeginn zum Abdichten wasserführender Klüfte] precipitation height ● Niederschlagshöhe f
precious [A term used by mineralogists to imply the precipitation hydrograph ● Niederschlagsganglinie f
finest variety of gems or minerals; for example, precious precipitation integrator, precipitation totalizer ●
garnet, precious beryl, etc.] ● edel, Edel. . . Niederschlagstotalisator m, Niederschlagsintegrator,
1036 precipitation intensity

Niederschlagsgesamtmengenanzeiger m, Niederschlags- may nevertheless be grossly inaccurate because of tape

sammler corrections which have not been allowed for. Precision is
precipitation intensity, intensity of precipitation ● therefore different from accuracy. See remark under
Niederschlagsstärke f, Niederschlagsheftigkeit f, ‘‘accuracy’’] ● Präzision f, Feingenauigkeit f
Niederschlagsintensität f [Schweiz] precision blasting method ● Präzisionsspreng-
precipitation mass curve [It shows accumulated verfahren n
precipitation as a function of time] ● Niederschlagsmen- precision compass ● Marschkompass m
genkurve f precision contour blasting > smooth (wall) blasting
precipitation measuring station ● precision (differential) levelling, precise
Niederschlags-Messstation f, Ombrometerstation (differential) levelling (Brit.); precision (differential)
precipitation observation service ● leveling, precise (differential) leveling (US) ●
Niederschlags-Beobachtungsdienst m Präzisionsnivellierung f, Präzisionsnivellement n,
precipitation pattern ● Niederschlagsbild n, Präzisionseinwägung, Feinnivellierung,
Niederschlagsmuster n Feinnivellement, Feineinwägung, nivellistische
precipitation per month, monthly precipitation ● Präzisionshöhenmessung
Monat(s)niederschlag m precision imagery ● kontrollpunktmäßig szenenkor-
precipitation per second per area ● rigierte Bilder f
Niederschlagsspende f [Niederschlagsstärke precision level ● Feinnivellier(instrument) n
x Flächeneinheit des Einzugsgebietes] precision levelling instrument [to measure
precipitation rate [The amount of precipitation settlements within the range of 0.1 mm and 1 mm] ●
occurring in a unit of time, generally expressed in inches Präzisionsnivellier n, Präzisionsnivelliergerät [Damit
per hour] ● Niederschlagsmenge f werden Setzungen zwischen 0,1 bis 1 mm gemessen]
precipitation recorder ● Niederschlagsschreiber m, precision load measurement ● Präzisionskraftmes-
Niederschlagsregistriergerät n sung f
precipitation/runoff model ● Niederschlag/Abfluss- precision magnifier ● Präzisionslupe f
Modell n, Niederschlag/Ablauf-Modell, N-A-Modell precision photogrammetry ● Präzisionsfotogram-
precipitation temperature ● Niederschlags- metrie f
temperatur f precision sighting ● Feinzielung f [Tachymeter]
precipitation totalizer, precipitation integrator ● precision tacheometric theodolite ● Präzisionsta-
Niederschlagstotalisator m, Niederschlagsintegrator, chymeter n
P Niederschlagsgesamtmengenanzeiger m, Nieder- to precompact, to presettle (by compaction) ● voraus
schlagssammler verdichten [z. B. Gründungsboden vor Aufbringen des
precipitation trails > fall streaks Fundamentes]
precipitous slope > abrupt slope precompression ● Vorpressung f
precise (differential) levelling (Brit.), precision to preconsolidate ● vorkonsolidieren
(differential) levelling; precision (differential) leveling, preconsolidated soil, overconsolidated soil ●
precise (differential) leveling (US) ● vorbelasteter Boden m
Präzisionsnivellierung f, Präzisionsnivellement n, preconsolidation ● Vorkonsolidierung f
Präzisionseinwägung, Feinnivellierung, preconsolidation pressure [The greatest effective
Feinnivellement, Feineinwägung, nivellistische stress to which a soil or sediment has been subjected; the
Präzisionshöhenmessung pressure exerted on unconsolidated sediment by present
precise lowering [of a caisson] ● zielsicheres or former overlying material, or by desiccation of a silt or
Absenken n [eines Senkkastens] clay, resulting in compaction] ● sedimentär-
precise positioning system ● Funkortungsverfahren n diagenetischer Druck m
precision [A measure for randon variations between two pre-construction drawing ● Eingabeplan
or more of independent test results under prescribed m [Ein Eingabeplan besteht aus Bauzeichnungen und
conditions] ● Genauigkeit f stellt den Plan dar, der für die Baueingabe notwendig
precision [Surveying. The precision of a measurement is ist. Er umfasst nach der Entwurfsplanung alle
the fineness with which it has been read. For instance notwendigen Arbeiten zur Zusammenstellung eines
a precise tape measurement may be taken to 0.001 ft but Bauantrags.]
prefabricated steel pile 1037

preconstruction measurement, preconstruction predrilling hole ● Vorbohrloch n [Bohrloch, das

surveying ● Projektvermessen, Projektaufnehmen n erweitert wird und dabei auch als Führung des
precrystalline ● präkristallin, vorkristallin Bohrwerkzeuges dienen kann]
precrystalline deformation ● präkristalline predriven ● vorgerammt
Deformation f, vorkristalline Kristallisation pre-dug trench method ● Einstellmethode f,
precursor, (earth)quake precursor, foreshock ● (Erd-) Einstellverfahren n [Grabenverbau]
Bebenanzeichen n, Vorläufer(erscheinung) m, (f) preexcavated (concrete) pile with recovered
to precut (⚒) ● vorschrämen casing (tube) ● Ort(beton)rammpfahl m mit
precut, pilot cut ● Voreinschnitt m [Im Tunnel- und wiedergewonnenem Futterrohr
Stollenbau ein Aushub unter freiem Himmel] preexcavated driven-shell concrete pile ● Ort-
precutting (⚒) ● Vorschrämen n (beton)rammpfahl m mit verlorenem Futterrohr,
predatory trace ● Raubtierspur f Futterrohr-Ort(beton)rammpfahl
predetermination [such as of favourable satellite preexcavated uncased concrete pile ● Ort(beton)-
constellations] ● Vorausermittlung [z. B. von günstigen rammpfahl m ohne Futterrohr, Endlochpfahl [Ein
Satellitenkonstellationen] kegelförmiger Fallstößel fällt vom Gerüst einer
predetonation distance, run up distance, induction Kunstramme wiederholt auf den Boden herab und bohrt
distance ● Anlaufstrecke f [Sprengen] sich dabei in ihn ein, verdichtet ihn und schafft einen
prediction capability, prediction possibility ● Hohlraum]
Vorhersagemöglichkeit f [für ein Naturereignis] pre-excavation, pre-digging [1. Advance excavation of
prediction equation ● Vorhersagegleichung f a site. 2. Removal by drilling or augering of soil that may
prediction interval ● Prognosebereich m heave. 3. Removal of soil by driving and cleaning out an
prediction model ● Vorhersagemodell n open-end pipe] ● Voraushub m
prediction [of an event] ● Vorhersage f [eines prefabricated concrete structure (or: building),
Ereignisses] precast concrete structure ● (Beton-)
prediction of displacement ● Verschiebungs- Fertigteil-Bauwerk n
prognose f prefabricated concrete wall ● Betonfertigteilwand f
prediction possibility, prediction capability prefabricated diaphragm wall ● vorgefertigte (od.
Vorhersagemöglichkeit f [für ein Naturereignis] vorfabrizierte) Schlitzwand f
pre-digging, pre-excavation [1. Advance excavation of prefabricated displacement pile ●
a site. 2. Removal by drilling or augering of soil that may Fertigverdrängungspfahl m
heave. 3. Removal of soil by driving and cleaning out an prefab(ricated) drain [A type of drain in foundation
open-end pipe] ● Voraushub m engineering] ● Fertigdrän m, vorgefertigter Drän m
prediluvial > antediluvian prefabricated foundation ● Fertigfundament n
predominant direction, preferred direction ● prefab(ricated) lagging ● Fertigverzug m
Vorzugsrichtung f prefab(ricated) masonry [Panels or beams of specially
predominating mineral ● vorherrschendes Mineral n designed hollow clay blocks formed by the insertion
to predrain ● vorentwässern of metal reinforcing wires through a number of
predrainage, lowering [It involves lowering the water blocks, laid side by side, followed by infilling
before excavation by using pumped wells, wellpoints or with cement. Many designs have been developed
ejectors] ● Absenken n to accelerate building construction] ●
predrained > lowered Tonhohlblockkonstruktion f
predraining depth, lowering depth, reducing depth ● prefab(ricated) reinforced concrete jacked(-in)
Absenk(ungs)tiefe f, Senktiefe [(Grund) Wasserspiegel] pile, prefab(ricated) reinforced conrete jack pile [See
pre-drilled hole ● vorgebohrtes Loch n remark under ‘‘jacked(-in) pile’’] ● Stahlbetonfertigteil-
predrilling, preboring, pimary boring, primary (Ein)Presspfahl m, (Ein)Presspfahl aus
drilling [Boring through obstructions or materials too Stahlbetonfertigteilen
dense to penetrate with the planned pile type. This is prefab(ricated) sewer lining, (pre)cast sewer lining ●
commonly done for displacement piles in shift clays Abwasserleitungsauskleidung f aus (Beton)Fertigteilen,
where heave may occur. See remark under ‘drilling’] ● (Beton)Fertigteil-Abwasserleitungsauskleidung
Vorbohren n prefabricated steel pile ● Fertigpfahl m aus Stahl
1038 prefabricated structure

prefabricated structure ● Fertigteilkonstruktion f preliminary design ● Vorentwurf m

prefab(ricated) timber frame, prefab(ricated) timber preliminary exploration [An investigation of a mineral
shoring, prefab(ricated) wood(en) frame, prefab or coal area or civil engineering site to determine,
(ricated) wood(en) shoring [trench shoring] ● broadly, its structure, dimensions, and principally to
Fertigholzrahmen m decide whether the area is such as to warrant a detail
prefab(ricated) timber frame (trench) shoring, (ed) or final exploration] ● Voraufschluss m,
prefab(ricated) timber frame (trench) (supporting) Voraufschließung f
system ● (Graben)Holzrahmenverbau m to preliminary fuse > to frit
prefab(ricated) timber shoring, prefab(ricated) tim- preliminary fusing, fritting, partly fusing ● Fritten n
ber frame, prefab(ricated) wood(en) frame, prefab preliminary investigation, reconnaissance
(ricated) wood(en) shoring [trench shoring] ● investigation [e.g. of a dam site] ● Vorerkundung f [Es
Fertigholzrahmen m werden verschiedene Standorte untersucht und
prefab(ricated) vertical drain ● Senkrecht-Fertig- genügend Daten gesammelt um den besten Standort zu
drän m, Vertikal-Fertigdrän, Fertig-Senkrechtdrän, finden]
Fertig-Vertikaldrän, vorgefertigter Vertikaldrän m preliminary investigation [of a landslide] ●
preference research ● Schwerpunktforschung f Vorstudie f [einer Hangbewegung]
preferential replacement, selective replacement ● preliminary measure ● Vorwegmaßnahme f
selektive Verdrängung f preliminary pile (UK-term); test pile ● Versuchspfahl
preferred direction, predominant direction ● [im Gegensatz zu ‚Tragwerkspfahl’, ‚Arbeitspfahl’]
Vorzugsrichtung f preliminary pillar robbing ● Vorpfeilerabbau m
preferred frequency ● Vorzugsfrequenz f preliminary profile ● Vorprofil n
preferred orientation [structural petrology] ● preliminary prospecting, preliminary prospection,
Hauptorientierung f preliminary search(ing) ● Vorprospektieren n,
preformed asphaltic concrete, membrane asphaltic Vorprospektion f, Voraufsuchung f, Voraufsuche f
concrete [channel lining] ● Asphaltbetonmembran(e) f preliminary reconnaissance ● Vorerkundung f [Die
preformed concrete displacement pile > precast Ermitt(e)lung der durchschnittlichen Werte der
(concrete) driven pile wichtigsten Lagerstättenparameter und die Entscheidung
preformed concrete driven pile > precast (concrete) über die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung der Lagerstätte]
driven pile preliminary reconnaissance drilling, preliminary
preformed (concrete) pile > (driven) preformed reconnaissance boring ● Vorerkundungsbohrung f
P (concrete) pile preliminary reference earth model ●
preformed reinforced (concrete) pile, precast PREM-Modell n
reinforced (concrete) pile, reinforced precast preliminary test, pretest ● Vorversuch m
(concrete) pile, reinforced preformed (concrete) pile preliminary work ● Vorarbeiten f (pl)
● Fertigstahlbetonpfahl m, Stahlbetonfertigpfahl preloading ● Vorbelastung f
preglacial ● präglazial, voreiszeitlich premature blast(ing) [One of the first causes of acci-
pregranitic ● vorgranitisch dents with black powder or safety fuse. With electric
pregranitic paragneissic phase ● prägranitische firing, premature blast(ing) is much less likely] ●
paragneisische Phase f verfrühtes Sprengen n, verfrühte Sprengung f
pre-graphitization ● Prägraphitisierung f premature explosion ● Frühexplosion f
to preheat, to heat beforehand ● vor(er)wärmen, premature ignition, advance(d) ignition, preignition,
vorerhitzen ignition advance ● Frühzündung f [Sprengtechnik]
preheating ● Vor(er)wärmung f, Vorerhitzung premium system, bonus system (⚒) ●
pre-heave [preparatory measure for undercutting] ● Konditionsgedinge n, Prämiengedinge
Vorhebung f [vorbereitende Maßnahme bei einer premium thread ● Gewindeverbinder m mit (Ab-)
Unterfahrung] Dicht(ungs)fläche [Tiefbohrtechnik]
prehnite > cape chrysolite [misnomer] pre-mixed dry mixture [consisting of clay and special
preignition > advance(d) ignition binders] ● Fertigtrockenmischung f [aus Tonen und
pre-kinematic ● präkinematisch Spezialbindemitteln]
pressed steel (tunnel) liner (plate) 1039

