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The Servant Song 365 Richard Gillard Harm, by Betty Pulkingham Ab Eb Cn Fm7 Bb <= = $F Te 2 se 1,6. Will you let me be your ser-vant, Let me be as Christ to you; 2. We are pil-grims on a jour-ney, We are tray-"lers on the —_road; _3. 1 will hold the Christ-light for you In the night-time of your — fear; 4. 1 will weep when you are weep-ing; When you laugh I'll laugh with you. 5. we sing to God in heav-en We shall find such har- mo - ny, = e 2 2d £ SS et Eo T—? t f all we've known to - geth - er Of Christ's love and ag 4 2 Bb7/F Eb Ab Eb Eb + MS oS 3 ma i I may have the grace to Let you be my ser vant, too. here to help each oth- er Walk the mile and bear ____ the —_ load. hold my hand out to you, Speak the peace you long __ to hear, share your joy and sor-row "Til we've seen this jour - ney through. - 0 - wy. Fe ei SS —— (© 1977, Scripture in Song, All ights reserved. Used with permission,