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G. K.

1.What you mean by GATT ?


2.Oscar award winning film Gandhi was directed by –Richard


3.AIR FORCE DAY is observed on- 8th oct

4.GATT came into existence in- 1948

5.Panchasheel was built into the sino Indian TREATY of 1954 signed
by Nehru and –Chou en lai

6.Who has designed the layout of Indian Constitution- Nada lal


7.With which of the following systems is Lord Cornwallis

associated- Zamindari

8.By sex ratio we means- number of females in the population per

thousand male population

9.The headquarters of Universal Postal Union is at –Berne

10.Greshma’s Law in Economics relates to –Currency

11.Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian decoration of –USA

12.The Headquarters of ISRO –Bangalore

13.State with the lowest sex ratio in India is- Haryana

14.Holography is technique of –Recording and reproduction of 3D

15.Batik , an art work is made on –Cloth

16.The council of ministers comprises Ministers who are members

of cabinet , ministers of states and________- deputy ministers

17.In India the source of biggest employment is agriculture and

____________________-allied activities

18.Dengu fever is caused by- Virus

19.The non-corporation movement was withdrawn in 1920 because

of ________________________________________________

A.Violence erupting at chawri-chawra

20.In which year was the treaty of Versailles signed-1919

21.The duration of the reign of Peshwa Baji Rao I was- 1720-40

22.Who is the Pope of Christianity? Joseph Ratzingor

23.Who is the author of the book “The other half”? P.V.Narasimha


24.Most of India’s Iron and Steel Industries are located in the –

Chota Nagpur Region

25.In the northern hemisphere December 22nd is known as – winter


26.The Kuki Tribes is mainly found in - Manipur

27.Rocks formed by the solidification of lava are – Basalts

28.Who is the author of book “Waiting for Mahatma”?

29.The Capital of Lakshdweep is – kavaratti

30.The first Steel Plant in India was set up in – Jamshedpur

31.White colour of the milk is due to the presence of - casein

32.Book “My life” is written by – Bill Clinton

33.Swadeshi Movement Started in India during – Anti Bengal

Partition agitation

34.Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in – 1933

G-4 countries includes: India, Japan, Germany and Brazil

35.The Home Rule Movement was launched by – Anni Besant and

B.G.Tilak separately

36.Indus script has been – has not been deciphered so far

37.National sports day is obsereved on – 29th August

38.When was the All India People’s Conference founded – 1927

39.In which language did Subramanyan Bharti compose his lyrics –


40.Who amongst the following went to Srilanka for the propagation

of Buddhism – Sangamithra

41.Mother Teresa women’s university is located – kodikanal

42.The Lingayat Movement owes its origin to – Basava

43.Which of the following is a Dravidian Language – Malayalam

44.Numismatics is the study of – Coins, bank notes and medals

45.The theory of economic drain from India to England was
propounded by – Dadabhai Naroji

46.The first women judge of the supreme court of India?

A. Fathima Beevi

47.The supreme court of India is located at

A.New Delhi

48.The first law university is established at

A. Bangalore

49.The 25th state of Indian union is

A. Mizoram

50.The great hindu law giver was

A. Manu

51.Chief justice of supreme court of India

A. Justice. R.M. Lodha

52. The functional head of the government

A.Prime minister

53.The high court judges are appointed by


54.“ Good government is no substitute for self government “ . Who said


A.Dayanand Saraswati

55.The Ancient Monuments Prevention Act of 1904 was passed

during the Viceroyalty of

A.Lord Curzon