premix(ed) grout, premix(ed) slurry ● der Gemeinden solche zu erstellen. Darin wird die
Fertigschlämme f Bodennutzung in ihrem Gemeindegebiet in
premix(ed) mud ● Fertigspülung f [Tiefbohrtechnik] unterschiedliche Kategorien eingeteilt: z. B.
premolded bored pile (US) > precast bored pile Wohnbauflächen, gemischte Bauflächen, gewerbliche
premolded (concrete) pile (US) > precast (concrete) Bauflächen und Sonderbauflächen (Baunutzungs-
pile verordnung }1)]
premolded reinforced (concrete) pile shaft (US) preparatory measures ● Vorbereitungsmaß-
> precast reinforced (concrete) pile shaft nahmen f (pl)
premonitory slip(ping) ● vorwarnendes Gleiten n preparatory work(s), preparation work(s) (⚒) ●
premoulded bored pile, precast bored pile; Vorrichtungsarbeiten f
premolded bored pile (US) ● Pressbohrpfahl m mit preparatory work(s), preparation work(s) ● Vorberei-
Fertig-Betonkernstück tungsarbeiten f
premoulded (concrete) pile, precast (concrete) pile; to prepare > to charge
premolded (concrete) pile (US) [1. Precast reinforced prepared pile > intruded (aggregate) concrete pile
(concrete) pile. 2. Precast prestressed (concrete) pile] ● prepiling ● Rammsondierung f mit Versuchspfählen
(Beton)Fertig(teil)pfahl m pre-planorbis-bed ● Präplanorbisschicht f
premoulded prestressed (concrete) pile preplot [seismology] ● Schussbohrungsplanung f,
> prestressed precast (concrete) pile Planung der Schussbohrungen
premoulded reinforced (concrete) pile shaft, preprocessing ● Vorbearbeitung f, vorbereitende
precast reinforced (concrete) pile shaft; premolded Bearbeitung
reinforced (concrete) pile shaft (US) ● vorgefertigter pre-programmed search run ● vorgeschalteter
Stahlbeton-Pfahlschaft m, Stahlbetonfertigteil- Suchlauf m [Tachymeter]
Pfahlschaft [z.B. beim Frankiverbundpfahl] pre-punch register system, stud register system ●
prepacked pile [see EN 1536 for definition and Passloch n [Kartografie]
additional terms] ● Prepacked-Pfahl m prereconnaissance ● Vorerkundung f
preparation [The treatment of ore or coal to reject to present a kindly appearance [lode] ● sich höf(f)-
waste] ● Reinigung f lich zeigen [Gang]
preparation ● Präparat n to present an aspect of > to face
preparation [Preparing run-of-mine coal to meet present geology ● Gegenwart(s)geologie f
market specifications by washing and sizing] ● present system [geology] ● Neuzeit f
Aufbereitung f to present the younger aspect > to face
preparation (⚒) ● Vorrichtung f preservative ● Schutzmittel n [z. B. für Holz]
preparation of (map) source material, (map) source preshearing (blasting) [It resembles cushion
material preparation ● (Karten)Stoffaufbereitung f, blasting in drilling and loading, but firing is in
Vorbereitungsprozess m advance of the main blast] ● Vorabscheren n,
preparation plant ● Aufbereitungsanlage f Abschersprengen
preparatory land-use plan, land development plan, preshearing (blasting) line ● Abscherlinie f,
master plan, full-scale plan [In Germany: The Vorabscherlinie
Flächennutzungsplan (FNP) is the preparatory pre-Silurian ● vor-silurisch
development plan, followed by the ! Bebauungsplan presintering ● Vorsintern n, Vorsinterung f
which is binding. The term ! Bauleitplan covers presplitting, presplitting method ● Vorspaltverfahren n,
both, the FNP and the Bebauungsplan. Nearly every Vorkerben n [schonendes Sprengverfahren, DIN 20163]
Gemeinde has a FNP and their policies are binding on pressed amber, reconstructed amber, amb(e)roid [An
the local authorities, public authorities and bodies acting amber substitute produced by consolidating fragments of
as public agencies In Scotland the FNP equals structure amber under pressure, usually with linseed or other oil as
and local plans] ● Flächennutzungsplan m, FNP a binder] ● Pressbernstein m
[vorbereitender Bauleitplan nach BGB (Baugesetzbuch). pressed peat, compressed peat ● Presstorf m
Der FNP stellt die erste vorbereitende Phase der pressed steel (tunnel) liner (plate), pressed steel
Bauleitplanung von Kommunen dar. Es ist die Aufgabe tunnel segment ● Pressstahlblechtübbing m,
1040 pressiometer

Pressstahlblechsegment n, Pressstahltunnel- den Trennflächen erkennbar. Allgemeines Einfallen von

(auskleidungs)blech n 30-80 g. Je weicher die Kohle, um so enger ist ihr Abstand
pressiometer ● Seitendrucksonde f voneinander (10-80cm)]
pressiometry ● Pressiometrie f pressure compensation pipe, standpipe ● Standrohr n,
pressolution > pressure solution Druckausgleichrohr, Steigturm m [Talsperre]
pressolved quartzite ● Druckquarzit m [Durch pressure compensation tunnel ●
Drucklösung verdichteter, meist toniger oder Druckausgleichsstollen m
glimmerführender Sandstein] pressure cone > shatter cone
press(-type) pressure sounding ● Drucksondierung f pressure control [such as of a dilatometer] ●
mit Presse, Drucksondieren n mit Presse, statische Drucksteuerung f [z. B. eines Dilatometers]
Sondierung mit Presse, statisches Sondieren mit Presse pressure depth meter, pressure sounder [A device,
pressure > grout(ing) vent based on Boyle’s law, for measuring depths] ● Drucktie-
pressure > squeeze fenmesser m
pressure altimeter, barometric altimeter [An aneroid pressure detector > hydrophone
barometer calibrated to convert atmospheric pressure into pressure-difference (type) sampler [It provides
altitude] ● barometrischer Höhenmesser m a larger exit than entrance in order to reduce the flow
pressure altitude ● Druckhöhe f [Meteorologie] disturbance at the upstream side and approximate an
pressure-altitude variation ● Druckhöhenschwan- intake velocity to that of the stream] ●
kung f [Meteorologie] Druckunterschied(-Geschiebe)fänger m
pressure at rest > neutral (earth) pressure pressure dome, tumulus [A swelling, or low domelike
pressure bar [Connecting tie between the girder hill, formed in congealed lava flows] ● Lavadom m,
and lower foundations to withstand compressive and Schollendom, Quellkuppe f
tensile forces, such as for a snow bridge or a snow pressure drilling [A process of rotary drilling in which
rake] ● Riegel m [druck- und zugfeste Verbindung von the drilling fluid is kept under pressure in an enclosed
Träger- und Stützenfundament z. B. für eine system] ● Druckbohren n
Schneebrücke od. einen Schneerechen] pressure drilling fluid circulation, pressure flushing
pressure breccia > tectonic breccia ● direkte Spülung f, Rechtsspülung, Druckspülung,
pressure buildup ● Druckaufbau m reguläre Spülung
pressure bulb, bulb of pressure ● Druckzwiebel f, pressure equalisation (US: equalization) ●
Spannungsdiagramm n nach Boussinesq, Druckausgleich m
P Boussinesqsches Spannungsdiagramm pressure exerted by overlying strata (or stratum) ●
pressure bump [The more or less sudden failure of Überlagerungsdruck m
a coal pillar due to roof pressure, the coal may be forced pressure field ● Druckfeld n
with some violence into the roadways and other open pressure filter, rapid sand filter ● Schnellsandfilter m,
spaces] ● Druckschlag m n, Druckfilter
pressure burst > (rock) burst pressure flow ● Abfluss m unter Druck
pressure capsule, aneroid capsule, expansion cham- pressure flushing, pressure drilling fluid circulation ●
ber, bellows [A thin corrugated hollow disk of an aneroid direkte Spülung f, Rechtsspülung, Druckspülung,
(barometer)] ● Barometerdose f, Dose reguläre Spülung
pressure cell ● Druckzelle f, Druck(mess)dose f pressure fluxion ● Flussgefüge n [Gesteinskunde]
pressure cell diaphragm ● pressure gallery, penstock gallery, pressurized gallery,
(Druck)Dosenmembran(e) f (water) power gallery, hydro(electric) gallery,
pressure cell measurement ● Dosendruckmessung f conversion gallery, gallery penstock, hydraulic power
pressure cement grouting > cement grouting gallery, hydro(power) gallery, aqueous (pressure)
pressure chamber ● Druckkammer f gallery, aqueous pressure penstock [‘Gallery’ is also
[Schildvortriebstechnik] called ‘tunnel’ in the USA and South Africa. ‘‘Drift’’
pressure cleat (plane) ● b-Schlechte f, may be used synonymously for ‘‘gallery’’] ●
Druckschlechte [Es sind deutliche Rutschspuren an Triebwasserstollen m, Druck(wasser)stollen,
pressure propagation 1041

Betriebswasserstollen, (Wasser)Kraftstollen, Kraftwas- for a soil. It began with the work of Louis Menard in
serstollen, Stollen mit innerem Überdruck, France in the 1950s. He inserted a cylindrical ‘‘balloon’’
Scheiteldruckstollen, Zuleitungsstollen into a drilled hole and for ordinary soils inflated it to
pressure gauge ● Druckaufnehmer m a maximum pressure between 2.5 and 10 MPa (360-1450
pressure gauge; pressure gage (US) ● Druckluftpegel m, psi). For very hard soils or weak rocks the pressure can
Pressluftpegel, pneumatischer Pegel reach 20 MPa (2900 psi)] ● Ballonsonde f
pressure geophone ● Druckgeofon n, pressuremeter test ● Pressuremeter Test m
Druckgeophon n pressure of accumulating joint water, joint water
pressure gradient > hydraulic gradient pressure ● Kluftwasserdruck m, Kluftwasserschub m
pressure grout > grout pressure of crystallization, crystallization pressure ●
pressure grouted, grouted ● ausgepresst, verpresst, Kristallisationsdruck m, Kristallisationskraft f,
Auspress Verpress. . . Innendruck nach Bornhardt, Wachstumsdruck nach
pressure-grouted anchor, ground anchor, rock Andrée
anchor, prestressed anchor [in rock masses] ● pressure of overlying strata, overlying strata pressure
Verpressanker m [Verpressanker werden vorgespannt (⚒) ● Überlagerungsdruck m
und dienen z. B. zur Sicherung von Baugrubenwänden] pressure on underlying soil layer(s) ● Sohl(en)-
pressure grouted displacement pile ● verpresster normalspannung f, Bodenpressung
Verdrängungspfahl m [mit aufgeweitetem Pfahlfuß; EN pressure-operated tide gage (US);
12699] pressure-operated tide gauge ● Drucktide(n)pegel m,
pressure grouted driven pile ● Druckgezeitenpegel, Tide(n)druckpegel, Gezeiten-
Rammverpresspfahl m druckpegel
pressure-grouted micro pile ● verpresster pressure parting (⚒) ● Drucklage f [In der Kohle]
Mikropfahl m pressure peak ● Druckspitze f
pressure grouting > grouting pressure per diamond, diamond pressure, stone
pressure grouting. . . > grout(ing). . . pressure, pressure per stone [The proportional amount
pressure grouting of the pile base, grouting of the of total feed pressure applied to a diamond bit theoreti-
base ● Pfahlfußverpressung f, Fußverpressung cally borne by an individual diamond inset in the face of
[Bohrpfahl] the bit] ● Diamantmeißeldruck m
pressure grouting of the pile shaft, grouting of the pressure pile, compression pile ● Druckpfahl m [Auf
shaft ● Mantelverpressung f, Pfahlmantelverpressung Druck beanspruchter Pfahl]
[Bohrpfahl] pressure pillow [A snow-measuring device consisting of
(pressure) head p/y ● Druckhöhe f a circular flat bladder about 75 mm (3 in.) deep. The
pressure impregnated timber ● pillow is filled with an antifreeze solution and when the
Druck-imprägniertes Holz n [LIGNUM Gütezeichen] snow builds up on it the resulting pressure is recorded by
pressure injected footing > (Franki) displacement an open-end manometer] ● Druckkissen n,
caisson Schneedruckkissen
pressure jerk ● Druckstoß m [beim Verpressen] pressure pipelining ● Druckrohrauskleidung f
pressure leaching ● Drucklaugung f pressure porosimeter ● Druckporenmesser m [In das
pressure level ● Druckstufe f [Rohrleitungen poröse Medium wird ein Mittel, z.B. Stickstoff,
verschiedener Druckstufen] hineingepresst und Porenverteilung, Porengröße und
pressure maintenance [The introduction of a fluid Porenvolumen werden automatisch aufgezeichnet]
into an oil or gas reservoir to maintain the pressure and pressure potential ● Druckpotential n [Bodenwasser]
thereby improve ultimate recovery] ● Druckerhal- pressure process [Treatment of mine timber to
t(ung) m, (f) prevent decay by forming a preservative into the
pressure melting ● Druckschmelzung f cells of the wood. Preservatives used are creosote,
pressure melting point ● Druckschmelzpunkt m zinc chloride, sodium fluoride and the like] ●
pressuremeter, push-in pressuremeter, dilatometer Drucktränkung f
[A soil testing device that produces a stress-strain curve pressure propagation ● Druckfortpflanzung f
1042 pressure recorder

pressure recorder ● Druckregistrierapparat m, pressure transducer ● Druckgeber m

Druckschreiber m pressure tube, piezometric tube, piezometer tube [A
pressure redistribution ● Druckumlagerung f tube with openings on its side to measure static head or
pressure relief, decompression ● Druckentlastung f pressure without any velocity head component] ●
(pressure) relief valve, safety valve, decompressison Druckröhre f, Piezometerröhre
valve, pop off, pop off valve, pressure-release valve ● pressure tunnel, gallery ● Druckstollen m
Sicherheitsventil n, (Druck)Entlastungsventil [Tunnelbau]
(pressure) relief well, uplift pressure relief well ● pressure vessel ● Druckbehälter m [Atomtechnik]
Hebungsentlastungsbrunnen m pressure vessel, bomb [A vessel in which experiments
(pressure) resin grouting, resin (grout) injecting, can be conducted at high temperature and pressure. It is
resin injection (grouting) ● Harzeinpressen n, used in geochemistry and in experimental petrology] ●
Harzverpressen, Harzauspressen, Harzinjizieren, Druckgefäß n
Harzinjektion f pressure-void ratio curve, compression curve
pressure-retarded osmosis ● druckbehinderte [A curve obtained from a consolidation test showing the
Osmose f relationship between pressure and void ratio of a soil
pressure ridge, ridge ● Pressrücken m [Meereis] sample] ● Druck-Porenziffer-Linie f, Porenziffer-
pressure sensor ● Druckfühler m Druck-Linie
pressures from all sides, allseitiger Druck m pressure wall ● Druckwand f [Tunnelbau]
pressure shaft ● Druckschacht m pressure water jet ● Druckwasserstrahl m
pressure shaft, penstock shaft, pressurized shaft, pressure wave > P-wave
(water) power shaft, conversion shaft, hydro(electric) pressure wave velocity, velocity of pressure wave ●
shaft, shaft penstock, hydraulic power shaft, Druckwellengeschwindigkeit f [Zeichen: a,c Einheit:
hydropower shaft ● Wasserkraftschacht m, m/s. Ausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit einer Druckänderung
Kraftwasserschacht, Druck(wasser)schacht, Triebwas- im Wasser]
serschacht, Betriebswasserschacht, Zuleitungsschacht, pressure well ● Druckbrunnen m
Druckleitungsschacht, Fallschacht pressurized gallery > penstock gallery
pressure silo ● Drucksilo m [z.B. für die Aufbereitung pressurized (mine) stopping [It is erected in the
des Spritzbetons] intake and return roadways of a district to isolate an
pressure solution, grain margin dissolution, open fire or spontaneous heating and in which the pres-
pressolution ● Drucklösung f sures on both sides of the stopping are made equal by the
P pressure sounder, pressure depth meter [A device, use of auxiliary fans. By making the air pressures equal,
based on Boyle’s law, for measuring depths] ● Drucktie- fresh air does not reach the fire through one stopping and
fenmesser m foul gases are not expelled by the other. A small regulator
pressure sounding, static sounding, static (penetra- is used in the auxiliary fan ducting to maintain equal
tion) testing, static penetration sounding ● pressures at all times] ● Druck(gruben)damm m
Drucksondieren n, Drucksondierung f [Die Drucksonde pressurized shaft > penstock shaft
wird durch eine statische Kraft mit gleichbleibender Prestcore pile ● Prestcorepfahl m
Geschwindigkeit in den Boden gedrückt, wobei der Prestcore pile(d) foundation in water ●
Gesamtwiderstand und der Spitzenwiderstand getrennt Prestcorepfahlgründung f im Wasser
gemessen werden können] prestige project ● Renomierprojekt n
pressure source ● Druckquelle f [Dilatometer] prestress, prestressing ● Vorspannung f [z. B. des
pressure-spreading line ● Druckausbreitungslinie f Baugrunds]
pressure stabilization > (flow) pressure stabilization to prestress ● vorspannen [Beton]
pressure static recovery, PSR ● Druckerho- prestressed anchor > pressure-grouted anchor
lungsphase f [Doppelpackerversuch] prestressed anchor ● Spannanker m, vorgespannter
pressure surface [less-preferred synonym] > piezo- Anker, Anker-Spannstab m
metric surface prestressed concrete ● Spannbeton m
pressure surge ● Druckschwall m prestressed concrete beam bridge ● Spannbeton-
pressure topography > height pattern balkenbrücke f
preventive snagging 1043

