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Khashoggi's 'savage' murder Trump threatens

was preplanned: Erdogan nuclear buildup
Trump calls Saudi version
'worst cover‐up in history'
Rejecting Saudi Arabia's claim that
Crown Prince Mohammad Bin
Salman, was last seen alive while
to pressure
the killing of Jamal Khashoggi was
"accidental", Turkish President
Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday
said there is a strong evidence
entering the Saudi consulate in
Istanbul Oct 2 for paperwork
needed for his marriage.
"Turkish security services have
Russia, China
showing that the dissident journal‑
ist was a victim of a pre‑planned
evidence that the murder was a
planned affair. Turkey and the
Fears rise of new arms race; Putin
"savage" murder.
In a speech at a meeting of his
world will only be satisfied
when all the planners and
perplexed by ‘unprovoked US moves’
Justice and Development Party, Continued on page 4
Erdogan requested the kingdom of
Turkish President Recep
Saudi Arabia to hand over those
Tayyip Erdogan gave
responsible to face trial in Turkey, details of the
Hurriyet News reported. disappearance of the
Khashoggi, a Washington Post Washington
columnist and a fierce critic of Post journalist.

Defense ties key in Will talk if Pak

stops abetting
PM Modiʼs Japan visit terror: Rajnath
New Delhi: Defense and connec‑
tivity, with an eye to China, will
Imran vows to talk peace President Trump and Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet in Paris
top the agenda when Prime
after India’s polls in 2019 on Nov 11, where the Russian President will raise the issue of
Minister Narendra Modi makes US backing out of the nuclear arms treaty.
Srinagar: We are ready to hold talks
his two‑day state visit to Japan with anyone including Pakistan but Washington: President Donald miles. Trump said his threat is to
from October 28. The two gov‑ terror and dialogue can never go Trump told reporters Monday that China as well. He noted that China
ernments will make announce‑ together, Union Home Minister the US would increase its nuclear was not a party to the agreement,
ments regarding two agree‑ Rajnath Singh said here Tuesday. arsenal until other nations "come but said, "They should be includ‑
ments allowing closer naval "At least, they should see that to their senses," threatening an ed." Russia has denied it is in viola‑
cooperation. Modi and Japanese Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in arms race. tion of the treaty, and said it would
PM Shinzo Abe, said Japanese India and promoting terrorism also. Trump announced over the be forced "to take measures" if
ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu, Give us this much of assurance that weekend that the US will pull out Washington began developing new
will unveil “a concrete infra‑ there will not be any such attempt by of the Intermediate‑Range Nuclear missile systems. In his meeting
structure project implemented Narendra Modi with Japanese
Pakistan," he said. Forces Treaty (INF) with Russia with President Vladimir Putin in
PM Shinzo Abe: A strong
together” in South Asia. For his part, Pakistani Prime and accused Moscow of violating Moscow on Tuesday, US national
India is in Japanʼs best
Japan, say Indian officials, has Minister Imran Khan Tuesday vowed the deal. security adviser John Bolton reject‑
interest, Tokyo believes.
become Indiaʼs most important to hold peace talks with arch‑rival The signing of the treaty in 1987 ed calls for US to stay in landmark
strategic partner in Asia. Few mitted as much aid and invest‑
India following Lok Sabha elections was seen as a watershed moment arms‑control treaty. Putin told him
governments align their foreign ment to boost Indiaʼs economy.
next year, after a similar offer from during the end days of the Cold that his government was puzzled
policies as closely to New Delhiʼs “A strong India is in Japanʼs
the former cricketer was “rebuffed”. War, helping to eliminate thou‑ by US recent moves.
as Tokyo. Even fewer have com‑ Continued on page 4 Khan made the announcement sands of land‑based missiles with Meanwhile, it was decided that
Continued on page 4 ranges between 300 and 3,400 Continued on page 4


TheSouthAsianTimes.info Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018
TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRISTATE COMMUNITY Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 3

Sam Pitroda to be chief guest at NDMF gala on Sunday

By SATimes Team Gatsby". A tribute to Nargis Dutt will take
the form of a song‑and‑dance medley from
Garden City, NY: The Nargis Dutt her films. An auction is also part of the
Memorial Foundation (NDMF) has program.
announced its gala this year to be held on Most of the funds NDMF has raised over
October 28 in Marriott Hotel in Uniondale, the years has gone for cancer projects but
NY. The chief guest at the fundraiser will they do provide relief after natural disas‑
be Sam Pitroda, called the father of tele‑ ters. Their main project is ongoing sup‑
com revolution in India. Former Congress port for the Indore Cancer Foundation
MP Priya Dutt, daughter of the late actress helmed by Dr Digpal Dharkar, who will
Nargis Dutt, will be a keynote speaker. also grace the gala. In 2018, NDMF gave
The honorees include Kanak Golia, Dr. $82,000 to his foundation for Radiation
Urmilesh Arya, Dr. Himanshu Pandya, Sher Cancer Care Equipment. Recently, finan‑
Singh Madra, and Dr. Manjit Bains. cial support of $10,000 was extended for
The Board of Directors of NDMF met Oct Kerala flood relief. Earlier $20,000 was
The Board of Directors of Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation met Oct 17 to finalize
17 to finalize arrangements for the gala sent for Haiti Earthquake relief.
arrangements for the gala on October 28
and to brief the media on the 37‑year‑old Board members of NDMF who spoke at
charitable organization committed to ful‑ The board has also inducted some show by Rana Noman, an award winning the Oct 17 meeting included Inder Bindra,
filling the vision of Nargis Dutt of provid‑ younger members like Rohini Singh who South Asian designer, with 20 female and Peter Bheddah, Gurdip Singh Narula, Sher
ing the best treatment to underprivileged described some of the highlights of the 5 male models. Expect opulence as the Singh Madra, Shammi Singh, Zinda Singh,
and poor cancer patients in India. gala program. There will be a fashion theme of the fashion show is "The Great Hussain Baqueri, and Shudh Jasuja.

South Asians for America Telugu is the fastest

lunched in NYC growing language in US
Former Kansas State
Representative and Washington DC: Telugu is the fastest Kunisetty, founder of the Telugu
Congressional growing language in the US, says a People Foundation, a non‑profit, was
candidate, Raj Goyle, study by the think tank, Centre for quoted as saying.
speaking at the launch Immigration Studies (CIS), based in The rapid growth of IT starting in
of SAFF, which has been the capital. the mid‑1990s led to a huge demand
formed to assist South The rise of Telugu (over
The number of US residents speak‑ for software engineers, he said.
Asian candidates at all 400,000 speakers in
ing Telugu rose by 86 per cent Many were recruited from
levels throughout the
between 2010 and 2017, according America) has been led by Hyderabad, which sends students to
country and to be a
voice for the to an online video by the World the links forged between the US in large numbers.
community. Economic Forum. Hyderabad and the US Down the years, Telugu‑speaking
But Telugu, the fourth most spo‑ Americans have continued to hire
New York: South Asians for America stakeholders to lobby on behalf of ken language in India, is still outside
engineering and software engineers from Andhra
(SAFA) held its of ficial launch on South Asian interests to key decision the top 20 of the most widely‑spo‑ technology industries. Pradesh and Telangana, the BBC
October 18 at Stitch Bar & Lounge makers at the local, state and federal ken languages other than English in said.
here. The event featured former levels of government. “Itʼs not the US, reports the BBC. nearly double the number in 2010. Notable Telugu speakers here
Kansas State Representative and enough to just support candidates at The video referred to a study by Out of the top 10 fastest‑growing include Miss America Nina Davuluri
Congressional candidate, Raj Goyle, the top of the ticket during presiden‑ CIS, which analyzed census data languages in America, seven are and the current Microsoft CEO Satya
along with dozens of grassroots sup‑ tial cycles, but to remain active and from the American Community from South Asia. Nadella.
porters from the South Asian com‑ vigilant throughout the midterm and Survey about languages were being The rise of Telugu was connected Out of the most commonly spoken
munity. “We are proud to officially local elections as well,” said SAFA spoken in America. to the links forged between South Asian languages, Hindi is first,
launch South Asians For America, Communications Director Nidhi Last year there were more than Hyderabad and the US engineering followed by Urdu, Gujarati and then
where our first order of business is Khanna. “We must protect those 400,000 Telugu speakers in the US ‑ and technology industries, Prasad Telugu.
to assist South Asian candidates at policies that help the South Asian
all levels throughout the country to
help turn a wave against Trump poli‑
cies in November and beyond,” said
community and proactively fight
back against those that donʼt, such as
what we are seeing now at the feder‑
TCS one of top 10 firms to get foreign labor certification for H-1B visas
SAFA Co‑Chairs Neha Dewan and al levels.” Raj Goyle, who is also co‑ Washington: Tata Consultancy Under the H‑1B visa program, is second. Indian‑American owned
Amit Jani. founder of the Indian American Services is the only Indian firm companies can temporarily employ Cognizant Technology Corp is at No.
In addition to politically support‑ Impact Project, energized the atten‑ among the top 10 companies to foreign workers in the US on a non‑ 3.
ing candidates and campaigns, SAFA dees by talking about his own chal‑ receive foreign labor certification for immigrant basis in specialty occupa‑ A specialty occupation requires the
will also advocate and activate South lenges running as an Indian‑ the H‑1B visas in the US for the fiscal tions. Indians comprise around 70% theoretical and practical application
Asian networks to address current American in Kansas, originally going year 2018 ending September 30. of all H‑1B workers in the US, many of specialized knowledge and a bach‑
issues and vocalize community sup‑ the medical science route to appease The firm got 20,755 such certifica‑ in the IT sector. elorʼs degree or its equivalent in the
port to further causes impacting the his parents but finally seeing the tions, according to the US Labor The top employer to have received specific specialty, such as medicine,
South Asian community. It will also value in getting involved politically Department data, released in its the certification is Ernst & Young, healthcare, biotechnology, sciences,
organize community members and and eventually running himself. annual report earlier this month. based in London. Deloitte Consulting education, business, among others.
4 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 TURN PAGE TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Trump threatens nuclear would benefit no one and on the who scouted out the Belgrad Forest Abe has been enthusiastic, his
Changed rules to buildup to pressure contrary would bring even more ‑‑ which was being searched by bureaucrats have dragged their
Russia, China instability." Turkish investigators as a possible heels citing the countryʼs pacifist
seek reasons for Continued from page 1 location for the journalist's missing constitution. Japan is a world
Khashoggi's 'savage'
renouncing Indian Putin and Trump will have a full‑
fledged meeting in Paris on murder was
"Another team of nine Saudis,
leader in anti‑submarine warfare
and maritime awareness equip‑

citizenship November 11 on the sidelines of preplanned: Erdogan including generals, arrived on a pri‑ ment. Its fifth‑generation fighter
events marking the centenary of Continued from page 1 vate jet in the early hours of prototype is undergoing flight tests.
New Delhi: Those renouncing Indian perpetrators are held to account... October 2 and, overall, a 15‑strong India and Japan have made com‑
the end of World War I.
citizenship on account of becoming Other countries must participate in group received Khashoggi when he mon cause in countering the geopo‑
Former Soviet leader Mikhail
national of another country will now the investigation," Erdogan said. was called to the consulate general litical consequences of Chinaʼs Belt
Gorbachev ‑‑ who signed the deal
have to declare the circumstances "... Jamal Khashoggi was the vic‑ while his fiancée waited outside," Road Initiative.
with US President Ronald Reagan ‑‑
or reasons due to which they intend tim of a savage murder...To try and Erdogan added.
said the US announcement was
to acquire foreign citizenship.
"very irresponsible." hide such a ferocious murder is Khashoggi went inside that after‑ Will talk if Pak stops
The home ministry, while notify‑
Trumpʼs threat to increase the US against the conscience of humani‑ noon and never appeared again, abetting terror: Rajnath
ing the Citizenship (Amendment) ty," he told the Parliament. Erdogan said, adding that the hard Continued from page 1
nuclear arsenal prompted interna‑
Rules, 2018, also made it clear that However, the President did not disk for the consulate's camera during a speech at a Saudi Arabian
tional concern. "The US does not
only one living spouse of foreign produce video or audio evidence his security network was destroyed investment conference where he
need further expansion of its
origin of a citizen of India or over‑ government allegedly possessed. before the alleged murder. launched a charm offensive target‑
nuclear capabilities. Neither does
seas citizen of India (OCI) would be Meanwhile, in Washington, Erdogan criticized Saudi Arabia's ing potential investors as Pakistan
Russia. They can annihilate each
eligible to apply for registration as President Trump on Tuesday criti‑ "inconsistent statements" over the seeks to secure funds amid a yawn‑
other many times over," said associ‑
an OCI card‑holder. cized Saudi Arabia, saying that they case so far. After denying knowl‑ ing balance of payment crisis.
ate professor Marianne Hanson, a
“This is in conformity with the law orchestrated a "cover‑up" of the edge of Khashoggi's whereabouts “When I won the elections and
nuclear arms control expert from
in India that bans polygamy (except death of Khashoggi but he left to for two weeks, Saudi Arabia last came to power the first thing I tried
the University of Queensland.
in case of Muslims by virtue of their Congress the possible US response week said he was killed during a to do was extend a hand of peace to
Chinese Foreign Ministry
personal law),” said a ministry offi‑ in the matter. "fist fight" inside its Istanbul con‑ India,” Khan told the crowd at the
spokesperson Hua Chunying told
cial. The amended rules also require "They had a very bad original sulate. On Sunday, Saudi Foreign Future Investment Initiative (FII) in
reporters Monday that it was
Persons of Indian Origin who are concept. It was carried out poorly, Minister Adel Al‑Jubeir described Riyadh, saying the overture was
"wrong" for the US to cite China as
ordinarily resident in India for six and the cover‑up was one of the Khashoggi's death as a "murder" later “rebuffed” by Delhi.
a reason to pull out of the treaty,
months, spouse of a citizen of India worst in the history of cover‑ups," and a "tremendous mistake". “Now what we are hoping is that
which he said was important for
and minor child of a citizen of India said Trump. we wait until the elections then
"maintaining global strategic bal‑
to specify their religion in their
ance and stability." The President reiterated, howev‑ Defense ties key in again we will resume our peace talks
applications for registration as a cit‑
"Withdrawing unilaterally from er, that he is not inclined to restrict PM Modiʼs Japan visit with India,” he added, referring to
izen under Section 5 of the arms sales to Riyadh because Continued from page 1 upcoming nationwide polls sched‑
the treaty will have a multilateral
Citizenship Act "Russia, China and France" will best interest and for that, we must uled to take place by mid‑May.
impact," Hua said. The European
The government has notified a quickly take advantage of the provide even more support,” said In Srinagar, Rajnath Singh, who
Union warned Trump pulling out of
revised form for declaration of opportunity. For his part, Erdogan, Hiramatsu. Trade and investment met representatives of various politi‑
the treaty would risk a new nuclear
renunciation by Indian citizens while pledging to follow the investi‑ have dominated relations. “Defense cal parties in Srinagar, said he has
arms race and urged the US and
who are also nationals of another gation to the very end, remained and security now need to catch up,” appealed to all of them to participate
Russia to "remain engaged in con‑
country, bringing it in line with the deferential to Saudi King Salman in the ambassador added. An agree‑ in the upcoming panchayat polls in
structive dialogue."
Citizenship Rules, 2009, that require his address and held back from ment on maritime domain aware‑ Jammu and Kashmir.
"The INF contributed to the end
the applicants to specify under pointing finger directly at the ness will be signed while talks on "Biggest of problems can be faced
of the cold war and constitutes a
which provision of law they are Crown Prince though officials another on naval logistics will be and issues resolved through demo‑
pillar of European security architec‑
Indian citizens and also the circum‑ linked to the royal have been impli‑ initiated. Besides the high‑profile cratic means. Many problems of
ture since it entered into force 30
stances in which they intend to cated in the killing. trilateral Malabar Exercises, this Jammu and Kashmir can also be
years ago," a spokeswoman for the
acquire foreign citizenship. Erdogan claimed that Khashoggi month India and Japan are holding addressed through democracy. I
EU foreign policy chief, Federica
“W hile the Citizenship Rules first came to the Saudi consulate in bilateral maritime exercises and the appeal to people of the state to take
Mogherini, said in a statement.
required the said information to be Istanbul on September 28 to get his first‑ever joint army exercises in part in this festival of democracy,"
"Thanks to the INF treaty, almost
given in the declaration of renuncia‑ marriage documents. The November. he said at a press conference here.
3,000 missiles with nuclear and
tion of Indian citizenship, Form XXII "roadmap" to kill him started with Indian of ficials have in the past The National Conference and the
conventional warheads have been
prescribed for the purpose did not this visit. He said that on Oct 1, expressed unhappiness at Tokyoʼs Peoples Democratic Party had boy‑
removed and verifiably destroyed,"
have entries to record the same. The three teams of Saudis arrived in re luctance to provide defense cotted the recent urban bodies elec‑
the statement said. "T he world
revised form corrects this anomaly,” Istanbul, including a group of three equipment and technology. While tion in Jammu and Kashmir.
doesn't need a new arms race that
said the official.

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TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRISTATE Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 5

Rep. Pramila Jayapal Rapper pens and performs

breakout hit for Rahman film
initiates efforts to establish New York: New York‑based
hip‑hop recording artist Shiv
the iTunes Top 10 of various

new liberal think tank and world‑renowned music

maestro AR Rahman joined
forces to create a breakout hit
As an artist, Shiv has been
honing his craft for over 15
years and has independently
Washington, DC: missing,” Rep. Jayapal was single, Hayati, for legendary released 4 albums (as the lyri‑
Congresswoman Pramila quoted saying in a news director Mani Ratnamʼs block‑ cist and artist) just in the past
Jayapal, D‑Washington, report from Rollcall.com, buster multi‑starrer Chekka year and a half on all music
has been credited with the adding, “The goal here is to Chivantha Vaanam.The lyric platforms such as Apple Music,
efforts of setting up a new leverage the power of the video garnered 1 million Spotify, SoundCloud, and more,
liberal think tank for poli‑ progressive movement to YouTube views in 24 hours Shiv is a hip‑hop recording all to positive reviews. Known
artist from NY
cy development and out‑ enact strong progressive and now stands at 4.8 million for melodic hooks, harmonies,
reach to voters. She is on legislation and really build views in just 20 days. With Shivʼs quick flow and intricate lyrical content, he delivers a
the board of the our movement for change and original lyrics, Lebanese‑American singer variety of tones housed within a unique sig‑
Congressional Progressive across the country.” Mayssa Karaaʼs fluid vocals, and Rahmanʼs nature sound, tying together to create a uni‑
Caucus Center (CPCC), Jayapal listed a string of unique Arabic trap music production, Hayati fied message of good intentions and easy liv‑
announced Oct. 10, which issues that the CPCC will has also rapidly climbed up the charts into ing; the artist's philosophical MO.
describes itself as “an out‑ work on, among them,
side entity” aimed at lever‑
aging the power of the Rep Pramila Jayapal
“Medicare for all, protect‑
ing womenʼs health, devel‑ Puja on the beach Dr Mandakini
Patel MD, with
existing Congressional oping a demilitarized for‑
her husband
Progressive Caucus (CPC). eign policy, making college without debt a and sons,
“The Center will be the bridge that links the reality, making sure that we are fostering and friends from
CPC with progressive stakeholders and will advancing workplace democracy and collec‑ Hanuman
provide cutting‑edge policy analysis and mes‑ tive bargaining rights, humane immigration Mandir and
sage guidance to the broader progressive reform, gender equality, addressing climate Mrs Arish
community to help drive progressive ideas change,” Rollcall reported. Sahani per‑
and reforms into the public debate,” says the “By working with outside partners – advo‑ formed
website. Currently, there is another major lib‑ cacy groups, labor unions, and think tanks – Rameshwaram
eral think tank, Center for American we will provide resources outlining the inter‑ Shiv puja Oct 8
Progress, set up by former Obama supporters ests of the American people,” the organization at Robert
and advisors and headed by an Indian‑ says on its website. It has put out an ad to
Moses State
Park beach in
American, Neera Tanden. recruit an Executive Director for the Center.
field #2. “
“This is a critical piece that I think has been (Source: theunn.com)


