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Since May 2005

Volume 14 Issue 13 FREE October 12, 2018

Sullivan’s Island • Isle of Palms • Goat Island • Dewees Island

Keeping kids
out of foster

harleston Halos is the mixed bag of
Lowcountry charities. Since their BY SUSAN HILL SMITH
founding in 1997 by Dr. Eve Spratt, FOR ISLAND EYE NEWS
their operations have been primarily
funded by grants from The Sisters of
Charity Foundation of SC, The Duke
Endowment, and a smidgen of individual
donations. The Medical University of
South Carolina (MUSC) child psychiatrist
found a hole in access to public assistance
for young victims of abuse/neglect in the
tri-county area she wanted to patch.
The term ‘Kinship Care’ wasn’t coined Bicycling the Isle of Palms connector - so much easier
by Charleston Halos (Halos) according than expected. PHOTOS PROVIDED
to Kim Clifton, Executive Director, but

it is the condition they work to improve. sle of Palms City Council Member Susan Hill
Though it is not readily recognized, the Smith accepted a challenge issued by the non-
intuitive expression describes families profit advocacy group Charleston Moves for
circling the wagons to care for their own elected officials to take at least one trip a day by
in hard times. The effort keeps kids out foot, bike or bus for eight days in celebration of Car
of foster care at a rate of 25-1 with Halos’ Free Week. Here are excerpts from a journal of her
help, with 57,000 SC kids currently living efforts to get out and move.
with ‘kin’, meaning relatives or close
Saturday, Sept. 22
family friends.
I stayed on Isle of Palms and did not drive or ride
All too often, this means they’re
in a motor vehicle all day.
living with grandparents or other family
In the morning, I walked to the beach and back
members already living on social security
with our family's two dogs. We are fortunate to live
(SS) or otherwise living week-to-week.
two and a half blocks away from the ocean, but my
These fractured families often bypass the
husband and I usually golf cart to the access path
SC Department of Social Services with its
at the end of our street.
built-in access to social services. Halos’
It was a brilliant day for a beach walk, and I
fills the gap with its unique combination
chatted with friends, including one resident who
of dedicated staff, and unique technology.
wants the city to do more maintenance of our beach
Benefit Bank Counseling is one
access paths.
several tools in Halos’ arsenal, says
Midday, I ran errands by bike, visiting Delta
Clifton. The service includes the Benefit
Pharmacy and Harris Teeter grocery store - and I
Bank Software System (BBSS), which
remembered to bring my reusable bags. The stores
enables Halos’ counselors to sift through
are only about half a mile away from my house, Ellen Smith shows how she takes CARTA Express to
benefits families have earned. Temporary
but I would usually drive over to shop. I used my her work at Hollings Cancer Center most weekdays.
friend’s pink beach cruiser, which had a basket
Halos continues on page 10 that helped me get my groceries back home, but I Transportation continues on page 8


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October 12, 2018

Isle of Palms Sullivan’s Island

Mayor’s Message Town Council
espite the warm weather, fall is here! The City has great events M E E T I N G S E P T. 2 5
coming up this time of year you can’t miss.
The Ghostly Tide Tales will be held on Friday, Oct. 19 from 6:30- BY GREGG BRAGG
7:30 p.m. at the 25th Ave. beach access path. Bring your friends and ISLAND EYE NEWS STAFF WRITER
neighbors to the beach to listen to local haunting stories as you sit by an
open campfire. Remember to bring a chair, blanket and a flashlight.

Also, don’t miss the all-time favorite Halloween Carnival from 5-7 p.m. he pledge was recited and prayers were offered to open
on Oct. 31 at the Rec. The City will have games for all ages, jump castles, the Sept. 25 meeting of the Town of Sullivan’s Island
face painting, Halloween candy, prizes and more! The always entertaining Town Council (TOSI). Credit/blame goes to Hurricane
costume contest starts at 5:30 p.m. Florence for a week’s delay holding this month’s gathering,
Let me share some important updates related to City business. City normally scheduled for the third Tuesday each month. The
Council unanimously approved keeping the City’s millage rate at the current meeting was well attended, despite the forced reschedule and
rate of $24.70 per $1,000 of assessed value, which is sufficient to produce a lengthy agenda. Reasons for the abundant participation
tax revenue needed for the budget. The City of Isle of Palms has not raised were quickly apparent.
property taxes since tax year 2015. Citizen’s comments led the way, and single use plastics
City Council also approved a contract to Coastal Science and Engineering topped the list of concerns. Mayor O’Neil sent a letter to
to conduct post-project monitoring and surveying activities associated constituents late last summer saying it was time for TOSI to
with the 2018 beach nourishment project, as required by the permitting do something about the very complex issue. Councilmember
agencies. The monitoring work is expected to begin in January 2019. Rita Langley and the rest of TOSI defined the “something,”
Improving and expanding the City’s drainage infrastructure remains one and had a plastic banning ordinance on the agenda for its
of the City’s top priorities. The City received proposals for the comprehensive first of three readings. Despite TOSI’s celebrated intent to
redesign project of the drainage outfalls at 30th Ave., 3605 Waterway join a growing list of coastal communities to ban single use
Boulevard and 41st Ave. The Planning Commission is evaluating these plastics, residents weren’t taking any chances.
proposals and will make a recommendation to City Council for an award of Island resident Sherry Coish has been living on the island
a contract to the most qualified firm that bests meet the City’s needs. for 40 years. The avid walker says she picks up all the plastic
Instead of spending on our wants, this City Council is committed on trash/bags she would ever want (for home use/recycling)
taking care of our needs first. Another top priority for this City Council is while touring the island. Her observation made the reason
repairing the Public Safety Building. The Real Property Committee is working for supporting ordinance 2018-06 crystal clear.
diligently to identify the best design-build team to tackle this restoration Allison Bourland showed up with the consummate 8"x10"
project. Our Police and Fire Departments deserve only the best. color glossy pictures with circles and arrows…” of plastic
Please follow the City’s official Facebook and Twitter account and stay
connected with the most up-to-date City related information. SI Council continues on page 3
Jimmy Carroll, Mayor

October 12, 2018
Lucky Dog Publishing
use of reusable checkout bags and 70% improvement in efficiency.
SI Council continues from page 2
recyclable paper carryout bags The effort will take approximately o f SC, LL C
trash littering Sullivan’s Island. and food containers, banning 9 months to complete, he Publisher of the
She didn’t bring enough for the use of single-use plastic bags concluded. The expense was
for retail checkout of purchased approved unanimously. The Island Eye News
everybody, so the stack had to be
passed amongst the crowd. Faces goods, use of polystyrene food Mayor O’Neil opened his and The Island Connection
twitched and noses wrinkled containers, Polystyrene cups remarks by thanking Gress, along
in witness to the mess, as each and plastic straws. Further, to with all the Town’s departments
attendee took a turn with the improve and maintain the pristine for a job well done in preparing for
photographs. Bourland didn’t beach and ocean Environment Hurricane Florence (later echoed
need to say much else. However, of the Town of Sullivan’s Island, by council member Clark). “It
it seemed like nothing could stop single-use plastic bags, plastic didn’t hit us, but we were ready,”
the next presentation. straws, polystyrene coolers, he said. The mayor concluded by
Izzy Leitch is a young woman and polystyrene food containers reminding attendees October is
with uncanny public speaking and cups will be prohibited…” Breast Cancer Awareness month. Lynn Pierotti
skills. Accompanied but according to meeting materials. “A friend and co-worker, one of lynn@luckydognews.com
unassisted by her parents, Leitch TOSI’s exercise in leadership the fittest people I know, was publisher
towered at the podium. She cited could put pressure on Charleston, [recently] diagnosed,” he said,
facts harvested from National Kiawah, Seabrook, and Edisto to before the town administrator’s Katy Calloway
Geographic, the American consider similar ordinances. report. katy@luckydognews.com
Chemistry Council, and others A first “title only” reading Andy Benke reported on managing editor
to make the point; it isn’t just of Ordinance 2018-07 passed several items (discussed above),
unanimously. The measure along with several additional Jennifer Tuohy
litter her generation is worrying
clarifies “non-conforming use announcements. jennifer@luckydognews.com
about so much as the animals
contributing editor
poisoned by plastic waste. of historic accessory dwelling 1. Although meeting materials
“Single use plastic has a [useful] units.” Although the measure indicated there had been Swan Richards
life span of 12 seconds,” she includes a grandfather clause, no correspondence with senior graphic designer
said, emphasizing the centuries any future changes in height, the Town, the rescheduled
it takes that waste to degrade. setback, yard, area and other meeting was enough time Alejandro Ferreyros
Council chambers were also requirements can be done only at for TOSI to receive 17 pieces graphic designer

