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Written by
Su H. Cho (Ananova)
It started out as a fan-fiction. I wrote this one back in 2003 after highschool while waiting for
university entrance. I found it back while I was digging old books on my bookshelf. I made some
minor editions to the old version. It gave me strange nostalgia & a sense of belonging. It made me
realize that I don't write or draw anymore. I have lost some parts of myself along the way, from
where I started till today. I need myself back and I need all my passions and 'will'
back into motion. It made me realize how I need to feel alive again.Though I do not regret or repent
the things I have chosen to do, I do have to admit that some choices made me feel like I have
sacrificed some parts of myself. So, this is to remind and resuscitate some parts of me that could
hopefully be revived.

Feedback and advice would be warmly welcomed..

With love,
Su H Cho
13 Oct 2018

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawen- I

Chapter 1: The unexpected stranger

Under the silence of a wondrous winter evening, the white forest, with sparkles of snow coloring
the leaves and branches which were once very green and colorful by the beauty of the blossoms,
slept quietly. It seemed to have no visitors at all under the wild cold, but there was one.

Aldermund sheltered his keen elfin eyes from the falling snow with his right hand to get a better
view of the surrounding. As he wandered around in this forest again today, after the great battle of
middle-earth against Sauron, his heart beat faster and he felt home again. Through years of peace
and serenity lived middle-earth, and after their ignorance it was evident that great evil had once
again been awaken to seek power over the lands. His long journey started with accompanying one
of his brothers, Legolas, to Rivandell for fellowship meeting and afterwards, he stayed on in
Rivendell waiting for the battle summon. He looked around and whispered to himself;

“nothing has ch…”.

Suddenly his whisper stopped for he saw a figure lying at a distance. He approached fast but
with the silence of an elf and caution of a warrior for he had no wish to get any surprises. As he
got near, he found the figure to be a girl, lying unconscious under a tree, barely breathing. He
glanced upon the stranger’s face.

“She’s quite young. What is a human doing alone in this forest afar from civilization at such a

He thought to himself with a bit of confusion, but he had no time to wonder. Aldermund picked
the unexpected guest up and walked quietly leaving no footprints behind to find a shelter as the
weak human needed immediate care. After a few minutes of searching, Aldermund found a small
cottage. He walked towards it and knocked the door but no one replied. So, he opened the door
himself and got into the cottage as he had not the time to waste in the snow for the girl could die
of cold.

Inside, only a bed with hay over it and a rounded wood block at the end of it was found as
furniture. The cottage must have been left by someone long ago for it looked quite messy. It could
have been a shelter during the great battle. Aldermund took the poor girl onto the bed to make her
comfortable. He searched around the cottage and found some dry wood left near the fire place.
After a short while, the cottage got warmer and there was light by the fire he made. Aldermund
placed the girl beside the fire place and put his green elfin coat on her as the cold outside was
seeping in. The girl was awake but still wasn't fully aware of what was happening around her. She
seemed to be very weak. Aldermund looked around the small cottage for something useful and he
found a jar and a cracked cup covered with hay. Aldermund took the jar & cup and got out of the
cottage to make them clean enough to use. He filled up the jar with snow and got back into the
house to melt it in the fire as they needed water. He took some lembus bread that was left under
his green coat out and crushed them into slight pieces. He put the pieces into the boiling water in
the jar & it soon became a soup.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
"Lembus bread soup?....... It's better than nothing."

Aldermund told himself and helped the girl drink it because she was too weak even to get herself
upright.Aldermund looked at the girl and decided to wait there until she got better.

Chapter 2: "I must save her.."

Aldermund woke up when he heard some murmuring from the girl. He waited so long that he
fell asleep sitting beside the girl with his eyes opened. Elves have the ability to sleep with the
eyes opened. He found out soon enough that the girl hadn't gotten better. In fact, she even got

"Impossible.. She has no wounds nor suffering. This could not be natural. She must be under
a spell..."
Aldermund looked at the young girl and he felt pity and sorrow for she was very young to die
even for a human.

"It could not be such an absurdity to save a being, especially one that is too young to die.."
He told himself while pulling up the girl who had found her foolish way into such a forest under
the horrific weather.

"What grace has given me, let it pass through her, let her be spared.."
Aldermund whispered holding the girl in his arms along with a kiss on the forehead. For the
first time, he noticed the innocence on the girl's face. As he was holding her, he could hear the
heartbeat of the girl. The girl winced as if she had some disturbing pain and as he was glancing
upon her face, he felt a strange feeling passing through him. He had never been this close to a lady
before, not a human, not an elf, not any, not ever. It was a strange emotion, almost as gentle as
kinship yet not quite the same, and it shook him from the roots to realize that it was his kind elfin
heart that was starting to betray him. Yet he had never felt this betrayal before, not even with the
fairest ladies of his kind.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawen- II

Chapter 3: "The Blue Eyes.."

“neuma.. neuma... neu..”

Aldermund leaned closer to listen to the girl. He was astonished by the fact that the girl half-
conscious in his arms was speaking elvish.

Trap?.. She was in mortal danger. Yet she seems too fragile to be fending off even a troll alone
in this desolate land & her unseen wounds are not the works of a troll. Where are her companions?
Who was she trying to warn?

While Aldermund was deep in his thoughts, the girl opened her crystal blue eyes which were
strangely the same shade as his. And as he looked into them he saw middle earth in great times,
filled with joy & peace & love. Aldermund spoke softly to not startle the girl.

“What is your name Arwenamin (my lady)?..”

The girl moved her lips as if she was speaking, yet it was not with a sound visible even to
Aldermund's elven ears. The girl's eyes swayed not from Aldermund's, wide and puzzling as if she
was trying to communicate. In a flicker of moment, those pale bluish eyes, desperately trying to
depict a sentence, turned muddy brown as if a stream has been stained with blood. Little by little,
the brownness seeped in with the swiftness of a tide; and in a moment, her eyes had completely
turned into the shades of topaz. Her eyes closed again after her eyes changed color and she had
fallen back again into deep sleep.

“What kind of unforgiving dark magic would make this girl suffer by denying an Elf's immortal
grace...? I must take her to Mirkwood. Though Heruamin (my lord) had forbidden the passage of
travelers to our realms, this is not the matter of a simple wanderer in the woods.”

Aldermund wrapped the girl with his green hooded cover, to ensure the cold would not take her
before he could unveil the sorcery that had caused this. A trained hunter & a seasoned warrior with
the strength of an elf, Aldermund was immune to the cold winter. Wasting not a moment,
Aldermund rode off into the blizzard with the girl in his arms completely covered from the seething

Chapter 4: "Mirkwood"

Aldermund rode past the journey of a night in a stride, east to the mountains. He approached
the guarded gates of Mirkwood in the dense forest before dawn. There came a sound that only
his keen elven senses could hear.

“Ya tula sinome?” (Who comes here?)

