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Lesson Plan

Fusha: Lënda: Anglisht Shkalla: V Klasa: XII

Tema Mësimore: Situata për diskutim:

Diet The teacher and the students discuss about
Kompentencat e të nxënit: types of food using present tenses.
Students will be able to:
Use vocabulary related to food
Burimet e informacionit: Fjalori me terma/ koncepte të reja:
Coursebook, Workbook, digital platform, Bitter, dried, fattening, fresh, greasy, raw, ripe,
photos, ELP, interactive flashcards (TB), Extra salty, sour, spicy, stale, sweet.
Lidhja Ndërlëndore e temës:
This topic can be related to other subjects taught at school.
Metodologjia e ores së mësimit:
Brainstorming, group activities, pair activities, individual work, matching activities, gap filling
activities, questions and answers.
Organizimi i ores së mësimit:
Hapi i pare:
Start your class with an activity called “Present Simple things in common” Students ask
Present Simple questions to find things that are true for both/ all the people in their group such as
“What’s your favourite fruit/ food?” and “Do you watch TV every day?”, counting the things in
common that they find. The team who have the most (maybe ten or eleven) things in common
report back to the class with sentences like “We (both) eat toast for breakfast”, with the other
groups allowed to object to grammar mistakes, things that aren’t actually true, two statements
which are basically the same, or the group not reaching the number of statements that they
claimed. If another team successfully objects, the same whole class feedback continues in the
order of how many things in common each group claims that they found, e.g. with a group who
found nine things next.
Hapi i dytë:
This continues until one group manages to get through their list of things in common without
other teams successfully objecting, in which case they win the game.
An alternate class feedback stage is for groups to get one point for each thing that they have in
common but no other groups share.
Similar games can be played with students finding things that are different between them (much
easier) or filling in a group of comparing and contrasting sentence stems like “Two of us…”,
“None of us…”, “Only one of us…” and “One person …er than the others”.

Hapi i tret :
For the next activity ask students to look at exercise 1 on page 5 where they have to match the
verbs in box A with the nouns in box B to make collocations.
Përforëcimi i të nxënit:
Ask students to work individually and complete two more jokes with the correct past form of the
verbs in brackets.(Ex.5 page 5)
And finally ask students to complete sentences on Ex. 6 to complete the sentences with the
correct past form of the verbs in brackets.
If time do exercise 4 page 5.
Vlerësimi i nxënësve:
Evaluation based on observations, answers, group work and home work.
Exercise 7 page 5.