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Planning and Designing Problem Statements

Students are to complete at least 4 planning and designing reports. This includes the proposal that you
implemented. This means if you did a chemistry or biology implementation then you will only need three
P & Ds for physics since the fourth one will already be done and will be transferred.

1. Two students are arguing that coffee cools faster when creamer is added at the instance the
coffee beverage is made, as opposed to adding it at the point when you are ready to drink it five
minutes or so later. Student A agrees that the statement above is correct while student B
disagrees with the statement. Help the students settle their argument using your knowledge of
CSEC physics.

2. You discover an electrical component concealed in a black box. The box has two connections at
either end marked negative and positive respectively. The circuit symbol on the box is obscured
but your friend connects it to a circuit with a light bulb and the bulb lights up when the box is
connected one way but doesn’t when connected the other. He concludes that it is a
semiconductor diode but another friend says that a defective switch or a switch in the off
position could behave the same way. Plan and design an experiment to help them decide
definitively what the component in the box is.

3. Farmer John has two identical plots of land. They are exposed to the same amount of surface
runoff (water) and nutrients but he notices that his peas germinate well in plot A but not well in
plot B. He believes it has to do with the temperature of the soil at the time of germination. Plan
and design an experiment to compare the specific heat capacities of the soils in plot A and in
plot B.

4. Ashanti owns a green Toyota Rav 4 (2018). She decided to change the color of the car to purple
but a friend told her that the color of the car will impact the temperature of the car and in the
long run cost her more for gas since her AC will almost always have to be on. Plan and design an
experiment to help Ashanti make a decision about her car color.

5. You are an employee in a company that has just developed a new type of string which is
supposed to be used to lift objects of masses up to 1 ton. The string is made of 100 strands
about the thickness of a human hair. Plan and design an experiment to determine if the string
will be able to support a ton.
 This is a sample P and D. IT more related to chemistry but science is science.

No conclusions are made in P and D reports. Method written as though you are giving instructions so be
careful with your tense.