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Information & Glossary Of Scottish Words

There are many variants of the Scottish language and regional dialects throughout time. In Medieval
times [~1000 – 1300] it depended on what part of Scotland you lived in - with the North end of
Scotland speaking mostly Gaelic whilst the south of Scotland speaking Old English.

Eventually English was encouraged as the spoken language for official use within courts and towns.
This then gave rise to blending the Scots language with English. I have left some links which I found
interesting and relevant to your book.
Below is my glossary of common ‘modern’ spoken Scottish words used even today that everyone
should be able to quickly understand. However, I’ve chosen to avoid older “Early Scottish” and
“Middle Scottish” languages which are basically unrecognisable to current day readers.

Scottish speakers like to abbreviate most of their language and easier read by spoken out loud. Think
of Gimli the Dwarf from Lord of the Rings.

Common Terms
English Scottish
Hello Hullo
How Are You Whit like are ye?
How’s it gawn [Gaw In]
How’s ye doin? [How are you doing]
Reply to “How are you” No Bad, Yerself?
My Name Is Ma Name’s
Where are you from? Whaur ye fae? [Same as “Where” but “Wh – ur”]
I’m from A’m fae
Pleased to meet you Gled to meet ye [Glad]
Good Morning Guid morning
I Dont Know I dinnae know
Yes Aye
No Naw
Small Wee
A small boy A wee lad
That’s Good That’s guid
You’re a very attractive girl You’re awfy braw, hen
You’re really braw, darlin’
Do you want to have sex? Dae ye want yer hole
Dae ye want pumped?
What do you do for a living? Whit d’ye dae fur a livin?
Dinner / Evening meal Supper
That dinner was good That supper was braw
Information & Glossary Of Scottish Words

That supper wis guid

Give me a kiss on the lips “Gees a nip on the lips”
“Give us a winch”
You’re lying Yer talkin’ out yer arse

Glossary of Words

Asshole Arsehole
Old Auld “My grandpa is getting auld”
Alcohol Bevvy “Am gonna drink bevvy later” [Beverage]
Drunk Blootered
Away wi it
Rat Arsed
Oot yer nut / Oot his nut / Out his head [Nut means heat]
Pished [Used more modern times]
Urine / Piss Pish
Good Guid
Pretty/Beautiful Bonnie
Good looking / Nice Braw
Cold Cauld
From Fae – as in “Where ye fae?”
Woman Hen / Darlin
Woman (Derogatory) Wench
Sex / Vagina “She’s getting her hole tonight” / “Do you want your hole?”
Is Not Isnae
Boy Lad / Laddie
Girl Lass / Lassie
Kiss Nip / Winch
Fight Rammy {Older Scots, not common today]
Dinner Supper
What Whit
Information & Glossary Of Scottish Words

Do You / Do Dae ye / Dae

Did Not / Didn’t Didnae
Do Not / Dont Dinnae
Ye You
Yer Your

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