well stocked with friends, family, the risk of losing their “historic of mail, said Benke without Lori McGee 843-614-0901
and future co-workers of Robert significance,” designation. The elaborating. advertising executive
Tennant and Carlos Hernandez. legislation is still a work in 2. Old Bridge Assessment –
Both were sworn in as the progress. Chris Iser and Tara Allden of Christian LeBlanc
newest members of the island’s Council voted unanimously to Kimley Horn have rescheduled christian@luckydognews.com
11-member police force. Newly base utility fees on Residential their presentation on the social media
minted police Chief Christopher Equivalent Units (6,200 gallons) structural assessment and
Griffin (sworn in on January 18, instead of meter size. The rehabilitation findings for the Gregg Bragg
2018) held the bible while Mayor measure effectively raises utility Town. The new date could Mimi Wood
Pat O'Neil administered the oath rates, if slightly, but enables come as early as Oct. 16, staff writers

of office. A break for executive TOSI to keep up with the cost of but may be delayed until
session thinned the crowd. providing residents with water November.
Ordinance 2018-05 and sewer services. 3. CWS management and •
unanimously passed a second Applied Building Services won engineers will give a brief
reading (Reese recusal), when a $34,500 contract to rehabilitate presentation during TOSI CONTRIBUTORS
council reconvened. The measure the Town’s fire station with October workshop on initial Susan Hill Smith
grants Ward V.B. Lassoe a unanimous support. Just as plans for a water main Sarah Reynolds
temporary access easement council was about to approve a through Middle St. Carol Antman
over a portion of town property separate $6 million contract with 4. State Senator Sandy Senn Nandini McCauley
Arcadis Design and Consultancy, has been asked to chair a new IOP Exchange Club
to build a dock. The agreement Dimi Matouchev
results from legal action between a hand shot up. Given the large ad hoc taskforce to address
the two parties and stipulates amount of the expense, resident countywide flood prevention. •
Lassoe must comply with all Bing Coish asked council to The first meeting is scheduled
state regulations. elaborate. for Oct. 15.
Ordinance 2018-06 is the Greg Gress, manager of the Committee reports were a PUBLISHED BY
“Plastics Ban.” The act passed Water and Sewer Department patchwork of announcements, Lucky Dog Publishing
its first reading unanimously was ready with an answer. He which included news the of South Carolina, LLC
and “…is adopted to improve said this was the second phase Town’s auditors would be in P.O. Box 837
the environment of the Town of of in-flight improvements to the town in November. Meeting Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
Sullivan’s Island by requiring the Town’s water, sewer and drainage materials include granular 843.886.NEWS
system, which could yield a 60- detail of the town’s finances Submit your letters to the editor to:
and can be reviewed by info@luckydognews.com
CORRECTION: The Sept. 28 issue of the Island Eye News visitingsullivansisland-sc.com.
incorrectly stated that volunteers for the IOP Clean Up Crew could There being no further business,
take advantage of free city parking, which is available for all until DEADLINE: OCTOBER 17
the meeting was adjourned. The
spring. In actuality, City parking will be free for all vehicles from for our OCTOBER 26 issue
next meeting of the Sullivan’s
November to March, and is free year-round in city lots for vehicles Island Town Council is scheduled
with an Isle of Palms resident decal. We apologize for the error. for Oct. 16 at 6 p.m.

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4 October 12, 2018
letters to the editor Transition Zones and lessons
from Florence
between homeowners and the
SI not only has an obligation to
Maintain natural buffers in protecting ourselves. Maybe Dear Editor, not violate the terms of the Open
Chip Campsen and Mike Sottile All citizens on SI have a vested Land Trust easement placed
Dear Lucky Dogs aka residents are working on this right now. interest in the outcomes of on accreted land but must not
of Sullivan’s Island, Here is a small list of the many discussion of the management jeopardize likely increases in
FEMA flood maps are the sine organizations that are promoting of the so-called Transition Zones flood insurance by operating
qua non for every Sullivan’s not removing vegetation and trees and should let their Council outside FEMA guidelines. It
Islanders life and now we can because of their importance: Representatives know their will be extremely important for
also add wax myrtles, trees and FEMA, The US Army Corps of concerns. This Zone space was citizens to read what FEMA has
other maritime habitat in the Engineers, NASA, universities in arbitrarily constructed in an to say on alterations proposed by
accreted land to the list. Florida, Texas, and California. effort to provide some residents our current plans for managing
We pay our flood insurance Louisiana is ahead of us on this. with better views of the ocean Transition Zones. Their capacity
never realizing that our rates An official in Louisiana who and to mitigate some fears to stabilize potentially prohibitive
are tied to what FEMA flood sits on FEMA’s National Hazard of dangerous habitat. In the insurance rates far outweighs
risk mappers measure in our Mitigation board said this when meantime, Storm Florence has property value concerns. The
accreted land. The beach and I told him that Sullivan’s Island awakened our fear of the more prudent buyer may be more
dunes are obvious to all of us but would be removing a large pressing and most likely concern concerned with construction
you might be surprised to find – section of wax myrtles and trees, – complete surge overrun of the where there should be coastal
as I was – that all vegetation and “Ma’am, if you were in Louisiana entire island. Fortunately, there retreat, local management
trees seaward of at least the front that could never happen”. are preventative measures that related tax increases and flood
beach homes are measured for I have spent the last few weeks citizens and municipalities can insurance expense; particularly
height, density and the amount speaking with coastal scientists, employ to be proactive. if they exceed appreciated equity.
of land they cover. Why? Because planners, land managers and FEMA has established Unfortunately, we citizens
the simple physics of what even a climatologist. It was guidelines that address the have focused on the less likely
they represent: obstruction, tremendously encouraging to most important aspects of disaster scenario of fire that is
impediment and suppression of hear how lucky they thought management of natural barriers way down the list compiled by
storm surge, waves and flooding. Sullivan’s Island was to have already existing between property the 2017 Charleston Regional
They protect us and they are free. natural storm surge protection owners and an ever-rising ocean Hazard Mitigation Plan. Here,
With storm damage costing already in place, the only caveat and the increase in frequency hurricane, flood and sea level
billions of dollars for major being if we remove it. Call your and severity of storms. FEMA, rise topped the list and wildfire
hurricanes and National Flood council members and ask them who draws flood plains, elevation came after earthquake, tornado,
Insurance funds teetering, what their vote will be. requirements and provides relief hazardous materials (think
harnessing Natural or Green after the fact; clearly describes SI waste water and runoff) or
Hazard Protection is becoming Cyndy Ewing what can’t be done in the land terrorist attack.
the future for all coastal Sullivan’s Island This is not to minimize Firewise
communities because it’s cost programs emphasizing how
efficient, sustainable and to All letters submitted to The Island Eye News must bear a full name, address and local homeowner steps are far
date nothing has been found to phone number for verification. Only the author’s name and city will be printed. more important than any beach
surpass it. Some coastal states Submissions are accepted via email to katy@luckydognews.com or mail to PO.
vegetation interventions. This
have already legislated programs Box 837, Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482.
Letters may be edited for length and readability. The Island Eye News reserves does not reduce the important
to encourage Natural Green steps already recommended by
Protection management plans. the right to reject letters that are libelous, unseemly, not individually addressed
to The Island Eye News or that have been previously published elsewhere. our Fire Chief. He has continued
We can work smarter not harder
October 12, 2018 5
to advocate aggressively wide fire The answers to why are many. events, either past or upcoming, to participate. It’s through
lanes using our beach access The 1914-1918 conflagration was in our state. In fact, South your church. On the WWI
paths. This, plus property owner called “the war to end all war”. It Carolina is one of only 10 states Centennial Commission website
management, could open up was not. Nations continue their with no state organization (worldwar1centennial.org) there
vistas to the ocean without the wars. I believe historians would supporting this centennial. That is a link to an initiative called
prohibitive expense involved agree that one of the direct and is indeed a pity. Bells of Peace. The commission
in continuous maintenance precipitating causes of World What can be done? It’s too is asking as many churches in
of arbitrary selected portions War II was World War I. Fascism, late to do much. I am aware of a the country as possible to toll
of our most valuable storm Naziism, Hitler himself had couple of events taking place that their bells at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11.
buffer. In fact, a transition zone many of their roots in the '14-’18 are not listed on the Centennial That will be the centennial of the
represents the last homeowner conflict. Total war, indiscriminate Commission website. armistice that was signed at the
(here defined as all homeowners execution of civilians, slaughter Fort Moultrie is presenting 11th hour of the 11th day of the
on SI) defense in a storm flood on an industrial scale, war in the Great War author, Mitch 11th month ending the war. That
event. Any disturbance in these skies and under the seas, poison Yockelson, in their Visitor Center is a Sunday this year. It’s the day
areas invites opportunistic and gas, genocide all were part of this auditorium on Friday, Oct. 12. we call Veteran’s Day but was
invasive species replacement, dark chapter in world history Check their website for time. A once called Armistice Day. I am
which creates a more costly that we continue to contend with World War I symposium will take aware of several churches who
nightmare. Friends, “First Do No today. place on the U.S.S. Yorktown on have signed up to take part in the
Harm!” I sincerely hope that most Nov. 8 at 6 p.m. Details are still Bells of Peace including Stella
readers realize that we are in the being worked out. Maris, Holy Cross Episcopal,
Rick Reed Centennial of The Great War. In A small group of interested St. Mary of the Annunciation,
Sullivan’s Island fact, we will soon come to the Sullivan’s Islanders will take St. Philip’s, and Grace Church
_________________________ end of this commemoration. On part in a wreath laying ceremony Cathedral. Ask about this at
November 11 we will reach the at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 11 in the your place of worship. Tell them
Commemorating the 11th 100th anniversary of the signing small memorial park that is just about the Bells of Peace. Give
hour of the 11th day of the of the armistice that ended World across the street from Stella them the link to the Centennial
11th month War I. In 1918, at the 11th hour Maris church at the intersection Commission website where they
of the 11th day of the 11th month of Middle and Osceola Streets. can register as a participating
Dear Editor, the guns fell silent. Battery Gadsden Cultural church. It would be altogether
Why would I care about World In 2013 the U.S. World War Center, a non-profit based on fitting and lovely to have the
War 1? As far as I know no one in I Centennial Commission, Sullivan’s Island, is hosting a greater Charleston area ring
my family fought in that conflict. created by an act of Congress, lecture at 6 p.m. on Thursday, from end to end on that day.
History is a great passion of began encouraging every Nov. 15, in the Fort Moultrie In his famous poem, In Flanders
mine in retirement but it was community in the country to auditorium. Marina Conner, Fields, Canadian physician John
not my profession. Indeed, for have appropriate events as one of the Fort Moultrie staff, McCrae penned the lines, “If ye
the U.S. “The Great War” was part of this commemoration. will present the story of the break faith with us who die, We
only an 18-month affair. We lost Sad to say it does not appear Sullivan’s Islanders who lost shall not sleep, though poppies
more troops to illnesses than that South Carolina, including their lives during The Great War. grow, in Flanders fields.” Let us
in combat. None of the men we Charleston, has answered that There may be more. If there are, not break faith.
see wearing those odd-looking call. If you go to the home page publicize them! Add them to this
helmets in the silent films of that of the Centennial Commission list. Let people know how they Mike Walsh, MD
era are even alive today. Why (worldwar1centennial.org) one can learn more. Sullivan’s Island
should we care? finds no listing of commemorative There is one other way