He answered instantly fearing time was of utmost treasure and it was about to be lost forever.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
“Aldermund.. Amin caela ve' edan yassen amin (I have a human with me.).. Re anta tua .. (She
needs help)”

The voice only of a whisper to common ears answered:

“Lle aa' auta..” (you may go)

Aldermund passed the gates quietly with swiftness, and reached the halls of Mirkwood. There
stood his father Thranduil, the ruler of Mirkwood with his gaze upon Aldermund. He carried the
girl into the halls. After a glance upon her, Thranduil spoke to the elven maidens standing in the

“Take her to a chamber & let our elvish cures save her. May comfort and rest be with her.”

As the maidens took the human girl and disappeared, Thranduil turned to Aldermund. Though
softly he spoke, his words were as hard as the blades wrought by dwarfs.

“You have broken our law, my son. To break your own law, is to break your own horse. It is
beyond absurd. Have you no reason? Have you the urgent matter for such defiance?”

Kneeling in front of his father, Aldermund spoke:

“My lord, I meant not to defy my King and the law you've set. But this human girl, is under the
spell of a great dark wizard. I found her unconscious in the blizzard of the woods in the
mountains. I had not the heart to leave a dying being. Though my purpose was to help her, it was
not to lead her into Mirkwood. Even an elven grace could not help her.”

Thranduil set his eyes upon Aldermund & waved the elves in the hall out, saying:

“Help, we shall, for we are not the kind that destroys life & fate. But she must be on her way
afterwards. Kneel not my son, for I have no anger for what you've done.”

Aldermund nodded his head, for he found no reason to argue with the words. He stood up and
glanced into his father's wise eyes.

“Now, let us meet our curers to tell what you have seen in that human child.”

Led by the King Thranduil, Aldermund left the halls towards the chambers of elven
physicians. Though trying hard to forget what he had seen, he had the endearing care for the
human girl. He wondered whether she could still be saved for no dark spell he had heard of had
been powerful enough to shield a immortal grace.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawen- III

Chapter 5: I am..
When Thranduil and Aldermund arrived at the chamber where the girl laid dying, the great
elven wizard Arcamenel was attending to the girl. Arcamenel took a cloth from the maiden
holding a bowl where the cloth had been soaked, put it on the girl’s forehead and murmered
something inaudible. Then he turned to Thranduil & Aldermund saying,

“What troubles her is not in our power to fend off. Great power could only be vanquished by an
equal. The Lady of Lothlorien may help her.”

Aldermund glanced upon the pale girl with pity. Fate does not seem to be on her side. When
Aldermund looked up on his father, Lord Thranduil, he spoke:

“Take her to Galadriel. Help, we shall for fate has given her to us. Swift foot warriors will travel
before you set out with the girl to Galadriel. Travel fast & travel light with some companions and
maidens, for she has no time to loose.”

Aldermund looked into his father's wise eyes and spoke not, for this time again, he found no
words. At that instant, they heard a murmur from the girl,

“Where... am I... ?”

Amazed, they all turned to the girl, fully awake, on the bed, with a pale face and weak posture.
Her eyes were wide with perplexity and wonder. Arcamenel spoke softly:

“You are in Mirkwood, the land of wood elves. Fear not, for you have no enemy here. We seek
only to save you.”
Aldermund spoke, hoping the girl would have saved her memory.

“What is your name, Arwenamin (my lady)..?”

The girl looked up at him, and once her eyes locked into Aldermund's, she uttered:

“My lord, I am Anarawen, daughter of Eldalote Sáralondë, Lady of Helcaraxë. I couldn't show
enough gratitude for saving me from mortal danger.”

Adermund found no answer for her yet he couldn't turn away from her gaze. As he looked at her
with kindness, he realized the light in her eyes were fading slowly. She passed out of consciousness
before he could speak. Lord Thranduil spoke,

“Helcaraxë?.. She couldn't have meant the cold desolate plains..? There are living beings..?
Aldermund, if fate permits, she must be saved. Prepare for journey and set out before dusk.”

As Thraunduil blurted these words, Aldermund looked into his father's eyes. They were intent,
yet secret lies beneath them and they questioned him. Aldermund couldn't stand his father's
unspoken questions and as he swayed his eyes again to the girl, he said,

“Yes.. my lord.”

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawn- IV
Chapter 6: Lothlorien

Fast, they travelled, for a night, towards Lothlorien. When they reached the Lorien woods, they
were sent for and greeted by messengers. Swiftly, Aldermund & company went to the halls of
Lothlorien to meet Lady Galadriel.

"Vedui' il'er (Greetings.)

Saesa omentien lle Heru en amin (Pleasure to receive you here my lord).
Arwenamin Galadriel merna ele lle e' sen. (Lady Galadriel would like to see you.)
Ron esta sinome e Lothlorien (Your company will rest here in Lothlorien.)
Sana Arwenamin yassen lle. (Please take my lady along with you.)"

said the maiden waiting in the hall.

Aldermund helped the girl up as she was already awake and they followed the maiden along
the long spiral stairs of stars winding around the hundreds years old trees, towards the chambers
of Lord & Lady of Lothlorien. It seemed as though the stairs were higher, when being held back
by a weak mortal human who seemed only to be vaguely aware of the stairs she was taking.

With a soft ruffle of clothes, the girl fell out of consciousness again & nearly fell off the edge
of the flight of stairs that she was taking. Aldermund caught her on time to not let her fall off and
perish then and there, after they have traveled far from Mirkwood to Lothlorien. Spare could not
the time, Aldermund carried the girl to the chambers himself, following the maiden.

When they reached the chambers, Aldermund saw Lord & Lady of Lothlorien on their chairs
facing him. With a soft nod, Lord of Lothlorien greeted him. Gracefully, Lady Galadriel came
down from her chair to take the girl from Aldermund's arms. He gave way and bowed Lady
Galadriel as she took the girl, Anarawen.

She led Aldermund into another room, where she laid down the girl on a white marble pedestal-
like stone. She poured water from a silver bowl, into the thin grooves along the edges of the marble
bed. The water in the grooves, have turned silver, under the moon light. Finally, with a soft glance
upon him, Lady Galadriel said,

"My Lord, I will cure her. Please rest well in your chambers, as this is not for the eyes of those
that are not magical."

Not showing his hesitance & reluctance to leave, he bowed and exit the room softly. Thinly in
air, he heard Lady Galadriel whispered,

"Weary not My Lord, for I will use my power to save this innocent being, one that has
interwoven fates with my kin."

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Aldermund looked up at Lady Galadriel, to meet her piercing eyes reading through him as she
stared at him with her silver gleam of a gaze. Though Aldermund could not discern the meaning
of it all, he bowed again & backed out of the room as he wishes to question not the word of wisest
lady of his kind, at this important time. He traced back unto the stairs towards his chambers and
laid his head to rest for the time being, for he had not the power to change her fate now.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawn - V

Chapter 7: Lady Anarawen

As the dawn approached, Aldermund stopped practicing his battle skills with the bow and
walked back towards the halls of Lothlorien. He wondered how the human girl, Anarawen, would
be, almost drowning in thoughts, which could turn out to be a deadly mistake for a warrior elf.