LAND, SUPER 30 FOUNDER Senator Roger Wicker introduces bill on
San Jose: Super 30 founder Anand Kumar on Sunday
urged Indians living abroad to come back and con‑
Green card backlog on AAPI’s request
Washington, DC: Asso ciat ion of
tribute to the "motherland" where there is a "huge crav‑
American Physicians of Indian origin
ing for education."
(AAPI) leadership had met US Senator
Speaking at the 50th anniversary for "Indian for col‑
Roger Wicker of Mississippi (R) in April
lective action" here, Anand said Indians have been doing
2018 and requested to introduce a bill
wonders in dif ferent fields across the globe, and it
in the US Senate with regard to granti‑
would be "immensely satisfying" for them to give some‑
ng relief to H1 Indian physicians await‑
thing back to their society.
ing their Green Card for years and
"Education is changing fast, as the requirements are
decades. Senator Wicker heeded to the
changing. This calls for a new approach to education. In
request and introduced bill S 281 in the
India, there is a huge craving for education, but quality
US Senate with a dozen of his col‑
education is not accessible to all of them. Today, tech‑
leagues in the US Senate.
nology can make it happen. Online classes can do what
“Senator Roger Wicker not only intro‑
is not otherwise possible," he said, according to a state‑
duced this bill but has become the AAPI leaders met Senator Roger Wicker in April 2018
ment. He said that there was no dearth of talent in
Champion and our voice in the US
India, but equal opportunities in terms of quality educa‑
Senate. This US bill S 281 will bring issue, I feel this is a major achievement skilled workers may be engineers or
tion and modern‑day requirements often eluded a large
fairness for high skilled, especially our for AAPi in the Legislative wing. Of physicians who are serving in under‑
number of students, and that support from accom‑
young physician group and so also to IT course, the work is only half done as bill served areas providing outstanding
plished Indians residing abroad can help them over‑
engineers across USA. This is a fairness has to be moved and voted by entire US services to millions of Americans.
come this obstacle. Anand runs Super 30 program to
bill, we all we lcome,” said Sampat Senate and the US Congress,” he added. Hopefully, this bill will bring a long‑
mentor 30 students from economically deprived sec‑
Shivangi, Co Chair AAPI Legislative “We are much grateful for Senator expected respite for thousands of
tions free‑off‑cost through a year‑long residential pro‑
Committee. “Thanks to AAPI and AAPI Roger Wicker for his leadership on this Indians waiting for such a relief,” he
gram for India's premiere IIT‑JEE. (IANS)
leadership acting promptly on this issue where our community of highly added.
6 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 TRISTATE COMMUNITY TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Zee Americas premieres “Break GOPIO Health Summit for the

Through The Crowd” on Oct 14th Indian Diaspora at NY Consulate
he Health Council of Global Technology Solutions.
First of its kind reality show allows 8 startups Organization of People of Well documented medical data
to get funding through crowdsourcing Indian Orig in (GOP IO)
International (www.gopio.net), in
suggests that people from the Indian
subcontinent are at a higher risk to

reak T hroug h T he partnership w ith the New York develop diabetes and heart disease
Crowd premiered on Consulate General of India will host than the rest of the American popu‑
Sunday, October 14 at “A Health Summit for the Indian lation.
media and entertainment mega‑ Diaspora” on Saturday, October 27th Hence the goal of this workshop is
giant ZEE Entertainment. A new from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the to educate the PIOs (People of Indian
series that will give a handful of Consulate General of India, 3 East Origin) on their individual risk of
lucky contestants a once‑in‑a‑ 64th Street, New York, NY. developing diabetes and heart dis‑
lifetime opportunity to turn Moderated by GOPIO Health Council ease, and more importantly, how to
their entrepreneurial dreams Chair Dr. Tushar Patel, the panel of manage these risk factors to
into a reality by pitching their T hey will each be given a TV, Break Through The Crowd health experts includes key note improve their overall health. The
ideas to some of the sharpest chance to showcase their busi‑ is focused on the entrepreneurs speaker Rahul Shukla, Health Summit will be inaugurated
minds in business. In the end, nesses and concepts, which ‑ many of whom are only just President/CEO of S.S. Technologies by New York Consul General of India
only one hopeful will “break range from sophist icated learning the ropes about what it and Shukla Medical; and guest Sandeep Chakrovorty and Dr.
through the crowd” and walk lifestyle mobile apps, to takes to start a business.” speaker Hitesh Bhatt, Founder/CTO Thomas Abraham, Chairman, GOPIO
away with a team of prestigious thoughtful travel accessories ‑ The seven episodes series will Bhatt Foundat ion and CCS International.
marketing and crowdfunding and even percussion instru‑ be divvied up into phases, which
gurus. ments that double as an exer‑ w ill wean out contestants
“Each of the individuals pro‑ cise routine. through a series of real‑world
filed for this series has an The highly‑anticipated series, business scenarios.
important story to tell. Our goal airing exclusively on ZEE TV, T he contestants will pitch
is to inspire our viewers by will follow the journeys of these their ideas to a panel of busi‑
sharing their experiences in a aspiring moguls, who must per‑ ness experts, which include
truly compelling and unique suade a panel of brutally honest Alan Bro dy, Founder of
way,” said Sameer Targe, CEO at judges that they have the chops Blo ckchain Breakthroug hs;
Zee Americas. After narrowing to succeed in the cut‑throat Sanford Wollman, Co‑Founder
down submissions from more world of business. “Break of Westchester Angels; Nick
than 100 hopeful contestants Through the Crowd isnʼt about Adams, Co‑Founder and
across the globe, only eight the judges and their larger‑than‑ Manag ing Partner of
entrepreneurs were selected to life personalities,” said Director, Dif ferent ial Ventures;
compete on Break Through The Arka Sengupta. “Unlike other and Ramit Arora, President
Crowd. business competition shows on and Co‑Founder of Biz2Credit.

BAPS Charities Health Fair connects

professionals with community
n October 14th, BAPS provided by 30 physicians, ing Xeron Labs, Sumar Bone

O Charit ies hosted the

20th annual community
Health Fair at 43‑38, Bowne
nurses, and other medical pro‑
fessionals who donated their
time to advise participants on
Marrow Agency and DKMS
Bone Marrow Agency were
also in attendance throughout
street, Flushing, NY from 9 AM preventative care and provide the day. This fair was one of Jericho Sunrise Rotary Club organized one more successful dandiya night.
to 1 PM. tips to improve general health over 40 health fairs across the In its 10th year, the club continued its quest for raising funds for heart
Over 150 individuals bene‑ as well as mental wellbeing. country he ld by BAPS surgeries for children in India through the “Gift of Life” program.
fitted from volunteer services Partner organizations, includ‑ Charities.

Krazy for Kishore brings community

together for Akhil Autism Foundation
night filled with music, event was able to raise approxi‑ er for such a worthy cause that is
laug hs and emot ional mately $10,000 to be utilized for so near and dear to our hearts. We
moments. The Krazy for providing more children with cannot express enough gratitude
Kishore event hosted by band treatment options as well as fund‑ who were involved in our
Kalamanch USA, a fundraiser for ing autism research. fundraiser and to all well‑wishers
Akhil Autism Foundation was a Akhil Autism Foundation started who are continuing to support our
huge success for raising money in 2008 with a mission “every Fight Against Autism for the past
and awareness for a well worthy Autistic individual deserves treat‑ decade,” said Manisha Lad, the
cause. ment and every parent and profes‑ Founder and Executive Director of
The Master of Ceremonies for sionals need education. Make all the Akhil Autism Foundation.
the event was celebrity chef and the treatments af fordable and Since 2008, Akhil Aut ism
TV host, Kunal Lamba of Kawan accessible to every Autistic indi‑ Foundation has provided treat‑
Kitchen Mate and Kabab Culture. vidual.” Their vision is to “Help ment and interventions to over
The event featured Curtain Raiser, Autistic Individuals lead an inde‑ 1000 children, sponsored over
performances by kids with Autism, The event raised $10,000 for the cause pendent & functional life.” 1500 hours of education to par‑
ro cking me lo dies of Kishore “We are so happy to have had ents & care providers and facilitat‑
Kumar, with guest speakers such Shatrunghna Sinha and Middlesex as information about Akhil Autism the turn out that we had with this ed over 20 treatment workshops
as General Deputy Consul Shri Freeholder, Shanti Narra, as well Foundation. The Krazy for Kishore event and bringing people togeth‑ in USA & India.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info NATIONAL COMMUNITY Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 7

Minal Patel Davis conferred Over 60,000 Indians received

Presidential award for Green Cards in 2017: United States
combating human trafficking Washington: Out of the over 600,000
Indians waiting for the most sought‑after
number of Indians getting Green Cards has
dropped ‑ albeit marginally ‑ than the previ‑
Green Card, only 60,394 have received the ous two years.
Houston: An Indian‑American woman has
legal permanent residency last year which In 2015, as many as 64,116 Indians were
been honored with a Presidential award by
allows them to live and work in the US, issued legal permanent residency, and the
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for her
according to the latest official figures. next year in 2016, the figure was 64,687.
extraordinary contribution towards com‑
Under the current regulation, skilled Among the employment‑based prefer‑
batting human trafficking in Houston.
immigrants from India need to wait any‑ ences ‑ which is the route followed by the H‑
Minal Patel Davis, Special Advisor on
where between 25‑92 years for a Green 1B visa holders ‑ 137,855 Green Cards were
Human Trafficking to Houston Mayor
Card due to per‑country limits, said issued. The DHS said around half of its
Sylvester Turner, received the 'Presidential
GCReforms.org, a website founded by mem‑ Green Cards were issued to the immediate
Medal for Combating Human Trafficking'
bers of the Indian diaspora living in the relatives of US citizens ‑ spouses (292,909),
in the White House last week at a ceremo‑
United States that focuses on immigration children (74,989) and parents (148,610).
ny also attended by President Donald
issues. Country‑wise figures reveal that China
Minal Patel Davis, Special Advisor on As of April 2018, there were 632,219 topped the list with 71,565 Green Cards,
"It was unbelievable," said Ms. Davis after
Human Trafficking to Houston Mayor Indian immigrants and their spouses and followed by Cuba (65,028) and India
winning the award, the country's highest
Sylvester Turner (Image : ndtv.com) minor children waiting for Green Cards. (60,394). However, India is different from
honor in the field.
municipal response to human trafficking Of the 60,394 Indians who received Green other countries as it has the maximum num‑
"My parents came here from India. I was
by a US city. Cards in 2017, the maximum 23,569 were ber of people waiting in line.
the first one in my family born in the
Ms. Davis has spoken at several local, issued to the employment‑based prefer‑ Because of the Congressionally mandated
United States, so to end up in the Mayor's
national and international panels and pre‑ ences like those on the H‑1B visas. country quota, Indians according to Cato
office a few years ago, and then to now
sented Houston city's approach. As many as 20,549 Indians were issued Institute, a libertarian think tank, would
end up in the White House, it was unbe‑
She is a past speaker at the United Green Cards in the capacity of them being have to wait for decades and in some cases
lievable," she said.
Nations World Humanitarian Summit and immediate relatives (spouses, children and as much as 151 years to get a Green Card.
Appointed in July 2015, Ms. Davis has
recently traveled to India and Canada at parents) of the US citizens, while 14,962 The figures also reveal that in 2017,
made a local impact on human trafficking
the request of the State Department to dis‑ Indians were issued the Green Cards under Americans adopted 222 Indian kids, of
in America's fourth‑largest city from a poli‑
cuss municipal leadership in trafficking the family‑sponsored categories like broth‑ which 176 were females and 46 males.
cy‑level perspective and helped in advanc‑
with the government officials. ers and sisters. Eight of these were of less than year old,
ing systems change.
She did her MBA from the University of The latest annual figures released on 170 between one and four years, while 44
She is currently implementing Mayor
Connecticut and BA from New York October 2 by the Department of Homeland were over five years of age at the time of
Turner's Anti‑Human Trafficking Strategic
University. Security (DHS), however, reveal that the adoption. (PTI)
Plan, which is the first comprehensive
8 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 NATIONAL COMMUNITY TheSouthAsianTimes.info

12 Indian‑American candidates Move to abolish H‑4

raise $26 Million for midterm polls work permits to impact
Washington: About 12 Indian‑
Americans running for the US
eighth Congressional District of
Arizona as her opponent so far has over 70,000 Indians
Congress next month have collec‑ raised $1.8 million.
tively raised over $26 million for And so has Aftab Pureval, who is Washington: Abandoning the T he DHS, which has already
their election campaign with six of seeking to enter the US House of Obama‑era rule of granting work delayed three times this year issu‑
permits to H‑4 visa holders ‑ who ing of the necessary notification,
them outraising their opponents, Representatives from the first
are spouses of professionals hold‑ said in its agenda that it was on its
according to the latest official fig‑ Congressional District of Ohio.
ing H‑1B visas, mostly Indians ‑ will way to remove H‑4 dependent
ures. The only Indian‑American to be
benefit some US workers, the spouses from getting work authori‑
Raja Krishnamoorthi, Ro Khanna, endorsed by former US President
Department of Homeland Security zation. In its agenda, the DHS said it
Pramila Jayapal, Ami Bera, Hiral Barack Obama, Pureval has raised believes. anticipated that there would be two
Tipirneni, and Aftab Pureval have $3.1 million, as against his The Trump administration is plan‑ primary impacts that it can estimate
outraised their opponents in their Republican opponent and incum‑ ning to revoke a rule that makes and quantify.
respective seats for the US House of bent Steve Chabot of about $1 mil‑ spouses of thousands of immigrant First, the cost‑savings accruing to
Raja Krishnamoorthi from the 8th
Representatives. lion. Chabot's latest figures with FEC workers eligible to work while in forgone future filings by certain H‑4
Congressional District of Illinois
For the political pundits, funds are only till June 30. Three‑time the US, a move that could impact dependent spouses, and labor
has raised more than $5 million,
raised by a candidate is considered Congressman from seventh tens of thousands of Indians. turnover costs that employers of H‑
topping the list.
the barometer of their popularity Congressional District of California H‑4 visa is issued to the spouse of 4 workers could incur when their
and one who raises more than American has raised a paltry Dr. Ami Bera has raised $2.69 mil‑ H‑1B visa holders, a significantly employees' employment authoriza‑
his/her opponent is normally con‑ $35,817, which is also the lowest lion as against $373,000 by his large number of whom are high‑ tions are terminated.
sidered to win. fund‑raising figure among the dozen Republican opponent Andrew Grant. skilled professionals from India. "Some US workers would benefit
Most of the fund‑raising figures Indian‑Americans in the race for the All the previous three elections bids They had obtained work permits from this proposed rule by having a
Congress this time. under a special order issued by the better chance at obtaining jobs that
released by the Federal Election for him had been tough and all the
previous Obama administration in some of the population of the H‑4
Commission (FEC) are till September Shiv Ayyadurai who is running for three times he was declared elected
2015. The move to end the rule workers currently hold, as the pro‑
30 and the final number before the a Senate seat in Massachusetts only after recounting of votes.
could have an impact on more than posed rule would no longer allow H‑
November 6 polls is likely to jump against the powerful Democratic Representing Silicon Valley, Ro
70,000 H‑4 visas holders, who have 4 workers to enter the labor market
further. If they win the number of Senator Elizabeth Warren, has sur‑ Khanna from the 17th work permits. early," it said.
Indian‑Americans in the US House of prised many by raising $5 million. Congressional District of California The Department of Homeland As of December 25, 2017, US
Representatives could jump from But political pundits give him very is pretty close with $2.62 million. Security (DHS) in its Unified Fall Citizenship and Immigration
the current four to six, with two of little chance against the Warren, He virtually has no contest at all. Agenda released on Wednesday Services had approved 126,853
them being a woman and one being who has raised $20 million so far. Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian said it believed that abandoning the applications for employment
of Tibetan origin. Indian‑American physician Hiral American woman to be elected to current practice of granting authorization for H‑4 visa holders.
Raja Krishnamoorthi from the 8th Tipirneni has raised over $3.76 mil‑ the US House of Representatives has employment authorization to H‑4 These counts all approvals since
Congressional District of Illinois till lion. Tipirneni lost to incumbent raised $1.66 million, according to dependent spouses would benefit May 2015 when the rule was imple‑
September 30, as per FEC figures, Debbie Lesko during the special the FEC figures till July 18. Her some US workers. mented. T his number includes
has raised more than $5 million, elections early this year. opponent Craig Keller has raised The DHS said the proposed rule 90,946 initial approvals, 35,219
topping the list. His opponent, The momentum looks like is with about $3,000 till the same period. would no longer allow H‑4 workers renewals, and 688 replacements for
Jitender Diganvker also an Indian‑ the Indian‑American woman in this (PTI) to enter the labor market early. lost cards.

GOPIO to honor
Pratham honors Google Annual fundraiser
brings influential
leaders together to Ashook Ramsaran
at Bay Area gala promote education
in India
New York: The Global Organization of People of Indian
Origin (GOPIO International) will be honoring Guyanese
born Ashook Ramsaran at a
San Francisco, CA: The SF Bay Area Dr. Banerji described Prathamʼs
special event to be held at
chapter of Pratham, an organization approach to primary education, which
the Indian Consulate in New
dedicated to bringing quality education ensures children attain basic literacy
York on Saturday, October
to underprivileged children in India, and numeracy skills and spoke about
27, 2018 and to be attended
hosted its annual fundraising gala at Prathamʼs experimentat ion w ith
by GOPIO officials and Amb
the Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club EdTech, made possible by support from
Sandeep Chakravorty,
on September 29th. More than 300 Google and Sarva Mangal Family Trust.
Consul of General of India in
guests attended the event, which raised She then moderated a live feed with
New York.
$1.2 million toward the chapterʼs goal children from Prathamʼs hybrid learn‑
Ramsaran served as
of $2 million by the end of the year. ing program, which leverages tablet
GOP IO Internat ionalʼs
Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who was technology to support learning, who
Secretary General and
on hand to accept the chapterʼs inaugu‑ delighted the audience and received a
Execut ive Vice‑Present
ral Corporate Leadership Award, com‑ standing ovation.
before his election to two
mended Pratham for taking a rigorous T he ce le brat ion coincided w ith
successive terms as Ashook Ramsaran has
approach to childrenʼs learning and Pratham being named a recipient of
CEO Sundar Pichai accepted Prathamʼs President of GOP IO been actively engaged
explained the similarities between the the 2018 LUI Che Woo Prize, a cross‑
inaugural Corporate Leadership International beginning in with Indian Diaspora
two organizations, which have been sector innovation award recognizing
Award on behalf of Google. 2011. He is a life member of initiatives
partnering for over 20 years: “It was an outstanding contributions benefiting
GOPIO International.
honor to accept this award on behalf of an overview of the state of education in humanity. Pratham was selected for
Born in Corentyne, Guyana, Ramsaran is a third gener‑
Google. Pratham and Google have India. She lauded the progress made in the Positive Energy category, which
ation Indian immigrant ancestors of whom came to
worked together for many years to find school enrollment and guaranteeing this year focused on the elimination of
Guyana as indentured laborers. Ramsaran immigrated in
ef fective, scalable ways to help chil‑ children eight years of school. Yet she illiteracy.
1968 to the USA where he earned a graduate engineer‑
dren In India learn basic reading and questioned whether children are actu‑ The night was capped of f by a per‑
ing degree in electrical engineering at Polytechnic
math skills. Our partnership is built on ally learning and engaged. Quoting formance by renowned American saxo‑
University in New York. In 1988 he established Ramex,
shared principles. We both believe that Lant Pritchett of Harvard, Banerji phonist George Brooks, known for com‑
his family owned electronics manufacturing enterprise
knowledge is the key to opportunity described how Indian children are bining jazz and Indian classical music,
in New York. Working with various regional and interna‑
and that every single child deserves a trapped in “A big stuck ‑ discouraged, w ith his ensemble featuring Kala
tional organizations spanning many years, Ramsaran
chance. Google is proud to work with disappointed and disinterested.” She Ramnath. There was also a live auction
actively engages several series of regional and global ini‑
an organization that has such a pro‑ stressed the importance of taking offering, among other items, a private
tiatives to “engage, embrace and enhance” the global
found and positive impact.” action so that Indiaʼs large young pop‑ guided tour of Fortino Winery and a
Indian Diaspora.
Pratham CEO Rukmini Banerji gave ulation can reach its potential. Lake Tahoe getaway.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info DIASPORA Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 9