prestressed concrete bridge ● Spannbetonbrücke f prestressed steel (shell) tube (tunnel) ●

prestressed (concrete) bulkhead > prestressed (con- Spannbetonschale(n)röhre(ntunnel) f (m)
crete) sheetpile wall [Unterwassertunnel]
prestressed (concrete) caisson ● prestressed tension anchor ● vorgespannter
Spannbetonsenkkasten m, Spannbetoncaisson m Zuganker
prestressed concrete container ● prestressed tunnel [Tunnel with anchorage by
Spannbetonbehälter m prestressing the ground with steel anchors] ●
prestressed (concrete) dam ● Spannbetonstaumauer f, vorgespannter Tunnel m, Spanntunnel
vorgespannte Staumauer prestressing, prestress ● Vorspannung f [z. B. des
prestressed concrete displacement pile Baugrunds]
> prestressed concrete driven pile pre-stressing effects [between columns arranged
prestressed (concrete) footing ● Spannbetoneinzel- in groups] ● Verspannungseffekte f (pl)[zwischen
fundament n, Spannbetoneinzelgründung f Pfahlgruppen]
prestressed (concrete) foundation ● prestressing force ● Vorspannkraft f
Spannbetonfundament n, Spannbetongründung f prestressing jack > jacking unit
prestressed concrete girder, precast prestressed prestressing steel strand ● Spannstahl m
concrete girder ● Spannbetonträger m prestressing tendon ● Vorspannglied n
prestressed (concrete) hollow pile ● presumable occurrence ● Höffigkeit f [Bodenschätze]
Spannbetonhohlpfahl m, Hohlspannbetonpfahl pretensioned prestressed (concrete) pile,
prestressed (concrete) pile ● Spannbetonpfahl m prestressed pretensioned (concrete) pile ●
prestressed (concrete) (pile) grillage, prestressed Spannbetonpfahl m mit sofortigem Verbund
(concrete) (pile) grating, prestressed (concrete) (pile) pretensioned strand anchor ●
grate ● Spannbetonpfahlrost m Vorspannlitzenanker m
prestressed (concrete) piling wall > prestressed pretertiary ● vortertiär
(concrete) sheetpile wall pretest, preliminary test ● Vorversuch m
prestressed (concrete) sheetpile ● prevailing wind ● häufigster Wind m,
Spannbetonspundbohle f vorherrschender Wind
prestressed (concrete) sheetpile wall, prestressed preventable accident, carelessness accident ●
(concrete) (sheet)piling, prestressed (concrete) sheet Nachlässigkeitsunfall m
(pil)ing wall, prestressed (concrete) piling wall, preventer ● Absperrvorrichtung f, Preventer m [(Erd-)
prestressed (concrete) bulkhead ● Ölbohrloch]
Spannbetonspundwand f Prevention Foundation Engineering [Accident
prestressed concrete structure ● Spannbetonkon- prevention regulation in Germany] ● Prävention
struktion f Tiefbau f [Unfallverhütungsvorschrift]
prestressed (ground) anchor ● vorgespannter An- prevention of contractancy ● Kontraktanzbe-
ker m, Spannanker [Für Boden und Fels] hinderung f
prestressed precast (concrete) pile, precast prevention of dilatancy ● Dilatanzbehinderung f
prestressed (concrete) pile, premoulded prestressed prevention strategy ● Vorbeugestrategie f [zur
(concrete) pile, prestressed premoulded (concrete) Katastrophenverhütung]
pile ● Spannbetonfertigteilpfahl m, preventive measures [near-surface mine working] ●
Fertigteilspannbetonpfahl Sicherungsmaßnahmen f (pl) [tagesnaher Abbau]
prestressed pretensioned (concrete) pile, to prevent groundwater inflow, (groundwater)
pretensioned prestressed (concrete) pile ● cutoff [This method prevents groundwater flow to the
Spannbetonpfahl m mit sofortigem Verbund excavation. Steel sheeting, slurry (concrete) walls, ground
prestressed rock anchor ● vorgespannter freezing, secant piles and tremie seals are used to cut off
Felsanker m, Spannfelsanker, Felsspannanker, groundwater flow] ● Absperrung f, Absperren n,
vorgespannter Verpressanker m Grundwasser(ab)sperren, Grundwasser(ab)sperrung
prestressed soil anchor ● vorgespannter preventive snagging, stumping off [The removal of
Bodenanker m, Spannbodenanker, Bodenspannanker trees growing on the bank of a watercourse and which are
1044 previsional diagram

liable to fall into the channel and tear down part of the primary crack system ● primäres Risssystem n,
bank with their roots. They are cut down and made to fall Pilot-Risssystem [Sprengtechnik]
landwards] ● Uferbäumefällen n primary creep(ing), transient creep(ing), transient
previsional diagram ● Höffigkeitsdiagramm n slow flow(age), primary slow flow(age) ● primäres
previsional map ● Höffigkeitskarte f Kriechen n, Übergang(s)kriechen [Die
previsional metallogeny ● Erzhöffigkeit f Kriechverformung klingt bei konstanter Belastung durch
previsual symptom ● präsichtbares Symptom n Verfestigung ab]
[Verlust an Infrarotreflexion] primary current [ocean] ● gezwungene Strömung f
pre-volcanic ● vorvulkanisch primary current lineation > parting lineation
Priabonian [European stage: Upper Eocene. It is primary deposit [It is formed directly from cooling
believed to consist of Auversian and Bartonian (above magmas] ● primäre Ablagerung f
Lutetian, below Rupelian)] ● Jacksonstufe f, Priabon n primary depth difference ● primärer Tiefenun-
prian ● weicher Weißton m, weißer Weichton terschied m, primärer Teufenunterschied
Price (current) meter ● Schalenmessflügel m nach primary dip(ping), original dip(ping), deposition(al)
Price, Priceflügel [Messen von Ozeanströmungen] dip(ping), accumulation dip(ping) [The slight dip
price-fixing (illegal) ● Preisabsprache f [nicht (ping) or attitude assumed by a bedded deposit at the
zulässige] time of its formation] ● synsedimentäres Schicht(en)-
priceite, pandermite [A snow-white earthy mineral, (ein)fallen n, synsedimentäre Schicht(en)neigung f
Ca4B10O19.H2O] ● Pandermit m, Priceit m primary dispersion halo ● primärer
pricker (⚒) ● Dochtstellschraube f [Grubenlampe] Dispersionshof m
pricker (wire), needle (wire) [A piece of copper or brass primary drain ● Hauptsammler m, Hauptdrän m
about 1/2 inch (13 mm) in diameter and 3 or 4 feet (90 or primary drilling > preboring
120 cm) long, pointed at one end, thrust into a charge of primary dune ● Erstdüne, Kleindüne f, Primärdüne,
blasting powder in a (bore)hole and then withdrawn, Vordüne [Natürliche, vielfach um Strandquecken
leaving a hole for the priming fuse, or squib] ● (Agropyrum) eingeleitete erste Dünenbildung]
Schießnadel f, Räumnadel primary energy consumption ●
pride ● reich [Erzvorkommen] Primärenergieverbrauch m
prill, stuff ore [A nugget of virgin metal] ● Erzstuf(f)e f, primary excavation [Digging in undisturbed soil, as
Erzstück n distinguished from rehandling soil stockpiles] ● Aushub m
prilling ● Sprühkristallisation f in gewachsenem Boden, primäre Ausschachtung f
P prill(i)on ● Schlackenzinn n primary explosive, initiating explosive [Explosive or
prills, bests [Cornwall. The best ore after cobbing] ● explosive mix(ture) sensitive to shock and friction; used
Scheidegänge f in primers and detonators to initiate explosion] ●
Primacord [trade name] > detonating cord Initialsprengstoff m
primary ● primär primary fabric, apposition fabric ● Primärgefüge n,
primary, hypogene [Said of a geologic(al) process, and Erstgefüge
of its resultant features, occurring within and under the primary field, source field ● Primärfeld n, Erstfeld
crust of the Earth] ● hypogen [elektromagnetisches Aufschlussverfahren]
primary arc, internide ● Stammfalte f, Internid m primary field induction ● Primärfeldinduktion f,
primary blasting, blasting in situ [As opposed to Erstfeldinduktion
secondary blasting] ● Primärsprengen n, Erstsprengen primary flow structure [It develops in igneous rocks
primary blind valley [A river from impermeable rock during the time of origin of the inclosing rock] ● primäre
enters strongly porous jointed limestone, its water disap- Fließtextur f, primäre Fluidaltextur
pears in the limestone fissures and in time big sinkholes primary foliate ● kristallines Gestein n mit
are formed there] ● Primärblindtal n, Erstblindtal primärer Blätterstruktur, kristallines Gestein mit
primary boring > preboring primärer Schieferstruktur, Massengestein mit primärer
primary charge ● Aufladung f, Primärladung, Blätterstruktur, Massengestein mit primärer
Erstladung, Knallsatz m [Sprengkapsel] Schieferstruktur
primary clay, residual clay ● Rückstand(s)ton m primary formation, primary ground, primary strata ●
primary content ● Primärbestand m [Gestein] Urgebirge n [Untertagebau]
principle of continuity 1045

primary gamma ray, natural gamma ray ● ‘‘stratification’’] ● Einregelungsschichtung f;

Primärgammastrahl m, Erstgammastrahl Primärschieferung [Fehlbenennung]
primary geosyncline, orthogeosyncline, geosynclinal primary stress conditions ● Primärspannungsver-
couple ● Orthogeosynklinale f, echte Geosynklinale, hältnisse n (pl)
Orthogeosynklinalpaar n primary stress state ● Primärspannungszustand m
primary gneiss [Some gneisses are banded when first primary tectogenesis [Vertical uplift over a geotumor
solidified. Such texture is called flow banding and the (Haarmann 1930)] ● Primärtektogenese f,
rock is a primary gneiss. Certain crystals formed Ersttektogenese
before the magma came to rest, and the layering is primary traverse ● Primärpolygon n, Erstpolygon
due to movement of the partly liquid mass] ● primary triangulation > first-order triangulation
Primärgneis m primary wave > P-wave
primary gold ● Berggold n, Primärgold [Gold aus prime gap (⚒) ● erste Grube f
primären Lagerstätten gewonnen] prime meridian, zero meridian ● Nullmeridian m
primary ground, primary formation, primary strata ● primer [In soil stabilization a bituminous spray with
Urgebirge n [Untertagebau] which soil is covered after compaction so as to waterproof
primary landslide ● Primärrutschung f it] ● Bitumenfilm m
primary lining [shield tunnel(l)ing] ● primer (cartridge) [The explosive cartridge into which
Primärauskleidung f, Primärbekleidung, an electric(al) detonator or a caps has been inserted] ●
Primärverkleidung, Erstauskleidung, Erstbekleidung, Schlagpatrone f
Erstverkleidung primeval hamlet > aboriginal hamlet
primary magma, parent(al) magma ● Stamm-Magma n, Primex [trade name] > detonating cord
Muttermagma, Magmaherd m, Mutterschmelze f, priming ● Auffüllen n [Pumpe]
Stammschmelze, primäre Schmelze priming [Act of placing detonator in explosive charge] ●
primary maturity ● Primärreife f Einbringen n
primary ore ● aszendentes Erz n, Primärerz, Ersterz priming, first filling [Of a reservoir, canal or other
primary ore crushing, ore precrushing ● structure with water] ● Erstfüllung f, Primärfüllung
Erzvorbrechen n priming acceleration > tidal acceleration
primary origin ● primäre Entstehung f priming of the tide > tidal acceleration
primary peneplain ● Primärrumpf m priming powder > fulminating powder
primary pile ● Primärpfahl m [Bei der Herstellung von priming rain ● unwirksamer Regen m
Pfahlwänden der zunächst gebohrte und etwas priming tube > auget(te)
angeschnittene erste, dritte, fünfte usw. Pfahl. Siehe primitive desert(ic) soil ● einfacher Wüstenboden m
Anmerkung unter „Sekundärpfahl’’] primitive earth ● ursprüngliche Erde f
primary reconnaissance ● Ersterkundung f, primitive limestone, granular limestone ● körniger
Primärerkundung Kalkstein m, Urkalkstein
primary reserves ● primär förderbare Vorräte f [Sie primitive rock ● Primordialgestein n, Primordialfels m
werden nach primären Fördermethoden gewonnen] primitive water [Water imprisoned in the interior, in
primary rock ● Urgestein n, Primärgestein, protogenes either molecular or dissociated form, since the formation
Gestein of the Earth] ● Urwasser n
primary (sedimentary) structure ● primäre principal. . . > main . . .
Sedimentstruktur f, Primärstruktur [Sie ist während principal axis of inertia ● Hauptträgheitsachse f
oder kurz nach der Ablagerung entstanden, jedenfalls principal curvature radius ● Hauptkrüm-
vor der Verfestigung des Gesteins in dem die sich befindet] mungsradius m
primary slow flow(age) > transient creep(ing) principal grain axis ● Kornhauptachse f
primary soil particle ● primäres Bodenteilchen n, principal stress (condition) ● Hauptspan-
erstes Bodenteilchen nungszustand m [des Bodens]
primary strata > primary formation principal stress cross ● Hauptspannungskreuz n
primary stratification; direct stratification [This term principle of continuity, continuity principle ●
is not recommended] [Stratification developed when Beständigkeitsprinzip, Kontinuitätsprinzip n,
the sediments are first deposited. See remark under Stetigkeitsprinzip [Hydromechanik. Konstanz des
1046 principle of linearity

