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( R E G I S T R A T I O N F O R M )



(Submit/ Mail/ fax completed form with prescribed fee in advance (Refundable in case of non-selection).

N a m e ( M r . M r s . M i s s . M s t ) _Miss Farkhanda Sahar Qudsi_________________________

/Daughter of__Javaid Iqbal____________________________________________________

Monthly Income ( Guardian) _______________________________________________

Date of Birth.__05-09-1991______________________________________________________

Address: _Mohallah Faizabad, Street No. 8; Gujrat____________________

Phone & Fax: 03226455381______________________________________________

Email: sjmpak@gmail.com; m_fay83@yahoo.com ______________________

Education _O Level____________________________________________________

T i m i n g s : 0900 to 1300 (Depending on the topics content)

Signature: _______________
Registration required for its batch no: 43___________

Date of signing the registration form:


Payment Schedule and other details:

1. Registration fee:
A: Male Rs. 500/-PM
B. Female Rs. 250/-PM
C: APCEA Members Male / Female Rs. 200/-PM
D. APCEA Nominees Male / Female Rs. 250/-PM
2. Academic qualifications equivalent to Matriculation.
3. Candidates will not be permitted to appear in the interview/class without the payment of fee in advance.
4. An undertaking on the prescribed terms and conditions is to be furnished with the registration form.

Gems & Gemmological Institute of Pakistan,

Suite # 209, Benevolent Fund Building, Peshawar Cantt.
Tel: 091-9213303-9213396-97. Fax: 091-9213198
Web site: www.ggip.com.pk Email: ggipeshawar@yahoo.com


1. Abide by all the instructions as given from time to time in connection with the smooth course
running and maintaining orderly teaching atmosphere at the campus.

2. Will be punctual in attending the lessons. In case of attendance less than 80% I will not
object to the disciplinary action including refusal to permit me appearing in the qualifying test.

3. Will be personally responsible to make all the losses good on account of damages to the
property, machines instruments etc that might result due to the intentional mishandling either
by me or in conveyance with my other colleague students during the course of my training.

4. The institute will not be held responsible nor it will be sued for any of the incidence inflecting
injury to self or to any body else including the fatal, resulting in death during the period of my

5. At its sole discretion the institute may call my parents / guardians for consultation purpose.

6. The institute will be indemnified of any of my unlawful act that may occur during the training
at or out side campus.

7. That on successful completion of course I will prefer to join Gem cutting course.

Signature of the student Signature of Parent

Name: Farkhanda Sahr Qudsi___ Name: __Jawaid Iqbal________

N.I.C No/ N.I.C No/

Identification: _904030-132248-2 Identification: 342017-301572-5_

Batch: _43_____________________ (Applicable to students below age 25)


1. Name & Signature: 2. Name & Signature:

NIC #:_________________ NIC #:_________________

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