As he patiently waited for the news of the human, there was none sent; and he spent five winter
nights honing his battle skills at the ungodly hours to hide his concern over the human.

On the sixth night, as he was sharpening his senses, balance, focus & sword skills, he heard a
branch broke under a foot. Quietly he followed the sound, to find nothing but the wind blowing on
fallen leaves and branches. Then he heard a faint sound of leaves from far north. He went towards
it, to find nothing but the twirling vines with wind blown leaves. Then he saw a flash of green from
the rock afar. He swiftly jumped twice towards it quietly, waited beside the stone for a moment to
hear the sound of ruffled clothes clearly, in the quiet of the green forest and thunderous roar of

He jumped out of the hiding, caught the creature and threatened it to not move by putting his
sword on its throat. As he looked down upon the creature, he realized that it was the girl, Anarawen,
in the cloak he had given her on the journey. Aldermund immediately retrieved his sword back
only to find out that he could no longer move. Many twirling green vines have held him tightly in
their grips, freezing him there as a stone.

Wide-eyed & frightened by the sudden attack, Anarawen couldn't remember Aldermund
instantly. It took a moment of looking into his icy blue eyes for her to know that it was he who
saved her. She waved the twirls off and to both of their surprise, Aldermund fell as he was no
longer held by the twines & he was not anticipating it. She was being held captive by him & thus
she fell along. It was only because of Aldermund's swift senses & Anarawen's vine's that
Aldermund's sword did not cut through her throat.

"Forgive me my lady; I mistook you for an invading orc or a creature. There are not the times to
trust the wanderers."

apologized Aldermund.

"My lord, you intended not to hurt me, it was but a mistake. I take you not for an enemy. It was
you who saved me, and for that, my mortal life belongs to you."

Aldermund looked upon the girl, to realize that her eyes are icy-blue again this time. He
smiled faintly as he knew that it was his immortal grace that kept her long enough from dying.

"Let me take you back to the halls my lady."

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
When they arrived the halls of Lothlorien, the maiden who was waiting for them the night they
arrived was waiting for them there. She spoke,

"Your highness, Lady Galadriel has sent for you this evening."


"My lord..",

said Lady Galadriel and gestured Aldermund to a chair beside Lord Celeborn.

Lord Celeborn greeted him with a nod, and spoke,

"We would like to speak to you of matters of middle-earth Prince Aldermund. King Thranduil
must know this and from you."

"Yes my lord..",

Aldermund agreed.

"Times of great battles against the darkest evils is near. The elves of Mirkwood must beware &
be prepared for their chosen fates. The ships would be prepared when the time is near for those
who wish to seek to continue to follow the immortal ways of our kind. However, for those who
wish to fight against evil, we must join forces with mortal humans to fight.", said Lord Celeborn.

"I agree My Lord. I will pass this message to my father.",

said Aldermund.

"Now, I would like to speak of the human girl you have brought us to cure. She have confided in
us that she is of Helcaraxë household. I read that she had no malice, and her words could be
trusted. Though she is mortal, she practice laws of nature and she is not to be taken as helpless."

"I have found out that she could command nature My Lady.",
answered Aldermund. Aldermund looked upon Lady Galadriel and he heard her spoke into his

"Beware my lord... for more than this.. fate would go on.. hold your heart on your sleeve.. for
what dwells inside is not what it is outside.."

Quietly, Aldermund paid respect to the Lord & Lady & left their chambers.


  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
On the fortnight, before they leave for Mirkwood, Lord & Lady of Lothlorien joined them on
their nightly feast. Elven delicacies were presented on the table for akin from Mirkwood. They
feasted and they drank merrily. Aldermund left the company to walk on the shores of Lorien. As
he left the table, Lady Galadriel descended a wise glance upon him, for she could foresee the
future of any creature that she set her gaze upon.

Under the moonlight, he saw a figure, and this time he recognized it. It was Anarawen. This
time, quietly without letting her be known of his presence, he walked away toward the trees. As
he disappeared, Anarawen looked back at the path he had taken & smiled softly to herself. The
elven princeling was not aware that she could understand the tongues of nature. From the
moment he had been near the shore, the trees have whispered his name to her. As she stood
waiting for him listening as the trees talked about him walking away, she smiled secretly at his
reserved & peaceful nature of an elf. She would be eternally grateful for the life he had given

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawen - VI

Chapter 8: The River Flows

Lady Galadriel & Lord Celebon sent their company off to the elven ships. They were to sail
down the river to the west of Mirkwood and to travel by foot from there onwards.

"Be safe Prince-ling, for you have not the sight and battle of wizardry before.."

said Lord Celebon smiling as if he was bemused by his own words.

As they sailed along the river, the waters were clear & the trees were tranquil. Lady Anarawen
barely exited her chamber though when she did, she was immensely joyed by the sight of the open
trees & soft wooly snow flakes as the snow was thin on these parts of middle earth. It was as if
nature itself had given them way to sail down the river. The river had not frozen and their ships
had descended without as much as a plate of ice seen, from Lothlorien towards west.

One night, looking up at the vague twilight, Aldermund whispered to himself,

"elenea... irma lle.. (stars.. like you..)"

"Heruamin Aldermund.. (Lord Aldermund)"

Anarawen softly called his name. As he turned towards her, he saw the pale face of a mortal girl
with a soft silver gleam in her eyes as she was looking up at the stars. Aldermund quietly waited
for her to speak again.

"Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin.. (I will treasure your gift in my heart..)"
As she spoke a trace of smile had passed her lips as though she had not realized that she had
been smiling. Aldermund was mesmerized by the white glow of her face & the gleam in her eyes
as she studied the stars with a focus so intense she did not realize that the elven prince was studying
her as she did the stars.In the dense humid air of winter, there was a faint sound of battle summon,
a howl of battle horn. They were both awaken by the urgency of such a sound and as they searched
through the trees on the shores, they were greeted with a flock of flying arrows. Though Anarawen
went still by the sudden ambush, the seasoned warrior that he was, Aldermund was ready for it on
the sound of the summon. As he waved off the arrows towards them with all he might by his sword
& cloak, he shielded Anarawen. An arrow had landed on his left chest as he quickly moved in
front of her, & though he had broken it, he could see under the moonlight, the black blood & the
sharp pain that marks the poison of a wizard. Suddenly, a wall of water shot up from the river,
shielding them from the incoming arrows. Aldermund could hear the squeaks and squeals of the
woods as he knelt from the poison that had blackened the veins on his left arm. As he looked up
at the mortal girl, she was listening to the sound of the woods. Where there were footsteps & roars,
there were screams. After a short moment of chaos from the woods, the sound had died off and it
went to its previous tranquility. All the enemy had been slain or some had learnt to be silent &

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
fled. She knelt down beside Aldermund, and examined the wound, to find that it was no ordinary
arrow. Aldermund could perish from the poison of it and pass into the realms of the undead.