Kidnapped Indian‑
origin Tanzanian
billionaire freed
Dar es Salaam: Indian‑origin Tanzanian bil‑
lionaire Mohammed Dewji, who was cap‑
tured by gunmen outside a gym here nine
days ago, is back home safe after his kid‑
nappers freed him, the police said.
Dewji, the 43‑year‑old CEO of the METL
Group family conglomerate, was kidnapped
by unknown men on October 11 when he
was going for his early morning workout in
Tanzania's commercial capital Dar es
"I have returned home safely," Dewji said
in a tweet from his company METL Group's
account. T he businessman thanked
Tanzanian police "and everyone around the
world for their prayers."
He was found about 3.15 am near a ten‑
nis court in the city, where his kidnappers Mohammed Dewji's family offered a
left him in a car, regional police commis‑
reward of one billion Tanzanian shillings
for information leading to his rescue.
sioner Lazaro Mambosasa was cited as say‑
ing by the news agency BBC. and food and beverage manufacturing busi‑
Dewji, who has previously served as a nesses in the continent.
member of the Parliament, is one of the Dewji's disappearance made international
nation's most prominent business tycoons. headlines, with his family offering a reward
Financial magazine Forbes put his wealth at of one billion Tanzanian shillings
$1.5 billion, describing him as Africa's ($440,000) for information leading to his
youngest billionaire. rescue.
His company METL operates in six Dewji served two terms in the Parliament
African countries. The pan‑African con‑ before he resigned in 2015 to dedicate
glomerate has massive holdings in textiles more time to the family business. (IANS)

Kerala man in Saudi

loses job over remarks
on Sabarimala row
Dubai: An Indian man in Saudi Arabia has
been fired from his job for allegedly post‑
ing "derogatory comments" on women,
amid the Sabarimala temple row, a media
report said Wednesday.
Deepak Pavithram, a Keralite working
with Lulu Hypermarket in Riyadh, was fired
on Tuesday for allegedly making misogy‑
nistic and insensitive remarks about
women on social media.
"We have a strict and zero tolerance poli‑
cy with regard to our staff misusing social
media to spread malicious or derogatory
comments which might hurt religious senti‑
ments," V Nandakumar, Chief
Communications Officer at Lulu Group,
told Khaleej Times.
"All GCC nations are home to a large cos‑ Deepak Pavithram was fired for allegedly
posting misogynistic and insensitive
mopolitan population from almost all coun‑
remarks on women
tries in the world and we respect their sen‑
timents, culture and religious beliefs," times by the Indian‑owned retail giant on
Nandakumar said. similar grounds.
Kerala expats in the Gulf took to social In August, they had terminated the servic‑
media to express their appreciation for es of a Keralite expat in Oman after he
Yusuff Ali MA, chairman and managing posted distasteful comments about flood
director of Lulu Group, for taking a strong victims in Kerala.
step against the derogatory remarks, the The company took action against him
report said. despite an apology he had issued the next
This is the second termination in recent day, for the remarks. (PTI)
10 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 US AFFAIRS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Caravan effect: Trump says heʼs made up

Trump harps on
with ʻBeautiful Tedʼ Cruz
border wall again Houston: President Trump said
Monday he has buried the hatchet
Washington: President Donald
Trump said that the country needs
Aid cut to Guatemala, with his 2016 presidential rival.
to build a wall fast to protect its Honduras, El Salvador Ted Cruz ahead of a campaign rally
borders from Central American here for the Senator.
migrants. During a MAGA rally in Illinois to galvanize more supporter “Heʼs not Lyinʼ Ted anymore. Heʼs
Houston on Monday, Trump told a for the Republicans. Beaut iful Ted,” Trump told
crowd of nearly 180,000 that the Over the weekend, thousands of reporters at the W hite House
caravan of migrants heading migrants, mostly from Honduras, before departing for Texas.
towards the US is "assault on our have swarmed into Mexico after Trump said, "I like Ted" and
country" and that "we need a wall passing the Guatemalan border. asserted the senator has locked
built fast", reports Xinhua. The media reported that Mexican down his tough reelection race
Earlier on Monday, Trump said police watched the procession with against Democratic rival, Beto
Washington will begin cutting of f vigilance but did not disturb the OʼRourke, whom the president
or reducing aid to Guatemala, migrants' journey. called "a highly overrated guy."
Honduras and El Salvador, citing Official data showed that the Despite his kind words on
President Trump heartily supported Senator Ted Cruzʼs
migrant caravans heading to the US Trump administration has sharply Monday for Cruz, Trump said he
re‑election bid at the Houston rally. (Photo courtesy AP)
border. Trump's Houston rally is his slashed aid to the three countries in does not regret some of the harsh
latest campaign appearance leading Central America, projecting some attacks he leveled against his one‑ worked out very nicely." threatened to "spill the beans" on
to the mid‑term elections set on 40 per cent plunge in aid in the time GOP primary opponent in Trump once claimed that Cruz's the senator's wife after posting a
November 6. He will go to 2019 financial year compared with 2016. "I don't regret anything, father, Rafael, helped Kennedy photo of Heidi Cruz beside his wife,
Wisconsin, North Carolina and that of 2016. honestly," Trump said. "It all assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and Melania.

Booing doesn't help anyone, Trump teases 10%

voting does: Obama middle‑income tax cut
Washington: President Trump, told Representatives. The president clarified on
Las Vegas: Former President Barack Obama mentioned the name of Trump, his speech reporters at the White House on Monday Monday that the proposed tax cuts would
has warned of the "pro‑ was loaded with messages that his administration planned to produce be unveiled before the election but would
foundly dangerous" conse‑ referring to him and he a resolution within two weeks calling for a have to go through Congress afterward.
quences for demo cracy condemned Trump for tak‑ 10 percent tax cut for middle‑income peo‑ The president said the latest tax cut plan
that a lack of mobilization ing credit for the country's ple. "We're putting in a resolution some‑ was not meant to help businesses but was
among the Demo crat ic buoyant economic situa‑ time in the next week or week‑and‑a‑half, for middle‑income earners and would be
electorate in the November tion. two weeks," Trump said. "We're giving a "on top of the tax decrease that we've
6 midterm elections could "When you hear all this middle‑income tax reduction of about 10 already given them."
have. talk about economic mira‑ percent. We're doing it now for middle‑ Trump first raised the tax cut proposal in
"This November's elec‑ cles right now, remember income people." the same week the U.S. government ended
tions are more important who started it," Obama Trump said on Saturday his administra‑ the 2018 fiscal year with a $779 billion
than any I can remember said, adding that he was a tion was studying a tax cut to be rolled out deficit, as previous Republican‑led tax cuts
in my lifetime, and that politician who based his some time around the beginning of squeezed revenues. The deficit figure was
includes when I was on the words and his policies on November just before the Nov. 6 congres‑ the highest in six years.
ballot," Obama said at a Las facts, an apparent allusion sional elections, even though lawmakers Last December, Trump signed into law
Veg as polit ical rally, to Trump, who has had to are out of town campaigning and Congress the largest tax overhaul since the 1980s,
reports Efe news. back of f of his own is not in session. which slashed the corporate rate to 21 per‑
"Politicians say (that) every remarks on numerous Trump's fellow Republicans are seeking cent from 35 percent and temporarily
time ... (but) this one is really that impor‑ occasions because they proved to be factu‑ in the elections to hold on to their majori‑ reduced the tax burden for most individuals
tant." Although the former president never ally incorrect. ties in the Senate and House of as well.

NYT: Trump camp trying to 'erase' transgender definition

Washington : The Trump adminis‑ Conservatives, especially evangeli‑ female, unchangeable, and deter‑ clarified using genetic testing. The who have opted to recognize them‑
tration is considering narrowly cal Christians, were incensed. Now mined by the genitals that a per‑ new definition would essentially selves ̶ surgically or otherwise ̶
defining gender as a biological, the Department of Health and son is born with. Any dispute eradicate federal recognition of the as a gender other than the one they
immutable condition determined Human Services is spearheading about oneʼs sex would have to be estimated 1.4 million Americans were born into.
by genitalia at birth, the most dras‑ an effort to establish a legal defini‑
tic move yet in a government wide tion of sex under Title IX, the fed‑
effort to roll back recognition and eral civil rights law that bans gen‑
protections of transgender people der discrimination in education
under federal civil rights law. programs that receive government
A series of decisions by the financial assistance, according to a
Obama administration loosened memo obtained by The New York
the legal concept of gender in fed‑ Times.
eral programs, including in educa‑ The department argued in its
tion and health care, recognizing memo that key government agen‑
gender largely as an individualʼs cies needed to adopt an explicit
choice and not determined by the and uniform definition of gender
sex assigned at birth. The policy as determined “on a biological
prompted fights over bathrooms, basis that is clear, grounded in sci‑
dormitories, single‑sex programs ence, objective and administrable.”
and other arenas where gender The agencyʼs proposed definition
was once seen as a simple concept. would define sex as either male or
TheSouthAsianTimes.info US AFFAIRS Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 11

Trump repeats refusal to take Facebook sets up War Room

to fight election meddling
in Honduran caravan migrants San Francisco: In line with its
efforts to prevent misuse of its
potential problems identified by
its technology in real time and
Tapachula (Mexico): Hundreds of platform during e lect ions, respond quickly.
migrants remained at the Rodolfo Face book has set up a War “The War Room has over two
Robles bridge crossing point over Room to reduce the spread of dozen experts from across the
the Suchiate river on the Guatemalan potentially harmful content. company – including from our
border on Sunday, waiting to cross Facebook faced flak for not threat intelligence, data science,
into Mexico to continue their jour‑ doing enough to prevent spread software engineering, research,
ney to try and reach the US. of misinformation by Russia‑ community operations and legal
On Friday, a large group tried to linked accounts during the teams,” Samidh Chakrabarti,
enter Mexico by breaking down the 2016 US presidential election. Facebookʼs Director of Product
gate at the frontier. A number of the The social networking giant has Management, Civic
unarmed Mexican police stationed at rolled out several initiatives to Engagement, said in a statement
the site were injured when the hun‑ fight fake news and bring more on Thursday.
dreds of migrants stormed the gate transparency and accountability “These employees represent
and pushed into Mexican territory, Over 3,000 Honduran migrants are continuing with their plan to get in its advertising since then. and are supported by the more
reports Efe news. The Guatemalan to the southern US border. (Photo courtesy AFP) The launch of the first War than 20,000 people working on
government said on Sunday that it government would not allow them to Honduran migrants who left their Room at its headquarters in safety and security across
has repatriated 953 of the migrants enter the US. country in a caravan heading north Menlo Park, California, is part Facebook,” Chakrabarti added.
to Honduras, most of them by bus "Full ef forts are being made to resumed their journey after fulfilling of the social networkʼs new ini‑ Facebook said its dashboards
but a few by air, according to its spe‑ stop the onslaught of illegal aliens Mexico's migration requirements to tiatives to fight election inter‑ of fer real‑time monitoring on
cial plan to return them to their from crossing our southern border. ensure that the US southern neigh‑ ference on its platform. key elections issues, such as
country. Of the approximately 5,400 People have to apply for asylum in bor did not deport them if they had Although Facebook opened the ef forts to prevent people from
migrants who set out from Honduras Mexico first, and if they fail to do entered that country illegally. doors of the War Room ahead of vot ing, increases in spam,
a week ago, some 2,000 have that, the US will turn them away. The According to of ficials with the general elections in Brazil potential foreign interference,
returned to Honduras but 3,000 courts are asking the US to do things Mexico's Civil Protection service, and mid‑term elections in the or reports of content that vio‑
more are continuing with their plan that are not doable!" said Trump on more than 3,000 migrants are en US, it revealed the details only lates our policies. T he War
to get to the southern US border. Twitter. route along the 40‑km stretch this week. Room team also monitors news
President Donald Trump said on "The Caravans are a disgrace to between Ciudad Hidalgo and The goal behind setting up the coverage and election‑related
Sunday that his administration was the Democrat Party. Change the Tapachula, in the southern Mexican War Room was to get the right activity across other social net‑
doing all it can to prevent the immigration laws NOW!" the state of Chiapas, where they subject‑matter experts from works and traditional media in
migrant caravan from crossing the President wrote in another tweet. announced that they intend to spend across the company in one order to identify what type of
border into Mexico, warning that his Earlier on Sunday, thousands of Sunday night. place so they can address content may go viral.
12 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 INDIA NEWS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Sabarimala temple closes: Women fail to make entry

Sabarimala: The brief pilgrimage season in hill temple. Celibate deity Lord Ayyappa is
Sabarimala failed to make history as worshipped at the Sabarimala temple.
women in the 10‑50 age group were kept None of the dozen women who tried to
away by protests ag ainst their entry have a darshan in the last five days suc‑
despite the Supreme Court order allowing ceeded in entering the temple for prayers
women of all ages to pray at the Lord as thousands of devotees were determined
Ayyaappa temple. not to allow them.
The sanctum sanctorum of the famed The police appeared most relieved for the
temple closed on a day that saw five time being as they had a tough time in try‑
women making an unsuccessful ef fort to ing to implement the apex court's orders in
pray at the hill temple, where tradition had the face of strong protests which at times
barred women aged between 10 and 50. turned violent.
Bindu, a woman from Kozhiko de in Given the present situation, they may
Kerala, appeared before the police at have a tougher time when the temple again
Erumely, one of the entry points to the tem‑ opens for its annual two‑month‑long pil‑
ple route, but the police refused permission grimage season which begins on November
to her after checking her antecedents. 17.
After that she was put on a bus to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who was
Mundakayam but angry protesters literally The melsanthi (head priest) at Sabarimala temple in away on tour for the past wee k and
took her out of the bus. Following the time‑ Kerala's Pathanamthitta district. (Photo: IANS). returned in the wee hours of Monday, faced
ly intervention of the police a crisis was protesters got around them shouting pujas, the first time after the September 28 a flurry of questions about the incidents at
averted. Likewise at the Pamba entry point, Ayyappa slogans forcing them to retreat. the Supreme Court verdict which over‑ Sabarimala. He told the media in the state
four women from West Godavari district Kerala has been on the edge, after the tem‑ turned a centuries‑old practice that barred capital that he would rather wait some
were stopped from going ahead as angry ple opened for its customary monthly women of menstrual age from entering the more time to reply.

SC permits bursting of Witness priest in Kerala

only green firecrackers
nun rape case dead
Chandigarh/Thiruvananthapuram cumstances in which the priest
: Father Kuriakose Kattuthara, was found dead.
who had given statements against The deceased priest's cousin
Kerala nun rape accused Bishop K.Johnny told the media in Kerala
Franco Mulakkal, was found dead that he got a call from Punjab that
under mysterious circumstances Father Kuriakose Kattuthara was
in Punjab's Hoshiarpur district, not responding to the knocks on
police said. his door.
Kattuthara's family in Kerala "When they forced open the
suspects foul play. door, he was found dead," Johnny
The Punjab Police said a probe said, adding that his cousin was
is underway into the 62‑year‑old not sick. However, he was suffer‑
priest's death. "Our team has gone ing from lifestyle diseases.
Firecrackers being sold at a shop in Delhi. Father Kuriakose Kattutharaʼs
to the spot and is investigating "Ever since he took a position
New Delhi: The Supreme Court Justice Ashok Bhushan banned
family suspects foul play.
the matter," a Dasuya police offi‑ ag ainst Bishop Mulakkal, he
said that only green firecrackers the bursting of firecrackers not cial said. Kattuthara was found statements against the Mulakkal feared something bad might befall
with reduced emission and decibel conforming to the green norms dead in a room in the St. Mary's after the Kerala nun accused the him," said Johnny.
levels will be permitted during all that would apply all the year Church in Dasuya town, around latter of raping her. The deceased priest, in some
religious festivals. round. 180 km from Chandigarh. He was Jose Kattuthara, the brother of interviews, had already expressed
On Diwali firecrackers could be These rules would be applicable under the Jaland har dio cese the deceased, has complained to apprehension about his fate after
burst between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. to New Year and marriage festivi‑ which is headed by Mulakkal. the police in Alappuzha in Kerala openly supporting the victim nun
A bench of Justice A.K. Sikri and ties as well. Kattuthara had openly given raising suspicion about the cir‑ and speaking against the bishop.

CBI bickering, PMO summons top two officials

New Delhi: The rift in the top brass of CBI, public eye, a point opposition parties of ficer in the Qureshi case, has been
Indiaʼs premier investigating agency, took made in their criticism. arrested on the allegation of falsification
a serious turn when a Deputy During the day, the agency arrested its of records," the agency said in a state‑
Superintendent of Police was arrested for Deputy Superintendent Devendra Kumar, ment.
alleged falsification of records in the who was earlier the investigation of ficer Asthana, a 1984 batch Indian Police
bribery alleg at ions ag ainst Special in a case involving meat exporter Moin Service officer of Gujarat cadre, is accused
Director Rakesh Asthana as Prime Qureshi, on a charge of "falsification of of accepting a bribe of Rs 2 crore from a
Minister Narendra Modi stepped in amid records". businessman who was under probe in the
the fracas between the top two officials. Kumar's arrest comes a day after the Qureshi case in order to "wreck" the inves‑
T he PMO summoned CBI (Central agency registered an FIR against Asthana tigation. The case was being examined by
Bureau of Investigation) Director Alok and several others for allegedly accepting a special investigation team (SIT) headed
Verma and Asthana in an apparent bid to bribes to settle a case of meat exporter by Asthana.
put a lid on the open war between the two Moin Qureshi, who is facing multiple Asked about the allegations pertaining
of ficials, who had leveled bribery allega‑ cases of money laundering and corrup‑ to CBI Additional Director A.K. Sharma's
tions against each other. tion. family having shell companies in partner‑
There was no official word on what the The CBI has alleged that bribes were ship with undesirable contact men (UCM),
CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana.
officials discussed with the higher‑ups in g iven at least five t imes between the official said that he has no comments
the Prime Minister's office, but it is under‑ to make amends as the image of the December, 2017 and October this year. to offer as CVC was already looking into
stood that the two officials have been told organization has taken a beating in the "Kumar, who has been the investigation those charges.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info INDIA Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 13

Magisterial probe into

Amritsar train tragedy
Amritsar: The Punjab govern‑
ment ordered a magisterial
probe into the Amritsar train
tragedy in which 59 people
watching Dusshera effigy burn‑
ing were crushed to death by a
speeding train even as the rail‑
ways said it was not responsible
for the tragedy.
Punjab Chief Minister
Amarinder Singh ordered a
magisterial probe into the inci‑
59 people watching Dusshera effigy burning were
dent, including finding out if
crushed to death by a speeding train in Amritsar.
mandatory permissions for
holding the function were given. blamed for any lapses leading to the disas‑
Amarinder, who visited the accident site ter. On Friday, hundreds of people watch‑
and the injured in hospitals on Saturday, ing a huge Ravan effigy go up in flames
said the Jalandhar Divisional amid exploding crackers spilled on to the
Commissioner will conduct an inquiry tracks at Joda Phatak when the passenger
within four weeks. train heading to Hoshiarpur from
"Action will be taken against those Amritsar came hurtling down around 7
responsible for the tragedy once the p.m.
inquiry report comes," he said. Most people reportedly could not hear
Opposition Shiromani Akali Dal the train due to the exploding crackers.
demanded that a case of murder be regis‑ The Amarinder government is under fire
tered against the organizers, who are for reacting late to the massive tragedy
mostly ruling Congress leaders. and also for not taking action against
"This is a massacre and murder. The organizers of the Dusshera function since
organizers should be booked for murder they are from the ruling Congress and
of these people," said SAD president close aides of Punjab cabinet minister
Sukhbir Singh Badal after visiting the acci‑ Navjot Singh Sidhu. Chairman Railway
dent spot. The Chief Minister said that Board Ashwani Lohani also dismissed the
nine of those killed were yet to be identi‑ railways' responsibility in the tragedy. He
fied, while 57 other Dussehra revellers said the train which was running at its
were injured as the Jalandhar‑Amritsar assigned speed, its loco‑pilot applied
Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) passenger brakes to slow it down. No action has so
train mowed them down at Joda Phatak in far been initiated against the organizers,
Amritsar. Asked if there were any lapses who are leaders of the ruling Congress in
on the part of the railways, the Chief Punjab, of the Dusshera event. Police
Minister said the probe would look into sources said that the organisers had gone
the matter. "It (the probe) will ascertain underground. Navjot Singh Sidhu is being
whether approvals for holding the func‑ targeted as the Congress leaders behind
tion were given," Amarinder said. Union the function are his close aides in
Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha Amritsar and went ahead with the func‑
said that the railway ministry is not to be tion without mandatory permissions.

