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Client: MPN (FMS) Title: QA/QC AUDIT Contract No:

Audit No: 2013-02 (13-02) Auditor: FIELD MAINTENANCE SERVICE Audit Scope: BLASTING + PAINTING
Date: 29/05/2013 Auditee: BIL INTEGRATED SYSTEMS
Location: BIL FAB YARD /
Item Reference Question Compliance Comments / Findings / Observation /
No Document Yes No Objective Evidence
1.0 Painting Procedure (Doc No. & rev)
Very area of reference

Are documents used for painting activities approved; i.e. MS,

ITP, Procedure etc; Verify samples of each document.
2.0 Is the copy of Project Line List available to the Painting

3.0 Verify that paint materials are in line with MPN specifications
and requirements:

Incoming inspection reports, product batch analysis (certificates

/ certificates of conformity).
4.0 Are paint materials preserved in accordance with
manufacturers’ manual/data sheets /specifications
/MSDS/MPN Global Practices?
For example: minimum storage temperature requirement;
i.e.32°C in weatherproof building etc, etc.
5.0 Are paint materials stored by type? Are consumables issued on
a FIFO basis (GP notes- oldest paint of each particular type
shall be used first).

6.0 Are unidentified paint materials stored on site or in stores?

7.0 Are measuring equipment :
 Adequate
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7.0  Calibrated or verified at specified intervals, or prior to use?
(contd)  Identified to enable calibration and traceability?
 Are records of calibration results and verification
 Is the equipment stored in secure area after each inspection?
8.0 Are personnel conducting/performing painting operations
and/or work activities experienced and qualified?

Verify qualification matrix

9.0 Are tool box meetings held? Verify work permit system, HSE
induction for new hires and work procedures for work within
confined space?
Are records kept?
10.0 Is Blast Cleaning Equipment and its maintenance suitable to achieve
product conformity?
 Air compressor (verify mobilization certificates, survey certs;
 Blast Pots, air delivery hoses, Operators air mask, breathable
airlines, Filters & Power brush.
11.0 Verify evidence of re-blasting if after blasting, painting is not carried
out on the same day, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Verify records of such occurrence?

12.0 How does personnel involved in painting activities verify that Air
Compressor used for painting activities:
 Is free from water & oil, and is equipped with adequate separators
and traps?
 Is controlled to deliver air temperature up to 110°C?
13.0 Are equipment used for measurement and testing calibrated and that
the calibration records are available for equipment such as:
 Hygrometers
 Surface Profile Gauges
 Contact temperature gauge
 Holiday detector / DFT gauge / Adhesion Tester
14.0 Verify that Blasting & Painting documents used are the current

(List applicable documents)

Inspection & Test Plan (ITP)

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Verify document number and approval status of ITP.
15.0 Is there a proper and documented Spool Release note or checklist in
 Verify that records of spool release notes are maintained.
16.0 Are specifications of paint materials used in accordance with MPN /
project requirements?
 Blasting Grit materials
 Paints / consumables
16.0 Is painting trial test on sample plates carried out for each paint type
and for each manufacturer brand?
17.0 Blasting records
 How is blast profile measured
 What blast medium is used
18.0 Are records of metrological conditions required by the procedure /
paint manufacturer monitored and recorded?
 Relative Humidity < 85%
 Steel surface temperature is 3°C above dew point
19.0 Surface preparation: Quality Requirements achieved?
Is the minimum surface finish grade of Sa 2-1/2 being met? Is this
result recorded to assure
 level of surface cleanliness
 correct materials (solvents) used?
Primer Application
20.0 Weather / environmental reports.
Verify that records of weather conditions at the time of primer coat
 location of item primed
 Adequate cover (if required); Is heating applied or provided
 Relative humidity < 85%
 Steel surface temperature is 3°C above dew point
Verify records of the time interval from blasting to primer coating
21.0 Paint mixing ratio & pot life record
Verify that paint mixing ratio recommended by the manufacturer are
 Details of ratio and time; pot life
 Correct paint & thinner

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22.0 Primer paint application report/record:
Verify that the following records are indicated
 .method of application;
 WFT & DFT readings;
 Stage of coating;
 Inter-coat interval
 Holiday test, adhesion test (if required)
Intermediate Coat Application
23.0 Verify that records of weather conditions at the time of intermediate
paint coat application
 Relative humidity < 85%
 Steel surface temperature is 3°C above dew point
24.0 Verify that the application of intermediate coating conforms to the
paint manufacturer’s minimum over-coating time
Final Coat Application
25.0 Verify that records of weather conditions at the time of intermediate
paint coat application
 Relative humidity < 85%
 Steel surface temperature is 3°C above dew point
26.0 Final painting report/record
 Verify control of painting records
 Acceptance of reports (signing off)
 Traceability
27.0 Verify that the application of the final paint conforms to paint
manufacturer’s minimum over coating time
28.0 Verify that the final paint thickness conform to the minimum and
maximum DFT required by the specification / manufacturer
29.0 Verify that paint adhesion test results meet the requirements
30.0 Paint Records / Documentation
Are reports of blasting and painting available, traceable and
31.0 NCR Close Out
Verify the effectiveness of the corrective and preventive actions of
NCRs’ issued by MPN particularly on
 Poor paint application
 Materials

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