6 October 12, 2018 7
M IOP City Council
ayor Jimmy Carroll Creek Grill and its owners. “I have related several anecdotes, that had Several councilmembers took to a second trapper to see if it can 16. IOP currently requires residents
welcomed attendees, been there since there was nothing, attendees in stitches as he painted a moment to explain the new improve its capture rate, Smith and visitors to have a written permit
including the press, to I’ve been there to the BBQ Shack, Morgan Creek as an integral part contract with CSE is eligible to continued. She concluded her proving their dog is vaccinated
the Sept. 25 meeting of the Isle of been there with Henry J… Morgan of IOP’s quilt you can’t get from a by-pass the RFP process because report by saying the committee will against rabies. Residents pay $5
Palms town council (IOPTC). The Creek Grill is something we can franchise like Hooters. it was part of IOP’s existing beach be looking at ways to restructure the and visitors pay $10 for the permit,
well-attended meeting opened be proud of… They’ve made a lot Morgan Creek Grill owners Carla M E E T I N G S E P T. 2 5 re-nourishment efforts. Council City’s parking pass management. which includes a tag confirming
with a prayer and the Pledge. of improvements… the City didn’t Pope and Jay Clark made their way voted to approve $118,000 for Miscellaneous items reported by compliance. There was quite a bit
Parliamentary procedures were pay for. I would like to see the lease to the podium with frequent stops BY GREGG BRAGG post-project monitoring services, Smith include potential changes of debate about changes to the
quickly dispatched with just one extended,” he said. for hugs and well wishes. Deferring ISLAND EYE NEWS STAFF WRITER professional services and ongoing to the City’s dog leash ordinance, motion; exceptions for dogs on/
hiccup during the reading of Jay Lee strode to the podium, to Streetman’s facts, she said the monitoring of the entire beach. golf carts on the beach for the off leash, in/outside the dog park,
last month’s meeting minutes. and his “that’s what he said” proposed lease wasn’t necessarily described the RFP process as a suggesting the issue be broken into The pace of the meeting picked handicapped and more. For details, visitor/non-visitor, etc. However,
Councilmember Jimmy Ward rejoinder drew chuckles, as he what they wanted. “Everything’s necessary legal requirement, which two parts; the lease as proposed, up at this point. $11,000 was read the Public Safety Committee the motion to send the measure
took note of the fact the account echoed Timmerman’s comments. negotiable, just give us a chance,” should be satisfied, and a win/win and the decision to go to bid for the approved for IOP staff appreciation, meeting minutes available at IOP. back to committee won the day.
mentioned only one [staff] opening, He deferred to Streetman’s grasp Pope entreated. None of the other for the city. “We’ve had some losers space. Councilmember Randy Bell and up to $50,000 was approved to net. The same new “motion to approve
and should also include the of the details, but seemed to businesses at the marina have in there that are long forgotten. We stepped in to say the vote was only hire McCay, Kiddy and Associates The Public Works Committee with discussion” was applied to the
administrator, and public works,” prefer thinking the devil could be been subjected to the RFP process have a winner in there now, and we on the lease extension as presented to review the financial statements of reported less solid waste, but more first reading of ordinance 2018-17,
he said. There was some back exorcised from the details as a new to extend their leases she said, and should have nothing to fear from first to Ways and Means, and now marina tenants. Council concluded yard debris than last year. The idea except there was no discussion.
and forth before the minutes were lease agreement is hashed out. asked that the same process be the RFP process,” he said. to Council. the Ways and Means report by was floated for Public Works to The measure passed unanimously
approved, and citizen’s comments He pitched the establishment as applied to Morgan Creek. “50% of The Mayor kicked off the Ways and Bell validated Streetman’s approving an additional $1,500 for handle dog waste containers instead and changes visitor daily parking
were teed up. a part of the community, as they the revenues the marina contributes Means Committee report by saying interpretation of the details; the in-car cameras of police vehicles of animal control, which should passes to annual passes by
IOP resident Rusty Streetman recently played host to a “Locks to the City are from Morgan Creek, the City’s finances are on solid extensions totaling up to 33 years, (the vendor miscalculated the tax, free up some time. The committee replacing the expiration and tag
spoke to council’s agenda item; to of Love” fundraiser, among other and yet we only occupy 1/6th of ground. Revenues are slightly ahead $135,000 in rent, but closer to but the total was still “in” budget). also reported pumping water out of number with a link to the number
consider rejecting the proposed things. “Save the time, save the the footprint,” she added. Jay Clark of projections, and expenditures $285,000 in total taxes collected Councilmember and chair of the streets from 46th to 51st, which is a on the pass booklet. It also provides
Morgan Creek Grill lease extension, money and keep what you’ve got,” simply thanked Council for its time are on target, while attributing any through Morgan Creek. He also Public Safety Committee, Susan Hill problem every time it rains. 2 free visitors pass booklets to each
and consideration of an RFP to lease He concluded. and consideration. fluctuations to timing issues, he warned that the lease didn’t come Smith reported her committee met The Personnel Committee is household per year.
the space in the marina. Streetman Fifteen year IOP resident and Pope acknowledged starting a said. Accommodations tax numbers up for renewal until 2020, that on Sept. 5. She said the IOP Coyote dealing with a number of vacancies, Mayor Carroll announced the
said it wasn’t personal, numbering 10-year Morgan Creek employee petition to save Morgan Creek from are up over last year, as are the the current debate is an effort to Coalition reported concerns about and has hired the Mercer Group to formation of and his participation
himself among the restaurant’s Bob Wilder thanked Council for the RFP process. She gave a nod to City’s hospitality tax numbers. get ahead of the issue, that a vote sightings, pups and food waste assist with finding talent. Council in the Lowcountry Mayor’s Disaster
patrons, “but as a citizen of IOP, I its support, “especially of late. I Council before telling the audience While parking revenues are down is not a comment on the fate of from homes, construction sites and voted in favor of issuing an RFP to Relief Fund. He asked for $5,000
voted for change, not business as see kids come in there and apply “I love petitions,” harvesting any over last year, he was pleased to ultimate renewal, and responses to restaurants attracting the varmints. aid in the search for an attorney, in seed money from the City to
usual.” His take on the proposal to for their first job that doesn’t chuckles Wilder left on the table. report an increase in activity, which the RFP are not binding. The City’s Hill Smith said Jim Rye addressed and for an assistant attorney. The benefit SC townships, but possibly
renew the lease suggested the City involve a lawnmower or baby- Pope has 1,700 signatures so far, means fewer people parking where legal counsel weighed in suggesting the committee about improving committee is also looking for ways even some locations in North
would actually lose money in the sitting, and they never have a pen,” and 200 of them are from IOP they shouldn’t. Mayor Carroll state procurement laws favored the handicapped access to the beach. to compensate employees who have Carolina. The motion was approved
near term, and be subject to the he recounted to open laughter. residents. “Please understand concluded his financial report by RFP process. Council subsequently She said the topics of parking and qualified for merit increases, but unanimously.
possibility of renewals for over 30 “They come in and they have no that if you go through the RFP announcing there would be no voted unanimously against the traffic issues are planned for the have reached the top of their salary
years. Going to bid is the best way social skills, they’re shy, LAZY process, time is of the essence. October meeting of the committee, range. There being no further business,
increase in millage rates from IOP current iteration of the renewal, and
for the City to determine fair market [emphasis his]… and I watch their Our livelihoods and those of all this year (belatedly confirmed by a unanimously in favor of initiating and included expansion of paid Turning to new business, the the meeting was adjourned. The