Congress has not said Rahul

is its PM candidate
Chennai: The Congress has not offi‑ Gandhi has not said this. The
cially declared Rahul Gandhi as its Congress has not said it wants to
prime ministerial can‑ bring a person as
didate in the 2019 Lok prime minister. We
Sabha elections in will decide on the issue
which its main objec‑ (of PM) once the
tive is to defeat the BJP alliance wins and the
and usher in a progres‑ alliance partners will
sive government at the sit and decide on it," he
Centre, senior said. Chidambaram
Congress leader P. said the main objective
Chidambaram has said. for the Congress was
"Congress has not offi‑ removal of the
cially declared Rahul Bharatiya Janata Party
Gandhi as its Prime
Congress President
government and ush‑
Rahul Gandhi.
Ministerial candidate. ering in a progressive
On the contrary, when two or three government that does not take away
persons (in the party) spoke about, human rights, does not threaten peo‑
the AICC denied it and told people not ple and does not indulge in tax terror‑
to speak about it," he told Tamil TV
channel News18. The former Union
ism against traders and entrepreneurs
but provide security to women and
Finance Minister said the question of children and give a fair and remunera‑
prime ministership was not an issue at tive price to farmers for the farm pro‑
all for the Congress party. "Rahul duce and to farm workers.
14 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 OP-ED TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Sabarimala row: It takes courage to

sit on fence of religious reform
By Mark Tully as priests. Among the orthodox ed he had not become Archbishop
Hindu leaders of the opposition to to split the Church and refused to

he battle that ensued this Nehru and Ambedkars ʼs Hindu come down on either side.
week over the Supreme code bill were Rajendra Prasad, Abuse was heaped on him by a
Courtʼs verdict allowing President of the Constituent press which could only see the
women of all ages to worship in Assembly and then President of issue in black and white terms,
Keralaʼs Sabarimala temple India, the Shankaracharya of but he famously said, “I do wish
demonstrated the power that reli‑ Dwarka, and the leadership of the the press would realise it some‑
gious tradition still has to resist RSS. times takes courage to sit on the
change. The courtʼs verdicts ban‑ When a call for reform comes fence.” As a result of Robert
ning instant triple talaq, and from the laity, it is almost Runcieʼs courage a schism has
decriminalising homosexuality inevitably seen by orthodox reli‑ been averted, the Church of
and adultery, also defy tradition. gious leaders as a challenge to England now has women priests,
All three verdicts can also be their authority, and hence to be and the Bishop of London is a
seen as victories for the womenʼs resisted. So Zakia Somanʼs Muslim woman.
rights movement in that they give womenʼs movement for reform of At the Sabarimala temple, there
women greater control over their Women devotees attempt to enter Sabarimala temple in their personal law is bound to was literally a head‑on collision
lives and their bodies. But at the Kerala's Pathanamthitta District. (Photo: IANS) meet with stiff resistance and the between religious reformers and
Kasauli festival earlier this month, notice of triple talaq by speed But the Syedna, the spiritual head orthodox Muslim leadership will traditionalists. But do such differ‑
three doughty fighters in the post. She attacked traditionalists of the Bohras, was rigidly oppos‑ carry a large section of the com‑ ences always have to collide?
womenʼs movement poured scorn who were still preventing her ing its abolition. munity with them. Can it be Obviously there can be no com‑
on religious leaders who opposed from seeing her children. It is not surprising that those argued that Nehru avoided a head‑ promise on genital mutilation. But
reforms. The third champion of womenʼs who claim to have religious on collision with the Hindu ortho‑ is there no room for compromise
Zakia Soman, co‑founder of the rights at Kasauli was Masooma authority like the Syedna and the dox leadership and by compromis‑ on others? Compromise is not
70,000‑plus strong Bharatiya Ranalvi who described how, as a Muslim Personal Law Board are ing achieved most of the reform necessarily a dirty word. A peace‑
Muslim Mahila Andolan, attacked seven‑year‑old Bohra Muslim girl, the ones who are blocking he had planned. maker who sits on the fence can
the Muslim Personal Law Board her genitals had been cut. She reforms in Indiaʼs Muslim commu‑ When Robert Runcie was conse‑ play a constructive role in reach‑
for its opposition to reforms in explained that the traditional jus‑ nities. crated Archbishop of Canterbury ing a settlement of religious con‑
Muslim personal law. She was a tification for this female genital The same is so often true in in 1980, he became the leader of troversies without a head‑on colli‑
petitioner in the triple talaq mat‑ mutilation was “to curb womenʼs other religious communities. An the Church of England on the sion and bitterness.
ter in the Supreme Court . Shayara sexual desires ”. Masooma Ranalvi obvious example is the Vatican verge of a schism between those (The opinion appeared in The
Bano was the original petitioner has now started a debate in the refusing to allow the clergy to who wanted women priests and Hindustan Times. The views
in that case who received her Bohra community on this practice. marry, or women to be ordained those who opposed this. He insist‑ expressed are personal.)


By Namita Bhandare to this the tricky terrain of the workplace.
Itʼs bad enough for women to deal with an

he resignation of minister of state for office culture that includes endless meetings,
external affairs, MJ Akbar, might seem needlessly long hours and networking oppor‑
like a victory for the #MeToo move‑ tunities at offsites and office parties. And
ment, but itʼs far too premature for any cele‑ then there are bosses with roaming eyes and
bration. hands. Many prefer to just quit and only 70%
The former editor is accused by at least 20 of all sexual harassment cases are even
women of a range of inappropriate behaviour reported, according to a survey by the Indian
from interviewing potential new recruits in National Bar Association.
his hotel room to sexual assault. He has Despite these barriers, now is the time to
denied the accusations and sent a criminal ask if we can dare to aspire for more. Not just
defamation notice to the first of his accusers, for workplaces that are compliant with the
journalist Priya Ramani. law ̶ surely that we take for granted ̶ but
Akbar is not the only one to have been for workplaces that value women and recog‑
stung by Indiaʼs October Outing, which has, so nise that diversity is not just a nice sounding
far, been organic, volatile and apparently word; for workplaces where women are heard
unstoppable. Long‑drawn legal proceedings will eventually be relegated to a paragraph in the and valued; for workplaces where we can
In contrast to the governmentʼs silence over news, if even that. What must remain is womenʼs quest for workplace equality, work with dignity without being belittled by
its minister, the private sector has scrambled not just as #MeToo but as #WeCount. male colleagues. That is the goal.
to act. A film company has folded up, comedy The issue is a New Deal at work. them is the everyday reality of women at In a few weeks from now, a new cycle of
videos by offenders have been scrubbed from Zero tolerance for workplace sexual harass‑ work. Indiaʼs women already fight huge bat‑ outrage will begin. Long‑drawn legal proceed‑
websites and media houses have launched ment must be a given because it is the law tles just to study and have careers. Every step ings will eventually be relegated to a para‑
inquiries, sent the editors whoʼve been and because it is the right thing to do. Yet, is a struggle. graph in the news, if even that. What must
accused on leave and mandated sexual never has the gulf between the lived experi‑ There are so many existing barriers to remain is womenʼs quest for workplace equal‑
harassment workshops for employees. ences of men and women been wider. My womenʼs employment, from family‑imposed ity, not just as #MeToo but as #WeCount.
Workplaces have as much at stake as do many male friends, even those I consider restrictions to a disproportionate share of
women. The issue is not the taking down of a enlightened, have been shocked at the stories unpaid care work, including cooking, cleaning (The opinion appeared in The Hindustan
few predatory bosses and entitled celebrities. that are emerging. Even more shocking to and caring for children and the elderly. Add Times. The views expressed are personal)

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info COMMUNITY Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 15

7,000 enjoyed IACFNJ Garba in NJ

Senator Bob Menendez (second from left) and IACFNJ President Dr Tushar Patel (extreme right) with others at the event celebrating Navratri.

South Brunswick, NJ: The Indo‑ ent form of the Goddess Durga. The singers and musicians of and traditional items stalls were an guests as were officials Shanti Narra,
American Cultural Foundation of garba, raas and sanedo was held in Entertainment Unlimited rocked the added attraction for to the attendees. Barry Nathanson, Azra Baig, Deven
Central Jersey (IACFNJ) once again state‑of‑the art gymnasiums in the stage. The participants from all age The local business people, communi‑ Patel, and Kapil Shah. South
organized their Grand Navratri two schools in a very secure environ‑ groups from all generations and all ty leaders, local and state public offi‑ Brunswick School Superintendent
Garba celebration on October 12‑13, ment. South Brunswick and sur‑ cultural backgrounds enjoyed the cials and large number of Asian Scott Feder and Assistant
and 19‑20, 2018 at Cross Roads rounding towns of North Brunswick, evenings in their colorful traditional Indians attended the celebration to Superintendent Jennifer Diszler
South Middle School and South Franklin Park, Princeton, costumes. support IACFNJʼs efforts to keep attended and were impressed to see
Brunswick High School in Hightstown, Princeton Junction, The special attraction of the event Indian culture and heritage alive in the cultural diversity and enthusi‑
Monmouth Junction, New Jersey Monroe, East Brunswick, was participants from high school the state. asm at the event. The IACFNJ execu‑
attended by over 7,000 people. Robbinsville and East and West kids of various ethnic and cultural Senator Robert Menendez, Asian tive committee and trustees and vol‑
Navratri, meaning nine nights, is Windsor have high concentration of backgrounds. The central stage was American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) unteers under the leadership of
an important Hindu festival dedicat‑ the Indian community. decorated with Amba Maaʼs idol in a outreach Director for the Senator, President Dr. Tushar Patel, Chairman
ed to the worship of Goddess Durga. Once again, the famous group of temple setting. Amit Jani, South Brunswick Mayor Hitesh Patel, Vice Presidents Mahesh
Each day of the nine‑day festival is Mahesh Mehta and his talented The cafeteria had mouth‑watering Charlie Carley, Councilwoman Ann Patel and Deven Patel, made the
dedicated to the worship of a differ‑ artists from Bollywood and local delicacies. Various clothing, jewelry Grover, were among the special event a grand success.

Exhilarating golf SAGA At 17, LIer Arjun Sharma

continues in the tri‑state area manages an esports team
Locust Valley, NY: Arjun
Sharma, a 17‑year‑old from
Locust Valley, NY, has turned
his passion for video games into
a burgeoning career.
A year ago, he became the
manager of a professional
esports team named Rogue and
has traveled to tournaments in
Germany, France and Canada.
Esports is the term for profes‑
sional video gaming, organized
just like traditional professional
Long Islander Arjun Sharma is
sports leagues. Sharma's team
(from left) Alok Joshi and SAGA Tour Flight 1 Winner Low Gross Winner Roshan the manager of a professional
plays "Rainbow Six: Siege," a esports team named Rogue.
Amit Joshi present the Anish Joshi Santosh Hanumaiah is Seth, Presented by
first‑person tactical shooting (Photo courtesy Newsday)
Memorial Trophy to winner presented trophy by Dr. Anil Manmeet Pental of United
game based on a series of books
Paresh Desai (extreme right) & Anju Joshi Healthcare tions via Twitter, and it wasnʼt
by Tom Clancy.
Sharma is homeschooled and long before Rogue, a multiple
Scotch Plains, NJ: The South Asian Beri; Flight 2: Aman Ahuja, Joe abilities. Adding a wow factor
hopes to study computer sci‑ esports‑based business,
Golf Association (SAGA), just 14 Kapoor, Shyam Jagirdar; Flight were singers Sumitra Iyer and
ence or business in college expressed interest in taking
years old, continues to brilliantly 3:Paresh Desai, Rajiv Walia, Ankit Prakhar Ghosh. The dinner buffet
while continuing to pursue over Vertical Gaming. Soon,
extend their contribution to the Patel. SAGA is proud of their was as much of a visual pleasure
opportunities in the cybergam‑ Arjun Sharma was on a Skype
sport of golf and commitments to Junior track. Congratulations to as it was a feast for the taste buds.
ing world. call with Rogue CEO and co‑
the community. SAGA Open 2018 star junior Rehan Yadav who won Some of the Key Sponsors: Dr.
Sharma got his big break last founder Frank Villarreal, and
on Sept 29 was their big day at the “Most Improved Golfer” Anil Joshi and Anju Joshi, United
August. He noticed that his the next day he was on a plane
the Shackamaxon Country Club. award, Low Gross Score winner Healthcare, NJ Group Services,
favorite team, Vertical Gaming, to Germany as the new teamʼs
New aspirants were challenging Roshan Seth, to name a few. Optima Global Solutions and HAB
had split with its management manager.
the previous winners, succeeding SAGA also announced the SAGA Bank. SAGA was formed by
after a disagreement. The team Members of the Rogue team
and eventually showcasing won‑ Junior Scholarship for college‑ Mahesh Yadav in 2005 and sup‑
had no owner, no official name can earn thousands per month
derful gamesmanship. Paresh bound youngsters with a flair for ported by board members Vinay
and a big‑money tournament in in winnings and salary. Sharma
Desai won the overall coveted golf and a zeal to excel academi‑ Bahuguna, Paresh Desai, Uday
Germany just a few weeks away. said he takes home a few hun‑
Anish Joshi Memorial trophy. cally. Patel, Sanjay Seth and Pir
On the suggestion of his dred a month as a salary for the
Congratulations to all the flight The inseparable duo Shyam Mohammed (honorary board
father, Atul Sharma, he reached work he does, which is crucial to
winners; Flight 1: Santosh Jagirdar and Deep Tapliyal lit up member).
out to a number of organiza‑ the players.
Hanumaiah, Sanjeev Sarna, Rajat the stage with their uncanny MC Web: www.sagagolf.com
16 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD TheSouthAsianTimes.info


more denials in Bollywood
ollywoodʼs #MeToo movement a song… "but first give me a kiss now". He
has gathered more steam with then smiled, what I would recall the most
new cases of alleged sexual mis‑ evil grin I've seen," Pandit said of the inci‑
conduct against actor Sushant Singh dent when she was all of 15 years old.
Rajput, music composer Anu Malik, Celebrity photographer and film produc‑
director Soumik Sen and producer Atul er Atul Kasbekar denied an anonymous
Kasbekar coming to the fore. allegation that he and "Cheat India" direc‑
All four of them have denied the alle‑ tor Soumik Sen “are sleazebags who
gations with Sushant sharing screen‑ harass women with their powerplay".
shots of his conversations with "Kizie A twitter statement signed by Kasbekar
Aur Manny" co‑star Sanjana Sanghi. and his team members read: "We have not
Sanjana accused the 32‑year‑old actor received any complaint of inappropriate
of behaving inappropriately on the sets behavior by director Soumik Sen from any
of the movie, saying he made her feel female member in our unit of 'Cheat India'
"uncomfortable" with his "overly friendly during the shooting."
behavior" during the shoot in Jodhpur "While we support the #MeToo move‑
Calling the incident a ʻsmear cam‑ ment in India, we urge for people to be
paignʼ, Sushant tweeted: "I feel sad to wary of unsubstantiated allegations, par‑
reveal personal information but it seems ticularly anonymous ones, which could be
that there is no other way to state what mischievously made with ulterior motives.
was, in the midst of this curated and well‑ We also hope that these do not dilute the
timed smear campaign. credibility of the ongoing movement
Singer Anu Malik too denied allegations The anonymous post said her most
that he sexually harassed singer Shweta recent experience of working with
Actor Sushant Singh Rajput and music director Anu Malik in #MeToo net.
Pandit, who called him a "pedophile" and Kasbekar and Sen on "Cheat India" was
"sexual predator". #MeToo movement but to use this move‑ Pandit, in a Twitter post, recounted her "rather disturbing". She says Sen used to
"The allegations made against my client ment to start a character assassination ordeal with Malik in an incident dating talk about wanting to see her and her
are emphatically denied as completely mission is obnoxious," Malik's lawyer back to 2000. She claims once in a cabin female colleagues enact scenes for a les‑
false and baseless. My client respects the Zulfiquar Memon said. at a studio, he told her he would give her bian web series.

'Badhaai Ho': Honest & entertaining

By Troy Ribeiro
I still work with my
heart: Jackie Shroff
adhaai Ho" is an astutely

slice of life
e has a career span‑
drama that keeps
ning over four
you entertained as
decades in the Hindi
three generations of the same
film industry and, as of
family are all touched one way or
2017, has appeared in over
another by social embarrassment
200 films. Actor Jackie
when the lady of the house and
Shroff, who has over five
mother of two "grown up" sons,
movies waiting to release
unexpectedly finds herself preg‑
now, says he still works with
nant once again.
his heart.
Set in a typical middle class
Jackie made his acting
milieu in New Delhi, the story
debut in 1982 with Dev
revolves around the Kaushik fami‑
Anand's "Swami Dada". Has
ly. Jitendra Kaushik (Gajraj Rao) is
All actors in the movie gel like a family and the criteria for doing a film
a near retiring Railway Ticket
their pangs onscreen are palpable. changed over the years for
Collector who lives with his
spouse Priyamvada (Neena reacting to the situation are price‑ stantly bickering with her. "Nothing has changed. I still
Gupta), his aged mother essayed less. It goes without saying that The script is unwavering. work with my heart. Some Shrof f says he
by Surekha Sikri and his two sons the entire cast gel like a family Narrated in a completely straight‑ Veteran actor Jackie
people take me in the films wo rk with son Tiger.
‑ Nakul and Gular. The film begins wants to
and their pangs onscreen are pal‑ forward manner, the progression thinking it will change their
with the simplest and most ordi‑ pable. Gajraj Rao and Neena of this ordinary story is interrupt‑ life or film. Sometimes I look at his career.
nary manner in introducing the Gupta make an ideal pair. They ed by some situational comedy the banner, sometimes at the Does he ever plan to take a
family and interrupts it with the are naturally earnest and endear‑ that keeps the narrative afloat. script and sometimes at the break?
amazing inciting moment, ing in their performances. While the first two acts are mun‑ director. But emotions is some‑ "My work is my break. It takes
announcing the arrival of a "chota Ayushman Khurrana and Sanya dane, the final sequence is the thing I am associated with," me to different parts of the
mehmaan", without resorting to Malhotra as Renee his colleague most effective. Jackie told IANS in an interview. world and I get to meet different
any assortment of gimmicks. It is make a cute pair and their love Mounted with moderate pro‑ Jackie, whose given name is people," he said.
some kind of tribute to the story plays a pleasant sub‑plot to duction values, Sanu John Jai Krishan Kakubhai Shroff, has The "Devdas" actor says he
strength of the story and the the narrative. Varughese's camera work is com‑ not only worked in Bollywood, wants to work with son Tiger.
warmth of the performances by It is touching to note how in the mendable. So is Dev Rao Jadhav's but has also branched out to On the acting front, Jackie has
Gajraj Rao, Neena Gupta, guise of geriatric behavior, editing. Overall, in keeping with movies in different languages several films in his kitty. These
Ayushmann Khurrana, Surekha Surekha Sikri blurts out some the context and the culture of the like Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, include "Bharat", "Saaho",
Sikri and Sanya Malhotra, that the home truths and defends her hypocritical society we live in, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, "Firrkie", "Prasthanam" and
film somehow manages almost to daughter‑in‑law, when in other "Badhaai Ho" is a welcome Telugu, Bhojpuri and Gujarati in "Romeo Akbar Walter".
work. Yes, their expressions while circumstances she would be con‑ change.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 17

Mani Ratnam gets his Priyanka hopes

mojo back, but just about Meghan Markle's
By Subhash K Jha pregnancy is 'amazing'
o many of the contem‑ ctress Priyanka Chopra is excited
porary filmmakers about her friend Meghan Markleʻs
seem to have lost the pregnancy, and hopes the Duchess
plot. Imtiaz Ali, the supremo of Sussex's new phase is "amazing".
among avant garde directors, "I would, as a friend, just say that I'm
is struggling to make himself really excited for her," Chopra told
coherent to an audience that People magazine at the JBL Fest in Los
just doesn't care what hap‑ Angeles.
pened when "Harry Met Sejal". "I think this is a new phase in every
Vishal Bhardwaj's last three woman's life, and I hope hers is as
films "Matru Ki Bijlee Ka amazing as she wants it to be," added
Mandola", "Rangoon" and the the "Quantico" actress who had also
recent "Patakha" have ranged attended Markle and Prince Harry's
from the strange to the ugh. royal wedding in May.
The heartening news is that Filmmaker Mani Ratnamʼs ʻRaavanʼ She and Markle have been close for
another pioneer of new‑age was lost in translation. several years.
Indian cinema, Mani Ratnam, has Earlier this week, Priyanka tiptoed
regained his mojo somewhat. His new film own the city of Chennai. The swagger is around the topic of Markle's pregnan‑
"Chekka Chivantha Vaanam" (CCV), mean‑ tragically misplaced in the context of the cy, telling media: "I just have a few of
ing Crimson Red Sky, is most decidedly not decadence that grips the city. my friends who are having babies
among Mani's best works. As for his last The acting is uneven with some actors ris‑ right now. So I'm like, 'God, I need to Actress Priyanka Chopra is a close
Hindi film "Raavan", it was lost in transla‑ ing to the occasion. Others, just not caring catch up!'" friend of the Duchess of Sussex.
tion. Luckily, gangsterism sits well on the because there are so many characters being
accommodated into the tank of treachery

Someday, work with me

post‑60 phase of Ratnam's life and career.
CCV is a virile and rugged he‑man kind of that the whole framework threatens to sink
film. It looks at the sprawling family life of a in the abyss of blood and butchery.
There is a desperate velocity to the vio‑

again: Salman to K‑Jo

gangster Senapati (the ever‑credible
Prakash Raj) from the viewpoint of his vio‑ lence in CCV. But he creates and carves out
lent job‑profile. CCV is a work of excessive women characters as full‑bodied, and not
self indulgence. Ratnam goes for the (over) only in their physicality. Here there are two
kill. There are long shootouts on the streets major female characters. Chennai's Brando,
of Chennai and in brothels and other claus‑ Senapathi's wife played by Jaya Sudha,
trophobic settings which give away nothing who's the backbone of the family. The other
of Ratnam's earlier brilliance in portraying more powerful female character is the eld‑
the wages of gangsterism in "Dalapathi" or est scion Nawab (Arvind Swamy's) wife
"Nayakan". Betrayed by their own ambi Chithra played with tender firmness by
tions, Mani's heroes behave as if they Jyothika.

