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22 INDIA Asian Voice - Saturday 20th February 2010

Taslima back in India, wants

her visa extended
Bangladeshi writer
Taslima Nasreen, targeted
writer has requested for a
permanent residency in
In divine light By Rajen Vakil
by Islamic fundamental- India, but the government
ists for her controversial
book “Lajja” is back in
India and has sought
has not taken any decision
on that. Her wish to visit
Kolkata will also remain
Arjuna, the inner disciple
extention of her visa. unfulfilled, as officials feel Yudhisthira is frightened seeing the destroyed). For a disciple, it signifies
She was forced to it will spell trouble. might of the Kauravas just as the Great chaos in all the centres of the body-
leave India after radicals Living a life in exile War was about to begin on the battle- brain system. From Khandavprastha,
protested against her pres- since 1994, Taslima has field of Kurukshetra. He felt his army the Pandavas established
ence in West Bengal in stayed in France, Sweden was much smaller and subject to defeat. ‘Indraprastha’, the city where the ener-
November, 2007. She and the USA also. She is Arjuna and Sri Krishna console him. gy of the senses rules. Ordinarily, the
came back to India recent- in India for five years, but Arjuna tells Yudhisthira that he has the five senses work with the energy of sen-
ly and has been put up at here also she met with ‘Pasupata Astra’, which if he uses, sitiveness or excitement, creating chaos
an undisclosed place. opposition from radicals. could destroy the whole Kaurava army in our lives. Here, the disciple shifts
The medico turned Taslima Nasreen in the blink of an eye. Rather, he would from sensitiveness to sensitivity, estab-
engage in ordinary warfare and achieve lishing the state of Indraprastha within.
Going for the KND is new victory the hard way, slowly and with
great difficulty.
Let us study an event during this
phase of the Mahabharata. One day,

Haj yatra on foot Parsi high In this small episode, Vyasji unrav-
els to us two ways
Agni (the God of fire) asked Sri Krishna
and Arjuna if he

Ahmed and wife Haseena will travel from Mehsana to Mecca priest in India to enlightenment –
one, a shortcut and
could burn the
Khandava forest
Visiting well known ous trek. Kaikhusro Navroz i m m e d i a t e and satisfy his
shrines on august days by The couple was waiting Dastoor Meherjirana, a approach and the hunger. Every
walking is a very old for their wish to perform respected Parsi scholar other, a slow and time he tried to
Hindu ritual, but for a the Haj yatra for ten years, was recently anointed as steady process. The burn it, Indra
change, A muslim couple but money is a problem. the Parsi high priest first is a secret sent rain and
from Mehsana in Gujarat They decided to walk right (Vada Dastur) of India at method, fraught quelled the fire.
has decided to walk right through. They got their Navsari in Gujarat. with dangers of Agni then asked
upto Mecca. Ahmed passport just recently. Popularly known as many imbalances Sri Krishna and
Sheikh – 49 and his wife “It is a test of patience. KND, he used to present of the body-brain Arjuna for help.
Haseena – 45 will cover Haj is an imperative duty musical recitals on All system, given Arjuna asked
the distance of 6,000 kilo- for all Muslims who have India Radio’s Vadodara directly by a master Agni to start
meters from their home the resources to carry it station in Gujarat. to only certain dis- burning the for-
town to the holiest of the out,” he adds. On passing Based in Mumbai at ciples. The second est and as soon
Muslim shrines in Saudi through terrorist regions present, he is also an is a slow and steady as Indra sent
Arabia in 9 months. and inhospitable terrain, advocate, he has method which can rain, Arjuna cre-
They have planned to Sheikh says, “We are car- be taught freely. ated a canopy of
authored two books on
start on February 28 and rying the message of peace When Pandu arrows which
banking laws. He is also a
expect to reach Mecca in and love for all the people and his wives were stopped the rain
student of Indian classi-
around nine months. They on our way. There is no in the forest, Kunti from cooling the
cal music.
would be passing through fear of anything. God is successfully used fire, allowing
A follower of the
5 countries in their ardu- with us.” the mantra given to Agni to satisfy
Kirana gharana of Ustad
Now, a singing saree Abdul Karim Khan, and
particularly of the late
her by
Durvasa to give
Rishi his hunger. In
return Agni gave