value, he concluded. transformation over the summer. the people who work with us will vote of Council), though he struck a the RFP process. parking beyond the front beach. Mayor said, “we used to read new next meeting of the IOP City Council
Harold Timmerman introduced They come out with confidence, a remain uncertain [while this plays cautionary tone about the prospects Interestingly, the next issue Coyote management has been bills in title only, but tonight we’re will be Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m.
himself to attendees and said he’s work ethic… and an understanding out],” she concluded. for 2019. before Council was the award of having trouble confirming stories going to change all that by making a
lived on IOP for 52 years. He had of how hard you have to work [to Jim Rye had a different perspective The Mayor broached the thorny a sole source contract to Coastal of the animals harassing residents motion to approve with discussion,”
nothing but praise for the Morgan pay the bills],” said Wilder. He on the Morgan Creek situation. Rye issue of the Morgan Creek Grill by Science and Engineering (CSE). and pets, and the City is talking as he introduced ordinance 2018-
8 October 12, 2018
3-7 p.m. Thursdays through October. This is the market's second year,
Transportation continues from cover
and they made some changes to the setup at Isle of Palms County Park
that make it even more comfortable and inviting - for example pushing
still felt limited in what I could purchase. This prevented me from over- it closer to the ocean and park facilities - with the city covering free
buying ice cream on sale, so maybe for the best. parking on site.
Sunday, Sept. 23 I enjoyed Snickerdoodle gelato, caught up with my IOP friend at her
We wound up golf-carting over to Isle of Palms First United Methodist booth, Suzi's Creations, purchased some local honey from R&R Acres
Church Sunday morning, like usual, and I wondered if I get partial in a reusable bottle and loaded up on vegetables from the sweet folks
credit for using a battery-powered golf cart. at Freeman Produce, where they always seem to throw in something for
My son had a sleepover Saturday, and after the Praise Service, the free.
four boys I brought stayed for Coffee House, a new church program for How lucky are we to have a Farmers' Market a few steps from the
teens, as I went back to the house to make breakfast. I purposefully beach? Feeling blessed at all the opportunities we have on the island.
neglected to pick the boys up so they had to walk back. More partial Friday, Sept. 28
credit for me? My friend Ellen Smith usually takes CARTA to her work as a nurse at
During the afternoon, I biked 12 blocks on Waterway Blvd. to attend Hollings Cancer Center at MUSC in Charleston, and I joined her Friday
a birthday party for a favorite friend’s 2-year-old son. Bumps and wear morning for my first CARTA bus ride ever.
related to tree roots and other factors make it difficult for bicyclists to At 7:30 a.m., Ellen picked me up and drove us from Isle of Palms
use the multi-use path on Waterway successfully, so I stayed on the to her stop by the “old” Walmart at Wando Crossing Center in Mount
two-lane road like many cyclists do. Pleasant. She picks up the Express 2, which has minimal stops and
City Council budgeted money to determine a better long-term solution usually gets her to Hollings by 8:15 a.m.
for improving that multi-use path for cyclists and pedestrians, and we Ellen balances a busy life that includes two children and involvement
have talked about adding paved bike lanes along the road. We're hoping at IOP First United Methodist Church, where her husband is pastor.
to get county transportation funds to help make improvements a reality When she's on the bus, she gets stuff done like work on church projects.
because they won't be an easy fix. For other regulars on the route, the ride is more social.
After the party, I cycled through interior neighborhood streets and Many are headed to MUSC and College of Charleston, and with their
stopped to talk to a friend on Forest Trail. It probably goes without saying, ID's they ride CARTA for free. While I had to pay $3.50 one way for the
but traveling by bike and on foot clearly opens up more possibilities for Express ride - in cash with exact change - passes are available to reduce
interacting with people on the island. the overall costs.
Tuesday, Sept. 25 Even though Ellen was named Cancer Nurse of the Year at Hollings
I walked to our City Council meeting tonight - 4,231 steps there and this spring, it could take as many as five to eight years for her to move
back. My route to Isle of Palms City Hall took me past the Palm Blvd. up the waiting list for a preferred MUSC parking spot, and while she has
shops and through our island's busy traffic light intersection at the Isle other options, CARTA Express is the one that makes the most sense for
of Palms Connector. her. Her CARTA routine also results in reduced gas costs and less vehicle
City Council recently heard we will receive county transportation wear and tear, with the silver lining that it's better for the environment.
funds to make this intersection more pedestrian and bike friendly, with If she could start her bus ride from Isle of Palms, she says that could
particular care for those entering the island off the connector, where be even better. Right now, CARTA does not have any routes to the island,
cyclists turning right get squeezed. but that looks like it could change.
Honestly, you don't see a lot of pedestrians trying to cross any of these IOP City Council's representative to CARTA, Jimmy Ward, and our
multi-lane crosswalks here. But I was surprised on the return trip that city staff have been talking with CARTA folks about establishing an
the button I pushed to trigger a crosswalk signal actually worked for me Isle of Palms route that could help us with seasonal traffic issues. That
in as little as 30 seconds. sounded like a good idea to Candice, the bus driver on my return trip,
Another return trip bonus: Seeing our church at the S curve lit up at who said she fields questions from folks who want to ride CARTA to the
night from a pedestrian point of view. beach but have no mass transit options.
Yesterday, I biked over to church for a Monday morning meeting. I Saturday, Sept. 29
can't say that I have been entirely car-free this week, but I am on track As the challenge came to a close, I scored another personal first by
to fulfill my pledge. bicycling the entire Isle of Palms Connector bridge with my husband.
Wednesday, Sept. 26 The ride was much easier than I expected, and with the 10-speed Mic
My husband, Mic, and I took our dogs for a beach walk during morning rehabbed from our neighbor's trash pile, I didn't have to get off and walk
off-leash hours, which I try to do as many times a week as possible. Like to get up the hill, coming or going. Altogether, our 7.8-mile round trip,
many others, I love the freedom off-leash time allows people and dogs to which took us past Target band back, took 44 minutes and 12 seconds.
exercise and socialize by the ocean. While each side of the bridge includes space that walkers and bicyclists
City Council recently attracted attention with an initial vote to require can use, I would have enjoyed the ride more without vehicles whizzing
all visiting dogs to register with the city. We have since discussed scaling past us doing 55 MPH and up. In a better world, there would be some
that back so city registration is only required for dogs in off-leash kind of barricade for greater protection, like they have on the Cooper
situations at the beach and our Bark Park, where that added layer of River bridge, and as I enjoyed views of Gray Bay I wondered if we can
accountability and assurance of rabies inoculation would help most, for work with S.C. Department of Transportation to do something more.
the sake of everyone in the mix. Conclusions
To make it enforceable, we’ve talked about a switch from a metal tag to Clearly, the Car Free Week challenge was designed to get us moving
a colored collar to show a dog has been registered with the city, similar and thinking. For that, I would like to thank Charleston Moves and
to the setup Sullivan's Island has had for several years, but with a less encourage others to challenge themselves to become less dependent on
expensive registration fee of $5 for residents and $10 for non-residents. vehicles to get around.
To me, that's very reasonable for the off-leash opportunities the city Over the course of the eight-day week, I gained valuable perspective,
provides and the related costs of our Bark Park, animal control officers connected on a different level with my community and was reminded
- and even poop bags. However, the future of the proposed ordinance several times over that we live in a fantastic place. I also feel good about
changes appear uncertain. the calories I burned - and the gas I didn't.
Thursday, Sept. 27 Learn more about Charleston Moves at charlestonmoves.org.
Mic and I biked over to the Isle of Palms Farmers’ Market - held from
October 12, 2018 9