"My lord, we need to go to shore and find the slain enemies to know the wizard that made this
poison, to save you.."
Aldermund was already weary when she had said this, but he had ordered the company to
anchor on the shore with what strength he had left.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawn - VII

Chapter 9: Hills & Plains

As they set ashore at dawn, Aldermund ordered a ship of warriors & warrior-maidens to sail to
the east of Rivendell to seek for help from Lord Elrond of Rivendell. As they had been ambushed,
the fled enemies might return with numbers. Thus, he had ordered the ships to stay afloat in the
river, while he, Anarawen, a warrior-maiden & a warrior set off in a small boat, and into the woods
to search for the slain ones.

As they walked towards the slain swiftly, the trees and wind guided Anarawen the way, and the
trees & vines made way for them. When they reached the abandoned site of the enemies, there
were creatures that are larger than orcs, yet as ugly & lethal looking, with the strength & size
bigger than elves. On their helms, a mark of a white hand was painted upon.

Anarawen took the white paint from a helm on her finger, and whispered a spell with ancient
tongue into the wind, and waited. The wind blew, the trees swayed and two butterflies twirled
around her head as if to tell her something.

"My lord, the cure is to be made by hand. I fear lest we must find the ingredients & make it in a
shelter. Let us search for it for we have not the time and strength in the field of slain enemies."

They passed down the slope to the mountains where there would be stone caves and shelters.
Along the way, Anarawen collected a root, a plant & leaves, every time thanking the earth & the
tree for giving a part of themselves to her. The warrior-maiden was sent off to the ships to wait
there for their return as the company would not be anticipating them to be on foot after dusk.

In a short stride, they found a cave that they took shelter. Lady Anarawen made the vines grew
over the cave to hide its entrance in plain view. As she worked her spell, the warrior & Aldermund
waited. Lord Aldermund had been seeing his warrior kins as he passed in and out of the realm of
livings by then. In the dead of night, they have heard the heavy footsteps of warriors. Though Lord
Aldermund was unaware, Anarawen & the warrior were alert on their senses. As Anarawen binds
the spell with the earthly ingredients & the white earth, there was light & sound in the cave. The
enemy had been alerted of their presence now.

Though it was only a small troop of unknown creatures with a white hand on their helms, and
though the warrior & Anarawen fought them off, they were gravely out-numbered. The warrior
chose to fight off the enemies, while Anarawen & Aldermund retreat to the mountains where he
could heal & she could continue with her healing spell. For them to return to the river would be
foolish as they couldn't make it out the plains unaided. So they fled.

As they approached the mountains, Anarawen liked not the look of the plains as there was not
much she could use against any enemy. The help from nature now, would be far reaching and
scarce. She chose a cave on the foot of two mountains. This would be safe enough, she thought.

"Coiamin Heruamin.. Amin khiluva lle a' gurtha ar' thar.. (Live, My lord- for you have given me
life- I will follow you to death and beyond..)"

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
She whispered softly, lying Aldermund down in the cave. She spoke the last verse of her spell
as she prepare to treat him. As she examined the black wound thoroughly, and put the remedy on
it, she spoke softly the last verse of the spell. The poison had reached the left side of his neck &
ears. She spoke softly the spell into his hears, to pull him back into the living realm. As she did,
she noticed the fairness of the elven prince-ling and the poison causing hideous destruction to his

"Coiamin Heruamin... (Live, my lord..)"

As she laid him down, she shed tears as such wonderful immortal being of beauty, grace,
kindness & strength had met mortal danger upon tidings to save her from the grip of death. Now,
there is nothing but to wait for his fate to unveil..

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawen - VIII

Chapter 10: Immortal Grace & Spell

Although Anarawen had seek the nature to aid them in the shelter, the cold had seeped inside.
The cradle of the sounds of wind and the gentle tugging of snow had exacerbated the weariness in
her from the battle & spell, and she had fallen into a deep horrific dream of orcs surrounding their
cave while they were unguarded, far from any kin help.

She woke up to the sight of the elf looking down upon her smiling as if it was him who had just
saved her from death. She got up to examine the elf's wound and blackened veins, and to her great
relief she had found the poison to be cured fully by her spell. Suddenly she realized that she was
touching the elven prince-ling's bare chest, examining the wound. Sudden shot of blood made her
cheeks red as she looked up upon the elf's face, which was smiling as if it was nothing unnatural
to him. She retracted her hands immediately as if it was a shock by a bolt of lighting that had
touched her hands.

"My lord.. you are cured of poison. We could get back to the ship and be on our way to

Anarawen said softly trying to sound steady as she could hear her heart beating too fast she
might do a spell to slow it down.

Aldermund said nothing but slowly put his arms around her as if to embrace her tiny figure
covered with the cloak he gave her when he saw her dying on the desolate plains. His keen elfin
ears could hear her fragile yet strong heart beating times faster & louder than normal. Slowly &
softly, he put his lips on her cold forehead, and moved down to the tip of her nose, to her cheeks,
her eyes, then to her jawline, then to the soft hairs near her ears, and he nibbled on her earlobes.
Softly he kissed her ears and said,

"My beloved.."

Then, slowly & gently he kissed her lips as if not to crush her with his elven strength, he
embraced her in his arms like a fragile doll. The stars were aligning perfectly on that moment, and
they shared a light that passed between their closed eyes.

As she rested in his arms, Anarawen whispered,

"My love.."

As she sat weakly beside him & rested her head on Aldermund's chest, she reached up to his
neck and kissed it gently cupping it with her pink soft lips as if she was trying to touch a small
grape that would burst under pressure. She could sense the faint odour of summer blossoms from
her beloved elf and as she sat there, trailing along the line to the indent where his chest meet his
neck with her lips, she said,

"We should make our way to the ships."

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
He lift his hand gently to get a strand of her hair out of the way, gently kissing her forehead,
he said,

"Yes.. my lady.."

They made their way through the woods, the plains and finally to the shore. There was no trace
of the marked enemies on their way, not did they see the elven warrior who had stayed back to
fight while they fled either, except for a lost orc band of five that they were able to slain far too

They reached to part of the shore that was not where they set out from. Thus, they traveled along
the river to get to the ships, and hoped it had not been under attack by the marked creatures. They
set out swiftly on foot, Anarawen stopping now and then to hear the sound of wind & birds to
study the surroundings.

When they neared the elven ships, as expected, it was under attack by the white-hand marked
creatures who flogged along the shore to aim at the ship with their lighted arrows. They were
setting up logs to float up to the ships. The duo ambushed a good number of creatures before their
presence was made known by the scream of one.

They were in battle, with warriors shooting arrows with elven aims from the ship, and they on
the shore, slaying the creatures in combat- Anarawen using her wizardry in nature & Aldermund
his sharp skills in battle. When the troop was slain, they were weary to the point where aid needed
to come to help them up to the ships. They set sail towards Rivendell as the creatures could return
with even greater numbers.

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Anarawen - IX

Chapter 11: Rivendell

They set sail to Rivendell down the river. Much to their comfort, the warrior who had left
behind for them to flee had safely returned to the ships with uncritical wounds. The elvish kind
have a sense of telepathy & sharp observation skills that are inborn; & thus from the instant they
had returned, it had been known by the company that, Aldermund & Anarawen had bound their
fates with more than mere passion or affection in their journey for cure.

