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D O T T I E B LY T H dblyth@live.unc.



The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Anticipated Dec. 2019 Technical:
M.S. Information Science (Specialization in Human-Computer Interaction) HTML5/CSS, IT Architecture,
Data Modeling, (Basic) Python
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | May 2018 and SQL, Process Modeling,
GPA 3.63 / 4.0 Technical Writing
B.S. Information Science (Specialization in Human-Computer Interaction)
B.A. Romance Languages (French and Francophone Studies) Design:
User Research, Usability Testing,
Design Principles, Adobe
EXPERIENCE Illustrator and XD, InVision,
Marvel, Unity 3D, Personas,
Participate | Sept. 2017 - Present | Chapel Hill, NC
Wireframing, Journey Maps
Ed-tech company specializing in e-learning and professional development
Program Design + User Research Intern
• Create and brand products on the platform for 40+ clients while
Qualtrics, Google Analytics,
providing technical assistance when needed
Social Media, TweetDeck,
• Analyze qualitative user research interviews and quantitative platform data
Chartbeat Analytics, Trello,
to provide user-driven feedback to team (using Tableau and AirTable)
Tableau, AirTable, Bitly,
Microsoft SharePoint, CMS
IQVIA (Formerly Quintiles) | May 2018 - Aug. 2018 | Durham, NC
55k+ employee global company specializing in technology and clinical trials
Enterprise Architecture Intern
Fast learner, adaptable,
• Implemented Slack into the enterprise architecture governance process,
team-driven, and empathetic
resulting in a more agile, continuous workflow
• Participated in the proof of concept and evaluation of 3 software asset
management (SAM) vendors as part of an enterprise-wide SAM initiative RELEVANT COURSEWORK
• Increased visibility of IT initiatives within the company by integrating legacy
project management systems into Microsoft SharePoint using Flow UNC (Graduate-Level):
• Assisted with the optimization of the architecture review process, which is Usability Testing & Evaluation
responsible for reviewing high-level technical specifications of IT solutions User Interface Design
Usability & UX Design
Michigan State University | May - July 2017 | East Lansing, MI Storytelling with Emerging Tech
Human-Computer Interaction Summer Research (REU) Intern Systems Analysis
• Conducted and presented NSF-funded research examining newcomers’ Cognitive Psychology
perception of user reputation systems on online health communities Programming (Python)
• Designed experiment manipulations on Drupal, conducted think-aloud Research Methods
interviews, created a Qualtrics survey, and quantitatively analyzed data in R Relational Databases (SQL)
• Presented research at MSU’s Undergraduate Research Symposium (7/2017) Electronic Health Records

IntraHealth International | July - Nov. 2016 | Durham, NC

Communications & Advocacy Intern
• Tested, migrated, added, and proofread content on Drupal CMS for the • Fluent in French
organization’s new website launch • International experience in
• Translated French public health reports 20 countries
• Finalist for Facebook’s 2017
The Daily Tar Heel | Aug. 2015 - May 2016 | Chapel Hill, NC Content Strategy Fellowship
Digital Production Assistant + Staff Writer • Co-founder and VP of UNC’s
• Published ~25 articles online daily for 10,500 unique daily visitors while design organization, Future
strategically organizing the homepage layout and tagging articles in CMS Leaders of User Experience
• Co-managed a team of 30 writers, edited articles, and tracked analytics • Spoke at the 2017 NCAIE
• Wrote a blog that attracted 9,397 page views in 2 days and has over Student Global Leadership
12k total page views Conference in Raleigh, NC