Stella Maris hosts

Fall Fest

Rev. Msgr. Lawrence B. McInerny celebrates

with parishioners.

he Stella Maris Church
Fall Festival held Sept. 28
welcomed new parishioners
and families to the church
grounds with live music, face
painting, games, food and fun!
Over 600 tickets were sold and
Rev. Antony Gaspar greets guest at the festival.
the event was blessed with
beautiful weather.

Halos continues from cover

Aid to Needy Families (TANS) 4–7 p.m. at Bridgeside Blvd. in

sometimes provides as much Mount Pleasant, rain or shine.
as $184/month/household, Tickets are $45 in advance/$55
for example. The software can at the door. You can register by
also test eligibility for veteran’s visitingeventbrite.com/e/7th-
benefits people didn’t know annual-halos-oyster-roast-
they had earned, increases in tickets-48407920393.
Supplemental Security Income, December will see Halos
and access to the Supplemental annual Holiday Drive, which
Nutrition Assistance Program their website says is already in
(SNAP). full swing. Halos reports 2,500 of
“Our staff and volunteers will their children have sponsors, but
also provide personal counseling there is a general call for holiday
for 6 – 18 months depending on gifts for these children. You can
how extensive or complex the also sponsor a child entering the
situation is,” says Clifton, who is Kinship Care program toward
no stranger to good works. the end of the year, which would
The Savannah native is mean a lot to someone going
a graduate of the College of through so much change during
Charleston. She also has a the holidays. To find out more,
Master of Social Work from send an email to NyRe Taylor
Boston University with a (nyre@charlestonhalos.org).
spotlight on program planning Early next year, Halos will
and development, community host an appearance by The
organizing, and nonprofit Duke Pitchforks scheduled
administration. Clifton has served tentatively for February 3 from
as an AmeriCorps VISTA member 6:30–8:30 p.m. at the Circular
on Whidbey Island, Washington Congregational Church,150
and was a fundraising specialist Meeting St. The Pitchforks are an
in Guatemala, among other posts. award winning a capella group
Fundraising is integral to any specializing in both contemporary
non-profit, and Clifton is good hits and old favorites. The “Forks”
at it. Charleston Halos received will be joined by The Plantation
a new grant in 2017 from the Singers, another a capella/
Victims of Crime Act to keep percussion group with roots in
them going, and individual the Lowcountry, specializing in
donations are always welcome. gospel music.
However, Halos is willing to work
for everything, and manage to Charleston Halos has helped
have fun in the process. The 7th 50,000 Berkeley, Charleston,
annual Charleston Halos Oyster and Dorchester county kids since
roast is one way you can help. 1997. For more information, visit
It is scheduled for Oct. 14 from CharlestonHalos.org.
October 12, 2018 11

Marina Fest hosts

local mascots

harlie the RiverDogs and the Exchange Club for their
mascot will be making a support of Veterans, families and
much-anticipated visit the community.
to the IOP Marina Festival on Our first responders and those
Sunday, Nov. 4. The highly that ensure our safety on and off
sought after Lowcountry mascot the water are happy to announce
is always a crowd pleaser with that Sparky will be in attendance.
children and adults of all ages. Find him at the first responders
This cuddly overstuffed all exhibit tables and around the RiverDog will be supporting
around fun loving dude will be a marina ensuring safety and veterans at the IOP Marina
huge hit. Taking Charlie out of answering your questions. Fest Nov. 4. Pictured here with
his environment from the Joe and The Exchange Club promotes Staff Sergeant Andrew Maxon,
to the IOP Marina may be a once water safety wherever people a reservist with the 315th
in a lifetime opportunity you will are engaged in water activities Maintenance Squadron.
not want to miss. Never known and we hope with the support of PHOTO COURTESY OF THE 315TH
for his shyness Charlie will be our members, friends, business
available for picture taking, hugs sponsors and community that
and the occasional selfie. will be at the Exchange Club
Once Cool Ray heard this he in the near future. With an
said ice or not I’m skating over addition of a dock for personal
there to join the fun. One of the craft and recreation and facility
most popular mascots in the improvements we look forward
league Cool Ray may even take to serving for at least another 70
his luck on a Jet Ski or join in an years.
Eco Tour. Families are welcome
To support the Exchange
to enjoy these activities with
Cool Ray as well as kayaking, Club’s vision of waterfront access
paddle boarding, the jump castle for all, go to GoFundMe.com/ Cool Ray, mascot for the South
and more. Cool Ray thanks the embrace-the-waterfront-project. Carolina Stingrays, will be in
sponsors for making all these All proceeds go to the IOPCC a attendance at the Marina Fest.
activities available to attendees nonprofit organization. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOINT BASE

October 12, 2018 13


The Depression Years Tour illustrates the actual conditions of immigrants in NYC in the

umb from the ceaseless are housed in grand buildings,
clamor of news about this one consists of two historic
immigrant bans, terrorism, tenement apartments.
border walls and fear, my husband When the founders, Ruth Abram
and I visited the Tenement and Anita Jacobson stumbled
Museum in New York hoping for upon the buildings in 1988, they
some perspective. We are both were like time capsules. “It was
second generation Americans; all like the people had just picked up
of our grandparents emigrated and left,” Jacobson recalls. Today,
from Eastern Europe in the early eight different tours take visitors
20th century. Here they lived into the buildings that are set up
the epitome of the American as if the occupants still lived and
Dream; they arrived virtually worked there. One tour highlights The Tenement Museum on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
penniless and left behind thriving sweatshops; Under One Roof
Americanized families that have shows the diverse lives of Jewish, Raj Varma, gave us each a bio of of New York was the most densely
continued to excel. We came Chinese and Hispanic neighbors; someone who actually lived in the populated place in the world. It
with the conviction that new one highlights the Depression neighborhood and prompted us was the first area in the country
immigration policies are an years; Irish Outsiders shows to stay in character and playact where people spoke a different
abrogation of American ideals. We their struggle against prejudice. an evening in the neighborhood language, German. It also housed
left with a much more complex Opportunities to extend the tavern which was once one of the largest number of families
understanding. experiences include workshops, the 720 bars within the 15 block with the worst amenities: few
The mission of the museum discussions and behind the neighborhood. windows and no running water or
is to “tell stories of immigrants scenes tours and even a tasting The immigrant experience, gas. Eighty percent of babies born
who started their lives anew on tour of the neighborhood. Raj stressed, is of equivalent in hospitals died. Immigrants who
Manhattan’s Lower East Side Our tour, Shop Life, took us importance to the Civil War in came to this crowded, smelly,
between the 19th and 21st through the apartment and saloon defining who we are as a nation. noisy, dirty destination may have
centuries through the recreated of John and Caroline Schneider. In the 1840’s, the Lower East Side asked themselves, “Is this the
apartment and businesses of real Interactive elements brought
families…” Unlike museums that the experience alive. Our guide, Roadtrip continues on page 15

