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Group 2 :


HERLEN (A21612047)



SISMA SARI (A21612065)

Leaturer :

Surya Darma SE, S.Pd M.Si


YEAR 2018/2019
Answering on the phone

Indah : hello is it true with herlen nurse ?

Sisma : sorry iam patner from nurse herlen

Indah : is there his number ? My not share to me

Sisma : yes of course wait a minute

A few moment later …

Sisma : yes this number is 08xxxxxx

Indah : okay thank you

Rizka : hello this is who

Indah : it this a barrel right with herlen nurse

Havis : not me ,but herlen in my sister ,right I will call

Herlen : hello anyone ?

Indah : this herlen sir havis yes?

Herlen : iam right now who iam talking to who ?

Indah : wow you right indah ?

Indah : yeah iam have fun can listen to you

Herlen : okay thank you so much

Indah : see you latter


Rizka : good afternoon mam, can i help you

Indah : yes nun, I am calling this morning, I want to see a doctor

Rizka : Well mam, I will contact the nurse, first to the nurse

Indah : Ok

Rizka : with rizka nurse?

Herlen : yes, Whasup sis

Rizka : there is a new patient want to see doctor hariadi

Herlen : Yes, the doctor is coming soon

Rizka : Ok

Rizka : his doctor will come soon, please wait there mam, you’r name will be called

Herlen : mam susi

Sisma : ( Comeing ) good afternoon doctor

Havis : good afternoon , please sit down can i help you ?

Sisma ;doctor, I want to check my content because I was already in 9 months pregnancy

havis : ok, well please weigh first

sisma :84kg, please mam lie down...

(doctors check the patient. after checking the patient, the nurse straightens the tool, the patient is

Havis :mam, the baby is already in the hip, the possibility of labor 5-7 days away. I will
give you a letter for delivery, a recipe for vitamins for mothers and babies in pharmacies

Sisma : oke doc, thank you

Havis : how much does it cost?

Rizka : 200 for his doctor's services

Indah : I want to buy medicine, where is his pharmacy

Rizka : pharmacies are to the left of the musholah mam

Indah : ok, thank you

Indah : excuse me

havis : yes, can i help you

indah : I want to make up for the medicine given by the doctor

havis : oh, yes mam wait a minute

(dispensing medicine)

Havis : mam, this is the medicine, taken 2 times a day morning after meal, night before

indah : ok, ya sis how much it costs

havis : Rp.100.000

indah : thank you

havis : Your welcome

In an Emergency Room

Sisma sari: Sus, Please my friend. He wa suddenly unconscious on the sidewalk

Rizka Aulia: Ok, I Will check his TTV, later the doctor will come here and check the situation
further. But, before that the contents of the registration in the administrative room

Sisma sari: well sus, I will spatial administration

Alhavista Bella: How is this patient’ condition?

Rizka Aulia; this patient had a low blooad pressure dock and she wa limp

Alhavista Bella; please give him a drip to give him a little anergy and give him food if he is

Rizka Aulia; good dock

( At anither place)

Indah Lestari: Can I help you sir

Sisma sari: I want to make a registration of patients who are in the emergency room

Indah Lestari: are you his family?

Sisma sari: no, no, I’m his friend

Indah Lestari: if so, can you call, his family

Sisma sari: Ok

Sisma sari: Hello, sisma mother

Herlen: yes, what is up?

Sisma Sari: I’m a friend of sisma, and he wa with me, then suddenly he fainted on the street, and
now he took me to the hospital in the emergency room

Herlen: Ok. Thank you for felling me I’ii be there soon and please keep him until he gets there

Sisma sari: All right ma;am

Accepting patient complain
Nurse : can I help you

Rizka ; yes of course I want to ceck my help he what should I do firstly

Havis : firstly you go to the registration room ,then wait a moments we will call you do you

Rizka : yes,I see thank a lot

Nurse : mis rizka

Indah ; can I help you

Rizka : yes I want to check heatly

Riza: how about my healty doctor ?

Indah : it okay no problem with ypour help

Rizka ; why I feel sicknes with my waist

indah : actualy if you \often feel sick at around your waist ,its means that you have problem

sisma :hallo asalamu’alaikum mom

herlen :wa’alaikumsalam how are you sisma

sisma :I am fine mom,how about you

herlen:I hope so,I fine too

sisma :when you will come back I miss you

sisma:iam busy now ,may be next week

sisma :I always wait for you coming mom

herlen:iam so sorry my beloved