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USB Installation <Firmware Preparation>

Connect the USB memory that stores the firmware to the CP-Cont and turn DW3030 ON to Download the firmware and save it in the USB memory.
automatically execute the download for each module. 1. Download the DW3030 firmware from the TSC/ESG Home page.
Note USB Installation is provided as an alternative method when Network URL: http://mrewww.tsc.ksp.fujixerox.co.jp/product/eo/download/index.shtml
Installation is not available for some reason. Normally, perform (User name: plotter, Password: download)
Note Note that different files are provided for Network Installation and
Network Installation.
Only the following USB memory type supports USB Installation: USB Installation.
Note The firmware is in the format of a self-extracting file.
(Models may change due to production termination)
I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. 2. Check that the size of downloaded file is correct.
EasyDisk Platinum2 "EDP2-256M" or "EDP2-512M" 3. Double-click the downloaded file to extract it into your desired folder.
Note When a USB memory other than the recommended is used, failures 4. Check that some folders such as "xxxx data" and "xxxx files" and the "fwdl_index.csv"
such as the USB memory not being recognized (installation is not file have been extracted into the specified folder.
Note Depending on the firmware, the file configuration may vary.
executed) may occur.
Note The USB memory must be formatted in advance into FAT16.
The following describes the overview of USB Installation.


(2) (2)

CP-Cont (1)
FROM j0ry60721
5. Copy all the folders such as "xxxx data" and "xxxx files" and the "fwdl_index.csv" file
(2) (2) (1)
into the USB memory root directory.
UI Note The USB memory must be formatted in advance into FAT16.
FROM (1)

USB memory

(1) Turning DW3030 ON writes the firmware for the CP-Cont from the USB memory into
the FROM and HDD, and copies the firmware for the IIT, IOT, and UI temporarily into
the HDD.
(2) The firmware for the IIT, IOT, and UI modules that was copied in the HDD is then
automatically downloaded into the FROM of each module.
<Installation Procedure> 4. The firmware for all modules are installed from the USB memory and the download
Note In USB Installation, a portion of settings such as job memory, process is automatically started for each module. The message and animation
specification settings, logical printer, mailboxes, etc. will not be indicating that download is in progress are displayed on the Control Panel and all the
inherited. Therefore, back up or print out the following data in LEDs on the Control Panel flash together or flash sequentially.
advance: Note The four boxes displayed at the bottom left of the Control Panel
- CP-Cont system data (job memory and specification settings) represent, starting from the left - CP-Cont, IIT, IOT, and UI modules.
Execute CP-Cont DC361 SYSTEM DATA SAVE/RESTORE and save When each module has been downloaded, a buzzer sounds and the
data. boxes are inverted in sequence to indicate the download progress.
- Logical printer, system settings, CE-MENU settings list ······ The CP-Cont is being downloaded
Print put each of them from Print Services on Web (Web Access). ······ The CP-Cont download is complete, the IIT is being downloaded
Note Installation is not possible if the firmware is saved in the protected ······ The IIT download is complete, the IOT is being downloaded
area of the USB memory and it is locked with a password. Unlock The IOT download is complete, the Control Panel data is being
the password protection and copy the firmware to non-data downloaded
protected area. ······ The Control Panel data download is complete
Note Pay attention to the following during firmware installation. If the download process for a module has failed, the process will not be
- Check that there are no data left in the DW3030 before installation. re-executed and download of the next module will be executed. In this
- Do not perform any operations for DW3030, such as data transfer or case, the box is also inverted. In addition, no errors are displayed until
power OFF, during version installation. all modules have been downloaded.
- When the installation is completed, turn DW3030 OFF, remove the USB Note No animation is displayed during Control Panel data download.
memory, and then turn the power ON to restart it. Note During firmware download of the CP-Cont, IIT, or IOT, all the LEDs
flash on the Control Panel. During download of the Control Panel
1. Turn the DW3030 OFF. data, the LEDs flash sequentially on the Control Panel.
2. Connect the USB memory to the CP-Cont. Reference The download time needed for each module varies widely
a. Remove the I/F Cover. (PL9.2) depending on the firmware configuration. The following are rough
b. Remove the USB Cover from the CP-Cont and connect the USB memory that estimates.
stores the firmware. CP-Cont ········ Up to approx. 15 to 20 minutes
IIT ·················· Up to approx. 4 to 5 minutes
IOT ················ Up to approx. 1 to 2 minutes
UI··················· Up to approx. 17 to 20 minutes

j0ry20551 j0ry60712
3. Turn the DW3030 ON.
5. When the download process for all modules has completed successfully, job end
buzzer sounds and a message indicating that download has completed appears on the
Control Panel.

If the download to any module has failed, an error code appears on the Control Panel.
Note Even if more than one error has occurred, only one error code (the
one that was detected first) is displayed.
Refer to "Error! Reference source not found." to check for the error description and
corrective action. Perform the installation again after turning DW3030 OFF then ON to
restart it.
6. Turn DW3030 OFF and remove the USB memory.
Note After turning the power OFF, make sure that the machine has
completely shutdown before removing the USB memory.
Note When USB Installation has completed, a log file containing the
download process details and results, named "download.log" is
created in the USB memory root directory.
For details, refer to "Error! Reference source not found.".
7. Turn the DW3030 ON.
8. Enter the Self Diagnosis (Diag) mode to execute DC108 SOFTWARE LEVELS for the
UI, IIT, CP-Cont, and IOT sub systems to check that each version is correct.

9. Check all settings such as job memory, specification settings, logical printer, system
settings, CE-MENU, and mailboxes and re-set them as necessary.