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To :
Visa Section of
EMBASSY OF (kedutaan yang dituju)

Dear Sir/Madam,

With this letter, I would like to inform you that I am the undersigned,

Name : (Nama yang menyeponsori)

Position : (Posisi yang menyeposori)
Addres : (Alamat Perusahaan )
Certify that,

Name : (Nama Anda) SESUAI PASS

Passport No : (No Passport)
Relation : (Hubungan dengan yang menyeponsori)

Is planning to have vacation to Japan country, on (tanggal,bulan,tahun dari keberangkatan sampai kembali ke
Indonesia )

I acknowledge and guarantee that (He/She/They) will not seek any employment or permanent stay into your
country and will return to Indonesia soon after (This,Her,Their) holiday trip is completed. All kinds of expenses
during the trip of above purpose are fully covered by (His,Her,Their,My) personal account.

Please issue an entry visa for us at your earliest convenience. Your kind assistance will be very highly

Sincerely yours,

(Stempel perusahaan dan di ttd oleh yang menyeponsori)

(Nama yang menyeponsori)