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22 M AR C H 201 8, 7 P M , MA L BE RR Y S UI T E S

Theme: “Habits Part 1: Opening Salvo

Call to Order Albert Mabaquiao, ACS, ALB 1 min Toastmasters
Maketh Man” Invocation Marilou B Enojales, TM 2 mins
International Values
Pledge of allegiance Marilou B Enojales, TM 1 min

Introduction of guests and TMs Marilou B Enojales, TM 5 mins

Introduction of the TME Marilou B Enojales, TM 1 min Integrity
Part II: Educational Portion
Word Mastery Kate Mary Queen Ebonia, TM 5-7 mins

Table Topics Albert Mabaquiao, ACS, ALB 10 mins Excellence

Prepared Speeches BS 9– Kate Mary Queen Ebonia, TM 5-7

Level 3, Project 3, Innovative Planning– 5-7

Albert Mabaquiao, ACS, ALB mins

PLEDGE OF Level 1, Project 1, Researching and 5-7

Presenting— Marilou B Enojales, TM mins

I pledge Part III: Anything goes 15 mins

allegiance to Part IV: Evaluation Portion

General Evaluation Albert Mabaquiao, ACS, ALB
the Philippine
flag Table Topics Evaluation Kate Mary Queen Ebonia, TM 10 mins

and to the Language Evaluation Kate Mary Queen Ebonia, TM 3 mins

Republic for Prepared Speeches Evaluation BS 8— Albert Mabaquiao, ACS, ALB
which it
Level 2, Project 2, Innovative Planning—
stands, Kate Mary Queen
one nation
under God,
Level 1, Project 1, Researching and Toastmaster
Presenting— Albert Mabaquiao
indivisible, Of the Evening
with liberty Timer 2 mins
and justice,
Ah Counter Kate Mary Queen Ebonia, TM 2 min
for all.
Adjournment Albert Mabaquiao, ACS, ALB
Sittie Aina Sirad-Amerol,
Toastmasters Toastmasters Time Guide
Table Topics
International International Mission
1 Min 1.5 Mins 2 Mins
Toastmasters International is We empower individuals to
a nonprofit educational become more effective com- Speech #1
municators and leaders.
organization that operates 4 Mins 5 Mins 6 Mins
Club Mission
clubs worldwide for the Speech #2-9
We provide a supportive and
purpose of helping members 5 Mins 6 Mins 7 Mins
positive learning experience
improve their PRP -
in which members are em- Evaluation
communication, public powered to develop commu-
speaking, and leadership nication and leadership skills, 2 Mins 2.5 Mins 3 Mins
skills. resulting in greater self-
confidence and personal
Speech Pattern
PREP– Point or Opinion. Reason. Example. Point. PPF– Past. Present. Future. Goals and Results

AIDA– Attention. Interest. Desire. Action Before and After Compare and Contrast
SMG– Story. Message. Gain Problems and Solutions Cause and Effect
Advantages and Disdavantages

t p r e s e nt...

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