On the sail to Rivendell, Anarawen attended to the wounded, though elvish medicines are far
more superior than her herbs & remedies. The elves were so kind to her on the journey that she
had started to feel like she had been born & raised with their kind.

At nights, she would stand on Aldermund's side to watch the stars as they held hands. He
would embrace her when the wind got too cold or strong and shelter her with his cloak as if an
element that she could command is capable of hurting her.

She would command the icy water to shoot up in droplets to tease and tingle his fair elfin face,
and as an apology she would gently wipe the water off his face and give him a soft tumble of lips
on the hairs near his ears. The eminent traces of danger in middle earth around them had not
frightened them enough to restrain from love and affection.

Three days they sailed west and then to the north towards Rivendell as fast as the wind
permitted, and they reached. The folks of Rivendell greeted and treated them as Royal guests. As
they entered the hall of Elrond, Aldermund & Anarawen were given seats on the side, & the
Lord Elrond sat accompanied by his wise daughter, Arwen, on his side.

"What have brought you here Aldermund? Is there any bidding from your father?"

asked Lord Elrond.

"Nay, My Lord. We have come here to warn you of the creatures marked with white-hand on
their helms that roam in the south of east, not far from the mountains."

answered Aldermund.

"Yes. We have encountered these creatures. They are the abominations of elf and orc bred in the
dungeons of Isengard. Saruman's mark is upon them as Saruman has joined Sauron. These
creatures are stronger and faster than orc and elf. You must warn your kinfolk in Mirkwood of
such creatures. We have sent swift-foots to your kinfolk though we have yet to receive them

Lord Elrond seemed concerned as he spoke of the warriors he sent to Mirkwood. In that
moment of silence, Arwen spoke:

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"And who may you be my lady, lady of nature it seems that you have such earthly yet godly
appearance, as if you could command nature itself to do your tidings."

Anarawen was embarrassed by such importance given to her by an elven princess. She knelt
down slightly respectfully and said,

"Your Highness, I am Anarawen, daughter of Eldalote Sáralondë, Lady of Helcaraxë. Your wise
fore-vision is true as I practice the laws of nature and am able to command the elements at will. "

"And my fated companion.."

said Aldermund. Anarawen looked upon him with an endearing affection barely hiding her joy
for being such an important one for Aldermund.

"Very well. Rest well my kins, after your tiring journey. You look weary. Let Rivendell be your
home for now till you set out for Mirkwood."

said Lord Elrond smiling and overjoyed by the companionship in front of him.

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Anarawen - X

Chapter 12: Sunset on Blossoms

The morning after came too quickly. Anarawen had barely woken up, when the light hit her soft
face, and the wind caressed her hair, as if asking her to enjoy the wondrous glory of Rivendell
under the morning rays. As she passed down the stairs, she was mesmerized by the sight of such
beauty undisturbed by war or threat. She wanted to practice her wizardry in this city surrounded
by remarkably peaceful and rich mother nature.

As she followed the maiden sent for her, she was already thinking of spells she have yet to
practice after she had fallen to the deathly spell in the battle near Helcaraxë. She enjoyed the
heavenly foods of elves quietly, as she sat by Aldermund's side.

"Have you enough? I have decided to let ourselves rest and enjoy Rivendell's nature for two
dawns, and we return to Mirkwood."

"Yes.. my lord."

Anarawen answered Aldermund's first words of the day.

"Amin merna uma istoramin.. Heruamin.. (I wish to practice my spells.. my lord.)"

She told him softly, and softly he answered,

"Manka lle merna.. (If you wish..) Amin caela noa.. (I have an idea.) I will take you to the falls
of Imladris."

"Diola lle.. Yaaraer.. (Thank you.. ancient one.)"

"Yaaraer?.. (ancient one?). Remember.. Amin quessir.. (I'm an elf).. and a prince-ling in our

Aldermund said bemused by her attempt to tease him. Afterwards, they walked to the falls of
Imladris, and as they passed the bridge of Rivendell, the gleam of the sun sparkling against the
flow of the stream caught her in her steps. As she stopped and breathed in the air, the sun, the earth
and the leaves around, she felt joy and longing at the same time as if there was something inside
her that was against herself in that moment.

Aldermund stopped to look back at her and came towards, and as he stood beside her looking at
the falls under the bridge of Rivendell, he said no word yet discreetly studied her as his elvish ears
could hear her heart beats turned fast from slow in a short while. Then he spoke,

"Arwenamin.. A'melamin.. sina menea.. (my lady.. my love.. this way..)"

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And they walked until they could see the falls majestically reflecting the rays of sun, roaring
in every step it took, as if claiming its strength and beauty.

"Tanya farnuva.. (this will do..) Amin uma istoramin.. ( I could practice my spells..)"

said Anarawen, clearly overjoyed by the nature around her. Aldermund gently kissed her cheek
and said,

"As you wish my dear. I will be in the forest nearby."

They practiced their skills until the sun had passed high upon their heads and down to the other
side in the sky, Anarawen practiced her magic and Aldermund his bowing. She had long decided
to rest when Aldermund walked by to the clearing she made, and she had grown quite a few twirls
of vines wounded up the trees around. Aldermund was amused by her command in nature which
seemed to cause nothing but growth with vines.

Aldermund sat down beside Anarawen, who was sitting against a tree by the falls. Quietly they
observed nature and felt the peace of wind and trees, and Anarawen listened to the birds, the trees
and the wind bringing her news from afar. Butterflies seemed to have found a home in the trees in
the forest, and wound and wound they went above their heads, enjoying their flights. Anarawen

"Amin yala onna en' alu.. (I summon water element..)"

A string of water shot up from the falls and sprinkled upon Aldermund's fair face, startling the
calm elf to jump up towards, in front of her. She giggled, and gazed upon Aldermund with
adoration. Aldermund realizing that it was no danger, sat back down with a smile in his eyes, and
she used the piece of fabric she had around her belt to wipe the water off his fairest elvish face. As
she did so, she admired and caressed the pointed ears of his elfin nature and studied it as if it was
a wonder of nature itself. He took her hand and pressed it onto his lips, pulled her near and gave
her countless gentle kisses with a tight embrace.

The moss blossomed around them as she lay silently in his embrace watching the sun went down
over the horizon. Slowly, she reached up to his pointy ears that she adored and kissed them gently,
and his embrace went tighter as she quietly settled back into his arms, sitting by the tree. When
dusk came, though reluctantly, she said,

"Lye anta est.. (We need to rest..)"

They walked back to the house of Elrond, and as they passed the bridge of Rivendell,
Aldermund stopped and whispered as he looked into her eyes,

"Oio naa elealla alasse', Lirimaer.. Khila amin.. Uuma auta.. (Ever is your sight a joy, lovely
one.. follow me.. do not leave..)"

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"Heruamin.. belegohtar.. curucuar.. Cormlle naa tanya tel'raa.. Detholalle.. Heruamin..
A'maelamin (My Lord.. mighty warrior.. great bowman.. your heart is of a lion.. and as you
wish.. My Lord.. My Beloved..)"