Produktes aus Querschnittsfläche und mittlerer private pre-financing ● private Vorfinanzierung f [für
Fließgeschwindigkeit einer unzusammendrückbaren Bauprojekte]
Flüssigkeit innerhalb einer Stromröhre; private property ● privates Grundstück n
Massenerhaltungssatz] PRN code > pseudorandom noise code
principle of linearity, linearity principle, principle of probability calculus > calculus of probability
proportionality, principle of superposition, propor- probability density ● Wahrscheinlichkeitsdichte f
tionality principle, superposition principle [unit probability model ● Wahrscheinlichkeitsmodell n
hydrograph] ● lineares Prinzip n, Prinzip der Superpo- probability net ● Wahrscheinlichkeitsnetz n
sition und Proportionalität, Superpositons- und probability of cracking ● Risswahrscheinlichkeit f
Proportionalitätsprinzip probability of failure, default probability, failure
principle of reciprocity, reciprocity theorem ● probability ● Ausfallwahrscheinlichkeit f
Gegenseitigkeitsprinzip n probability of propagation, propagation probability
principle of uniform(itarian)ism > actualism ● Ausbreitungswahrscheinlichkeit f
principles and application rules [A section of the EN probability of rock failure ● Bruchwahrscheinlich-
Eurocode] ● Prinzipien und Anwendungsregeln keit f einer Instabilität
principles and requirements [A section of the EN probable [International classification] ●
Eurocode] ● Prinzipien und Anforderungen wahrscheinlich [Vorräte, welche nach Beschaffenheit
principles of geology ● Grundlagen f der Geologie und Ausdehnung durch Aufschlüsse nur lückenhaft
print laydown ● Fotografie f ausgelegter (Luft)Bilder, bekannt sind, deren Umgrenzung aber nach der
(Luft)Bildauslage f geologischen Kenntnis wahrscheinlich ist. Ein
print-out electronics > read-out electronics angemessener, an sichere Vorräte grenzender Streifen,
priority project ● Schwerpunktprojekt n kann bei entsprechender geologischer Regelmäßigkeit
prism ● Prisma n einbezogen werden]
(prismatic) blue malachite > azurite probable maximum flood, maximum possible flood,
prismatic borax ● prismatischer Borax m, PMF, peak possible flood, probable peak flood ●
Na2B4O7+10H2O wahrscheinlich höchstes Hochwasser n, wahrscheinlich
prismatic cleavage [See remark under ‘‘cleavage’’] ● größtes Hochwasser
prismatische Spaltung f [Mineral] probable maximum precipitation, maximum
prismatic jointing > columnar jointing possible precipitation, PMP, peak possible precipita-
prismatic offset square, cross-staff head ● tion, probable peak precipitation ● wahrscheinlich
P Winkelkopf m [Fotogrammetrie] höchster Niederschlag m, wahrscheinlich größter
prismatic pocket compass ● Prismataschenkompass m Niederschlag
prismatic reading ● prismatische Ablesung f to probe ● sondieren
prismatic (soil) structure ● Prismen(boden)textur f probe ● Messkopf m
prism(atic) square ● Winkelprisma n probe > sonde
[Vermessungsgerät] probe cable ● Sondenkabel n
prismatic structure > columnar jointing probing, piercing [Investigating near-surface deposits of
prismatic (surveying) compass, Schmalkaldens com- coal or ore by thrusting a pointed steel rod, up to 20 ft
pass ● Patentbussole f long, down through sand or soft clay to contact the
prismatic telescope ● Prismafernrohr n deposit The point of the rod is examined for traces of
prismatic transit (US); prismatic theodolite ● coal or ore involved] ● Sondieren n, Sondierung f,
Prismatheodolit m Stabsondieren, Stabsondierung
prism crack ● tiefer Trockenriss m problematic subsoil ● problematischer Baugrund m
prism of sliding, sliding prism ● Gleitprisma n problem of applied geology, applied geology prob-
prism reflector ● Prismenreflektor m lem ● angewandt-geologische Aufgabe f
prism stereoscope ● Prismenstereoskop n problem related to soil dynamics ●
privacy wall ● Sichtschutzwand f, Sichtschutzwall m baugrunddynamisches Problem n
private house connection (line), private building problem soil, difficult soil, susceptible soil ●
connection (line), private house lateral (line), private schwieriger Boden m, empfindlicher Boden
building lateral (line) ● Grundstückleitung f procedure ● Durchführung f
production dirtmoving (US) 1047

to proceed from a fixed point ● anhalten [Bei einer Proctor density ● Proctordichte f, maximales
Vermessung von einem festen Punkt ausgehen] Trockenraumgewicht n, höchstes
process ● Vorgang m, Prozess m, Ablauf m Trockenraumgewicht, größtes Trockenraumgewicht
process area ● Prozessraum m [Der Prozessraum Proctor (plasticity) needle, penetration needle [In soil
schließt den gesamten Bereich ein, der mit dem Ereignis mechanics, a type of penetrometer having varying diam-
in einem ursächlichen Zusammenhang steht. Bei einem eter tips which can be put on the plunger. It is used for
Lawinenereignis ist der Prozessraum somit mit dem measuring the relative density of soil by the resistance to
Einzugsgebiet gleichzustellen] penetration of the tip] ● Proctornadel f
process chart, process diagram ● Ablaufdiagramm n Proctor test > Proctor compaction test
[z. B. für die Planung einer Sprengung] to produce ● fördern, produzieren [Erdöl; Erdgas]
process geomorphology ● Vorgang(s)- to produce, to extract, to cut (out), to get, to work
geomorphologie f, Prozessgeomorphologie, (out), to mine (out), to win (⚒) ● abbauen, nutzen,
Ablaufgeomorphologie ausbringen
process guidance system ● Prozessleitsystem n producer (well(bore)), pay(ing) well(bore), produc-
process index map ● Prozesshinweiskarte f ing well(bore), productive well(bore), production well
processing ● Bearbeitung f (bore) ● Fördersonde f, produzierende Sonde,
process of iteration ● Iterationsprozess m Produktionssonde [Erdgas; Erdöl]
process of origin [deposit] ● Ursprungsvorgang m producing garnets, garnetiferous ● granatbildend,
[Lagerstätte] granatformend
processor working in real time ● in Echtzeit producing interval (⚒) ● produzierender
arbeitender Rechner m Teufenabschnitt m, fördernder Teufenabschnitt
process pipeline ● Prozessrohrleitung f producing mine > active mine
process sequence ● Vorgang(s)folge f, Prozessfolge, producing pit > active mine
Ablauffolge producing well(bore) > producer (well(bore))
process technological problems ● verfahrens- producing zone, pay(ing) zone, productive zone [The
technische Probleme n (pl) reservoir rock in which oil and/or gas are found in
process technology ● Verfahrenstechnik f exploitable quantities Misnomer: horizon] ●
process tool ● Vorgang(s)hilfsmittel, Produktionszone f, produktive Zone, Produktions-
Ablaufhilfsmittel, Prozesshilfsmittel n horizont m, Förderzone, Förderhorizont,
process understanding [of natural events] ● Ausbeutungszone, Ausbeutungshorizont
Prozessverständnis n [für Naturereignisse] production > extraction
prochlorite, ripidolite, aphrosiderite ● Ripidolit m, production [oil; gas] ● Förderung f, Produktion f
Prochlorit, Aphrosiderit production blasting ● Abbausprengen n,
Proctor compaction ● Proctorverdichtung f Gewinnungssprengen
proctor compaction test, Proctor test ● production casing string, production string (of cas-
Verdichtungsversuch nach Proctor m, ing), pay(ing) string (of casing) ● Produktions(rohr)-
Verdichtungsarbeit nach Proctor f, Proctor-Test, Proc- fahrt f, Förder(rohr)fahrt, Produktions(rohr)tour f,
tor(verdichtungs)versuch m, Proctor(verdichtungs)- Förder(rohr)tour [Letzte Rohrfahrt außer den
prüfung f, Proctor(verdichtungs)probe f [25 Schläge Filterrohren]
durch ein Fallgewicht von 24,9N aus einer Höhe von production concrete platform, concrete production
30,5 cm. Beim sogenannten modifizierten PROCTOR- platform, production concrete module, concrete pro-
Test wird eine 4,5fache Verdichtungsarbeit aufgebracht] duction module ● Beton-Förderplattform f, Beton-
Proctor (compaction) tester ● Proctor-Gerät n [Zur Produktionsplattform, Förder-Betonplattform,
Messung der Verdichtbarkeit von Böden] Produktions-Betonplattform
Proctor curve, compaction curve, moisture-density production decline, pumping decline [oil] ●
curve [The curve representing the relationship between Förderabfall m, Produktionsabfall
the density (dry unit weight) and the moisture content of production decline curve, pumping decline curve ●
a soil sample for a given compactive effort] ● Förderabfallkurve f, Produktionsabfallkurve [Erdöl]
Proctorkurve f, Verdichtungskurve, Feuchte-Dichte- production dirtmoving (US); production earth-
Kurve, Feuchtigkeits-Dichte-Kurve moving ● Massenerdbewegung f, Großerdbewegung
1048 production drilling

production drilling, production boring ● productive deposit commercial deposit

Abbaubohren n, Gewinnungsbohren productive horizon > producing zone
production earthmoving; production dirtmoving productive mine > active mine
(US) ● Massenerdbewegung f, Großerdbewegung productive pit > active mine
production engineer ● Förderingenieur m, productive sand, production sand ● Förderungssand m,
Produktionsingenieur [Erdöl; Erdgas] Produktionssand [Erdöl]
production face (⚒) ● Abbaustoß m productive system, production system ●
production facility ● Fertigungsanlage f Ersetzungssystem n [Methode zur Wissensreprä-
production geologist [petroleum; natural gas] ● sentierung und Wissensbereitstellung]
Fördergeologe m, Produktionsgeologe productive well(bore) > producer (well(bore))
production geology ● Fördergeologie f, Produktions- productive zone > pay(ing) zone
geologie [Erdöl; Erdgas] product moment correlation coefficient ●
production jump ● Produktionssprung, Korrelationskoeffizient m
Förderungssprung m [Erdöl; Erdgas] product of destruction, destruction product ●
production module > offshore (drilling) platform Zerstörungsprodukt n
production of water ● Trinkwassergewinnung f product pipe ● Produkt(en)rohr n, Mediumrohr
production panel, panel, working panel, panel of coal product (pipe)line ● Produkt(en)rohrleitung f,
[The area of coal extracted by a pair of development Mediumrohrleitung
roads in longwall or pillar methods of mining. It is professional association ● Berufsgenossenschaft f
usually limited at the extreme and farthest end from the professional association for the building industry
shaft by the boundary of the property] (⚒) ● Abbaufeld n, ● Berufsgenossenschaft f der Bauwirtschaft
Baufeld, Feld, Grubenfeld professionally used building ● gewerblich benutzter
production pile driving > (pile) driving work Bau m
production place, mining place (⚒) ● Abbaustelle f to profile ● profilaufnehmen, profil(ver)messen
production platform > offshore (drilling) platform profile > profile (section)
production rate, tunnel(l)ing rate, rate of advance ● profile, seismic profile [In seismic prospecting, the data
Vortriebsleistung f [der Tunnelbohrmaschine] recorded from one shot point by a number of groups of
production rig [oil; gas] ● Aufwältigungswinde f detectors] ● Profil n, seismisches Profil
production riser ● Produktionssteigleitung f, profile, tectonic profile, right section [In structural
Fördersteigleitung geology, the cross section of a region of cylindrical folds
P production sand, productive sand ● Förderungssand m, drawn vertically to the fold axes] ● (tektonisches)
Produktionssand [Erdöl; Erdgas] Profil n
production starting test ● Inproduktionsset- profile, topographic(al) profile [In geomorphology, the
zungsversuch m [Erdöl; Erdgas] outline produced where the plane of a vertical section
production string (of casing), production casing intersects the profile of the ground, e.g. the longitudinal
string, pay(ing) string (of casing) ● Produktions- profile of a watercourse, or the profile of a coast or hill] ●
(rohr)fahrt f, Förder(rohr)fahrt, Produktions(rohr)- Profil n
tour f, Förder(rohr)tour [Letzte Rohrfahrt außer den profile [A vertical section of a groundwater table or other
Filterrohren] potentiometric surface, or of a body of surface water] ●
production supervisor [oil; gas; colloquially called Profil n
‘‘pumper’’] ● Fördermeister m, Produktionsmeister profile [In geophysics, a graph or drawing that shows the
production system, productive system ● variation of one property such as elevation or gravity,
Ersetzungssystem n [Methode zur Wissensreprä- usually as ordinate, with respect to another property, such
sentierung und Wissensbereitstellung] as distance] ● Profil n
production testing measurement [It provides data to profile [The intersection of a vertical plane through the
help estimating how much oil and/or gas a well can centreline with surface of the ground and the plane or
produce] ● Förderprüfmessung f, planes of the finished earthwork, or a drawing indicating
Produktionsprüfmessung the same, so as to indicate grades and distances, depth of
production well(bore) > producer (well(bore)) cut, and height of fill for the earthwork] ● Profil n
productive > paying profile > profile (section)
projecting lip 1049

profile blasting, blasting of profiles ● Profilsprengen n proglacial lake, ice-marginal lake [A lake of meltwater
profile (differential) levelling (Brit:); profile (differ- dammed between an ice barrier and the valley wall, or
ential) leveling (US) [It determines the elevations of between ice lobes] ● glazialer See m
points at known distances along a line] ● Längen- prognostic ● prognostisch [Lagerstättenvorrat]
nivellierung f, Profilnivellierung progradation, prograding [The building forward or
profile discontinuity [Hillslope development. outward toward the sea of a shoreline or coastline (as of
A different system of profile analysis was proposed by a beach, delta or fan), by nearshore deposition of river-
Savigear in 1907. Adjacent measured lengths with the borne sediments or by continuous accumulation of beach
same angle are combined as intercepts, and the angle material thrown up by waves or moved by longshore
differences between adjacent intercepts are termed profile drifting] ● Verschieben n
discontinuities] ● Profildiskontinuität f, Profilunter- prograding beach (zone) > accretion beach (zone)
brechung f program-controlled computer ● Programm-
profile displacement ● Profilversatz m [Seismik] rechner m
profile dredging ● Profilbaggerung f programmable gain control, PGC ●
profile formation ● Profil(aus)bildung f programmierbare Verstärkungsregelung f [seismische
profile graph ● Profildarstellung f Analogapparatur]
profile interval ● Profilabstand m progress blasting > heading blasting
profile map ● Profilkarte f progression polygon measurement
profile measurement > profiling progression, advance ● (Vorwärts)Verlagerung f [z. B.
profile of equilibrium, equilibrium profile, graded einer Küste]
profile [river; stream] ● Gleichgewichtsprofil n progressive brittle fracture process ● progressiver
profile of maturity, maturity profile ● Reifeprofil n Sprödbruchprozess m
profile paper [Squared paper for drawing profiles of progressive fault [less-preferred synonym] > growth
ground levels] ● Profilpapier n fault
profile peg > grade (line) peg progressive landslide [according to Schultze] ●
profile (section) [A diagram or drawing that shows Mehrfachrutschung f [nach Schultze 1982]
along a given line the configuration or slope of the ground progressive landslides, series of slides ●
surface as it would appear if intersected by a vertical Serienrutschungen [von Hängen]
plane. The vertical scale is often exaggerated] ● Profil n progressive proof; progressive pull (Brit.) ●
profile sequence ● Profilfolge f Skalenandruck m [Kartografie]
profile sketch ● Profilskizze f progressive sampling, Gitterverdichtung f
profile stake > grade (line) peg [Fotogrammetrie. Überschreitet die Krümmung
profile surveying, profiling, profile measurement ● benachbarter Gitterpunkte ein durch die Genauigkeit
Profil(ver)messen n, Profilaufnehmen, Profilieren vorgegebenes Krümmungsmaß, so wird das Gitter in
[Der Unterschied zum Sondieren liegt darin, dass beim diesem Bereich durch zusätzliche Messungen (in einem 5
Profilieren nur ein fester Elektrodenabstand benutzt oder 2,5 mm breiten Raster) verdichtet]
wird, der der Tiefe des Problems angepasst ist] progressive tidal wave, progressive tide wave [A wave
profiling, lateral search [Searching wherein sensors are the crest of which advances, so that the times of high and
moved along a line and a profile is developed] ● low water progress from one end of a body of water to the
Profilieren n other] ● fortschreitende Gezeitenwelle f,
profiling > profile surveying fortschreitende Tide(n)welle
profiling > (seismic) profiling project ● Projekt n, Vorhaben n
profitability, mineability, workability (⚒) ● project assignment ● Projektauftrag m
(Ab)Baufähigkeit f, (Ab)Bauwürdigkeit, project control ● Projektsteuerung f
Ausbeutbarkeit, Abbaubarkeit project controller ● Projektsteuerer m
profitable > paying project database ● Projektdatenbank f
profitable formation > pay formation projectile penetration ● Geschosseindringung f
profitable mine > active mine projecting lip, projecting shield [It rotates into contact
profitable ore > pay(ing) ore with the sill] ● (Stau)Schnabel(ansatz) m, angesetzter
profitable pit > active mine Stauschild m [Walzenwehr]
1050 projecting table