Kajol reveals how nobody

wanted Ajay and her to marry
pening up about her per‑
sonal life on actor Neha
Dhupiaʼs podcast series,
Bollywood veteran Kajol revealed
that nobody wanted her to marry
actor Ajay Devgan, not even her
“Nobody wanted us to get married
besides his family and my family. My Filmmaker Karan Johan directed Salman Khan in ʻKuch Kuch Hota Haiʼ.

family also was iffy. My dad didnʼt
ollywood superstar Salman Khan, ʻHe is a really good guy. It's his first film
talk to me for a week when I told him
who became a part of a celebra‑ and you should help him in his first film'.
I wanted to get married. It was
tion for 20 years of "Kuch Kuch After that, Karan Johar met me at party
because I wanted to get married. He
Hota Hai", says the film's director Karan that time, I told him that I will do it for my
was just like why do you want to get
Johar is the "busiest man" in the Hindi sister, Yash (Johar) uncle, Hiroo (Johar)
married, youʼre so young and your
film industry today. The actor has urged aunty, Karan Johar and Shah Rukh, and
career is doing so well and I was like
the filmmaker to work with him again. that's how I became a part of the film."
but I want to get married."
Karan had approached many estab‑ "I was pretty impressed with Karan's
"Ajay and I were very different peo‑
lished actors to play the part of Aman writing. Karan was very clear in his head
ple, so lots of people had reservations
Mehta in his directorial debut "Kuch at that time and he made really good film.
as to what we would be like as a cou‑
Kuch Hota Hai", but eventually Salman "It was a different kind of film and it had
ple and we were not very social even
gave the nod to play the part. its signature style and after that, he Karan
then. Not a lot of people had met us
Talking about how he got agreed to established different kind of cinema.
together or knew what we were like
do "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai", Salman said: Today, he is one of the most successful
together,” The Hindustan Times quoted
"Karan Johar met my sister Alvira and director and producer that we have in the
Kajol as saying.
he told her that ʻIt's my first film and I industry. He does hosting, writing and act‑
Kajol and Ajayʼs wedding is one of the
have signed Kajol and Shah Rukh ing too, so, I think Karan Johar is the
most stable marriages of Bollywood.
Khan. There is a small but important busiest man in the film fraternity."
They married in 1999 and have two
Ajay Devgn on the sets role for which I am looking for a star In the end, Salman took a jibe at Karan
children. Kajol recently appeared in her Actress Kajol with husband
home production ʻHelicopter Eelaʼ. of a singing reality show. but I am not finding any star to play saying: "Someday yaar... someday, work
that part'. "So my sister Alvira told me that with me again."
18 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 FESTIVALS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

A Bengali devotee
performs Dhunuchi
formation of Goddess
Nach dance in front of an devotees hold ing earthen lamps stand in the
idol of the Goddess Durga Ahmedabad: Thousands of Hindu Aarti during Navratri festival in
Ahmedabad on Oct 17.
in Maha
during Aarti in New Delhi Durgaʼs image as they participate
Kolkata: last Thursday. (Photo
Artwork outside a
courtesy AFP)
Puja pandal tries to draw
UNESCOʼs attention to
Kolkata being a “City of
Literature” on Oct. 19.
(Photo courtesy RNS).

ds during the Navratri

Surat: Garba performance by huge crow tesy Reuters)
(Photo cour
festival in the Gujarat city on Oct 17.

Mysuru: Scion
of the erstwhile
royal family of
Mysore, Yaduveer
Wadiyar arrives
to perform
rituals here on
Oct 22.

Delhi: UPA
chairperson Sonia
Gandhi applies tilak on
the foreheads of artistes
playing Ram and Lakshman
during Dussehra celebra‑
tions organised by the Nav
Dharmik Leela Committee
in New Delhi on Oct 19.
Modi during
ind and Prime Minister Narendra (Photos IANS)
New Delhi : President Ram Nath Kov 19.
Maidan in New Delhi on Oct
Dussehra celebrations at Ramlila
TheSouthAsianTimes.info SUBCONTINENT Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 19

Lankan President rejects reports ‘Designate Pakistan as

on assassination bid by India state sponsor of terror’ Washington: A top Republican law‑
New Delhi: Sri Lankan President maker urged the Trump administra‑
Maithripala Sirisena rejected tion to immediately designate
media reports alleging an Indian Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror‑
hand in a plot to assassinate him ism and terminate its non‑NATO ally
and a former Defense Secretary status, media reports said.
of Sri Lanka during a telephone Asserting that Islamabad consis‑
call w ith Prime Minister tently defends Mumbai terror attack
Narendra Modi. mastermind Hafiz Saeed and con‑
"The President of Sri Lanka demns US' counterterrorism efforts,
Maithripala Sirisena called Prime Ted Poe is the Republican
Congressman Ted Poe told the
Minister Mo di," the Prime
Congressman from Texas.
House of Representatives that
Minister's Office (PMO) said in a Pakistan will not receive any finan‑ their soil," he said. Poe said if
statement. cial support from the US if terrorists Qureshi was truly interested in
"The President of Sri Lanka continue to live safely in the country. restoring the relationship between
stated that he categorically "Now is the day of reckoning. All the two countries, he would accept
rejected the reports in sections of assistance to Pakistan must end, its responsibility and acknowledge that
media about him alluding to the Major non‑NATO ally status must be countless terrorists still live inside
involvement of India in any man‑ terminated, and the State Pakistan. He stated Mumbai terror
ner whatsoever in an alleged plot Department should immediately des‑ attack mastermind and the founder
to assassinate the President and ignate it as a state sponsor of terror‑ of the US and UN‑designated terror‑
Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena
a former Defense Secretary of Sri ism," Poe said last week, according to ist group Lashkar‑e‑Taiba Hafiz
with Indian PM Narendra Modi
Lanka," the statement said. Congressional records. Saeed operated freely in Pakistan.
"He mentioned that the mis‑ "urgent steps taken by him per‑ a true friend of Sri Lanka, as also T he Republican Congressman "Yet, Pakistan, including its
chevous and malafide reports sonally and the Sri Lankan gov‑ a close personal friend," the from Texas slammed Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consis‑
were utterly baseless and false, ernment to publicly reject these statement said. Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah tently defends Saeed and condemns
and seemed intended to create reports. According to the PMO state‑ Mahmood Qureshi for what he US counterterrorism ef forts," Poe
misunderstanding between the Sirisena also said that he met ment, Mo di appreciated the described as lecturing the US on aid. said. The relations between Pakistan
two leaders as well as damage Indian High Commissioner to Sri prompt steps taken by Sirisena "While I do not oppose open engage‑ and the US nosedived this January
the cordial relations between the Lanka earlier in the day in this and the Sri Lankan government ment with Pakistan, our position after President Trump accused
two friendly neighbors," it stated. connection. to firmly refute the malicious must be clear: Pakistan will not Islamabad of giving nothing to
According to the statement, "The President also stated that reports by publicly clarifying the receive a dime of US support if ter‑ Washington but "lies and deceit" and
Sirisena apprised Modi of the he regards the Prime Minister as matters. rorists continue to live safely on providing "safe haven" to terrorists.

Afghan election Maldives top court upholds

process officially ends, presidential election result
over 4 mn cast votes Male: T he top court in the
Kabul: T he Maldives upheld the recent presi‑
President of dential election result, and dis‑
Afg hanistan of fi‑ missed a petition by the outgoing
cially announced incumbent, who accused the
that voting in the electoral commission of vote‑rig‑
Afghan parliamen‑ ging.
tary elections had The five‑member bench of the
closed, with initial Supreme Court unanimously said
data from the elec‑ it found no evidence the commis‑
t ion commission sion unfairly aided Ibrahim
estimating that over Mohamed Solih to victory in the
four million eligible September 23 election, which
voters exercised spelled the end of incumbent
their demo crat ic Abdulla Yameen's tenure, Efe
rig hts over the news reported. "We are pleased Maldivian president‑elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
President Ashraf Ghani thanked voters
weekend. that the court ruled unanimously
in a nationwide broadcast.
President Ashraf to uphold the will of the people.
Ghani made the remarks in a tele‑ were killed and over 100 were
vised speech broadcast nationwide, injured during the two‑day voting
There is zero evidence that the
election was fixed. President
Maldives court overturns
Efe reported. period as the Taliban launched over
"The great nation of Afghanistan, 250 separate attacks in a bid to
Yameen should do the honorable
thing: accept defeat and ensure a Gayoom's jail term
smooth transfer of power," tweet‑

thank you! By casting your votes, stop people from voting.
you proved to the world that you Ghani described those killed dur‑ ed Mariya Didi, spokeswoman for he Maldives High Court overturned the jail sentence of for‑
don't want violence. You proved ing the election process as martyrs the president‑elect Solih. mer President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom weeks after he was
your will for democracy," the leader for democracy who sacrificed them‑ Yameen conceded defeat a day freed on bail. Gayoom was sentenced to one year and seven
said, highlighting the large turnout selves for the democratic hopes of after the e lect ion but later months in prison for obstruction of justice when he refused to hand
despite the persistent threat of vio‑ future generations. brought his case against the win‑ over his mobile phone during a police investigation, Efe news
lence from the Taliban insurgent Abdulbadi Sayyad, chairman for ner to the top court, citing com‑ reported.
group. the independent election commis‑ plaints from supporters of his But the High Court ruling said that the 82‑year‑old former strong‑
"You proved to the Taliban that sion in Afghanistan, told a press ruling Prog ressive Party of man's trial in the criminal court was conducted in "violation of pro‑
no one can bring this nation under conference that around four million Maldives (PPM). cedure".
their control by force," Ghani people ‑ of which 33 percent were He accused the electoral body The High Court also said that the criminal court's order to cancel
added. At least 27 civilians and 10 women ‑ cast their votes across 32 of using invisible ink and chemi‑ Gayoom's license to practice law and preach Islam was "unlawful".
members of the security forces provinces. cals to rig votes. Gayoom was found guilty in July but was freed on bail.
20 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 INTERNATIONAL TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Saudi admits Khashoggi killed Assange sues Ecuador

for 'violating his rights'
inside consulate, detains 18 Quito: WikiLeaks co‑founder
Julian Assange is launching legal
Riyadh/Ankara: After over two action against Ecuador, accusing
weeks of shifting stories, Saudi its government of violating his
Arabia has acknowledged that "fundamental rights and free‑
missing journalist and Washington doms".
Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi In a statement, WikiLeaks said
died during a fistfight inside the Ecuador had "threatened to
country's consulate in Istanbul and remove his protection and cut off
that 18 men had been arrested in his access to the outside world",
the case. CNN reported.
Following this admission, Turkey The WikiLeaks statement
vowed to reveal all details in the WikiLeaks co‑founder Julian
added that the Embassy had
case. "Turkey will never allow a Assange has been holed up
refused journalists and human
cover‑up... We are carrying out our at the Ecuadorian Embassy
rights organizations to see
own independent investigation. in London.
Assange as well as installed sig‑
We will reveal our own conclu‑ nal jammers to prevent phone website Codigo Vidrio, specified
sion," a ruling party spokesperson calls and Internet access. that Assange must pay for his
said. Assange has been holed up at own expenses like food, medical
Turkish investigators previously the Ecuadorian Embassy in and laundry, that visitors must
said that Khashoggi had been London since 2012 when he was have prior authorization and that
deliberately killed inside the con‑ granted asylum as part of a bid he must not only keep the spaces
sulate and his body was later dis‑ to avoid extradition to Sweden inside the Embassy clean, but
membered. Investigators outside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. where he was facing allegations also take care of his cat, CNN
After 18 days in which it insisted of sexual assault. said.
it had no involvement in the jour‑ fatal fistfight. "The Kingdom of all those involved," it said. The It also said that he was not
The case has since been
nalist's disappearance, Riyadh said Saudi Arabia expresses deep regret Saudi government said it fired five allowed to interfere in any other
dropped, but Assange fears he
that an initial investigation by the at the painful developments that top officials and arrested 18 other country's political affairs. The
could be extradited to the US
government's general prosecutor have taken place in this case and Saudis as a result of the initial leaked document said that the
over WikiLeaks' publishing of
found that the Saudi journalist had af firms the commitment of the investigation. Those fired included 47‑year‑old was at risk of losing
huge amounts of classified infor‑
been in discussions with people authorities in the Kingdom to the Crown Prince's adviser Saud al‑ both his pet and his asylum sta‑
mation. The memo, which was
inside the consulate when a quar‑ bring the facts to the attention of Qahtani and deputy intelligence tus if he did not comply.
first published by Ecuadorean
rel broke out and escalated to a the public and to hold accountable chief Maj. Gen. Ahmed al‑Assiri.

Ex-Soviet President cautions Over half a million people march

against US' n-treaty plan in London for 2nd Brexit vote
Moscow: Former Soviet London: Over half a million peo‑
President Mikhail Gorbachev ple marched throug h central
has questioned the intelligence London calling for a second, final
behind US President Donald vote on the UK's withdrawal from
Trump's plan to withdraw from the EU, protest org anizers
a key Cold War nuclear announced.
weapons treaty. Demonstrators assembled at
Gorbachev, who signed the London's Park Lane be fore
Intermediate‑Range Nuclear marching en masse towards
Forces (INF) treaty with Parliament Square in a show of
President Ronald Reagan in force that hoped to bring about a
1987, said that Trump's move so‑called People's Vote, essentially
is a reversal of ef forts to a second referendum on whether
achieve nuclear disarmament, to go ahead with Brexit once a
the BBC reported. Trump said final deal has been drafted, the
Russia had been "violating (the BBC reported.
Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev
INF) for many years". He said Organizers at the People's Vote
signed the treaty with the US in 1987.
the US would not let Russia "go HQ said more than 570,000 peo‑
out and do weapons (while) ing an explanation from visiting US ple had descended on central
we're not allowed to". National Security Adviser John Bolton, London, with many coming from
The US insists the Russians have, in the BBC reported. across the nation to vent their
breach of the deal, developed a new "This would be a very dangerous step frustrat ion w ith the Brexit
medium‑range missile called the that, I'm sure, not only will not be com‑ process. Scotland Yard said it was
Novator 9M729 ‑‑ known to Nato as the prehended by the international commu‑ not able to estimate the size of the
SSC‑8, the BBC said. nity but will provoke serious condemna‑ crowd.
It would enable Russia to launch a tion," Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Several well‑known British per‑ A girl takes part in the People's Vote March in London.
nuclear strike on Nato countries at very Sergei Ryabkov said. sonalit ies have endorsed the
short notice. Russia has denied the He also told the news agency RIA People's Vote initiative, as have politicians dinner. This week's fresh chaos and confusion
accusation and condemned the plans. It Novosti that if the US continued to from across the political spectrum, including over Brexit negotiations has exposed how
even threatened to retaliate. behave "clumsily and crudely" and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. even the best deal now available will be a bad
The New York Times reported the US backed out of international agreements, "What's clear is that the only options on the one for Britain."
was considering withdrawing from the "then we will have no choice but to table now from the Prime Minister are a bad The protest came at a time when Brexit
treaty in a bid to counter China's undertake retaliatory measures, includ‑ Brexit deal, or no deal whatsoever. That's a negotiations were deadlocked over how to
expanding military presence in the ing involving military technology". "But million miles away from what was promised maintain a soft border between the Republic
western Pacific. T he Kremlin said we would not want to get to this stage," two‑and‑a‑half years ago," he said. of Ireland, an EU member state, and Northern
President Vladimir Putin would be seek‑ he added. Labour's Lord Adonis, a campaigner for Ireland, which is part of the UK, once Britain
People's Vote, said: "Brexit's becoming a dog's is no longer part of the EU's single market.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info BUSINESS Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 21

S‑400 deal, Iran oil: India Liquidity worries, Q2

engaging with US results to chart stock
New Delhi: India is continuing to
engage with the US and all other
to impose damage to the military
capabilities of our allies or part‑ market's course
stakeholders regarding the S‑400 ners".
Mumbai: Second‑quarter earn‑ HFCs.
missile deal with Russia and import There have also been concerns in
ings result season, combined "The ongoing turmoil led by a
of crude oil from Iran following New Delhi following fresh US sanc‑
with the direction of foreign financial crunch in the domes‑
Washington's sanctions on Moscow tions on Iran, set to come into effect
fund flows and the liquidity sit‑ tic economy, global risk‑off
and Tehran, the Ministry of External on November 4, since the West
uation of the NBFC (non‑bank‑ and worries over upcoming
Affairs said. Asian nation is a major supplier of
ing financial companies) sector elections are likely to maintain
"On S‑400, I can tell you that this crude oil to India.
are expected to determine the their burden in the equity mar‑
is dictated by our national inter‑ The US pulled out of the Joint
trajectory of Indian stock mar‑ ket," said Vinod Nair, Head of
ests," ministry spokesperson Comprehensive Plan of Action
ket indices during the upcom‑ Research at Geojit Financial
Raveesh Kumar said at a media (JCPOA) that Tehran had signed
ing week. Services.
briefing here. with the five permanent members
In addition, the price of glob‑ "At the same time, it is possi‑
"We are engaged with the US on (P5) of the UN Security Council,
Raveesh Kumar, Official al crude oil and the rupee‑US ble that a good portion of these
this matter and we have shared our Germany and the European Union
Spokesperson of Ministry dollar matrix will also be other risk factors have been digested
position with the US at dif ferent and imposed the new sanctions on
of External Affairs. major market themes during by the market and the upcom‑
levels," Kumar said. the West Asian nation over its
(File Photo: IANS) the period. ing impacts will depend on
"T hese discussions have con‑ nuclear program.
"Markets next week would developments like stability in
tributed to a better understanding the sanctions on Russia over what Under the sanctions, the US wants
again focus on the develop‑ global bond yield and the trade
by the US on our objectives, our they called Moscow's continued all countries in the world to stop
ments in the liquidity situation war." In terms of quarterly
concerns, as well as our sensitivities involvement in the wars in Ukraine importing oil from Iran.
of the NBFCs, HFCs (housing results, companies like Adani
and expectations." The S‑400 mis‑ and Syria and its alleged interfer‑ "On the Iran issue and the issues
finance companies)," Devendra Ports, Ambuja Cements, TVS
sile deal, signed during the visit of ence in the 2016 US presidential growing out of the US withdrawal
Nevgi, Founder and Principal Motor, Bajaj Auto, Wipro,
Russian President Vladimir Putin to election. from the JCPOA, again we are
Partner, Delta Global Partners, Bharti Airtel, Biocon, Maruti
New Delhi earlier this month, has Following the signing of the S‑ engaged with all stakeholders in
told IANS. Suzuki, Yes Bank, Dr Reddys
been an issue of much speculation 400 deal, the US Embassy this matter," spokesperson Kumar
The liquidity availability to Labs, ICICI Bank and ITC are
after the Trump administration's spokesperson here said that the said.
the sector has become a con‑ expected to announce their Q2
Countering America's Adversaries intent of her country's implementa‑ "Our expectations have been
cern after the default by some earnings next week.
Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) tion of CAATSA was "to impose made known to the US side."
of the IL&FS Group companies. The Indian rupee last week
law came into ef fect in January. costs on Russia for its malign Kumar said that India appreciates
Last Friday, the Reserve Bank closed at Rs 73.32 to a dollar,
CAATSA targets countries doing behavior, including by stopping the statement made by US Secretary
of India (RBI) came out with strengthening by 24 paise
business with Russian, Iranian and flow of money to Russia's defence of State Mike Pompeo that the
new measures to increase the from its previous week's close
North Korean defence companies. sector". Spokesperson Jinnie Lee intention of imposing sanctions on
liquidity flow to NBFCs and of 73.56.
A group of US senators imposed said that CAATSA was "not intended Iran is not to hurt India.