14 October 12, 2018

CofC Theater and Dance Registration Open

staging of for Festival of Lights
A N D W A L K N O V. 7 & 8

eft quad. Right quad. Lunge. A girl’s indoor soccer team warms

up. From the safety of their suburban stretch circle, the team unners and walkers of all experience levels are invited to
navigates big questions and wages tiny battles with all the vim traverse through hundreds of spectacular light displays that
and vigor of a pack of warriors. A portrait of life, liberty, and the pursuit fascinate thousands every holiday season. This year’s Holiday
of happiness for nine American girls who just want to score some goals, Festival of Lights Fun Run and Walk takes place on Nov. 7 and 8 at
Sarah DeLappe's 2017 Pulitzer Prize finalist, The Wolves, is a high James Island County Park.
energy ensemble play examining ambition, fear, and loss with humor This unique event offers participants an extraordinary opportunity
and truth in a tightly packed 90 minutes. Presented by the College of to see the lights on foot before the festival opens to the general public
Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance, The Wolves is one of and vehicular traffic. This two-mile, non-competitive run/walk is
seven shows in the 2018-19 season that portray the department's "year offered on two evenings before the festival’s opening – Wednesday,
of social justice" theme. Nov. 7 and Thursday, Nov. 8.
“I wanted to see a portrait of teenage girls as human beings,” says Much of the Holiday Festival of Lights is normally seen from a
playwright Sarah DeLappe. “As complicated, nuanced, very idiosyncratic vehicle, so the Fun Run and Walk offers a leisurely opportunity
people who weren’t just girlfriends or sex objects or manic pixie dream to explore the displays up close. Participants will get a preview
girls but who were athletes and daughters and students and scholars of the festival’s 700+ illuminated displays during the run/walk.
and people who were trying to figure out who they were in this changing Then, families can enjoy all of the very merry amenities that the
world around them.” festival offers, including gift shops, marshmallow roasting, train and
The College’s production of The Wolves is directed by Glenda Byars, carousel rides, and much more.
a senior adjunct lecturer in the College’s Department of Theatre and Advance registration is required for the Fun Run and Walk.
Dance. “Sarah DeLappe has crafted a play that challenges the ensemble Interested participants are encouraged to register now before
and is certain to please an audience. It is a privilege to premier this play it sells out. Register by phone at 843.795.4386 or online at
in Charleston here at the College,” says Byars, a graduate of College of CharlestonCountyParks.com by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Race
Charleston. fees are $12. Rates increase to $15 per person after Nov. 7. Move It
The design team includes Padgett Skardon, Costume Designer; Pass holders receive a discounted rate of $10 per ticket. Ages 2 and
Jay Olvera, Scenic Designer; Mark Landis, Sound Designer; and under are free, but will still need a ticket to gain entry into the park.
Madison Mahrlig, Lighting Designer. The acting company includes This is a wheelchair and stroller-friendly course. Socialized dogs on
students Madison Bailey, Paige Bergen, Olivia Levins, Dorie Magowan, short, non-retractable leashes are welcome. Retractable leashes,
Abbi Perry, Brittany Pfeiffer, Laney Pound, Macy Scarborough, Kara bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters are not permitted.
Shannon and Frankie Stofan. Kenya Gadsden is Stage Manager and All participants must be pre-registered and have an admission
Mary Beth Berry is Assistant Director. Former College of Charleston ticket to enter the park. There will be no on-site ticket sales. James
soccer player, Donnie Exelbierd, is the soccer consultant. Island County Park will close to traffic at 6:30 p.m.; participants are
The production will run Wednesday, Oct. 17 through Sunday, Oct. encouraged to arrive early. Flashlights are recommended for optimal
21, with a second run Wednesday, Oct. 24 through Sunday, Oct. 28. visibility. The park will reopen to traffic at approximately 8:30 p.m.
Curtain times will be 7:30 p.m., except for Sunday shows at 2:00 p.m. The Holiday Festival of Lights opens to the general public on Nov.
9 and will be open nightly through Jan. 1, 2019, at James Island
A talkback will occur after the show on opening night. Performances County Park.
will take place at the Chapel Theatre, 172 Calhoun St. Tickets can be
purchased online at theatre.cofc.edu or by calling 843.953.6306. The Registration is now open or for more information on the festival
show contains mature language and explores sensitive topics. visit HolidayFestivalofLights.com.
October 12, 2018 15
the country, they’re taking too much
Roadtrip continues from page 13 that other people should have, or they’re
America I was dreaming of?” taking our jobs. You’ll hear … comments
Throughout the tour, Raj gave us like ‘You know the immigrants of the
examples of the disconnect in our country’s past aren’t like those of today’.” The
attitude towards immigrants. On the one museum has added training for its guides
hand we celebrate and encourage them who have always encouraged interaction
and on the other hand we pass laws to and discussion but are now frequently
subjugate them. confronted by antagonistic opinions.
“The American Dream is a narrative to “The political climate has created a
make us feel good,” Raj said. “But it’s a need for new skills or superpowers to
narrative.” facilitate the conversation,” Ms. Bader
The museum shows the lives of typical explained.
people who worked hard to build the It was an eye-opening experience
factories and buildings only to die forgotten that left us with increased admiration
and poor while the lives of rich people for our grandparents who overcame
are memorialized. In fact, “We’ve always immense obstacles: escaping murderous
been anti-immigration in this country,” hordes, travelling across Europe alone as
he reasoned as he cited laws that barred teenagers, arriving destitute in a country
certain “undesirables,” set unreasonable and then scraping together a livelihood
barriers or quotas and turned a blind eye amidst degrading conditions. We felt
to genocide. I’d always taken the Statue of gratitude for their fortitude and for this
Liberty’s inscription as a shining example country that gave them opportunities. But
of our country’s fundamental truth but also, our disdain of recent immigration
my perspective shifted. “Every citizen of policy changes shifted. As Raj stated,
our country has to reconcile themselves “People who criticize our president for
to this duality,” Raj concluded. immigration laws have never studied our
In today’s highly charged political immigration laws. Our laws have never
climate, I was interested to learn that been about who is let in, they’re about
tours at the museum are often disrupted who to exclude.”
by controversy. In an article written Roadtrips Charleston highlights
by Sebastien Malo for Reuters, the interesting destinations within a few
museum’s director of education Miriam hours drive of Charleston, S.C. as well
Bader says, “People will now share as more far flung locales. Carol Antman’s
stronger opinions about whether or not wanderlust is driven by a passion for
they think immigrants are sort of bleeding outdoor adventure, artistic experiences,
cultural insights and challenging travel.
If You Go: For hot links, photographs and previous Under One Roof highlights diverse living conditions of different
For more info on the Tenement Museum columns or to make comments please see ethnic immigrant groups.
visit: tenement.org PeaksAndPotholes.blogspot.com.

