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Safety Slogans

Safety Has No Holiday

A Little Care Makes Mishaps Rare
The Time To Prevent Accident Is Before It Happens
Make Safe Working A Regular Habit
The Best Safety Device Is A Careful Man
Ensuring Safety Of The Customers Is Most Sacred Thing
Observe The Station Working Rules Rigidly
Always Be Alert And Avoid Accidents
Efficiency And Safety Should Go Together
Accident Begins Where Safety Ends
Carelessness Costs Lives
Safety First And Safety Always
A Minor Omission May Cause A Major Disaster
Be Safety Minded
Constant Vigilance Is The Price Of The Safety
Little More Care Means Little More Safety
Place Line Blocked Collars/Caps Which May Avert Collisions
A Danger Foreseen Is An Accident Prevented
Hurry Ends In Worry
Service To Safety Is Service To Humanity
Safety Is How Safe You Work
Refresh Your Knowledge Of Rules Frequently
A Short-Cut Is Often A Wrong-Cut
Safe Running Of Trains Will Continue To Depend Upon Human Vigilance
Always Be Alert And Eliminate Human Error
Begin The Day With Safety And End The Day With Safety
Safety Runs Trains On Right Path
Serve Safety And Safety Serves You
Always Think And Ensure Safety
1. The best safety device is a careful man.
2. Make safe working a habit.
3. Safety first, last and all the time.
4. No holiday for safety.
5. The time to prevent an accident is before it happens.
6. The safety of the passengers is our most sacred duty.
7. Always alert, accident averts.
8. A little care makes mishaps rare.
9. Observe the station working rules rigidly.
10. Railway men, for us safety is a must.
11. Life is precious, be safety conscious.
12. Observe safety rules always.
13. Accident begins where safety ends.
14. Carelessness costs lives.
15. Combine efficiency with safety.
16. A minor omission spells a major disaster.
17. Make safety a sub-conscious habit.
18. Even while at work, play for safety.
19. A safety rule is only as safe as you make it.
20. A button collar “on” May save a collision.
21. Be safety minded.
22. If it seems risky, do not do it.
23. A little more care means a lot more safety.
24. Do not think it is safe make it sure.
25. A danger foreseen is an accident prevented.
26. A safe day every day.
27. Do not trust to luck, trust to safety.
28. Guard against risks, and train for safety.
29. Constant vigilance is the price of safety.
30. Time is important, but safety is of far greater importance
31. Always be careful is the a-b-c of the safety.