projecting table ● Projektionstisch m prolongation of a river mouth seawards ●

projection ● Überhang m [bei Gebäuden] Ausbau m einer Strommündung in See, Ausbau einer
projection [A systematic, diagrammatic representation Strommündung ins Meer
on a plane (flat) surface of three-dimensional space prolonged drift(way), random drift(way), level drift
relations, produced by passing lines from various points (way) ● Grundstrecke f, Sohlenstrecke; Lauf m,
to their intersection with a plane, especially a map pro- Gezeugstrecke, Feldortstrecke [Erzbergbau]
jection] ● Projektion f prominence ● Erhebung f
projection > daystone prominent mound ● stark ausgebildeter Höcker m
projection of (a) slope, sally of (a) slope, slope promising > kindly
projection, slope sally ● Böschungsausladung f waa- promontory, head(land), cape, beak, cobb, reach, ness,
g(e)recht gemessene Böschungsbreite f peak, naze, foreland, nase; mull [Scottish term]; ross
projection of face length in the direction of full [Celtic]; nook [obsolete] [An extensive, somewhat
dip, horizontal projection of face length, projection rounded irregularity of land jutting out from the coast
of face length on a horizontal plane (⚒) ● flache into a large body of water, either as a peninsula, or as
Bauhöhe f [Streblänge und flache Bauhöhe sind a projecting point. A cape is generally more prominent
gleich, wenn der Kohlenstoß des Strebes genau than a point] ● Kap n, Vorgebirge n
im Einfallen verläuft, also die kürzeste Entfernung promoter, employer, owner, client, builder-owner ●
der beiden zum Streb gehörenden Abbaustrecken Bauherr(schaft) m, (f), Bauherr(in) m, (f),
darstellt] Auftraggeber(in) m (f)
projection of face length on a vertical plane, verti- prone (to) ● gefährdet, anfällig
cal projection of face length (⚒) ● senkrechte Bauhöhe f, prone to slide ● gleitgefährdet [z. B. Felskörper, Hang]
vertikale Bauhöhe prong, spur [A small hill extending from a prominent
projection plane, plane of projection ● range of hills or mountains; a subordinate ridge or lesser
Projektionsebene f elevation projecting sharply from the crest or side of a hill,
projection sphericity ● Projektionskugeligkeit f mountain, or other highland surface] ● Bergvorsprung m,
projective geometry ● Projektionsgeometrie f Bergsporn m, Ausläufer m
projective net ● Übertragungsnetz n pronounced valley ● Tieftal n
[Fotogrammetrie] proof equation ● Nachweisgleichung f
project management ● Projektmanagement n proof loading ● Anspannen n [eines Ankers zur
project manager ● Projektleiter m, Prüfung des Tragverhaltens]
P Untersuchungsleiter(in) m(f) proof of safety against hydraulic heave ● Nachweis
project (orien(ta)ted) consultancy ● der Sicherheit gegen einen hydraulischen Grundbruch,
Projektberatung f Sicherheitsnachweis gegen einen hydraulischen
project planning (stage or phase), design stage, Grundbruch, Nachweis der Sicherheit gegen Versagen
planning ● Projektierungsphase f durch hydraulischen Grundbruch
project promoter, real estate promoter, real estate proof of stability ● Standsicherheitsnachweis m,
developer, developer ● Bauträger m, Nachweis der Standsicherheit
Bauunternehmer m prop, roof support prop, mine prop, (mine) post,
project-related requirements ● projektspezifische stick, roof (support) stick, mine stick, stull, stanchion
Anforderungen f (pl) stay, punch(eon); leg [coal miner’s term] [The other
project-specific conditions ● projektspezifische terms are commonly used in metal mines] (⚒) ●
Bedingungen f (pl) Stempel m, Bergbaustempel, Bergwerkstempel,
prolapsed bedding ● zusammengefaltete Grubenstempel, Bein n
Schichtung f propagation [of shocks] ● Ausbreitung f,
to prolong, to drive (⚒) ● erlangen [Eine Mutung auf Fortpflanzung f [von Erschütterungen]
die gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Frist verlängern lassen, propagation probability, probability of propagation
innerhalb welcher nach Einlegung der Mutung die ● Ausbreitungswahrscheinlichkeit f
Bestätigung erfolgen muss] propagation speed, propagation velocity ●
to prolong a drift(way) (⚒) ● treiben [Feldortstrecke] Propagationsgeschwindigkeit f
prop stripper 1051

prop cutter (⚒) > timber cutter Pfostenschuh, Pfostentopf, Ständerschuh, Ständertopf,
prop density, post density, stay density, stanchion Stützenschuh, Stütentopf
density (⚒) ● Stempeldichte f, Ständerdichte, proportional compression ● proportionale
Stützendichte, Pfostendichte Verformung f
prop drawer, (post) drawer, stay drawer, stanchion proportional factor, proportionality factor ●
drawer, donkey [A winch the drums of which are Proportionalitätsfaktor m
controlled separately by clutches and brakes] (⚒) ● proportional(-flow) weir, Sutro (measuring) weir,
(Stempel)Raubvorrichtung f, Ständerraubvorrichtung, weir with linear discharge relation; Sutro dam, propor-
Stützenraubvorrichtung, Pfostenraubvorrichtung, tional(-flow) dam, Sutro measuring dam, dam with
Zughub m linear discharge relation (US) [A weir with at least one
prop drawer, prop stripper, stripper, drawer, post curved side and horizontal crest, so formed that the head
drawer, post stripper, stay drawer, stay stripper, above the crest is directly proportional to the discharge] ●
stanchion drawer, stanchion stripper (⚒) ● (Stempel-) Proportional-Wehr n, lineares Wehr, Sutro(mess)wehr
Rauber m, (Stempel)Raubarbeiter m, Pfostenrauber, proportionality ● Proportionalität f
Pfostenraubarbeiter, Stützenrauber, Stützenraub- proportionality factor > proportional factor
arbeiter, Ständerrauber, Ständerraubarbeiter proportionality principle > principle of linearity
prop drawing, prop extracting, prop pulling, stay proportional limit ● Proportionalitätsgrenze f
drawing, stay extracting, stay pulling, stanchion draw- proportional point symbol ● Größenkartenzei-
ing, stanchion extracting, stanchion pulling, post chen n, Größensignatur f
pulling, post extracting, post drawing (⚒) ● proportional sampling ● proportionale
(Stempel)Rauben n, Pfostenrauben, Ständerrauben, Probennahme f
Stützenrauben proportional to the velocity ●
prop drawing roadway, drifting back (⚒) ● geschwindigkeitsproportional
Raubstrecke f proposed structure > building project
prop drawing shift, drifting back shift (⚒) ● propping ● Absattelung f, Absteifung
Raubschicht f propping agent, proppant ● Rissheilmittel n,
propeller (type) current meter, impeller (type) spaltenfüllendes Medium n, Stützmittel
current meter, horizontal-spindle current meter ● [Fracbehandlung im Tiefbohrloch]
Strömungsmesser m mit waag(e)rechter Spindel propping structure, bracing structure ● Stützwerk n
property > plot propping (US), stabilising, stabilizing (US);
property land owner > land owner stabilisation, stabilization [of foundations and struc-
property line (⚒) > boundary of a claim tures] ● Abfangung f [von Gründungen und Bauwerken]
property line barrier (⚒) ● Markscheide(Sicherheits)- prop pulling (⚒) > prop drawing
pfeiler m prop sawyer (⚒) > timber cutter
property map > (real) property map prop setters, post setters, stay setters, stanchion setters
property owner ● Grundbesitzer(in) m (f) (⚒) ● Stempelsetzkolonne f, Pfostensetzkolonne,
prop extracting, prop drawing, prop pulling, stay Stützensetzkolonne, Ständersetzkolonne
drawing, stay extracting, stay pulling, stanchion draw- prop-setting density, prop-setting frequency (⚒) ●
ing, stanchion extracting, stanchion pulling, post Stempelsetzdichte f, Pfostensetzdichte,
pulling, post extracting, post drawing (⚒) ● Stützensetzdichte, Ständersetzdichte
(Stempel)Rauben n, Pfostenrauben, Ständerrauben, prop-setting frequency, prop-setting density (⚒) ●
Stützenrauben Stempelsetzdichte f, Pfostensetzdichte,
propframer (⚒) > timber cutter Stützensetzdichte, Ständersetzdichte
prop-free, post-free, stay-free, stanchion-free (⚒) ● prop stripper, prop drawer, stripper, drawer, post
stempelfrei, ständerfrei, stützenfrei, pfostenfrei drawer, post stripper, stay drawer, stay stripper, stan-
prop hole, post hole, stay hole, stanchion hole (⚒) ● chion drawer, stanchion stripper (⚒) ● (Stempel-)
Bühnloch n Rauber m, (Stempel)Raubarbeiter, Pfostenrauber,
prop housing, post housing, stay housing, stanchion Pfostenraubarbeiter, Stützenrauber, Stützenraub-
housing (⚒) ● Stempelschuh m, Stempeltopf m, arbeiter, Ständerrauber, Ständerraubarbeiter
1052 prop test(ing) press

prop test(ing) press, post test(ing) press, stay test prospection geochemistry > (mineral) prospection
(ing) press, stanchion test(ing) press (⚒) ● geochemistry
Stempelprüfpresse f, Ständerprüfpresse, prospection geophysics > (mineral) prospection
Stützenprüfpresse, Pfostenprüfpresse geophysics
prop-up system ● Abstützungssystem n [Autokran] prospection permit, search permit ● Prospektions-
prop-wall (⚒) > stull timbering erlaubnis, Sucherlaubnis, Aufsuchungserlaubnis,
prop wedge, post wedge, stay wedge, stanchion wedge Aufsucherlaubnis f
(⚒) ● Stempelkeil m, Ständerkeil, Stützenkeil, prospective, unproved, unproven ● nicht
Pfostenkeil nachgewiesen, nicht sicher, nicht genau bekannt
prop with foot block (⚒) ● Stempel m mit [Vorratsklasse]
Fußanpfahl, Ständer m mit Fußanpfahl, Stütze f mit prospective acreage, prospective oil land, area over-
Fußanpfahl, Pfosten m mit Fußanpfahl lying a possibly oil-bearing structure ● (erd)ölhöffiges
prop with head block (⚒) ● Stempel m mit Gebiet n [Ein Gebiet in dem Ölführung möglich ist oder
Kopfanpfahl, Ständer m mit Kopfanpfahl, Stütze f mit ein Gebiet, das eine möglicherweise ölführende Struktur
Kopfanpfahl, Pfosten m mit Kopfanpfahl überlagert]
propylithically altered ● propylitisiert prospective ore ● gefundenes Erz n
(prop) yoke, post yoke, stay yoke, stanchion yoke (⚒) prospector, searcher [A person engaged in searching for
● (Stempel)Schloss n, Pfostenschloss, Ständerschloss, valuable minerals, or in testing supposed discoveries of
Stützenschloss the same] ● Prospektor m, Aufsucher, Sucher
to prospect > to search prospect sampling by air-flush drill(ing) ●
prospect [A mineral property before its value has been Bohrprobenahme f durch Luftspülung
proved by exploration] ● Prospektionsgebiet n, protected area, nature reserve ● Natur(schutz)park m,
Suchgebiet, Aufsuch(ungs)gebiet Natur(schutz)gebiet n, Schutzgebiet
prospecting, searching [In some branches of the protected shelf, rimmed shelf ● eingefasstes Schelf,
mineral industry, especially in the search for petroleum, geschütztes Schelf n
‘‘prospecting’’ is erroneously used synonymously for protecting joist (⚒) ● Schussbaum m
‘‘exploring’’] ● Prospektieren n, Suchen, Aufsuchen protecting strip, protection strip, protective strip ●
prospecting borehole, prospecting drill hole, Schutzstreifen m [An den Rändern von Gräben und
prospecting well(bore), search(ing) drill hole, search Baugruben]
(ing) borehole, search(ing) well(bore) ● Prospektions- protection against avalanches, avalanche protection
P bohrloch n, Suchbohrloch, Aufsuch(ungs)bohrloch ● Lawinenschutz m, Lawinenverbau(ung) m, (f)
prospecting (geo)tectonics, search(ing) (geo)tecton- protection against scour(ing), scour(ing) protection
ics ● Prospektionstektonik f, Suchtektonik, Aufsu- ● Kolkschutz m, Kolksicherung f, Kolkabwehr f
ch(ungs)tektonik protection against snow, snow protection ●
prospecting hole, search(ing) hole [General terms for Schneeschutz m
any shaft, pit, adit, drift, gallery (US ¼ tunnel) or drill protection bank > protective bank
hole made for the purpose of prospecting mineral-bearing protection (casing) string, protection string of casing
ground. More specific terms as prospect(ing) shaft etc., [It prevents caving and thus facilitates drilling] ●
are generally used] ● Prospektionsloch n, Aufsu- Schutzrohrfahrt f, Schutzrohrtour f
ch(ungs)loch, Suchloch protection coat, protective coat ● Absieg(e)-
prospecting pit, search(ing) pit ● Prospektionsgrube f, lungsschicht f [Bodenverfestigung]
Suchgrube, Aufsuch(ungs)grube protection coat by penetration, protective coat by
prospecting seismology > seismic prospection penetration ● Absieg(e)lungsschicht f als Tränkung
prospecting shaft, search(ing) shaft ● [Bodenverfestigung]
Prospektionsschacht m, Suchschacht, protection embankment > protective bank
Aufsuchungsschacht, Aufsuchschacht protection forest, protective forest ● Schutzwald m
prospection > (mineral) prospection protection groyne, protective groyne, protective
prospection gallery, prospecting gallery, search(ing) groin, protection groin, protective jetty, protection
gallery; stollo quaerens [Latin] (⚒) ● Suchstollen m, jetty, protective spur dike, protection spur dike,
Aufsuch(ungs)stollen, Prospektionsstollen protective dam dike, protection dam dike, protective
protractor 1053

