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Circle the keywords and fill in the blanks with the simple present in the affirmative.

1. Mary (play) ___________________ tennis every day.

2. My friends always (eat) _________________ lunch at the cafeteria.

3. It (snow) ____________________ in the winter time in Canada.

Circle the keywords and fill in the blanks with the simple present in the negative.

1. Sometimes, my parents (wake up, not) ____________________ early.

2. James (drink, not) ____________________ every day.

3. We (watch, not) ____________________ television every night.

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the simple present.

1. I (be, not) ______________________ a teacher.

2. Jane (take, not) ______________________ the bus to school.

3. I (want, not) ______________________ to buy a new car.

4. My father (have not) __________________ a house in Montreal.

5. We (be, not) ________________________ in our psychology class.

Circle the keywords and answer the questions with short answers.

1. Does Mary play tennis every day? Yes, _________

2. Do John and Lynn drink beer with their dinner every night? No, _____________

3. Does David always eat lunch at McDonald’s? No, ________

Make yes/no questions to go with the highlighted answers.

1. ________________________________________________________?

Yes, Sandra likes to speak English.

2. ________________________________________________________?

No, Pete and Dave don’t live in Montreal.

3. ________________________________________________________?

No, I don’t text my friends in class.

Fill in the blanks with the simple present and place the adverb of frequency correctly.

1. She (brush, always) ________________________ her teeth in the morning.

2. He (go, never) ______________________________ to sleep at eight o’clock.

3. Jane (be, usually) _______________________ at home in the evenings.

4. Dave (study, sometimes) ________________________ in the morning.

How often do you eat breakfast?

How often go to the cinema?

How often wake up at 6:00 o’clock?

How often eat pizza?

How often go to bed before 10 o’clock?

How often wear a dress?

How often go to your English class?

How often go on Facebook?

How often smoke cigarettes?

Complete the sentences with the present continuous.

1. His dad and brother _____________________(cycle) to the shops.

2. We ________________________ (not travel) in Japan.

3. I ___________________________ (sunbathe) on the beach.

4. She ______________________ (not watch) TV.

5. They _______________________ (not swim) in the sea.

6. Sue _______________________ (stay) at home today.

7. I ___________ (watch) a reality show on TV.

8. My favourite team ___________ (win)!

9. Someone ___________ (swim) in the sea.

10. Two people ___________ (cook) dinner on the beach.

11. We ___________ (not watch) a soap opera.

12 I ___________ (not do) my homework.

13. Mum ___________ (read) a magazine.

14. My brother ___________ (not listen) to the radio.

15. Dad ___________ (not cook) dinner.

16. Tara ___________ (talk) by phone.

17. Joe ___________ (play) on the computer.

18. Who ___________(watch) TV?

19. Tina ___________ (do) grammar exercises.

Write the questions and the short answers.

1.your dad / work / today /?_______________________________________________
Yes, _________________________
2. you / have a good time / on holiday / ? _____________________________________
Yes, _________________________
3.your mum / cook dinner / now / ? ____________________________________
Yes, _________________________
4. your friends / play football / ? _____________________________________
Yes, _________________________