China's economic Modi urges partnership

growth slumps to
lowest since 2009
with oil producers
New Delhi: Blaming current marketing
practice for the current high oil prices,
By Gaurav Sharma Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a
strong case for partnership between pro‑
Beijing: China's economic growth slumped to ducers and consumers at a meeting here
its lowest since 2009 as it grew by 6.5 per with global company heads, following
cent in the third quarter from a year earlier. which Saudi Arabia said it expects its oil
The announcement by the Chinese govern‑ output to rise next month to counter the
ment comes at a time when Beijing is locked impact of US sanctions on Iran.
in a bleeding trade war with Washington. With domestic petrol and diesel prices
China's National Bureau of Statistics said daily breaching record levels, Modi on
the economy saw a growth of 6.5 per cent in Monday met the chief executives of major
the third quarter on a yearly basis, below the global and Indian oil and gas companies.
expected rate of 6.6 per cent and slower than Besides Finance Minister Arun Jaitley,
6.7 per cent in the second quarter of this Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan
year. and NITI Aayog Vice‑Chairman Rajiv
China is a $14 trillion‑economy, second Kumar, the meeting included ministers
after the US. No country has risen economi‑ from Saudi Arabia and the UAE and CEOs
cally as fast as China, which managed to clock and experts from organisations like Saudi
double‑digit growth for 30 years until 2013. ARAMCO, BP, Rosneft, IHS Markit, World
However, various factors have slowed down Bank and International Energy Agency.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
the Asian giant's economic growth. "Modi made a strong case for a partner‑
China is engaged in a gruelling trade war ship between the producers and con‑ "Though there is enough production, the "Saudi Arabia has the capacity to pro‑
started by the US, which has slapped tariffs sumers, in the oil market, as it exists in unique features of marketing in the oil sec‑ duce 12 million bpd and is currently pro‑
worth $250 billion on Chinese goods in other markets. This will help stabilise the tor have pushed up the oil prices," he said. ducing 10.7 million bpd and production
response to "unfair trade" practices by global economy which is on path of recov‑ Following the meeting, Saudi Petroleum will rise further next month," Al Falih said.
Beijing. ery," the Prime Minister's Office said in a Minister Khalid Al Falih told reporters here According to the PMO, Modi said the
Beijing has hit back by imposing additional statement. on the sidelines of a global conference consuming countries face many other eco‑
taxes on American goods worth $110 billion. Highlighting the significant positioning organised by CERAWeek that he expects nomic challenges due to rising crude oil
US President Donald Trump has shown no of India in the oil and gas market, Modi Riyadh's oil production to rise next month prices, including serious resource crunch
signs of talks with China and even threatened said the oil market was producer driven from the current 10.7 million barrels per and stressed that the cooperation of the oil
tariffs on the remaining Chinese goods worth and both the quantity and prices were day (bpd) and that it has the required producing countries would be very critical
$267 billion. determined by the oil producing countries. capacity in place to do so. to bridge this gap.
22 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 FEATURES TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Why do Indians succeed more in the US than in India?

By Utpal M. Dholakia upper echelons of Indiaʼs social
hierarchy.” Most of them are from

ecently, I participated in a higher castes, which means they
roundtable event w ith have access to influential social
high‑ranking educators networks both in India and in the
from India and successful Indian‑ US. These are the people likely to
American business leaders. The succeed financially no matter
topic we discussed was, “Why are whether they stay in India or
Indians who immigrate to the immigrate. Because of these three
United States more successful pro‑ selection processes, the typical
fessionally than those who Indian‑American is starkly dif fer‑
remain?” ent from the typical Indian or
The question makes two signifi‑ native‑born American.
cant assumptions. First, it assumes
What should we
that Indian immigrants are more
successful than those who donʼt
immigrate. And second, relevant to Only that we shouldnʼt read too
this article, at least part of the much into the financial success of
A great majority of Indian immigrants in America come from the upper
explanation is believed to be psy‑ Indian‑Americans. Nor should we
chological (which is why I was echelons of India’s social hierarchy. They have access to influential social belittle the Indians who couldnʼt or
invited to participate in the event). networks both in India and in the US. These are the people likely to succeed chose not to immigrate to the
Here, I want to unpack this ques‑ United States, or elsewhere, or the
financially no matter whether they stay in India or immigrate.
tion. To make the discussion man‑ other immigrant and native‑born
ageable, Iʼll focus only on Indian income differences are even larg‑ backs. They scrimped, they saved, the arduous and lengthy immigra‑ US g roups who have lower
immigrants to the United States, er. As an example, college‑educat‑ penny after penny. After decades tion process. Most first‑generation incomes. As psychologists have
even though the total Indian dias‑ ed Indians in India have a house‑ of blinding toil, they were earning Indian‑Americans come to the US found, a significant chunk of a per‑
pora is far greater and widespread, hold income that is a small frac‑ six‑figure incomes. America trans‑ as students, go on to get a job with sonʼs success in any domain,
and other US immigrant groups tion of $100,000. Based on these formed the huddled unwashed an H1‑B visa (which involves a lot‑ including financial success, is dic‑
are bigger. statistics, it seems fair to say that masses of Indians who reached its tery), and eventually, after many tated by their luck. This includes
Are Indian immigrants to as a group, Indian immigrants to shores into prosperous business years, become permanent resi‑ the fortune of their birth.

the US successful? the US are financially successful. leaders and yuppies who shone as dents and then US citizens. The
(Note that financial success does “model immigrants.” entire process is fraught with
The answer is clearly “yes” no not mean success in other life Alas, riveting and uplifting as uncertainty. It vets aspiring immi‑
matter which benchmark we use. domains. Do Indian immigrants such a narrative sounds, it is false. grants. The people who hang in
More than 75 percent of current have more fulfilling social lives? The fact is the success of Indian there from beginning to end are
first‑generation Indian‑Americans Are they more content? Or to drop immigrants can be attributed to a optimistic and gritty. Whatʼs more,
have immigrated to the United the H‑word, are they happier? three‑level selection process. The because they come as students,
States since the 1990s. They make These questions are equally impor‑ first level is education. According they have more opportunities to
up only about 1 percent of the US tant. Iʼll address them in future). to the Immigration Policy Institute, interact w ith nat ive‑born
population (3.9 million as of 2017) 77 percent of Indian American Americans and consume American
but have disproportionate num‑
Why are they successful?
adults have a college degree. In culture from their very first day on
bers of professionals such as They came to Americaʼs shores comparison, only 29 percent of all American soil than other immi‑
physicians, corporate executives, with only the clothes on their immigrants and 31 percent of grants. This helps them to assimi‑
and successful entrepreneurs. backs and hope welling in their native‑born Americans are college late and build social capital along
Utpal M. Dholakia, Ph.D., is
Their median annual household hearts. T hey slogged away for graduates. Very few uneducated the way (if they want to).
the George R. Brown
income is $100,000, which is sig‑ decades in obscurity and misery, Indians make it to the US. The third and perhaps the most
Professor of Marketing at
nificantly higher than other immi‑ grasping every sliver of opportuni‑ Organizational psychologists even significant selection is in who the
Rice University. He is the
grant groups or the US population ty. They lifted themselves up by have a name for this type of immi‑ immigrants are. As authors Amy
author of ʻHow to Price
as a whole. their bootstraps out of American grants, they are called “qualified Chua and Jed Rubenfeld point out,
Effectively: A Guide for
If we compare these numbers to gutters. Time passed, watered by immigrants.” “the great majority of Indian immi‑
Managers & Entrepreneursʼ
Indian non‑immig rants, the the sweat streaming of f their The second level of selection is grants in America come from the

India asks UN for visitor tours in Hindi language

By Arul Louis visitors get an overview from the activities. Therefore, he said, the
tour guides of issues important to Department of Public Information
United Nations: In its push to pro‑ the UN like disarmament, peace has to look at innovative ways to
mote Hindi at the world body, and security, human rights and raise resources through initiatives
India has reiterated its request to sustainable development. like raising voluntary contribu‑
the UN to conduct tours for visi‑ Stressing the case for Hindi, tions to expand its global outreach
tors to the headquarters in that Misra said: "Genuine multilingual‑ activities in the widely‑spoken
language. ism promotes unity in diversity non‑official languages.
Saying that the tour is popular and international understanding The UN began to incorporate
with Indians visiting New York, by recognizing the importance of Hindi in its social media outreach
Deepak Misra, a minister in the communicating to the peoples of by launching a Twitter feed in the
Indian Mission, made the request the world in their languages by language in July.
while speaking at a meeting last bringing the common goals and Last month, the UN advertised
Friday on information issues held the addition of guided tour in Portuguese. ideals closer to the people." for a Hindi Public Information
by the General Assembly commit‑ Hindi, India's official language, to The tours run between 45 min‑ Misra also asked the UN to pub‑ Officer at its headquarters in New
tee dealing with special political facilitate the tourists," he said. utes and an hour and cost $22 for lish its peacekeeping website in York. The advertisement said that
matters. The UN now of fers tours in its adults and $15 for students and "the main languages" of the troop besides monitoring media, the offi‑
"The guided tour has been very six of ficial languages ‑ Arabic, seniors. contributing countries. cer's responsibilities would include
popular with Indian tourists to Chinese, English, French, Russian, Besides viewing the Security He acknowledged that the UN production of news stories and
New York and, as highlighted by and Spanish ‑ as well as in German, Council and General Assembly was facing a financial crunch that multimedia feature materials on
our delegations last year. We urge Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chambers and visiting exhibits, the af fected its ability to expand its UN activities.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info SPORTS Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 23

India thrash West Indies in 1st ODI

Guwahati: Opener Rohit Sharma had almost grabbed the game. a posit ive note but pacer
and skipper Virat Kohli scored The fall of wicket brought in Mohammad Shami dismissed
blistering centuries to help India Ambati Rayudu (22 not out) who opener Hemraj (9) in the fifth
thrash the West Indies by eight played sensibly with Rohit and the over. But Powell and Shai Hope
w ickets in the first One‑Day duo guided India home comfort‑ (32) together forged a 65‑run
International match here. ably. Rohit played 117 balls and partnership for the second wicket
India dominated with the bat slammed 15 boundaries and eight and took West indies past the 80‑
through out the innings as Rohit sixes while Virat played 107 balls run mark.
remained unbeaten on 152 while and slammed 21 boundaries and Just when things seemed good
Virat was dismissed for 140. On two sixes. in the middle for the Windies,
the other hand, West Indian Earlier, a brilliant century by opener Powell (51) was dismissed
bowlers struggled with the line Shimron Hetmyer (106) and some by Khaleel Ahmed in the 15th
and failed to take wickets. use ful contribut ions from over. In the next over, Samuels
Chasing a challenging score of Devendra Bishoo and Kemar was also sent packing by
322, India lost Shikhar Dhawan Roach towards the end helped Yuzvendra Chahal.
with just 10 runs on the board. West Indies post 322/8. Hetmyer then arrived in the
Dhawan (4) was clean bowled by Hetmyer played 78 balls and middle and stitched crucial part‑
Oshane T homas in the second slammed six boundaries and as nerships with Rovman Powell and
over of the innings. many sixes before he was dis‑ Jason Holder (38) before getting
But after that Rohit and Virat missed by Ravindra Jadeja in the out in the 39th over.
joined hands and hammered the 39th over. Holder also played sensibly
West Indian bowlers all around Chandrapaul Hemraj and before getting out and towards
the stadium. In the process, the Marlon Samuels were the only dis‑ the end, Bishoo and Roach forged
duo completed their respective appointments for the West Indies a 44‑run partnership for the ninth
centuries. as all other batters contributed wicket to guide the West Indies to
Virat was stumped by wicket‑ and helped their team to get past a challenging total. For India
keeper Shai Hope of f Devendra the 300 run mark in their allotted Chahal took three wickets, while
Indian captain Virat Kohli celebrates his century with Rohit Sharma Bishoo in the 33rd over when the 50 overs. Put in to bat, West Shami and Jadeja took two wick‑
during the first ODI in Guwahati. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS) score was 256, but by then India Indies started the proceedings on ets each.

Wimbledon to introduce final Punia a step away from

set tie‑break from 2019 World Championships gold
London: T he All England Lawn mencing at The Championships between allowing players ample
Tennis Club, home to the Wimbledon 2019," the tournament said in a opportunity to complete the match
championships announced that play‑ statement on its website. to advantage, while also providing Bajrang
ers will go into a final set tie‑breaker In order to change the rules, the certainty that the match will reach a Punia after
once tied at 12‑12 in the decider organizers went through data relat‑ conclusion in an acceptable time beating
from 2019. ed to matches played at the All frame," he added. Tulga Tumur
Historically the fifth set of Grand England Lawn Tennis Club over the The decision comes after a 6.5‑ Ochir of
Slam events (except for the US Open) past 20 years, involving both of fi‑ hour‑long semi‑final pitting John Mongolia, in
has been decided by a two‑game cials and players in the decision‑ Isner of the United States against Hungary.
advantage, but now Wimbledon has making process. Kevin Anderson of South Africa that (Photo: IANS)
joined the US Open with a much easi‑ "Our view was that the time had saw the latter prevailing in the
er two‑point advantage being the come to introduce a tie‑break decider 26‑24. That 2018 semi was
new deciding factor for final victory method for matches that had not the second longest match in Budapest: Bajrang Punia is just a helped him gain two points in the
in a tied match, reports Efe news reached their natural conclusion at a Wimbledon history, as Frenchman step away from becoming India's last minute," Punia said.
agency. reasonable point during the deciding Nicolas Mahut and Isner set the second gold medalist at the "When opponent is down, he
"The All England Lawn Tennis Club set," the tourney website cited record with a first round match in World Wrestling Championships normally goes all out attack in
(AELTC) is pleased to announce the AELTC Chairman Philip Brook as 2010 that lasted 11 hours and 5 as he knocked out Alejandro the last minute. I was trying to
introduction of a final set tie‑break saying. "We feel that a tie‑break at minutes, with the American taking Valdes Tobier of Cuba 4‑3 to defend my lead but I need to be
for all Championship events, com‑ 12‑12 strikes an equitable balance the fifth set 70‑68. enter the men's freestyle 65 kilo‑ careful about this in the final. I
gram final here. The Indian have lost crucial points in the last
staved off a late threat from his couple of bouts in dying seconds

Saina loses in Denmark Open final Cuban rival who narrowed down
the lead from 4‑1 to 4‑3 before
and can't repeat the same," he
added. Asked if he had time to
Odense (Denmark): Saina Nehwal emerging as the deserving win‑ watch the Japanese in action,
went down fighting to Tai Tzu Ying ner. India has a lone gold medal Punia said: "I watched a bit of it
of Chinese Taipei in the women's in world wrestling which Sushil after my match. He was overpow‑
singles final of the Denmark Open Kumar won in Moscow in 2010. ering against his Russian rival. I
badminton tournament here. Punia could add his name to the will watch his video and plan
T he Indian star battled for elite list when he takes on how to tackle him along with my
almost an hour before going down Japan's Takuto Otoguro in the coaching staff."
13‑21, 21‑13, 6‑21 in a marathon final. In the other semi‑final, the The first period of the semi‑
match. Saina was not in her best in Japanese beat Akhmed Chakaev final was not as tense as one
the first game as she was overpow‑ of Russia 15‑10. One of the pre‑ expected it to be. The Indian was
ered completely. In patches Saina tournament favorites, the too good with his defence and
was good but struggled most of Russian en route to his semi‑ attacked the Cuban's legs. On the
the period. finals had sent two former world first takedown he opened his
The second game saw a much champions packing earlier in the account with two points but con‑
Saina Nehwal. day. "I am much relieved after ceded one for a step out to his
better outing for the Indian shut‑
tler, thanks to some swift court ed all her mistakes which she did she did not give Saina space to two close bouts. I knew he is a opponent. But Punia added two
movements and strong body‑line in the first game and bagged the breath and thrashed her in all good wrestler but he was very more points for another take
smashes. game easily. departments of the game to clinch desperate in the second period. down to lead 4‑1 at the end of
In the second game she correct‑ In the decider, it was all Ying as the title. He attacked unexpectedly which the first period.
24 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 RELIGION TheSouthAsianTimes.info

W ith World's Parliament of Religions being held next week in Toronto, it is good to remember that the first
ever such Parliament was held in 1893 in Chicago that is recognized today as having given birth to formal
interreligious dialogue. It was made famous by Swami Vivekananda’s momentous address. Here is an excerpt
from a speech Amb. Chakravorty gave at Ramakrishna‐Vivekananda Center, New York, on September 16, 2018 to
commemorate the 125th anniversary of that address which triggered more East‐West interface.

By Sandeep Chakravorty

wami Vivekanandaʼs participation
in the Parliament of Religions was
an epoch making event as it
brought to the world stage not only the
recognition of Hinduism as one of the
Indiaʼs Spiritual
Ambassador to
great religions of the world but also for
bringing forth the values that infuse
Hinduism which are today known and
considered as universal values. Always
stressing the universal and humanistic
side of the Vedas, the oldest sacred texts
of Hinduism, as well as belief in service
the West
rather than dogma, Swamiji infused vigor
into Hindu thought, placing less emphasis
on the prevailing pacifism. At the World’s
Hinduism defines India and its people Parliament of
and in turn is defined by it. Every part of Religions,
India, every grain of sand, every season, while others
every raindrop has contributed to this spoke of the
body of thought, belief, practice and ritu‑ greatness of
als, since times immemorial. Our Shiva their religions, may
resides in Mount Kailas and our Krishna Swami be the death‑knell of all fanaticism, of all
frolicked in the groves of Gokul and Shri Vivekananda’s persecutions with the sword or with the
Rama roamed the forests of Dandaka or message was pen, and of all uncharitable feelings
Kishkinda. To this land of the Hindus universal. between persons wending their way to the
came Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Islam same goal."
and other faiths. Also other faiths flow‑ His address at the final session on
ered within India, such as Buddhism, September 27, 1893 was no less spectac‑
Jainism and Sikhism as Hinduism incorpo‑ rights and humanism. But these words ence, he had no paper in his hand. The ular in bringing out the essence of the phi‑
rated and coexisted with pristine beliefs and their meanings were not in currency silence as he composed his thoughts was losophy of our land that all religions lead
such as animism and nature worship. But then. Colonization was at its peak and absolute; all breaths were hushed and to the same God. He declared, …. “if any‑
while India received and welcomed or world powers were merrily busy in subju‑ faces turned eagerly towards him. And one here hopes that this unity will come
incorporated within its folds other faiths, gating peoples for exploiting them and then, at last, he spoke. Surveying the gath‑ by the triumph of any one of the religions
there was a general lack of knowledge they were happy to use religion as a ering, he bowed his head and began with, and the destruction of the others, I pity
about the mother of religions in the West. weapon for colonization. Imagine, the ʻSisters and Brothers of Americaʼ. He him from the bottom of my heart and
Although there had been travelers and Archbishop of Canterbury refused to send could not proceed, thereafter, for the point out to him that upon the banner of
explorers such as Marco Polo and Vasco anyone to represent the Church of thunderous applause that followed his every religion will soon be written in spite
da Gama, they focused primarily on the England at the Parliament of Religions simple yet heartfelt greeting echoed of resistance: ʻHelp and not fight,ʼ
material aspects of the East rather than because he could not think of Christianity through the columns of the Hall. When ʻAssimilation and not Destruction,ʼ
the spiritual. So much so that the West being on the same platform as other reli‑ Swamiji resumed his speech after almost ʻHarmony and Peace and not Dissension.ʼ
saw India and Indians as spiritually back‑ gions! two minutes, he commanded everyoneʼs Do I wish that the Christian would become
ward and fit for conversion to Christianity. The Parliament was an adjunct of the attention as effortlessly as before. What is Hindu? God forbid. Do I wish that the
We need to roll our imagination back a Worldʼs Columbian Exposition, organized remarkable is that while representatives Hindu or Buddhist would become
couple of hundred years when along with in Chicago to celebrate the 400th anniver‑ of other religions spoke of the greatness Christian? God forbid… But each must
the merchants of East India Company sary of the discovery of America by of their religions, Swamijiʼs message was assimilate the spirit of the others and yet
came preachers and missionaries who Columbus. One goal of the Exposition was Universal. preserve his individuality and grow
thought that Indians had to be uplifted to disseminate knowledge of progress in I quote to you some excerpts of his according to his own law of growth.”
from their spiritual misery. One such the world, especially in science and tech‑ inaugural address: “I am proud to belong If the Parliament of Religions has
example was William Carey who set up nology, that had been brought about by to a religion which has taught the world shown anything to the world, it is this: It
his operations in the Danish colony of learned people in the West. Religion being both tolerance and universal acceptance. has proved to the world that holiness,
Serampore. He traveled to India with mis‑ an important aspect of human culture, it We believe not only in universal tolera‑ purity and charity are not the exclusive
sionary zeal but was quickly overwhelmed was decided to organize a Parliament of tion, but we accept all religions as true. I possessions of any church in the world,
by the richness and diversity of our scrip‑ Religions. The Parliament marked the first am proud to belong to a nation which has and that every system has produced men
tures that he took upon the task of trans‑ concerted effort to get the representatives sheltered the persecuted and the refugees and women of the most exalted character.
lating many of them into English. He of all religions of the world to share their of all religions and all nations of the earth. Following his debut address in Chicago
established in 1816 the Serampore views. It commenced on September 11, The present convention, ….is in itself a the US dailies announced that his speech
College. The West saw India as a spiritual 1893. vindication, a declaration to the world of was the most popular one and he thus
wilderness largely not permeated by the Here it is important to highlight the the wonderful doctrine preached in the became known to all of America in one
wisdom of the Church. inherently human nature of Swami Gita: ʻWhosoever comes to Me, through stroke. The Herald noted, “Vivekananda is
In this firmament breaks in Swamiji, Vivekananda. He was initially seized with whatsoever form, I reach him; all men are undoubtedly the greatest figure in the
with his vision and wisdom of not only panic and fright when on stage at the struggling through paths which in the end Parliament of Religions. After hearing
spiritual awakening of India but he was massive Columbus Hall in Chicago, under lead to me.ʼ Sectarianism, bigotry, and its him, we feel how foolish it is to send mis‑
also perhaps the first to plant the seeds of the glare of seven thousand pairs of eyes horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long sionaries to this learned nation.”
Indiaʼs national movement. To call him the from the hall below and the gallery above possessed this beautiful earth. They have
first spiritual Ambassador of India in the which were trained on him. Many had filled the earth with violence, drenched it
modern era would perhaps diminish his spoken before him from prepared speech‑ often and often with human blood, Ambassador Sandeep
stature. He was Indiaʼs first modern saint. es and the audience had applauded them destroyed civilization and sent whole Chakravorty is
He did not only represent Hindus but politely. He seemed to have passed over nations to despair. Had it not been for Consul General of
made a call for a Religion for the World several chances to speak. His attire and these horrible demons, human society India, New York.
based on the humanistic values of demeanor compelled peopleʼs attention. would be far more advanced than it is
Vedanta and unity of God. Today it is fash‑ In his ochre robes and turban, this mag‑ now. But their time is come; and I fervent‑
ionable to talk of peace, understanding, netic presence exuded strength. ly hope that the bell that tolled this
compassion, tolerance, human rights, civil When Swamiji rose to address the audi‑ morning in honor of this convention
TheSouthAsianTimes.info LIFESTYLE Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 25