dike dam, protection dike dam, protective wing dam, oder das Leitungssystem keine Zielgenauigkeit erfordern.
protection wing dam ● Schutzbuhne f, Abweiser m Beispiele hierfür sind der Kabelbau (Post, Strom) und der
protection of waters, waters protection, water Druckrohrleitungsbau (Gas; Wasser; Druckluft)]
preservation ● Gewässerschutz m, Wasserschutz m protective pit ● Auffanggrube f [zur Aufnahme eines
protection pipe jacking, protective pipe jacking, pro- Tanks]
tective pipe pushing, protection pipe pushing, protec- protective spur dike > protective groyne
tive pipe forcing, protection pipe forcing, protective protective strip > protection strip
pipe thrusting, protection pipe thrusting, protective protective wing dam > protective groyne
pipe driving, protection pipe driving ● ungesteuerter proterobase [A diabase in which the mafic mineral is
(Schutz)Rohrvortrieb m, ungesteuertes Schutzrohr- primary hornblende. The term, originated by Gümbel in
(vor)pressen n [Einbau von Mantelrohren 1874, is obsolete] ● Proterobas m, Hornblendediabas
(Schutzrohren), wenn das einzuziehende Produktrohr Proterozoic ● Proterozoikum n [Ein Äon der
oder das Leitungssystem keine Zielgenauigkeit erfordern. Erdurzeit]
Beispiele hierfür sind der Kabelbau (Post; Strom) und der protoacetate of iron, iron protoacetate ● essigsaures
Druckrohrleitungsbau (Gas; Wasser; Druckluft)] Eisenoxydul n
protection spur dike > protective groyne protoaluminate of iron, iron protoaluminate ●
protection string of casing [It prevents caving and tonsaures Eisenoxydul n
thus facilitates drilling], protection (casing) string ● protoarseniate of iron, iron protoarseniate ●
Schutzrohrfahrt f, Schutzrohrtour f arseniksaures Eisenoxydul n
protection strip, protecting strip, protective strip ● protobitumen [A generic term introduced in 1926 by
Schutzstreifen m [An den Rändern von Gräben und R. Potonie for petrographic constituents, from which
Baugruben] bitumen is derived. The protobitumens include sporinite,
protection wing dam > protective groyne cutinite, pollinite, resinite, alginite. Chemically, the
protective bank, protective embankment, protection protobitumens are composed mainly of sporinites,
bank, protection embankment, safety bank, safety pollenites, cutines, suberins, resins, waxes, fats, and oils
embankment ● Schutzdamm m of plant and animal origin. Protobitumens are subdivided
protective casing ● Schutzrohr n into labile and stabile ones] ● Protobitumen n
protective coat, protection coat ● Absieg(e)- protocarbonate of iron, iron protocarbonate ●
lungsschicht f [Bodenverfestigung] kohlensaures Eisenoxydul n
protective coat by penetration, protection coat by protoceanic rift ● Graben m mit ozeanischer
penetration ● Absieg(e)lungsschicht f als Tränkung Unterlage, embryonaler Ozean m
[Bodenverfestigung] protochromate of mercury, mercury protochromate
protective embankment, protective bank, protection ● Chromzinnober m, österreichischer Zinnober
bank, protection embankment, safety bank, safety protoclastic > autoclastic
embankment ● Schutzdamm m protodolomite ● Protodolomit m [Schlecht geordneter
protective forest, protection forest ● Schutzwald m Ca-reicher Dolomit]
protective groyne, protection groyne, protective proton free precision magnetometer ● protonfreies
groin, protection groin, protective jetty, protection Präzisionsmagnetometer n
jetty, protective spur dike, protection spur dike, pro- proton-magnetometer ● Protonenmagnetometer m
tective dam dike, protection dam dike, protective dike proton number, atomic number [The number of pro-
dam, protection dike dam, protective wing dam, pro- tons in an atomic nucleus] ● Atomzahl f
tection wing dam ● Schutzbuhne f, Abweiser m protore [The rock below the sulfid(e) zone of supergene
protective pipe jacking, protection pipe jacking, pro- enrichment; the primary, subeconomic material] ●
tective pipe pushing, protection pipe pushing, protec- Ausgangsgestein n
tive pipe forcing, protection pipe forcing, protective protoschist autoschist
pipe thrusting, protection pipe thrusting, protective prototype, archetype ● Prototyp m
pipe driving, protection pipe driving ● ungesteuerter protractor [An instrument used to construct and mea-
(Schutz)Rohrvortrieb m, ungesteuertes Schutzrohr- sure angles formed by lines of a plane; the midpoint of the
(vor)pressen n [Einbau von Mantelrohren diameter of the semicircle is marked and serves as the
(Schutzrohren), wenn das einzuziehende Produktrohr vertex of angles constructed or measured] ● Übertrager m,
1054 protractor eyepiece

Winkelfasser, Gradbogen m, Winkelbeschreiber, of sand-sized fragments irrespective of composition; e.g.

Winkelträger, Übertragungswinkel m, Winkelmesser sandstone, graywacke, arkose, and calcarenite. The term
protractor eyepiece ● Winkelmessokular n ‘‘arenite’’ is equivalent to the Greek-derived term
protuberance of frozen ground, freezing ground ‘‘psammite’’, and was introduced as arenyte by Grabau
protuberance, frozen ground protuberance, freeze (1904) who used it with appropriate prefixes in classify-
ground protuberance, ice ground protuberance ● ing medium-grained rocks (e.g. ‘‘autoarenyte’’,
Frostkörpervorwuchs, Vereisungskörpervorwuchs, ‘‘autocalcarenyte’’, ‘‘hydrarenyte’’, and ‘‘hydrosili-
Gefrierkörpervorwuchs m, Eiskörpervorwuchs carenyte’’). (b) A ‘‘clean’’ sandstone that is well-sorted,
[(Baugrund)Vereisung; Gebirgsvereisung (⚒)] contains little or no matrix material, and has a relatively
proustite, (light(-red)) ruby silver (ore), light(-red) simple mineralogic composition; specif. a pure or nearly
silver ore, Ag3AsS3 [nach Beudant 1832] ● Proustit m, pure, chemically cemented sandstone containing less than
lichtes Rotgültig(erz) n, Arsensilbererz, lichtes 10 % argillaceous matrix and inferred to represent
Rotgülden n, Arsensilberblende f a slowly deposited sediment well-washed by currents.
proved, proven, positive [International classification]; The term is used for a major category of sandstone, as
measured [USA classification]; assured ● nachgewiesen, distinguished from wacke. - Etymol: Latin arena, ‘‘sand’’.
sicher, vorhanden [Vorratsklasse] Adj: arenitic] ● Arenit m, Psammit
proved area, proven area, proven land, proved land ● psammitic > arenaceous
fündiges Gebiet n, sicheres Gebiet, nachgewiesenes psammomechanics, sand mechanics ●
Gebiet [Das Vorkommen von Bodenschätzen ist Sandmechanik f
nachgewiesen] PSD > pseudo single domain
provenance, provenience, source area, sourceland [A psephite > rudite
place of origin; specifically the area from which the con- psephyte > rudite
stituent materials of a sedimentary rock or facies are pseudoatoll, bank atoll, shelf atoll, lagoon atoll [An
derived] ● Herkunftsgebiet n atoll that rises from the outer margin of a rimless shoal;
provenance [The rocks of which a source area is com- a reef platform encircling a shallow pool of water, rising
posed] ● Herkunftsgestein n to low-tide level from the continental shelf] ●
provenance study ● Herkunftsüberlegung f Pseudoatoll n
proven area, proved area, proven land, proved land ● pseudobomb > lava ball
fündiges Gebiet n, sicheres Gebiet, nachgewiesenes pseudobreccia, recrystallization breccia ●
Gebiet [Das Vorkommen von Bodenschätzen ist Pseudobrekzie f
P nachgewiesen] pseudobrecciation [Ordovician limestone] ●
proven reserves ● sichere Vorräte f unregelmäßige Sprenkelung f [Sie könnte für
prover tank ● Eichbehälter m, Eichtank m Brekzientextur gehalten werden]
province > administrative district pseudochrysolite > moldavite
provisional foundation, temporary foundation ● pseudocolor (US); pseudocolour (Brit.) ● Falschfarbe f
Hilfsgründung f, Hilfsfundament n [Infrarotfotografie]
provision of extra material thickness for loss by pseudocrystal [A substance that appears to be crystal-
rust, rust allowance ● Abrostungszuschlag m line but does not give a diffraction pattern that confirms
proximity logging ● Widerstandsmessung f an der it as truly crystalline] ● Pseudokristall m
Bohrlochwand(ung), Mikrowiderstandsmessung [Das pseudo deformation ● Pseudodeformation f
Gerät wird durch Federn an die Bohrlochwand(ung) pseudoelastic finite constitutive relations ●
gedrückt] pseudoelastische finite Stoffgesetze n(pl)
proximity to buildings, adjacent buildings, adjoining pseudo-elasticity ● Pseudoelastizität f
buildings ● Nachbarbebauung f, benachbarte bauliche pseudoerratic ● Karrentisch m
Anlagen f (pl), pseudogalena > sphalerite
proxying > diadochy pseudoglei (soil), pseudogley (soil), similiglei (soil),
pry bar ● Stahlstock m [Ein Geowerkzeug] similigley (soil) ● Pseudogley m, gleyartiger Boden m,
psammite, arenite, arenyte, psammyte [(a) General Haftnässegley, Melmboden, Stauwasserboden,
names used for consolidated sedimentary rocks composed Staunässegley, marmorierter Boden, nasser
puddingstone 1055

Waldboden, gleiartiger Boden [G. Krauss 1928, ground] ● pseudo(stereo)skopische Wirkung f,

erweitert durch Laatsch 1938]; Ilowka m [russisch] tiefenverkehrte Wirkung
pseudo-grain ● Pseudokorn pseudovector, axial vector ● axialer Vektor m,
pseudoisarithm, pseudoisopleth ● Pseudoisoplethe f, Pseudovektor
Pseudoisarithme f pseudowavellite > crandallite
pseudoisoline ● Pseudoisolinie f, fiktive Isolinie, psilomelane, manganomelane, hard manganese,
fiktive Wertlinie psilomelanite [A hard, massive botryoidal,
pseudokarst [A topography that resembles karst but colloform manganese oxid(e) whose mineral
was not formed by the dissolution of rock. The term was composition is not specifically determined. The term
first used by von Knebel in 1906] ● Pseudokarst m manganomelane is rejected by the International
pseudo-klippe > erosion klippe Mineralogical Association] ● Psilomelan n,
pseudolagoon, miniature lagoon ● Pseudolagune f Hartmanganerz n
pseudomodulus, pseudo-modulus ● Pseudomodul n PSR > pressure static recovery
pseudomorph, false form, allomorph [A mineral PS wave > converted wave
whose outward crystal form is that of another mineral Psychrometer, hygrometer, wet and dry bulb ther-
species, it has developed by alteration, substitution, mometer [An instrument for measuring the relative
paramorphism, or incrustation. A pseudomorph is humidity of air] ● Luftfeuchtemesser m, Luftfeuchtig-
described as being ‘‘after’’ the mineral whose outward keitsmesser, Hygrometer n, Psychrometer,
form it has, e.g. quartz after fluorite] ● Truggestalt f, Taupunktmesser
Afterkristall m pteropod ooze ● Pteropodenschlick m,
pseudomorphism [The process of becoming, and the Flügelfüßlerschlick
condition of being, a pseudomorph] ● PTRM, partial thermoremanent magnetization ●
Pseudomorphismus m teilweise thermoremanente Magnetisierung f
pseudomorphous ● pseudomorph public client ● öffentlicher Bauherr m
pseudonodule, sand roll ● synsedimentäre public commuter transportation; public commuter
Rollstruktur f transport, public transport, public transit (US) ●
pseudo-peneplain, pseudo-peneplane ● Trug- öffentlicher Personennahverkehr m
rumpf m public house connection (line), public building con-
pseudophite, Styrian jade [Compact, massive chlorite nection (line), public house lateral (line), public build-
resembling serpentine, in part clinochlore and in part ing lateral (line) ● öffentlicher Hausanschluss m,
penninite] ● Pseudophit m, dichter Chlorit öffentlicher Gebäudeanschluss
pseudorandum noise code, PRN code ● GPS- public interest ● öffentliches Interesse n
Trägersignalcode m [Mit ihm werden die einzelnen public perception ● öffentliche Wahrnehmung f
GPS-Satelliten identifiziert. Der auf die GPS- public safety ● öffentliche Sicherheit, Verkehrssi-
Trägersignale aufmodulierte Code enthält satellitenspe- cherheit f [öffentliche Verkehrssicherheit, wie z. B. einer
zifische PRN-Sequenzen, sodass es damit dem Empfänger Brücke]
ermöglicht wird, zwischen den einzelnen Satelliten- public transport (US: transportation) ● öffentliches
signalen zu unterscheiden. Auch später bei der Verkehrswesen n
Auswertung werden die GPS-Satelliten nach der PRN- public transport system ● öffentliches
Nummer bezeichnet] Verkehrssystem n
pseudoscopic space image, space image reversed in (public) utility company ● (öffentlicher)
depth ● tiefenverkehrtes Raumbild n Versorgungsbetrieb m
pseudo single domain, PSD ● Pseudo-Einbereich(s- public water supply ● öffentliche Wasserversorgung f
Teilchen) m, (n) [Übergang zwischen Einbereich(s- public works ● öffentliche Arbeiten f
Teilchen) und Mehrbereich(s-Teilchen)] [Geomagnetik] public works [construction projects financed by public
pseudosparite ● Kalk m mit Kristallgrößen über 20 m funds, such as structure, dams, roads etc.] ● öffentliche
pseudostatic method ● pseudostatisches Verfahren n Einrichtungen f (pl)
pseudo(stereo)scopic effect [Hills appear as valleys, pudding balls > armored mud balls
valleys appear as hills, buildings show as cavities in the puddingstone > plumpudding stone
1056 to puddle