October 13 Is l a nd E y e C a l e nda r October 27
ONGOING WHEN: 10-11 a.m. WHEN: 1:30-3:30 p.m. culinary experience oceanside Tuesday, Oct. 16 WHAT: Apple Printed Pumpkins MORE INFO: Steve Stegelin, directed by lyric soprano Saundra
WHAT: Beachfront Lights Out MORE INFO: Toddler Day classes MORE INFO: Come play with with lavish dishes provided by (children) “Sketchy Politics: The Life of an DeAthos-Meers, Assistant
WHERE: all seaward, beachfront are designed for toddlers (18 our games or bring your own. Charleston’s own celebrated chef, WHAT: Queen St. Harmony WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library Editorial Cartoonist in the Trump Professor of Voice/Opera, and
properties months – 3 years) and a parent, 843.883.3914. Ken Vedrinkski and friends. Music Series WHEN: 10:30 a.m. Era.” Part career retrospective, Amanda Castellone, Assistant
WHEN: 9 p.m.- 8 a.m. grandparent, or friend to play Tickets are $95 (21+ only). For WHERE: Queen St. Playhouse MORE INFO: Use apples to part philosophical discussion, Director of the Opera Program.
MORE INFO: US Fish and and explore in The Charleston Third Friday of the Month info visit OW.ly/pdIy30lwLga. WHEN: Doors/6:30, show/7 p.m. make a colorful pumpkin craft. Steve’s talk delves into the Tickets online at music.cofc.edu/
Wildlife Service discourages Museum. With a focus on MORE INFO: 2018 music series 843.883.3914. importance of social commentary, concerts/cofc-ensembles or cash/
the use of outdoor lights when developing fine motor skills, WHAT: Homeschool History Days WHAT: Charleston Halos featuring some of our favorite and how that political discourse check at the door. $15 general;
not required, in order to protect each program includes four craft WHERE: Charleston Museum, Oyster Roast Barn Jam artists and many WHAT: Manners Matter has evolved during the current $10 for students. For more info
nesting sea turtles. When on the projects as well as finger paints, 360 Meeting St. WHERE: Bridgeside Blvd., Mt. others you need to get to know. (children) American political administration. call 843.953.5927.
beach at dark, use red filters on a puppet stage, a sandbox, WHEN: 10-11 a.m. Pleasant This Tuesday: Doug Jones WHERE: Charleston Museum Lunch will be available from 12:15
flashlights. Artificial light such and more. To register visit MORE INFO: A special program WHEN: 4-7 p.m. Everybody Doug Jones, Forty Mile WHEN: 9-11 a.m. for ages 4-8; p.m., and talks begin at 12:30
as flashlights without filters and CharlestonMuseum.org. for home schooling families. MORE INFO: 7th annual event Detour and Wild Ponies. Tickets noon-2 p.m. for tweens p.m. Seating is limited. For more Saturday, Oct.27
includes flashlights on phones are These programs feature one of raises money to assist young $10 advance/$15 day of, available MORE INFO: One-time program information call 843.723.9912 or
our field trip classes, a chance at AwendawGreen.com. WHAT: Creative Writing Club
prohibited on the beach at night. Thursdays victims of abuse/neglect in covers the basic principles visit charlestonlibrarysociety.org. (children 6-11)
to go through the Museum, the tri-county. For info visit of modern etiquette.. Led
WHAT: Mah Jongg Nights and an activity. Free with paid WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
WHAT: Read for the Record
Mondays (adults) admission. To register visit
Saturday, Oct. 20 by International Etiquette
Consultant and owner of (children)
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
WHAT: Memoir Writing Circle  WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library CharlestonMuseum.org. MORE INFO: Do you love to
WHAT: VFW Fish Fry Murphy’s Manners, Aly Murphy. WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library WHEN: 5:30-8:00 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15 WHERE: VFW Post 3137 on IOP $30 Museum Members, $40 WHEN: 2 p.m.
write? Join our monthly writing
club to write and share your work
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. MORE INFO: Learn to play the
MORE INFO: Come and share fun and fast-paced game of Saturday, Oct. 13 WHAT: Concert Choir Alumni WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Non-members. For more info visit
MORE INFO: Celebrate Read
for the Record, listen to "Maybe
with friends. Call 843.883.3914 or
your stories. 843.883.3914. American Mah Jongg.  Beginners Celebration Concert MORE INFO: Dinners are $10/plate email poe@ccpl.org to get our first
WHAT: Lowcountry Trail Half WHERE: Circular Congregational and feature whiting fish, hush Something Beautiful: How Art spooky writing prompt.
  welcome. 843.883.3914. Marathon Transformed a Neighborhood" by
Tuesdays WHERE: Johns Island County Park
Church, 150 Meeting St.
WHEN: 7:30 p.m.
puppies, tator tots, baked beans,
cole slaw and homemade desserts. Tuesday, Oct. 23 F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa WHAT: “Poe in Charleston” with
WHAT: Jazz Night WHEN: 8:30 a.m.
WHAT: Toddler Storytime WHERE: The Refuge, IOP MORE INFO: College of Drinks available at the bar. WHAT: POE-etry Writers Group Howell, and help make a beautiful Dr. Scott Peeples
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library MORE INFO: Half marathon and Charleston Concert Choir and WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library chalk mural on Battery Gadsden. WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch
WHEN: 6:30-9:30 p.m. a 5K, spectators are welcome. 843.883.3914.
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. MORE INFO: The Todd Beals Trio Madrigal Singers perform WHAT: Beach Lovers Book Club: WHEN: 10:30 a.m. Library, 1921 I’on Avenue
MORE INFO: Enjoy picture To register or for more info visit repertoire stemming from the “The Stranger in the Woods: the MORE INFO: Gather with fellow WHEN: 12 p.m.
hosts jazz every Thursday night. CharlestonCountyParks.com or
books, flannel board fun, sing-a- Extraordinary Story of the Last
longs, poetry and activities that
Traditional swing tunes, ballads call 843.795.4386.
past 20 years, and will be joined
by alumni in performing Ralph True Hermit” (adult)
poets to share and improve your
work. 843.883.3914.
Friday, Oct. 26 MORE INFO: Just in time for
Halloween, join Dr. Scott Peeples
and bossa novas. Singers & horn
encourage language skills. (Ages players welcome. For info visit Vaughan William’s monumental WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library WHAT: College of Charleston of the College of Charleston to
2-3 with adult) 843.883.3914. CharlestonJazz.com. Sunday, Oct. 14 motet “Lord thou hast been our
refuge.” $10 at the door; students
WHEN: 10:30 a.m.
MORE INFO: Come for a Thursday, Oct. 25 Opera
WHERE: Simons Center for the
investigate some of the legends
and mysteries of Edgar Allan
Wednesdays WHAT: Tale of the Fish are free. For more info call discussion of Michael Finkel’s Arts, 54 Saint Philip St. Poe’s time in Charleston.
Fridays “The Stranger in the Woods.” WHAT: Wide Angle Lunch
WHAT: Toddler Days WHERE: Wild Dunes Pavilion 843.953.5927. WHERE: Charleston Library WHEN: 7:30 p.m. 843.883.3914.
WHAT: Board Game Afternoon WHEN: 4:30-7:30 p.m. Light refreshments provided. MORE INFO: An evening of opera
WHERE: Charleston Museum, (family) Society, Main Reading Room
360 Meeting St. MORE INFO: Enjoy a coastal 843.883.3914. scenes and musical favorites
WHERE: CCPL Poe Branch Library WHEN: 12:30 p.m.