from Andhra designer

birth to both, Arjuna a special
singer Gangubai Hangal Yudhisthira and Bhima. Nonetheless, chariot with horses and the ‘Gandiva’
of Hubli, KND said “It she could not invoke Indra to give birth with two quivers, which would never be
Saree loving Indian eight micro speakers on will be my endeavour to to Arjuna. Pandu performed severe aus- short of arrows. This whole episode
women now can also the border, while a 2 GB attend to the controver- terities by standing on one foot, signify- symbolises how Arjuna purified the
enjoy their favourite memory chip and a small sial problems of the com- ing balance and voluntary suffering. emotional centre. The Khandava forest
music or songs, thanks to digital music player is put munity with all love, sin- After a period of one and half years, symbolises our sub-conscious, full of
an innovation brought in on the “Pallu”. The device cerity and understanding, Arjuna was born. Arjuna was born an samskaras. The spiritual fire of tapa
by P. Mohan. is capable of playing 200 and without an iota of advanced soul; not only is he one of the burns this chaotic forest. Once this is
The designer from songs or can enthrall the malice or hatred. Only on five Pandavas, he also represents the done, we have freed our attention from
Dharmavaram town in wearer for 4 hours. failing that I may take the student or disciple. the momentum of past samskaras and
Anantpur district of P. Mohan has earlier help of my legal experi- The aim of all disciples is to reach that is how we can get the Gandiva, rep-
Andhra Pradesh concep- also designed sarees with ence of half a century,” as the stage of ‘pratyahara’ or freeing of resenting rhythm and balance of the
tualised “Swaramadhuri” small LED bulbs, and called he spoke to an English attention from the attractions of the breath, and the quivers of arrows, repre-
– the singing saree with them ‘lighting sarees’. daily. sense organs. In the twelve years of van- senting quality of attention.
vaas (exile), Arjuna has worked hard on From the Yoga perspective, in our
UK DFID to help 8 million Indian his attention. The name of his bow is
‘Gandiva’, which represents the
solar plexus area there are the two
chakras, Manipura and Kundli.

slum dwellers with better facilities diaphragm and his arrows symbolise
attention. Every small disturbance,
Manipura is active and holds the energy
of excitement (sensitiveness). Kundli is
emotional or mental, immediately inactive but holds the energy of sensi-
£14.5 million aid to be used in 20 cities affects the diaphragm and makes our tivity. The yogi slowly stops the working
Gareth Thomas, UK min- ities through improved brief insight into the reali- breathing chaotic, fragmenting our of the Manipura and activates the
ister for International sewerage, waste manage- ty of how difficult daily life attention. By practicing rhythmic Kundli. Karna represents the Manipura
Development recently ment and drains. is for people in slums. It is breathing, we bring our diaphragm into chakra and Arjuna, the Kundli chakra.
announced £14.5 million Slum households will right that we take action rhythm and balance, sharpening and Both are in the solar plexus signifying
aid to help bring better also benefit from a legally to help those people who making the attention one-pointed. that the source of energy is the Sun.
facilities for 8 million slum secure claim to their need it most.” When we are able to hold a sustained Karna is the son of Surya, but he is also
dwellers in 20 cities in home, through tenancy or DFID support will arrow of attention within us, we have Angaraj, signifying solar energy wasted
India. ownership. form part of a £6 billion reached pratyahara. This is the greatest in excitement and bodily pleasures.
The DFID funded pro- Addressing the meet- Indian Government proj- moment in our spiritual quest and at Arjuna is the son of Indra or lightning
gramme will support gov- ing, Gareth Thomas said, ect. As well as providing this moment the inner guru appears to (solar energy in a concentrated form).
ernment of India’s flag- “People often don’t realise basic services to the poor the disciple and guides him to higher When the Manipura withers, the Kundli
ship Jawaharlal Nehru that despite being an eco- in 20 Indian cities, it will paths of yoga. In the Mahabharata, Sri opens up and we are freed from excite-
National Urban Renewal nomic success story in help local governments Krishna becomes Arjuna’s charioteer ment, and now energy takes on a con-
Mission (JNNURM) pro- many ways, India still and partners to deliver and guides his chariot between the two centrated form allowing us to invoke
gramme. faces huge poverty and is vital services to a further armies or no-man’s land, symbolising and thereafter, hold the divine presence.
Speaking at a high home to one third of the 43 cities – helping some the state of pratyahara. It is here that When emotions are purified and
level meeting on the future world’s poor. 45% of the total slum pop- the immortal knowledge of the Srimad attention becomes one-pointed, the
of cities across India and Poverty is particularly ulation. Bhagwad Gita is given to the deserving emotional centre is filled with the pow-
Africa, the International bad in larger cities. That’s The Minister disciple. erful energy of love, leading to real
Development Minister why this funding is so announced the funding at Arjuna represents the emotional shraddha or faith. From this point
said that the £14.5m fund- important - it will make a a high level seminar which centre and before this centre can com- onwards, our spiritual progress would
ing would help to target huge difference in helping brought together academ- municate with the divine, it must be be very fast.
poverty in some of India’s to meet the basic needs of ics and key partners, like purified. Dhritarashtra gave to the
most overcrowded cities. some of India’s poorest the World Bank, to discuss Pandavas the barren country of (Edited by Chintu Gandhi.
The programme will people. how Government thinking ‘Khandavprastha’. This comes from the Illustration by Siddharth Ramanuj.)
provided clean drinking Films like Slumdog on cities in developing word ‘khand’ which literally means a The author can be reached by
water to slum households, Millionaire have helped to countries could be small part (or something that has been emailing 3srb@live.com
give better sanitation facil- give British audiences a improved.