to puddle, to pug [To make watertight by packing with and the space between the walls being filled with puddle]
puddle (clay)] ● (ab)dichten mit Lehmschlag, (ab-) ● Lehmschlagfangedamm m, Tonschlagfangedamm,
dichten mit Tonschlag, (ab)dichten mit Lettenschlag Lettenschlagfangedamm
puddle [A small accumulation of meltwater in pugging, puddle(d) work, puddling ●
a depression or hollow on the surface of any form of ice, Lehmschlagarbeit f, (Ab)Dichten n mit Lehmschlag,
produced mainly by the melting of snow and ice, and in Tonschlagarbeit, Lettenschlagarbeit, (Ab)Dichten mit
most cases fresh and potable] ● Schmelzwasserlache f Tonschlag, (Ab)Dichten mit Lettenschlag
puddle (clay) > pug pug pile, dovetail(ed) pile, culvertail(ed) pile ●
puddle(d) (clay) cofferdam > pug cofferdam schwalbenschwanzartig verkämmter Pfahl m
puddle(d) core, puddle(d) wall ● Tonschlagkern m, to pull (⚒) > to draw (off)
Lettenschlagkern, Lehmschlagkern to pull, to loosen [Rock around the bottom of a hole by
puddle(d)-core dam, puddle(d)-wall dam [An earth blasting. Usually used with a negative to describe a blast
(en) dam in which the impervious core is constructed of which did not shatter rock to the desired depth] ●
puddle(d) clay] ● Tonschlagkern-Erd(stau)damm m, lockern, auflockern
Lehmschlagkern-Erd(stau)damm, Lettenschlagkern- to pull, to hoist ● hochziehen
Erd(stau)damm pull > blasting (pull)
puddle(d) dike, puddle(d) dyke, puddle(d) structure pull [mine ventilation] > drag
● hornartiges Gefüge n [Boden] pull, core pull [The amount of core obtained each time
puddle(d) work, pugging, puddling ● the core barrel is removed from a borehole] ●
Lehmschlagarbeit f, (Ab)Dichten n mit Lehmschlag, Kerngewinn m
Tonschlagarbeit, Lettenschlagarbeit, (Ab)Dichten mit to pull casing, to withdraw casing ● entrohren, ziehen,
Tonschlag, (Ab)Dichten mit Lettenschlag ausbauen [Bohrrohre]
puddling ● Strukturwandlung f, Degradierung [Der pull down ● Bohrdruck m [Rotarybohranlage]
Vorgang durch welchen der Boden seine krümelige to pull down > to demolish
Struktur verliert] to pull dry ● trockenziehen [Bohrgestänge]
puddling > pugging puller (⚒) > drawer
puddling stuff > pug pulley shaft (⚒) > draw(ing) shaft
puddling stuff cofferdam > pug cofferdam to pull in > to draw into
puerto [A Spanish term used in the SW U S. for a pass pulling (⚒) > drawing (off)
over or through an escarpment or mountain range] ● pulling a (bore)hole, pulling a well ● vorzeitige
P Pforte f, Porta f [Latein] Bohrlochaufgabe f [Erdöl; Erdgas]
puff blowing, air flushing [Blowing chips out of pulling and running drill pipe, round trip, run [The
a (bore)hole by means of exhaust air from the drill] ● complete process of pulling out and running in the
Luftspülung f, Ausblasen n von Bohrklein drillstring, for instance, to replace a worn bit] ●
puffing hole > blow(hole) Wechsel m, Rundgang m, Aus- und Einbau m des
to pug, to puddle [To make watertight by packing with (Bohr)Gestänges, Aus- und Einbauen n des (Bohr)
puddle (clay)] ● (ab)dichten mit Lehmschlag, (ab-) Gestänges
dichten mit Tonschlag, (ab)dichten mit Lettenschlag pulling-in ● Nachziehen n [Rohre beim
pug > gouge Mikrotunnelbau]
pug, brick(layer’s) mortar ● Ziegel(mauer)mörtel m pulling-in (relieving) method ● Einziehverfahren n,
pug, clay puddle, puddle (clay), puddling stuff [Plastic Einziehmethode f [Rohrsanierung]
clay used for waterproofing. It is used for lining ponds or pull(ing) (out), extracting ● Ziehen n, Ausziehen
ditches, in coffering or in cut-off walls to dams. In Brit- [Pfahl; Spundbohle]
ain, clay puddle is a spadeable clay halfway between the pulling (out), extracting ● Ausbau(en) m, (n)
liquid and the plastic limits. In USA it is a much wetter [Tiefbohrtechnik]
clay near the liquid limit and it cannot be spaded] ● pulling(-out) rate, extracting rate ● Ausbauge-
Lehmschlag m, Tonschlag, Lettenschlag schwindigkeit f [Tiefbohrtechnik]
pug cofferdam, clay puddle(d) cofferdam, puddle(d) pull(ing)(-out) strength > extracting resistance
(clay) cofferdam, puddling stuff cofferdam [It consists pulling(-out) suction, extracting suction ● Ausbau-
of double rows of wood or steel sheet piling tied together sog m [Tiefbohrtechnik. Im Gestänge]
pumpability 1057

pull(ing)(-out) test, extracting test ● Ausziehver- Verfahren, also Fallplattenverdichtung, Rütteldruckver-

such m, Ausziehprüfung f, Ausziehprobe f [Pfahl, dichtung und Sprengverdichtung entstehen]
Spundbohle] pulse counter ● Impulszähler m, Impulszählgerät n
pulling(-out) time, extracting time ● Ausbauzeit f pulsed laser microprobe ● Impulslasermikrosonde f
[Tiefbohrtechnik] pulse-echo method ● Impuls-Echo-Verfahren n,
pulling test, pile pulling test ● (Pfahl)Ausziehver- Impuls-Echo-Methode f
such m pulse generation ● Impulserzeugung f
pull(ing) test sample ● Zugversuchprobe f pulse propagation ● Impulsfortpflanzung f
[Trennflächenuntersuchung] pulse repetition frequence ● Impulswiederholungs-
pulling tool ● Zugverstärker m [Fangarbeit(en) in der frequenz f
Tiefbohrtechnik] pulser sub ● Impulsgeber m [Tiefbohrtechnik. Beim
pull of gravity > gravity Messen während des Bohrens]
to pull out, to extract ● ausziehen [Pfahl; Spundbohle] pulverization [Soil stabilization. The separation of soil
pull out > pull(ing) out particles as a preliminary step towards good dispersion of
pull-out of the core barrel ● Ziehen n des gefüllten stabilization additives and moisture] ● Pulverisieren n
Kernrohres pulverized lime > finish lime
pull-out resistance, extracting resistance, pull(ing)- pulverulent, easily powdered ● mulmig
out strength [such as of a pile or tension element]; ● pumice [In a petrographic sense, pumice is essentially an
Herausziehwiderstand m, Herauszieh-Widerstand, aluminum silicate of igneous origin with a cellular struc-
Ausziehfestigkeit f, Ausziehwiderstand [Pfahl, ture formed by a process of explosive volcanism. Pumicite,
Spundbohle, Spannglied] also called volcanic ash or dust, is a pumice subjected to
pull-out test ● Ausziehversuch m [Stahlbetonprüfung] additional volcanism whereby the cellular structure is
pull-out test [to determine interaction parameters of broken down to form a very finely divided, unconsoli-
geosynthetics and soils] ● Herausziehversuch m, Pullout dated material. A partial consolidation of the pumicite
Versuch m [um die Verbundparameter von through cementation or through volcanic heat results in
Geokunststoffen und Erdkörpern zu ermitteln] a rock described as a tuff or a welded tuff, respectively] ●
pull rods ● Zuggestänge n [Tiefbohrtechnik] Bims m
to pull the drilling tools out, to hoist the drilling pumiceous [Said of the texture of a pyroclastic rock, e.g.
tools out, to withdraw the drilling tools ● (auf)ziehen pumice, characterized by numerous small cavities,
des Bohrzeuges, (auf)ziehen der Bohrgarnitur, presenting a spongy, frothy appearance; finer than scori-
herausziehen des Bohrzeuges, herausziehen der aceous. Also, said of a rock exhibiting such texture] ●
Bohrgarnitur bimssteinartig
pull wire (fuse) lighter, pull wire fuze lighter [The pumiceous breccia ● Bimsbrekzie f, Bimsbreccie
freshly cut fuse end is inserted in the open end of the pumiceous conglomerate ● Bimskonglomerat n
lighter until it touches the end of the wire, which is then pumiceous froth ● Bimsschaum m
deliberately pulled, setting off a mechanical lighting pumiceous pe(a)rlite ● Bimsperlit m
arrangement] ● Abreißzünder m pumiceous rhyolite [It appears to have been emplaced
pulmonary disease (⚒) ● Bergsucht f as shallow, nearly vertical intrusive bodies or extrusive
pulp ● Schlamm m, Aufschlämmung f [Bitumenex- domes] ● Bimsrhyolit m
traktion aus Ölsand] pumice soil ● Bimsboden m
pulping step > conditioning step pumice stone ● Bimsstein m
pulpy peat > lake peat pumicite, (volcanic) ash, (volcanic) dust [See remark
pulsating flow > blowout under ‘‘pumice’’. Fine pyroclastic material (under 2 mm
pulsating spring > geyser dia., under 0.063 mm dia. for fine ash). The terms
pulse analysis ● Impulsanalyse f usually refer to the unconsolidated material but are
pulse compaction ● Impulsverdichtung f [Eine sometimes also used for its consolidated counterpart
Baugrundverbesserungsmethode. Die von Stoll und tuff] ● Vulkanasche f, Asche
Heym vorgestellte Luft-Impuls-Verdichtung kombiniert to pump ● leerpumpen, trockenpumpen
die Horizontalbohrtechnik mit der Airgun-Technik und pumpability ● Pumpfähigkeit f [beim
vermeidet Nachteile, die bei den konventionellen Verpressvorgang]
1058 pumpable emulsion explosive

pumpable emulsion explosive ● pumpfähiger pump(ing) grout [Grout used to stabilize and consoli-
Emulsionssprengstoff m date excavations, rocks, sands, gravels and loose earth] ●
pump chamber, underground pumping station ● Pumpvergussmaterial n, Pumpvergussgut n,
Pumpenkammer f Pumpeingussmaterial, Pumpeingussgut
pump disk, cup leather, pump disc, pump (cup) pumping head [Energy given to a liquid by a pump,
leather, pump cup ● Ledermanschette f, usually expressed in feet of liquid (foot pounds per
Pumpenledermanschette pound)] ● Pumphöhe f
pump distribution pipeline ● Pumpverteil- pumping-in test [Water is pumped into the ground via
rohrleitung f a bore-hole for estimating the groutability of ground] ●
pump duty, pump output, pump performance ● Einpumpversuch m, Einpumpprobe f,
Pump(en)leistung f Einpumpprüfung f
pumped groundwater recharge, pumped ground- pumping irrigation, irrigation by pumping ●
water recharging, pumped groundwater replenishing, Pumpbewässerung f
pumped groundwater replenishment ● Pump- pumping level, pumping elevation [The elevation at
Grundwasseranreicherung f, Pump-Grundwasserer- which water stands in a well when the well is being
gänzung pumped at a given rate] ● Stillstandhöhe f der
pumped storage ● Pump(en)speicherung f Grundwasserabsenkung
[Talsperre] pumping shaft [It contains the pumping machinery of
pumped-storage hydropower plant ● Pumpspei- a mine] (⚒) ● Pumpenschacht m
cherkraftwerk n pumping speed ● Pumpgeschwindigkeit f [beim
pumped well, nonflowing well, pump(ing) well, Verpressvorgang]
pumper ● Pump(en)brunnen m, Grundwasserab- pumping station ● Pumphaus n
senk(ungs)brunnen pump(ing) station, relay station [A pump station on
pumper > pump(ing) well(bore) a pipeline for forcing a liquid along from one station to
pumper [colloquial term] > production supervisor the next] ● Strecken-Pumpstation f,
to pump from. . .into. . . ● umpumpen Zwischenpumpstation
pump hillside, pump (hill)slope [A slope on which pumping (water) level, depressed (water) level,
pumps are operated] ● Pumpen(ab)hang m pumping (water) elevation, depressed (water) eleva-
pumping decline, production decline [oil] ● tion [The lowest level of ground water during drainage
Förderabfall m, Produktionsabfall or pumping] ● niedrigster Absenkungsgrundwas-
P pumping decline curve, production decline curve ● serstand m
Förderabfallkurve f, Produktionsabfallkurve [Erdöl] pump(ing) well > pumped well
pumping-depression cone > depression cone pump(ing) well(bore), pump(ing) drill hole,
pump(ing) drillhole, pump(ing) well(bore), pump pump(ing) (bore)hole, pumper [A producing oil well
(ing) (bore)hole, pumper [A producing oil well in in which liquid products are recovered from the reservoir
which liquid products are recovered from the reservoir by means of a pump, rather than by gas lift] ● Pump(en)-
by means of a pump, rather than by gas lift] ● Pump(en)- förderbohrung f, Pump(en)förderbohrloch n, Pump-
förderbohrung f, Pump(en)förderbohrloch n, Pump- (en)sonde f, Pump(en)betriebsbohrung
(en)sonde f, Pump(en)betriebsbohrung pump lift (⚒) > lift
pumping elevation, pumping level [The elevation at to pump out ● auspumpen [z. B. eine Grube]
which water stands in a well when the well is being pump output > pump duty
pumped at a given rate] ● Stillstandhöhe f der pump performance > pump duty
Grundwasserabsenkung pump pit > (pump) sump
pumping engine [An engine used for pumping; as pump rod, pump spear [It connects the steam engine at
a steam engine and pump combined for raising water] the surface or at a higher level with the pump station
● Kunstgezeug n, Wasserhaltungsmaschine f below] ● Pumpenstange f
pumping engineer, pitwright, plugman [In mining pump room, pump station [An enlargement made in
and in the quarry industry, one who operates a pump the shaft, slope, or entry to receive the pump] ●
or several pumps to force excess water from a lower level Pumpenraum m
to the surface or to a drainage gallery] ● Pumpenwärter m pump slope > pump (hill)slope
pushed-in-structure 1059

pump spear, pump rod [It connects the steam engine at purely cohesive soil ● rein kohäsiver Boden m
the surface or at a higher level with the pump station pure rocksalt ● Kernsalz n
below] ● Pumpenstange f pure rotation, simple rotation, rotation(al) strain ●
pump-spears, pump-rods (⚒) ● Pumpengestänge n, Externrotation f, reine Drehung f [Eine Lageänderung
Hauptgestänge, Schachtgestänge ohne Verformung. Ein Körper wird um seine Achse
pump station, pump room [An enlargement made in rotiert, ohne dass zwischen den Massenpunkten des
the shaft, slope, or entry to receive the pump] ● Körpers Relativbewegungen stattfinden]
Pumpenraum m pure shear(ing) ● reine (Ab)Scherung f
pump station cavern ● Krafthauskaverne f pure silver, lightened silver, brightened silver [Formely
(pump) sump, inlet well, pump pit, sump hole, called in England ‘‘cake silver’’] ● Blicksilber n,
(sump) pit, wet pit, sump recess; sump well [depre- bergfeines Silber
cated] ● (Pumpen)Sumpf m, Pumpensood m pure 10-times ● lupenrein [Diamant]
pump tier (⚒) > lift purification capacity ● Reinigungsfähigkeit f,
pump valve, clack ● Pumpenventil n Reinigungsvermögen n
pump water tunnel ● Pumpwasserstollen m purity, clarity ● Anschaulichkeit [Kartografie]
pump wheel (⚒) ● Kunstrad n purity grade, clarity grade ● Reinheit f [Diamant]
pump work for the brine, pump-tyer for the brine, purlin [Part of the supporting structure which has no
pump-tier for the brine ● Solekunst(satz) f (m) contact with the ground and to which the steel or
punch(eon) > sett timber crossbeams of a snow rake are attached] ●
punch(eon) > prop Pfette f [Lawinenverbauung: Teil der Tragkonstruktion,
punch(eon) [A prop or post set up betweens lines of der den Boden nicht berührt, und mit dem die
waling in shaft sinking] ● Pfosten m, Stempel m Rechenstäbe bzw. Rostbalken eines Schneerechens
punch(eon) [A pointed tool for piercing or for working verbunden sind]
on stone] ● Punze(n) f, m, Stempel m purple ● Magentarot n, Purpur m
punch head, head of (the) punch (⚒) ● Bohrstößer m, purple blende > kermesite
Bohrstück n purple copper ore > bornite
punch mica, stamp mica [A mica from which discs or purple muscovite ● Purpurmuskovit m
shapes at least one (1) inch in diameter can be punched or purple ore, sintered pyritic ore ● Kiesabbrand m,
stamped] ● Stanzglimmer m Purpurerz n
puppet loess kindchen purpose-related research ● Zweckforschung f
puppet > (mine) headframe purser, accountant (⚒) ● Schichtmeister m
puppy, underground pump set, underground set of to push (⚒) > to tram
pumps ● Untertagepumpensatz m push > squeeze(d)-up lava
Purbeck ‘‘marble’’ [An Upper Jurassic limestone from push boat, push lighter ● Schubschiff n
Dorset, containing the fossil shell paludina] ● polierbarer push-broom scanner ● Sensorzeilenabtaster m
Purbeckkalkstein m [Abtastung eines Geländestreifens mit einer quer zur
pure coal [informal synonym]; vitrain ● Vitrain m, Flugrichtung angeordneten, viele Einzelelemente
Glanzkohle f, vitrische Kohle enthaltenden Sensorzeile]
pure copper, native copper ● Reinkupfer n push-down (shot-)firing machine, push-down
pure drilling time, useful drilling time ● reine blasting machine, push-down exploder, push-down
Bohrzeit f, nutzbare Bohrzeit [Tunnel- und Stollenbau] blaster, push-down (blasting) battery, push-down
pure fault, fissure fault ● reine Zerrung, firer, push-down (shot) ignition machine ●
Spaltenzerrung, reine Verwerfung f, Spaltenverwerfung Druckgriff-Zündmaschine f, Druckgriff-Zündgerät n
[Diese Verwerfung ohne Umknickung der Ränder pushed(-in) pile jacked(-in) pile
entsteht nur dann, wenn eine Spalte vorhanden ist pushed-in pressuremeter ● Pushed-in Pressuremeter n
bevor die Niveauschwankungen eintreten oder wenn die pushed-in-structure, jacked-in-structure, thrusted-in
Niveauschwankungen mit erdbebenartiger Erschütterung structure [It involves the jacking in of preformed struc-
plötzlich wirken und das Gestein leicht brüchig ist. Nach tures horizontally at shallow depths beneath road, or rail,
Heim ist die Spaltenverwerfung synonym mit Sprung] without disrupting traffic] ● Vorpressbauwerk n,
pure geophysics ● reine Geophysik f Durchpressbauwerk, Vordrückbauwerk,
1060 pusher

