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The Dirk Academy

Constitution & By-Laws

Article I.
Section 1. Membership

1. Membership/Dues
a. Commissioner:
i. Dan Haugo
b. The Dirk Academy will be comprised of 10 teams/owners in one
i. Adam Maahs
ii. Austen Arnaud
iii. Bubu Palo
iv. Dan Haugo
v. Gabe McNunn
vi. Jordan Gilmore
vii. Marty Pick
viii. Ryan Catus
ix. Tony Dempsey
x. Wesley Rebarcak
c. Annual dues are $50.
d. Champion will receive $500 (- cost of Champions Dinner ((minus)
cost of championship ring).
i. Champion has the choice between a 2011 Dallas Mavericks
Championship Ring or the ring of the team that wins the NBA
Finals the year they win the championship.
Section 2. Rosters

1. Drafting/Keepers
a. Draft:
i. Before each season, there will be an auction draft.
ii. Each team will be allotted $200 for the auction.
b. Keepers:
i. Each team can keep one (1) player from their team from the
year before.
ii. The cost of the player is 1.2x the amount they paid for them in
the draft or claimed off of waivers.
iii. The minimum to cost to keep a player is $10.
iv. Keepers must be submitted to the commissioner via ESPN
keeper selection, text or email (to the commissioner), one hour
prior to the draft. Any keepers submitted after the deadline will
not be permitted.
v. No team can keep a player for two consecutive seasons.
vi. If a team keeps a player for a second consecutive season, they
will be stripped of their entire free agent budget. The team
must also forfeit that player.
vii. The Commissioner will notify the league at 24 hours and two
(2) hours in advance of the draft that a keeper needs to be
2. Rosters/Game Limits/Waivers
a. Rosters will consist of 14 players
i. Ten (10) “Starters”
ii. Five (4) “Reserves”
iii. Two (2) “IR Spots”
1. ESPN limits Centers to a maximum of four per team.
3. Waivers/Trades/Injured Reserve:
a. Waivers:
i. Each team will be allotted $100 for waiver wire transactions.
ii. Teams will be limited to seven (7) waiver wire transactions per
match-up. (Equivalent of one (1) per day).
iii. Waiver wire will process daily at 11 a.m. eastern time.
iv. Auction Tie-Breaker:
1. In the event each team bids the same amount, the player
will be awarded to the team with the worse record at the
time of the transaction.
b. Trades:
i. Trade Limit: N/a
ii. Trade Deadline: Two Weeks Prior to End of Season
1. Feb. 3, 2019
iii. All trades must be approved by the Commissioner.
c. Injured Reserve:
i. Two people are allowed on IR at any given time.
ii. A player must be activated or dropped within two weeks (14
days) from being eligible to play/off or IR.

Section 3. Matchups/Scoring

1. Scheduling/Match-Ups/Scoring
a. The season will consist of 18 weeks. (Everyone plays everyone twice)
i. Each team will play each other twice. Rotation will be randomized
at the beginning of each year and will not be the same as the year
b. Game Limits: 36 games per week.
1. Over the limit: In the event a team goes over the games
limit, their totals will be adjusted to remove the players that
most negatively affect the perpetrator’s outcome of the
2. Any team that does not meet a minimum of 30 games will
forfeit $10 for every week they do not meet the minimum.
ii. Matchups run Monday-Sunday unless specified otherwise by
ESPN.com or by the Commissioner.
c. Scoring:
i. Each team will accumulate statistics in the following nine (9)
1. Points
2. Rebounds
3. Assists
4. Blocks
5. Steals
6. Free Throws Made
7. Three-Pointers Made
8. Field Goal Percentage
9. Free Throw Percentage

Section 4. Playoffs

1. Championship Determination:
a. The top four teams will compete in a single elimination playoff.
b. Playoff match-ups will be two weeks long.
c. Playoff games limit is 72 games unless otherwise specified by the
2. Tie-breaking Formula (Regular Season/Seeding): In the event of a tie, the
following tie-breaking measures will be used in order given, until the tie is
a. Head-to-head regular season competition against each other.
b. Head-to-head regulars season competition starting with the highest in the
standings and working towards the lowest.
3. Tie-breaking Formula (Playoffs): In the event of a tie, the following tie-
breaking measures will be used in order given, until the tie is broken.
a. Head-to-head AND seed
i. Team must have both the season head-to-head record and be the
higher seed.
b. Extended Week (36 games)
c. Seinfeld 1, 2, 3 Shoot

League History:

Past Champions:
2018 – Tony Dempsey
2017 – Ryan Catus
2016 – Dan Haugo
2015 – Ryan Catus
2014 – Gabe McNunn
2013 – Justin Mull
2012 – Gabe McNunn
Finals Appearances: (Championships)
Ryan Catus - 3 (2)
Gabe McNunn - 3 (2)
Tony Dempsey - 3 (1)
Justin Mull - 2 (2)
Dan Haugo - 2 (1)
Marty Pick - 1 (0)

Regular Season Champions:

2018 – Tony Dempsey
2017 – Tony Dempsey
2016 – Ryan Catus
2015 – Tony Dempsey
2014 – Dan Haugo
2013 – Justin Mull
2012 – Gabe McNunn

Playoff Appearances:
Ryan Catus - 6 of 7
Tony Dempsey - 5 of 7
Austen Arnaud - 2 of 4
Justin Mull – 2 of 4
Dan Haugo - 3 of 7
Gabe McNunn - 3 of 7
Marty Pick - 3 of 7
Boo Palo - 1 of 3
Brandon Hurley - 2 of 7
Adam Maahs - 1 of 7
Jordan Gilmore - 0 of 7

Past Members:
Justin Mull
Brandon Hurley