Canada legalizes There's no God: Stephen

Hawking in his last book
sale, use of cannabis I n "Brief Answers To The Big
Questions", the last book

anada has become the published in renowned
second country after physicist Stephen Hawkings
Uruguay to legalise pos‑ name, he has reached the con‑
session and use of recreational clusion that there is no God.
cannabis. The nationwide market "There is no God. No one
for cannabis opened Wednesday directs the universe," he writes
at midnight amid lingering ques‑ in "Brief Answers to the Big
tions about the impact on health, Questions, a copy of which is
the law and public safety, the with IANS. "Travel back in time can't be ruled
BBC reported. "For centuries, it was believed that out according to our present under‑
Shops in the province of disabled people like me were living standing," he says, predicting that
Newfoundland, the most easterly under a curse that was inflicted by "within the next hundred years we
time zone in Canada, opened as God," he adds. "I prefer to think that will be able to travel to anywhere in
midnight struck for the first legal ness of the police to tackle drug with the marketplace still in its everything can be explained another the Solar System." For most of his
sales of cannabis in the country. impaired driving, the BBC said. infancy. way, by the laws of nature," Hawking adult life, Hawking suffered from
The Government of Canada was Canadian provinces and munic‑ For many Canadians, the crimi‑ writes. The book was released last amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),
expected to announce the pardon ipalities have been preparing for nal record of possessing marijua‑ weel. It has been completed by which is a neurodegenerative disor‑
of Canadians convicted of posses‑ months for the end of cannabis na for recreational use means Hawking's family after his death, and der, often referred to as Lou Gehrig's
sion of marijuana on Wednesday prohibition. They are the ones they cannot travel to the US. features answers to several pertinent Disease. The scientist died while still
that could ease their travelling to responsible for setting out many A conviction for possession of questions that were put to the physi‑ working on the book, which his family
the US, Efe news reported. of the details ‑‑ as to where recre‑ marijuana allows US Border cist during his illustrious life. and colleagues finished with the help
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ational marijuana can be bought Patrol agents to prevent Among Hawking's other important of his vast personal archives.
would pardon individuals con‑ and consumed. Canadian residents from entering assertions and findings, sequences His many publications included
victed in the past for possession This has created a patchwork their country since Ottawa shares concerning extraterrestrial life and "The Large Scale Structure of
of up to 30 grams of marijuana. of legislation across the country that database with Washington. artificial intelligence will interest Spacetime" with G F R Ellis, "General
It is estimated that hundreds of as jurisdictions choose more or US Customs and Border readers. Hawking has concluded that Relativity: An Einstein Centenary
thousands of people could bene‑ less restrictive frameworks for Protection spokesperson Todd there is alien life in existence and has Survey", with W Israel, and "300
fit from the measure. selling and using cannabis, the Owen though said the amnesty anticipated that artificial intelligence, Years of Gravitation", with W Israel.
Preparations, including mail‑ BBC said. would not guarantee people with for all that it is worth, may outsmart Among the popular books Stephen
ings to 15 million households A number of analysts have pre‑ criminal records of possession of humans. "There are forms of intelli‑ Hawking published are his best seller
were afoot ‑‑ detailing the new dicted shortage of the recreation‑ marijuana to enter the US territo‑ gent life out there," he writes. "We "A Brief History of Time", "Black Holes
cannabis laws and public aware‑ al marijuana in the first year of ry in future. need to be wary of answering back and Baby Universes and Other
ness campaigns. legalisation as production and The recreational use of mari‑ until we have developed a bit further." Essays", "The Universe in a Nutshell",
However, there remain con‑ licensing would continue to be juana is legal in nine US states, as He has also asserted that time travel "The Grand Design" and "My Brief
cerns, including about the readi‑ ramped up to meet the demand, well as in Washington DC. cannot be ruled out. History".

Enjoy festivity with indoor vertical garden

s the festive season has begun, suspended garden will give your home a
people are researching eco‑friend‑ new freshness and decoration which is
ly ideas to decorate their house. required around this festive season. To
Having an indoor garden is a unique as hang the pots, you can choose macrame
well as an environment friendly way to pendants, this is a trending fashion for
beautify the living space and if you have suspended gardens and looks very deco‑
a space issue then opt for indoor vertical rative. To alternate this method, you can
garden. also go for small wooden shelves where
Nowadays, it's very easy to create your you can place the pots, and holding them
own vertical garden with the presence of with a thick cord of the sailor type will
new garden concepts like modular plant‑ give a beautiful effect in your living
ing systems and hanging planters, feels space. You can use this method to har‑
expert Harpreet Ahluwalia, owner of vest your own fresh herbs right in your
Earthly Creations and Anjali Jain, owner kitchen.
of Kala Drishti in Delhi. * Magnet the plants: This is a very
They also shared some useful tips to sweet and a simple way to add some
celebrate the festivals with indoor verti‑ bloom to your walls. All you need are
cal garden. some container, preferably of the same
* Frame a vertical garden: It's a Do It shape, paint, washi tape, soil, a small
Yourself (DIY) project that can be tried at flower plant and a magnet. Take the
home without any complication. You empty containers and paint them with
need a flat box, a wooden frame, small bright colors and decorate it with washi
amount of soil, a metal mesh and a small tapes. Fix 3‑4 magnets behind the con‑
bud of succulent. Make a photo frame beautiful vertical garden is ready. dle on the opposite side of the bottle. tainer with the help of hot glue. You can
like structure with the flat box and the *Recycle plastic bottles: It is another Line the inner sides of your bottle with now easily hang these small pots on any
wooden frame. Add soil into it and cover DIY project where the used plastic bot‑ cardboard, leaving the holes open. Now magnetic surface and add a splash of col‑
it with the metal mesh. tles are recycled into pots as creative and add the soil, put the seedlings and water ors to your house.
The box and the mesh hold the soil in fun vertical garden. You need 2‑3 plastic it. Determine the length of the vertical These structures enable space manage‑
place. Now poke the stems of the succu‑ bottles, soil, seedlings, string, cardboard garden and accordingly cut the strings ment and also decorate the interiors of
lent bud through the mesh into the soil. and a needle. For the opening, cut a rec‑ and tie it to the bottle. Hang it at the houses. You can discover your own
Leave the frame lying flat in a cool, tangle in the middle of the bottle. desired place. unique way to make a vertical garden
bright place till the stems take root. Your Poke small holes with the help of a nee‑ * Hanging vertical garden: This vertical right inside your house.
26 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 COLUMNS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

5 things all parents need to

know about the FAFSA are applying to a college, here are receive if you attend that particu‑ could be eligible for low‑interest Most schools have funds that are
five essential things you need to lar school. The information you student loans and work‑study pro‑ limited, so students have a better
know about the FAFSA. report on the FAFSA is used to cal‑ grams, helping them to fund their chance of receiving those funds, if
culate the EFC. The EFC is then cal‑ education and build their resumes. eligible, when their FAFSA is sub‑
1. What is FAFSA? culated according to a formula Every student qualifies for some mitted early.
The FAFSA is an annual form established by law. The second form of student aid.
filled out by current and prospec‑ piece of information is the Cost of
4. How do I complete
tive college students in the United Attendance (COA) which is the
amount it will cost a student to go the FAFSA?
States to determine their eligibility
for student aid. It can be filled out to school. Most colleges and uni‑ T he FAFSA we bsite is
SHINE ON, STUDENTS by undergraduate and graduate versities will calculate a studentʼs www.fafsa.ed.gov. Students will
By Kristen Moon students. The FAFSA can deter‑ COA to show the total costs of need their social security number,
mine your eligibility for grants attending the school. Typically, the alien registration number (for non‑

such as the Pell Grant, Federal COA is an estimate of tuition and U.S. citizens), federal income tax
ollege is a huge investment
Supplemental Educat ional fees, room and board, books, sup‑ returns, W2s, and other records of
for many families and
Opportunity Grant (FSEC), federal plies, transportation, loan fees, money earned. These include bank
most need a little bit of
work‑study programs, loans, and miscellaneous expenses, childcare, statements and investment
financial help. If you are looking
scholarships. disability or any reasonable costs records, untaxed income records,
for ways to pay for college, one of
for study‑abroad programs. and the student and parentʼs FSA

the first resources you may turn to 2. What information
is the Free Application for Federal 3. Does everyone need to ID to sign the document electroni‑ risten Moon is an inde‑
does the FAFSA cally. pendent college coun‑
Student Aid (FAFSA). Every student complete the FAFSA?
qualifies for some form of student
provide you with? selor and founder of
5. What is the deadline? MoonPrep.com. Moon Prep
aid, so make sure you are not skip‑ The FAFSA provides you with The short answer is, yes, you do.
ping this step during your applica‑ By not filling out the FAFSA, you The deadline for the FAFSA is provides one‑on‑one college
two critical pieces of information.
tion process. Over the past couple are missing out on a good deal June 30th. The application opens counseling services. They
T he first is Expected Family
of decades, the Department of provided by the U.S. Department of October 1st, and you should com‑ guide students through the
Contribution (EFC) which is an
Education has streamlined the Education. Students could be eligi‑ plete it as soon as possible because entire application process
index number that the financial aid
application process, but questions ble for federal and state grants many grants and scholarships are including completing the
department uses to determine how
can still arise. If you or your child that do not to be repaid. Or they on a first‑come‑first‑serve basis. FAFSA.
much financial aid a student would

Five steps this fall to a more beautiful landscape

By Melinda Myers good time to plant perennials, increase hardiness and add beau‑
trees and shrubs. The soil is warm ty to the winter landscape with

onʼt let a busy schedule and the air cooler, so the plants their seed heads, dried foliage and
stop you from creating a are less stressed and establish the birds they attract. Plus, this
beautiful landscape. more quickly. Select plants suited delays your cleanup until spring
Incorporate a few of these to the growing conditions and be when gardeners are anxious to
changes into your fall landscape sure to give them plenty of room get outdoors and start gardening.
care. Youʼll create beautiful to reach their mature size. However, be sure to remove any
results with a limited investment Plant daffodils, tulips, hyacinths diseased or insect‑infested plants
of time and effort. and other bulbs in fall for extra to reduce the source of pest prob‑
8 Cut the grass, recycle fall color next spring. Set the bulbs at lems in next yearʼs garden.
leaves, and improve the soil with a a depth of two to three times their 8 Start composting or add
pass of the lawn mower. Shred height deep. Then cover them shredded leaves and other plant
leaves and leave them on the lawn with soil and sprinkle on a low debris to an existing compost pile.
as you mow this fall. As long as nitrogen slow release fertilizer. Combine fall leaves with other
you can see the grass through the This type of fertilizer promotes plant waste, a bit of soil or com‑
leaf pieces, the lawn will be fine. rooting without stimulating fall post, and sprinkle with fertilizer
As the leaves break down, they growth subject to winter kill. to create compost. Recycling yard
add organic matter to the soil, Base your bulb planting time on waste saves time bagging, hauling
improving drainage in clay soil the weather not the calendar. and disposing of green debris.
and water‑holding ability in sandy Start planting after the night‑time Youʼll also reduce or eliminate the
soils. temperatures hover between 40 need to buy soil amendments to
Or, as an alternative, use excess and 50 degrees. Be patient, wait‑ improve your existing garden soil.
leaves as a soil mulch. Shred the ing until the soil cools reduces the Incorporating one or all these
leaves with your mower and risk of early sprouting that often practices will increase the health
spread a layer over the soil to con‑ occurs during a warm fall. and beauty of your landscape now
serve moisture and insulate the Those gardening in the far and for years to come.
roots of perennials. south and along the gulf coast can
Melinda Myers fertilizing with a spreader. Fertilizing the lawn in fall
8 Improve your lawnʼs health purchase pre‑cooled bulbs to com‑
Melinda Myers has written
with a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer will encourage deep roots
by fertilizing this fall with a low pensate for the warm winters. Or
and denser growth that can better compete with the weeds more than 20 gardening
nitrogen slow release fertilizer, the chilling can be done at home
(Photo: Melinda Myers, LLC) books, including Small Space
like Milorganite. Youʼll reduce the by storing the bulbs in a 35‑ to
Gardening. She hosts the
risk of disease problems and with aging deep roots and denser Southern gardeners should make 45‑degree location for at least 14
nationally syndicated
slower weed growth in fall, your growth that can better compete their last fall fertilization at least weeks before planting.
Melindaʼs Garden Moment
lawn, not the weeds, will benefit with weeds and tolerate disease 30 days before the lawn goes dor‑ 8 Leave healthy perennials
TV & radio segments.
from the nutrients. Fall fertiliza‑ and insects. mant or the average first killing stand for winter. Not only do they
Myersʼ web site is
tion also helps lawns recover from Northern gardeners should fer‑ frost to avoid winter kill. provide homes for many of our
the stresses of summer by encour‑ tilize again around Halloween. 8 Do a bit of planting. Fall is a native pollinators, but they
TheSouthAsianTimes.info IMMIGRATION Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 27

USCIS updates Notice to Appear policy guidelines

By Dev Banad Viswanath, Esq.
& Michael Phulwani, Esq.
VISA Now an NTA must be issued

whenever an individual’s
n June 28, 2018, U.S.
Citizenship and
Immigration Services
immigration request was denied and
(USCIS) released an updated policy
time of the initial hearing, when
they are now unlawfully present in
requiring the start of removal pro‑
ceedings in more cases. Prior to the they should first appear before an the United States, which was not
release of the updated policy, immigration judge. Once the indi‑
Notice to Appear (NTA) forms were vidual appears in front of the judge, required prior to the new policy.
referred to the U.S. Immigration and the judge will decide whether they
a result of a criminal offense. The increase in issuance of NTAs filing new applications or if they
Customs Enforcement (ICE) to should be removed or if they qualify
The new policy will not change will cause an even greater backlog have current applications or peti‑
determine whether an applicant for relief.
the issuing of an NTA in the follow‑ in the immigration court system tions pending.
should be subject to formal removal New circumstances where NTAs
ing circumstances: and increase the length USCIS Also, I wanted to share this link of
processing. Under the new policy, will be issued and individuals will
8 Cases involving national secu‑ processes petitions. Readers should a show that I did live in Mumbai.
USCIS is required to issue an NTA be placed in removal proceedings:
rity concerns; consult an experienced US https://www.facebook.com/hwnewse
for removal proceedings before an 8 If an application or petition is
8 Cases where issuing an NTA is Immigration attorney if they have nglish/videos/195977914633451/
Immigration Judge to inadmissible denied and now an individual is
required by statute or regulation; any questions or concerns before ‑Dev Viswanath
or deportable individuals in a wider unlawfully present in the United
8 Temporary Protected Status
range of circumstances. Now an States.
(TPS) cases, unless after applying
NTA must be issued whenever an 8 If an application or petition is Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal Attorney of
TPS regulatory provisions, a TPS The Banad Law Offices PC in the United States,
individualʼs immigration request denied and now the individual is
denial or withdrawal leads to an and Banad Immigration in India for which
was denied and they are now removable. This will be more com‑
individual not having any lawful Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated as Of
unlawfully present in the United mon in cases where there is evi‑
immigration status and being Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan, Queens,
States, which was not required prior dence the individual committed
unlawfully present in the U.S.; Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is able to assist
to the new policy. fraud or misrepresentation and/or
8 DACA recipients and clients with all facets of the immigration process,
An NTA is a form that the abused public benefits.
requestors when including Employment Visas, Consular Visa
Department of Homeland Security 8 Criminal cases where the
4 Processing an initial or renew‑ Assistance, Student Visas, Removal &
(DHS) uses to start removal pro‑ applicant is removable and was con‑
al DACA request or DACA‑related Deportation, US Citizenship and Green Card
ceedings against an individual. The victed of or charged with any crime. Applications based on Family or Employment.
benefit request; or
NTA states the charges against the 8 USCIS denied an individualʼs Dev B. Viswanath can be reached at
4 Processing a DACA recipient
person, alleges the immigration Form N‑400 denying naturalization Dev@Banadlaw.com and 718‑361‑5999.
for possible termination of DACA.
laws they had violated, date and on good moral character grounds as