Anarawen answered with eyes shining silver under the moonlight, and they shared a kiss that
sealed their fates together under the forces of mysterious moonlight witnessed by the wind, stars,
water and earth.

As they reached the house of Elrond, Aldermund sent Anarawen back to her chambers, and as
he kissed her on her forehead before he left, he said,

"Quel kaima.. A'maelamin.. (Sleep well.. my beloved..)"

Aldermund spent two days and two nights in Rivendell, with Anarawen, under the care of the
kinfolks, and it was time to go back to Mirkwood, his home, his kingdom and home of the wood-

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Anarawen - XI

Chapter 13: The Hills

They set out on steeds from Rivendell to Mirkwood. They were to cross the hills, the plains &
enter the woodlands surrounding the home of elves. As Lord Elrond & his daughter, princess
Arwen sent them off to the gates, Lord Elrond said,

"Beware of the orcs, Aldermund, for these times are not the times to travel lightly."

"Yes, my lord. I will pass your biddings to my father Thranduil."

answered Aldermund.

As a parting gift, Arwen had given Anarawen a sword, both fair and light, yet strong and sharp
as any other elvish sword, wrought with the lighest metals by elven blacksmiths, after she learnt
that Anarawen was taught to fend herself by means of combat as well.

They drove their steeds east towards the misty mountains. They were to cross the path between
the feet of mountains, across the plains where Eyries guard from the skies for orcs. Then they were
to cross Anduin, the river east of misty mountains. When the misty mountains were near, from
their keen elven eyes, the elves could see and sense that nothing was amiss and they could pass
safely, thus they went towards of the hill path.

As they went into the vaguely surrounding filled with mist and cold, their cloaks had changed
into the shades that had blended them with nature. They went on, cautiously yet swiftly, as they
wished to cross this path between the mountains before nightfall, the gallops of their horses were
echoing in the mists, turning the day even more wearisome. Out of a sudden, an eyrie shrieked in
high shrills, and Anarawen said,

"Orcs!.. Orcs!.. North of the moutains.. Be quick! The eyrie had seen us as well.."

They raced towards Anduin river, and the orcs were behind. They were able to slain quite a few
from afar with the aim of elves. Their arrows did nothing to deter them, and the orcs went after
them until they were far in the plains, and near Anduin, as if the orcs were afraid of the plains and
the light that made them vulnerably visible to attack.

They crossed Anduin where it gave way to a daughter branch to Misty Mountains; the water
was low, flowing seamlessly over the stones making a kind of harmony that was of earthly
tranquility. They reached the forest gates that trailed into Mirkwood, where the elf path began, and
Aldermund said,

"Trod closely.. as the path is near to the homes of ungols.. those who touch their webs never
could leave, by the binds and the poison.. The webs are strong as the dwarf metals and could not
be untangled once caught.."

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Anarawen said nothing but nodded, as the quiet and the gloomy appearance of the Mirkwoods,
under what was left of sunlight, had caused her to be weary. They took the path slowly holding
their elven glows in the night that showed their ways, first to the east, and then to the north towards
the forest river, which they would have to cross to get to King Thranduil's halls. So they went.
Ungols were seen often on the side of the elven path but never did they disturb the elves, as the
path was guarded by elven templa.

They crossed the forest river in the night because they wished not to stay in the forest at night
where ungols could ambush them and poison them with ease. They reached the King's halls after
midnight, when the moon was shining brightly amidst the silky sky. They crossed the bridge
towards the stone doors of King Thranduil's and Aldermund put his right hand on the wall where
a circle in a star is curved out and whispered,

"Amin aaye heru amin.."

The stone high doors gave way to let the company in, and they walked in with the steeds on
their sides, into the halls of King Thranduil, the King of wood elves in the Kingdom of Mirkwood.
As Anarawen walked along side the elves, her heart was pounding and she desperately wanted to
do a spell to slow it down. She had yet to find out what would unfold next and though she would
deny if asked, she wanted to be in Helcaraxë at that moment.

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Anarawen - XII

Chapter 14: Thranduil's Halls

Led by Aldermund, Anarawen went into the halls of King Thranduil, followed by the rest of the
company. The elven warriors were delighted to be back in these halls after what seemed like a
long winding journey. It only took a few dawns and they were in both Lothlorien and Rivendell,
within such a short journey. New fated bonds had sufficed along the path and some members of
the comapny were joyful yet felt uneasy by the fated binding of Aldermund and Anarawen.

"Creoso utinuamin.. (Welcome my son..) Is there any news for us from kinfolks in Lothlorien
and Rivendell?"

asked King Thranduil holding out his arms as if welcoming Aldermund and Aldermund

"No, father. We were ambushed by creatures of Sauruman that were neither orc nor elf, but
stronger and faster, in the woods by Anduin and Misty Mountains. These creatures were bred in
the dungeons of Isengard, the doings of Sauruman who had now joined Sauron. Lord Elrond had
bid me to warn you of these creatures."

"I have been warned of these by the swift-foots from Rivendell, who had set back out to home a
day ago.. Had you seen them on their way?"

"No, father. Lord Elrond had been concerned of their well-beings as well, lest they be attacked
and slain by the enemies."

Perhaps, we must join forces with them when the great battle is eminent. I have chosen to fight
by the side of mortal men against Sauron for middle-earth in their battle. The time of men is not
far, we elves, those that have chosen it, would be leaving the shores soon.

As Aldermund and King Thranduil were exchanging words, the rest of the company were
leaving the halls for their chambers to rest. Anarawen, led by a maiden, went to her chamber
adorned with scents of silk and blossoms in the air.

When all had gone out of the hall, Thranduil asked Aldermund,

"Thus I see you bringing the mortal girl back to Mirkwood. What reason have you to bring her
back after Galadriel have cured her well?"

"My lord, I have chosen her to be my fate, may it be a mortal one."

answered Aldermund, kneeling in front of his father, with his eyes on the ground. King
Thranduil did nothing but smile and said,

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"I have seen as much when you brought the girl here, Aldermund. Have you known her origins
and the reasons of the word you claimed to hear that she have whispered, "neuma"? These must
be known to us now for you have chosen to walk the path of faith with her, even when it means
you would be a mortal when overwhelmed with grief when she has perished as all mortals do."

"Forgive me father for I have yet to find these. I would do so from now on."

"Very well. Then I have nothing more to say. Remember, though you are not the heir to the
throne, you are still the prince-ling of Mirkwood and the good of your kins must be considered
before the good of your own. The companion & the fate you choose, change I will not as it is not
for me to change the fate of others."

King Thranduil waved from his chair, giving him permission to leave, and Aldermund quietly
left the halls. He had now realized that he had yet to ask Anarawen of her kingdom and kinfolks,
and discreet that she was she had never shared in many instants the news of her folks when they
were in Rivendell. He wished not to disturb her rest after a long journey at the ungodly hours for
any matter yet. The next dawn would come, he thought, with the patience of an elf.

