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Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Technical Diploma

Program Code 32-412-1

Expected Program Costs $9,853
Median Annual Salary $31,000
The Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician program helps you develop the skills
you need to be successful in the on- and off-road service industry. You will
learn to locate and repair mechanical and electrical problems in trucks, buses,
construction equipment, farm equipment, and industrial machinery.
Training emphasis is in diesel engine rebuilding, fuel injection systems, chassis
and suspension systems, brakes and electrical systems. You will learn to perform
preventive maintenance and troubleshooting procedures, to rebuild components,
and to respond to field service calls.
The Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician program is offered at the Wisconsin
Rapids campus.

Program Outcomes Admissions Procedures Program Course

Employers will expect you, as a Diesel & To apply to the Diesel & Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment Technician graduate, to Technician program, please submit the Descriptions
be able to: following documents to the MSTC Student
• Practice safe working procedures Affairs Admissions Office: 10462114 // 3 credits
• Diagnose, service, and repair diesel 1. Complete an MSTC application form Metals & Machining
powered equipment and return it with the $30 non- A two-part class which introduces the
• Comply with federal, state, and refundable application fee. basics of metal science and machine
local regulations shop practice. Metallurgical concepts of
2. Complete the Accuplacer or ACT test.
• Proficiently operate tools and equipment steel and iron production, properties of
Minimum scores required: metals, testing of metals, carbon and its
common to the industry
• Diagnose, service, and repair Reading-Accuplacer score of 55; rule, heat-treating, steel designations,
electrical systems Sentence Skills-Accuplacer score of 60; and cast iron and non-ferrous metals are
• Apply theoretical concepts to mechanical, Math-Accuplacer score of 34 introduced. Students will participate in
electrical and hydraulic repair ACT equivalents for above scores are lab exercises examining the properties
acceptable. of metal and an introduction to machine
shop practices of safety, measurement,
Career Options If a student does not meet the required and machining through the use of hand
Agricultural Machinery Technician test scores, they may retest or complete tools, drilling machines, saws, and engine
Auto Technician an identified structured course(s) in the lathes. Students will be introduced to those
Chassis Repair Technician Academic Support Center. concepts by both classroom presentation
Construction and Heavy and hands-on shop experiences.
3. Submit an official copy of all academic
Equipment Technician
transcripts, including high school,
Diesel or Heavy Equipment Technician 10462116 // 3 credits
college or university, and HSED/GED.
Engine Repair Technician Metal Fabrication
Fleet Maintenance Technician An introduction to structural steel and plate
Heavy Equipment Parts Salesperson fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, and
Industrial Equipment Technician basic electric arc and oxyacetylene welding.
Fabrication techniques, metal selection,
Mid-State Technical College layout, cutting, bending, drilling, threading,
Potential for Advancement Admissions
Diesel Equipment Superintendent and joining will be presented. Information
500 32nd Street North will be presented to the student followed
Equipment Sales and Repair Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Field Service Representative by lab activities to provide a hands-on
Sales Representative experience. The emphasis will be placed
on developing an understanding of the
Shop Supervisor
tools, techniques, safe work habits, and the
Specialist-Electrical and Hydraulic application of metal fabrication skills.
Specialist-Engines, Transmissions-
Differentials, Brakes-Alignment
Truck/Auto Dealer
Truck Fleet Supervisor
Potential advancement generally requires
further education.