28 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 HUMOR TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Funny Side by Nury Vittachi


woman was sacked for having short
hair and wearing trousers to work
recently. “They said I was gay,” she
complained to an unsympathetic Labor
Tribunal in the city of Guiyang, southwest
China. How could her employers get it so
wrong? A pixie cut and skinny pants are what
all the BABES wear these days. Only guys
these days have long hair, handbags and
Paisley pattern mini‑dresses.
BEST The growing gulf between modern and
ancient attitudes became evident a few days
RATE ago when I witnessed a discussion on gender
politics. No one is born male or female, an
FOR American friend insisted. In evidence he
offered a recent US court judgment saying, in
INDIA an unmistakably skeptical tone, that the law
should not give much credence to “birth‑
The discovery followed soon after a report
in New Scientist that virgin births are not
AND assigned sex, or so‑called ʻbiological sexʼ.”
This casual dismissal of science irked some
only possible, but common, having been
observed in snakes, fish, chickens and sharks.
PAKISTAN of the nerdy Asians in the group, who pointed
out that every strand of DNA in each of the 30
The belief that virgin births only produce
sterile daughters was also disproved, the sci‑
trillion cells in your body specifies male or ence journal said, and the findings “overturn
female. everything we knew about parthenogenesis”.
New York Head Quarter *** ***
422‑S Broadway I could see both arguments but luckily (The magazineʼs letters page should expect
avoided having to take sides by diverting a one‑word email from a Jewish woman writ‑
HICKSVILLE attention to an astonishing gender‑related ing from a PO Box c/o Heaven: “FINALLY.”)
NY 11801 news item which popped up on my email feed ***
from reader Austen Au Yeung. I made a note to hide my copy of New
516‑827‑1010 *** Scientist from my daughters in case they got
A wallaby in Sydneyʼs main zoo managed to funny ideas̶and then expanding mid‑sec‑
make herself pregnant more than a year after tions. (“Dad, you know you said we couldnʼt
her male partner had left, according to the have a puppy? Well…”)
Sydney Morning Herald. ***
*** As for the “trans debate”, I used to believe
that anyone can use any toilet, until I stepped
into a public restroom beside a wild nightclub
Laughter is the Best Medicine in Pattaya, Thailand, and came out convinced
that no human should be allowed to use any
public toilets EVER.
By So who can use them? About a month ago, a
US reader told me the true story of Ricky
Mahendra Hernandez of Phoenix, Arizona, who decided
Shah that he was really a transgender woman, and
had a series of surgeries. After he had become
Eva Tiamat Medusa, he decided that heʼd
Mahendra Shah
made a mistake. He wasnʼt a woman – he was
is an architect by
a dragon. Heʼs recently had more surgeries to
get scales, horns and a snout and describes
entrepreneur by
himself as “transspecies”.
profession, artist
and humorist,
The reader expected me to be shocked by
cartoonist and
this, but having grown up on The Sword in
writer by hobby. the Stone and the Animorphs novels, I could
He has been see the cool side.
recording the ***
plight of the If transspecies operations ever became
immigrant available on welfare, I would wait until the
Indians for next time someone called me “a bear with a
the past many sore head” and then sneak off to hospital and
year in his come back as one. RAWWRR!
cartoons. Hailing ***
from Gujarat, he Clearly skyscrapers of the future will con‑
lives in sist of one small office and 95 floors of toi‑
Pittsburgh, lets, one per person. I can get over my Pattaya
Pennsylvania. trauma.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info ASTROLOGY Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899
psharma@premastrologer.com; www.premastrologer.com


ARIES: Recognition for good work will CANCER: Youngsters may enjoy an LIBRA: Your performance on the aca‑ CAPRICORN: Your good gestures will
come to you on the professional front. A excursion with their group. Financial demic front may show a downward be reciprocated and help you to be
misunderstanding will only be removed, condition is set to improve for those trend. There is a likelihood of total upbeat with those around you. You
if you explain things clearly. You may find feeling the pinch. Put more efforts to strike a breakdown of communications with spouse may be called by someone in authority at a
yourself without help for doing household balance between logic and intuition. This is a over a domestic issue. This is the right time to short notice this week. Praise for good work
chores. fun week to spend on the romantic front, so go in for finer adjustments needed on the done on the professional or academic front is
Lover may stand you up, but will make up for spend time with lover! Dream come true for professional front. You will be expected to in the pipeline for some. Expect to take your
it later. Impressing those who matter by your those willing to buy a house as your home invest extra time at office. The success you romance to the next level. Organizing a party
dedication at work will get you up the corpo‑ loan gets approved. Daily exercise routine receive at work will motivate you to perform or a get‑together may fall on your shoulders
rate ladder. Doubling your ef forts on the will ensure your fitness level. Some of you better. You will need to nurture your romance on the social front. Someone is likely to do you
health front will get you back in shape in no may become the victim of bossʼs bad mood in to strengthen the relationship. Health and a good turn. Those in advisory capacity at
time. this week. finances remain satisfactory. work may feel their relevance wearing thin.
TAURUS: Sweat and toil of many LEO: You are likely to become popular SCORPIO: Keeping up ef forts in a AQUARIUS: Keep tabs of subordinates
months will finally see you emerge vic‑ on the social front and take the centre home project will be important. You at work this week to avoid mistakes.
torious on academic or professional stage in a gathering. Someone is likely may be at your penny‑pinching best You will need to consult someone
front. Setting example for others to follow to appreciate your contribution on the pro‑ this weekend, but money will still slip out of knowledgeable before you set of f on a ven‑
will be your focus at work. You will manage fessional front. Hard work and efforts in the your hands. You may be undergoing a phase ture. Financially, you will be winner all the
to knit your team together tightly and do well right direction are likely to pay rich dividends of self‑doubt on the professional front. Others way. Businessmen are likely to hit it rich as
in a challenging task. You will be able to reap on the academic front. Your romantic feelings may appear more competent at work, but more opportunities come their way. Some are
rich dividends from the past investments. are likely to be reciprocated by the one you that may not be so. You will take some posi‑ likely to get a new vehicle home. T hose
Good understanding on the romantic front love. You enjoy good health. You may have to tive steps to restore your low self‑esteem. appearing for interviews should prefer wear‑
can be expected. pursue someone for getting a favor done. There is a good chance of catching the eye of ing shades of blue. Students are likely to get a
A property dispute is likely to be resolved Someone is likely to convey a piece of good someone you secretly love. Health remains competitive edge on the academic front.
amicably. A shopping spree with friends is in news to you. satisfactory. PISCES: Despite qualifications, some of
the offing! VIRGO: Right moves on the profession‑ SAGITTARIUS: Work on the domestic you may find it difficult to land a
GEMINI: You will need to speak direct‑ al front will help you take high strides front can hinder enjoyment, so dele‑ decent job. Do not lose heart; it is just
ly to someone for getting something in career. You are likely to remain gate it to lighten your burden. Busy another not so good time professionally.
done. Goodwill created by you at work socially active and may even plan a family schedule may keep you from meeting lover, Appreciation from those in your social circle is
will stand you in good stead. You may get the gathering. Marriage of the eligible in the fami‑ but you will make up for it. Someone may likely to give you a high. A function may be
opportunity to go on a shopping spree with ly is on the cards and may be solemnized soon. resent your not paying enough attention to a organized by some through their own efforts
someone close. Those playing the stocks need to be careful. matter of common concern. You will be able and resources. Your eagerness and never‑say‑
Those travelling abroad will find things favor‑ Previous investments promise to fetch hand‑ to play your cards according to the circum‑ die spirit can make you the frontrunner in the
able. Some of you may plan to look up an out some returns. Physical workout will recharge stances prevailing at work. Your attempt to corporate rat race. Some of you may survey
of town relation. Acquiring a new house is your mind & body. An overseas trip is on the interfere in someoneʼs family matter may be property and contact property dealers this
possible for some. anvil for some. Curtail frivolous expenses. highly resented. Health remains satisfactory. weekend.

27th October, 2018

Traits in you: Being number 9, you are
ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK healthy provided you get your checkup
done regularly.
one of the most energetic, courageous and Health this year: This year your health deeply and then take any action, will be an enjoying your love life to the fullest. You Finance this year: You will find new
brilliant person, who successfully com‑ will generally remain fine but don't take it asset for you in the coming year. and your partner will understand each‑ money making opportunities pretty result
pletes the work taken in hand. You can be for granted. Avoid eating exposed food Leadership qualities of business managers other's need and would pay attention to oriented if you concentrate on you work
called cleanliness freak person. You and try not to indulgence in negative will come to test. You are likely to estab‑ each other's interest. Those who want to and give your best. Your assumptions on
always help those who need your help. thinking, as this might hamper your physi‑ lish yourself a good manager as you have get married, will get hitched this year. If pretty things may not help you gain any‑
You love to be in the company of those cal and mental health. art to manage people and situation with‑ you are looking for a love partner, then thing rather it would make you feel miser‑
people who are intellignet and sophisticat‑ Finance this year: Loan from bank for out any problem. you might find the person of your dream. able later. You may invest on land or
ed. You are good at evaluating any situa‑ short‑term investment will prove benefi‑ Romance this year: If you are in love house for better returns.
tion and work accordingly. For you emo‑ cial. If possible, invest the money in reput‑ then don't forget that you should spend 31st October, 2018 Career this year: You will not take
tional happiness is more important than ed firms to y ie ld goo d returns. quality time in understanding each other. Traits in you: Being number 4, you are a enough time to complete your pending
material happiness. Being focused in life, Carelessness on your part could cost, so Keep in mind that love is a matter of heart person who likes to take responsibilty and tasks this year. You will find your job
you climb the ladder of success. go through all the documents carefully and is a given expression between two do your work with full dedication and interesting enough. You may excel in your
Health this year: This year make sure before taking a lone. souls. You will see your love flourish this honesty. You are a very down to earth per‑ domain and get appreciated from your
you make your mind receptive to all the Career this year: This year be assured year and will have maturity in your son with religious beliefs. This year you higher management with a better salary
good things you will see in your environ‑ that you will go all out to achieve, what romance. mig ht plan to go for a pilig rimage. hike.
ment. To motivate yourself join some yoga you want to. You will achieve prosperity in Sometimes you become bossy, jealous or Romance this year: You will enjoy a very
or aerobics classes. Keep your smile going whatever projects you take in hand. You 30th October, 2018 stubborn, which you should avoid to lead a good relationship with your spouse this
which would work like a trouble‑shooter will be able to complete these projects Traits in you: Being number 3, you are happy life with smiling people around you. year. Your romantic relationships will be
against depression. with full sincerity and dedication. confident, ambitious and independent per‑ Health this year: Health of a person strengthened this year.
Finance this year: This year you need to Romance this year: You are unable to son who loves to work with optimistic atti‑ depends on one's thinking. Remember that
reinvent your business strategies to gain express your emotions, and keep your tude. You are a born leader, and you are one's thinking has reflection on one's 2nd November, 2018
new opportunities. Taking advice from feelings to yourself. But this year don't always appreciated for your work, body. If we think positively we will enjoy a Traits in you: you are blessed with a
friends would allow you to spend the hesitate in expressing yourself, else some‑ whether it is at home or work place. Your sound health, whereas negative thinking lively, creative, practical and trustworthy
money on some lucrative projects. Initiate one else will take your love away from efforts are always sincere and thatʼs why will only put adverse affects on our body. nature. You epitomize simplicity and lead‑
any action only after making sure that this you. Try to mingle more freely with your you balance your personal and profession‑ Finance this year: The coming year, will ership. You possess enough capability to
will be profitable to you. special friend. al life very smoothly. be financially good for most of you. With perform your job that requires huge
Career this year: This year your imagi‑ Health this year: This year your great your will power and practical attitude, you responsibility and courage. You have to
nation and new ideas will catch the atten‑ 29th October, 2018 sense of humour would help you in keep‑ will be able to make the most of the oppor‑ work on your nature of becoming impa‑
tion of your seniors, who will be impressed Traits in you: Being number 2, you are a ing youeself happy. If possible, make oth‑ tunities which come your way, giving you tient and spending unnecessarily.
with your creativity. You might also try to person with high confidence, imagination ers realise to develop this skill by making monetary gains. Health this year: You might undergo
dominate over others, by imposing your and the one who is always ready to help them understand that happiness does not Career this year: Realistic and with a tension and nervousness as your spouse
views on your colleagues. This might others. Anyone can trust you blindly as lie in possession of thing but is inside of very practical approach towards life, most might fall sick. You need not bother for a
upset them, so be careful towards your you are very balanced person in nature. us. Seeing peole happy, will make you of you are successful in your professional long time as your spouse would recover
attitude. Though you are reserved personality, but happy. front. T he coming year, will see you soon.
Romance this year: In love matters, you when it comes to do some task, you are Finance this year: Financially, it will be a achieve new heights of excellence, in what‑ Finance this year: You may find yourself
will have to be very careful this year. Take independent and complete your work with good year, for most of you. If interested in ever new project you take in hand. in a busy schedule as you may have to
a step forward, only when you are sure of full determination and honesty. putting money on stock exchange transac‑ Romance this year: This year don't allow solve various matters related to property,
a positive response from the other end. A Health this year: This is a high time for tions, discuss the matter with an expert. your personal problems creep into your business, and new business initiatives.
little care for the sentiments of your love you to realise that its useless to unneces‑ Their guidance would help you to make romantic af fair. Always remember that This may make you earn lot of money if
partner or your spouse, will do wonders to sarily magnify the problems. I onlyt takes the best investment. However avoid a mid‑ love is a given expression between two you succeed. You may concede a huge
bring harmony and peace in your married out the juice of life and leaves us dry. Try dleman in transaction because it could partners. So just enjoy each other's compa‑ amount of money on renovation or con‑
life. tobe positive in life. You will have to con‑ impinge on your profits. Some of you can ny. If you are already married, then take struction activities during the ending
trol your moody nature, to enjoy good expect to inherit property from your some time out from your busy schedule to months of the year.
28th October, 2018 mental and physical health. ancestors. be with your soulmate. Career this year: Your ef forts are not
Traits in you: Being number 1, you are a Finance this year: You will be blessed Career this year: Your vivid imagination destined to go unnoticed and unrewarded
person who loves originality in whatever with good fortune and good money this and a huge creative sense will make you a 1st November, 2018 this year should you to concentrate on
work you do. By nature you are an author‑ year. Spending money on entertainment successful as a writer, actor or a musician. Traits in you: Your star Sun makes you your goals and put qualitative effort. Your
itative person and so you always take would bring unlimited joy. However it Those of you in the teaching and the writ‑ active, dynamic, confident, responsible and skills will get recognition and appreciation
charge of things which also makes you would be in your interest to control your ing line, could expect to see success, in a talented. You have the scope to learn from your colleagues.
responsible person. If you take some task tendency to live for the day. You will make whatever project you undertake, in the new things and create new ideas. However, Romance this year: Your romantic life
in hand, you are determined to finish it. some serious ef forts to generate extra coming year. You will travel to distant you have to take care of your nature of would be filled with love and affection by
You are very soft spoken and kind hearted income to balance budget. lands in the coming year. behaving improvident and dominating. your partner. Overall your romantic life
person. Career this year: Your ability to think Romance this year: This year you will be Health this year: You w ill remain would remain blissful forever.
30 Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Each religion has love at its core

and all matter and energy that son to it in the language of this
exists within these realms. Love world.
is at the heart of all forms of life They may say something like:
in creation as well. It exists with‑ "Every pore of the body is filled
in every living thing from the with ecstasy." It is not just one
plants, to the animals, to experience of ecstasy, but it is
humans. We name that love with‑ multiplied by thousands, if not
in us as the soul. The soul is a millions, of times over. Some peo‑
spark of God, and as God is love, ple cannot even contain them‑
our soul is also love̶pure and selves with one single drop of
By Sant Rajinder Singh simple. ecstasy, let alone millions of
Ji Maharaj All problems that exist in cre‑ times that amount. That is why
ation are due to forgetting the we speak of those touched by

ust as 99.9 percent of all love of God within us. If we were this love as having the madness
human genes are said by to remember Go dʼs love, we of love.
scientists to be the same, would be one with God, from We think of love in this world
the genetic spiritual heart of all whom we were created. as a matter of giving cards to our
life is love, and that is the same If we are here on this planet loved ones that say, "I love you,"
for everyone. At the core of today, it is because we have for‑ or giving flowers or candy to our
everyone is love. That love is gotten that love. Our separation loved ones.
within you and that love is within from God is due to forgetting this These are some outer ways in
me, and that love is within every‑ love. This outer shell of the body As God’s love flows out, which lovers and their beloveds
one. we wear is formed from the honor the love they have for
When we connect with that actions and reactions of a long creation comes into being. each other.
love, we are in bliss. Sant Mat is stream of lifetimes in which we But the greatest love relation‑
the path of love. Sant Mat trans‑ cycled away from Godʼs love. We Love lies at the heart of all ship in this creation is that of the
lates into "teachings of the may have been sent out for one soul and God, lover and Eternal
Masters or saints." Study any of experience, but if we became God’s expressions, from the Beloved.
the worldʼs religions and we find enamored by Godʼs universes That is a love that never ends.
that the founder of each religion instead of God, we ended up spiritual realms of It is a permanent, eternal love
taught the same exact message, being attracted to living in the that elevates the soul into the
which is that God is love, our soul
is love, and the way back to God
realms of creation instead of
returning to God.
creation, to the physical arms of the Beloved. There is no
greater love than that of the soul
is through love. How simple and
clear this message is, but we lose
How few returned to God. It is
said that only ten percent want‑
realm, and all matter and God. The closer we come to
identifying with our soul, the
sight of it.
Thousands of books are writ‑
ed to go back to God, but they
had already accumulated karma
and energy that exists closer we come to having greater
and greater love for God.
ten to speculate about God, but
the founders of every religion
in their sojourn away from God,
and that had to be paid of f
within these realms. There is nothing sweeter than
the sweetness of love in the heart
had it correct. before they could return. of a disciple for the Master. This
T hey boiled it down to one Think of the ninety percent The Masters are in tune with means "one who has mastered sweetness is that of the soul in
word, and that is love. God is the who have not yet remembered the love of God. T hey have a meditation on the Light and love with God. We think of outer
power of love. It is love that blos‑ they came from God, and how physical form and they have a Sound and can teach us to do the sweets as being delicious. But
somed forth into expression as much karma they are accumulat‑ mind, but they have found the same." The Master of meditation there is nothing more delicious
creation. ing in each successive life away source of love within them, con‑ of the inner Light and Sound is than the love the disciple experi‑
Whether we poetically describe from God. As long as we think we nected with it, and have become teaching us how to reawaken our ences for the Master and the love
God as a parent whose love want‑ are the body and mind and not one with it. Thus, when we come love within us through connect‑ of the soul for God. Love is the
ed to create children, or God as the soul, it is easy to forget love. into the presence of a Master we ing with the stream of love to sweetest nectar in the world.
an artist whose love to create What we call love in this world is are in the presence of love itself. take us back to the source of What is Naam, or the Light and
burst forth into song, paintings, really a manifestation of desire. Whoever came in contact with love, which is God. Sound? It is not a principle of
poetry, or sculpture, the essence How many of us really love the a Master‑saint came in contact T he Master radiates love physics. It is love itself. It is the
of that creation is love. If we look essence of other people for the w ith walking love on earth. through his eyes, through his love flowing out of the heart of
at nature we find at the core of pure love within them? When we become disciples, apos‑ words, throug h his smile, God in the form of Light and
all the physical sciences is the How many love others condi‑ tles, followers, students, initiates, through his touch, through his Sound that created all. It is the
law of attraction. This whole uni‑ tionally because we want some‑ satsangis, or whatever we want presence in the physical realm, God power of the Master that is
verse is held together by the law thing? to call it, we are learning from and through his spiritual or radi‑ actually love itself. The Master is
of love expressed as physics. When we love someone for them how to love. ant form which we meet in medi‑ one with that power and exudes
Gravity is the law of attraction who they are at their core, that is They give us the roadmap to tation. that love in all directions. It is the
that keeps objects within the love. When we just love someone find the treasure of Godʼs love His ethereal form radiates even soul that is a drop of that love.
atmosphere of the planet, or we for the sake of loving them, and within us. more than his outer form. His When we strip away the world
would all float off into space. The do not care to gain anything That roadmap is that they initi‑ radiation of love increases as we and the mind, we find ourselves
dance of neutrons, electrons, and from them, that is love. ate us into the Light and Sound travel with the Master within as a drop of love. We are soul,
protons is a pull of attraction Every religion stressed this key of God. through each higher realm of and as such we, too, are made of
that keeps them tied together as purpose of life. Each religion has They teach us the process of creation. The love we experience love.
molecules of matter, or we would love at its core. Each saint taught meditation by which we can con‑ from the Master without is but a W hen the love of the soul
be just one loose universe of the way to illumine ourselves tact that Light and Sound within. reflection of the love we experi‑ meets the love of God, there is no
floating energy with no matter. with that love. Once we find the That Light and Sound are two ence when we meet the Master duality. Two become one. It is
Magnetism is based on the flow love within ourselves, we have manifestations of Godʼs love that within. love meeting love. When the dis‑
of energy between positive and found God. brought all creation into being. We know about the art of ciple meets the Master, it is rec‑
negative poles. Physics is just an The treasure of Godʼs love is Meditation is not a dry set of divine love of God through the ognizing the love within us is the
expression of the law of love. within us. We have forgotten it is physical steps, such as sit down, saints and Masters who have same love that is w ithin the
As Godʼs love flows out, cre‑ there, forgotten how to dig for it, close your eyes, and look within; experienced this love for them‑ Master, and all separateness is
ation comes into being. Love lies and forgotten the technique. meditation is an act of love. It is selves. Saints have described gone. Love meets love and there
at the heart of all Godʼs expres‑ Masters are the catalyst by the dance of love between the what it is like to meet their is nothing but love.
sions, from the spiritual realms which we can find and reawaken soul and godly love within us. Master within in terms of bliss so
of creation, to the physical realm, that love within. The term spiritual "Master" incredible there is little compari‑ (For more visit www.sos.org)
TheSouthAsianTimes.info Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018
TheSouthAsianTimes.info Oct 27-Nov 2, 2018

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