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October 10, 2018

To Whom it may Concern:

I highly recommend Jeni Rawson as a candidate for a teaching position. As an

elementary generalist at Senator Buchanan Elementary School in Lethbridge, I
had the pleasure of working with Jeni during her Professional Semester Two in
March and April 2018.

Jeni worked hard to develop her skills as a teacher during this practicum. She
specifically requested to be placed at our school, knowing the challenges in
working with some of our students. She felt this would be a great opportunity for
her to experience a different teaching environment and help her to develop as
a teacher. Jeni was always well prepared for the classes she taught. She knows
the learning outcomes and uses them when planning and assessing. She was
very aware of what different students were doing and circulated well around
the classroom during assigned worktime. Jeni was open to and willing to follow
any suggestions given during her teaching time. She is a hardworking and
organized teacher, who truly cares for her students.

Jeni was always professional and positive in her interactions with students,
parents, and staff. She was able to utilize parent volunteers in a meaningful
manner and connect with students at their level.

Jeni demonstrated such growth during her practicum. She has great initiative
and willingness to try new things. She showed flexibility in her planning and
when working with students.

Jeni brought a positive energy to our class and I recommend her without
reservation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact


Kristi-Ann Watrin, B.Ed.

Grade 3 Teacher
Senator Buchanan Elementary School
Lethbridge, AB