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Truth Studies of a Robust Presence Edited by Kurt Pritzl, O.P. ‘The Catholic University of America Press Washington, D.C. a SIF VOSA Copyright © 2010 ‘The Catholic University of America Press All rights reserved “The paper used in this publication meets the minimum re- {quirements of American National Standards for Information ‘Science—Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI 739.48-1984. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Truth : studies of a robust presence / edited by Kurt Pritzl. p. cm. — (Studies in philosophy and the history of Philosophy v.51) Includes bibliographical references and index. IsBN 978-0-8132-1680-5 (cloth : alk, paper) 1. Truth, 1. Prital, Kurt, 1952~ bpi71.47185 2010 rar—deaa 2009028059 Contents 10. uu. Kurt Pritzl, O.P., Introduction 1 Kurt Pritzl, O.P, Aristotle's Door 15 Mitchell Miller, A More “Exact Grasp” of the Soul? Tripartition in the Republic and Dialectic in the Philebus 40 Timothy Noone, Truth, Creation, and Intelligibility in Anselm, Grosseteste, and Bonaventure 102 Jan A, Aertsen, Truth in the Middle Ages: Its Essence and Power in Christian Thought 127 Daniel Garber, Religion and Science, Faith and Reason: Some Pascalian Reflections 147 Sean Dorrance Kelly, On Time and Truth 168 Daniel O. Dahlstrom, The Prevalence of Truth 185 Brian H. Bix, Will versus Reason: Truth in Natural Law, Positive Law, and Legal Theory 208 Robert E. Wood, Art and Truth: From Plato through Nietzsche to Heidegger 232 John Milbank, Truth and Identity: ‘The Thomistic Telescope 277 Susan Haack, Truth and Progress in the Sciences: An Innocent Realist Perspective 310 Bibliography 337 Contributors 357 Index 361