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16 May 2016

Ossama Ismail
P.O. Box 1029
Alexandria, Alexandria 21913

RE: Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport – Team Torbini

Dear Ossama Ismail,

On behalf of the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center, I am pleased to invite you
to participate in the 2016 MATE international remotely operated vehicle (ROV) competition, which is
National Visiting Committee
being held June 23 – 25 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center – Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston, Texas.
Tom Consi Ph.D.
Great Lakes Water Institute
I am delighted that you and your students are planning to compete. The participation of your team and
Robert Keith others from various countries around the world will help to make this a truly international event.
Ocean Works International Inc.

Justin Manley Below you will find a list of the students and mentors who will participate in the MATE international
Teledyne Benthos
ROV competition. I extend this invitation to all of you.
Drew Michel
President, Marine Technology Society
It is understood that while in Houston accommodations and some meals for your team will be at your
Jill Singer Ph.D. expense. Meals during the competition events (the kick-off reception and the closing awards banquet)
Buffalo State Office of
Undergraduate Research
may be provided as an in-kind contribution by the competition.
State University of New York

Fritz Stahr Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you
Seaglider Fabrication Center again and welcoming you and your team to Houston. Good luck!
University of Washington

Honorary Member Participant Name Gender Team Role

Dr. Sylvia Earle Ossama Ismail Male Professor
Deep Ocean Exploration
and Research Ahmed El Shenawy Male Professor
Mohamed Fouad Male Professor
Mohamed Shehadah Male Professor
Ahmed Mehanna Male Professor
Ziad Selim Male Student
Mohab Eweda Male Student
Youssef Awad Male Student
Hussein Mosbah Male Student
Omar Badra Male Student
Mahmoud Badra Male Student
Ahmed Hasanain Male Student
Abdelaziz Hasanain Male Student
Abdelaziz Abdelghani Male Student
Mohamed Mahmoud Male Student
Ahmed Abdelsalam Male Student
Ahmed Ramy Male Student
Maohamed Elbana Male Student
Abdulrahman Abouelkhair Male Student
Mai Faramawy Female Student
Ziad Remaih Male Student


Jill M. Zande
Associate Director and ROV Competition Coordinator
MATE Center
(831) 646-3082
Monterey Peninsula College • 980 Fremont Street • Monterey, California 93940 • Ph (831) 645-1393 • Fx (831) 646-3080 •admin@marinetech.org • www.marinetech.org