Eintreibbauwerk, Durchdrückbauwerk, Durchstoß- putrefaction ● Fäulnis f

bauwerk [Tunnel; Stollen] putrid mud, sludge ● Faulschlamm m
pusher [Arkansas] > putter putter, haulier, trammer, drawer, driver, wagoner;
pusher plate > metal blade pusher [Arkansas] [A man who conveys coal from the
to push in [jacking pipes] ● vorschieben, nachschieben working place to the tramway] ● Fördermann m,
[Vortriebsrohr; unterirdischer Rohrvortrieb] Lader m, Verlader
pushing, shoving [The act of advancing a mole or putter [A boy who conveys coal from the working place
tunnel shield with hydraulic jacks] ● Vorpressen n, to the tramway or the nearest junction] ● Ladejunge m,
Vordrücken Verladejunge, Förderjunge
pushing > (pipe) jacking putti [A gold-washing tray used in Madras] ● indischer
pushing blind, shoving blind [The process of advancing Goldwaschtrog m, indische Goldwaschschüssel f
a subacqueous tunnel shield while its face is closed] ● to put up, to found (a building, a house) [Context: As
Vordrücken n mit geschlossener Front, Vorpressen mit many buildings suffering movement problems are
geschlossener Front founded on clay soils. . .] ● errichten [Gebäude, Haus]
pushing capacity [of a dozer] ● Schubvermögen n PVA geogrid ● Geogitter n aus Polyvinylalkohol n,
[eines Bulldozers] PVA-Geogitter
pushing dozer ● Schubraupe f PV band drain ● PV-Band-Drain m
pushing-in (relieving) method ● Einschubverfahren PVC gabion, PVC pannier ● PVC-Netzkörper m
n, Einschubmethode f [Rohrsanierung] P-wave, longitudinal wave, irrotational wave, pressure
push(ing) pipe thrust(ing) pipe wave, compression(al) wave, primary wave, dilata-
push-in method > (pipe) push-in method tional wave, push (pull) wave, first-arriving wave
push-in pressuremeter, pressuremeter, dilatometer [earthquake engineering] ● P-Welle f,
[A soil testing device that produces a stress-strain curve Verdichtungswelle, Druckwelle, Kompressionswelle,
for a soil. It began with the work of Louis Menard in longitudinale Raumwelle, erster Haupteinsatz m,
France in the 1950s. He inserted a cylindrical ‘‘balloon’’ primärer Haupteinsatz, Primärwelle, Longitudi-
into a drilled hole and for ordinary soils inflated it to nalwelle, Dichtewelle [frühere Benennung: gebeugte
a maximum pressure between 2.5 and 10 MPa (360-1450 Welle]
psi). For very hard soils or weak rocks the pressure can pycnite [A variety of topaz occurring in massive colum-
reach 20 MPa (2900 psi)] ● Ballonsonde f nar aggregations] ● Pyknit m, Stangenstein m,
to push (into place) > to jack (through) schorfartiger Beryll m, Topasschörlit m, stengeliger
P push lighter > push boat Topas m, Stengelstein, weißer Stangenschörl m
push-pull prop ● Richtstütze f [eine Schalungsstütze] pycnometer > density bottle
to push on the works (⚒) ● auslängen pyknometer test ● Pyknometerversuch m
push(-pull) wave > P-wave pylon head ● Pylonenkopf m
push(-ridge) moraine, thrust moraine, shoved pylon [High supporting tower of a cable-stayed bridge] ●
moraine, upset(ted) moraine ● Eiskantenmoräne f, Pylon m [Hoher Tragpfeiler bei Schrägseilbrücken]
Stauch(ungs)moräne, Aufpressmoräne, Schubmoräne, pylon pier ● Pylonpfeiler m
Staumoräne [Sie wird durch die mechanische Tätigkeit pyramid(al) dam, pyramid(al) wall (⚒) ●
der Eiskante zusammengeschoben] Pyramidendamm m
to push through > to jack (through) pyramid(al) dune, star dune, heaped dune ●
to put, to tram (⚒) ● schleppen, ziehen Sterndüne f, irregulär pyramidale Düne
[Streckenbeförderung] pyramid(al) iceberg > pinnacle(d) iceberg
to put down, to sink, to deepen, to drive, to reach pyramid(al) peak > horn
depth ● schlagen, (ab)teufen, niederbringen, pyramid(al) pebble > dreikanter
herunterbringen, absenken, treiben, einbringen, pyramid(al) wall, pyramid(al) dam (⚒) ●
absinken [Schacht; Brunnen] Pyramidendamm m
Putnam anomaly, average level anomaly [Gravity pyrargyrite, dark(-red) (ruby) silver (ore), antimonial
anomaly related to average topographic level in an area red silver, argyrythrose, aerosite, Ag3SbS3 ● Pyrargyrit m
having a 37- or 104-miles radius] ● Putnamanomalie f [nach Glocker 1831], dunkles Rotgültig(erz) n,
to put out > to extinguish (a fire) Aerosit m, dunkles Rotgülden n, Antimonsilberblende f
pyrophyllitic schist 1061

pyreneite, melanite [A black variety of andradite garnet pyroelectricity [The simultaneous development, in any
containing titanium] ● Melanit m, schwarzer Granat m, crystal lacking a centre of symmetry of opposite electric
Pyreneit (al) charges at opposite ends of a crystal axis, due to
pyribolite ● Pyribolit m [Nach Berthelsen Übergangs- certain changes in temperature] ● Pyroelektrizität f
gesteine, die Ortho- und Klinopyroxen in annähernd pyrogen(et)ic, pyrogenous [Said of a process or of
gleicher Menge wie Amphibol enthalten] a deposit involving the intrusion and/or extrusion of
pyriclasite [Rocks composed of two pyroxenes and pla- magma] ● pyrogen
gioclase] ● Pyriklasit m pyrogen(et)ic rock > igneous rock
pyrite, iron pyrites, fool’s gold, mundic, common pyrogenous [obsolete]; igneous; eruptive [deprecated]
pyrites, Inca stone [A common, pale-bronze or brass- [Said of a rock or mineral that solidifies from molten or
yellow isometric mineral: FeS2. Incorrectly spelled: iron partly molten material, i.e. from a magma; also, applied
pyrite] ● Pyrit m, Eisenkies m to processes leading to, related to, or resulting from the
pyrite nodule, firestone ● Pyritknolle f, Feuerstein m formation of such rocks. Igneous rocks constitute one of
pyrites [(a) Any of various metallic-looking sulfides of the three main classes into which rocks are divided, the
which pyrite (‘‘iron pyrites’’) is the commonest. The term others being metamorphic and sedimentary] ● eruptiv,
is used with a qualifying term that indicates the compo- erstarrt
nent metal, e.g. ‘‘copper pyrites’’ (chalcopyrite), ‘‘tin pyrogenous breccia [obsolete]; igneous breccia; erup-
pyrites’’ (stannite), ‘‘white iron pyrites’’ (marcasite), tive breccia [deprecated] [1. A breccia that is composed of
‘‘arsenical pyrites’’ (arsenopyrite), ‘‘cobalt pyrites’’ fragments of igneous rock. 2. Any breccia produced by
(linnaeite), and ‘‘nickel pyrites’’ (millerite). When used igneous processes, e.g. volcanic breccia, intrusion breccia]
popularly and without qualification, the term usually ● Magmabrekzie f, Eruptionsbrekzie, Eruptivbrekzie,
signifies pyrite. (b) An obsolete term for a stone that Erstarrungsbrekzie
may be used for striking fire.] ● Kies m pyrogeology [less-preferred synonym] > volcanology
pyroclastic density current > explosion breccia pyrolignite ● holzessigsaures Salz n
pyrites of copper > chalcopyrite pyrolite [A model proposed by Green and Ringwood
pyritic copper deposit ● Pyrit-Kupfer-Lagerstätte f (1963) for the material of the upper mantle of the
pyrobitumen ● Pyrobitumen n Earth, composed of one part basalt to three parts dunite
pyrobituminous [Yielding bituminous products on and consisting mainly of olivine and pyroxene. It is so
heating] ● pyrobituminös designed that a partial melt will yield a basaltic magma]
pyroclast [An individual particle ejected during ● Pyrolit m
a volcanic eruption. It is usually classified according to pyrolith [proposed by Grabau] > igneous rock
size] ● Pyroklast m, Lockerstoff m pyrolusite, MnO2 [Natural manganese dioxid(e);
pyroclastic [Pertaining to clastic rock material a soft, iron-black or dark steel-gray mineral. Tetragonal.
formed by volcanic explosion or aerial expulsion from The principal ore of manganese. Also used as an oxidizer
a volcanic vent; also, pertaining to rock texture of explo- and de-colo(u)rizer] ● Pyrolusit m, Weichmanganerz n
sive origin. It is not synonymous with the adjective ‘‘vol- pyromagma ● Pyromagma n [An Gasen übersättigte
canic’’. In the plural, the term is used as a noun] ● Basaltlava, oft blasenführend und zum Teil schaumig]
pyroklastisch pyromelane, brookite [A brown, reddish, or sometimes
pyroclastic breccia > explosion breccia black orthorhombic mineral, TiO2. It is trimorphous with
pyroclastic flow ● pyroklastischer Strom m rutile and anatase, and occurs in druses and cavities] ●
pyroclastic flow, ash flow, glowing avalanche, Brookit m, Pyromelan m
incandescent tuff flow; sand flow [obsolete] ● pyrometallurgy ● Hüttenwesen n
Asche(n)strom m pyrometric cone, Seger cone ● Segerkegel m
pyroclast(ic)s, (volcanic) ejecta(menta), tephra, pyro- pyromorphite, phosphate of lead, lead phosphate [A
clastic materials, deposit of pyroclastic(s) ● green, yellow, brown, gray, or white mineral of the apatite
vulkanische Auswürflinge f, (vulkanisches) group, Pb5(PO4)3Cl] ● Pyromorphit m, Phosphorblei n
Auswurfmaterial n, Pyroklastika f, Tephra f, pyrophane > fire opal
Kraterauswurf m, (vulkanisches) Lockerprodukt n, pyrophylite, pencil stone, Al2Si4O10(OH)2 ●
Kraterauswürflinge m (pl), (vulkanische) Lockermasse f Pyrophyllit m
pyroelectric detector ● pyroelektrischer Detektor m pyrophyllitic schist ● pyrophyllitischer Schiefer m
1062 pyropissite

pyropissite [Yellowish-white resin and wax coals found Al, with silicon sometimes replaced in part by
in the mining district of Zeitz-Weißenfels in Germany aluminum. It is characterized by a single chain of
and Bohemia] ● Pyropissit m tetrahedra with a silicon:oxygen ratio of 1:3; by short,
pyropissitic brown coal [An intimate mix(ture) of stout prismatic crystals; and by good prismatic
brown coal and pyropissite] ● Pyropissitbraunkohle f cleavage in two directions parallel to the crystal faces
pyroschist, pyroshale [It contains sufficient hydrocar- and intersecting at angles of about 87 and 93 . Colors
bons to burn with a bright flame, or one yielding volatile range from white to dark green or black. Pyroxenes
hydrocarbon or inflammable gas when heated] ● may crystallize in the orthorhombic or monoclinic
Brennschiefer m systems; they constitute a common constituent of igneous
pyrosmalite, 9(Fe,Mn)O.8SiO2.FeCl2.7H2O [Moh’s rocks, and are similar in chemical composition to the
hardness 4; specific gravity 3.1] ● Pyrosmalit m [Ein amphiboles (except that the pyroxenes lack hydroxyls).
Eisenoxydul- und Manganoxydul-Silikat mit (b) A mineral of the pyroxene group, such as enstatite,
Eisenchlorid und Eisenoxydhydrat, grün, ins Bräunliche hypersthene, diopside, hedenbergite, acmite, jadeite,
fallend] pigeonite, and esp. augite. - Etymol: Greek pyrose ‘‘fire’’,
pyrosphere > centrosphere + xenos, ‘‘stranger’’, apparently so named from the mis-
pyrostib(n)ite [obsolete] > kermesite taken belief that the pyroxenes ‘‘were only accidentally
pyrostilpnite, fireblende, Ag3SbS3 ● Pyrostilpnit m caught up in the lavas that contain them’’ Challinor,
[nach Dana 1868], Feuerblende f [nach Breithaupt 1978] ● Pyroxen m
1832] pyroxene garnet ● Pyroxengranat m
pyrotechnical sponge > amadou pyroxene granulite ● Pyroxengranulit m
pyroxene [(a) A group of dark rock-forming silicate pyrrhotite, pyrrhotine, magnetic pyrites, dipyrite [A
minerals, closely related in crystal form and composition common red-brown to bronze pseudo-hexagonal mineral,
and having the general formula: ABSi2O6, where A ¼ Ca, Fe1-xS] ● Pyrrhotin m, Magnetkies m
Na, Mg, or Fe+2, and B ¼ Mg, Fe+2, Fe+3, Fe, Cr, Mn, or Pythagorean harmony ● Pythagoräische Harmonie f