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Community friends, partners

and colleagues:
Our collaboration with countless partners, businesses As part of these efforts, Destination Cleveland will work
and community efforts resulted in the Cuyahoga County even more closely with current partners and collaborate
travel and tourism industry attracting 18.5 million with additional organizations to better leverage the
visitors to the area in 2017 — an average increase of Cleveland visitor brand to appeal to new audiences —
nearly 550,000 visitors per year for the eighth straight including those who may consider living, working and/
year and one that continues to exceed the national or investing in Cleveland — and improve Cleveland’s
average. In addition, this increased growth infused more narrative on a grander scale.
than 68,000 jobs and $8.8 billion of economic impact
into Cleveland’s economy. Thank you to our board and our partners for your
commitment to our community and your passion for
We celebrate these successes, while looking forward to Cleveland’s success. Because of the work we’re doing together,
working together toward our goal of bringing 20 million we look to the future with determination and enthusiasm.
visitors to Cuyahoga County in 2020 — an effort that
brings an exciting expansion of our work. Sincerely,

Our research shows that any visitor is a potential resident,

student, or investor. Therefore, we’ll be using our expertise
in attracting people here and enhancing perceptions David Gilbert Daniel Walsh, Jr.
of Cleveland to promote our city not just as a visitor President + CEO Chairman, Board of Directors
destination, but as a destination city, period. Destination Cleveland Destination Cleveland
CEO, Citymark Capital

18.5 $8.8
Billion in total Economic Impact
Million Visitors Thousand jobs
The number of visits to 2017 travel and tourism total More than 2,000 jobs were added
Cuyahoga County increased economic impact was 8.6% to the travel and tourism industry
for the 8th straight year, up higher than in 2015 while from 2015 to 2017, accounting for
2.3% over 2016. direct spending of $5.8 billion 8.2% of private employment in
increased 8.3% during that Cuyahoga County.
same timeframe.

Billion in taxes generated
in Resident Tax Savings
Cuyahoga County generated In 2017, visitors to Cuyahoga
8.7% more in tax revenue from County contributed enough in tax
visitors in 2017 than 2015. revenue to offset resident taxes by
Source: 2017 DK Shifftlet Visitor Volume Study
more than $1,000 annually. Source: 2017 Tourism Economic Impact Study
Occupancy Rates
ROOMS SOLD Despite the 2.0% increase in rooms U.S. 65.9% 65.4%
sold in 2017, room inventory Cleveland 59.7 61.2
10 (4.5%) 10 increased at a faster rate of 4.5%, Columbus 65.8 65.9
9 9 driving down Cleveland occupancy Cincinnati 64.5 64.3
Room Inventory

rates from 2016 to 2017. Nashville 74.1 74.7

Rooms Sold
8 8
(in millions)

(in millions)
Detroit 66.6 65.8
(2.0%) Pittsburgh 60.3 59.0
6 6
Source: 2017 STR Report
5 5.3 5
5.0 5.2
4.7 4.8
4 4

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Source: 2017 STR Report

“2018 Best of the World” – National Geographic Traveler, December 2017

Lead Volume Marketing Reach COMMUNITY AFFAIRS
Destination Cleveland 1.3 billion people were Cle Travelbackers
supported 274 meetings and reached through integrated 261 frontline hospitality staff
conventions in 2017, with a 30% marketing efforts, including were trained through the CLE
increase in lead volume and social media outreach, public Travelbackers program in 2017.
bookings from vertical market relations and advertising. Bringing the total to 2,860 since
organizations due to increased
Website launch in 2013.
ThisisCleveland.com page Experience Dedicated
Room Nights Booked views increased to 4.6 million Destination
Room nights grew from in 2017 from 4.4 million in The visitor experience survey
225,000 in 2016 to 252,000 in 2016, driven primarily by new program, Experience Dedicated®
2017, an increase of 12% year visitors to the website. Destination, launched in May 2017
over year.
and generated 6,000 responses
through the end of the year.

“America’s Most Underrated Cities” – Travel + Leisure, October 2017

Destination Cleveland Board of Directors

Teri Agosta Fred Geis Paul Matsen Chris Ronayne

Member Member Member Member
General Manager, Principal, Chief Marketing & President,
Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hemingway Development Communications Officer, University Circle Incorporated
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Bruce Akers Greg Harris Baiju Shah
Member Member Valarie McCall Secretary
Former Mayor, City of Pepper Pike President & CEO, Member CEO, BioMotiv LLC
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Chief of Government
Justin Bibb & International Affairs,
City of Cleveland William Summers
Member Nathan Kelly Member
Senior Adviser, Gallup Member Director and Advisor
Managing Director, Bernie Moreno
Julie Boland Cushman & Wakefield | Member
President, Rachel Talton
Vice Chair CRESCO Real Estate Member
Office Managing Partner, EY Bernie Moreno Companies CEO, Synergy Marketing
Ron King Strategy & Research
Micki Byrnes Member Kathy Mulcahy
General Manager, Member
Mayor, Jason Therrien
President and General Manager, Huntington Convention Center Member
WKYC-TV of Cleveland and Orange Village President,
Global Center for Health thunder::tech
Innovation Hartmut Ott
Art Falco Member
Member Daniel Walsh
President & CEO, Len Komoroski General Manager, Chair
Playhouse Square Member Cleveland Downtown CEO, Citymark Capital
CEO, Cleveland Cavaliers Marriott at Key Center
& Quicken Loans Arena
Robert Falls Jon Pinney Brian Zimmerman
Member Member
President & CEO, Joe Kubic Treasurer Executive Director,
Falls Communications Member Managing Partner, Cleveland Metroparks
President, Kohrman Jackson & Krantz
The Adcom Group
Adam Fishman Yael Ron Ann Zoller
Member Member
Managing Partner, Member Senior Advisor,
Fairmount Properties General Manager, Strategy Design Partners
The Ritz-Carlton,