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Vox ExXPLAINERS — 2® Evidence suggests fsociety linked Most Viewed to Iran What we know about the terrorists behind the cyber bombings Democrats arein denial. Their party iecuaty deep wou How 2racist trols got aidiulous $target ending on inbox jet Vow in your In the wooks since the leaders of tsoelaty wore found dead by apparent euiide in an FBI rad, thoro has boon much speculation about the terterists's motives, connections, and past. With rumors eproad acrocs the web, we eot out to collect al te fats. ymin spear Here's what you nocd to know. Who were they? ‘Sunil Markosh and Shama Biswas, Also known by ther online hacker hancles MOBLEY and TRENTON, respectively, Markesh, 3, worked inthe IT Department of, Bank of Biswas, only 18, was a student at NYU. Markesh was a US Citizen, Biswas, however, was bom in Mashhad, Iran, and immigrated tothe US wih her family as a child ‘Both Markesh and Bisras were living in Brookiya, New York, when fsociety enacted the infamous Five/Nine hack Where were they from? Fun Society Arcade ‘The defunct Coney sland, NY, arcade whore the fsociety enacted tho Five/Nine hack FBI Agents discovered iton June 22, 2015, is signage is missing the leters‘U and 'N literally speling out F__SOCIETY. Bit on the nose i you askus. The arcade itself has a dark and checkered past, going all the way back fo the 20s rumor has it that lis covers befell a grisly demise, leading some fo believe the space cursed. Phoenix, Arizona Having fled New York after Sunil Markesh was questioned by the FBI in early July (more on that below), he and Biswas holed up in a house belonging to Anand Achar, an assoc- ate of Markesh. Iwas this house that the FBI raided on September 29th, 2016, and where the fsociety terrorists were found dead by suicide, gunshot wounds fo the head. It is boieved his was where they masterminded the Cyber Bombings ~ and were discov- cred plotting another attack targeting air traffic contrl systems. Red Wheelbarrow BBQ ‘The popular Manhattan fast-food nib jint that curiously popped up overnight in an oco- omic climate that was forcing most restaurants to shut their doors. We now know that Reed Wheelbarrow was an fseciety font Presumably, Markesh and Biswas were working from here betore they fled to Arizona. It was also the lecation where Tycell Welick was held hostage for months in the basement as, just above him, unsuspecting customers dined on rise and unknowing employees served milkshakes. On the day of the Cyber Bombings, Tyrell managed to escape his captivity through the intricate tunnel system that connected tothe Red Wheelbarrow basement