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Anarawen XIII

Chapter 15: Sanavaldo Ilúvala

Anarawen decided to walk along the edge of the river towards the waterfall where she was
practicing her spells with Aldermond a few days earlier. To her surprise, the wilderness in
Mirkwoood was almost untouched, clearly carefully curated by the detailed hands of the best of
Elven gardeners and elders. She was able to glimpse at the river from her room up in the House of
Mirkwood. The grandeur of the green woods and the hospitality of the Elves had cured her fatigue
from the ambush battle just days ago. It seemed as if it had been years since she had got here. She
felt safe and sound.

She decided to find a few plants and roots to make a tonic potion for herself. She was quite
surprised by the variety of ancient and rare plants she was never able to find in most forests she
ventured in the past. These ancient beings are very good with nature and nurture indeed. She heard
Aldermond from somewhere very close behind her.

"Nin mel..."

As always, he had sneaked up on her with his quiet elven steps.

"Nih hir..?"

"My lord...?"

"You nearly startled me. Becareful, my vines could choke you, nin hir.."

Aldermond, smiling, looked down on her and kissed her forehead.

"I think I will live..."

"Im ceri- ú- anír- na negr- cin." (I do not want to hurt you.)

"Cin fragile being, cin thi- tired. It's time to rest."

Aldermond slowly took Anarawen's hands softly and led her back to the House of Mirkwood.
As they reached the long and winding stairways leading to the resting chambers, Aldermond took
her along from a different path she had never walked before. She was not bold enough to venture
further than the path she first walked through in the House of Mirkwood, in fear that she might
disturb those residing in it, for being only merely a guest of Aldermond. They reached a chamber
overlooking her chamber and the river. She was surprised and secretly glad that she was given a
chamber nearby Aldermond's own.

"Im could see cin in elena a anor. Hi na- nin sammath." (I could see you in stars and sun. This
is my chambers.)

"Nin mel.."

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Aldermond smiled, looking down on her Auburn locks, and with soft spoken words, he said,

"Yes, Nin híril.."

He softly caressed and removed a lock from her face softly with care and gently kissed her head
to smell the forest and blossoms in her hair. She looked up into his eyes with the brightness of the
thousand stars in two little dots of dark amber.

Aldermond lifted her from her feet - and as she was in the dark forest where he found her - she
was light, fragile and small with bewildered and bemused expression of surprise and delight.
Anarawen giggled until she lost her breath. Aldermond watched her patiently down on her until
she rested her amber eyes on him again as if she was trying to look through his mind. Aldermond
wondered if she had the ability to perceive inklings of other beings' thoughts. It bewildered
Aldermond, and he slowly laid her down on his massive chamber. As he kissed her forehead softly
and caressed her cheek on the side of her face, he said,

"Man dú nin híril." (Goodnight my lady.)

As Aldermond finished caressing the side of her face with his lips and got up to leave, she
pulled his cloak towards her and laid him closer to her. As if she had never felt the softness of an
elf's skin, her hands very gently found their way around his neck and gently felt the touch of his
elven lips on hers as he bent closer. As she un-cloaked layers and layers of his and as he hers, she
marveled at the lines on his elven figure. Under the moonlight, his fair elven body glistened and
Anarawen touched his sparkling chest with her hands as if to find out if there was ancient elven
light emitting out of Aldermond. Anarawen slowly nibbled on his earlobes softly as to not hurt the
elven prince-ling. A sudden drag and a lift surprised her. Suddenly she was being held in the air
by the elf. He slowly lowered her down and kissed her on the lips softly biting it as if he wanted
to eat her.

As she was rested on him, Anarawen moved her lips from his lips, to his jaw, to his neck, and
to his chest, carefully lining every grove, every line with a touch of her lips. As she caressed his
bones and muscles with her lips, she wondered at the strength of his elvish figure. Aldermond
lifted her from her waist and rested her beside him, only to find himself locked above her tiny
figure. As her hands slowly moved from his neck to his face, he caught and held it tightly yet softly
and looked into her eyes to find the meaning of stars and moons aligning. The moon light was
caressing their bare bodies, as they played the tug of war of magic and power through the night..
It seemed as though fate had always been on their side.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
Anarawen XIV

Chapter 16: Mirkwood Luhta

Anarawen rose up to the first morning light under the sheets. She hoped yet not to find the elf
in her disarrayed state, and decided to quietly try to find him and stealthily return to her chambers
without him noticing, but he was no longer on the chamber with her. To her surprise, she found a
dress hung up in the next annex room, with a gold comb and a silver mirror. Aldermond must have
left them for her. Anarawen left the chambers after donning what she had been given and went to
her chambers, from a new route this time. The beauty of Mirkwood had never ceased to amaze her
with its goodness and never-ending immortal light.

The eventful encounter with Aldermond yesternight had kept her in a confused and euphoric
state the whole day. She decided that it was the best time to practice her spell casting abilities and
her potion forumlas, as it seemed like the right place and the right mind. It seemed as if there was
nothing that could distract her from pure joy she would gain from successfully casting a new spell.
She decided to venture again into the Mirkwood forest, but this time on a different direction.

To no surprise, elves were meticulous immortal beings with their zeal in finding and practicing
new magic, in their most comfortable fortress, Mirkwood. The forest seemed prettier than the
previous days, and it could have been Anarawen's euphoria or because it was a new part of the
forest. Anarawen was not sure if she should even try to return to Helcaraxë, her homeland. Afterall,
she was of the House of Helcaraxë, and she had learnt and seen what was there to learn and see
there, and she was out on her own to explore what was left to explore, outside of her normal
roaming regions. That was how she ended up in mortal danger and that was why the elf found her,
on his diplomatic venture that turn combatant on the way home.


She heard a small noise, slightly cloaked, but it sounded like it was only a broken branch. She
decided to find out what it was. She found a group of young elves gathering leaves very quietly.
She was happy to find them as she was also looking for new roots and plants to practice making
potions. With much delight, she joined them on their extended agricultural trip. She had not seen
such an eye-widening collection of herbs and plants in one forest, and it had not intimidated nor
deterred her from collecting a full basket. As she was turning back, for she saw elves preparing to
leave, she heard someone behind her said,

"We would be having a feast to celebrate finding enough medicine for the season, tonight. You
are most welcomed to join us, my lady. Bring this branch to the occasion."

As the beautiful elf with light blue eyes said this, she handed her a small branch with a few
leaves on it. Anarawen, perplexed, took the green branch handed to her. She was ecstatic to be
included in their spiritual gathering of the wizards. Now, she completely felt at home. As they
entered the halls of the House of Mirkwood, dinner was ready. It was a good quiet feast with a few
quiet murmurs among those sitting side by side. It was the most civilized, and joyful feast she had
ever seen in her whole life. She was greeted with a smile by the young elven lady who handed her
the branch in the evening. As they all finished the feast, the young elven maiden came over with a

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
smile on her face and led her out into the fields outside the halls. There was a bonfire where elves,
some she had met during the evening and some she had never met, gathered around. They all had
one thing in common; they each had a branch in their hands.

