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Exercises for Task 5


Unit 7 Exercise E Complete the sentences with the correct from of work.
Page 87.
1. Ramiro is a doctor. He doesn’t work in a supermarket.
2. The brothers are car mechanics. They don’t work
3. We are homemakers. We don’t work at Centennial Adult School.
4. You are a babysitter. You work with children.
5. Ly sleeps from 6:00 AM-12PA. She doesn’t work in the morning.
Unit 7 Exercise F and G Page 87.
Read the information.
Name Store Factory Office Outside Car Home
Chen, Alan, X
and Oscar
Benjamin X
Tien X
Peter and X
Tino, Maria, X
and Gaspar
Ron X

Write sentences about where the people in Exercises F work.

1. Chen, Alan, and Oscar work in a factory.
2. Benjamin works in a store.
3. Tien works in an office.
4. Peter and Sally work outside.
5. Tino, Maria, and Gaspar work at home.
6. Ron works in a car.

Unit 7 Exercise D Each sentence contains a mistake. Rewrite the sentences

correctly with can. Page 89.
1. He cans drive a truck. He can drive a truck.
2. My sister can to calculate numbers quickly. My sister can calculate numbers
3. She cans type very well. She can type very well.
4. She can in a factory work. She can work in a factory.
5. They no can talk on the phone. They can’t talk on the phone.
6. Miyuki no work outside. Miyuki can’t work outside.
Unit 7 Exercise E and F Page 89
Write sentences about what Felipe and Gabriela can and can’t do.
1. Felipe can type letters. (+)
2. Felipe can’t write English. (-)
3. Gabriela can manage an office. (+)
4. Gabriela can’t write English. (-)
5. Felipe and Gabriela can speak English. (+)
6. Felipe and Gabriela can read English. (+)

Unit 7 Exercise D Complete the sentences with the correct simple past
tense from of verbs. Page 91.
1. I was a mechanic. I repaired (repair) cars.
2. She was an assembly worker. She assembled (assemble) furniture.
3. We were mail carriers. We delivered (deliver) mail.
4. You were a secretary. You typed (type) letters.
5. They were servers at a restaurant. They talked (talk) to customers.
6. Juana and I were managers. We supervised (supervise) workers.
7. Sherrie was a cook. She served (serve) food for La Roma Restaurant.
8. You were a cashier. You counted (count) money for the store.

Unit 7 Exercise D Make questions with the words and can. Page 93
1. Type / you / letters Can you type letters?
2. Speak / they / English Can they speak English?
3. I / work / every week Can I work every week?
4. We / talk / to the supervisor Can we talk to the supervisor?
5. Clean / bathrooms / you Can you clean bathrooms?
6. Repair / she / my car Can she repair my car?