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Acme Lowcountry Kitchen
island eats
week. Delivery available. $ Pizza 450
Specializing in local and 882-8088 Sizable pizza joint serving hefty
sustainable seafood. All Altantic thecoopsi.com pies and housemade ice cream,
Ocean sourced Seafood. $$-$$$ 2019 Middle St, Sullivan's Island plus breakfast & coffee. $$
886-FISH (3474) 2213-B Middle St, Sullivan's
31 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms The Dinghy Island
Laid back Key West Vibe, great 450pizza.com
Beard Cat’s food options, unique beers on 843.789.4107
Gelato made from locally sourced tap, spacious side porch, and live
ingredients, and coffee shop that music. $-$$ Pizza Hut
sits below Obstinate Daughter. $ 242-8310 Now serving Isle of Palms in the
416-5020 dinghyiop.com Harris Teeter shopping center.
beardcatsweetshop.com 8 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms Deliver right to your door or get
2063 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island carryout. $
Ben & Jerry’s Dunleavy’s Pub 886-5759
Set in a cabin like building, this order.pizzahut.com
Enjoy an array of ice cream 1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms
flavors, from Chocolate Therapy, Irish bar stages weekly live folk,
to Peach Cobbler on Isle of Palms’ country & acoustic music. $-$$
883-9646 Poe’s Tavern
Front Beach. $ Famous for their gourmet burgers
886-6314 dunleavysonsullivans.com
2213 Middle St., Sullivan's Island and chicken sandwiches, this Poe-
benandjerrys.com inspired eatery also features great
your island hair salon 1009 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms High Thyme deals on fresh fish tacos. $$
A small island bistro, with a wide
843-883-9101 The Boathouse
Fresh, local seafood, and range of dishes, from seafood,
2205 Middle St, Sullivan's Island phenomenal sunset views from tapas on Tuesday, and a Sunday 2210 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
the upper deck on Breach Inlet. brunch. $$-$$$
$$-$$$ 883-3536 Republic Ice Cream
886.8000 highthymecuisine.com Local ice cream shop serving
boathouserestaurants.com 2213 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island homemade ice cream and local
101 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms Charleston coffee. $
Home Team BBQ republicicecream.com
Not limited to barbeque, this 2120 Middle St., Sullivans Island
Cafe Paname casual eatery also serves salads,
Family owned and operated coffee wraps, tacos, and quesadillas, Saltworks Dockside Deli
shop serving locally roasted coffee. $$ Sunday Brunch. $$ Located inside the Isle of Palms
885-6303 883-3131 Marina Market, come enjoy
www.facebook.com/ teamteambbq.com breakfast, smoothies, and
cafepanameiop 2209 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island sandwiches. $-$$
1202 Palm Blvd., A, Isle of Palms 883-3355
Mex1 saltworkscc.com
Chills 360 Hip eatery serving Mexican
Dallas based shop serving Thai 50 41st Ave, Isle of Palms
favorites, including tacos & tortas,
inspired rolled ice cream. $ with an island vibe. Live music, Seabiscuit Cafe
242-8469 outdoor seating. $$ A bright, cozy cafe with nautical
www.chills360.com 882-8172 touches serving a simple menu of
1515 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms mex1coastalcantina.com homestyle breakfast & lunch. $-$$
Coconut Joe’s & 2205 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island facebook.com/seabiscuitcafeiop
Island Joe’s Coffee Morgan Creek Grill 21 JC Long Blvd, Isle of Palms
Spectacular views of the Atlantic Relax with a front row seat on Sullivan’s
on the rooftop bar and live music the Intracoastal Waterway while Grab a casual dinner of fried
every night during the summer. enjoying fresh seafood and flounder or crab cakes in a cozy
$-$$. Island Joe’s next door southern hospitality. $$ atmosphere as well as lunch on
featuring coffee and ice cream. $ 886-8980 the weekends. $$
886-0046 morgancreekgrill.com 883-3222
coconutjoes.biz 8040 1st Ave, Isle of Palms saltstation22.com
1120 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms 2019 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island
The Obstinate Daughter
The Co-Op Restaurant serving contemporary Windjammer
A gourmet deli specializing in Southern cuisine, pizza & pasta in Lively spot with a bar menu, a deck
breakfast and lunch sandwiches a rustic, coastal-inspired space. overlooking the water, and beach
as well as local coffee. Enjoy $$-$$$ volleyball court out back.$-$$
pantry staples including beer 416-5020 886-8596
and wine along with locally made theobstinatedaughter.com the-windjammer.com
products and house made take 2063 Middle St,Sullivan’s Island 1008 Ocean Blvd, Isle of Palms
and go meals. Open 7 days a

off-island eats
eggsupgrill.com facebook.com/notjustfranksatace
Regional Italian restaurant featuring 2664 Highway 17N, Mt. Pleasant 3008 N Highway 17, Mt Pleasant
fresh pastas, fior di latte mozzarella
and Neapolitan style pizzas from the Ghost Monkey Nano Brewery Rusty Rudder
wood burning oven. $$$ Features a consistent rotation of locally Easygoing hangout offering American
843.884.6969 brewed beer made in Mount Pleasant. eats such as BBQ, seafood & steak,
baccocharleston.com Taproom, live music, food. $$ plus a bar & outdoor seats. $$
976 Houston Northcutt Blvd, Mt. Pleasant 843.352.3462 843.388.3177
ghostmonkeybrewery.com rustyruddermtp.com
Bistro Toulouse 522 Wando Ln, Mt Pleasant 3563 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant
Parisian-style nook serving seasonal, H&R Sweet Shop Sewee Restaurant
regional French dishes with a modern Famous redfish and rice, fried Southern-style seafood & other fried
twist, plus global wines. $-$$ chicken, shrimp, bbq ribs. $ fare in a casual joint with checkered
216-3434 843.884.2118 tables & homey decor. $$
bistrotoulouse.com 102 Royall Ave, Mt Pleasant 843.928.3609
1220 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant seeweerestaurantinc.com
Jack's Cosmic Dogs 4808 N Hwy 17, Awendaw
Bon Banh Mi Kitschy space-themed spot serving
Southeast Asian Cuisine, Rice Bowls, hot dogs topped with creative Stack’s Coastal Kitchen
Noodles, Sandwiches, Small Plates, condiments, plus sides & ice cream. $ Join us for lunch, where we offer
Vegetarian Options $ 884-7677 fresh soup, salads, and sandwiches.
388-7080 jackscosmicdogs.com Enjoy dinner in a casual bistro-style
banhbonmi.com 2805 N Hwy 17, Mt Pleasant setting, nice selection and outdoor
1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant seating. $$
Eggs Up Grill
Not Just Franks 843.388.6968
Quick and tasty breakfast and lunch stackscoastalkitchen.com
Relaxed chain serving a menu of
stand. Egg sandwiches, hot dogs, 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt. Pleasant
breakfast, burgers & sandwiches in a
salads, grilled and deli sandwiches. $
colorful setting. $-$$
October 12, 2018 19
When should you see a financial professional?

t can be challenging to achieve you also should prepare for education
your financial objectives. costs as if you will be around. So you
Fortunately, you don’t have to go may want to consider an education
it alone, but when should you seek savings investment such as a 529
help? plan. A financial professional can
Here are some of the key life events help you with your insurance and
in which you might be able to benefit education-funding needs.
from the services of a financial Retirement
professional: Once you retire, you will face a
First professional job variety of financial decisions, but
Eventually, you will land that first here’s one of the most important
job, which will offer benefits and a ones: How much money should
401(k) or similar employer-sponsored you withdraw each year from your
retirement plan. Since you may not retirement accounts? To choose
have any experience with a 401(k), an annual withdrawal rate that’s
you may have several questions: appropriate for your needs, you
How much should I contribute? should consider several factors: how
What sorts of investments should I much you have in your retirement
choose? When should I change my accounts, how much Social Security
investment selections? A financial you’ll receive, what other sources
professional can help you review your plan and explain the aspects of income (such as part-time work or consulting) you might have,
that may affect your investment choices. your age at retirement, your spouse’s projected retirement assets,
Marriage your retirement lifestyle, and so on. It might not be easy for you to
When you get married, you and your spouse may decide to merge consider all these elements and then arrive at a suitable withdrawal
your finances, including your investments. But if each of you brings rate, but a financial professional has the experience, training and
similar investments to the table, you might create some redundancies. technology to help determine a figure that could work for you.
A financial professional can look at your respective portfolios and These aren’t all the life events that may lead you to contact a
recommend ways to diversify. Generally, the more diversified you are, financial professional, but they should give you a pretty good idea
the greater your protection against market downturns that primarily of the type of assistance you could expect over time. So, consider
hit one type of asset class. (However, while diversification can help reaching out for the help you need, when you need it. Doing so could
reduce the impact of market volatility, it can’t guarantee profits or help make your life easier as you move toward your financial goals.
protect against all losses.) Dimi Matouchev is a financial advisor with Edward Jones, located
at 1505 Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms. For more information, call
Once you have children, you’ll have new responsibilities and
you’ll have some new financial issues that should be addressed. If 843.886.9229 or visit EdwardJones.com.
something happened to you, could your children still have the same
lifestyle and educational opportunities? Would they even be able to
stay in the same home? To help ensure your children’s security, you
may need to add more life and disability insurance.
While life insurance could help pay for your children’s education,

Breac h Inlet Tide Char t

Date High Tide Low Tide
Oct 12 11:00am/11:08pm 4:27am/5:07pm
Oct 13 11:46am/11:54pm 5:10am/5:55pm
Oct 14 12:34pm 5:54am/6:44pm
Oct 15 12:42am/1:26pm 6:41am/7:36pm
Oct 16 1:34am/2:20pm 7:33am/8:29pm
Oct 17 2:29am/3:15pm 8:29am/9:23pm
Oct 18 3:26am/4:08pm 9:28am/10:14pm
Oct 19 4:21am/4:59pm 10:24am/11:02pm
Oct 20 5:12am/5:46pm 11:16am/11:47pm
Oct 21 6:00am/6:30pm 12:05pm
Oct 22 6:44am/7:12pm 12:29am/12:50pm
Oct 23 7:26am/7:52pm 1:09am/1:34pm
Oct 24 8:06am/8:31pm 1:49am/2:18pm
Oct 25 8:46am/9:11pm 2:29am/3:02pm

Hurricanes, storms etc., are NOT included in the

predictions. Tidal current direction changes and tide time
predictions can be very different. Tide predictions are
PREDICTIONS; they can be wrong so use common sense.

Source: www.saltwatertides.com