As she joined the young elven lady who led her the way, she gave her a place beside her to sit
and she said,

" Im estel cin are eithel nin híril." (I hope you are well my lady.)

"I had never been better, my lady."

"My name is Tauriel. I am the leader of the troops, Warrior Shield Maiden of Mirkwood."

"Me, Anarawen, my lady. I practice command of the four elements of nature."

As they were conversing, Tauriel was passed a beautiful marble bowl filled with gold-sprinkled
eggs inside. Anarawen marveled at the beauty of the bowl and the egg, under the lights of both the
moon and the fire. Tauriel silently accepted the bowl, took an egg out of the bowl and put it in her
mouth. When she had done that, she passed the bowl to Anarawen, this time only on the ground,
pushing it towards her.

"It is heavy."

Mesmerized and wide-eyed, Anarawen nodded, and took an egg out of the bowl to place in her
mouth, and pushed the bowl towards the other elf sitting beside her who took the bowl with her
hands and a smile. She tasted different layers of sweetness and bitterness, all becoming one in her
"What concoction would this be my lady?"

"It is traditional food, like Lambus bread, only this is not for hunger nor survival, but pleasure
and for ceremonious occasions."

Feeling a little sheepish, Tauriel started taking off the laves of the branch she had and rolled the
leaves into a ciger. She gestured Anarawen to do the same, with a smile. Anarawen rolled a few
leaves into a rounded, blunt-ended roll. She knew enough that this would be to be huffed and
puffed, as tobacco rolls that Gandalf liked to inhale. She lighted her roll of leaves with the light
from the bonfire, and started enjoying the smoke that came out of the burn. She decided to keep
the rest of the leaves on the branch, as she was not sure whether it would be wise to smoke all of
the leaves and be out-of-step in the bonfire dance. Afterall, Aldermond was watching her.

As the night matured into a full moon, she was fully sensing the presence of the natural elements,
as well as the immortal beings around her. She was able to command the four elements more easily,
and playing with fire, had made her particularly popular with little elf-lings joining the crowd for
the dance. Anarawen had yet to encounter such joyous and active gathering of the elves, ever, since
they were the first wood elves she had encountered. As the moon passed shining above their heads
across the sky, she became too tired. She left with Aldermond to her chambers, as she needed to
rest for the night. Tomorrow, seemed like a never ending journey of magic and feasts...

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Anarawen - IX

Chapter 17: The Proposal

A few days had passed since Anarawen had attended the winter feast of the medicine gatherers.
Mirkwood had cured her of ailness and sorrow and she had just begun to sense a growing longing
to stay where she was forever. After all, home is where your heart is. Suddenly, she realized that
someone was watching her intently. She turned around to find Aldermond watching her from his
chambers above. She smiled at him, not knowing if he could see her smile. It seemed as if he could,
as he was no longer at the windows after a short moment.

Anarawen decided to fix her chambers into a beautiful nature-inclined environment. She decided
to adorn the bed posts and furnitures with twirls of vines that had flowers in blossom. After all,
what good use would command of nature be, if she couldn't make her own dwelling better.

As expected, it only took a few moments for Aldermond to reach her chambers. As he entered
the chambers, he said,

"Would cin dab- nin na taeth- cín hands na sab- an uir, nin híril?" (Would you allow me to tie
your hands to mine for eternity, my lady?)

Anarawen was startled by such swift and sudden request of the elf and she had no other thing
to say but,

"Yes, my lord, of course."

Aldermond smiled and lifted a twirl of her auburn locks from her forehead gently and said,

"Forgive me for my ignorance, my lady."

And so... their fate of companionship was sealed.

Chapter 18: The Betrothal

As Aldermond and Anarawen stepped out into the field filled with audience, kind elvin kin who
were adorned with ceremonial embellishments, Anarawen was mesmerized by the sheer massive
force of beauty and light of every being surrounding them. She had only started to realize that this
was not Helcaraxë. She was able to spot the wizards from where she was standing. They seemed
to be enjoying the joyful occassion.

An elder elf, who was also both a great wizard and a warrior in his old days, in a white rope,
stood in front of them. There was only a small marble stand between them and him. He silently
pointed out to the silver bowl on the stand. There was water in it, that glistened with a white light.
When Anarawen stole a glance into the bowl, it seemed as if she was able to see her past, present
and future all in her mind. The silver light was pure ancient Elven magic.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova). 
The elder elf gestured at them to put their hands in the bowl and as they did so, a twirl of silver
vines grew towards their wrists, from the water, binding their hands tight in thick silver vines of
twirls and knots. They were now betrothed. A cold white light then covered their hands as far as
the twirls could reach. Their hands were immersed in the cold water in the bowl, and Anarawen
had felt as if she was able to see Aldermond's past, present and future in that moment. Sealed is
their fate now, Anarawen thought.

As the silver vines dispersed into the thin air as silver fumes, Anarawen wondered what was
next. The most joyous feast for the occasion had been planned, as it turned out. They feasted and
danced until dusk. When the dusk arrived, they lighted the fires in the field and feasted a great
feast filled with thunderous laughter and un-stoppable dances. Aldermond and Anarawen joined
in on their kin folks' dances a few times, until they excused themselves politely to rest in their
chambers. The kin folks and the King of Mirkwood politely allowed them to be dismissed for the
night, even though the night went on with laughter and dance in the big halls and around the
bonfires in the field.

Aldermond and Anarawen spent a beautiful peaceful evening watching the stars and the full-
moon from their chamber, bigger than both of theirs. They spent the night in complete peace and

Chapter 19: House of Helcaraxë

A week later, to Anarawen's surprise, the House of Helcaraxë, her father and mother, had arrived
to see their daughter off. She felt a little guilty not letting them know or letting them in on her
betrothal. It seemed as if they had forgiven her for not including them. They seemed relieved and
bid her farewell on their way home. They did not intend to stay long, they said, on arrival and as
they said so, they were only in Mirkwood for a few days. As they hastened their departure, they
were silent even though they were obviously happy for their daughter. Anarawen was not sure
whether to be perplexed or worried. As they had important matters to discuss with a few beings
on their route back to Helcaraxë, they intended to not stay longer than expected, they said.
Anarawen could always visit them in Helcaraxë in the future and now she just needed to soak in
the joyous state.

As Anarawen bid her farewells to the House of Helcaraxë leaving Mirkwood, she decided to
travel to Helcaraxë sooner or later, when the time was right, with Aldermond accompanying her.
As she did so, a tear silently dropped down her cheeks as if it couldn't be stopped.

Chapter 20: Cuil

As time passed by, Anarawen went on practicing her spells and her command of nature. She
was given a seat along with the wizards of Mirkwood. She was to protect and nurture Mirkwood
with her abilities, and she did well in her tasks, what was asked of her.

Aldermond, became a general of the elven troops, and he was particularly effective at ambush.
Thus, he commanded a small yet compact force that guards the throne and the halls of the House
of Mirkwood.

  ®Righted and ©Copyrighted to Su Htwe Cho (Ananova).