92 Mid-State Technical College Catalog & Student Handbook 2010 //2011

10605108 // 2 credits 32404375 // 2 credits
Intro to Electronics Service Practices in
This course presents a survey of Transportation Industry
electricity and electronics which This course introduces the student to
includes lab activities and is designed common tools, terminology, and service Curriculum
for persons wishing to learn some of practices in the transportation service
the basics of electricity and electronics. field. Safety, environmental concerns,
It is an excellent refresher course to and basic customer relations will also
get back into electronics or improve a be covered. Service shop management Term (17 credits)
skills list. The course is intended for practices and the use of automated 10605108 Intro to Electronics 2
persons where electronics has become work order, parts ordering, and time 10804106 Intro to College Math 3
a part of their regular occupation management concepts are included. 32404375 Service Practices in
and a need exists to identify various Prerequisite: Admission to Automotive Transportation Industry 2
electronic components and perform Technician Program 324042 or Diesel & 32412308 Braking Systems 5
basic tests using test equipment such Heavy Equipment Technician 32412309 Suspension &
as multimeters and oscilloscopes. The 324121 Program Steering Systems 5
course covers concepts and applications
of DC and AC electricity, semiconductor 32412305 // 1 credit Term (15 credits)
components, and digital devices using Preventive Maintenance-Diesel 10462114 Metals & Machining 3
basic math skills. This course will provide an introduction 32412305 Preventive Maintenance-
to vehicle preventive maintenance Diesel 1
32404322 // 3 credits and inspection. The focus will be on 32412311 Advanced Electricity-Diesel 5
Heating/Air Conditioning maintaining and inspecting the engine 32412313 Electrical Systems 5
This course will provide an introduction system, cab and hood, electrical and 32412320 Hybrid Systems-Diesel 1
to vehicle air conditioning systems. electronics, and frame and chassis
System components, operating components. Students will learn how
characteristics, component testing, Term (17 credits)
to properly service vehicle systems
diagnosis, and repair will be covered and perform a visual inspection of all 10462116 Metal Fabrication 3
in detail for popular system types. vehicle components. Students will also 31809351 Applied Human Relations 2
Coverage will include servicing of engine learn how to properly document all 32404330 Applied Fluid Power 2
cooling systems as well as diagnosis maintenance and inspection findings. 32412310 Engine Performance-Diesel 5
and servicing of vehicle heating 32412327 Fuel Systems & Emissions 5
systems. Prerequisite: Admission to 32412308 // 5 credits
Automotive Technician Program 324042 Braking Systems Term (17 credits)
or Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Fundamentals of vehicle braking systems 31801351 Occupational
Program 324121 including drum and disc on hydraulic and Communication 2
air systems are studied. Power and anti- 32404322 Heating/Air Conditioning 3
32404330 // 2 credits skid systems are included with emphasis 32412312 Drive Trains 5
Applied Fluid Power on troubleshooting and component 32412324 Engine Repair 5
Covers basic principles and application replacement and reconditioning. 32806351 Applied Science 2
of pumps, compressors, motors, Prerequisite: Admission to Diesel &
valves, seals, packing, and conductors. Heavy Equipment Technician Total Credits 66
Students learn the advantage of Program 324121
hydraulic and pneumatic systems,
as well as the physical properties of 32412309 // 5 credits Please Note:
liquids and air. The intent is to identify Suspension & Steering Systems • The Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician program has an
various parts of a circuit and to illustrate Highlighted in this course will be an August start date. We advise you to meet with a counselor to
standard liquid power components analysis of construction and working successfully plan your academic schedule.
through laboratory experiments. principles of chassis components. • This curriculum sequence is only for student planning. Actual
student schedules will vary depending on course availability.
Prerequisite: Admission to Automotive Included will be frames, suspension • Degree completion time may vary based on student
Technician Program 324042, Diesel & systems, steering gears and linkages, scheduling and course availability.
Heavy Equipment Technician Program wheels and tires, and wheel alignment. • For General Education course descriptions (800 level
324121, or Machine Tool Technician Special attention will be given to courses), see section marked under Course Descriptions.
Program 324201 products used in servicing chassis
components. Prerequisite: Admission to
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Program 324121

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Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician

32412310 // 5 credits 32412320 // 1 credit

Engine Performance-Diesel Hybrid Systems-Diesel
This course will provide an introduction to This course covers basic vehicle propulsion
ignition systems, fuel systems, air induction systems within hybrid electric vehicle
systems, exhaust systems, emission control (HEV) context with a focus on application,
systems, and engine electrical systems. integration, testing, and development of
Course emphasis will include the proper battery systems. Course topics include
diagnosis and repair of system components the following: Vehicle and powertrain
as related to the truck, construction, and systems requirements, regulations, design,
heavy equipment industry. A review of energy storage, model based design, and
engine operation and related servicing will control. HEV high voltage sub-systems are
also be provided. Prerequisite: Admission reviewed including electrical drive systems,
to Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician electric machines, batteries, and their
Program 324121 safety aspects.
32412311 // 5 credits 32412324 // 5 credits
Advanced Electricity-Diesel Engine Repair
This course will provide advanced training in This course will provide a general
the theory, operating principles, diagnosis overview of engine types and operating
and repair of vehicle electronic/electrical characteristics. Course emphasis will
systems. Emphasis will include vehicle include the diagnosis and repair of cylinder
ignition, starting, charging, and lighting heads, valve train components, and engine
system problem diagnosis and repair as blocks and related components. Engine
related to the truck, construction, and support systems such as the lubrication
heavy equipment industries. Prerequisite: systems, cooling system, ignition system,
Admission to Diesel & Heavy Equipment and fuel and exhaust systems will also be
Technician Program 324121 covered. Prerequisite: Admission to
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
32412312 // 5 credits Program 324121
Drive Trains
The course will provide training in the 32412327 // 5 credits
proper diagnosis and repair of clutches, Fuel Systems & Emissions
manual transmissions, drive shafts This course will provide a detailed coverage
and universal joints, and drive axles. of the principles of operation and the
Coverage of track-type vehicle service components and diagnostic procedures for
will also be included. Diagnostic and modern diesel engines. Emission control
service procedures will apply to the truck, systems will be included. Course emphasis
construction, and heavy equipment will include fuel injection and pump timing
industries. Prerequisite: Admission to procedures. Prerequisite: Admission to
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Program 324121 Program 324121
32412313 // 5 credits
Electrical Systems
This is the study of construction, function,
and principles of operation of starting
motors, charging systems and controls.
Basic electronics including capacitance,
inductance, series and parallel circuits,
magnetism and Ohm’s Law, wiring
schematics, soldering techniques, and
use of diagnostic equipment are covered.
Vehicle control and accessory systems
will be studied. Prerequisite: Admission
to Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Program 324121

94 Mid-State Technical College Catalog & Student Handbook 2010 //2011